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18 Fight fat with diet 32 Today's premium 44 How do you choose
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Slimming solutions for convenience your dog?
your dog or cat with quality Breed-specific
It's easier than ever to nutrition for canines
22 Survival techniques serve up good health to
for bathing a cat your animal 51 Good luck and
Believe it or not, it can serendipity help
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Photo: Kenny Williams, If Your Horse Could Talk

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best friend A happy ending to
Add these power-packed a nerve-wracking
foods to your experience
companion's diet

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A dog in cat's clothing

A friend recently told me that the three biggest stresses in life are moving,
having a baby and divorce. I wished she’d told me that before I moved and
had a baby in the same month. The divorce thing hasn’t happened yet (a
miracle, given the circumstances) but our home is not exactly the place of
peace and harmony I envisioned. That’s probably because we’re also renovating. In fact, I feel like I’m living
through one of those home improvement shows, minus the team of professionals that burst in and whip a
house into shape within seven days. We’re now into our fourth month.

In a way, I think we’re filling our time. After losing two dogs this year, we knew we needed an emotional
break before welcoming a new canine to the mix. The renos fill in the time that would normally be spent
taking care of the dogs.

The cat, however, has her own agenda. Katy is no longer content to spend her time doing feline things.
Perhaps fearing that we’ll get out practice, she’s become decidedly more dog-like.

She’s now the official treat begger, door greeter, watchcat, and baby sitter. She loves everything to do with
the baby and can often be found sniffing his head or snuggled up on one of his blankets. She even curled
up next to him under his covers one day.

And just when I thought I’d seen it all, Katy pulled her best move out of the drawer. Late one night, after
everyone had turned in and I was in bed reading, I heard a series of loud meows from the kitchen. The
meows got closer as Katy made her way up the stairs to my room. Bounding in, she raced over, dropped
a package and looked up at me expectantly. I glanced down to see not one but an entire bag of pompoms.
Katy loves to play fetch with these fuzzy little balls but since they often go missing under the fridge or stove,
I always keep the bag tucked away on the kitchen counter. Obviously in the mood for some fun and not
able to find a single pompom anywhere in the house, our little feline/canine knew exactly where to go. But
since she couldn’t extract one herself, she decided to bring me the whole bag. I broke up laughing, got out
of bed and played fetch with our little wondercat until she decided she’d had enough. Then she curled up
on the end of the bed and went to sleep.

Next week, I think I’ll teach her how to bark.

May your new year also be full of wonderful surprises,

8 animal wellness
animal wellness 9
pony express
dear animal wellness magazine . . .

I was just reading your magazine and use Soft Paws, or reward the cat when he Three cheers for nontoxic lawn care (Oct/Nov
came to the article “Get him up to scratch” scratches somewhere else. Adult cats only 2005) – another way to show your love for your
(Dec/Jan 2006). I thought it was very good have one or two favorite places to scratch so animal friend and be a responsible guardian.
but you might want to add some other let them have it. It is also important to be aware of insidious
things to this. The author says a scratching exposures to noxious chemicals that can occur
Carrie Austin, VT, Fredericton, NB
post provides exercise but it does more in your community via inhalation, ingestion
than just this: it sharpens claws, helps cats or skin absorption.
Editor’s note: Thanks for your helpful
stretch, lets them scent their spot. It will For example, as I entered a mall, I noticed
comments. A scratching post is a necessary
also not always keep them from scratching an employee carrying a readily available
accessory for any indoor cat, and as you
the upholstery. You cannot train a cat not herbicide. I was horrified because my senior
pointed out, serves a multitude of purposes,
to scratch, as it is instinct. But you can help Labrador retriever was occupying the area
both physically and behaviorally.
things out by having the scratching post about to be herbicided without so much as
taller then the cat (so that he can get a posting a warning sign! (His predecessor
proper stretch), firmly attach it to something used to have an annual springtime seizure
(so as to not scare the cat if it falls over), that coincided with our neighbor’s chemical
have a desirable texture like carpet, bark or lawn care applications, though he never set
heavy upholstery. Also, put it near a sleeping foot on the property.)
spot as the cat will scratch as soon as I urge people to acquaint themselves with
he wakes up. If he scratches your couch, neighborhood pesticide/herbicide applications
then put a post nearby and once he uses in parks, schoolyards, highways, railways, power
it all the time, slowly move it away from the lines and forestry crown lands to protect your
couch. You can also use sprays, trim nails, pet. If you live in an agricultural belt, aerial appli-
My children and I were absolutely thrilled cation is another concern. These chemicals
with your Tail End story, “Molly and the paper drift and persist. We all live downwind. Why
pirate” (Dec/Jan 2006). It so happens that not lobby all of the above to adapt nontoxic
we have a Toller (what we call Little River practices for the health and well being of all?
duck dogs in the States) and two pugs! Red
is 11 and no longer up to antics most days... M. Morris, Nelson, BC
our pugs, Violet and Pablo, have helped
him hang in there just a little bit longer with Editor’s note: You’ve made some excellent
theirs. Please let the author, Ms MacMillan, points. Although we can all take responsibility
know that her story has warmed our hearts for what we put on our own lawns, it’s also
and left us laughing. very important to be aware of what sorts of
toxins are being applied at a neighborhood
Rita Ippolito, via e-mail or municipal level, and to take steps to
protect yourself and your animal companions.
Editor’s note: Glad you enjoyed the story. It Your voice does count. Many cities, including
sounds like your canine friends are great char- Toronto, Ontario and San Francisco,
acters too! We hope your pugs continue to keep California have successfully lobbied their
Red young at heart, and that you will enjoy his municipal governments and now enjoy bans
company for many more years to come. on or a reduction in cosmetic spraying.


Address your letters to Editor, Animal Wellness Magazine, and send to

US: PMB 168 8174 S. Holly St., Centennial, CO 80122

CAN: 164 Hunter St. West, Peterborough, ON K9H 2L2
1-847-637-DIVA (3482) or by email to:

10 animal wellness
animal wellness 11
Rome turns animal-friendly

Italy’s capital city made history this past autumn when its municipal government
implemented new rules for the better treatment of all companion animals, from
dogs to cats to goldfish. Drafted by Rome’s Office for Animal Rights, the new laws
are more comprehensive than anything on this side of the Atlantic. For example,
people are now required to walk their dogs daily or face a $625 fine, while legal
recognition is being given to Rome’s famous “cat ladies,” who look after the city’s
legions of stray felines. Choke and electrical collars have been banned, as have
declawing and ear-clipping. The rules even extend to goldfish guardians, who are
now required to provide
their fish with full-sized
aquariums. Critics are
skeptical about Rome’s
ability to enforce the
new rules, but it’s a move
in the right direction.

Vatican view over Rome

Chicago may become fois gras-free

After listening to actress and animal rights activist Loretta Swit compare the
production of foie gras to torture at a notorious Iraqi prison, the Chicago City
Council Committee on Health voted unanimously in support of Alderman Joe
Moore’s move to make Chicago a foie gras-free zone. Fellow celebrities Sir
Paul McCartney, Wendie Malick and
Photo: Actors & Others for Animals
Sir Roger Moore joined Swit in her
support of the proposed ban, which
would not only reduce the number
of ducks and geese being abused to
make this so-called “delicacy,” but
would also send a message to other
American cities to do the same. If
the proposal becomes law, violators
could face fines of up to $500.

Concerned about the welfare of all animals,

from wild tigers to domestic ducks, Loretta
Swit recently spoke out in support of Chicago’s
proposed ban of fois gras.

12 animal wellness
Going on holiday?

Taking Rover on spring vacation?

Be sure to take travel safety into
account, especially if you’re intending
to fly. Although airlines are now
required to report any complaints they
receive from passengers about animal
mistreatment or neglect, this doesn’t
prevent incidents from occurring.
From May through September of last
year, at least 16 animals died, 16
were injured, and three were lost.
The moral? Traveling by air is still
risky for dogs and cats, so consider
driving rather than flying, or leave
your companion at home in the care
of a responsible pet sitter. If you must
go by air, check out “Tips for Safe Pet
Air Travel” at

Helping shelters save lives

We’re one step closer to becoming

a no-kill society. Last October, Maddie’s
Fund gave a $1.7 million grant to Cornell
University’s College of Veterinary
Medicine to support a six-year shelter
medicine program. The Maddie’s Shelter
Medicine Program was designed to
educate veterinarians and veterinary
students in the field of animal shelter
medicine. Ensuring that homeless
animals receive quality medical care
helps shelters implement and sustain a
no-kill status that guarantees homes for
all healthy and treatable animals. Iowa
State University and Auburn University
have also received similar grants.
animal wellness 13
Yakkity Yak

Photo: Todd Steiner ©

An Olive Ridley turtle comes ashore to dig a nest for her eggs.

Coming out of their shells

Good news on the sea turtle front. Over the last few months, millions of
Olive Ridley turtles have hatched on Mexico’s Pacific beaches and made
it safely into the sea, protected from poachers by armed government
guards. While only a fraction of the babies will survive to adulthood, the
large number of hatchlings indicates the endangered turtles are making
a recovery, a big step forward in a country where raw turtle eggs are
coveted as an aphrodisiac. Similar efforts are being made to help save
Mexico’s other sea turtles, including the Hawksbill and the Leatherback.

Dog dials 911

When an emergency dispatcher heard nothing but heavy breathing after

answering a 911 call in Lake Parsippany, New Jersey, she immediately
alerted police to investigate. But when officers arrived at the home of
Sylvia D’Antonia, they found nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently,
the woman had been teaching her German shepherd, Slayer, to dial 911
in the event of an emergency by knocking the phone off the hook and
stepping on the key pad. Perhaps not surprisingly, the police weren’t
terribly amused by Slayer’s demonstration and charged D’Antonia with
disorderly conduct.

14 animal wellness
Yakkity Yak
Heads-up on popular treat

A Seattle TV station recently reported that Greenies, the popular tooth-

brush-shaped dog treat used to clean teeth and freshen breath, could
actually pose a serious health threat to canines. The report cited several BACON
examples of dogs who suffered bowel obstructions requiring emergency OR APPLE
surgery when large chunks of Greenies failed to dissolve in their abdomens. FLAVOR!
If your dog needs something to clean his teeth, you might want to consider
an appropriate-sized raw bone or raw chicken neck.

For another
Healthy Pet Systems
success story,
Hope for African elephants
turn to page 53...
Over the last century or more, poaching, habitat destruction, civil war Healthy Pet Systems
and other threats have placed African elephants in serious jeopardy. In an 1-877-838-7015
effort to help save these majestic and intelligent creatures, 12 West African
countries have signed a treaty that will initially work towards stabilizing
existing elephant populations in the region, and ultimately boost their
numbers through improved conservation and stronger anti-poaching
measures. To encourage human co-operation, plans are in the works to
compensate farmers for crop damage caused by elephants, while scholarships
will allow game guards and wildlife officers to get university degrees in
wildlife management. It’s also hoped the conservation efforts will increase
tourism and boost local economies.

animal wellness 15
Yakkity Yak How old did you say?

Harriet is a true Methuselah among reptiles.

Not long ago, the giant Galapagos tortoise,
who lives at a zoo in Queensland, Australia,
Collar for a cause celebrated her 175th birthday. Weighing in at
over 300 pounds, Harriet’s exact birth date
Colorful “message” bracelets have become highly popular isn’t known, but DNA testing has revealed
over the last couple of years. Now your dog can join she was born around 1830, five years before
in the fun with the “Be Kind” CauseCollar™ from The Charles Darwin made his ground-breaking
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The voyage to the Galapagos archipelago. Talk
blue and brown accessory collar (not to be used as about living history!
a substitute for your dog’s regular collar) is imprinted Ananova
with the “Be Kind” slogan. It’s made
from silicone, has a buckle closure, and
can be trimmed to fit any size of dog.
The collar is part of a new national
kindness campaign with the support
of The Friends of Amigo Foundation,
an organization that champions
animal welfare issues. The collar
costs $3 and can be ordered online at – proceeds go to
HSUS’s Companion Animal Programs.

16 animal wellness
animal wellness 17
with diet and exercise
by Shawn Messonnier, DVM
besity is a severe and debilitating It more accurately reflects obesity than a them up for all the medical problems that
illness, and the most common certain magical number. can occur with obesity. These include:
nutritional disease in both
animals and people. Estimates suggest The problem with obesity orthopedic conditions (including arthritis)
that up to 45% of dogs and 13% of cats ruptured ligaments
are obese, and even these figures may be Can you prevent obesity? Absolutely. intervertebral disk disease
too low according to many veterinarians, As is the case with people, most obese difficulty breathing
judging by the number of obese animals animals are made that way. They aren’t reduced capacity for exercise (and in
they see every day in practice. born fat. So how does obesity happen? severe cases any movement at all)
An overabundance of calories, paired heat intolerance
Current medical opinion states that an with a lack of good aerobic exercise, increased risk of complications
animal is obese if he weighs 15% or more is almost guaranteed to give you a fat from drug therapy (it is more
over his ideal weight. While people often animal! Many guardians give their difficult to accurately dose
use their animal’s actual weight to gauge animals frequent treats and snacks and medications in obese animals)
obesity, it is probably more accurate to feed them whenever they beg for food. cardiac problems
use a body composition score instead. People may believe they are being caring hypertension
Body composition is measured by looking and loving by rewarding these begging cancer
at the animal from the top and sides and behaviors, but they are actually killing
feeling the areas over his ribs and spine. their companions with kindness by setting When you realize that excess body fat
18 animal wellness
occurs in the cavities of the chest and Additional therapies gallate (EGCG), and coenzyme Q10. They
abdomen (in fact, it is often deposited are widely used with variable success,
there first) as well as under the Several natural therapies may be helpful although they have not been thoroughly
skin (what we see as “fat”), it is not for treating obesity in some animals. investigated and proven at this time.
surprising that obesity can cause so These include chromium, carnitine,
many medical conditions. herbs such as cayenne, ginger, and A new supplement, VetriLean by Vetri-
mustard, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), Science, appears promising. It contains
Treating obesity involves restricting white bean extract, epigallocatechin the clinically tested starch blocker
calories and increasing the metabolic
rate with a controlled exercise program.
In other words, diet and exercise are
the two most important factors when
it comes to fighting fat.

Eating right
Contrary to popular belief, store-bought
“Lite” diets are not usually adequate,
as they are not designed for weight
loss but rather weight maintenance.
Additionally, many contain chemicals,
by-products, and fillers, and are not
part of a holistic program.

Homemade restricted-calorie diets are

the first choice for obese animals (see my
book, The Natural Health Bible for Dogs
& Cats, for an example of a homemade
diet for overweight animals). The second
choice would be processed “obesity-
management” diets available through
veterinarians, although many of these
also contain chemicals, by-products, and
fillers. These “obesity-management” diets
can be used until the target weight is
obtained, then replaced with a home-
made maintenance diet if possible.

Foods that are high in fiber increase

metabolism and are therefore an
important part of weight loss diets. The
fiber contained in vegetables decreases
fat and glucose absorption. Fluctuating
glucose levels cause greater insulin
release which over time leads to
diabetes; since insulin is needed for fat
storage, decreased or stable levels are
preferred. Fiber also binds to fat in the
intestinal tract and increases the move-
ment of food through the intestines.
animal wellness 19
Phase 2 pet®, a white bean extract. This Because diseases such as must be personalized to your dog or
ingredient has been shown to cut cat’s needs and abilities. Work with
starch digestion by up to 75%. Also in hypothyroidism and diabetes your veterinarian to determine a
the formula is EGCG from green tea regimen that is best for your animal.
extract. It boosts metabolism, inhibits mellitus can be associated
carbohydrate digesting enzymes, helps Combining a sensible diet and appro-
with excess fat, overweight
maintain normal blood insulin levels priate supplements with the correct
(which promotes the burning of fat), animals should be screened exercise program is the best way to
and controls appetite. Chromium help your dog or cat lose weight. As
polynicotinate, meanwhile, is a nia- for these disorders prior to with anything else, though, prevention
cin-bound chromium that supports is better than a cure, so keeping your
appetite control and helps build treatment for obesity. animal from becoming obese in the
muscle and burn fat. first place is the preferred approach.

