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Organization Development, Transformation & Change

Get the confidence to support the development of your organization; enable it to successfully manage change & transformation and future proof it ready for tomorrows challenges. This program is for business leaders, OD consultants and HR prac oners who wish to

Lahore: Nov 4-5, 2013 Venue TBD Islamabad: Nov, 7-8, 2013 Venue TBD Program Fees: Rs. 45,000* (2-day session)
*(Introductory fees as this program is unveiled in Pakistan)

develop their skills & capabili es in the elds of Change Management, Transforma on & Organiza on Development.

Heres what youll get:

We aim to personalize this event and give you the opportunity to use your me on the program to work on the change issues you are currently facing.

An easy to use framework and a range of models that will help you understand the nature of
organiza on change and how to facilitate this in a successful way

Early bird & group discounts available; see details on registra on form

Hands-on experience and the chance to try out a range of tools and techniques to help you
and your organiza on plan for and manage change & transforma on

Ques ons/Comments?
Send us an email

New insights into the nature of change resistance and how best to address this In-depth explora on of the human response to change and how best to help people manage
themselves and others through this

Personalized feedback on your capacity and capability as an OD prac oner and advice &


Ian Gee is an interna onally recognized expert in the elds of Organizaon Development and Change Management. He has decades of experience in interna onal business and have successfully led numerous change cases and large-scale company transforma ons. Ian is well known as a leading thinker and prac oner in the eld of OD and Change MGMT. h p://

guidance as to how to develop this further

Examples and stories from other organiza onswhat works and what denitely does not!!

Heres how youll get it:

Workshop format; highly interac ve learning Theore cal input with prac cal applica on Role plays & enactment Experien al exercises Inventories and test Lots of on the spot and personalized feedback And of course a few laughters

Asif Zulqar is an HR expert, trainer and talent development coach with global experience in the areas of Learning & Personal Development, Talent Management, and Organizaonal Development & Change Management. He is an MBA and Master in Human Resource Management. h p://

You should attend if you are:

Business leader concerned about future proong your organiza on and spearheading your
companys eort for change and development

HR, OD & service quality control prac oner and want to enhance your skills and capabili es Entrepreneurial risk manager who needs to keep up with the changing business environment
and needs.

Trainer who wants to go back and inculcate this across your organiza on (train the trainer)

suppor ng change through learning...

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Organization Development, Transformation & Change

Program Registration Form

Rs. 45,000/person (2-day program)
Fees include: Training material Personalized toolkit 2 Lunches Refreshments

Which session will you attend:

LahoreNovember 4-5, 2013. Venue TBD IslamabadNovember 7-8, 2013. Venue TBD

10% early bird discount (register by Oct 20) 15-20% group discount (groups of 5+)
Number of par cipants: _____

Participant details:

To register:
Fill out the registra on form E-mail it to Make cheques payable to Nth Avenue and send it to the following address: 301 St. 8, Cavalry Ground (Ext.) Lahore Can 54810 Youll receive an email conrming your registra on

Par cipant names (please print): ______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Organiza on: _______________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ Total amount enclosed: ______________________________________________

Acceptable mode of payment: Bankers Cheque/Payment Order/ Demand Dra , drawn on any branch/bank in Lahore. Send us an email or call us if there are any ques ons or comments.

Signature _________________________________

Date: __________________

suppor ng change through learning...

+92-333-466-4666 | Email:

