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Traditional singing and dances: Ca Hue (Hue singing)- the distinctive art performance of Thua Thien Hue.

The tunes of Ca Hue that were renowned from the 17th century to the late 18th century consist of Co Ban, Phu Luc, Nam Ai, Nam Binh. They were frequently played at Lord Nguyens royal palaces as well as among the common people. Ca Hue is performed in rooms while the audience sits on trestles, sofas or mats spread on the floor for enjoyment. In addition to chanteys, Hue folk music represents plenty of famous Ly (a type of folk-song) such as Ly con sao (Mynah folk-song), Ly chuon chuon (Dragonfly folk-song), Ly hanh van (A kind of traditional old tune), Ly tuong tu (Lovesick folk-song), Ly muoi thuong (hoai xuan) (Ten loveliness folk-song), Ly qua do (hoai nam) (Ferry crossing folk-song), Ly trach ai (Lover blaming folk-song), Ly con tam (Silkworm folk-song), Ly con nhen (Spider folk-song), Ly chim quyen (Cuckoo folk-song), Ly tinh tang (Whenever the performer inserts oi tang tinh tang in their tune, the folk-song is called Ly tinh tang), Ly tu vi (Astrologic folk-song) Throughout many ups and downs, Ca Hue is always an intellectual food, the blood and the mellifluent sonority in the feelings of each Hue civilian. The most suitable time to enjoy Ca Hue is at sunset in the poetic Huong (Perfume) River. Hat boi Hue (Vietnamese opera/ a kind of classical theatre from Hue): Hat tuong (also called Hat boi) was widely loved by kings and lords in the old times. When Lord Nguyen reclaimed the southern land in 1558, Hat boi followed him. Under the Nguyen dynasty, Hat boi Hue reached prosperity. Hat boi is an official form of entertainment of the court and played for foreign royal visitors to Vietnam after feasts. In 1826, King Minh Mang officially built Duyet Thi Duong, the first classical theatre of the nation, at the precinct of Hue royal palace. Whats more, the king set up Thanh Binh Thu, a body specializing in managing and training singers and dancers for the court, and Thanh Binh Tu Duong serving as a place of worshipping deceased Hat boi performers. Royal dancing: Vietnam royal dancing made its appearance under the Earlier Le dynasty. Under the successive dynasties of Ly, Tran and Le, royal dancing flourished in terms of suite. Under the reign of Lord Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Dao Duy Tu was the first to set up a team of the Hue courts dancers called Hoa Thanh Thu who perform royal dancing on the Tet holidays (Lunar New Year Festival), on the occasion of victory celebration, reception of foreign ambassadors, the birthdays of the king and the royal family. In the past, royal dancing totaled 11 dances. Today, only 8 dances are needed to perform royal dancing aimed at maintaining this type of the nations art performance and serving tourists.

Nha vuon Hue (Hue Garden House): Nha vuon (garden house) is the cultural destination that tourists should not miss the chance to visit upon their arrival in Hue. A garden house normally covers an area of 800 5,000 square meters. Garden houses in Hue feature a common style of architecture characterized by airy and nice precinct. Going through the entrance gate, tourists can see binh phong (masonry screen), rock-garden, pond, kneeling dragons and tigers, a garden of ornament trees Normally, each garden house hosts from scores of species of ornament trees to hundreds of species. Each garden of ornament trees proves to be a meticulous collection and skillfully cared by its owner. In each precinct of the garden house exist a few typical houses patterned after nha ruong (Hue ancient architectural house made with a timber frame and covered with tiles). Entering the house, tourists can feel a solemn and ancient atmosphere that is quite different from the ordinary life. Each garden house has its own name, conveys a special meaning and has a close attachment to its owners deep soul, elegant life and art passion. Hue garden house is one of the distinctive cultural traits that contribute to highlighting the beauty of Hue City, a UNESCOrecognized world cultural heritage. Some well-known garden houses in Hue can be listed such as Lac Tinh Vien (65 Phan Dinh Phung Street), Princess Ngoc Son (Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Phu Cat Ward), Tinh Gia Vien (20/3 Le Thanh Ton Street), Y Thao (3 Thach Han Street), An Hien (Kim Long), Ty Ba Trang (51 Ong Ich Khiem Street)