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Ewan Porter’s September 2013 Beer Guide

September 1 – Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull Heavy (Australia, Strong Ale) Quite a high alcohol presence, heavy beer that has a bold sweetness and a dry finish! 6.5/10 September 2 – Karl Strauss Pintail Pale Ale (California, Pale Ale) Very forward grapefruit hops, some bread-like malts, a little gassy with a citrus finish! 7/10 September 3 – Whistler Premium Export Lager (Canada, Lager) Sweet, honey malts with some cereal grains, light bodied with a lasting sour finish! 7/10 September 4 – Steamrail Lucky Amber Ale (Australia, Amber Ale) Nutty, a little caramel or toffee detected, slightly bitter but a little watery! 6.5/10 September 5 – Volkan Santorini Blonde (Greece, Spice/Vegetable Beer) Spicy, lemon zest, some honey aroma, a little fizzy and a little grassy with a sweet after taste! 7/10 September 6 – Byron Bay Pale Lager (Australia, Lager) A fairly bland lager, slightly watery, thin with a little sweetness! 6/10 September 7 – Arcobrau Zwicklbier (Germany, Keller) Malty aroma, bready and also earthy, some caramel sweetness and quite refreshing! 7/10 Schnitzer Brau (Germany, Specialty Grain) Sweet, fruity and yeasty aroma with a rather dry finish! 6.5/10 Urthel Hop-It (Belgium, Strong Ale) Strong alcohol presence, spicy, very hoppy but a nicely balanced bitter/sweet finish! 8/10 September 8 – Petrus Dubbel Bruin (Belgium, Belgian Ale) Strong presence of dark fruit and chocolate, very sweet and a little soapy mouth feel! 7.5/10

September 9 – Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye Ale (California, Double IPA) The Rye was quite easily detected but very forward citrus aromas with some light caramel malt, hoppy with a brilliant lingering bitterness on the tongue! 9/10

September 10 – Black Duck Indian Runner (Australia, IPA) Fruity nose but with bold, robust citrus hops and some light caramel notes with quite a bitter, dry finish! 8/10 Kooinda Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Lovely sweet, citrus hops, light bodied with a dry, light bitter finish! 7.5/10 September 11 – Kooinda Full Nelson Black IPA (Australia, Black IPA) Strong, hoppy, roasted flavor from the palate, some cocoa with a beautiful, dry bitter finish! 8/10 September 12 – Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp (Massachusetts, IPA) Fruity, yeasty aroma off the palate with a classic IPA lingering bitterness! 8/10 September 13 – Tripoteur from Heaven (Belgium, Belgian Ale) A sweet, yeasty, fruity aroma that is a little weak on hops with a dry, light spicy finish! 6.5/10 September 14 – Malheur 10 (Belgium, Belgian Strong Ale) Belgian yeast & hops with some banana aroma, a little sugary, high alcohol presence as one would expect at 10% & sweet! 7/10 September 15 – Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (California, Barley Wine) Lovely bold mix of dark fruit, sugar, roasted malts, caramel and bitter orange, creamy mouth feel and a light hoppy finish! 8.5/10

September 16 – 2 Brothers Taxi (Australia, Pilsner) Found this a little watery, some light grain, light malts, somewhat metallic but refreshing on a hot day! 6.5/10 September 17 – Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Very nicely hopped, fruity with citrus notes, some light malt, very refreshing and a clean, dry, light bitter finish! 7.5/10 September 18 – Weihenstephaner Tradition Bayrisch (Germany, Dunkel) Bold notes of caramel malts, also some chocolate and dark fruit aroma with a roasty, sweet finish! 7.5/10 September 19 – Feral Golden Ace (Australia, Belgian Ale) Nice, creamy mouth feel, fruity hops, some lemon with a slightly sticky finish! 7/10 Young Henrys Hop Ale (Australia, IPA) Dry, hoppy burst from the palate, citrus and berry notes with a light bitter finish! 8.5/10 Pinchgut Pilzner (Australia, Pilsner) Lovely, sweet citrus notes, dry hops, somewhat earthy and a nicely balanced finish! 8/10 September 20 – Badlands IPA (Australia, IPA) Tangy grapefruit, citrus notes present along with some light caramel notes and a dry bitter finish! 8/10 Pigs Fly (Australia, Pale Ale) Fruity, caramel aroma with some hints of bread, medium bodied with a dry, earthy finish! 7.5/10

September 21 – Red Hill Hop Harvest Ale (Australia, ESB) Malty, hoppy, roasted caramel aromas, slightly sweet and very smooth! 8/10 Happy Goblin Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Nice fruity aroma, some pine notes, a little early fizz, light bodied, very refreshing with a mild bitter finish! 7.5/10 September 22 – Saranac White IPA (New York, IPA) Wheat aroma with light citrus zest, some spices with a dry, medium bitter finish! 7.5/10 Ekim After Battle Pale (Australia, Pale Ale) More of an IPA this one, grapefruit aroma, quite hoppy with moderate bitterness! 8/10 September 23 – Boont ESB (California, ESB) Earthy hops, malty with a little citrus, bready undertone with a mild, bitter finish! 8/10 September 24 – St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Belgium, Quadruple) Delicious, bold caramel and bubblegum flavor that is very hoppy, sweet, chewy with a slightly bitter finish! 9/10

September 25 – Moa Blanc (New Zealand, Wheat Beer) Nice mix of spicy aromas, wheat and citrus with a tangy lemon zest finish! 7.5/10 September 26 – Rocks IPA (Australia, IPA) Strong floral, citrus notes, big fruity hops with a long lasting bitter finish! 8.5/10

Nail Stout (Australia, Stout) Solid chocolate aroma with some light coffee, a little smoky with a nice, smooth finish! 8/10 Nail Golden Nail (Australia, Blonde Ale) Piney, passionfruit aroma, some zesty lemon, a little earthy and easy to drink! 8/10 September 27 – Het Kapittel Watou Pater (Belgium, Abbey Dubbel) Bold, sweet dark fruit taste, slightly earthy, somewhat spicy and a dry, bitter finish! 7.5/10 Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout (England, Imperial Stout) Very forward alcohol presence, dark fruits and some espresso aroma, hoppy at 8.5% with a burnt, sweet finish! 8/10

September 28 – Monteith’s Double Hopped IPA (New Zealand, Imperial IPA) Pretty bland, some roasted malts that outweighed the hops, a hint of orange peel and light bitterness! 6.5/10 Holba Serak 11* (Czech Republic, Pilsner) Sweet, grassy taste with distinct cereal aromas, light bodied and a bready finish! 7/10 September 29 – 1488 Whisky Beer (Scotland, English Strong Ale) Sweet malts with light whiskey notes, very weak, thin mouth feel and really lacks depth! 6/10 Moa Five Hop (New Zealand, ESB) Lovely pine hops, some lemon zest, possibly a little toffee and a nice, lingering bitter finish! 8/10

Moa Pale Ale (New Zealand, Pale Ale) Bold, fruity citrus aroma that’s a little earthy and hoppy, medium bitterness with a dry finish! 8/10 September 30 – Blue Tongue Alcoholic Ginger Beer (Australia, Spice/Vegetable) Found this very refreshing on a hot day with big ginger presence and a bitter sweet mouth feel! 7.5/10 Blue Tongue Premium Black Ale (Australia, Brown Ale) Smoky, roasted malt aroma with a reasonably bitter finish! 7/10

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