Exercise is key
As with humans, a regular program of supervised exercise is
very important for animals on a weight-reduction program. In DR. SHAWN MESSONNIER IS THE AUTHOR OF The
fact, exercise must be implemented along with a weight loss Arthritis Solution for Dogs, The Allergy Solution for
Dogs, 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog, AND THE AWARD-
diet in order to achieve maximum results. As well as burning
WINNING The Natural Health Bible for Dogs &
off excess calories, mild exercise reduces hunger, improves
muscle strength and aerobic ability, has positive effects on all
the body’s organs, and is mentally stimulating for both animals The Natural Vet, ON SIRIUS SATELLITE
and guardians. (It can decrease behavioral problems as well). RADIO. HIS VETERINARY PRACTICE, PAWS
There is no one best exercise program for every animal; it PLANO, TEXAS. WWW.PETCARENATURALLY.COM

20 animal wellness
Formulated for all life stages
• Carnivore specific diets Lamb, Barley & Apples
• High in quality protein An herbal formula that is hypo-allergenic, has the highest
levels of lamb and salmon protein and is nutrient dense
• Proprietary blend of herbs where a concentrated source of nutrition is required.
• Low in carbohydrates Ocean Blue
• Highly digestible Fish & potato formula for aiding dermatological & adverse
food reactions. Contains high levels of omega 3 essential
• Up to 50% of weight is chicken, lamb, fish in dry foods fatty acids including EPA, DHA for a healthy circulatory
• No BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or dyes system and to help reduce inflammation.*

• High in EFA’s for beautiful, healthy skin & coat Black Forest
Lower fat and protein with venison and herbs for the man-
• Proper ratios of omega 3 & 6 EFA’s agement of canine obesity. Also excellent formula to mix with
• Highly concentrated for less clean up real meat. Highest ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.

• Selected for “Top Dry Dog Foods” by the Dakota Bison

Alternative protein source also includes sweet potatoes,
Whole Dog Journal for 4 years in a row oats and wild salmon oil.

Wild and Natural

Highest protein and fat, designed to simulate the diet of
wild canids. Created for service animals, climate stressed
dogs, show dogs, wolves, wolf hybrids, canine enthusiasts
requiring higher levels of nutrients.

Wilderness Elk and Salmon

A taste of the great northwest. Herbal hypo-allergenic formula
with alternative meat sources. A great formula for all dogs.

Serengeti Herbal Felid

Created to simulate the natural diet of wild cats in a dry
form. Contains the building blocks necessary for thick, vibrant
fur and a strong immune system and excellent muscle tone.

*Not established as an essential nutrient by AAFCO. animal wellness 21

Survival techniques for bathing a cat
Believe it or not, it can be a calm experience

by Nell Liquorman Chances are that bath time is never going to
be your cat’s favorite activity, but you can
make it a lot less stressful with these easy
tips. I have been using them since 1985,
after adopting a traumatized shelter cat that
was extremely difficult to bathe, and they
really do work. My two current cats don’t
mind being bathed either; in fact, it seems
to make them feel special!
22 animal wellness
1 . Pick a dry day if possible. Dry air will help the cat dry
faster, which means she will be uncomfortable for a shorter
period of time.

2 . Make sure the cat does not feel “ganged up on”. Only one
person should do the bathing, unless the cat is unmanageable,
or is a new cat that is not yet predictable.

3 . Do not immerse the cat in water. Cats do not like deep or

rising water, so choose a bathing set-up that allows the water
to run away from the cat. A sink or shower with a sprayer is
best, but a bucket of water and a plastic cup to pour water
over the cat will also work. It just takes a little longer. Be sure
to cover the drain with a cloth that will keep the pads of her
paws from slipping through drain holes, but that will allow
the water to drain away. Use very warm (not hot) water.

4 . Use a gentle, natural bath product that won’t dry the

cat’s tender skin. Avoid commercial shampoos that contain
harmful chemicals. Before you start with the cat, prepare
some sudsy cloths to make the bathing time a little shorter.
Allow the cat to put her front feet up on the side of the sink
or tub, or even on a bucket that is full of water. This will help
her feel more in control. If you get suds too close to her eyes,
nose or mouth, wipe them off in a direction away from the face,
using a clean dry cloth.

5 . Comfort the cat by talking to her and gently massaging

her during the bath. She will seem calmer if she is distracted
from the water. It is important not to hurt her feelings or
make her feel forced into having a bath. If the cat is a
“shiver-puss”, keep a warm wet cloth draped over her back
as you bathe the other parts. This may also give her a
feeling of security.

6 . Rinse really well. Rinsing is really important because a

cat will vomit if she licks off any kind of suds. You must go
back and rinse the cat thoroughly if this ever happens.

7 . Squeeze as much water as possible from the cat’s fur,

using a small towel. If the cat shivers, wrap her in a towel
to help retain her body heat. Do not do this unless the cat
animal wellness 23
Do not immerse the cat in water.
Are you
looking for: Cats do not like deep or rising water,
• Pet Sitters who are Registered Veterinary Technicians so choose a bathing set-up that allows
• Pet Sitters who are Certified in Pet First Aid
• Pet Alternative Therapy
– Acupuncture, Animal Communication
– Pet Massage, Aromatherapy, etc.
the water to run away from the cat.
• TTouch Practioners
• Specialized Cat Care
• Doggy Day Care
• Pet Grooming
• Exotic Pet Care shivers, though, as you can cause her to overheat. Blot out as much water as possible,
• Dog Training and let the cat lick herself. Shaking off is a good thing, so don’t discourage it. Some
OR cats like to be rubbed with a towel, while others hate it, so let the cat decide.

Simply a Loving Companion for your pet while
you are away for the day?
Nannies4Pets.Com . Long before the bath, introduce the cat to a hair dryer to see if you will be able
strives to bring you the most complete and the most
comprehensive pet care service options available! to use it. If it stresses the cat, don’t use it. Just keep the cat in a warm spot away from
drafts until she is dry and comfortable
again. If you can use a dryer, it should be
4Pets Inc. slightly warm and at a low speed. It would
Humane Solutions also be helpful if the dryer does not make
Pet Care Provider Directory

Cool as a cucumber! Bath time is a

cinch for the author's feline friend.

a lot of noise. Be gentle, and do not over-

dry. If you do, the cat will start itching and
scratching, even if she does not have fleas.

By following these suggestions, bathing

your cat should soon become much less
stressful. With patience and persistence, it
may even turn into a pleasant experience for you and your feline friend.


24 animal wellness
animal wellness 25
holistic veterinary advice

talking with dr. martin goldstein

NEW YORK, DR. GOLDSTEIN IS THE AUTHOR OF The Nature of Animal Healing,


RoseBud, my almost ten-year-old English mastiff, has just giving him multivitamins and high doses of vitamin C.
been diagnosed with histiocytosis. A 2cm hypoechoic

nodule was found on her spleen. I was told nothing could It sounds as if Sam’s problems could be caused by
be done. Is there anything you can recommend? I have the cataracts or possibly some neurological problem.
started to make her food but can you recommend any If his bumping into things is due to the clouding of
supplements and what to expect in the coming months? his lenses, a new product called Ocluvet eye drops
might prove promising. I have seen facial paralysis

I am assuming the diagnosis was made not just from problems caused by Lyme disease, and they can be
a sonogram, but an actual needle sampling of the very responsive to treatment. One good remedy for
nodule. I don’t agree that nothing can be done, as this type of condition is Neuralgia by BHI. In either
one of my more successful cases in the last couple of case, I would definitely recommend a more compre-
years involves a dog that had this diagnosis that then hensive workup, including full blood work, so you’ll
progressed to highly malignant histiocytic sarcoma; have a better idea in which direction to proceed.

two years later, that dog is now very healthy and cancer
free. The general rule with tumors in the spleen is that My two-year-old Sheltie has been diagnosed with corneal
the spleen should just be removed. This is because they dystrophy. He’s on a home cooked diet of chicken breasts,
are very fragile and a rupture of even a small mass can organic brown rice, mixed organic vegetables and fruit,
lead to serious bleeding. You can start on alternatives, and a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. Since it’s
monitor RoseBud closely with sonograms and not a disorder of the metabolism of fats in the cornea, he’s
opt for surgery if the mass does not grow. In general, also on lecithin. He also takes eyebright drops morning
I hesitate to give advice for cancer patients without and night. Is there anything else you can suggest?

a first-hand examination, but some of my favorite
anti-cancer products are artemisinin, beta sitosterol, So far, what you are doing is good. I wouldn’t mind
dimethylglycine, Poly MVA and the herb convolvulus you removing fruit from the meal mix, however,
arvensis. There are so many additional products and as the sugars can aid in a negative fermentation
protocols available that I highly recommend consulting process in the GI tract. Two good eye supportive
with a veterinarian experienced in this field. supplements I have used are Visioplex by Progressive

Labs and Oculotrophin by Standard Process Labs.
My dog Sam is an eight- or nine-year-old golden retriever. I have had success treating this condition using
In July, we noticed he was not his usual self and was not Similason #1 homeopathic eyedrop. If fat metabolism
responding to us. We also noticed he was bumping into things. problems show up in blood results, you can add
He becomes very tired following his walk and sleeps afterward. Megalipotrophic by Doctors Mutual Service and
Last year he had what appeared to be paralysis on the Lipocomplex by Progressive Labs.

left side of his face. We were told by a vet that this could
have been caused by antifreeze. We seemed to have treated My nine-year-old (sterilized) female cat cries for food every
this with multivitamins because he regained the movement time I go into the kitchen. She weighs about 12 pounds and
of his face, although it is still not fully symmetrical. has a huge stomach. Her ribs are impossible to find. I live
Sam has also been diagnosed with cataracts and an in a developing nation where the vets have little experience
infection in his ear. The vet prescribed some conventional compared to the U.S. They cannot find anything physically
medicine. I would like to know what I can do with herbs or wrong with her, but warn me she should not get any fatter.
homeopathic remedies to help Sam. We are currently Recently we put her on a lower calorie food for the “less
26 animal wellness
holistic veterinary advice
active cat.” I can’t get her to do any active playing. In fact
she usually lies down to play with a string. Stairs seems to
be no problem for her and she enjoys chasing bugs, mice
and lizards. She’s been on 60 grams of food since we’ve had
her, about eight years. One vet suggested only 40 grams but
she cried incessantly. Do you have any suggestions?

More often than not, quality of food is much more
important than quantity. Too many commercial pet
foods, especially the dry bagged ones, are laden with
processed carbohydrate by-products. Cats, being true
carnivores, are just not meant to eat anywhere
near this abundance of carbs, which congests their
systems and overworks pancreas function. Also, it is
not so much the actual food but the ability of the cat’s
digestion and metabolism to handle it. If you had a
car that was running poorly, you wouldn’t search for
the best available fuel but would have the engine tuned
up, thus enabling it to handle and process the gasoline.
Similarly, with cats and dogs, metabolic enhancing
supplements really help. Key among these (without
having specific blood samples run) would be digestive
enzymes, antioxidants and a good multivitamin/mineral
supplement. This would, of course, be in conjunction
with feeding “real” food, tending more towards what
cats would eat if they were still in the wild.

I have a three-month-old Shih Tzu named Juli. Last week AN R
she started getting a small lump on her neck. I took her to
a vet and he gave her some antibiotics. Three days later,
she started getting another on her back. I took her back to
the vet and he did the same thing. The problem is, neither
of the lumps is going away. They feel like they are filled
with fluid and are just under the skin. When Juli plays with
my other Shih Tzu, the lumps seem to get harder and HydroDog is...
bigger. Do you have any idea what these could be? purified water with electrolytes added –
calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Veterinarian endorsed, scientifically formulated –
It would be good to have a veterinarian do a fine promotes hydration to refuel working muscles –
needle aspiration for cytology (no sedation required). replenishes trace minerals lost through daily
activity, exercise, sports, competition, work,
I say this because I have recently seen several mast
travel, stress, heat stress and illness.
cell tumors in three-month-old dogs. One of the char-
acteristics of these tumors is that they do fluctuate in ALL NATURAL AND CLEAR!
NO sugar! NO sodium!
size when manipulated. If this or something similar
NO coloring! NO flavoring!
were the diagnosis, it would make a big difference in NO fat! NO calories!
the proper approach to therapy. Remember that the NO preservatives!
nickname for the skin is the “third kidney”. It is a
Your Dog WILL FEEL The Difference!
powerful eliminative organ. These may just be cysts
You WILL SEE The Difference!
that will either run their course or could be lanced by
your veterinarian. Also, it is common for animals to Order direct from HydroDog!
have local reactions to vaccinations and the neck is a FREE DELIVERY!
Proud to be awarded... Call or email for details:
common site. Before giving Juli any more vaccines,
866.493.7634 •
please read the series of articles about over-vaccination
in Animal Wellness (Volume 7, Issues 2, 3 and 4).
Continued next page.
animal wellness 27
holistic veterinary advice

My dog has just fractured the top third of his bottom canine
tooth, leaving the pulp exposed, which is obviously very
painful and sensitive for him. I’ve taken him to my vet who
has given him some antibiotics and pain killers, and told me
that sometimes the tooth can heal itself. However, if it is no
better in a few days I have to take him back to have the tooth
removed. I have read that removing the lower canine can
create problems for the dog such as dryness of the mouth and
damage to the tongue, and that the surgery will also be quite
extensive. Is there any alternative to removing the tooth? Is it
possible to cap the tooth as in human dentistry?

I have seen countless dogs over the years with broken
teeth, including canines, with no clinical problems
whatsoever. As you stated, this is a very extensive
surgery, so I would recommend against doing it at
this point. Standard Process Labs makes a good
supportive supplement named Biodent. There are
also homeopathics, from arnica to those available for
teething children, that could help with the hopefully
temporary discomfort. And yes, dentistry has really
advanced recently in veterinary medicine and I have
seen teeth capped, even beautifully in gold.

My friend has a ten or eleven-year-old cat. In the past few
weeks she has become unsteady on her feet and is prone to
terrible spasms in which she stretches and twists and rears
back her head. After every seizure she becomes quite hungry.
We gave her small doses of wheat grass juice which
seemed to help. She eats raw organic meats and holistic
cat food but still small amounts of water. I wonder if the
spasms might be from lead poisoning or some other type
of poison. She doesn’t seem to be suffering in any way
but we are baffled. Could you please give us some idea of
what we are dealing with?

It would be very difficult to tell you what the prob-
lem is without a direct physical examination by a
veterinarian. I strongly recommend that you have
this done. Although a poison can not be ruled out,
especially one like lead that could affect the nervous
system, this would not be high on my list. What you
describe sounds more musculo-skeletal, and these
problems can be readily addressed by things like
acupuncture, chiropractic and many nutraceuticals,
remedies and herbals. If it did wind up being a poison
or some form of toxicity, then the approach would be
different. So a diagnosis is vital before proceeding.

My 14-month-old male cocker spaniel, Boo, has been showing
symptoms that I attributed to being a growing boy. He is
excessively clumsy and walks like a prancing horse. Also,
he will walk or step down on the dorsal side of his right front
28 animal wellness
animal wellness 29
holistic veterinary advice

paw about one-third of the time. I took Boo to our vet and he
expressed concern for Wobblers Syndrome. This does sound
in part to be a very accurate description of Boogie’s symptoms;
however, it concerns me that his problems all seem to be in
the front legs and all my research shows that Wobblers seems
to primarily exhibit symptoms in the hind legs. Also, Wobblers
is said to be exhibited in large breeds in almost all cases.
Could you please share your insight?

