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Updated February 20, 2007

Marketing innovation, strategy and integration blog. (Added 2/2007)

Albany Matters
Albany Matters provides commentary and context to New York State government issues and explains why these issues matter to the residents of New York City.

4 Drivers Only
A blog dedicated to 4 wheels and their industry. (Added 2/2007)

Albanys Insanity
Posting articles about the insanity of Albany politics and commenting.

7.62mm Justice
Fighting Dhimmitude one post at a time … (Added 2/2007)

Allergizer provides useful, up-to-date information about allergies: cases, symptoms, treatment and medical research. (Added 2/2007)

The AAO Weblog
A weblog, published by Jack Ciesielski, dealing with accounting issues and news topics related to investment and finance. (Added 2/2007)

All Kinds of Writing
A blog about the art of writing and the writing business. Writing for the soul and writing to be paid.

Above Average Jane
The mostly political ramblings of a small-time big-mouth community activist somewhere in the greater Philadelphia area. (Added 2/2007)

Alchemy of Trading
Investment and trading insights from a professional trader. Art Blogs
Current topics written by artists, curators, collectors and gallery professionals from around the world. (Added 2/2007)

Alec Saunders .LOG
An explosive mix of VoIP, technology, wine and politics.

Alpaca Burger Forum
Commentary and raging on the heath from a moderately far-right perspective, with focus on current events, daily life and cute furry things. You can’t spell “screed” without d-e-e-r.

Accidental Hedonist
A food blog that explores everything from recipes and ingredients to politics and business practices. (Added 2/2007)

Apple Matters
A serious yet irreverent look at all things Apple.

Aeroposte, a blog devoted to the constantly transforming civil aviation sector, publishes rumors and information pertinent to major U.S. airlines.

Are you a beauty?
The sole purpose of writing is to bring you quality fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, romance, makeup and diet information. In fact, our author writes about all the things that might interest a trendy young woman. (Added 2/2007)

Updated February 20, 2007 

Arkansas Times
The Arkansas Times covers news, politics, music, art, food and theater in Little Rock, Arkansas. Arkansas Times is a 31-year-old, award winning alternative weekly that was honored most recently by Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee when he described the Times as an “illegitimate news organization” and directed his staff to stop talking to the paper’s reporters or informing them of press conferences. The Times is considered a liberal newspaper and offers an alternative viewpoint to that of the local conservative daily. While the Times is well known for its political and investigative reporting, it is also the Arkansawyers indispensable guide to the best pork barbecue, hottest blues bar and the latest sighting of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. (Added 2/2007)
Nashville-based blog with daily commentary and links on Tennessee and national politics and policy issues and the media. (Added 2/2007)

Business, primarily strategy, expectation and interesting business models.

The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid by Donald Luskin
Don’s 25-year career as an entrepreneur, executive, investment manager and commentator has been built around his passion for the application of technology and innovation to the challenge of investing. Prior to founding Trend Macrolytics with David Gitlitz, Don was Vice Chairman and co-Chief Investment Officer of Barclays Global Investors, where he worked with the world’s largest institutional investors to create innovative indexing and quantitative investment management strategies. After Barclays, Don was CEO and co-founder of, and manager of the path-breaking OpenFund—the world’s first mutual fund to disclose all its holdings and trading activity in real time on the Internet. Don was the inventor of the POSIT ECN, and founder of Investment Technology Group at Jefferies & Company. He has been a hedge-fund manager and an options market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Pacific Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange. Don runs a Web-log based on his forthcoming book, The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid—in which he examines the obstacles to wealth creation by ordinary people. He is the author of Index Options and Futures: The Complete Guide, and editor of Portfolio Insurance: The Guide to Dynamic Hedging, both published by Wiley & Company. covers content management and other publishing technology, and also includes some personal observations.

California Yankee
A discussion of current events, politics and culture.

Canadian Capitalist
A Personal Finance Blog dealing with saving, debt management and investing.

The Biotech Weblog
Biotech’s author will keep you updated on the latest news and developments in Biotechnology. (Added 2/2007)

The Capital Spectator
Money, Oil, Economics & the Search for the Bottom Line by Anonymous
A sinister cabal of over 1,000 superior bloggers on music, book, film, TV, popular culture, tech and politics.

Arkansas Tonight
Online home of Don Elkins and the Arkansas Tonight Radio show—online politics and opinion for both Arkansas and the nation.

Career Opportunities: The High-Tech Career Handbook
Career info for high-tech workers and others. Gaming
A sinister cabal of over 1,000 superior bloggers on music, book, film, TV, popular culture, tech and politics. (Added 2/2007)

Car news. But angrier.

Art Beat
Art Beat by Julianne Crane is a place to find information about the visual arts scene in the Inland Northwest. (Added 2/2007)

What Really Moves the Markets.

The official blog of the Cato Institute. (Added 2/2007)

Atlas Shrugs
Politics, news, history hanging in the balance—changing the world one word at a time ... citizen soldier, citizen journalist.

The Blog of Death
Obituaries of the famous, infamous and interesting unknowns. (Added 2/2007)

Clemans on Marketing: Confessions & Misdemeanors
Irreverent opinions, commentary, trends and advice on marketing, advertising and the media. (Added 2/2007)

The Constant Observer
Citizen journalism, media, Web 2.0. (Added 2/2007)

Baseball Musings
A blog about major league baseball.
An unfiltered and candid look at politics, politicians and the media in Kentucky.

Moderate Republican, Dad, Black Politics, Culture Analysis & Review. (Added 2/2007)

Insights and headlines from Shore Communications Inc. industry analysts on trends in enterprise and media content markets.

Below the Fold
New journalism and shifts in media practices. (Added 2/2007)

Boise Guardian
A different slant on the news. Featuring political commentary on local news and events in Boise and Idaho in general. Written in a sarcastic, witty manner.

Combs Spouts Off
Neolibertarian technical writer from Denver pontificates, ruminates and occasionally rants on politics, culture, and whatever else piques his interest.

Content Bridges
Ken Doctor’s work connects the worlds of old and newer media, centered on the monetizing power and democratizing potential of digital content. He covers the mating dance between Google™, Yahoo!® and MSN® and traditional news publishers like Gannett, Tribune, newsmagazines and business magazines, analyzing the consumer-driven demand for info access and convenience to its bottom-line impacts on publishing.

Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent
Media and technology reporting, with the odd bit of war reporting and derring-do. (Added 2/2007)

Brain Terminal
Coverage of and commentary on news, politics, business, technology and world affairs. The first high-profile video blog covering politics. (Added 2/2007)

General commentary on current events, politics, society and culture, personal finance, religion, technology, sports, and more. (Added 2/2007)

Below Fold
New journalism and shifts in media practices. (Added 2/2007)

Big Picture Speculator
An educational site about investing, trading, and speculating in resource stocks. We provide market commentary and technical analysis of big picture trends.

Brazen Careerist
Advice at the intersection of work and life—how to love both. (Added 2/2007)

The Community Alliance
Commentary and musings from Long Island’s premier quality of life watchdog group.

