Decision Package FY 2008
Department/Agency: Department of Labor Division/Section: Senior Community Service Employment Program

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Senior Community Service Employment Program

The SCSEP program provides paid community service training oportunities for low-income, unemployed senior older worker (age 55 and older) to prepare them for unsubsidized employment. The program offers support and guidance to prepare them for work with confidance and positive attitude. Participants in the basic work experience program are paid a training wage of the current state minimum wage for approximately 20 hours per week. Community Service at a public agency or a private non-profit organization provides participants opportunities to learn new job skills, to update and enhance existing skills, and to obtain updated work experience and current work references. There is a special employment program for positions in the private sector business. This program provides on-the-job training at the regular rate for that position for up to 40 hours per week for one to three months (502e) if we qualify for the proposed grant. Other forms of training is a classroom setting may be included to supplement the community servcie training.The largest program offered by Experience Works is the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program, funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act as well as state and local funding, enables us to help thousands of low income individuals, age 55 and older, throughout the United States and it's territories.

Major Objective(s): To foster and promote useful part-time community service opportunities for economically disadvantage persons. Enhance their abilities and skills, and attitudes of the participants to increase their opportunities to obtain jobs, offering improved income and benefits to obtain self-sufficient. To change negative attitudes and stereotypes about older workers through public education on our demonstrated success. For Participants to gain valuable new skills and work experience to help them secure meaningful employment and to promote awareness of this untapped labor source through the host agencies and the communities. To enroll 136 qualified applicants per program year. Our current Unsubsidized goal for current program year is 28. Short-term Goals: 1. Meet Performance measures: a. Refresher course on existing skills. b. Subsidize 136 participants continuously c. placement (Two weeks ) prospective employers d. Service to most in need (Applicants w/Barriers) e. SCSEP Retention (Unsubsidized)

Workload Output
Workload Indicator: FY 2006 Level of Accomplishment FY 2007 Anticipated Level FY 2008 Projected Level

Number of applications Received
Number of applications Processed

Unsubsidized Placement

115 112 10

200 136 28

200 198 30