If you brought Boo to my clinic and I was working
with him directly, the first thing I would do would be
to refer you to a specialist in the field of orthopedics/
neurology for a proper opinion/diagnosis. Given his
breed and young age, I agree that this does not seem
like Wobblers, but nowadays you just never know.
Also, I have seen Wobblers affect the front legs, even
initially. Without doing a first-hand examination and
diagnosis, I hesitate to recommend any treatments.

We have a black Lab that is six years old. We have never had
to board him until two years ago. They required him to have
all the shots. Now he has seizures and what the vet is calling
fatty tissue lumps on both of his hind legs. May this have been
caused by the shots? What can we do for him?

Of all the things I am opposed to, vaccination require-
ments put on animals being boarded, groomed or even
annually is top of the list. There is so much current
documentation showing that the protection given by
most puppy and kitten vaccinations are lasting for
many years and typically for life. Vaccinations can
most definitely cause a seizure disorder. I have seen
epilepsy successfully treated using alternatives. There is
a homeopathic by Professional Health Products called
Epilepsy Drops. Also, herbal formulations containing
skullcap, valerian and chamomile can help, as well as
brain glandulars such as Neurotrophin by Standard
Process Labs. Acupuncture can be very effective. I
would advise not to try different things but to seek the
treatment of a knowledgeable veterinarian in this field.
By the way, it is very common for middle-aged Labs
to have fatty tumors. The herb Chih-Ko & Curcuma
by Seven Forests is good for this, but shouldn’t take
precedence over the treatment of the epilepsy.

Dear Readers: The brand names I recommend in my column are

suggestions only. There are other brands with similar formulas. As with
any product, it’s important to buy a brand you can trust.

Editor’s Note: This column is for information purposes only. It is not meant
to replace veterinary care. Please consult your veterinarian before giving
your animal any remedies. For a listing of holistic veterinarians, please
refer to our website at

30 animal wellness
awm Product Picks
Ugh…hairballs! A leash with a difference
If you have a cat, you’re probably familiar with Does your dog pull while on walks? Depending on what
hairballs. To help with the problem, Pet Naturals of kind of leash you use, it’s not only hard on your arms and
Vermont introduces Hairball Relief Plus. This new shoulders, but it also puts
product doesn’t just help your cat eliminate hairballs; serious pressure on
it also addresses the factors that make your dog’s neck,
your cat prone to hairballs in the first spinal cord and
place, including skin problems, exces- esophagus.
sive shedding and grooming, and GI Larz Petgear
and urinary tract issues. The unique makes life
formula of essential fatty acids, easier for both
fiber, lecithin, biotin and zinc help of you with their
reduces shedding and hairball special Z-Leash System. Z-Multi Flex Dog Leashes incor-
formation and supports skin and porate one to
hair health. And it tastes like chicken, two sections of shock cord that give you 12” of increasing
so your cat will enjoy taking it! tension flex; in other words, the harder your dog pulls,
4 oz: $14 the harder it is for him to pull. Not only are the leashes safer and more comfortable to use, but they also
automatically help correct pulling behavior.
Single flex: $32.00
Double flex: $46.00

Nuggets of nutrition Savory snacks

Want to feed raw, but don’t like handling meat? Jerkey treats are tasty, convenient, and easy to feed, but
Northwest Naturals offers its frozen raw diets in most commercial products are full of additives, preservatives
compact nuggets that are as easy to serve as kibble. and synthetic flavorings that make them an unwise choice
Made from high-quality ingredients including whole, for your dog or cat. For a healthy, all-natural, real-meat
fresh muscle and organ meats, ground bones, fresh alternative, consider Country Pet Dog & Puppy or Cat &
vegetables and herbs, the grain-free diets are Kitten Jerkey Treats. They’re made from whole, range-fed
flash-frozen to preserve nutrient integrity. Choose lamb or venison meat and are totally free of artificial pre-
from Beef, Chicken or Turkey nuggets for dogs, or servatives and colorings,
Salmon with Chicken antibiotics and growth
Dinner Nuggets hormones. They’re
for cats. not only delicious, but
6 lb bag: $16.99-18.99 also good for your best friend!
3 oz: $6.50
8 oz: $12.49

animal wellness 31
premium foods
combine convenience
with quality

by Ann Brightman

“I always thought that feeding my cats a healthy diet meant I had to learn
how to home-prepare all their food,” says Janice. “As much as I’d like to,
I just don’t have the time for that. And I don’t really know enough about
nutrition to feel comfortable making cat food from scratch.”

32 animal wellness
Janice voiced her concerns to a holistic vet, who assured
her she didn’t need to become a gourmet cook to feed
her felines a good quality diet. Nowadays, premium food
manufacturers are offering a wide variety of frozen raw,
canned and pack-
aged diets made

These products are from wholesome,

natural ingredients.
These products are
designed with busy, designed with busy,
health-conscious consumers in mind,
and are specially

consumers in mind... formulated and

packaged to be as
easy to feed as
any mainstream
commercial pet food, with one big difference – they’re a lot
healthier. “I was amazed to learn about all the choices there
are nowadays,” says Janice. “I didn’t realize that good quality
pet food could be so convenient.”

Packaged foods –
the ultimate in ease
When canned and dry dog and cat foods first came out, it
was hailed as a big step forward in pet care. Unfortunately,
the majority of these foods then and now are made with
inferior ingredients including meat by-products, fillers and
unhealthy additives. The good news is that an increasing
number of manufacturers are coming out with packaged
diets carefully formulated from fresh, whole, natural ingre-
dients, and without the artificial colors and preservatives
that characterize most commercial foods. Companies such
as Nature’s Variety, Evanger’s, Timberwolf Organics, and
Breeder’s Choice specialize in high quality nutrition for
dogs and cats, and offer a wide variety of canned and/or
dry foods in healthy flavors and formulas you’d never find
on a mainstream grocery store shelf. Some are even made
from organic ingredients, or are specially formulated for
animals with allergies.

It’s in the can
“We do everything we can to make the best product
possible,” says Holly Sher of Evanger’s. “To keep things
fresh, you have to order every day exactly what you’re going
to make the next day, and ensure it gets used. Our meat,
fruits and vegetables come in the day before we used them.”
As with several other premium manufacturers, Evanger’s
animal wellness 33
offers a complete line of protein sources for dogs and cats, from chicken, beef,
fish and lamb, to pheasant, rabbit, duck and bison. “We also do a special
hand-packed canned line,” adds Holly. “The food isn’t ground up, so when you
open the can you see the complete chicken thighs or hunk of beef, along with
added peas, carrots and pasta.” (Cooked bones are included in chicken diets,
but are specially processed so they become soft enough to be safely edible.)

Dry selections
Kibble is perhaps the most convenient food for dogs and cats because it keeps
well and is easy to store. Again, though, commercial dry foods are made from
poor quality ingredients, are full of carbohydrates, glutens and artificial additives,
and contain very little real meat. In fact, these foods are lacking in the nutrition
dogs and cats need to stay healthy and have actually been linked to a variety of
diseases, including kidney disease and
diabetes, especially when they make
Some companies up the bulk of the animal’s diet.

are also switching to Fortunately, you now have the

choice of buying dry diets that are
far superior in nutritional value to
resealable bags that mainstream commercial kibbles. Not
only do these foods place the emphasis

are not only extra on whole meats rather than grains

and meals, but harmful artificial
preservatives such as BHA, BHT and
convenient, but go ethoxyquin are replaced by natural
alternatives like vitamins C and E,
one step further to mixed tocopherals and rosemary.

help preserve the Packaging is also specially designed

to help ensure the food enjoys a long
shelf life. For its Pinnacle line, for
food's freshness... example, Breeder’s Choice uses an
oxygen barrier bag that helps prevent
the nutrients in the food from being
oxidized and degraded over time. Some companies are also switching to resealable
bags that are not only extra convenient, but go one step further to help preserve
the food’s freshness once the package has been opened. “We use poly metallic
bags that add another two months to the life of the food,” adds Holly. “They
also don’t rip as easily as paper bags.”

Raw doesn’t mean messy
Think raw, and a lot of people picture a slab of bloody meat that has to be
handled, cut up, and mixed with other ingredients to make a complete meal,
a job that some regard as distasteful and time-consuming. But when it comes
to the frozen raw diets on the market today, nothing could be further from the
truth. Raw diets from companies such as Amore, Urban Carnivore, Northwest
Naturals, Steve’s Real Food and Bravo are just as neat and convenient to feed

34 animal wellness
animal wellness 35
as anything that comes out of a can or bag. “We have one, convenient and long-lasting, freeze dried food is ideal for those
two, five, and ten-pound blends of chicken, turkey, lamb or who travel or camp with their animals, but it can also be used
beef with added bone, organ meats and vegetables,” says on a regular basis or as nutritious treats. All you need to do is
Bette Loughran of Bravo. add water for a wholesome food for your dog or cat.

Just as importantly for those who don’t want to have to cut To create their freeze dried foods, Steve’s Real Food
or handle raw food, many of these diets are formed and prepares their ingredients the same way they do their raw
packaged to make them quick and easy to feed. Some come frozen diets. “The product goes to a freeze-drier where
in compact tubes or scored bars of various sizes, while others it’s put in a large vacuum chamber,” explains CEO Gary
are shaped into ready-to-serve patties, medallions or nuggets. Bursell. “They vary the temperature up and down slightly,
“We make eight-ounce patties with paper in between so which forms ice crystals on the kibbles, then use air to
they’re easy to separate,” says Bette. “They look just like a blow the crystals off. What that does is extract the moisture
regular hamburger patty.” from the product while preserving all the nutrients. And
convenience is one of our long suits because we make the
As with packaged foods, a varied selection of whole meat food in the form of kibbles so people can easily count them
proteins is available in raw frozen form, including diverse out.” Nature’s Variety also offers a line of freeze dried diets
choices such as goat, quail and elk, so your dog or cat has that come in the form of medallions; several flavors are
the chance to enjoy plenty of variety. available, including chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and venison.

freeze dried
With all the product selections available today, it’s getting
easier than ever to feed your dog or cat a nutritious, natural
How about freeze dried? diet. “I’m going to gradually switch my cats to a premium
canned food, and maybe try them on a frozen raw diet once
Several premium food companies also manufacture lines of in a while as well,” says Janice. “It’s a relief to know that I can
freeze dried food, using the same whole, natural, healthy feed them healthy meals without having to spend a lot of time
ingredients they put into their raw frozen foods. Lightweight, in the kitchen. It’s like having the best of both worlds!”

36 animal wellness
Top ten
for your best friend
by Audi Donamor

A n apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is true, not only
for you, but for your companion animals too. In fact,
providing your dog or cat with a variety of nutrient-dense
fruits and vegetables can help him live a healthier, longer life,
even reducing the risk of certain diseases, including cancer.

Choose orange, red, yellow, and other brightly food store, and ask if you can have
colored fruits and vegetables to support your some of their extra pulp. The pulp
animal companions’ daily diet. Buy organic freezes beautifully, so you always have
produce whenever possible, and say “no” something on hand when you can’t do the
to dyed, waxed, irradiated and genetically work yourself, and you can use it as a base
engineered items. This is particularly important for wonderful frozen treats and biscuits.
because the skin on fruits and vegetables
is usually the most concentrated source of The following ten fruits and vegetables
nutrients, so you don’t want to have to remove it. are major players when it comes to the
health and well being of our feline and
Our animals do not have the necessary enzymes canine family members.
to break down cellulose walls, which are

indigestible carbohydrates found in the outer
layers of fruits and vegetables like apples,
broccoli, green beans, and carrots. We have to
break down the walls for them, so these power- 1. Carrots
packed foods become as bio-available as possible.
This can be accomplished in a variety of ways: The carrot is one of the kings of the veg-
etable patch. There are over 100 varieties,
•A food processor, blender, or grinder can from deep purple and white to the brilliant
quickly create a wonderful purée for your orange we are most accustomed to. Each is
feline and canine family members. Most a storehouse of nutrient power that’s good
fruits just need a fast spin in a processor. for our canine and feline friends.

•Cooking and steaming vegetables will also Carrots contain pro-vitamin A (beta-
break down the cellulose walls. carotene), vitamins B, C, D, E and
K, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, potas-
•Juicing produces lots of fantastic pulp. sium, phosphorus, sodium, iron,
Visit your local organic juice bar or health magnesium, manganese, sulphur,
animal wellness 37
Not all fruits and copper, and iodine. They support the Broccoli should be fed in moderation,
veggies are good for immune system, aid digestion, and are because it can depress thyroid function if
your animals. Here’s also recognized as a glandular tonic, skin fed in large amounts. When it comes to

what to avoid or limit. cleanser, and eye conditioner. the cruciferous family, try cooked rather
than raw, because cooking releases indole,
Avoid onions. The American Journal For your feline friend, try some cooked a cancer fighting enzyme.

of Veterinary Research has reported puréed carrot. Consider parboiled carrots
that onion induced oxidation of canine for a teething puppy. For trips on the
red blood cells has caused severe road, you can even try Frontier 100%
reactions in some dogs, even those organic carrot powder.

who consumed only small amounts. A
sensitive dog may develop Heinz-body 3. Green Beans
anemia; symptoms include lethargy,
red urine, and pale or bluish gums, Green beans are considered one of the

especially with exercise. world’s healthiest foods. They are an excellent
2. Broccoli source of vitamin A because of their
Grapes and raisins have the potential to be concentration of carotenoids, including
toxic to your canine companion. A bunch Broccoli, a phyto nutrient-dense member beta-carotene. Green beans also include
of grapes, or even just a few raisins, can of the cruciferous family, is a low glycemic vitamins C and K, calcium, copper, fiber,
lead to acute renal failure. Pesticides, vegetable king pin. This means it does not folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese,
heavy metals, and fungal contaminants cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. niacin, phosphorus, potassium, protein,
have been ruled out as causal agents, Broccoli contains lots of vitamin C and riboflavin, thiamin, and Omega-3 fatty
so take extra care with this popular fruit. beta-carotene, as well as vitamins A and acids. Vitamin K stands out because it is
Symptoms of toxicity include abdominal D. It is one of the most important cancer important for maintaining strong bones.

pain, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. fighting vegetables. It contains no fewer Vitamin K-1 activates osteocalcin, the major
than three cancer protective biochemicals, non-collagen protein in bone, and acts as an
Spinach and Swiss chard contain oxalic including sulforaphane, which boosts the anchor for calcium molecules inside bones.
acid, a compound that interferes with immune system. Green beans are heart smart, too.

calcium absorption. Serve them with care.
Other members of the cruciferous family
Limit vegetables from the nightshade include Brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
family, including eggplant, peppers, cabbage, rutabagas, kohlrabi, bok choy,
and tomatoes, as they can aggravate kale, Swiss chard, collards, and turnips.
inflammatory conditions, like arthritis. Clinical studies are currently examining 4. Pumpkin
If your canine companion has arthritis, the role of cruciferous vegetables and their
give papaya and mango a try instead. possible link to lower cancer rates. If your canine or feline companion is

Your dog deserves the best. NATURE’S SELECT – Super Premium Pet Foods are
specifically formulated to fulfill all of your pet’s nutritional needs. We use the finest
ingredients available: no fillers, animal by-products or chemical preservatives. No
artificial colors or flavors – JUST GREAT TASTE – Naturally!