Content Matters by Barry Graubart
Views on the convergence of content and technology.

Value investment blog. (Added 2/2007)


Updated February 20, 2007

Updated February 20, 2007 

The Cool Blue Blog
Mostly right-of-center political pieces.

Corante is a cutting-edge social media company and the first in the world to embrace blogging. Home and partner to some of the blogosphere’s most respected and insightful thought leaders, journalists, authors, analysts, practitioners and professionals, Corante currently attracts tens of million of pageviews a month, continues to grow rapidly, and ranks among the top most-linked to sites on the Web. Titles include:

Between Lawyers Between Lawyers provides just-in-time group commentary on the issues raised when technology, culture and the law intersect. We take you behind the firewalls and conference room doors to show you how experienced lawyers deal with these issues and help you prepare for the new challenges we all face. For more, see our introductory post. Brainwaves The field of neurotechnology, the focus of this blog, encompasses advances in brain science (neurons), information technology (bits) and bioengineering (genes). Up for discussion and analysis: the political, economic, ethical, and social forces that will shape the future of what will be one of the most important and fascinating stories of the coming decades. Brand Autopsy The Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice was established to share the many lessons we’ve learned about meaningful marketing from working deep inside the marketing departments of Whole Foods Market and Starbucks Coffee. We help small to mid-size businesses to live a happier, healthier, and more remarkable life by serving as their Primary Care Marketing Physician. That’s right ... think of the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice like you do your primary care doctor. BrandShift BrandShift explores key trends in branding such as customer experiences, market conversations and social technologies. Our goal is to help executives and brand managers evolve their brands to thrive in the new customer-driven marketplace. Copyfight Here we’ll explore the nexus of legal rulings, Capitol Hill policy-making, technical standards development, and technological innovation that creates—and will recreate—the networked world as we know it. Among the topics we’ll touch on: intellectual property conflicts, technical architecture and innovation, the evolution of copyright, private vs. public interests in Net policymaking, lobbying and the law, and more. Corante Marketing Hub The Corante Marketing Hub is your starting point for keeping abreast of the best writing and thinking on marketing across the blogosphere and beyond. Here you’ll find the field’s most insightful observers and commentators tracking and reporting on its latest developments as well as weighing in on its future.

Corante Media Hub The Corante Media Hub is your starting point for keeping abreast of the best writing and thinking on media across the blogosphere and beyond. Here you’ll find the field’s most insightful observers and commentators tracking and reporting on its latest developments as well as weighing in on its future. Corante Web Hub The Corante Web Hub is your starting point for keeping abreast of the best writing and thinking on the forces and factors impacting the Web and where it’s headed. Here you’ll find the field’s most insightful observers and commentators tracking and reporting on its latest developments as well as weighing in on its future. Corporate PR Commentary on the theory and practice of organizational communications from Elizabeth Albrycht. Crossroads Dispatches The generalist synthesist weblog—quite often about innovations in innovation and marketing. Juxtaposing the right brain and left. Yin and yang. Analytical and intuitive. Technical and visceral. Future and in-thenow. Intersection of technology, creativity & innovation, leadership, systems, beliefs and worldviews. Eventually, on-the-road coverage from a world journey to the emerging creative class centers of the world. Customer Intelligence This boundary-spanning industry insider is designed to explore and assess how enterprises are capitalizing on customer insight to build powerful, profitable and enduring relationships. Customer Intelligence reveals the compelling strategies and practices behind today’s success stories—and provides a dynamic forum where thought leaders, business innovators and customer-focused executives can identify valuable opportunities. Drawing on the perspectives and experiences of leading lights in the customer intelligence community, we demonstrate how intelligent analysis and action is setting the stage for the next economy. CyberJournalist is a news and resource site that focuses on how the Internet, convergence and new technologies are changing the media. The site offers tips, news and commentary about online journalism, citizen’s media, digital storytelling, converged news operations and using the Internet as a reporting tool. highlights examples of online journalism with the aim of recognizing those who do

great work and helping those who don’t. The site also explores how technology is affecting journalism, with an emphasis on how the Internet can help all journalists better do their jobs.

Danny Ayers I’m a Semantic Web developer and technical author specializing in cutting-edge technologies. I tend to post a lot on Semantic Web-related matters, and the blog is one of those aggregated on Planet RDF, despite (or maybe because of) the numerous cat photos. Data Mining Director of Research at Intelliseek; co-creator of BlogPulse Diva Marketing Blog After talking about the wonders of blogs to clients and in marketing workshops it was time to take my own advice. I wanted a way to share the cool things I stumble across that could make life easier and more fun for marketers in a casual, exciting environment. Enter stage right—(drum roll) the Diva Marketing Blog! eHub eHub is a constantly updated list of Web applications, services, resources, blogs or sites with a focus on next generation Web (Web 2.0), social software, blogging, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, location mapping, open source, folksonomy, design and digital media sharing. Emergence Marketing Thoughts on marketing, innovation, social networking, new products and the impact of technology on all those thingies. Emily Chang Emily Chang is an award-winning strategic designer and co-founder and principal of, a Web consultancy in San Francisco focused on next-generation Web sites. Visit her at, where she writes about strategic design and Web issues. First Draft By Tim Porter Ink-Stained Kvetches About Newspapering, Reader-ship & Relevance; I am an editor and writer who entered newspapering as a reporter with a typewriter and left it as an editor building Web sites. Today, I work independently but retain a passion for newspapers and the pursuit of quality journalism.

a clear eye This blog has been from the beginning about the nature of marketplace success in a rapidly changing social, technological and media landscape. It’s (hopefully) an unobstructed view on business and brands with an occasional rant on the power of imagination, integrity and passion! A Consuming Experience Thoughts on my experiences as a consumer of products, services, people (well maybe not that last one ...), from reviews to raves, rants and random thoughts—concentrating on technology, gadgets, software, product usability, consumer issues, customer service. Including some introductory guides and tips on various subjects (like blogging!) which stumped me until I figured them out. And the occasional ever so slightly naughty observation. a shel of my former self You’ve found the blog of Shel Holtz, ABC, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. I’ve been in corporate communications since the mid-1970s, online since the mid-1980s and on the Net since 1990. I wrote Public Relations on the Net, among other books, manuals and articles. Ageless Marketing Marketeer David Wolfe’s journal about ideas, people and events in the Marketing Revolution. Alex Barnett This is a personal weblog of a Community Program Manager within the Data Programmability team (SQL / WinFS), Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA. Being Reasonable The purpose of this blog is to inspire, with thoughts and impressions on marketing in its broadest sense —as a business discipline dedicated to motivating audience behavior. Being Reasonable will focus not only on issues that make headlines, but also on marketing from the ground floor. 

