Obama’s visit to Ghana should not come as a surprise to us. The grace that is upon the country of Ghana traces way back beyond the inauguration of the country’s president John Evans Atta Mills. There are presidents that have become presidents by ‘power and might’ – that is, they stop at nothing in their endeavours to win the election. And there are presidents that have become presidents through the special grace of God – that is, their assumption to office has God behind it for its accomplishment. It may be said that President John Evans Atta mills falls into the latter category. Whereas many may be wondering why Obama has chosen to visit this prospering nation, Ghana, President Atta Mills openly makes known the secret behind this success. The secret lies behind his relationship with a well known prophet of God – T.B. Joshua. The notion of kings or leaders being appointed by God through His priests or prophets is not a strange one. In fact, this goes as far back as biblical times. When Prophet Samuel ordained King Saul, the Lord was with the king and the nation of Israel, and God made their way prosperous. Also, when Prophet Samuel ordained David as king, the nation of Israel prospered under his leadership because the hand of God was with him. John Evans Atta Mills publically declares to the world that the prophet that was behind his success is Prophet T.B. Joshua, a man whom he states has not only been a friend but a mentor to him. Speaking on his relationship with T.B. Joshua Atta Mills stated at a Thanksgiving service at The Synagogue, Church Of All nations: “Indeed I have been coming here very regularly and I’ve known the man of God for more than ten years. Indeed, I first met him when I was the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and I’ve continued to maintain the relationship ever since”. He has mentioned on several occasions the spiritual guidance which he regularly receives from the prophet and his much needed support through prayer. Concerning the Ghanaian

election and the Prophet’s support in prayers, the president stated: “We prayed for peace, stability and unity for our dear nation before, during and after the election. We cried to God because He is our Creator and the Provider of all these. God gave us more than we asked for”. When talking about prophet TB Joshua’s accurate prediction of his election victory Atta Mills stated: “When I told him that our election will be on December 7th and there was a possibility that the results would be released 8th, 9th, 10th December, he looked at me and said, ‘I don’t see it this way. I can see three different elections ahead of you and that the results are going to be declared in January’ ”. “ I was asking myself, if there’s is a runoff and it is held 28 December, the results may be released in two days, how possible it will run into January? I kept these words on the back of my mind. We had elections December 7th and there was a runoff on December 28th. And we had a third election in one constituency and the results were announced in January”. It is believed that T.B. Joshua’s accurate prophetic insight and confirmation of the outcome of the Ghanaian election played a huge role in cementing the relationship between the prophet and the president while simultaneously helped to fortify Atta Mills relationship with God. With the backing of God and the guidance of His prophet, Ghana can only be destined for success and the country’s good relations with major presidents such as Obama can only be a taste of things to come. Let us offer the prayer T.B. Joshua asked the congregation and the world to pray during a live Thanksgiving service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for President Atta Mills: “Ask God to give him the spirit of a finisher. Open your lips and ask Jesus to give him the will and desire to complete what he has started”. Amen Links:

http://www.scoan.org/highlight_january09.htm http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tb+joshua+atta +mills&search_type=&aq=f http://video.asterpix.com/s/Tb+Joshua+John+Evans+Atta

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