FREE home delivery throughout North America, including:
• Arizona • Texas • North Dakota • Nevada
• Illinois • California • Utah • Ohio
• New Jersey • Missouri • Florida

guaranteed For information on our

services, or to inquire
YOU RISK NOTHING! Feed your pets Nature’s Select – Super Premium
about becoming a
Pet Foods. If you are dissatisfied in any way, simply call us to return any
unused food and our stay fresh storage bin for a complete refund. That’s it, distributer, please visit
No risk, No worries, No fine print. We unconditionally guarantee it, forever! our website or call: 1-888-814-PETS (7387)
38 animal wellness
animal wellness 39
experiencing occasional bouts of con- like cold pressed olive oil. This simple
stipation or diarrhea, pureéd pumpkin trick allows the lycopene to be even
may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s better absorbed into the body. Along
a terrific stool softener, which makes with lycopene, tomatoes are also an
it a perfect remedy for constipation, excellent source of vitamins A and C.
often helping dogs or cats with an upset

stomach or indigestion. Since pumpkin
is very rich in fiber, all you have to do
is add one or two teaspoons to your
animal’s food. The dietary fiber contained
in pumpkin absorbs water, so it is also a
great remedy for diarrhea. If your cat or 7. Apples
dog is a little bit on the roly-poly side,
pumpkin can help because it quickly That simple apple a day can be used
creates a feeling of being full. in so many ways. Apples are the perfect
training treat, and applesauce is an

ideal base for all kinds of biscuits as
well as fruit and vegetable mixes for
home cooked and raw diets. One apple
contains the equivalent of about 1,500
mg of vitamin C. Researchers have
5. Sweet Potatoes found that red delicious, northern spy,
and Ida red apples contain more potent
Sweet potatoes are a great source of disease fighting antioxidants than other
vitamin E. They also provide many other red apples. In fact, red delicious were
important nutrients, including an abun- shown to have higher antioxidant levels
dance of vitamins A, B-6, and C, calcium, than seven other varieties. Pectin, the fiber
iron, folate, potassium, copper, thiamine, found in apple skins, is fermented in the
and iron. Sweet potatoes are a complex intestines; this produces short-chain fatty
carbohydrate and another example of a acids that help prevent the growth of
beta-carotene rich vegetable, which may harmful bacteria and support the cells
be a significant factor in reducing the risk of the intestinal lining, making apples
of certain cancers. They are also a good yet another excellent cancer fighting
source of dietary fiber and help promote food. Keep in mind that organic apples
a healthy gastrointestinal system. may contain around one-third more

antioxidants than regular apples.

6. Tomato
Over 72 different studies have dem-
onstrated that tomatoes have the ability
to lower the risk of some kinds of
cancer. The secret to the tomato’s
success is lycopene, the chemical that
gives tomatoes their bright red colour.
Tomatoes that have been processed by
cooking actually contain more lyco-
8. Blueberries
and Cranberries 8
Scientists from the United States
Department of Agriculture have discovered
that blueberries and cranberries contain
pene, because cooking breaks down the significant levels of resveratrol, a natural
cellular walls, allowing carotenoids to be compound found to have anti-cancer
more concentrated. To make tomatoes qualities and is also believed to reduce the
even more beneficial, add a little fat risk of heart disease. Blueberries are mini
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40 animal wellness
Tasty, healthful recipes
for your
human family! “THE DIET DESIGNED
Easier-than-pie baked granola apples Grain-free, prepared raw Varieties available: Chicken,

Ingredients diets made from turkey, beef, lamb,

100% USDA buffalo, ostrich,

4 red apples, e.g., Delicious
3/4 cup granola, with no added salt or sugar inspected and venison, rabbit,
Sprinkling of cinnamon and carob
APPROVED salmon,

Instructions meats and kangaroo

bones. and goat.

Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Preheat oven to 350°F.
Hollow out unpeeled apples. Fill each apple with granola, packing it in as
tightly as you can. Place the apples in a shallow Pyrex baking dish, and
sprinkle with cinnamon and carob. Bake for 30 minutes or until apples

or (866) 922-9222
are tender. Remove baking dish from the oven and let the apples cool
to room temperature. Serve plain, or add a dollop of goat milk yogurt
or Balkan style yogurt. The human members of your family might enjoy
adding some all-natural vanilla ice cream.

Carrot flan
This recipe comes from England, and the original version appeared in
Juliette de Bairacli Levy’s wonderful little book, Nature’s Children. You
can have lots of fun with the basic recipe, using different fruits and
vegetables to suit your human and furry family’s tastes.


2 cups finely grated raw carrot (or zucchini, sweet potato, or apples)
6 raw egg yolks
6 tablespoons filtered water (or substitute homemade broth or fruit juice
for an extra nutritional and taste boost)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt


Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Preheat oven to 350°F. Beat

the egg yolks, water, and salt together. Add the grated raw carrot to the egg
mixture and combine thoroughly. Turn mixture out into a greased Pyrex
baking dish. Bake for approximately 30 minutes. You will know when the
flan is ready when a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. Cut into
strips or squares and let the whole family enjoy this wholesome dish.

animal wellness 41
Continued from page 40

Online Sources of powerhouses of antioxidants. These is not commonly allergenic, and

Information antioxidants come from anthocyanins, doesn’t contain measurable amounts
the pigments that give blueberries of goitrogens, oxalates, purines, or their deep blue color. Like cranberries, pesticide residues. Try giving your cat
The Nutrition Data website provides nutrition facts, blueberries help prevent urinary a little bit of cantaloupe with a dab of
calorie counts, and nutrient data for all foods and recipes. tract infections because they contain yogurt and a sprinkling of catnip.
condensed tannins, the compounds responsible for keeping bacteria from

The United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient attaching to the wall of the bladder.
Data Laboratory is a standard reference database, A sprinkle a day keeps UTIs at bay.
absolutely packed with information.

The Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Facts Charts 10. Watermelon
include a breakdown of dietary fiber, vitamins A
and C, potassium and folate content for over 100 The United States Department of
fruits and vegetables. 9. Cantaloupe Agriculture Research Service has
declared that watermelon packs a Cantaloupes belong to the same more powerful lycopene punch
The Animal Poison Control Centre is part of the family as the cucumber, squash, and than tomatoes – 40% more, that is!
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to pumpkin. They are an excellent source Watermelon also contains vitamins
Animals. If you ever think your animal may have been of vitamin A due to their very high A, B-6, C, and thiamin. Dogs love it
poisoned, call 1-888-426-4435; don’t forget to always concentration of beta-carotene, and and many of our feline friends enjoy a
have your veterinarian’s name and telephone number help support good vision. Cantaloupe cold, crisp piece of watermelon too.
readily available, and the phone number and address is also a good source of vitamin B-6,
for the nearest veterinary critical care centre. vitamin C, fiber, folate, niacin, and AUDI DONAMOR HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY
potassium. Cantaloupe is considered CREATING SPECIAL NEEDS DIETS FOR DOGS
an especially safe fruit because it AND CATS FOR TEN YEARS.

42 animal wellness
How do you choose


for your dog?
by Kate Solisti

44 animal wellness
few years ago, a book came out called Eat Right for Your
Type, by nutritionist Dr. Peter D’Adamo. His concept is
that we should examine our personal nutritional needs “You are what you eat”
based on our blood types. For example, those with O
blood have what he refers to as the “original hunter gatherer”
applies to cats and dogs, too!
blood type; in other words, according to Dr. D’Adamo’s theory, A PROPER DIET IS IMPORTANT!
a person with blood type O will be healthiest on a meat-based
• Fresh from the oven
diet with hardly any refined grains and sugars. right to your door
• Naturally preserved c o n t ac t m
Dr. D’Adamo also noted that genetic heritage as well as blood e:
• 100% guaranteed p at t i@ f r r h
type plays a part in individual nutritional needs. This approach o li s t icp e t.c
f o r a F R EE om
• Whole human grade ingredients s am p le !
to human nutrition got me thinking about dogs. Canines do
have blood types, but there was very little information about
the differences between them. I began looking into what
foods specific breeds would encounter in various climates and
environments all over the globe, and wondered how important
these geographical factors were in shaping our dog breeds. I
asked myself the question: “Aren’t dogs genetically different
depending on their inherited genes, just as people are?”
The Healthy Holistic Pet
My research revealed that dog breeds developed and thrived Now representing:
by eating local prey and human “leftovers.” The prey varied • Flint River Ranch
somewhat, but the human “leftovers” varied considerably! • Life’s Abundance
Certain climates and environments support different meats, • Colorado Pet Company
fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. Many dog
breeds evolved to assist humans in producing food or living
off the land. Herding dogs were bred to herd sheep, goats and
cattle. Coastal breeds assisted fishermen. Other dogs helped
hunt deer, elk, wild pigs, rabbits, birds and so on. All dogs
ate whatever foods were available in their homeland, and as TRAIN & RESTRAIN WITHOUT PAIN!
carnivores and carrion feeders, were great opportunists, eating Jerking on a solid leash to stop your dog from
whatever they could find – alive or dead! pulling hurts your dog, and you. 63% of
dogs have neck, spinal cord, skeletal
and esophagus injuries that
are caused by the use of
The importance traditional strap or leather
(solid) leashes.

of “ancestral” foods Make it a pleasure to go for a walk again!

• shock absorbing
How is this relevant today? Do dogs bred as companions still SPECIA
• self correcting LF
require their “ancestral” foods? I believe they do, and that eating DESIGN LEX
• behavior altering ATION
“ancestral” meats, vegetables, fruits and some grains can be a L SIZ
• greatly enhances control OF DOG ES
key element in supporting vibrant health. After all, a Chihuahua S!
• all contact points padded
raised by the Aztecs in central Mexico ate very differently from
We offer a full line of HEALTHY
a Saint Bernard living in the Alps! I have found that when we restraint products
gear the “foundation” meats, fish and vegetables to the regions • single & multiple dog leashes
our dogs developed in, magical health changes occur. • humane training collars
• harnesses & hands-free sport belts
For a 10% DISCOUNT, enter ‘AW’
Take the Samoyed who had brown tear stains, a dull coat and in the coupon box at checkout.
scratchy skin. One week on a fish and sweet potato based food To order, call or go online:
and she was a new dog! Northern breeds such as Samoyeds,
huskies, malamutes and American Eskimo dogs evolved in 1-800-216-9105
very cold climates and ate high-fat diets of fish, seal, whale
and caribou. Grains were non-existent. Root vegetables and
animal wellness 45
some berries were available during the Sharpeis, or Pekinese can utilize soy. and chicken and fish for Asian breeds.
very short growing season. These breeds Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan spaniels, Even ostrich is available, although I’m
consistently do poorly on poultry and terriers, and mastiffs evolved in the not sure which breed apart from the
grain based dry foods. Some individuals Himalayas on yak and millet, and there’s Rhodesian ridgeback ate ostrich with
have done all right on lamb or beef, but no soy there! And on it goes. any frequency!
typical commercial dry foods contain far
too many grains for these dogs. It’s also easy to make homemade cooked

German breeds, meanwhile, evolved in a Personalizing or raw meat meals using ingredients
from your dog’s ancestral diet. For some
land that raises a lot of beef and pork.
Boxers, great Danes and German shep-
herds evolved shorter colons and need
your dog’s diet of my breed-specific homemade recipes,
see Animal Wellness Volume 5, Issues 4
and 5, and Volume 6, Issues 1 and 3.
the right meats and fibrous vegetables How do you find out which ancestral foods
with a few specific grains in order to your own dog’s breed ate? Start by reading Keep in mind that besides your dog’s
prevent gas and life-threatening bloat. some good books on your breed, then breed, you must also take into consid-
find out which foods the people local to eration his individual lifestyle, age, and
The dogs of the British Isles often ate your dog’s ancestral region hunted, grew health needs. Done with care, breed
a great deal of fish if they lived close or raised before the age of supermarkets. specific nutrition can make a big differ-
to the coast. In fact, coastal breeds and One book I’ve found helpful is William ence to your canine companion’s health!
swimming bird-retrieving dogs need fish D. Cusick’s Canine Nutrition, Choosing
oils for healthy joints, skin and coats. the Best Foods for Your Breed. With a little
Staple grains of the British Isles were research, you can put together a shopping
barley and oats. list of ancestral ingredients best suited for KATE SOLISTI IS THE AUTHOR OF The
your dog’s particular breed. Holistic Animal Handbook, A Guidebook
Asian breeds were traditionally exposed to to Nutrition, Health and Communication.
fish, poultry and rice. Even though they Happily, there are many raw frozen
developed where fermented soy foods were and premium canned and dry foods
available, research shows that dogs are that incorporate different meat, veg- NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING SESSIONS INCLUDING
incapable of breaking down protein from etable and grain choices. We can MEAL PLANNING FOR INDIVIDUAL ANIMALS.
soybeans. Unfortunately, soy shows up purchase rabbit and venison for our SHE IS ALSO AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR WITH
in many processed dog foods as a viable sight hounds, fish and sweet potato for 13 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE AND IS AUTHOR OF
protein source. No one, to my knowledge, northern breeds, beef and buffalo for THE SERIES Conversations with Dog, Cat and
has ever “tested” whether or not chows, red meat lovers, duck for our retrievers, Horse. WWW.AKINSHIPWITHANIMALS.COM

46 animal wellness
Breed specific Here is a handy chart to help you choose the ancestral meats,
vegetables and grains for your dog. Remember to buy free-range,

protein requirements organic meat whenever possible, especially if you intend to feed raw.
Organic veggies and grains will supply the best vitamins and minerals.

Breed Meats Vegetables Grains Breed Meats Vegetables Grains

Beagles Labradors
English & American Golden retrievers
foxhounds Chesapeake Bay
Basset hounds retrievers
Bernese mountain dog Newfoundlands duck
potatoes occasionally
Greater Swiss lamb alternated potatoes Curly & flat coated chicken
oats sweet potatoes oats or whole
mountain dog with rabbit, parsley retrievers fish – trout or
whole barley green beans barley
Great Pyrenees chicken carrots Nova Scotia duck salmon
Cocker spaniel tolling retrievers goose
Irish setter American water spaniel
Papillon Irish water spaniel
Rottweiler Portugese water dog
Scottish terriers Standard poodle
West Highland terriers
Shelties Japanese Chin
Collies Shih Tzu chicken beets
Border collies Chinese crested fish green beans brown or
cooked halibut, carrots
Skye terriers Shiba Inu lamb steamed beans white rice
salmon, cod green beans oatmeal
Norwich terriers Akita occasionally tofu bean sprouts
alternated with sweet potatoes whole barley
Welsh terriers Kyi Leo
lamb, chicken potatoes
Schipperkes Japanese spitz
Min. poodles
Pembroke Welsh corgi

Malamutes fish plus venison,
sweet potatoes none
Samoyeds elk or buffalo
American Eskimo

Whippets rabbit brown rice
Irish wolfhound chicken figs whole barley
Scottish deerhound turkey apples bulgur
Saluki venison potatoes oats

Bichon frise chicken avocado
fish figs brown rice

German shepherd
Great Dane
Yorkshire terriers steamed cabbage
Norfolk, fox and beef steamed collards oats
Staffordshire terriers lamb steamed kale whole barley
English bull
Neopolitan mastiff
Old English sheepdog
COPYRIGHT, The Holistic Animal Handbook, A Guidebook to Nutrition, Health and

animal wellness 47

Amoré Pet Foods
Quality ingredients ensure quality products. Amoré has always used
grass-fed, free-range meats raised without antibiotics, growth hormones
or steroids because they are higher in omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E and
beta-carotene, have reduced exposure to bacteria and are lower in fat and
calories than grain-fed. We don’t add salt, flavouring, colouring, molasses,
fillers or gravy. (866) 572-6673 or

Mountain Dog Food

Tri-Natural Products
An affordable alternative for those
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals – Introduces wanting to come to a raw food diet.
Gravy! Pet guardians will love the convenience Quality products in easy to use sizes for the small dog
of this NEW GRAVY – Pop, Peel and Pour or cats, right through the large breeds. Check us out...
straight from the can! Fromm Four Star Toll free (866) 769 3663
introduces Chicken a la Veg Gravy with
chicken, pastas, peas and carrots. Tests
prove even the most finicky eaters prefer Four
Star Gravy. Available from Tri-Natural Products (800) 267-6028