Updated February 20, 2007

Updated February 20, 2007 

FogHound Musings & Observations: Making Marketing & Communications More Relevant: Partner at Foghound, a communications strategy firm. Having been an exec at large global PR firms (Weber Shandwick) and president of a pioneering digital marketing firm acquired by McCann Erickson, this blogger now enjoys the challenge of helping companies change their marketing and communications approaches to help customers more quickly understand, believe and buy. Fryers Blog in the Mountains High Tech Marketing Musing Full Circle Online Interaction Blog A place to capture and share ideas and links about online interaction, community, distance learning, distributed CoPs from Full Circle Associates. FutureTense FutureTense explores how the modern work “place” is evolving and adapting to new trends, technologies, and economic factors. Going Global Going Global focuses on the risks and rewards of expanding into new geographic and cultural markets, from Web globalization to international marketing to global usability. Got Game Andrew Phelps is an assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY. He is the founding faculty member of the Game Programming Concentration within the Department of Information Technology and his work in games programming education has been featured in The New York Times®,, USA Today®, National Public Radio©, and other publications. Goyami Goyami—Named after Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft®, Goyami is a Paid & Natural Search Engine Marketing Blog! Covering Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Industry News. Hypergene How citizens are changing the future of news and information: Hypergene MediaBlog is written and maintained by Chris Willis and Shayne Bowman of Hypergene, a media consulting and design firm with offices in Georgia and Utah. This weblog was launched in Oct. 2002 as a knowledge management tool for our research on participatory journalism and citizen media.

IdeaFlow Discussion about innovation and creativity—new products, strategy, open innovation, commercialization of technologies, patents, idea generation, customer input in the NPD process, more. In The Pipeline In the Pipeline: Derek Lowe, an Arkansan by birth, got his BA from Hendrix College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke before spending time in Germany on a Humboldt Fellowship on his post-doc. He’s worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases. John Winsor Under the Radar Under The Radar: John Winsor is a corporate visionary and respected author of Spark: Be more Innovative through Co-Creation and Beyond the Brand: Why Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Business. He founded Radar Communications in 1998 with Nike® as its first client. Using academic-based market intelligence tools, Winsor helps some of the country’s most progressive companies learn from key voices in their communities through methods he gleaned from his years as a journalist. Prior to founding Radar, Winsor built an empire of magazine publications devoted to sports such as mountain biking, in-line skating, and extreme skiing. In 1990, he acquired the rights to publish a then struggling-magazine, Women’s Sports & Fitness. Within three years he turned the magazine around and launched several other highly profitable titles, selling the business to Conde Nast and Peterson Publishing in 1997. Johnnie Moore’s Weblog I work as a facilitator and consultant. I’ve a strong background in marketing and am interested in the human aspects of organization. Some call what I do the “soft” skills ... or the “touchy-feely” stuff. I prefer to think I can combine a certain amount of business logic with an appreciation of the ability of humans to surprise and amaze us. Knowledge Jolt With Jack Jack Vinson writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and more. Knowledge Jolt provides consulting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on establishing effective work practices.

Library Clips This blog is a space for me to share some ideas, thoughts, and feedback ... from a librarian’s point of view. Like most people I’m interested in blogs, rss, social bookmarks, wiki’s, etc., so I’ll use this site to ask questions and discuss ideas about these topics and wish-list features. Many to Many A Group Weblog on Social Software Marketing Roadmaps Marketing Roadmaps: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there,” wrote Lewis Carroll in “Alice in Wonderland.” Marketing Roadmaps is Susan Getgood’s blog about where we are going as marketers, with a little bit about where we’ve been (the wrong turns and the right turns). It’s also about turning down new roads to explore new ideas. Mary’s Blog Business Developer, Marketing Troubleshooter: Thinking Strategically—Acting Tactically; Albuquerque, Santa Fe and the Virtual World. Mashable Mashable is a blog covering Web 2.0 startups, peer production, user-generated content, revenue sharing, social software and the Web as a platform. What does that mean? It means social sites like and Flickr, revenue-sharing services like Squidoo and voting sites like Digg and Wink. Mashable is written by Pete Cashmore, a Web 2.0 strategy consultant and (if pushed) entrepreneur. Master New Media What Communication Experts Need To Know Matt McAlister A senior product manager at Yahoo! provides expert knowledge of the business of creating content for the Net. McGee’s Musings I started McGee’s Musings in October of 2001 when I was on the faculty at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management as a way to share thoughts with my students. While they sometimes struggled with the notion that I often had more questions than answers that seemed to cause less concern to those who came here. Most of what I think and write about here has to do with knowledge work, knowledge workers, learning, design, and how organizations are dealing with changes triggered in large part by technology. Media Guerrilla A blog dedicated to tech PR, new media and marketing.

Media Law A Blog About Freedom of the Press: Robert J. Ambrogi is a lawyer and journalist in Massachusetts. He is executive director of the Mass. Newspaper Publishers Association. MediaFlect—The Blog MediaFlect—The Blog: My expertise is in leading teams to conceive, design, develop, produce and maintain complex, multi-level content Web sites, often integrated with other digital (handheld, etc.) or offline (print, broadcast, etc.) media. Mini Media Guy A conversation about new media business models. Notes from a Teacher Notes From a Teacher: A blog by Mark Hamilton, former journalist and currently a journalism instructor in Vancouver, BC. Oliver Thylmann The personal thoughts of Oliver Thylmann on topics like knowledge management, performance marketing and Web development. Online Dating Insider David Evans has been loitering at the intersection of marketing and technology since 1994. He has consulting experience with many groundbreaking and influential international Web sites and Internet advertising projects. A purveyor of leading-edge marketing concepts, an online dating industry consultant and innovator, a strategic thinker and market researcher. He’s always looking for dating industry news and gossip, Red Sox tickets and emerging online dating trends. When he’s not blogging he’s running ProfileDoctor, appearing on CNBC or speaking at conferences. Podcasting Simple enough: everything having to do with podcasting. Rebuilding Media Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Estrangement is the second. The news media has lost touch with people’s needs and interests during the past 30 years, as demonstrated by rapidly declining readerships of newspapers and audiences of broadcast news. How we rebuild news media appropriate to the 21st Century from the growing rubble of this industry is the subject of this group Weblog. Robert Andrews I am Robert Andrews, a reporter and content editor with several news names on my resumé. I use a Weblog on this site to record trends in journalism and to document the online media revolution.

