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About the Books DEXTER BY DESIGN The macabre, witty New York Times bestselling series (and inspiration

for the #1 Showtime series, Dexter) continues as our darkly lovable killer matches wits wi th a sadistic artiste who is creating bizarre murder tableaux of his own all over Miami. After his surprisingly glorious honeymoon in Paris, life is almost normal for De xter Morgan. Married life seems to agree with him: he s devoted to his bride, his stomach is full, and his homicidal hobbies are nicely under control. But old hab its die hard and Dexter s work as a blood spatter analyst never fails to offer new t emptations that appeal to his offbeat sense of justice...and his Dark Passenger still waits to hunt with him in the moonlight. The discovery of a corpse (artfully displayed as a sunbather relaxing on a Miami beach chair) naturally piques Dexter s curiosity and Miami s finest realize they ve g ot a terrifying new serial killer on the loose. And Dexter, of course, is back i n business. DEXTER IN THE DARK In his work as a Miami crime scene investigator, Dexter Morgan is not unaccustom ed to seeing evil deeds particularly because, on occasion, he commits them himself . Guided by his Dark Passenger (the reptilian voice inside him), he lives his ou twardly normal life adhering to one simple rule: he only kills very bad people. But Dexter s happy existence is turned upside-down when he is called to a particul arly disturbing crime scene at the university campus. Dexter s Dark Passenger imme diately senses something it recognizes, something utterly chilling, and the Dark Passenger mastermind of Dexter s investigative and homicidal prowess goes into hiding . Dexter is alone for the first time in his life, and he realizes he s being hunted by an adversary more sinister than anything he s ever faced. Dexter must summon hi s sharpest investigative powers not only to pursue his enemy, but to locate and tr uly understand his Dark Passenger. It is nothing less than a search for his own da rk soul fueled by a steady supply of cream-filled donuts. Macabre, ironic, and wonderfully entertaining, DEXTER IN THE DARK goes deeper in to the dark psyche of one of the freshest protagonists in recent fiction. DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER He's a charming monster . . . A macabre hero . . . A serial killer who only kills bad people Dexter Morgan has been under considerable pressure. It's just not easy being an ethical serial killer especially while trying to avoid the unshakable suspicions o f the dangerous Sergeant Doakes (who believes Dexter is a homicidal maniac . . . which, of course, he is). In an attempt to throw Doakes off his trail, Dexter h as had to slip deep into his foolproof disguise. While not working as a blood-sp atter analyst for the Miami Police Department, he now spends nearly all his time with his cheerful girlfriend, Rita, and her two children, sipping light beer an d slowly becoming the world's first serial couch potato. But how long can Dexter play Kick the Can instead of Slice the Slasher? How long before his Dark Passen ger forces him to drop the charade and let his inner monster run free?

In trying times, opportunity knocks. A particularly nasty psychopath is cutting a trail through Miami a man whose twisted technique leaves even Dexter speechless. As Dexter's dark appetite is revived, his sister, Deborah (a newly minted, toug h-as-nails Miami detective) is drawn headlong into the case. It quickly becomes clear that it will take a monster to catch a monster but it isn't until his archne mesis is abducted that Dex can finally throw himself into the search for a new p laything. Unless, of course, his plaything finds him first . . . With the incredible wit and freshness that drew widespread acclaim to Darkly Dre aming Dexter, Jeff Lindsay now takes Dexter Morgan to a new level of macabre app eal and gives us one of the most original, colorful narrators in years. DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER Meet Dexter Morgan, a polite wolf in sheep's clothing... a monster who cringes a t the sight of blood... a serial killer whose one golden rule makes him immensel y likable: HE ONLY KILLS BAD PEOPLE. Dexter Morgan isn't exactly the kind of man you'd bring home to Mom. Though he's playful and has a wonderfully ironic sense of humor, Dexter's one character fla w (his proclivity for murder) can be off-putting. But at heart Dexter is the per fect gentleman, supportive of his sister, Deb, a Miami cop, and interested only in doing away with people who really deserve his special visit. Dex is quite goo d-looking but totally indifferent to (and, frankly, a bit puzzled by) the attent ion paid to him by women. Despite the fact that he cant' stand the sight of bloo d, he works as a blood-splatter analyst for the Mmiami police department, a job that allows him to keep tabs on the latest crimes and keep an eye open for his n ext quarry. Dexter's well-organized life is suddenly disrupted when a second, much more visi ble serial killer appears in Miami. Dex is intrigued, even delighted, by the fac t that the other killer appears to have a style reminiscent of his own. Yet he c an't help but feel that the mysterious new arrival is not merely invading his tu rf but reaching out to him as well. This new killer seems to be doing more tha c opying Dexter he seems to be saying, "Come out and play." Dexter's secret life mak es for a lonely existence... even a lovable monster can be intrigued by the pros pect of finding a friend. Introducing one of the most witty and orginial narrators in years, Jeff Lindsay' s Darkly Dreaming Dexter is a fresh, surprising, and brilliantly executed novel.