Ian Gee
BA (Hons), Public Administration/Organisation Psychology, Manchester, UK ICSA, Business Administration, Middlesex University, UK NLP, Psychology, UKTC, UK Post Graduate work, 4th Wave Psychologies, Various eg Birkbeck, UK Post Graduate Diploma, Action Research/Psychology of Mens Development in Organisations, University of Bath, UK Profile Ian Gee has worked in Organisation Development (OD) for the past 30 years. He started his career working for UK public services before moving to the London based 'Office for Public Management', Here the focus of his work, both in the UK and overseas, was on OD to support public sector and not-for-profit organisations. In 1996, he joined Shell Internationals global OD team. Whilst with Shell he led a number of global change projects with a focus on systemic change as well as organization effectiveness. These focused on comprehensive change strategies and interventions for Shell businesses around the world. In 2006 Ian moved to Nokia and in 2007 became Director of OD for Nokia. Ians work for Nokia included designing and leading the renewal of the Nokia Way, developing and implementing Nokias approach to Enterprise 2.0. Web 2.0. and the Net Gen. Ian also led work on the Integration of M&As ensuring on-going employee engagement and making sure that there was an appropriate cultural fit in order to maximise the value of the acquisition in the most human way. In 2012 Ian decided to set up on his own and is now running Edgelands Consultancy. Ian is regularly asked to speak at international conferences on issues to do with change and OD. Ian is known for the innovation, creativity and humour he brings to his work supported by a deep commitment to implementation, with the focus on the achievement of outcomes. Ian is a regular blogger and you can find some of his latest thinking here: Speaking Engagements: 2008 OD World Summit, Chicago 2009 HR Stories, Helsinki 2010 Humanitarian HR Conference, Paris, Key Note 2010 HRN Europe, Community Development and How Change is Changing, London 2011 Human Resource MGMT III Forum, Warsaw Poland, Impact of Social Media & Popular Culture on OD & Change 2011 Henderson Senior Manager Conference, London Developing Workplace Communities 2011 MetaMeets, Amsterdam, Change is changing and virtual worlds 2011 Thought Leader Global, HR transformation, Talent and Engagement, Amsterdam, Change and Engagement 2012 Emerging Markets HR Summit, London BOC ltd 2013 The Role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions, London JSB 2013 CIPD OD Annual OD Conference OD and the Start-up Ecosystem 2013 HR Tech Europe Amsterdam, OD @ the Edgelands Professional Associations and Certifications: Level A and B Psychometric Testing, British Psychological Society Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile TMSDI Member of the Advisory Body for the Future of Work Research at London Business School Publications:
On the Edge of the Enterprise, Feb. 1, 2013 The Illusion of work, Feb. 1, 2003 Nokia OD Case Study Interview, IDS HR Study 935, Feb. 2011 SHRM/ASTD Case Study - Nokias Values Renewal

Recent Research Activities:

HR and its work with Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Change and OD in the Emerging Markets The role of HR in M&A activities

supporting change through learning...


Asif Zulfiqar
Education Master of Human Resource Management, Rutgers University NJ, USA Master of Business Administration, Arkansas State University AR, USA Train the Trainer Certification

Profile: Asif Zulfiqar is an HR expert, trainer and talent development coach with global experience in the areas of Learning & Personal Development, Talent Management, and Organizational Development & Change Management. In addition to his corporate experiences which spans over 3 continents, he brings expertise in business operations, sales and marketing, giving him a strategic edge. Throughout his career with global organizations such as Nokia, Verizon and Descon Engineering, Asif spearheaded many efforts to strategically set up learning departments. His expertise as a trainer range from learning strategy to need analysis; from structural design to curriculum development; and from delivery & facilitation to validation & evaluation. Using various training methodologies that blend impactful techniques such as role plays, simulations and case studies, Asif conducts training programs that cater to various needs of organizations such as soft & interpersonal skills, project management and sales process trainings along with learning programs for fellow trainers and facilitators. Asifs approach to training is quite simple it is not about training or teaching; it is about the learner. He takes the learning route that is highly strategic, purely customized and specifically targeted at the learners. This is why he believes in diligence in need analysis and learner evaluation. Throughout his career, Asif strategically established training departments for 4 organizations and developed over 100 learning programs that were attended by thousands of participants. Training Portfolio: Learning programs of Asif can be bucketed into following 3 categories: Soft Skills Trainings skill trainings customized for different disciplines and areas of the organization:
Management Communication, Effective Team Management, HR for Line Managers, Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Development developmental programs to develop leaders at all levels:

Leadership Development Programs 3 levels, Fundamentals of Leadership and Management

Technical Trainings and then theres plenty more besides the soft skills Training of Trainers, Fundamentals of Project Management, Sales Process Trainings HR Consultancy:
Strategic Need Analysis Individual Career Anchor Based Career Paths Strategic Talent Matrix and Bench Strength Succession Planning Tools Employer Branding Talent Management Strategy Graduate Induction and Internship Programs Day-1 Productivity through Strategic On Boarding & New Hire Orientation HR Scorecard

Key Projects and Focus Areas:

Functional Learning Roadmaps for Verizon Digital Media Services Sales training; from pitch to close, 4day workshop for Digital Media sales College Talent MGMT Strategy at Verizon Online onboarding tools to ensure day-1 productivity of new hires at Verizon Talent Management Scorecard for 5 business units at Verizon C-Suite Development Model in light of CEO succession of Verizon Change management initiative Nokia Way Jam at Nokia

Professional Associations:
Member of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Member of American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) Member of Canadian Society of Training & Development (CSTD) Founding member and Presider of Rutgers Chapter of Human Resource Management (RU-SHRM)

supporting change through learning...