Updated February 20, 2007

Updated February 20, 2007

Simpy Chichimichi Simpy is a social bookmarking service. With Simpy, you can save, tag and search your own bookmarks and notes or browse and search other users’ links and tags. You can be open and share your links with others, or keep them private. Simpy also helps you find like-minded people, discover new and interesting sites, publish your bookmarks, detect and eliminate link-rot, etc. Small Initiatives Small Initiatives principals and associates together offer more than 45 years of professional experience in media development and management—focused on creative content and design for Internet, print and broadcast. Smart Mobs A Web site and weblog about Topics and Issues discussed in the book Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold. Strange Attractors Picking out patterns from the chaos that is the blogosphere. Technosight Your Access to Today’s Technology Insight: Ken Yarmosh is the voice of the Technosight blog, the Editor of the Corante Web Hub, and an Internet/Web consultant. This Blog sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics. The Brandbuilder Innovation Sandbox Customer Experience Design Strategic Brand-Building Marketing Communications Creative Mayhem. The Community Engine News, tools, and analysis for innovating in the information economy. The Importance Of Ernest Miller pursues research and writing on cyberlaw, intellectual property, and First Amendment issues. Mr. Miller attended the U.S. Naval Academy before attending Yale Law School, where he was president and co-founder of the Law and Technology Society, and founded the technology law and policy news site LawMeme. He is a fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. The Loom A Blog About Life, Past and Future: Carl Zimmer is the author of several popular science books and writes frequently for The New York Times, as well as for magazines including The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Science, Newsweek, Popular Science, and Discover, where he is a contributing editor.

The Pomo Blog DONATA Communications/The Pomo Blog: Bringing New Media to Local Television and Following the Cultural Shift. The Social Customer Manifesto The Social Customer Manifesto: There are no spectators anymore. Participate. Total Experience TOTAL EXPERIENCE explores the intersection of technology and techniques, where experiences are created that get people to think and to act. We champion interaction and information exchange among designers of experience across all disciplines. Transition Game Nick Schulz is the Editor of Tech Central Station and has worked in media circles and the ideas industry as a writer, editor, television producer and policy analyst. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal©, The Los Angeles Times©, The Washington Post©, Slate, The National Post of Canada, The Baltimore Sun, Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Times, National Review, Reason, Policy Review, and several other publications. He is also, it should be said, a rabid sports fan whose fandom is inversely proportional to his overall athletic ability. What’s your Brand Mantra Mantra Brand Consulting: Evangelizing the power of customer-centric, employee-driven brands. Who Owns the Media This forum is about media ownership and competition. They are two sides of the coin. As more competition is generally viewed as better than less, I favor speaking about the degree of competition in the media industry. WonderBranding—marketing to women WonderBranding: Marketing to Women—Stuff That’s Good for You. yelvington I’m Steve Yelvington, and this is my blog. I’m a lifelong journalist and now a strategist for a media company. These are my own thoughts.

Creative Weblogging
Made up of the following blogs:

DC Blogs
The goal of DC Blogs is to help draw attention to bloggers who tell us something about the place and times we live in. DC Blogs is a group effort started by KOB, aka Patrick Thibodeau, a DC resident.

ChinaVentureNews ChinaVentureNews is edited by James Borton, a serial media entrepreneur with an extensive international writing and financial publishing background. Outsourcing The Outsourcing weblog keeps you updated about offshoring. VC & Entrepreneurship TJ’s Weblog is written by Torsten Jacobi, a serial entrepreneur with experiences in venture capital, enterprise software and most recently publishing and blogging. Bizinformer The latest news about small business companies. Supplychainer Supplychainer is written by Ehsan Ehsani who has seen supply-chain issues from inside out as a researcher and consultant. He lives in Göteborg, Sweden. Java Entrepreneur The focus of Java Entrepreneur is to help a new or existing business solve problems by using Java. Written by Jason Darrow. Philoneist Philoneist (n): One who is obsessed with trends and innovations. Philoneist is written by Jonathan Cohen, an emerging technology trends researcher for a PR firm. The VoIP Weblog Robyn is a VoIP evangelist and an early adopter of VoIP technologies.

Das E-Business Weblog
Internet, IT, Management, Zukunft. Die Welt aus Sicht eines Consultants OR Internet, IT, Management, the Future. The world from the point of view of consultants.

The Data Dump
Analysis and commentary on surveys and recommended use of their data for marketers and executives.
Political news and commentary from a Green House representative candidate running for Colorado’s 7th district.

News and opinions on Delaware and the law.

The Democratic Daily
Drowning out the Noise Machine, with a liberal dose of news, national and local politics, progressive commentary and opinions, and common-sense conversation, because “Truth is the American bottom line.” explores the world from the perspective of “Desis,” that is, people from South Asia. News, Reviews, and Opinion from a global team of South Asians. (Added 2/2007)

Development on a Shoestring
News, programs and techniques to do with development and programming in general. focuses on how the Internet, weblogs, convergence and new technologies are changing the media and the way information is communicated.

Diet Blog
Dieting and weight loss news, views and tips.

Digital Digs
Discussion of new media, rhetoric, professional writing, and higher education.

Coyote Gulch
Colorado water issues, local election and presidential election coverage from a western perspective.

Daily Diabetic
This blog tries to help people learn all they can about the disease in hopes of preventing it, and to improve their lives as much as possible while living with diabetes. (Added 2/2007)

Digital Music The Future
The Digital Music Blog focuses on the entertainment industry. (Added 2/2007)

Creative Voices
News, views, and schmooze about media concentration and media censorship in America, from the Center for Creative Voices in Media.
Updated February 20, 2007 Updated February 20, 2007  

Disease Proof
Prevent and reverse disease with nutrition advice from Joel Fuhrman, MD. Dr. Fuhrman has been featured on CNN, Today and Good Morning America as well as many other media outlets.

The eStrategyOne Buzz
The eStrategyOne Buzz, Online Marketing without Cream and Sugar, covers the crazed world of Blogs and Buzz, Search, RSS and E-mail, Celebrities and Pundits, Media Madness and 800-pound gorillas.

Dismally, as it relates to the markets
Currency market analysis and how economic data affects it.

Family Matters
Provides technical support for family historians so they can better use general applications such as search and e-mail in their research.

Gawker Gawker is the group’s flagship title, a mix of pop culture and media gossip, updated more than a dozen times a day. Gawker is compulsory reading for New York editors and reporters, and often sets the agenda for the entertainment weeklies, gossip columns such as Page Six, and the soft sections of newspapers such as The New York Times. Gizmodo Gizmodo is a Web magazine dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. Its influential audience stops by frequently to check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for products including laptops, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, home entertainment and more. Wonkette Since it launched in January 2004, Wonkette has become compulsory reading for Washington, D.C., insiders, political junkies, and a new generation which responds more to humor than the traditional journalistic obsession with process. Wonkette is to political weblogs as Jon Stewart’s Daily Show has been to the political shows on television. USA Today describes the title as a “sensation” in Washington, D.C. Slate’s media critic says it’s “sadistic”—but then confesses he’s addicted. Defamer You could argue that New York has no need for a gossip blog like Gawker. There’s Page Six, and Rush & Molloy, and people in power are accustomed to a bit of mockery. By contrast, in so far as a city ever needed a gossip rag, LA is crying out for a Defamer. For a city that’s in many ways the cultural capital of the world, it’s woefully under-gossiped. Sure, the celebrity weeklies give the latest tittle-tattle on the reality TV romance of the week. But the real stars of Hollywood are the producers, the agents, the PR flacks, the studio execs, and the screenwriters. They’re usually behind the scenes. No longer. Defamer had the strongest launch of any Gawker title, and has taken the lead on celebrity stories. Screenhead Screenhead is online entertainment for guys who are too lazy to watch TV. Studies show that, as broadband becomes more widespread, 18 – 34-year-olds are finding more of their entertainment online, as well as using the Web for news or research. Existing entertainment sites, though hugely popular, tend to skew heavily toward teenagers and students, and pay little attention to the environment for advertisers. Screenhead will showcase flash animation, amusing
Updated February 20, 2007

Photoshop manipulations, cool design, interactive games, video clips, and other memes. It will be slightly more tasteful than sites such as Fark or College Humor, and attract a more upscale audience.

