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Literary Terms Review Worksheet

Step 1: Try to complete this without looking at other sources.




Fiction is any ________________ story.

Non-fiction is literature which describes only real people or ___________________ such as

historical works, ___________________, and autobiographies.

A short story is a ___________________ account of events brief enough to be read in
___________________, including plot, ___________________, setting,
___________________ of ___________________, and theme.
Conflict is the ___________________ between _________
External conflict has three types: ___________________;___________________; and
Internal conflict is a characters ___________________ or ___________________.
The protagonist is the ___________________ character in the story.
The antagonist is the ___________________ or ___________________ which causes the
main character conflict.
The point of view is the ___________________ from which the story is told.
First person point of view is when the story is being told by a ___________________ in the
story. Words like _____ or _____ are used throughout the story.
Third person point of view is when the story is told by an ___________________. Words like
____________ and _____________ are used throughout the story.
A narrator is the ___________________ who ___________________.
The setting is the ___________________ and ___________________ in which the story
The theme of the story is the statement about ___________________ of which the author
wishes to make. It is also many times the ___________________ of the story. Usually the
theme of a story can be expressed in a ___________________ ___________________.
The plot of a story tells what happens in a story in the ___________________ in which the
___________________ occur.
The exposition of the story is at the beginning and contains the ___________________,
___________________, and ___________________.
The rising action of the story tells the ___________________ that occur before the climax
or turning point.
The climax or turning point of the story is the part where the most ___________________ or
major ___________________ occurs in the story.
The falling action contains all of the ___________________ of the turning point or climax.
The resolution is at the end of the story and is where the ___________________s conflics
are resolved in some way.
Characterization is the means by which an ___________________ creates
___________________ people in his writing.
Foreshadowing uses ___________________ and ___________________ that predict the
___________________ of the story.
Flashback is a total ___________________ in the present action of the story to
___________________ a small back story that occurred previously. This many times gives
background information.

24. Authors Purpose is the ___________ that the author had for creating the work. Sometimes
the author will state his or her purpose ___________________. Other times the reader will
need to make ___________________ (reasonable ___________________) about the
authors purpose. Recognizing an authors purpose helps the reader get more out of the reading.
25. Mood is the ___________________ that a literary work gives to the readers. Writers use
___________________, ___________________, and images to create mood.
26. Tone is the ___________________ of the narrator. Tone can be ___________________,
sad, ___________________sympathetic, or ___________________.
27. A metaphor is a ___________________ comparison of two things NOT using
___________________ or as.
28. A simile is a ___________________ of two things using ___________________,
___________________, or ___________________.

Step 2: Highlight the terms with which you struggle. Review them by accessing the sources
* Use the information (slideshows) on the EAP8 blog
* Use the Literary Terms sheet

Step 3: Complete the revision worksheet. Identify terms with which you struggle and make an
appointment for tutorial assistance with Ms Peters or Mr Burke.