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Project Set Date: Mid - Point Assessmant: Deadline: Critique Sessions: Week commencing 16 September 2013 Monday 21 October 2013

Monday 3 March 2014 Wednesday 26 February 2014

Assessment Deadline: Monday 10 March 2014 The project has been planned to provide evidence for the following units: UNIT 6: APPLICATION, EXPLORATION & REALISATION IN ART AND DESIGN UNIT 7: DESIGN METHODS IN ART AND DESIGN UNIT 8: DESIGN PRINCIPLES IN ART AND DESIGN UNI 41: WORDS AND IMAGES IN GRAPHIC DESIGN UNI 42: DESIGN FOR ADVERTISING UNI 46: DIGITAL STORYTELLING UNIT 48: NARRATIVE IMAGE MAKING UNIT 50: INFORMATION GRAPHICS UNIT 75: DRAWING FROM OBSERVATION (THESE UNITS ARE IN PART) (These units are also in part: 10, 16) GRADING: EACH UNIT WILL BE GRADED PASS, MERIT OR DISTINCTION (All projects will contribute to these units) FOR A BREAKDOWN OF THE GRADING CRITERIA SEE ATTACHED SHEETS AIM AND PURPOSE: It is to enable the learner to develop and promote their own art and design work as well as advertising for their design through effective collaboration, ie, working in teams. Relevant Departmental Notes: Your personal blog is regarded as part of your work and will be marked accordingly, alongside your sketchbook


Advertising design studios tender or pitch for all forms of design and print related promotional material, from new books to films or stage production. They will compete against other design studios by presenting visual ideas to promote the new material having received a brief as to what is required. Each design studio will demonstrate the areas of creative strength within their inhouse production team, from illustrations and typesetting to graphic art and design with other specialist links to print houses and photographers which giving the graphic studio an all-round skill set to be able to handle the job efficiently. A date (known as a deadline) is given by the client at which time they will want to undertake a review of the initial ideas submitted by the selected design studios. Representatives from the studios will return on the agreed date allocated by the potential new client to present/ pitch their ideas. The client will decide which of the ideas, presented in visual format or mock, it considers portrays the best image for its brand or that will ensure it maximises all marketing opportunities. When the client selects its preferred design ideas, the tender is awarded to the selected graphic design studio who will be given the contract to complete all the design work.

Brief: Create promotional material for an event

Choice of Promotional Material: Local magazine Comic book, Story book Specialist Magazine (ie music or cars) Film or theatre promotion Department project (at North West Kent College)

All the above to include posters and associated advertising material such as leaflets or flyers. You are required to design promotional material for one of the subjects listed above. It could be a comic promoting a new super hero or a childrens book with illustrations that are suitable for the story line or a promotion for a new play or film.

The scope for the subject matter is wide ranging from news in and around your home town or village to events that are being planned by one of the departments at North West College. The brief is to promote and enhance your chosen idea to make it visually appealing and attract interest. If you choose to promote a book, comic or magazine, you will be required to create and design a suitable title. If you are promoting a new film or theatre event you will create and design the type style along with a leaflet and poster which best represents the production.

Please note: If you are creating promotional material for a NWK College department, a representative of the college or main lecturer for your chosen design project will attend an initial meeting with you as the junior designers so that you can ask questions and understand the requirements of the brief. This will give you the chance to gain real knowledge and experience on how real time industry related design briefs are put together and delivered from both viewpoints; client and designers. Presentation skills will be gained by you as the junior designer. This will require an understanding of how to conduct a meeting with potential clients, for example, the types of questions that should be asked and to listen and interpret the clients requirements accurately. On completion of the project, you will be required to present your work to a representative relative to the chosen brief. Your project is required to cover the areas listed below: Themed promotional graphic material (ie, banners, posters, advertisements, tickets, information panels etc) Signage showing the project name Promotional leaflets Themed design for the website home page Title and logo for the North West Kent College art department of your choice (if you select the option of designing for a college department).

Commercial Considerations: Costing of materials Printing Cost of design and artwork creation Quantities of printed items and storage Timescale for completion TASK ONE: Research and begin your creative development Your first step it to choose a project that you find exciting and where you can confidently use your skills.

Consider ways that you will conduct your research and exploration. This should include using the internet, library and magazines and also the literature and imagery that is given to you by the lecturer. Look at materials that could be used to create the overall feel to your project and also give a visual impact. Look at the technology methods. Experiment and explore with different materials, such as foam board and card, to consider the best form of presentation. Try to produce imaginative effects using type and images. Explores typefaces and letterforms in promotional material such as posters and book jackets (covers). Outline different ways to promote art and design, also review effectiveness of the materials used of your own and other designers and illustrators, then lead on to evaluate your own design and print material. Research and referencing is essential and should include investigation into other promotional designs relative to your chosen project.

Consider promotional literature from around the world to give diverse appeal, ie, colours, designs and materials and visual effects. Obtain appropriate information from the lecturer or representative of chosen project. Consider types of imagery; paintings, illustrations, pencil drawings, photography etc. collecting examples to place in your sketch book or folder as reference. Using traditional and digital methods create and explore in your sketch book/folder ideas for logos and possible themes for viewing. Describe how typeface and letterforms communicate a message, leading onto being able to describe the correct terminology for typefaces and letter forms Reviewing of your exploration and experimentation is essential at every stage of your project. It is also important to record these findings in your sketchbook or folder. Unit 6: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1,m2 Unit 41: p1,p2,p3 m1,m2,m3 d1,d2,d3 Unit 42: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1 Unit 46: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 Unit 48: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3 Unit 50: p1,p2,p3 m1 Unit 75: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2

QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

TASK TWO: Design Stage From initial pencil sketching and rough layouts this should then lead to more detailed plans as the ideas develop. . You should agree a design or a theme for your project choice in which you have considered all your ideas and start to create a style and design image. You should review the list of items that need to be prepared. You will need to consider how to plan out the advertising requirements. Along with your chosen subject matter; leaflet, comic book or childrens book you will create a title and associated promotional print material such as leaflets, posters, signage and tickets, where appropriate. This will give you a wider variety of concepts to show to potential clients and strengthen your ability for the final presentation. Unit 6: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 7: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2, d1 Unit 41: p1,p2,p3 m1,m2,m3 d1,d2,d3 Unit 42: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1,m2,m3

d1,d2 Unit 46: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2,d3 d4 Unit 48: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 50: p1,p2,p3 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 75: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2,d3,d4 TASK THREE: Costing The cost of materials should be a consideration to ensure you remain competitive. Cost of materials can be obtained from the internet and you can request printing quotes from local printers for the various items of printed work that are needed. Unit 6: m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 7: m1,m2 d1 Unit 41: m1,m2,m3 d1,d2,d3 Unit 42: m1,m2,m3 d1,d2 d3 Unit 50: m1,m2,m3 d1,d2 TASK FOUR: Preparing for the Pitch Assemble the samples of the printed work into a suitable presentation format and ensuring costings are available to present during the meeting. Decide how you are going to present your project work, ie, using Power point, and ensure you are fully prepared. Produce print based media products using appropriate technology and processes. Remember that you are presenting/pitching to representatives related to your work. Your work must be to a high standard, accompanied by a professional presentation. Review and evaluate all areas of your work in your sketchbook Unit 6: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 7: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2, d1 Unit 41: p1,p2,p3 m1,m2,m3 d1,d2,d3 Unit 42: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5 m1,m2,m3 d1,d2 Unit 46: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2,d3 d4 Unit 48: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 50: p1,p2,p3 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2 Unit 75: p1,p2,p3,p4 m1,m2,m3,m4 d1,d2,d3,d4 Participate in a critique session Present your presentation to a representative related to your project or students during a critique session so your ideas and theme can be discussed. In summary: Book meetings with college tutor or representative related to your chosen project Create a theme for your chosen theme Design a title and image Carry out research using literature and imagery from the chosen project Use the internet, library etc to gather wider information Using traditional and digital methods, create layouts showing ideas Create artworks for advertisements/signage and obtain costings for materials and printing Prepare for presentation to client lecturer and students of chosen project Assessment Evidence List A4 or A3 sketchbook Record your ideas using traditional methods and digital technology as well as detailing the college staff meetings with your own feedback including reviews and evaluation Final artwork images Place set of designs and artworks into a suitable folder.

Include details of costing and research methods in your sketchbook.


Digital Interactivity is becoming an increasingly important part of the graphics design industry and the same can also now be said for other industries as it is a vital global communication tool. It is an exciting way of approaching visual opportunities that can be explored which enable us to relay messages simply but effectively. From i-phones and computer tablets that give us up-to-date software to produce small movies and the ability to communicate the written word, to the Apps programmes that have really played a significant and effective way of advertising, we now have a world of new and imaginative ways to play, explore or communicate at low cost. There is a need to be competitive within the graphic design industry and software, such as Tumblr, has been designed to give you the choice of both traditional graphic making and the opportunity to digitally design your artworks. It is important that your initial ideas and thoughts are placed within your sketchbook. You can also use the Tumblr digital software to place all your work into along with your homework and work from the 2 year course. The Tumblr software is a great way to show and promote your work to possible clients and friends as well as being accessible by your lecturer and fellow students on the course. It is important to both lecturers and students that you enjoy the graphic design course and this will give you the best start in your career once you leave college.

PLEASE take note: English and Maths: This project will include functional skills in English and Maths. Please bear in mind, your industry requires eloquent use of English and accurate use of figures, to which end, the continuing development of these skills are firmly embedded inside all your work. WEBSITES FOR GAPHIC NOVEL ARTWORKS
Research and reference areas on graphic illustrated artworks and styles mainly in digital format using illustrator and photoshop. listed below: 2TUaAS-bhI0VztmIoDhbEkfg&ved=0CC8Q0Qw&adurl= 7C Graphic Novel50

Top Comic Book Artists -

Exceptional Quality - Every Style
This website has a wide range of traditional artworks created in paint and pen and ink and also computer

Comic Art Fans :: The Original Comic Art Gallery for Collectors This website has a great mix of old and new comic artworks from famous and up and coming artists

Illustration Art Gallery (IAG) This website has original comic strip artworks from the newpaper daily Express

James Bond 007 | Original Strip Cartoon Art John McLusky Daily ...

This is the famous artwork site for French Cowboy Lucky Luke cartoons w=450&sz=58&tbnid=TicufSPBbQYvnM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=84&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dlucky %2Bluke%2Bcomic%2Boriginal%2Bartworks%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo %3Du&zoom=1&q=lucky+luke+comic+original+artworks&usg=__xU7w6JLEamLNouLuExfx68 q-NjY=&docid=TYpARVQRm6isM&sa=X&ei=5aILUoTUA4a00QXHlYDADg&ved=0CFYQ9QEwBQ

Original comic art from LUCKY LUKE Issue 56 original comic page 11 The Belgium comic artist and his work

Tintin | The Adventures of Tintin This website is an adult graphic comic website

Viz Artwork This site is the main web site for marvel comics and memorabilia The Official Site | Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men ... This is an Indian website where the artworks are varied and colourful

Indian Artwork - Gold Jewelry Paintings and Buddha Statues - Exotic


Manga art is very popular with the younger generation these are a few good websites to view:

Sketching in Manga Studio EX (Hiyoshi fanart) - YouTube

2:45 2:45

Jamie Hewlett