True health begins and ends with nutrition. Feed your animal the way
BRAVO! – Grain-free, prepared raw diets made from 100% USDA
Mother Nature did. We teach you simple ways to keep animals healthy,
inspected and APPROVED meats and bones. The ground meat/
eliminate vet bills, and make a great living doing the same thing!
bone mixes include ground vegetable and organ meats. Varieties
Check our online calendar
available include chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, buffalo, ostrich,
for upcoming classes and
venison, rabbit, salmon and kangaroo. Four convenient sizes from
FREE Animal Health
1 lb. to 10 lbs. or (866) 922-9222.
Conference Calls. For class
schedules, reservations, and
valuable holistic resources
call (800) 797-8274 or visit Urban Wolf
Give your dog
a break from
Steve's Real Food convenience foods
(kibble or canned)
Steve’s Real Food sells only raw products with this gourmet
because that’s what they believe in. They dietary base mix. Urban
believe no amount of canned or kibble has Wolf offers is a fast & easy
the benefits of fresh raw meat, fruits and way to treat your dog to the finest
vegetables. They are the number 1 national raw food- only food with great taste, variety & optimal nutrition.
company providing antioxidants and natural source vitamins from Grain-free, full of natural antioxidants, Urban Wolf is
fruits and vegetables. (888) 526-1900 the best there is! (866) 467-3022

50 animal wellness

home again
Good luck and serendipity help Colonel find his way

LL ike many families, the Woods have a

special place in their hearts for their
animals, especially their recently adopt-
ed American pit bull terrier, Colonel.
While the Woods were doing every-
thing possible to locate their canine
companion, Kim took Colonel
directly to the veterinarian’s office
Their new four-legged friend, named to to have his injuries evaluated.
honor the family’s military background, Leaving Colonel with the vet for
quickly adapted to his fellow housemates, treatment, Kim returned home
Muttley, a shepherd mix, and Hector, an briefly to check PETS 911. Lo
adult green iguana. and behold – there he was!
She immediately contacted the
On Friday, September 16, Colonel was Woods to reassure them that
playing in his backyard when a fireworks Colonel had been recovered.
display commenced at the nearby high
school’s homecoming event. Startled Within 36 hours of his disappearance,
by the blasts, Colonel escaped, and in the Woods once again had their beloved
his confusion ran straight towards the dog back at home. Although a little The Woods filled out an
source of the noise. worn from his misadventures, and with online information form like
several cuts to his front paws, Colonel the above sample.
As the frantic pup galloped through the was overjoyed to be reunited with his
neighborhood, dodging cars and people, family. In fact, as the Woods reported
he caught the eye of an animal lover with pride, his personality has bounced
named Kim. After pulling off to the side back “and then some!”
of the road, Kim managed to convince
the now limping Colonel that she could
be trusted in this strange new
world of loud bangs, squealing
tires and raised voices.

At their end, the Woods had

begun scouring the neighbor-
hood, putting up flyers, contact-
ing animal rescues and trying
to stay hopeful. As part of their
all-encompassing search efforts,
they also posted a description
and photos of Colonel on the
Lost and Found section of
www.PETS 911.
animal wellness 51
best behavior!
Best behavior!
Is your dog or cat behaviorally challenged? Ask our experts
how you can get them on the road to better behavior.

Paul Owens Suzanne Hetts, PhD Gillian Ridgeway


Photo: Todd Buttenham


Compassionate Nonviolent INLITTLETON, WALKING WHO

Approach to Dog Training, COLORADO, IS AN DOG TRAINING





Dear Gillian: to keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood.

As far as barking outdoors goes, it is best kept to a

My terrier cross, Alice, totally explodes whenever the door- minimum by supervising the dog. This behavior can
bell rings, barking like crazy. Sometimes I have to shut her become self-rewarding, meaning that the dog might
in another room so we can hear ourselves speak. I don’t start to enjoy running and barking for no particular
think this problem is unique to Alice. My neighbor’s dogs reason. The use of a citronella collar might be useful
spend the whole time they’re in the backyard barking their in this instance. The collar does will not harm the dog
heads off, even if they’re only out for a short while. Is there but will spray out a mist that interrupts the barking
any way to teach dogs when it’s appropriate to bark? frenzy. This can be a very useful tool for helping to
keep peace with the neighbors.

Barking dogs can be quite a problem for any family.
The best way to teach a dog to bark at appropriate
times is to teach her to not bark at the door at all. Dear Dr. Suzanne:

This way, when there is a problem, your dog’s natural
instinct should appear and she will alert you. My four-and-a-half-year-old cat, Matilda, has lately had this
Telling a dog off for barking usually does not work. thing where she needs me to be awake quite early in the
It is best to teach her an alternate behavior. Start morning. She becomes extremely needy, lovey, and needs
by teaching Alice to lie down on a mat for a treat me to be paying attention to her. I thought she just wanted
reward. Then, add to this by ringing the doorbell and to be fed, but even if I get up to feed her it still doesn’t
immediately taking her to her mat. Give her another always stop. I love her when she is like this, but as a
reward. This should be repeated many times. Soon, student I need my sleep and she often does this on a daily
upon hearing the doorbell, Alice should be happy to basis. She will meow and meow and jump over me until I
scoot to her mat instead of barking. wake. She is a very talkative kitty anyway but I don’t know
If you find this difficult, try putting a leash on what to do about this behavior. I do not have any doors in
Alice while indoors. When the doorbell rings, you my apartment so I can’t shut her out of my room.

can have her accompany you to the door. Ask your
guests not to greet her until she is sitting quietly. Cats are by nature crepuscular animals. This means
Ask Alice for a sit/stay and reward her with a toy or their highest activity periods are at dawn and dusk,
treat. The more this behavior is rewarded, the more so Matilda’s behavior is quite normal and expected.
likely it is to occur. In addition, her behavior has been reinforced with
The other point to keep in mind is that dogs should food and attention. With a student lifestyle, you
not be given a room with a view. They are much may be gone long hours and Matilda has found
more inclined to incessantly bark if they can see out these early morning hours a consistent time for you
the windows. To help alleviate excessive barking, try to be accessible to her.
making sure Alice doesn’t always have the opportunity One possibility is to use an automatic feeder that
52 animal wellness
best behavior!
Another Healthy Pet Systems
can be set to deliver a small meal a few minutes before success story:
Matilda is likely to start her pestering. You might also This product is just amazing! We have
try to spend more time in the late evenings before bed been giving Buddy & Molly, #1Flexor
playing with and petting Matilda. This may help not and #1 Longevity supplements for about
2 years now and the results have just
only because it keeps Matilda up later, but because been amazing! Buddy is a 12 year old
it will increase her quality time with you during a Beagle mix and Molly is an English
more acceptable period. A portable screen “door” springer spaniel, almost 6. Stairs really
started to be a problem for Buddy due to
that attaches with a pressure rod and Velcro to any his hips and we pretty much chalked it up to his age and really didn’t think
door frame can be mounted to keep Matilda out their was anything that would help him. That was before we met Dr. Sulkowski
of the bedroom, although this would not affect her and Healthy Pet Systems. I was telling him about Buddy’s situation and he
said try these products and see what you think. First of all, it’s so easy to use
meowing. You may have to try completely ignoring
and the dogs just love the taste. Just mix it into their food and, viola! Secondly,
Matilda’s needy behavior for awhile, even though it Buddy was climbing stairs like he was a puppy again in a matter of no time,
may take some time for the behavior to extinguish. not only that, he was jumping on our bed! He couldn’t do that before! We were
You could try a set of earplugs to help you get so impressed and could not get over the result. We are very faithful to Healthy
Pet Systems and highly recommend the products to family and friends! It is
through this period! well worth every penny plus more! Thanks to
A chat with her veterinarian may be in order to Dr. Sulkowski and Healthy Pets Systems, both
discuss the use of melatonin, a chemical found in Molly and Buddy will live a long healthy life!
the body that influences sleep/wake cycles. As a last The Smith Family, Pennsylvania
resort, you might try correcting the behavior with
For more information, BACON
an ultrasonic noisemaker that you can keep within OR APPLE
ask your veterinarian or
easy reach of the bed. For this to be effective, you to order today, contact FLAVOR!
must activate the noisemaker without interacting Healthy Pet Systems at:
with Matilda – no touching her, looking at her or
speaking to her. The noisemaker must be activated
1-877-838-7015 or
as soon as Matilda begins her pestering. Any delay
will decrease its effectiveness.

Dear Paul:

My five-month-old golden retriever gets so excited that she
“dribbles” urine as soon as she sees me. In the morning, I
hurry to put her outside but she can never make it down to
the yard; she usually goes on the step. If I don’t watch her,
she’ll come back in and pee on the kitchen floor. I have to
crate her when I go out because I can’t trust her. I would
prefer not to have to do this. Is there any way I can get her
trained more quickly?

First of all, we want to make sure the puppy has no
health-related issues. Your vet will help you with this.
If it’s “dribbling,” it may be because she’s excited.
To help solve this problem, I suggest you act less
affected when greeting and leaving your puppy.
This means staying calm and almost non-reactive
when you arrive and depart so as not to trigger
the dribbling. You can also teach the puppy to lay
down whenever you come into the room. That will
help because most puppies won’t dribble if they are
in a down, relaxed position.
If this is housetraining-related, keep in mind
that many dogs are not housetrained until they
animal wellness 53
best behavior!
reach the age of seven months, although most
puppies learn to “hold it” through the night by
the time they are four months old. The four steps
we humans need to consistently follow – and I
emphasize these repeatedly – are:

1 Take the puppy out to the preferred elimination area

at regularly scheduled times. This is important so the
puppy can learn to predict elimination times and he or
she will begin to hold it for longer and longer periods.
You should give the puppy about three minutes to
eliminate. If she doesn’t eliminate in that time, take
her back into the house and keep her leashed to you
for ten minutes (so you can interrupt her if she starts
to eliminate), then repeat the routine.

2 Gently encourage her while she’s sniffing the

ground and label the behavior with words such as
“hurry up”, “go potty”, “outside”, etc. Eventually
the words will actually stimulate the behavior.

3 Reward your dog with a $10,000 treat (chicken, turkey,

cheese, etc) and lots of praise after she eliminates.

4 Bring your puppy inside for free time or, if your

puppy is old enough, take her for a walk. This
positive experience, which doesn’t involve food, is
For Health • For Immunity • For Life known as a “life reward”.
Clinically proven effective
Never put your puppy in the house and then leave
a division of Naturade, Inc. against disease-carrying
right after she has eliminated. The puppy might
associate your departure (something negative) with
“All of the technicians at our her elimination, and begin to delay your departure
veterinary hospital have been… by holding it for longer periods of time. Lastly, you
raising orphaned kittens. Most of
can redirect your puppy’s attention by holding a
them are very weak and often
sick and debilitated.The mortality
treat in front of her and hurrying her along from the
rate was always high. When crate to the elimination area, thus giving less time to
PRO Symbiotics Broad Spectrum think about eliminating.
Colostrum powder was added to Whatever you do, never reprimand or punish your
the kitten replacement formula, puppy for her elimination behavior. Be consistent
the mortality rate has dropped to
Veterinarian and follow a schedule (more housetraining tips are
Endorsed nearly zero. Even the most mori-
bund of kittens have thrived. It available on my site,
For more information, visit has been quite miraculous.” Is all else fails, hire a professional trainer to show Louise I. Morin, VMD you how it’s done.
VCA Delaware Valley Animal Hospital


Veterinarians, For more information FEEDBACK@ANIMALWELLNESSMAGAZINE.COM.
Healthcare or to carry our
Professionals, effective products, Editor’s note: This column is for information purposes and is
Breeders, etc. please call not meant to replace behavioral training. To properly address
800.784.4355 x219 your animal’s needs, please consult a behaviorist.

54 animal wellness
8 best essential oils for dogs

by Sandra Topper

I f you’ve ever breathed in the soothing

fragrance of lavender or rubbed a little tea
tree oil on a mosquito bite, you know how
effective essential oils can be. Used with care,
they can also be good therapy for your canine
Photo: Lorrie Beaulieu friend. The main rule of thumb is not to use

animal wellness 55
Keep oils away from
kitties and birds
Never use essential oils
in the presence of cats
and birds. Unlike humans
and dogs, felines and our
feathered friends lack

Photo: Jennifer Rowles

the necessary enzyme in
the liver needed to break
down these substances.

them full strength. Generally, all those trained in aromatherapy agree that no
more than a 3% to 4% solution should be used – for example, only 18 to 24
drops of essential oil should be added to a one-ounce solution, be it vegetable
oil, water or other medium.

It’s always best to consult a qualified therapist for the correct use of essential
oils, but the two most versatile essential oils I would use for dogs are tea tree

and lavender.

Tea tree essential oil is good for healing

sores, cleaning ears and repelling insects.
It also tastes bitter and may deter dogs
from biting and chewing. Keep a small
one-ounce bottle of vegetable oil on
hand that has 24 drops of tea tree
added to it. Apply several drops of
the solution to a cotton ball and gently
wipe in and around the crevices of the
dog’s ears. For small hot spots or other
minor skin conditions, clean the area well
with a medicated soap, dry thoroughly with a
clean towel, and then apply using your finger a few drops
of the tea tree solution. Always consult your veterinarian when a more serious
condition arises such as the development of a sore spot more than an inch
across that is red, inflamed or oozing.

Lavender essential oil may calm nervous
tension. If your dog enjoys being brushed,
a few drops added to the bristles will
instill a feeling of calmness. Over time,
your dog will associate the lavender
aroma with the loving attention you give
him. This conditioned response may ease
the tension when you take him in the car
or to the vet. A few drops of lavender can
be added to a foot bath to relieve sore paws

56 animal wellness

Joint relief for pets
The main rule of thumb is not to use

them full strength. Generally, all those

trained in aromatherapy agree that no more

“ API HEALTH liquid manuka honey with bee
venom or chewable tablet works wonders for arthritis
in dogs, cats and horses. The result is a natural
anti-inflammatory action similar to the drug cortisone
without the undesirable side effects.
API HEALTH pet honey
contains the
optimum dose
of honey bee
venom for pet
pain relief.
than a 3% to 4% solution should be used.

To see even better results combine this

that have been irritated by the cold or by road salt. Please note that a dog’s paws with our BORUTUTU capsules for
your pet’s liver cleansing programme.
should never be placed in a warm foot bath immediately after coming in from
the cold. Allow his paws to warm up naturally for an hour, then soak them for Your pet will thank you for it!
only two to three minutes in warm water. A couple of tablespoons of Epsom
Available at HERBIES HERBS
Salts may also be added to the water. After the soak, be sure to dry your dog’s 556 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON, M5V 2B5
feet very thoroughly, paying special attention to between their toes. 416 504 5755
Listed below you’ll find additional essential oils that may be used with dogs, Do not use if your pet is allergic to bee stings or bee products.If your pet is on
heart, blood pressure or diabetes medication, seek medical advice prior to use.
particularly as a deodorizing spray or natural insect repellent. They can
be used lightly on the dog’s coat or on his bedding. Always avoid spraying
the face. Combinations of these oils work very nicely to help control pests,
ward off airborne viruses, control bacteria, and keep your dog and your Deny me?
It’s not
home smelling fresh. They can be mixed in various
combinations of up to 96 drops in four ounces
of spring water. Adding a half ounce of vodka
to the solution will help to break down the an option.
essential oils in the water, however, some We carefully
separation will occur so remember to shake select and bake
with the finest
well before using. Store in a spray bottle ingredients,

away from strong light. including
grown fruit ,
Mandarin is an excellent oil that may help to vegetables and
alleviate depression and the winter blues, and meat. Our GRAIN
FREE treats are part
is a good pick-me-up for both dogs and people.
of our commitment to
Environmental diffusing in the morning will help boost your spirits for that a healthy diet, for our
dogs and cats — and

early morning walk.
yours. Look for us at
a quality health or pet
Chamomile can be very soothing and relaxing food store near you.
to the emotions and to the skin. For calming
yourself and your dogs in the evenings, try
combining it with lavender for environmental
diffusing. Go easy on the chamomile, however;
its aroma is powerful at a ratio of 1:6 (one
drop of chamomile to six drops of lavender).
Wholesale orders only:
Another way to diffuse essential oils rather than
1-888-276-PAWS (7297)
just making a spray is to use an aromatic diffuser Enquiries: 604-276-9799 Web:

animal wellness 57
“I know it’s raining,
but can we with a circulating fan, or you can try a water vaporizer that allows you to
add essential oils.
PLEASE go outside?”