Bloggers who combine a taste for heavy metal music with a taste for heavy metal politics.

Kotaku As Gizmodo is to gadgets, so Kotaku is to computer games. Kotaku will provide hourly links and commentary for obsessive gamers—and explore the cultural ramifications interesting enough to attract a wider audience. Lifehacker Lifehacker makes getting things done easy and fun. Delving deep into the technoweb, Lifehacker brings back simple and totally life-altering tips and tricks for managing your information and time. Editor Gina Trapani, coder and computer expert, saucily deciphers the latest in personal productivity technology and reveals the million ways hardware and software can improve our busy lives. At this wild moment in the development of human-oriented technology, Lifehacker is your own personal early adopter, here to guide you through the onslaught of the new. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved: Lifehacker can help. Deadspin Deadspin is sports news without access, favor, or discretion. Sports is an endless well of stories, on-field and off, where the athletes are fascinating whether they’re being tackled, being arrested, or being lap-danced—and that is the world of Deadspin. ValleyWag ValleyWag is a tech gossip rag. You people in Silicon Valley are far too busy changing the world to care about sex, greed and hypocrisy.

The Fat Guy
Not a pundit: Just a guy writing about food, music, books, and tractors.

Don Surber
Political blog of a conservative newspaperman in Poca, WV.

Down with Absolutes!
Random Rantings and Recent Revelations of a Rabblerousing Reject.

Fat Pitch Financials
Value investing and personal finance discoveries for those seeking to invest with a margin of safety in stocks with wide moats and to profit from arbitrage opportunities.

Dreadful Dreams
Thought, technology and terror, today and tomorrow.

Financial Skeptic
Critical commentary on investor relations, financial communications, and corporate governance.

Dreams Into Lightning
News and views from a culturally liberal, politically neoconservative perspective. (Added 2/2007)

Ian Kennedy’s blog on Social Media.
Political news and commentary.

The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles
He sees things a little bit differently, then he writes about it.

Short articles about economics, policy, and miscellaneous topics.

The Gadgets Weblog
Previewing killer gadgets, audio and video software tools, cutting-edge computer hardware and all shiny new stuff. The Gagdets Weblog is part of the Washington Post blogroll. (Added 2/2007)

Analysis of current economic conditions and policy.

GayPatriot is the Internet home for American gay conservatives and is hailed as “the most reliable conservative gay blog on the Internet.” Representing the millions of patriotic gay and lesbians across the USA by standing up for freedom, fairness, free speech, privacy and true American values. (Added 2/2007)

Economic Principals by David Warsh
David Warsh is editor of, an independent Web-based weekly. He covered economics for The Boston Globe for 20 years and, earlier, reported on business for Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, and from Vietnam, for Pacific Stars and Stripes and Newsweek magazine. He is a two-time winner of financial journalism’s Loeb Award.

Gallery Hopper
A guide to the best of fine art photography, galleries and events in New York City and beyond.

Gapers Block
Chicago-centric news and events, as well as columns and features.

The Get Known Now Blog
Insider strategies that make you a household name ... Comments from an expert in helping small businesses, consultants and other professionals package their online presence to attract national publicity.

Gawker Media
Gawker Media, an independent media company with a stable of titles in over a dozen categories, takes the weblog content formula and applies the business model of a traditional consumer magazine. Titles include:

Reason - Egoism - Laissez-Faire Capitalism. 


Updated February 20, 2007 

Georgia Politics Unfiltered
An unfiltered view inside the mad, mad world of Georgia politics. (Added 2/2007)

Global American Discourse
Focus on foreign policy. Comment and analysis on new Pax Americana in the post-Cold War era from pro-American Japanese viewpoints.

Houstonist Houstonist is a Web site about Houston and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings, goings-on and observations. Houstonist was launched in November 2005 and is the 15th Web site by Gothamist. LAist LAist is a Web site about Los Angeles and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. Londonist Londonist is a Web site about London and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. Londonist used to be The Big Smoker, until we joined forces with Gothamist in order to take over the world. In doing so Londonist became the first international addition to the expanding -ist network. Miamist Miamist is a Web site about the Miami area and everything that happens there. That means news and events, restaurants and nightlife, happenings, goings-on and observations. Miamist was launched in September 2005 and was the fourteenth Web site by Gothamist. Parisist Parisist is a Web site about Paris and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. French-language site. Phillyist Phillyist is a Web site about Philadelphia and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. Phillyist is the thirteenth Web site by Gothamist. SFist SFist is a Web site about San Francisco and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. SFist went public in August of 2004. Shanghaiist Shanghaiist is a Web site about Shanghai and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. Shanghaiist, which officially launched on July 11, 2005, is the eleventh Web site by Gothamist.

The Health Care Blog
Opinion news and insight on America’s health care system.

It’s Almost Supernatural
Commentary on the Middle East conflict with a focus on the South Africa media. (Added 2/2007)

Hospital Impact
What will it take for our hospitals to be the best run organizations on the face of the planet? (Added 2/2007)

James Hudnall (Hud’s Blog-O-Rama)
Blog of writer James Hudnall. Subjects range from politics, science, comic books, media, life. (Added 2/2007)

How Appealing
Coverage of legal news and appellate court rulings. (Added 2/2007)

Gonzaga Basketball
Sports reporter Steve Bergum covers Gonzaga basketball. (Added 2/2007)

James Landrith is ... Taking the Gloves Off
The official Web site/weblog of civil liberties activist and USMC and Gulf War veteran James Landrith. Promoting an individualist and libertarian-oriented perspective and as founder of Pious Pagan Publishing, Landrith discusses politics, race relations and current events. Not one to mince words, Landrith is frequently Taking The Gloves Off.

Human Law
Specializing in law, technology and people. (Added 2/2007)

Gothamist is the most popular network of city blogs on the Internet today. Started in New York City in December 2002, they have since grown to 15 cities in America, Europe, and Asia. Each of their sites is completely unique and strives to give an insider’s view of life in the city. They cover everything from breaking news to arts to food to pets, and sometimes get up as many as 25 new items per day in each locale!

Idaho Prep Sports
North Idaho Prep Sports by Greg Lee keeps up with news and notes on local high school athletics. (Added 2/2007)

The Jawa Report
News/commentary/humor about the Global War Against Islamist Terror, Jihad, and Political Islam (Islamism). (Added 2/2007)

Ideas and commentary on programming and the digital lifestyle.

