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There was this famous Jews Rabbi by the name Zaid bin San’ah and he read from his

scripture that
there will be a great Prophet and He will be the last prophet sent by God to the people. He was not
convinced that Muhammad s.a.w. is the last noble prophet as mentioned in his scripture. Therefore,
he decided to investigate the quality of Rasulullah s.a.w.; the high level of patience as a sign of true
prophethood. He went to the Prophet’s s.a.w. house to investigate. When he was there, there came a
poor man asking for some food.

"Ya Muhammad, could you spare me some food?" says the poor man
"By Allah, I will give you if I have something but I do not have anything at the moment" says
Muhammad s.a.w.
The Jews Rabbi thought that this would be a good opportunity for him to test the true sign of
Prophethood of Muhammad s.a.w. Thus he said to Muhammad s.a.w.,
"I have an orchard and if you will you can pick the fruits there and I will accept the payment from
you later"
"If that is the case, I will accept and will pay you at the set date" said Muhammad s.a.w and they
agreed on the date of payment.
Three days before the set date of payment, the Jews Rabbi came to Muhammad s.a.w. and asked for
the money saying in a harsh way that the Prophet s.a.w. has forgotten to pay the money owing. Even
though it was before the agreed date, the Rabbi showed his anger and rude manner. At that point,
when he turned his head, he saw Umar r.a. behind him with his eye ball rolling showing his anger.
"If it is not because of the presence of Muhammad s.a.w., I would have beheaded you right now.
How could you talk in such a way to my Prophet?" said Umar in an angry manner.
"Calm down Umar, this is not what I want from you. You are not making the situation better. What
you should really say is, remind me to pay the debt by time and tell him to ask in a softer manner",
said Muhammad s.a.w. and he went off.
Look at the quality of the prophet in this instance. After the incidence,
"Do you know who I am Umar?" asked the Rabbi
"I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know who you are" said Umar angrily.
"I am Zaid b San’ah and by Allah today I have witnessed that Muhammad is a true prophet of Allah
by the quality that he has shown. From now on, I shall recite my syahadah and will give half of my
belonging in the path of Allah", said the Rabbi after he was moved by the manner of the prophet.
I think this is very beautiful.
Just one other point, we can see that Umar was so angry at the Rabbi for his harsh manner to
Muhammad s.a.w. The love of the sahabah to Prophet s.a.w is unique.
At the death of Prophet s.a.w., there was this sahabah and he mentioned that,
"My eyes are no longer useful if I could not see Muhammad s.a.w again"
And he asked Allah to take away his sight so that the last object that he sees will be Prophet
Muhammad s.a.w. Allah granted his wish.
Please take this so as to be a great example of patience of its virtue.