Rosemary is known to be very uplifting and fresh. It’s
nice when used in a combination with lavender as an
environmental spray to freshen bedding and carpets.

Now WETTER is BETTER! Thanks to

Diane’s Little Lambs & Raingear
Patchouli may help to ease minor itchy
dry skin conditions, especially when
used with chamomile and lavender.
Combine four drops of chamomile,
twelve drops of lavender and eight drops of
patchouli in a one-ounce base of almond, grapeseed
Cruelty-free, manmade materials
100% waterproof natural rubber or light olive oil. Apply small amounts to affected
Full net lining and non-slip sole areas, using small circular motions. Do not apply
to skin conditions that appear to be infected;

always consult your veterinarian.

Rosewood is a good immune system stimulant. Environmental

diffusing is the most effective way to incorporate rosewood

into your dog’s life.
Geranium is highly aromatic and its properties may
Overnight delivery available. help to repel insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, horse
and deer flies. A combination of geranium, laven-
der and citronella essential oils can be made into a
spray that is especially useful during the summer
months. Try blending together 30 drops of lavender,
20 drops of geranium, 30 drops of tea tree and 16
drops of citronella with four ounces of water and
one-half ounce of vodka, keep in a spray bottle and
shake well before using. Use this blend several times a day
if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors or in woodland areas. Avoid the face
and eyes; spray on your hands first and then apply behind the dog’s ears and
around his neck. Liberally spray the underbelly, back and tail. If irritation
occurs, discontinue use.

Note: Essential oils are merely to be used in conjunction with other modalities
to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils and aromatherapy should
never replace traditional medicine.



58 animal wellness
animal wellness 59
Taking the
out of vet visits
by Margaret Rousser

Let’s face it. Most animals Monster, whose behavior at the vet’s
office used to be equally embarrassing.
don’t enjoy going to the vet. The worst of it haunts me to this day.
In fact, depending on your dog or cat’s Early one morning, I dropped him off
temperament, a vet visit can be a harrow- at the clinic on my way to work, as he
ing experience for both of you. Growing was exhibiting signs of urinary blockage.
up, I can remember accompanying my Two hours later, I received a phone call
parents on our annual trip to the vet with at my job: “Ms. Rousser, we need you to
our two dogs. One of them, an animal come pick up your cat. We can’t get him
who daily struck fear into the hearts of out of the kennel.”
mailmen, tried so hard to get away from
the vet that he broke a leather collar. Upon arriving at the vet’s office, I
was ushered into the back area, where
I now have a cat, appropriately named Monster’s kennel was placed so high

60 animal wellness
Photo: Patti A. Gardiner

I had to get a stepladder to get him
down. The room cleared as everyone
expected psycho-cat to go ballistic once
he got out. As I cautiously opened
the door, a menacing hiss issued
from inside. I spoke softly to Monster
and gingerly placed my hand within
Infrared Heat and Massage for Dogs
Deep penetrating Infrared heat
for sore muscles, joints, back
problems and hip dysplasia
smelling distance. After one whiff, he BENEFITS:
meowed and calmly walked to the door, • Increased blood flow
allowing me to lift him out. Monster • Regenerates cell growth
was once again the cat I knew and • Speeds up healing
loved. But it was short-lived. The vet 619-470-4765 • Recommended by Vets
still had not had a chance to examine and Medical Doctors
him, so since I have experience with

animal wellness 61
The essence of calm
Flower essences can effectively reduce vet visit anxiety. They can be applied before and during the trip to
animals (and the techs were a little
afraid of him), I restrained him so
she could palpitate his stomach.
the clinic, and even while you’re in the waiting room. Suddenly, the monster returned
with a vengeance. He hissed, spat,
• Gently rub a drop or two on your animal’s ear tips or paw pads. and bit my arm.
• Alternatively, rub a couple of drops between your palms, and wipe them gently over your animal’s body.
• “You can also put some in a spray bottle and spritz the inside of your car or cat carrier,” says We love and cherish our animal
Sharon Callahan of Anaflora. companions, so most of us also wish
there was some way to make vet visits
Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a good flower essence combination to have on hand for vet visits, while
easier. Since my experience with
companies such as Anaflora offer special formulas for particular emotional states and situations. “We
Monster, I’ve learned a few tips that
have one specifically called Stressless Vet Visits,” says Sharon, who adds that there are also a number
have helped make things less stressful
of individual essences that are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety.
for everyone involved.
helps the animal expect the best from the vet, or from anyone else who might be handling him. Whenever possible, be with
RED CLOVER – for deep states of fear and panic your dog or cat while he is being
examined. Because you have a rela-
WHITE CLOVER – for milder, everyday anxiety tionship with your animal, your
WHITE YARROW – a shielding essence that helps prevent the animal from picking up the fear or presence is comforting to him. That
panic of their guardian, or other animals at the vet’s office is why Monster was so willing to
HEARTSEASE – creates a heart opening and ease for moving through stressful situations come out of his kennel for me, but
swatted at anyone else who tried.
LILAC – balances the animal and helps prepare them for veterinary treatment
PALMACHRISTI – meaning “Hands of Christ,” it has a soothing effect and facilitates treatment Stay calm during the exam. Your
animal takes his cues from you, so
if you stay relaxed, your dog or cat
PRODUCT SHOWC ASE Stay calm is also more likely to do so. Avoid
overly emotional responses to simple

during the procedures like temperature-taking.

Speak to the vet in conversational
tones and maintain a relaxed body
exam. Your posture. Remind yourself that
although these few minutes might be

animal takes uncomfortable for your companion,

he would be a lot more uncomfortable
if he developed a disease that could
his cues have been prevented or alleviated by
routine checkups.

from you, so If you can, take your animal

other places besides the vet’s office.
if you stay This will reduce anxiety on the ride to
and from the exam. If you purchase
relaxed, things from your vet’s office, like food
or medication, bring your animal

your dog or along for the ride. This shows him

that the car and vet’s office are not
always negative experiences.
cat is also Bring along a handful of your

more likely animal’s favorite healthy treats. This

is the most important advice you will
ever receive. Positive reinforcement
to do so. is the key to any type of behavior
62 animal wellness
animal wellness 63
modification. Just be aware of what you are reinforcing!
A common mistake people make is giving their animals
treats when they display anxious behaviors. This inad-
vertently trains them to be anxious. Give your animal
treats only when he is sitting quietly and calmly, and pay
as little attention as possible to the anxious behavior.
The calm behavior may be fleeting at first, but it will
become more prevalent once the animal learns he will
get a treat for it. This training will reduce stress, as well
as minimize or eliminate the need for any tranquilizing
drugs during exams or other travel.

Your dog or cat may never look forward to his vet

visits, but these suggestions can make them a lot less
stressful for him, as well as easier on you and your
vet. They have certainly helped Monster calm down.
He hasn’t bitten anyone in years, and at his last visit,
he didn’t even hiss. In fact, my vet now confesses he
is one of her favorite patients!



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Dogs of

by Karen Shanley

70 animal wellness
She was just sitting there, cool as a cucumber,

exceedingly happy to see that I’d come, but

she was more concerned with making sure I
got a real good look at her, and that I burned
the picture into my brain. Until I did, she was
unwilling to move. I can’t tell you how I knew
this exactly; it was something in the way she
locked her eyes onto mine. So I took in as much
of her as I could and committed it to memory.

No more than eight weeks old, with round

puppy tummy, she was obsidian black, with
fluffy white shawl around neck and chest. She
had a white muzzle, with a blaze traveling up
and over the top of her head, meeting up with
white scruff between shoulders. Four white
socks. Little tan eyebrows. No tail.

As I was busy soaking in every detail, I could

have sworn I heard her say, “I’ve come back
to be with you.”

This startled me so much that I woke up.

staring right up at me. She was so still, I wasn’t
sure she was real. As I inched forward for a
closer look, I could see her bright eyes blink
and her body vibrate with excitement. She was
Kiera had been such an
exceptional companion
that I was afraid any other
dog would always suffer
from the comparison.

Kiera had been such an exceptional companion
that I was afraid any other dog would always
suffer from the comparison.

That Kiera would come back to solve this

problem for me would be just like her.

Mesmorized by this thought, I moved trance-

like around the kitchen that morning, while
some other part of me got my four-year-old
daughter’s breakfast ready. Andrew sat with
the morning paper in one hand and a cup of
coffee in the other.

Having gone through a spate of human and

The dream had been so vivid and so real that, animal losses within the last few years, I knew
for a moment, I wasn’t sure where I was. that Andrew would have two reactions to my
Could it be possible. . .? dream. He hated the thought of seeing me set
myself up for more loss, even if it was a loss that
My beloved Sheltie, Kiera, at eleven years, was more than likely at least a decade away. And
had died from a brain tumor not quite one he was enjoying the benefits of an animal-free
year before. She’d been my unswerving friend home – no hair on clothes, no tripping over
and safehold through
some of the most signifi-
cant changes in my life.
She’d seen me through
change in relationship,
career, and geographic
location, as well as the
milestones of marriage,
birth, and death.

The ache from her absence

was still very much with
me. I’d reconciled myself
to remaining dogless.
animal wellness 71
furry bodies, no worrying about when we I hurriedly went on to explain that I’d
had to get back home or how much dog been having these dreams where Kiera
OUR CORE VALUES: exercise needed to be fit in. made it clear that she fully expected me
RESPECT to come and find her.
Taking all of these recent developments
COMMUNICATION into account, I knew that Andrew’s He didn’t even comment on the strange-
response would be a flat “No,” so there ness of the dreams, or what they might
TEAM WORK was no point in going there. I tried to mean. He just said, “Please, I can’t do
put the idea right out of my head. another dog. I like our life the way it is.
EXCELLENCE Besides, even if I said yes, what would be
INNOVATION And I did. the odds that you could find her? If she
has come back, she could be anywhere
Until a few nights later, when a remarkably in the country.”
similar dream played itself out. The same
little Aussie puppy sat stock-still again, Andrew had landed a one-two punch.
looking up at me. This time, I sat down Realistically, I hadn’t considered what
next to her, to pet her. She couldn’t contain the search might mean. I conceded
herself any longer; she bounded up into my Round One. The conversation turned to
arms and slathered me with puppy kisses. other subjects.

Again, she announced – quite clearly The next night, she came again. This time
this time – that she’d come back for me. I could see that she was in some kind of
Again, I awoke with a start. Lying there, farmlike setting with several other puppies
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. and dogs. I awoke thinking this would help
This was all too much to contemplate. rule out some breeders. But it would still
be an incredible long shot, notwithstand-
It occurred to me that if I was going to ing the whole idea of her reincarnating to
try to find her, she was already around be with me again in the first place. I was
THERE ARE LESS THAN 300 eight weeks old. That meant I’d have beginning to feel a little nutty.
VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGISTS a couple of weeks at most to track her
IN THE WORLD AND down before she might be sold to any Christmas was less than a week away.
14 OF THEM buyer who happened to be in the market I was normally much more organized
WORK FOR EYE CARE FOR ANIMALS for an Australian Shepherd female pup. about the holidays, but I was hopelessly
far behind this year. I wasn’t one to go
Board certified veterinary I was nervous about talking to Andrew in for the commercialism of the season
ophthalmologists & doctors – about these dreams. It wasn’t that he was anyway, but I always liked to take some
unreasonable or unfeeling. It was just that time to find a few really thoughtful gifts.
World renown residency program.
I didn’t want to force another dog on him As it was, by necessity, presents would
when he felt that he was finally home free. be sparse this year. Andrew and I had
Weighing it all out, I decided I’d have a agreed not to get each other anything.
IN THE FOLLOWING 20 LOCATIONS: better-than-even chance if he was made
aware of how much this meant to me. Christmas morning rolled around. By late
Gilbert, AZ Culver City, CA
morning, the stockings had been emptied,
Scottsdale, AZ Lawndale, CA
At the first quiet moment, I decided to and the bottom of the tree was looking
North Scottsdale, AZ Santa Rosa, CA
bring it up. pretty bare. There had been a few surprises
Phoenix, AZ Corte Madera, CA
and much to be thankful for. I was about
Tucson, AZ Wheeling, ILL
“Boy, have I been having some really to go upstairs to start breakfast when
Albuquerque, NM Chicago, ILL
weird dreams lately,” I began. Andrew motioned to me and took out a
Santa Teresa, NM Salt Lake City, UT
white envelope from his back pocket.
Pasadena, CA Sunset, UT
“What are they?” Andrew asked.
Tustin, CA Overland Park, KS
The card contained three words: “Go find
Newport Beach, CA Las Vegas, NV
“Well, Kiera’s come back. . .” her.” There was a blank check inside.
The words hung in the air. The magnitude of his gesture opened the

72 animal wellness

floodgates. I broke down and wept. night’s sleep followed. By dawn, I was

After everyone had gone to bed, I

I sat down at the feeling completely frustrated. I sat up,
thinking that I should just forget about
burned the midnight oil, compiling my
kitchen table and trying to sleep and get up to start the
hit list of breeders. I started calling the
next morning.

Andrew arrived home that night a few

hours after me and, wanting to be sup-
portive, asked how my search was going.

I sat down at the kitchen table and

scratched my
head. 'I feel like I'm
searching for the
“ day. But my body was so heavy with
fatigue that I decided to try one last time
and flopped back down.

Somewhere between sitting and hitting

the pillow, in a semi-conscious state, I
saw her! She was as real as if she were
in the room with me.
scratched my head. “I feel like I’m
searching for the Dalai Lama.” Dalai Lama.' I popped back up like a jack-in-the-box
and rubbed my eyes. In short order, I

was wide awake. “Okay,” I promised
of the week. I left my name and phone her, “I won’t give up.”
I’d accumulated pages of material on number. After what felt like an eternity,
locations, litter due dates, coloration and the phone call came. I rang the breeder from the day before. I
sex of available puppies, breeding geneal- got directions and left immediately. I pulled
ogy of sires and dams. Almost all of the Yes, she had a litter, but all the black tris into the long private drive that opened
breeders I’d contacted owned or were were spoken for, except for one male. I onto neatly maintained fenced fields.
mating with a Gefion Hall sire or dam. felt as though somebody had kicked me
in the stomach. The breeder, Georjean Hertzwig, met
I called the place at once and got the me at the gate with a warm handshake.
answering machine. The woman was That night I went to bed physically and As she motioned me through the first
away and wouldn’t be back until the end emotionally exhausted. Even so, a fitful of three gates, she mentioned that she’d

74 animal wellness
been expecting another party, but it was fine that I was early,
and would I like to go see her puppies.

I was close on her heels as we went through the next gate

to get to the field where the puppies were romping. I could
see four or five pudgy little bodies bouncing off each other
as we approached.

Georjean clicked the latch on the last gate that gave us

entrance into the enclosure, when I saw, from across the
field, a furry black-and-white blur making a dash for my legs.
I scooped it up before it crashed into me.

I held her at arm’s length. There were the little tan eyebrows,
and the white granny shawl, and the blaze that went clear up
and over her little noggin. Not that I needed to conduct the
inspection. I knew. As sure as I was standing there, I knew.
I’d found her.

We were eye-to-eye, her eyes saying to mine, What took

you so long?



