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Baba ghanoush

Origin Place of origin Levant Details Course Main ingredient(s) Appetizer Eggplant, olive oil

Baba ghanoush (Arabic ‫ بابا غنوج‬bābā ghanūj, baba ganush, baba ghannouj or baba ghannoug[1]) is a Levantine dish of eggplant (aubergine) mashed and mixed with virgin olive oil and various seasonings. The Arabic term means "father of pestle" ("baba" means father and "ghanuj" derives from "ghan", stone for pressing cheese or grain). A popular preparation method is for the aubergine to be baked or broiled over an open flame before peeling, so that the pulp is soft and has a smoky taste.[2] Often, it is eaten as a dip with khubz or pita bread, and is sometimes added to other dishes. It is usually of an earthy light-brown color. It is popular in the Levant (area covering Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel).[1] A similar dish is known as mutabbal (‫ متبل‬literally 'spiced') in the Levant.

Around the world[edit source | edit]
In Syria and Lebanon, baba ghanoush is a starter or appetizer; in Egypt it is mostly served as a side dish or salad. It is made of eggplant blended with finely diced onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables. It is made of roasted, peeled, and mashed eggplant, blended with tahini, garlic, salt, white vinegar and lemon juice. Cumin and chili powder can be added. It is normally served with a dressing of olive oil and pomegranate concentrate. In the traditional method, the eggplant is first roasted in an oven for

" It is served (spread) on a slice of bread. which resembles a small meat cleaver. Also as the name Baba means father in Arabic and Turkish. patlıcan salatası is made with mashed eggplants while baba ghanoush is cut not mashed. lemon juice. It is then cooked with an assortment of spices. in the regions where Arab population is large. seasonings are added and everything mixed together: salt. Abu. is called Bharta.The light color of the spread and the absence of seeds are most appreciated. The dish. In Palestinian homes. It is similarly prepared by grilling eggplant over open charcoal flame to impart a smoky flavor to the flesh. In Pakistani. The softened flesh is scooped out. The eggplants are prepared and cooked the same as above (roasted over open-flame fire or oven). and naan. It is somewhat popular in areas heavily influenced by the Middle Eastern diaspora. In Punjab province of Pakistan and West India. (sunflower) oil. in Greece. In Turkey. a special wide-blade wooden knife. olive oil. people nowadays stray from the old ways. In Romania. Baingan ka Bhurta is a dish similar to baba ghanoush. This recipe uses yoghurt and onions. It is commonly served with breads like paratha. "eggplant salad"). squeezed or salted to remove excess water. finely chopped (or grated) onion. is sometimes used and therefore it can be known as AbuGannoush. It is said that the eggplant is not to touch metal in the process. ground black pepper. however. although it was first introduced by either Iberians or West African slaves. and traditionally. and parsley. and its presence has made eggplant more popular in almost all countries. It may be served also accompanied by roasted (kapia)peppers salad (oil/vinnegar dressing).approximately 30 to 90 minutes (depending on the size of the eggplant) until the skin appears almost burnt and the eggplant begins to collapse. mint. Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines. Seasonings include garlic. it is traditional to drizzle the top with olive oil. the other word used in Arabic for father. A variant is replacing the onion with garlic "mujdei de usturoi. When served on a plate or bowl. tomatoes. it is called melitzanosalata (μελιτζανοσαλάτα. it is made with "wild" eggplants known as "baladi" (from Arabic 'of the earth. In Israel. salt.[3] It is eaten in Turkey. Another variant called 'Badenjaan Borani' is served in Afghanistan and Pakistan. ground cumin. both the traditional version made with tahina and a variation made with mayonnaise is widely available. Traditionally. After finely chopping the eggplants into a paste. especially the seasoning. Baba ghanous however tastes different from Baingan Bartha because the two recipes use different spices. typically served with a naan bread or tandoori roti. the eggplant spread is called "Salată de vinete" (eggplant salad). tomatoes and chopped onion are added to roasted eggplant along with various seasonings. See also[edit source | edit] Food portal • Mirza-Qasemi Persian variant in Iran. lemon and parsley. and chopped with tocător de vinete. with the convenience of food processors for chopping and mixing. and is then pureed with the tahini. where a similar meze is called patlıcan salatası (meaning "eggplant salad"). It is made with tahini. and onions. indigenous'). the chopped onion is served separately and mixed at the table by each guest. as in Southeastern Brazil (see Arab Brazilian). And.[4] There is also Bulgarian eggplant salad/spread called kyopolou кьополу. Then they are peeled. There are many variants of the recipe. . drained very well. The baba ghanoush can be found (with cut eggplants) in southern Turkey. especially in Antakya. roti. garlic.

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