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This help file covers some basics of usage of Travelmed hotelier panel Topics covered are listed below: 1. Home 2. General Info 3. Hotel Desriptions Hotel Description Hotel Facilities Image Gallery 4. Rooms Room Details Room Rates Room Availability Release Dates 5. Supplements 6. Hotel Policies 7. Statistics 8. Active Issues 9. Add New Hotel

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Each booking has a colored square next to the reference number representing the status of that particular booking. arrival date and the amount of that particular booking. Weather forecast gives you a 5 day weather forecast for the city where your hotel is stationed. 49100 Corfu. Closed or Cancelled). anything you’d like.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Home Travelmed hotelier panel homepage consists of several sections which provide a quick overview of some of the most important information you might want to know when you first log in: Administrator News section is reserved for our announcement to all hoteliers regarding the panel itself like new functions added or some functions with added capabilities. enter the text you’d like in the white box and click the Submit Feedback button. but in case you need further explaining. Travelmed Blog is a quick link to our latest blog with articles regarding your hotel’s region. General Info On this page you enter General Hotel Details as well as your Bank Details information and Hotel Departments. Scrolling your mouse over a booking will tell you what kind of booking is it (Live. The fields here are pretty much explanatory. We will gladly review any suggestions you might have for us. Latest Booking is a section where you can see last 5 bookings made for your hotel as well as the reference numbers. To send us feedback. Latest Reviews In this section of the homepage you can see last 5 guest reviews of your hotel. After you enter the details. our online help or our system administrators will be more than happy to help you. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 2 . Travelmed Group. Any field not applied to your country’s legislation or you don’t understand something contact the administrator. Note: Complete as many fields as possible to help each department to process with hotel’s requests fast. Feedback Using this box you can leave your opinion about the portal. don’t forget to click the Save Changes button. Clicking the View all link will take you to statistics page where you can further filter and review all of your bookings. Greece. usability. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. Active Issues This is just a quick preview on the currently open questions and issues with us.

49100 Corfu. If you think we lack some type of facilities feel free to send us feedback. Travelmed Group. Notes: Additional information such as nearest bus station and airport allow Travelmed to promote and distribute the hotel to more – demanding sales points. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. Hotel Facilities In this page you specify the facilities in your hotel. Note that what you enter here will be displayed in a search for your hotel. The field on the left is used to enter the name of the particular station while the field on the right is used to specify distance from it (in kilometers). and press left mouse button to set a pointer for your Hotel. Many clients look online for information regarding the location of the hotel. train station etc. The Location info window is used to specify distance from various points of interests like bus station. To replace existing hotel pointer.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Hotel Descriptions Hotel Descriptions and Directions Fields here are used to give a brief description of your hotel and its surroundings. Simply check each one that you got and click the Update Facilities button. please zoom Map to prefered size. Greece. please click left mouse button again for new position. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 3 . In order to set a hotel position on Map. such as closest landmarks easy roots to transfer points and many more to decide where they will finally book.

Room Details Add New Room To add a new room type to your hotel select one of the already defined room types or add your own room type by selecting Custom Room Type from the dropdown box (see picture below). any facilities and the dining area. Editing rooms To edit the room you just added or to edit the room you entered earlier choose the room type you want to edit from the dropdown box in the Edit Rooms section (picture below). the rooms including the bathrooms. After selecting the picture to upload. Click the Save Changes button when finished. click the Add button to apply. Greece. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. You can select what kind of beds you offer in this room type as well as what facilities you offer for this room type and room description.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Image Gallery On the Image Gallery section you can upload pictures of your hotel’s exterior and interior space. Note: Customers want to see recently updated photos of the exterior. Travelmed Group. When you select a room click the Add button. If you select Custom Room Type the new box will show to enter the name of your own room type. When you click the room you want to load additional details will show up. In order to delete one or more images. Those images will be displayed during the search of a hotel. please select image check-boxes an press Delete Selected Images. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 4 . click the Upload File button. Fields here are pretty self explanatory as to what they do. To upload an image use the Browse/Choose File button (depends of the browser you’re using) and select the file you want to upload. Every room type you added will show up here. 49100 Corfu. A good number of pictures is from 7 to 10 including close landmarks. Afterwards.