Austinist Austinist is a Web site about Austin and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. Austinist is the eleventh Web site by Gothamist. Bostonist Bostonist is a Web site about Boston and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, goings-on, and observations. Bostonist was officially launched in early 2005 by Gothamist. Chicagoist Chicagoist is a Web site about the Chicago area and everything that happens there. That means news and events, restaurants and nightlife, happenings, goings-on and observations. Chicagoist was launched in May 2004 and was the second Web site by Gothamist. DCist DCist is a Web site about the Washington, D.C., area and everything that happens there. That means news and events, restaurants and nightlife, happenings, goings-on and observations. DCist was officially launched on Sept. 7, 2004, by Gothamist. Gothamist Gothamist is a Web site about New York City and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on. 

The Indian Economy Blog
Issues and insights into the Indian economy.

Jim Logan, Direct Response Marketer
Practical thoughts and ideas to grow your business with direct response marketing—getting you more customers, increasing the value of your average sale, and increasing your customer’s rate and volume of repeat purchases.

In the Pink Texas
In the Pink takes a humorous look at Texas and national politics while providing social commentary. ITPT has earned both state and national acclaim, including two Koufax nominations and the Austin Chronicle’s “Critic’s Pick.” Eileen was featured on the cover of Governing magazine in July 2005. She has appeared on numerous panels concerning blogging and politics. “Straight-ahead political reportage flavored with Vanity Fair-style bitchiness”—Texas Monthly (Added 2/2007)

jkOnTheRun covers all aspects of mobile technology and how to leverage it to maximum effect on a daily basis. The articles present technology from the POV of James Kendrick, who has written about the subject for over five years. If it’s mobile and high-tech you’ll find it at jkOnTheRun.

Joanne Jacobs
Linking and thinking on education and other issues.

Institutional Economics
Economics and financial markets from a libertarian perspective. Featured in Forbes magazine’s Best of the Web.

Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward
Trends, issues and commentary on sustainable business, clean technology and green marketing, from an expert in the field.

Insurance Scrawl
Commentary on the Law of Insurance, the Insurance of Business, and the Business of Insurance.

John Quiggin
Commentary on Australia and World Events from a Social Democratic viewpoint.

Isaac Schrödinger
Commentary on the collision of the Islamic sphere and Western civilization from an ex-Muslim perspective.

Jon Arnold’s Blog
Analysis and commentary on IP communications.

Ruminations on Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration.

Investopedia Advisor
Relevant, timely, unbiased stock market commentary from a name you can trust. (Added 2/2007)
Updated February 20, 2007

Journey To Africa
Pia Hansen travels to South Africa. (Added 2/2007) 

Updated February 20, 2007

Joust the Facts
A mix of sports, politics and culture—as Giacomo sees fit. (Added 2/2007)

Analytic philosophy and liberal politics, live from New York.

Mindware Forum
Mindware Forum presents the latest news and information on software for self-improvement, personal development, self-help and professional success.

NewYorkology Travel
Guide to New York City events, sights, restaurants, hotels, shopping, museums and other attractions. Updated daily with the new openings, closings, quick bargains and updates you can’t get in a guidebook.

A Weblog of the Jackson Progressive.

Make The Logo Bigger
A blog about art direction and advertising. (Added 2/2007)

Kennedy vs. The Machine
Tracking the 2006 Minnesota U.S. Senate race.

Male Pattern Fitness
Analysis with wisecracks on health, fitness, nutrition, sex, sports, and whatever else is on the minds of men.

Monster Blog
As members of the team that creates Monster Career Advice, they spend a lot of time thinking and writing about careers and the pursuit of them. The Monster Blog gives them a chance to write about an array of issues in a free-form style. Sometimes they’ll talk about the day’s big news stories and sometimes they’ll muse about workplace microwave etiquette—just depends on the day.

Next Level Biz Tips
How to leverage the Internet and take your business to the next level. (Added 2/2007)

Kevin, M.D. – Medical Weblog
Commentary, opinion and discussion on current medical news by a primary-care physician.
Political blog focusing on New Mexico politics and policy.

NH Insider
Multiple bloggers writing on political topics important to NH citizens. (Added 2/2007)
Sounds like America, but less repressive—a place where social workers and citizens speak out.

Mark Evans
Focuses on telecom and technology news and trends.

Monty’s Bluff
Monty’s Bluff offers a unique perspective on current business news by linking it with empirical studies of management and organizational performance. It focuses on issues that are related to share price movement and long-term organizational performance.

Politics, Religion, Music and Colorado Springs.

Marry in Massachusetts
Political and legal commentary on Massachusetts same-sex marriage and beyond. A recurring theme is also odd local marriage laws.

Land of Black Gold
Speculations on oil, peak oil theory, energy in general, and the investment implications.

Northern Telecom ... And Tech
Focuses on telecom and technology news and trends.

Late Final
News, sports, politics and commentary with a New York edge.

Mass Revolution Now
Politically progressive blog focusing on Massachusetts politics and issues affecting us all. (Added 2/2007)

Musing Minds
Conservative political blog, Canadian and American bloggers. (Added 2/2007)

OC Blog
Political blog providing insider news and commentary on Orange County government, campaigns and politics. (Added 2/2007)

Lessig Blog
Blog by Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school’s Center for Internet and Society. (Added 2/2007)

May It Please The Court
A weblog of legal news and observations. (Added 2/2007)

Nanotech Buzz
Blog devoted to Nanotechnology and its development, including ethical and research topics. (Added 2/2007)

One Flew East
Liberal political blog with emphasis on education. (Added 2/2007)

Media Orchard
Media Orchard attempts to cultivate fresh thinking about media, marketing and public relations in today’s “spin eat spin” world. (Added 2/2007)

Letter from Hardscrabble Creek
Comment on contemporary Paganism, American religion, and related topics by Chas S. Clifton, author of Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Witchcraft and Paganism in America and editor of The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies.

Nature Blog
Nature, culture, dogs, environmental news, and writing with a Southern Rockies perspective.

One Smoot Short of a Bridge
Culture, social justice, queer issues, disability rights, arts, Boston, and generally quirky stuff.

Covering what’s new in new media and content. (Added 2/2007)

Neocon Express
Current events & analysis from a Neo-conservative perspective. (Added 2/2007)

The Opinionated Bastard
Politics, foreign policy and computers.

A Liberal Dose
Razor-sharp political commentary and satire with a hard leftist slant.
Discussions for the advancement of Green Party local groups in the metro Denver area.

New England Republican
News and opinion on politics, current events, and regional news with a little humor thrown in.

P2P Filesharing
The P2P weblog provides an insider’s perspective of the P2P industry. (Added 2/2007)
Commentary on publishing, online content delivery, and metadata.

Michael Geist
Blog of Michael Geist, leading expert on technology law including privacy, copyright and e-commerce issues. (Added 2/2007)

New Orleans Bulletin
Lively discussion about politics and government in New Orleans.

