That means that we must accumulate merit. It is essential not to commit the slightest negative action. We are free from all the circumstances that prevent us from fulfilling our intentions and we possess all those that are favourable. A serene outlook allows one to spread harmony around oneself. A negative action means an action which harms others : we must equally guard against negative thoughts. We are therefore capable of progressing on the path. These few instructions are the essence of the practice. it is indispensable to be at peace oneself. If we strive to perform them. These few pieces of advice are a summary of the teaching. These teachings are intended to be put into practice : simply knowing them is not sufficient. then strive to perform them and to do so continually. At the same time we should strive to perform actions that are positive and beneficial towards others. we are sure to be on the right track. . positive actions and avoid every harmful action. For that we must be mindful of them. however insignificant they may appear to us. We are endowed with the eight freedoms and the ten attainments which permit us to undertake the journey. We have the fortune of possessing all the conditions needed to achieve this end : a precious human existence. free and well endowed. of showing them the path of pacification. I ask you to keep them in mind during your practice. To be capable of doing this.Words of Advice to the Dhagpo Sangha by HH17 Karmapa. Thaye Dorje given in Kalimpong. First of all it is essential for everyone to develop a peaceful outlook. Love is the wish to establish all beings in happiness and compassion is the wish to liberate them from suffering. Buddha's teachings demonstrate the necessity of helping other beings. I would like today to give you some practical advice. March 1999 I am happy with the link that is being established with Dhagpo Kagyu Ling. In order to achieve pacification of the mind. it is necessary to develop love and compassion : this is what permits an authentic serenity. We cannot let such an opportunity slip.

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