Leonardo Samuels 199 Afton Square # 102 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 Phone 407-567-8558 Email: Traditional or Non-Traditional Church Ministries Objective: To obtain a position in a pastoral care, to oversee and teach the principles of God’s word for the training, development, and equipping of God’s people to the maturity of their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Pastoral Experience: • First Baptist Church of Orlando. in Orlando, FL. I served as the single adult’s ministry leader and a Sunday school teacher for six years. • Here is Hope Church in Maitland, FL church planting served as the associate Pastor for five month. • First Baptist Church of Pine Hills in Orlando, FL served in the single adult’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher for seven years also received Certificate of License Ordination on 1998 from First Baptist Church of Pine Hill. • Good New Jail Ministry of Orlando, FL. I am currently serving as a Chaplain teaching and counseling inmates the word of God. Other Experience: • I am a license mortgage broker for 10 years. A business owner in the mortgage and finance industry. Trained and hired licensed brokers, conducted business with many commercial and private lenders. • I served as a certified civil court mediator for the State of Florida. Conversion: I grew up on the north side of Chicago. I attended Nicolas Senn High School. Like any young teenager in the big city, I became involved in gangs and mischief of all kinds. I moved to Orlando, Florida in March of 1991 to be closer to my family. During that time I was introduced to and came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life began to change; I developed a deep desire to learn God’s word and all it’s worth. I attend Luther Rice Seminary for four year. I was called into ministry two years later. Since graduation, I have preached and taught in different churches in the Orlando area. It has now been nineteen years of serving the Lord, and an opportunity has opened it self to me, to be a leader and role model for the youth of today in the very town I grew up in.

View and Believe: I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holly Spirit the three in one. God is holly righteous and true who does not look upon sin, God who sees all and knows all, nothing is hidden from him. In his holiness, he is love, compassion, and kind yet the God of all creation is just and sustains all things. Jesus Christ, who is equal with the father, came down from heaven to redeem mankind from their sin. Christ came to restore mankind back to God, by dieing on the cross for our sins. On the third day he rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God the father. Who shall forever be praised, Amen. The Holly Spirit is the third of the God head, who resides in all believers and followers of Jesus Christ. The holly spirit leads all believers, into the truth of God’s word, and who guides our hearts and keep us in the will of God until the coming of Jesus Christ again. Man is a sinner born and shaped in iniquity because of the fall of man. Man is deprived his heart is far from God and is separate from God. The only way man can be restored to that perfect state of being is through Jesus Christ who takes away all sin. Education: • Illinois School of Commerce, Chicago, IL: Associates Degree in Computer Information Programming. • Luther Rice Seminary, Pine Hills, FL: Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies 2001 Certifications & Licensure: • Certified Chaplain Orange County Jail Ministry • Certificate License Ministry Ordination • Florida State Certified Civil Court Mediator • Florida Sate Licensed Mortgage Broker Other Skills: Bilingual in English and Spanish References: Upon request

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