Making Zero Liquid Discharge an effective reality

Operations & Maintenance Within the environmental and water treatment arenas. Inland Desalination Scheme (B) (K) (J) (I) (A) (C) (D) (F 2 ) (F 1 ) (H) (G) Water collects in an intake well (A) and then is pumped (B) into a pipeline that feeds to pretreatment unit (C) . our systems stand alone or function as unit operations in a larger treatment scheme. A new designed* Electro-dialysis unit (H) is used for further treatment of the concentrate achieving an eight-fold reduction of the RO brine together with a significant increase of product water. These technologies are joined to provide complete ZLD solution. The device uses the driving power of the wind. next generation high recovery systems and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies. Lesico enjoys proven reputation for providing a complete range of design & build solutions: . operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems for municipal and industrial applications . . The product water is pumped into holding tanks (G). microfiltration membrane unit and a conventional treatment unit that uses clarification. The RO process produces two streams of water: the "product water" (F1).Long Term Contracts (15-25 years) in wastewater treatment plants Lesico CleanTech Lesico Clean Tech was established in 2006 in order to accelerate the commercialization of innovative. of three: ultra-filtration membrane unit. Evaporation pond (J) is restricted to arid climatic conditions with steady and relatively rapid evaporation rates. and contaminants. Management. solids. and filtration to remove contaminants. * Under Development. Where it would be further treated to ensure good taste and then pumped to homes and businesses.Electro-mechanical projects . These inland installations generate large volumes of rejected waste. These units remove particles suspended in the water: silt. Such a reduction in area leads to an inherently reduced interface with the environment. specifically adapted to inland desalination plants.Railways . deep well injection and land applications.Design&Build. The water produced from the pretreatment units (the "filtrate") is pumped to a holding tank (D) and from there to the Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit (E). Our solutions combine filtration. (E) These methods raise practical environmental concerns and are subject to stringent regulation. WAIV (K) is a novel method for evaporating liquid effluent. Lesico CleanTech cluster of technologies is designed to significantly reduce the acquisition and operation cost of inland discharge installations. have few or no cost-effective discharge methods and are subject to worldwide stringent regulation. front end of sewage treatment plants. which drives away excess humidity from wetted surfaces to intensify the evaporation process by a magnitude of 15-20 times more than evaporation pond with a drastically reduced footprint. and the "concentrate" or "brine" (F2). which is the wastewater from the process. This disposal method is land intensive and is also subject to stringent regulation in recent years. The company boasts strategic alliances with leading local and international groups and carries out work through its various operational divisions and subsidiaries. and depending on the application. membrane separation and evaporation technologies.About Lesico Total Infrastructure Solutions Lesico group is one of the leading companies in Israel's development and construction sector for the past 40 years.Environment . cleaned of impurities and salts. For further treatment of the concentrate there are several means of disposal (I) that are practiced worldwide. The integrated system of ED and WAIV leads to a very high recovery of the plant liquid waste. These include: surface water discharge. including: .

provides cluster companies a leg up on companies not in the cluster. deep industry understanding and an extensive network in the Israeli and global water industry which provide superior access to flow of innovative and breakthrough water technologies.D Wastewater Treatment Plants A. effectiveness. the department of the Israeli government that provides generous grants to support the R&D of innovative technologies. TO DEAL-FLOW MANAGEMENT Our management team combines significant experience in building technology companies. the Israeli national water company. LESICO GROUP BETA SITE ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES .Lesico CleanTech: WorkFlow Israeli Government Subsidies R&D Funding Sources Matching funds provided by Lesico group International R&D Funds Innovation Deal Flow from Universities and Research Institutes (R&D Partners) Technology Transfer Licensing Joint Research Screening & Filtering Accelerated Product Development Application A.L. marketing. In-house capabilities and unmatched variety of equipment. The group activities suggest strong synergy with environmental projects with an emphasis on water technologies. Lesico CleanTech has extensive experience in obtaining R&D grants from the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS). banks.L.A Brine Treatment Palgey Maim water & saline land treatment Mekorot Israel national water company Lesico Cleantech Business Partners Enjoy The Benefits Of Clustered Technologies Lesico CleanTech: Value Proposition SUPERIOR ACCESS Substantial deal flow of water technologies through our international network of R&D partners. Lesico's water related integrated companies and “Mekorot”. Companies in a cluster share key resources leading to eventual advantages in efficiency. and other support services). They share access to employees and suppliers. they leverage the same specialized business services (lawyers. and they trade information and technologies. act as business partners and provide our water technologies with beta site where a total project approach practice is used to accelerate development process and successfully bridge the gap between innovation and application. flexibility. This shared access. and the rate of innovation. Lesico's thorough understanding of the diverse group of industries and customers needs enables Lesico CleanTech to achieve innovative solutions and technological excellence. backed up with the support of the professional staff of our business partners differentiate Lesico CleanTech in the industry and directly contribute to the success of our new tested technologies. accountants. and the fierce competition it engenders.

