Monthly Report - September 2007

Prepared By: Maria S. Connelley, Director Guam Department of Labor 414 West Soledad Avenue GCIC Building, Suite 400 Hagǻtña, Guam 96910 Tel: (671) 475-7043 * Fax: (671) 475-7045 Email:

Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
For the past few years, the Guam Department of Labor (GDOL) has consistently and purposefully began cultivating right sizing strategies and posturing for growth. GDOL continues to navigate the many local, regional, and national federal partners to align Guam’s workforce agenda, especially at a time of critical review for embracing Guam’s position for population growth and economic expansion due to the military’s global repositioning in the Pacific Theater. 28 September 2007 – Society for Human Resources Management/Guam Workforce Investment Board Workforce Conference Planning – SHRM/GDOL/GWIB representatives continue to meet to finalize conference details for the upcoming SHRM Fall conference scheduled for Oct. 3-4, 2007 at the Guam Marriott Resort & Spa. The partnership builds on the collaboration efforts to align the One-Stop Career Center, Guam Department of Labor regulatory/compliance and Guam Workforce Investment Board initiatives. The conference will cover the regulatory requirements as well as Human Resource information for private sector businesses both local and federally contracted companies. 28 September 2007: HR Committee General Membership Meeting - The Human Resources Committee met to continue efforts to identify training and education needs with public/private sector employers. The effort builds on Guam’s modified state plan to align assets and resources and to find innovative ways to address the training needs of all partners. Present at the meeting included: • David Dell’Isola, AHRD • Cerina Mariano, GDOL/AHRD • Lisa Nathan, GPSS • Therese Siguenza, GPSS • John Angoco, UOG • Telo Taitague, Womens Bureau • Donna Lujan, GPA 27 September 2007: Adult/Dislocated Worker Training Proposals – The Guam Workforce Investment Board approved all proposals recommended by the Department during its general membership meeting. This process allows the department to negotiate with providers to ensure reasonable cost and increase in training and educational needs for the Guam’s workforce investment system. 27 September 2007: Current Labor Force Survey (CLFS) - The Guam Department of Labor will partner with the Bureau of Statistics and Plans and the University of Guam to conduct the December 2007 CLFS report. The ongoing partnership builds on much needed data for forecasting and planning efforts. The contract will cover a one-year


Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
period to capture three surveys and will end on Sept 30, 2008. The technical team continues to review the contract formalities for signature. 27 September 2007: Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Training - Special Agent Richard Flores conducted a 2 hour training for Guam Department of Labor/Agency for Human Resources Development (GDOL/AHRD) staff on detecting and identifying fraudulent identity documents, with an emphasis on federal documents like passports, social security cards and employment authorizations. Present at the training included: • Erica Unpingco - Acting Director, GDOL • Greg Massey – ALPCD • Richard Taitague – AHRD • June San Nicolas – AHRD • Marie Cruz- GES • Fran Bell – GES • Therese Camacho – GES • Rose Benavente – ALPCD • Angela Tydingco – ALPCD • Pinky Hills – ALPCD • Joleen Santos – OSCC • Oliva Lujan - AHRD 26 September 2007 – Workforce Investment Streamlined Performance Reporting (WISPR) – U.S. Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration Performance & Reporting specialist Maria Weidmark congratulated and informed GDOL that Guam will be submitting the new WISPR report for the 2007 program year first quarter. Guam has been selected with two other states to report with the newly implemented WISPR program. The effort reflects on GDOL’s commitment to provide quality and timely data reporting to the federal officials. The department’s MIS and Fiscal division will take the lead in submitting Guam’s first report. 26 September 2007 - BRAC Closeout - The GDOL team met with UOG/GCC BRAC technical team members to discuss BRAC grant closeout. The BRAC Grant provided the Department with funds for planning for Guam’s impacted worker. With BRAC funds, the UOG Technical team conducted an assessment of the One Stop Career Center and released its official report to GDOL in June 2007. The planning grant resulted in positive outcomes and action steps to further improve the OSCC and dislocated worker programs. The BRAC grant is due for official close-out October 2007. Present at the meeting included: • Larry Gamboa, BRAC Project Director 3

Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
• • • Vera Topasna, GDOL/AHRD Cerina Mariano, GDOL/AHRD Peter Barcinas, UOG

25 September 2007: KPMG Labor Point Paper Conference Call - GDOL held its second conference call with KPMG to discuss its first release of the Labor point paper. The KPMG team requested clarification on several points. GDOL submitted its official written response to assist KPMG in providing more accurate written information for Guam. GDOL will continue to assist KPMG as directed by CMTF. 21 September 2007: HR Group – Subcommittee on Talent Development – Members of the Talent Development committee met to continue efforts on implementing the Guam Joint Training Board as approved by the two year modified state plan and Governor Camacho. This initiative builds on the life long learning continuum that includes incumbent workers and further aligns public, private and federal partnerships to support training and education opportunities on Guam. Present at the meeting included: • • • • • • • • • • • Maria Connelley, GDOL Joleen Santos, OSCC Cerina Mariano, GDOL/AHRD Phyllis Topasna, GDOL/AHRD Francis Susuico, AHRD Ray Lizama, GPSS Lisa Nathan, GPSS Therese Siguenza, GPSS Patrick Artero, DOA Therese Roberto, UOG Jonathan Carriago, Guam

19 September 2007: Guam Community College - GDOL/AHRD staff met with the Guam Community College to discuss partnering on the Community Based Job Training grant. The staff articulated the requirements of the grant and offered assistance in developing the grant proposal. GDOL director encouraged the partnership as the grant application encourages strong connection with the Community college and the One Stop Career Center. Efforts to submit the grant are ongoing and GCC will take the lead in submittal to the US Dept. of Labor. Present at the meeting included: • Maria Connelley, GDOL


Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
• • • • Joanne Ige, GCC Vera Topasna, GDOL/AHRD Cerina Mariano, GDOL/AHRD Peter Barcinas, UOG

19 September 2007: Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association – GDOL officials attended GHRA’s General Membership Meeting at the Onward Beach Resort. Captain Robert Lee, Acting Director for the Guam Joint Program Office was the keynote speaker and provided an update as a result of the Guam Industry Forum held on August 20-21, 2007. GDOL officials in attendance included: • Maria Connelley, Director • Joleen Santos, Executive Director - OSCC 19 September 2007: Courtesy Visit with Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association – GDOL Director and OSCC Executive Director paid a courtesy visit with Mary Torre, President of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association. Discussion focused on apprenticeship and services available at the OSCC. Copies of the Guam Registered Apprenticeship Program Administrative Rules and listing of approved occupations were provided. Present at the meeting included: • Maria Connelley, Director - GDOL • Joleen Santos, Executive Director – OSCC/GDOL • Mary Torre, President - GHRA • Glenda Santos, Administrative Assistant - GHRA 19 September 2007: Guam Homeless Coalition – GDOL participated at the Guam Homeless Coalition’s monthly meeting. Background: The mission of the Guam Homeless Coalition is to ensure that homeless individuals and families regain housing stability through the expansion and implementation of a comprehensive community based housing delivery system to prevent and end homelessness. This includes: • Coordinating and/or integrating homeless-related programs for smooth transition throughout our continuum of services. • Implementation an effective and efficient delivery system of services to prevent homelessness and to move homeless families into permanent housing. • Developing an accessible and comprehensive system which receives individuals and families in need of care and move them through a system toward independent living and sustainability; and, • Developing strong homeless programs and services with sustainable links.” (From the last count in 2007, there are about 1,084 homeless individuals on Guam) 5

Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth

Present at the meeting included: • Simion Kihleng, The Salvation Army • Mary McEwen, The Salvation Army • Ervin Santiago, Adult Protective Services • Juan Trinidad, The Salvation Army • Jesse Cathay, Catholic Social Services • Lerma Buarosan, DPHSS/BOSSA (Social Services) • Amor Say, Guam Housing and Urban Renewal • Rob Zimmerman, OASIS • Reina Sanchez, Department of Mental Health • Annamarie Kenny, Homeless Advocate • Gina Cura, Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority • Ruth Leon Guerrero, Guam Department of Labor 18-20 September 2007 - Performance and Reporting Summit – Innovation Driving Integration. Ms. Victoria Helen Mafnas, Administrative Services Officer, Ms. Jessica Cate, Administrator, Retention and Monitoring Unit and Mr. Jaime Rodriguez, Administrator, Systems and Programming attending USDOL’s 3-day performance and reporting summit held in Phoenix Arizona. The Guam Department of Labor/AHRD has been utilizing the Guam Workforce System since April 2006. The Guam Workforce System is an in-house designed database that allows all partner programs to use one consolidated system. Additionally, the database allows for the automatic generation of the WIASRD and 9002 reports. The Workforce Investment Streamlined Performance Reporting (WISPR) System is a report that utilizes a standard set of reporting specifications at all levels of the workforce system. WISPR will help improve the quality of services to participants by reconciling administrative requirements and procedures and facilitating meaningful evaluation, realistic planning and effective management of workforce development programs. In recognition of the Guam Department of Labor/AHRD’s efforts, a request has been forwarded by Region VI to the national office requesting that Guam be a part of the pilot group that will be submitting the WISPR report in lieu of the present 9002 and WIASRD reports. If approved, Guam will be one of three “states” that will utilize the new consolidated reporting format. Topics Covered: 1. WIRED 101 and National Office Update 2. WISPR: ETA’s Vision for Integrated Performance Reporting 3. Integrated Reporting: A Discussion By The States That Paved the Way 6

Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
4. ETA Programs in the New Economy Breakout Sessions: 1. WISPR Quarterly Reports and Individual Records 2. What’s With All the Numbers? Using Performance to Monitor and Manage 3. Practicum on Data Validation 4. Front Line Staff: The Key to Great Data and Stellar Performance 5. ETA Program Basics 6. Using Software to Enhance Performance 7. NEG And Trade Reporting and Performance Management 8. One-Stop 101 9. Experience from the Field: State Level System Integration 10. Data Mining Using the Federal Research and Evaluation Database (FRED) 11. Guide to Quarterly Reporting for High-Growth and Community Based Grantees 12. The Missouri Performance Scorecard 13. Back to Basics for Discretionary Grantees: Data Collection, Processing and Reporting 14. Transforming WIA Youth Programs through Performance and Reporting 15. Ten Common Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. 16. Reporting Self-Service Participants: It Can be Done! 13 September 2007 – Guam Memorial Hospital Authority – GDOL officials met with HR representatives from GMHA in an effort to further strengthen its partnership with Government of Guam agencies in addressing Worker’s Compensation matters. Discussion focused on: • • • • • • • • What to do when an employee sustains a work related injury. What an employee needs to submit to be placed on work injury leave. Timeframe of work injury leave. Doctor’s Certification – how to read and determine from this certification whether or not an employee can return back to work on light duty. Defining light duty. If light duty is not available at place of injury, any possibility of sending this employee to another agency who has light duty available? Are the issues (1-6) addressed in the agency’s Personnel Rules and Regulations? The inclusion of the Safety Office in the accomplishments of the above issues. David Babauta, Safety Officer, GMHA (not present at today’s meeting)

Present at the meeting with GMHA included: • Maria Connelley, Director, GDOL


Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
• • • • • • • JoAnn Fullerton, Acting Administrator, WCC Frances Flores, Claim Examiner II, WCC Liz Claros, HR Administrator, GMHA Glenda Perez, Personnel Specialist, GMHA Geri Tainatongo, Personnel Specialist, GMHA Angelica Flores, Payroll, GMHA Jerome Sotomil, Accountant, GMHA