Warren J. Ingalls - pet portrait artist

Works in graphite and color pencil
graphite & color pencil


reasonable prices • free estimates

will work from your photo • minimum size: 8” x 10”
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Preventing and
healing laminitis:
Why a holistic approach works best

by Lisa Ross-Williams

Most people with horses have heard of laminitis and

founder, and many have had personal experiences with
these insidious conditions. According to Dr. Chris Pollit,
Director of the Australian Equine Laminitis Research
Unit at Queensland University, chronic laminitis and
founder are the second biggest killer of horses after colic.

A common belief is that laminitis is a hoof problem.

In reality, it is a whole body issue that shows up in the
hoof. More and more hoof care providers and holistic
experts are finding that horses who lead a more natural
life are much more resistant to this condition.
Photo: Kenny Williams – If Your Horse Could Talk

Often laminitis and founder are referred to in the same

context, but this is misleading. The laminae is the con-
nective tissue that attaches the hoof wall to the coffin
bone; laminitis is an inflammation of the laminae. The
condition follows certain stages:

• Developmental stage – occurs within the first 24

to 40 hours (depending on the cause), during which
inflammation is beginning.
• Acute stage – foot pain is obvious due to major
inflammation and an increase of pressure within the
hoof capsule.
• Chronic phase – the laminae are beginning to give
HOOF WALL way, releasing their hold on the coffin bone.

COFFIN BONE Founder occurs when the laminae can no longer hold
the coffin bone in place and it moves to an unnatural
position within the hoof.

Signs and symptoms

Often, but not always, signs of laminitis appear only in
76 animal wellness
Photos this page: Paige Poss
Bulging sole from coffin bone rotation. Depression or softness of the coronary band.

one or both front feet. laminitic candidate to begin with. organs at the expense of the extremities and
hooves. Laminae starved of glucose are
1. During the developmental stage,
• Grain overload is a fairly common
trigger. Ingesting too much grain results in
inferior and weak, making them more sus-
the horse may appear a little “off”, ceptible to inflammation and separation.
a high concentration of starch. This causes
depressed and may show signs of fever,
an over-population of hindgut bacteria
slight dehydration or colic.
such as Streptococcus bovis, Streptococcus
2. Pain begins during the acute phase. equines and Lactobacillus spp, which not
only lower the pH of the intestines but laminitis, naturally
The horse may start shifting his weight,
also kills off other good gut bacteria. Feed a low starch/sugar diet. A rice
holding up the affected limb or lying
down. He may also assume the classical • Grass founder is caused by the fructan
founder stance, placing his front feet for- or sugar in lush pasture grass. The
ward and rocking back on his hind end to high sugar causes an increase of the
shift the weight off his painful toes. Often, Streptococcus bacteria, leading to digestive
the hoof will be warm and exaggerated upset and low gut pH. During certain
pulses might be felt over the fetlock. growing conditions or times of the
year, the fructan content in grass can
3. Once the horse has moved to the skyrocket. Even some hays have higher
chronic and founder stage, physical signs sugar content, depending on the type
can be observed in the hoof. These include and growing conditions.
flaring, a stretched white line, depression
or softness near the coronary band, • Medications such as some steroids,
ridges in the hoof wall, an abnormally antibiotics and even vaccinations can
flat or bulging sole, and in some cases, trigger laminitis.
penetration of the coffin bone through
• Gastrointestinal conditions such as
the sole. Although this sounds gruesome,
colic, colitis or enteritis may be a factor.
it’s important to understand that just
because a horse has a laminitic attack, this • Other serious illnesses, such a retained
does not always mean that the condition placenta or other major infection, may
will move to full founder. release toxins into the body and set
off laminitis.

Common triggers • Metabolic issues involving glucose

uptake problems are another major trig-
A trigger can often be determined, but ger. In horses with these problems, such
it usually is just the “straw that breaks as insulin-resistant and Cushings horses,
the camel’s back” and the horse was a the body can redirect the glucose to major
animal wellness 77
bran base is an excellent choice to help healthy foot, there is no unnatural grass, grains, molasses, overly processed
prevent laminitis, and is appropriate for pressure pulling at the hoof wall. To concentrates, legume hay (for now) and
insulin and Cushings horses. get a better idea of this principle, switch to free-choice low sugar grass
place your fingernail on a hard surface hay. If the horse is not used to eating
Learn about appropriate grazing times and push down. The pull you feel in grass hay, take four to six days to change
and elevated sugar hays for high risk the underlying tissues is the same as in over, allowing the gut bacteria to balance.
horses. Normally, the safest times to a horse with long, overgrown hooves Ensure your horse is on a vitamin/mineral
graze are early morning and on overcast that stretch the sensitive laminae. mix designed for grass hays, using rice
days, when grass is in the growing stage bran and flax as a carrier. Vitamin
and not seeded, or unstressed by drought Cut out unnecessary chemical and C is also beneficial for inflammation
or poor soil. High risk times are late pharmaceutical treatments. Some and boosting the immune system; two
afternoon and evening, or when the medications and vaccinations can be to four tablespoons of crushed rose
plants are stressed. If possible, stay away a trigger for a laminitic attack or set hips are an excellent addition, and also
from high fructan hays. These include the horse up as a candidate because provides copper, important for hoof
warm season crops such as Timothy, of toxins within the body. Frequent growth and lacking in most equine diets.
Orchard and Brome. Stick with cool overuse of chemical worming products
season grasses such as Bermuda and can upset good gut bacteria, raising the 2. Create a more natural environment.
native prairie mixes. You can find out chance of a digestive upset. Movement is crucial to healing. Provide
more at It’s also very turnout 24/7, and spread hay in small
important that the horse receive vitamins piles to motivate the horse to move.
and minerals for maintaining a strong Healing a horse Avoid extremely soft footing or deep
immune system and healthy hooves. with laminitis shavings, but do provide him with a
soft, comfortable place to lie down
Ensure your horse has balanced feet, Conventional medicine often looks at when he needs a break. Contrary to
preferably barefoot. This reduces the this disease as a hoof problem and conventional advice, lying down is not
chance that a mild laminitic attack concentrates in “fixing” the hoof with detrimental to the horse and gives his
will progress to founder. In a balanced corrective showing, numerous drugs painful feet a break. Once the horse
and stall confine- begins to move more comfortably, a
ment. A natural care- calm companion will give him mental
One wormer now does it all giver understands as well as physical stimulation.
SAFELY & NATURALLY! that this issue must
be addressed holisti- 3. Remove shoes and find an expe-
cally, as a whole body rienced natural hoof care provider to
WormGuard Plus problem. The healing begin the trimming rehabilitation process.
Broad Spectrum regimen encompasses Although this person will be your partner
Safe and Effective for basic guiding princi- during the process, it’s important that
Elimination of All ples such as “respect you also educate yourself. Ask the hoof
Intestinal Parasites nature’s power of care provider to explain the basic trim
healing”. Laminitis, principles and research the valuable
• animal and fowl wormer
although a very emo- barefoot trimming resources available,
• 100% all natural ingredients tional and stressful including
• kills mechanically experience for both
not chemically horse and guardian, is 4. An herbal solution such as Better
• eliminates all intestinal not a death sentence. than Bute (BTB) by Equi-Global can
tract worms Most horses can be beneficial for pain and inflammation
• money-back return to a normal without the side-effects of conventional
life with proper care. NASIDS. Try to give the minimum dose
WANTED! Although the whole for only as long as needed. Products
For more information or to order contact healing regimen is that contain devil’s claw should not be
The Holistic Horse: beyond the scope of given to pregnant mares.
Toll-Free: 877-774-0594 this article, here are
Canadian customers call: 870-898-3641
299 Little River 29, Ashdown AR, 71822
some guidelines. 5. Homeopathy remedies and dosages
are picked according to the horse’s indi- 1. Cut out all fresh vidual symptoms. If inexperienced in the

78 animal wellness
use of homeopathy, consult a professional.
Common laminitis remedies include:
• Aconitum napellus – given as soon as
symptoms show, or preferably following a
known trigger.
• Belladonna – appropriate when the horse
exhibits sweating, full-bounding pulse and
throbbing arteries; can be given together
with Aconitum
• Nux vom – beneficial in cases involving
• Calcarea fluorica – can be given either
at the beginning of the chronic phase and
may reduce tissue involvement.

6. Dr. Joseph Thomas, PhD

( has created
some effective Chinese herbal solutions for
the different stages of laminitis. “Laminitis
follows a stage course so we must learn
to ‘listen’ to our horse’s behavior and
movement to understand where each stage
begins and ends,” he says.

Laminitis can be a devastating condition but

it does not have to be crippling, or a death
sentence. Most often, it can be prevented by
adopting a more natural equine lifestyle and
reducing possible triggers or conditions that
make the horse a candidate. If laminitis does
strike, a holistic approach can help mean
your equine partner is sound and rideable
again in six to nine months.

Horse Could Talk.

animal wellness 79
is good for the
whole family

Dog photo: Lukas Chyrek

by Andy Lopez

M aking compost is like making cake. There

are plenty of recipes and many different ways
to make it, but all compost needs water to cook
with, energy to heat it up, carbon matter to feed
the bacteria, green matter for nitrogen and living
bacteria to convert it into food for plants. Combine
these elements in the right way
and you have compost! By using
compost that’s rich in minerals and
bacterially active, you can bring
your soil and everything else back
to a balanced state of being.
Composting should be an animal-friendly
project. By adding only natural products such
as rock dust or organic compost starters, you
will not be using anything that could harm
80 animal wellness
your four-footed companions. My dog has need oxygen. They require environments
eaten compost in the past; it gave her a mild that do not need to be turned over regularly.
case of the runs, but that is the extent to
which it should affect your animal. I suggest you rely on the aerobic micro-
organisms since they work faster than the
anaerobic type to get the job done.
Where and when to compost
• You will need a location that gets the Should you bin or pile?
morning sun, if possible. If it gets too
much sun, however, it may dry out and you Personally I feel piles are the best way to
will need to water it more often. make compost (if you can do it) because
they allow the compost to heat up enough

•theAnother factor in locating a spot involves to control diseases. The smaller bins will
not heat up as much. Whether you use bins
type of system you are using – is it a bin
or a pile? Which one you choose depends or piles depends on the following factors:
on how much space you have. The bigger
the size of your property and the more 1. Local city rules
compost it will produce, the more bins or 2. The amount of space you have
piles you will need. Also, local city rules 3. The size of your property
determine what you can and can’t do. 4. How much time you have

• Your compost set-up should have easy

access to your kitchen, outdoor water supply,
and space for storing materials.

• The compost set-up should be in

contact with the soil. This not only allows
microorganisms to enter the composting
process, but also permits proper drainage,
which is crucial.

• The time of year is also important. If

you live in a region where winters are
heavy, you should make compost before
the freezing weather sets in, then allow it
to sit during the winter.

•it with
Protect the compost from rain by covering
a tarp.
If you have the space, a compost pile is better than a bin.

Aerobic or anaerobic?
Two types of microorganisms work the Tips for your compost pile
compost. Which type you have depends on
how you make your compost. •needsArea you watering enough? Compost
little bit of water in order to heat
1. AEROBIC MICROORGANISMS require up. Use a water filter to remove chemicals
an open-air oxygen-rich environment. They since chlorine kills the friendly bacteria.
need compost bins or piles that are turned Don't over-water, though, since too much
over regularly to expose them to oxygen. moisture will drown it.

2. ANAEROBIC MICROORGANISMS do not • Add enough of each type of material in

animal wellness 81
order to get the mixture to heat up:

– Green materials such as grass clippings, new leaves,

vegetable wastes, etc.

– Brown materials such as dried leaves, dried plants (run

through shredder), etc.

– Some type of animal manure such as rabbit, horse, cow,

llama, etc.

– Use rock dust as a mineral source.

– Add a bacterial product such as SuperSeaweed (see my

website), to increase friendly bacterial count.

•is Do not add any chemical fertilizer to your compost. This

a no-no! You can increase the nutritional level of your
compost by adding a good organic slow-release fertilizer
like those available from Peaceful Valley Farm Supplies

• Do not use anything with sewer sludge in it!

Avoid adding meat and dairy wastes, except for crushed

When the compost is ready, you must use it as soon as

possible; otherwise insects, rodents, and other creatures will
use it for themselves! If you have dogs or cats, remember
to use common sense when applying compost. Rake the
compost in well and keep your animals off the lawn or garden
until it has been watered in and dissolved; otherwise they will
get it all over themselves and track it into the house. If your
animal insists on eating the compost, it could mean that the
ingredients have not completely broken down.

Composting is an excellent way to keep your lawns and gardens

healthy, naturally and organically, and it’s infinitely safer for
your dog or cat than chemical fertilizers and other commercial
lawn and garden products. Compost is Mother Nature’s best
hope for our planet, and our animal companions.


To Heal The Earth In Your Spare Time & Natural Pest Control:
Alternative to Chemicals for the Home & Garden. HIS RADIO

82 animal wellness
animal communication
Mita’s story
“On September 19, 1992, my husband Alan, our son Adam, and
I drove to Nashua, New Hampshire, to acquire a red Siberian
puppy,” says Kathy. “The only puppy available was a sweet but
timid girl. When I first picked her up, she held her breath and
formed an ‘O’ shape with her mouth, which we later referred
to as her ‘Mr. Bill mouth.’ Mita’s fear of being held, along
with the ‘Mr. Bill mouth’, stayed with her all her life.”

Mita and Adam

Mita lived happily with Kathy’s family and her two dog
form a fast bond. sisters, Kishka and Shinobee, with no health issues until
Right: Mita too. the age of ten. Then, she developed a tooth abscess
which required extraction. Knowing Mita’s personality,
Kathy felt this procedure would be traumatic
for her, so she contacted me for an animal
communication session. I had been working
with Kathy’s dogs for several years already. “I
felt it was important that Mita fully under-
stood the procedure she would undergo,”
Kathy says. “During our session, Mita
expressed concern about being crated,
so I contacted our veterinarian, Dr. Josh

Atz, and requested that I be able to stay
with Mita the day of the procedure until it
was time for surgery.” After confirming this
was possible, I explained the plan to Mita,
and that helped alleviate her fears.

“It wasn’t until the day of Mita’s surgery that I finally

and the
circle of life
got up the courage to tell Dr. Atz I had been working with
an animal communicator,” adds Kathy. “I was unsure what his
reaction would be, but was delighted to find him interested and
open to what insight Sharon could provide. Mita’s surgery went
well and since that day, there have been many occasions when
Dr. Atz has inquired as to what our girls revealed to Sharon
by Sharon Callahan concerning various events in their lives.”

Kathy listens to her intuition

T he moment I met Kathy Armstrong,
it was obvious she possessed three
great gifts – intuition, the ability to think
Although Mita had always been the healthiest of the three dogs,
Kathy had a fleeting thought one summer evening in 2003 that
Mita would be the first to die. “I thought this was strange as
Mita had not experienced any signs of aging or ill health, but I
outside the box, and the courage to speak had also learned to listen to my intuition.” By September, Mita
had been diagnosed with kidney disease. The only symptom she
openly and directly from her heart. These
displayed was a decreased appetite so the diagnosis came as quite
gifts were put to the test when her beautiful a shock. During a communication session, Mita told us she had
no immediate plans to leave, and felt fine. She said she still had
Siberian husky, Mita, became ill. more to teach the people she loved. “Over the next few months

84 animal wellness
animal communication
America’s Original
Dog Treat!
Mita’s health stabilized,” says Kathy. “She was active, happy, her appetite returned “With all the love and care from home.”
Full line of dog chews & low fat pig ears
to normal and our bond of love deepened.”
All natural lean beef marrow bones
Made to your dog’s satisfaction!
In March, her appetite began fluctuating again. Blood tests revealed her kidney disease
had progressed. “Since Mita’s future was uncertain, and I wanted the best for her, I
requested that Dr. Atz contact Sharon directly so we could all work together to support
Mita in the highest way possible,” says Kathy. “He agreed, and gave Sharon a call.”