Greece. NOTE: YOU MUST FIRST DEFINE ROOM RATES. When you’re done entering room rates for a room click the Save Rates button. This is only a default value. Tip: Available rooms will sell more than On Request rooms! Travelmed Group. Room Availability On Room availability page you can set room’s availability for each room type you have created on previous sections. Select the type of allocation you want to use for that rate and that period and click the Ok button. If you choose Allocation as allocation type the default value will be entered. IN ORDER TO CHANGE ROOM AVAILABILITY FOR DATE PERIOD! In date range boxes choose the dates that you wish to define or change. On request and Closed the legend shows the colors accordingly. Rooms WITH RATES can be set to 3 different states Available. Room availability can be changed as many times as needed. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 5 . When you click Allocation box. Price Weekend* and Allocation). 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. but you can change it to 3 or 4 for example. Your new rate will show in the All Room Rates section further down the page. a new window will let you choose the type of allocation (see picture below). Select Rate Type from the dropdown box and then add the room rate by filling out the boxes for each room or just a single room.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Room Rates In this page you’re presented with a simple interface to enter room rates for each or a single room type as well as valid period for that rate and allocation type and amount (see picture below) Click the From box to select the start date for the rate period you wish to enter and click the To box to choose the end date for that period. All fields are required (Price Weekday. 49100 Corfu.

Just select the supplement you need. room views. By clicking on the Add Period button you can set the release period for the selected room on the new box that appears: Tip: Hotels with minimum release dates are more preferred by travel agents (usually 2 days for city hotels and 3 for summer hotels). Full Board (FB). Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 6 . Travelmed Group. Tip: on the rate box negative values can be applied. Greece. Rooms with availability but on the release period can also be used by travel agencies but work as on request bookings. Tip: Travel agents with limited time for a sale don’t tend to use on request rooms. 49100 Corfu. By clicking on the additional Supplements button you can add more supplements such as baby cot charge.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Release Dates On release dates page you can set a release period for each room where the hotel accepts the booking prior to arrival. Basic supplements include meal upgrades to All Inclusive (AI). wireless internet charge etc. Supplements On Supplements page you can set all additional charges you need. the dates applied if the charge will be per room or per person and the rate. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. Half Board (HB) and Bed n Breakfast (BB).

The best practice for cancelations policies is to set a cancelation policy where the customers will not get charged in case they cancel and one or two policies where the customers will get charged depending on the days before arrival.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Policies Hotel Policies page is one of the most important pages in the portal and there you input hotels Terms and Conditions. Pet Policy This policy establishes the rules and conditions under which a pet may be kept in your Hotel.g. Cancellation policy and Pet policy. Tip: No penalty fee. Children policy. The policies you need to fill in are Payment policy. Greece. Children policy outlines hotel’s practices with young guests e. Cancellation Policy is the most important policy that must be extremely clear. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. Well set cancellation policy will increase sales and will avoid misunderstandings. Payment policy we will set by the system administration after the agreement with the account manager. Try to use one policy with zero days before arrival to have the non show fee included. 49100 Corfu. areas where they are allowed untended. Travelmed Group. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 7 . for X days before arrival give the customer the illusion of control and tend to convert lookers to bookers.

the total amount and the booking status. 49100 Corfu. arrival date. The color will change when the administrators get on the issue. Statistics page is the page where you can find stats regarding hotels reservations. 2nd km Ethnikis Peleka Avenue. live chat. You can check the booking reference.the best online solution for hoteliers and travel agents Statistics and Active Issues Statisticss and Active Issues pages are the informative pages of the portal. lead guest name. Tip: There are several ways to contact system administrators. or post an issue at the active issue page. Travelmed Group. Tel: +381 18 200 761 Fax: +381 18 526 210 8 . Greece. via mail. On the Active Issues you can find any issue you have sent to the systems administrators under two categories Unresolved and Resolved.