12 September 2007 – Guam Public School System (GPSS) Teachers’ Back to School Fair – One-Stop Career Center (OSCC) partners participated in the GPSS Teacher’s Back to School Fair at C.L. Taitano Elementary School. The fair provided OSCC the opportunity to showcase and market workforce development and training initiatives, e.g. Passport-to-Careers, On the Job Training, Limited Internship, Work Experience, Pre-apprenticeship, and Registered Apprenticeship and other services available at the OSCC. In addition, the ServeGuam commission attended as part of Labor’s efforts to build collaborative partnerships with the K-12 education system. 11 September 2007: HR Subcommittee on Standards for Employment - Members of the Subcommittee on Standards for Employment met to continue its efforts as part of the HR Consortium. Discussion focused on Worker’s Compensation matters to include: Defining light duty, Proper procedures for an employee and employer to follow when a work related injury occurs, Where medical treatment should be authorized, Following physician’s light duty restrictions, Physician’s certification of when an employee may return to work and recommendations for light duties that the employee can perform, If light duty slots are available, who is in charge of making sure that the employee is on light duty per physician’s recommendation, and who in the agency will be tasked to oversee this responsibility?, Safety Office and Human Resource Office working together and being more involved in the treatment of employee work related injury situations. WCC will be providing a flowchart on steps to be taken when a work related injury occurs, whom should be involved, and what responsibility the agency must have in accommodating the light duty restrictions? Present at the meeting included: • Maria Connelley, Director, Guam DOL • JoAnn Fullerton, Acting Administrator, WCC • Manny Pablo, AA, WCC • John V. Angoco, UOG • Jeffrey J. Sablan, UOG • Antonette Muna Santos, UOG • Shane Ngata, DOA • Anthony Cepeda, DOA


Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth

WCC will be providing a flow chart of what steps to be taken when a work related injury occurs, whom should be involved, and what responsibility the agency must have in accommodating the light duty restrictions? 10-14 September 2007: OSHA On-site Visit - USDOL OSHA Region IX representatives visited the Guam Department of Labor to conduct the Occupational Safety & Health onsite review. The outcome of the review was favorable and reflects a continuing partnership with federal officials to strengthen safety and health regulatory requirements. 6-7 September 2007: 2nd Annual Prevention and Early Intervention Advisory Community Empowerment (PEACE) Conference – GDOL/AHRD officials participated at the 2nd Annual PEACE Conference. Background: PEACE is a community-based project established by the Prevention & Training Branch of the Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse, with guidance by the Governor's PEACE Council and the State Epidemiological Work group. PEACE strives to: • Raise awareness about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse on Guam; • Prevent/reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, including underage drinking; • Promote alcohol-free, tobacco-free and other drug-free lifestyles; • Reduce the harmful outcomes associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; • Build Guam's capacity and infrastructure for establishing and sustaining evidence based substance abuse prevention early intervention programs that are effective. The Governor's PEACE Commission each year puts on the event as a means of letting the community identify and deal with issues in a collaborative method. The conference provides an opportunity for community organizations to network and learn how they can give the society the ability to care for itself. The goal of the PEACE Project is to reduce the substances that are used and abused on Guam. GDOL/AHRD officials present at the conference included: • • • • • Maria Connelley, Director Joleen Santos, Executive Director – OSCC Oliva Lujan, Employment Development Worker – AHRD Doris Aguon, Program Manager – Serve Guam Commission Sally Rivera, Program Officer – Serve Guam Commission


Guam Department of Labor Right Sizing Strategies for Growth
5 September 2007: Village Mayors and SCSEP Participants – GDOL officials met with Village Mayors and participants assigned to the various mayoral offices to discuss efforts to conduct the Current Labor Force Survey. Participants’ role at the village level is very critical for increased survey participation; and the opportunity for them to transition into unsubsidized employment is welcomed. This meeting with SCSEP Leaders and participants is the 1st step to creating the linkages between the OSCC and village Mayors. The CLSF survey is just the beginning of many collaborative efforts with SCSEP.