PA Pundits
The relentless search for common sense.

Panzer Abwehr
Discussion about wargaming and military history, primarily WWII in North Africa. Also discussion about AFVs and artillery.

Lone Star Times
Current-events commentaries of interest to listeners of conservative Texas talk-radio.
Michigan’s leading blog/community dealing with state politics and government. (Added 2/2007)

New Perspectives Quarterly
Editorial commentary and analysis on current affairs. (Added 2/2007)

Parents’ Council Blog
Members of the S-R’s Parents’ Council weigh in on the job of raising kids in the Inland Northwest. (Added 2/2007) 

Newsroom Of The Future
Carla Savalli’s blog on the media’s future. (Added 2/2007) 
Updated February 20, 2007 Updated February 20, 2007

The Paper PC
The blog of Robert S. Anthony, veteran personal computing and technology columnist.

Political Staples
Random political (and other) rantings from an average middle-class Canadian.

The RFID Weblog
The award-winning RFID Weblog provides a balanced view of RFID technology with a focus on business uses. (Added 2/2007)

The Slatin Report
Covers the commercial real estate industry with original, independent reporting, analysis and commentary.

A Passion for Running
A running, health and fitness site. This blog is about running, health and fitness, training, marathons, learning good running form and barefoot running.

Politics in Alabama
Political blog on Alabama politics.

Rhode Island’s Future
Rhode Island politics and culture—an insider’s guide. (Added 2/2007)

Small Biz Unplugged
Small Biz Unplugged is dedicated to supporting the Canadian small business owner. Topics include everything a small business owner in Canada would be dealing with. Topics could include taxes, financing, business planning, expansion, startup, blogging, succession planning, marketing, cash flow management and managing human resources to name a few. All with an eye to the Canadian small business perspective. (Added 2/2007)
NY local, state, national news with a political focus.

Patent Baristas
A news and commentary site featuring patent and IP issues from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. (Added 2/2007)

Portals and KM
Discusses the use of emerging technologies (including, but not limited to, blogs, wikis, RSS, SNA, tagging, and new forms of search & knowledge management) to provide value to organizations through practical applications. New trends and technologies are covered with a switch to art, music, travel, and food on the weekends.

The Richmond Democrat
The Richmond Democrat covers political and cultural news important to Democrats in Virginia and nationwide. Includes opinions, news, links, photography, and other fun features.

PEER Review FL
Politics, education, religion and other interesting subjects with a focus on FL from a conservative perspective.

Right As Usual
Commentary on cultural, political and personal American issues. (Added 2/2007)

Small Business Trends
Award-winning blog exploring the trends driving small business. Writes about topics that often are not covered in detail elsewhere. (Added 2/2007)

Pensito Review
Liberal news and information Web site. (Added 2/2007)

Portland Architecture
News, commentary and images of architecture in Portland, Oregon and beyond. (Added 2/2007)

Robert Lindsay
Leftwing journalist in California, writes about many topics, emphasis on War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina lately. Heterodox. (Added 2/2007)

Smart PDA
The Smart PDA aims to make sense of the virtually limitless information on smartphones and PDA’s today, providing only what is useful and interesting for you. (Added 2/2007)

Pererro is an apolitical, stream of consciousness, quasi-literary blog that touches on current events with some regularity.

Commentary on politics and the continuation of policy by other means.

Say Anything
News and opinion on current events in North Dakota and the world.

Performance Research Associates
A collection of often sceptical, always candid observations and insights on the U.S. economy and large-cap equity markets by the Chief of Investment Officer of Performance Research Associates, LLC. (Added 2/2007)

Social Networking Weblog
This blog is devoted to social networking & media technologies and their impact on individuals as well as companies. (Added 2/2007)

PR Squared
Scenes from the trenches of PR 2.0. (Added 2/2007)

Random Roger’s Big Picture
Topics include investing, equities, options, ETF, CEF, foreign markets and currencies.

Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless
The Security Awareness blog gives computer security tips and tricks to government, corporations and home users. The brand of Security Awareness training and materials is sponsored by Winn Schwartau’s Security Awareness Company where they focus on the people—not the technology—and Trusted Learning, a flexible and customizable remotely managed online learning system that specializes in Schwartau’s proven brand of Security Awareness Training.

So What Can I Do?
A public service Weblog promoting ethics in action.

The Peridot Capitalist
An investment blog published by Peridot Capital Management, a St. Louis-based money management firm, that discusses both the overall investment landscape in the U.S. as well as specific opportunities ripe for capital gains.

Random Jottings
Thoughts on politics, world events, the War on Terror, books, life in San Francisco and America. (Added 2/2007)

SOX First
Soxfirst’s author is specialized in writing about management issues that cover a range of areas including strategy, globalization, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, executive education, IT, marketing and human resources. (Added 2/2007)

Progressive politics written for political insiders.

The Reality-Based Community
Five academics reflect wittily on politics and life. They average 3,500 visits per day and get frequent links from Huffington Post, CrooksandLiars and Political Animal.

Planet Moron
Political and social satire for independent thinkers and other malcontents. Blog
Growth stock and market analysis.

Political, personal, progressive (liberal) leaning, Arizona and national politics; cutting-edge information about the progressive movement. (Added 2/2007)

The Reasoned Sceptic
A collection of often sceptical, always candid observations and insights on the U.S. economy and large-cap equity markets by the Chief of Investment Officer of Performance Research Associates, LLC.

Self Mastery-Money-Success
We live in a world that can and is being transformed through human imagination; a world of mind, where at first, all things are only a concept, idea or image in the mind of a person.

Analysis and commentary on domestic and international politics from a tenured political science professor and freelance columnist. (Added 2/2007)

Spokane Chiefs Report
Veteran sports reporter Jeff Bunch covers the Spokane Chiefs. (Added 2/2007)

Seth’s Blog
Seth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect and the way ideas spread. 

Updated February 20, 2007

Updated February 20, 2007 


The Spokesman-Review
The number-one local news and information Web site in Spokane and Kootenai County. Blogs include:

Always the backseat driver, Amy Cannata offers Inland Northwest commuters tips on getting from here to there.