The Market .Brackish water desalination .Industrial wastewater treatment. The Market One of the pressing problems in applying desalination technologies to the development of new sources of potable water is the disposal of the concentrate at the end of the process.Industrial Brines . 147002 (4) U.low hydrodynamic resistance and no opportunity for clogging of narrow entrance and exit ports. 7166188 WIND (3) 2) Modular Electrodialysis Stack The R&D program The new modular design of electrodialysis membrane stacks will reduce the cost of ED equipment.Disposal to surface water .Disposal to evaporation pond .Hence pumping energy is substantially decreased compared to conventional ED stacks.S Patent No.where surface disposal is not feasible. .tailings ponds.Beta-Site and demonstration . . by significant volume reduction.Portfolio Technologies 1) WAIV*. These increase the operational costs and can decrease the water quality produced from membranes.concentrated brines (>3%) that cannot be disposed to surface waters or sewers.Pilot Plant operation Long-term (2010) .RO (reverse osmosis) brine volume reduction .Engineering optimization and economic evaluation .Process and basic engineering . The device uses the driving power of the wind. It enables excellent flow distribution .Desalination Brines . Most of the disposal methods today have impact the environment negatively and are regulated in many countries. mounted on suitably constructed modules.Wind Aided Intensified eVaporation What is WAIV? A state of the art approach to providing a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach for evaporation of brine. organic and inorganic contaminants.Development of commercial platform . .Technological development . R&D plan Short-term (2008): . oil pits Common Methods of Concentrate Disposal : .Land application of concentrate .Disposal to sewer . Our solution Our R&D program is aimed to drive down equipment cost. The new development addresses the negative environmental impacts of reverse osmosis concentrate wastes. reduce electrical power consumption and to enhance ease of operation and maintenance. which drives away excess humidity from the surfaces to intensify the evaporation process by a magnitude of 15-20 times more than a pond! (1) Pond from which WAIV is fed (2) A pump lifts water to perforated pipe which distributes water to wetted surfaces (1) (3) Wetted surfaces from which water evaporates (4) Excess water is returned to the pond (2) * Israel Patent No. Common methods to treat brine and desalting brackish water Evaporation technologies commercially available today are effective but are considered capital and energy intensive and sensitive to fouling from various biological.Mineral and mining .Disposal by deep well injection Our solution: Zero-Liquid-Discharge A process and device based on Wind-Aided Intensification of eVaporation How does it work? WAIV devices operate by the wetting of evaporation surfaces.

a company focused on the accelerated commercialization of innovative. Come join the entrepreneurship and success of Lesico CleanTech.An opportunity to invest in "Break-Through" technologies and to reach high economics returns . We belive in Integrity. next generation Zero Liquid Discharge technologies. The technologies will have been proven in leading research institutes and chosen specifically for development by acclaimed industry specialists with decades of commercial and technical experience in the ZLD field. . acquisition. next generation Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies. To this end. Benefits . world-class research and development expertise with decades of commercial know-how working in highly competitive and technology-driven markets. we combine. Excellence and a commitment to sustainable development. This enables Lesico CleanTech to effectively leverage its strengths among numerous available technologies. under the framework of a technology cluster.The Lesico CleanTech Business Proposition Lesico CleanTech. and commercialization processes of innovative. Innovation.A short time to market (TTM) with next generation water treatment technologies The Lesico CleanTech pledge Our mission is to lead the identification.

F: +972 (3) 5560279 e-mail: lesico@lesico.lesico. ISRAEL T: +972 (3) | design by .Making Zero Liquid Discharge an effective reality 152 Jerusalem Ave. 58827 Holon.

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