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TEST DE EVALUARE INIIAL Anul colar 2012-2013 Limba englez Clasa a VIII- a Numele i prenumele elevului: Data susinerii


Pentru rezolvarea corect a tuturor cerinelor din Partea I i din Partea a II-a se acord 90de puncte. Din oficiu se acord 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte) A. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous:

1. The Danube ________________ (to flow) between Romania and Bulgaria. 2. Mother _____________________ (to cook) dinner now. 3. I ________________ (to boil) the water for coffee in a special pot. 4. Come and make the coffee! The water ___________________ (to boil). 5. A man _______________ (to smell) with his nose.
B. Put the verbs in parentheses into the Simple Past:

1. The jacket _______________(cost) $ 35. 2. I ____________ (buy) it yesterday. 3. The shop assistant _______________ (say) it _____________ (be) reduced. 4. I _______________ (pay) in cash. 5. She ___________________ (wrap) it for me and ______________ (put) it in a plastic bag.
C. Ask questions to which the words underlined are the answers:

1.The Jacksons usually have breakfast at 7 a.m. ................................................................................................................................................ 2. She visits her old mother at least twice a week. 3. They live together because she loves him. 4. We spend our weekends in the country. 5. His sister washes his shirts.
D. Underline the correct adjective:

1. If you are thirsty, drink some cold / hot water. 2. The librarian proved to be very friendly / unfriendly. He wouldnt show me the books. 3. Milk is blue / white. 4. Grandfather is old / young. 5. The little boy was so frightened / calm that he couldnt speak a word. 6. The cold / sunny weather killed the flowers. 7. These people are rude/ polite, they say Hello! to everybody. 8. In winter the weather is often cold / hot. 9. She is a nice/ ugly girl. She looks pretty in her new dress. 10. The children are smart/ silly. They know all the answers.
PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) E. Write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her about your summer holiday. You should include information about the places you visited, the weather, the activities, the location, food and people you met. Do not use more than 100 words. Start and end your letter in an appropriate way.

TEST DE EVALUARE INIIAL Anul colar 2011-2012 Limba englez Clasa a VII- a L1 BAREM DE EVALUARE I DE NOTARE

Se puncteaz oricare alte formulri/ modaliti de rezolvare corect a cerinelor. Nu se acord punctaje intermediare, altele dect cele precizate explicit prin barem. Nu se acord fraciuni de punct. Se acord 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota final se calculeaz prin mprirea punctajului total acordat pentru test la 10. PARTEA I (60 de puncte)
A. 10 x 1p=10 points

1. flows; 2. is cooking; 3. boil; 4. is boiling; 5. smells; 6. am smellimg; 7. feels; 8. is feeling; 9. am waiting; 10. dont understand.

B. 10 x 2p= 20 points

1. cost; 2. bought; 3. said, was; 4. paid; 5. wrapped, put; 6. passed; 7. saw; 8. were.
C. 10 x 2p= 20 points (1 point for each correct question word + 1 point for the correct word order in each question)

1. What time do the Jacksons usually have breakfast?; 2. How often does she visit her old mother?; 3. Why do they live together?; 4. Where do you spend your weekends?; 5. Who washes his shirts?; 6. What does this bottle contain?; 7. How does it smell?; 8. How much does gasoline cost?; 9. How many families live in this house?; 10. Where do you want to settle down?
D. 10 x 1p= 10 points

1. cold; 2. friendly; 3. white; 4. old; 5. Frightened; 6. cold; 7. polite; 8. cold; 9. nice; 10. smart. PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) E. 4 points for appropriately beginning and ending the letter: - 2 points the beginning: Dear + the friends name - 2 points the ending: Best wishes / Love / Lots of love /Yours + the senders name 6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors 5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary 10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task 3 points for a balanced structure (greeting/introduction, content, conclusion) 2 points for the general impression