All Cougs, All The Time In “All Cougs, All The Time,” sports reporter Glenn Kasses gives an inside look at Washington State sports. Art Beat Art Beat by Julianne Crane is a place to find information about the visual arts scene in the Inland Northwest. Ask the Editors Editors Steve Smith, Gary Graham, Ken Sands, Doug Floyd and Carla Savalli answer readers’ questions about The Spokesman-Review’s editorial decisions and operations. Auto Racing 2006 In this blog, photo editor and “car guy” Larry Reisnouer and designer Rick House keep track of the local summertime car shows and other happenings. Blogspotter Making sense of the blog world so you don’t have to. Campus Commons Shawn Vestal covers news about regional schools— including Washington State University, the University of Idaho, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Whitworth College, the Community Colleges of Spokane and North Idaho College—and general issues in higher education. Daily Briefing Each weekday morning and afternoon, the editorial staff of The Spokesman-Review meets to discuss that morning’s paper and the coverage planned for tomorrow. We’ll use this blog to help involve you in that process. EWU Sports Reporter Dave Trimmer keeps track of news and notes on Eastern Washington University sports. Eye on Boise Short takes and breaking news from the Idaho Legislature and the state capital. Eye On Olympia Short takes and breaking news from the Washington Legislature and the state capital. Getting There

Gonzaga Basketball Sports reporter Steve Bergum covers Gonzaga basketball. Hard 7 Hard 7 covers the culture of politics and the politics of culture. Frank Sennett also writes about politics for Seven. Health Beat Health Beat by Heather Lalley is the place to find the latest medical news and those health and fitness stories that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Huckleberries Online D.F. (Dave) Oliveria is a recovering flamethrower with conservative tendencies who dominates the center ring of the North Idaho online circus known as Huckleberries. Idaho Prep Sports North Idaho Prep Sports by Greg Lee keeps up with news and notes on local high school athletics. Idaho Vandals In the Idaho Vandals blog sports reporter Jim Meehan gives an inside look at University of Idaho sports. Journey to Vatican III Journey to Vatican III by Rebecca Nappi gives you breaking news and trend alerts in the Roman Catholic Church that signal major reforms to come in the next few years. These reforms might come about if, and when, the current pope or his successor calls a Vatican III. Movies & More A Dan Webster joint, discussing news, notes and everything about books, movies and everything. Dan writes book, movie and video reviews for Seven. News is a Conversation As part of our effort to increase transparency in journalism, The Spokesman-Review has invited readers to talk about our news coverage and content on a daily basis: what they like, what they don’t like, and what they’d like to see more of. We participate, but the readers lead the conversation here. Prep Report Prep Report by Vince Grippi keeps up with news and notes on state of Washington high school athletics. Sound Wave

Tune into Sound Wave with Isamu Jordan to get the buzz on upcoming concerts, hear some underground rumblings, and keep up with local and national album and show reviews. Isamu writes about music for Seven.

Straight From The Doc aims to provide patient-friendly updates on medical news, researches and breakthroughs. (Added 2/2007)

Spin Control Jim Camden offers news and notes on local and regional politics in Washington and Idaho. Taste of the Town Tom Bowers covers wining and dining in the Inland Northwest. Valley Connection What’s going on in Spokane Valley government. Video Journal Photojournalist Colin Mulvany covers life in the Inland Northwest. Wheel Life Wheel Life by Julianne Crane is a place to find and exchange information about the ever-growing recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Strategic Legal Technology by Prism Legal Consulting, Inc.
Regular updates about interesting developments and themes in the application of technology to law practice and law business. (Added 2/2007)

Strategic Public Relations
Focused on public relations and marketing strategy since July 2002. (Added 2/2007)
The perfect blend of the latest fashion and beauty trends translated for your lifestyle. Content includes: Daily Scoop—hot new “must-haves” found on the Web daily and’s Ask Alison.’s style expert, Alison Deyette, answers readers’ style questions.

Web reporter Vince Grippi covers local and regional sports.

Legitimating the judgements of feckless youth through “publishing.” provides independent intelligent, insightful commentary on the social, cultural and political affairs of the day. Our writers, most of whom have professional journalism experience, include the following: Scott Olin Schmidt – California politics from a pro-business Republican perspective Matthew Holt – Health care issues detailed with clarity and humor Christopher R. Brauchli – A staunch liberal with a sharp eye for hypocrisy Chris Nolan – A disappointed Democrat with a sharp feminist perspective Deborah Klosky – A feminist Mom with a common-sense approach to life Nicole Martinelli – An American in Italy commenting on Europe and American culture

TalkLeft the Politics of Crime
Progressive coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. (Added 2/2007)
Timely posts covering Tennessee elections, political news, state and local government, and civic and community matters.

The 3rd World View
Views and links from a Bangladeshi on Bangladesh and the world. (Added 2/2007)

Thoughts from Kansas
Science and Politics from the Sunflower State.

Tinkerty Tonk
Funny, provocative take on current events and contemporary culture.

Stock Picks Bob’s Advice
An amateur investor reviews stocks with current strong price momentum, underlying fundamentals, reasonable valuation, and positive technical support.

Tobias S. Buckell Online
Personal blog of Tobias S. Buckell, a Caribbean-born writer of over 25 published short stories.

Straight From the Doc 

Updated February 20, 2007 Updated February 20, 2007 

Today’s Workplace
Legal and political information relevant to employee rights and fairness issues in the workplace.

Weapons of Mass Discussion
Commentary on important national, international, and Ohio issues, particularly as they relate to the war on terror and key political races.

Tom Rants
Political and economic commentary from a conservative-libertarian perspective.

Web Ink Now by David Meerman Scott
Web Ink Now is a Web marketing blog focused on cashing in with Web content. Discover how innovative marketers use digital information to turn browsers into buyers by creating compelling Web sites and corporate blogs.

Too Conservative
Politics from a Northern Virginia viewpoint.

Transgender Workplace Diversity
Transgender Workplace Diversity for HR and Diversity Professionals. (Added 2/2007)

What’s In Scott’s Head
The Internet home of liberal writer and columnist Scott C. Smith, featuring media and political analysis from a progressive point of view, served up unfair and biased.

Twelve Black Code Monkeys
A blog about gadgets, technology and the Internet.

What’s Your Brand Mantra?
Branding and marketing strategy.

Tom Sowa talks about life online. (Added 2/2007)

Wheel Life
Wheel Life by Julianne Crane is a place to find and exchange information about the ever-growing recreational vehicle lifestyle. (Added 2/2007)

The UCL Practitioner
The first and only weblog on California’s Unfair Competition Law (Business & Professions Code §17200 et seq.) by Kimberly A. Kralowec (Added 2/2007)

Wireless Weblog
A source of information for the latest wireless news, analysis, products new to the market and research from Network World. (Added 2/2007)

An Unamplified Voice
Commentary on opera and opera performance. (Added 2/2007)

Video Journal
Photojournalist Colin Mulvany covers life in the Inland Northwest. (Added 2/2007)

Work-related Blogs and News
Commentary on work-related news; links to 100s of work-related blogs; commentary on new forms of Web-based communication technology, e.g., blogs, podcasting, VoIP, RSS, etc.; and research into work-related blogs.

The Volokh Conspiracy
Opinions and analysis, mostly about law and politics, and mostly from law professors.

XplanaZine is a blog devoted to education, technology, and culture. We feature research updates, articles, and podcasts. In addition, we publish a yearly culture zine, Mosaic, that targets a timely topic and features writers from all over the world.

Waldo Jaquith
Politics, regional matters, technology and the sciences, with an emphasis on state and federal politics in Virginia. (Added 2/2007)

Way I Play
Video game news, reviews, and rants from your point of view.
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Young Angry Liberal
A depraved catalog of Western malfeasance, written by a community college dropout living in Denver.