Preparing for transition

During a communication session in November of 2004, Mita gave us the impression BONES GALORE
Pet Division of New England Marketing
that she was walking in two worlds – the physical world and the world of spirit. She P.O. Box 615, Manchester, CT 06045
indicated that when the time was right, she would have to make a decision whether ‘NEW’ Ostrich femur bone
to stay on earth or focus her attention completely in the invisible world. She assured Cholesteral Free All Natural Bone
Small $10.00 • Large $16.00
us that she was not in any pain but just felt weak. “Dr. Atz and I had discussed
giving Mita IV fluids via a needle under
the skin, but when Mita told Sharon
she did not want this done, he
agreed we needed to honor
Dr. Atz on To place order, call:
her request,” says Kathy. (860)646-8209 Toll Free: (877)646-1991
animal communication Wholsale Inquiries Invited
Kathy had an intuition
that Mita would leave “Like any approach to helping our patients through
them at Christmas. At diagnosing, managing, treating, healing, and understanding,
11 p.m. on Christmas I think animal communication is one more tool in our medicine bag.
night, Mita collapsed, The bigger the bag you carry, the more information you can get and
never to get up again. the more options you can provide. Nothing about animal communication
“Although the deci- replaces or usurps the role or use of medicine, but the ability to get
sion to say goodbye more information from our pets in such a loving way (I don’t want to
to her was agonizing, poke, prod, position, push, or invade…I want to talk with you)
we knew Mita needed should not be dismissed even by those skeptical of its reality.
to be free of her physical Indeed, what other ‘diagnostics’ allow the guardian
body,” says Kathy. “We and animal to be brought closer together?
didn’t want to hold her In short, it can be a very useful
back with our grief. I spoke medium to utilize.”
with Dr. Atz and requested that
when Mita was given the injection,
we all visualize it filled with white light,
asking that it be used for Mita’s highest good. Dr. Atz agreed and on December
29, he lovingly assisted her transition. As Mita was leaving, I said to her, ‘I send you
light, I send you love, I send you wings to fly’.”

Mita’s return
The following February, Kishka was also approaching transition. Mita indicated
through Sharon that she was waiting to greet Kishka on the other side. Once
Kishka was “settled”, Mita said she would return to us in a new body, giving me

animal wellness 85
animal communication
SUPERFOOD lots of signs along the way so I would have no doubts.

MAGIC! Most supplements

On May 29, Kathy received a referral to a Canadian husky breeder.
“I was told there were two litters due. The first was due May 31,
and the next about ten days later. I decided to call back on my
birthday on June 4, knowing that if the litter was born that day it
Activate treat symptoms.
was a sign from Mita that she had returned. The morning of my
your pet’s Wake up your animal’s
natural ability instinctive ability to heal birthday, I called to inquire about the puppies to find they were
to heal! with the super nutrition in in the process of being delivered! My intuition told me she would
this whole food nutraceutical be in a gray body. At the time of my call, a gray female was ‘on
the ground’. I couldn’t have been more excited, especially when
Give back the essential
nutrients Mita confirmed through Sharon that her soul was now residing
Nature in that gray puppy body.
BioPreparation is a holistic
product containing over 4,000 On the first of August, Kathy and her husband drove to Canada
enzymes, EFAs of Omega 3, to get Mita. “When she was first placed in my arms and I spoke,
6 & 9, phytonutrients and
she turned her head as if to say, ‘I know your voice.’ Once she
anti-oxidants 1,000 times more
powerful than Vitamin E. Backed saw my face, she started kissing me repeatedly. Her reaction with
by over 30 years of research. my husband was the same. When I picked Mita up the second
time, something amazing happened - she did a perfect ‘Mr. Bill
Optimum Choices, LLC mouth’. That said it all. We returned home with Mita on her
866-305-2306 previous birthday of August 2.” When she entered the house, Kathy reports, Mita ran right to her water bowl as thought she remembered exactly where it was, then raced through the house as
if she owned it. “There was no question that our girl was back.”


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86 animal wellness
animal wellness 87
what’s gnu?
High-tech treatment For good sports
Along with a respiratory and circulatory system, our bodies Disc catching is one of the fastest-growing canine sports today. Not
(and our animals’) also have an electromagnetic system. only is it excellent exercise for you and your dog,
Cells, tissues and but it’s also loads of fun and a
organs have their great bonding experience.
own specific Hyperflite’s Disc Dog
oscillations that Training DVD shows
influence and you how to train
correlate with your dog to become
one another to a skilled disc grabber.
form an individual’s With action-packed
overall oscillation film footage, tips and
pattern or spectrum. techniques, canine disc World
In an unhealthy animal, foreign substances such as bacteria, Champions Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry introduce you to the excit-
toxins, parasites and allergens disturb this pattern. BICOM ing world of disc sports and take you step-by-step through the train-
2000 is a computer-controlled diagnostic tool that uses ing methods used by the experts. To help you get started, the DVD
electrodes and resonance technology to pick up and comes with a free Jawz flying disc. One word of warning –
identify these disturbances. It also helps treat the related both you and Rover may find this sport addictive!
illness, be it allergies, joint problems, pain or metabolic
disorders, by sending healing electromagnetic frequencies
and biofeedback information to the animal, stimulating his
body’s self-healing powers.

Probiotics to the rescue

An imbalance in intestinal flora can cause a range of problems, from
allergies and yeast infections to skin problems and digestive upsets. New
from Cycles of Life is Geneflora for Pets, a probiotic formula containing
Bacillus coagulans (L. sporogenes). Unlike L. acidophilus, these hardy, Three-fold healing
beneficial bacteria easily survive stomach acid so they can reach the On their own, aromatherapy, massage
intestines intact. Geneflora also contains gelatin for joint health, fiber and Vita-Flex (a variation of reflexology)
acacia to feed the good bacteria, and proteolytic enzymes are immensely healing therapies that
to reduce inflammation and enhance digestion. can bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Now you and your dog or horse
(essential oils should not be used on
cats) can enjoy the benefits of all three
modalities with the Raindrop Technique
Kit. The kit includes nine high-quality
therapeutic-grade essential oils and
blends and two massage oils. To learn
how to apply the Raindrop Technique, a
DVD or video is also available.

88 animal wellness
Treats for special needs
If your dog has allergies, you need to be careful what treats to give
him. At least, you did until now. New from Ark Naturals, Sea “Mobility”
Venison jerky strips are made
especially for allergic dogs who
also need joint support. Made from
natural venison, the strips contain
no corn or wheat, major causes of
allergies in many dogs. Each strip
also offers therapeutic levels of
glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM
for good joint health. Taste test Animals are like kids – they’re more likely to
take their vitamins if they taste good. Healthy
Pet Systems has recently introduced a second
flavor to its duo of nutritional supplements.
Now available in apple as well as bacon-flavored
powder, their Longevity Formula provides all the
necessary vitamins and minerals for good health
and strong immunity, while the Flexor Formula is
especially designed for animals with arthritis, joint
Be seeing you problems or dysplasia.
You may not realize it, but
animals are just as prone to
eye problems as humans are.
Eye Care for Animals ensures
your dog, cat or horse gets the care he or she needs by
providing high quality, cutting edge ophthalmology services,
from cataract or tumor removal to glaucoma treatments
and retinal reattachment. The organization is staffed by
board certified veterinary ophthalmologists and specialists
and has clinics across the U.S., including in California,
Arizona, Kansas and Illinois.

Picture perfect
Pet portraiture is an increasingly popular way for people to immortalize their
beloved animal companions. Warren Ingalls, who has been a full-time artist for
ten years, specializes in detailed, richly-colored pet portraits done in graphite and
colored pencil. Working from photographs, Warren uses his talent to capture not
only the appearance but also the essence and soul of the animal. Estimates are free.

animal wellness 89
animal passages

by Nancy Perkins

When I was a teenager, my aunt had
a Bichon Frise that she adored. To
everyone else, Buddy was a little ball
of fluff with a huge attitude. He was
nasty when she had visitors. He was
so possessive of Aunt Bev that he
would try to keep us away from her,
and would growl and nip at our ankles
when we got close. While I found him
annoying, it was evident my aunt was
extremely attached to him.

I’ll never forget the day he died. My

mother answered the phone, and I
could hear my aunt crying on the
other end. I was expecting her to be
upset, but I hadn’t expected her grief
to be that bad. Normally happy and
peaceful, Aunt Bev was inconsolable
for a long time. I thought she had
truly gone crazy when I heard she was
paying to have Buddy cremated so she

Left: Nicky at eight years old.

Opposite: Nicky as a puppy
with Katie, Nancy, and Adam.

90 animal wellness
animal passages

could keep his ashes

on her mantel. It was hard my insides had been
ripped out. I was
a wreck, just like
I had never lost a
dog I adored so I to be at home Aunt Bev when she
lost Buddy.
couldn’t understand
what Aunt Bev was
without him...
Because Nicky was functional
going through. That
was until I became
so special, I wanted
to give him a suit- comfortable!
an animal guardian able burial in the
myself and experienced the loss of our backyard, but my neighbor said it
own precious dog. was illegal in our area. I called a few
pet cemeteries in southern Ontario,
As I write, I can see Nicky’s box of but they were all too far away. I
ashes on top of our piano. We lost our wanted Nicky to stay close to us.
beautiful yellow Lab just a few weeks Then, I remembered the little urn of
before Christmas. He had battled ashes on Aunt Bev’s mantel.
cancer for about six months. On the
night before he died, Nicky had a I decided to have Nicky cremated,
seizure and fell down a flight of stairs. and chose a pet crematory in Guelph, The Hug-A-Dog®
We knew we couldn’t prolong his Ontario. When I called, the voice
suffering any more, and the vet came of the director was very calming.
Walking Harness
Built with your dog’s comfort and safety
the next day to put him to rest. He explained the process in detail in mind. Form-fitting, easy-on, no straps to
and the different options available. I untangle or rub your dog. Tranfers “pulling
pressure” to body of harness.
A sudden cold settled on the house could have Nicky cremated alone or Many colors and patterns.
after Nicky was gone. It was hard to with other dogs, so of course I chose We can fit any breed
be at home without him. I realized I the first option. I also chose to have from teacups to giants!
was feeling what other bereaved animal him waked before the cremation. I’ve
lovers experience – an emptiness as if always believed that a wake helps one 800.444.9475
Mention ANIMAL WELLNESS for free shipping!

animal wellness 91
come to terms with the death of a loved One of the attendants then escorted “Rainbow Bridge”, tied with a ribbon.
one, providing the necessary closure, me to a waiting room where I sobbed
and I needed this for Nicky as well. quietly to myself. The room was As I drove home through the snow-
comfortable and cozy with leather storm, I experienced a sense of
My husband loved Nicky, but decided couches and a large fish aquarium. peacefulness that I hadn’t felt since
he’d rather not come to the crematory. Soothing music was playing overhead. before Nicky died.
We felt our sons, ages six and ten, were The walls were decorated with lovely
too young for the experience, and my pet poems. I sat on a comfy couch and Nicky’s cedar box now sits on top of
daughter Katie was away at university, read an assortment of dog magazines the piano beside one of our favorite
so I went on my own. that were on the coffee table. pictures of him. It looks like it belongs
there. When the weather is warmer, I
We had a horrible snowstorm the day of The attendant helped me choose a box may bury it in our garden, but I like
the wake, and I was late. The directors for Nicky’s ashes. They had a nice having it just where it is, making us
waited for me, however, and I had about assortment of urns and wooden boxes feel that Nicky is close by.
15 minutes alone with Nicky before he to choose from. I chose a cedar box
was cremated. He was lying on a blanket because I liked the look of the natural I had guests last week and someone
and looked like a puppy peacefully wood – it had a warm feeling to it. asked about the box. When I told her
sleeping. They had bathed and brushed it was my deceased dog, she didn’t
him and his coat was shiny. He looked When Nicky’s cremation was over, look impressed. But it doesn’t matter
so different from the day he died. I said I was handed his cedar box of ashes – Aunt Bev would understand.
my final goodbyes and tied his favorite inside a cardboard carton. Tucked in
scarf around his neck. beside the box was a copy of the poem

92 animal wellness
Enter our 4th Annual
Amazing Animals Photo Contest!
You could win an original portrait of your animal, a gift basket
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Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest and
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your photo will appear in an upcoming issue of
Animal Wellness Magazine for all to see. What a
great tribute to your special friend!

You can enter in one of the categories below, or

simply let our judges choose which category fits
best. Enter by April 14, 2006 for your chance to win.
• Best photo • Funniest
• Most artistic • Happiest
• Best bond • Best eyes
• Biggest attitude • Most athletic
• Best nature-lover • Best pals
2005 "Best Photo" winner
"Suzie" by Joanne Lowe, Toronto, ON

The rules are simple:

1. Send a digital photo, scanned at a CAN: 164 Hunter St. W., Peterborough, photos of each animal in your home.
minimum of 5"x7", at 300 dpi resolution ON K9H 2L2
in a tif, jpeg or pdf format to: 4. . All photos become property of Redstone or send 2. Please remember to include your name, Media Group. Redstone Media Group reserves
a good quality hard copy original photo (not a address and telephone number, along with the right to publish all photos in Animal
color copy) of your animal to: your animal's name, sex and age (if known) Wellness Magazine, and on our website. We
and a short description of the photo. Hard regret that photos cannot be returned.
Photo Contest, Animal Wellness Magazine, copy photos must have contact information
printed on the back of the photo. 5. Winners will be notified by phone or mail
US: PMB 168, 8174 S. Holly St., and winning photos will appear in a future
Centennial, CO 80122 3..You may submit a maximum of two issue of Animal Wellness.

Thanks to our sponsors: Nature's Manna


animal wellness 93
Heaven? Title: Tails Are Not for Pulling
Author: Elizabeth Verdick and
YES, Marieka Heinlen
and they are
free to visit Small children love animals, but they don’t always
us, and even understand that it isn’t okay to squeeze or pinch
return to us them or pull their tails. Tails Are Not for Pulling is an
in a brand educational book that teaches preschoolers to be kind and gentle with the
new body. animals in their lives, whether it’s a dog, cat, hamster or rabbit. Written by children’s author
Elizabeth Verdick and illustrated by Marieka Heinlen, this book uses simple sentences and
Heavenly Paws
big, colorful pictures to convey the message that animals are for loving, not teasing.
by Lynda J.
Austin will bring great comfort to those
At the back of the book, parents and caregivers will find important suggestions for teaching
who love animals. It portrays how the love
youngsters to be kind to animals, how to explain why some grown-ups are cruel to animals,
bond and cycle of life are never broken.
and what children should do if they see an animal being abused. There are also some interesting informational tidbits about animals and how they communicate with each other
Available at: and with humans. Tails Are Not for Pulling is a valuable addition to any small child’s library. or Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Title: Healthy Animal's Journal

Author: Christina Chambreau, DVM
Your animal’s health involves a wide range of factors, from diet and supplementation to
exercise and veterinary visits. It can be difficult keeping track of everything you need to
know and remember, but homeopathic veterinarian Christina Chambreau makes the job
easier with the Healthy Animal’s Journal – What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat
Live a Long and Healthy Life.

This handy book helps you create a personalized record of

your beloved companion’s health and well being. Along with
tips on how to recognize signs of illness and what to do to
improve your companion’s health and longevity, the book
includes information on nutrition, over-vaccination, alterna-
treatments and more. Dr. Chambreau also shows you
how to use the blank journal pages to track your animal’s
health, recognize signs of trouble, and record his response
to various foods, treatments and therapies. Practical and
informative, the Healthy Animal’s Journal helps you take
an interactive role in your best friend’s wellness.

Publisher: TRO Productions

94 animal wellness
Title: Dogs Bite
Author: Janis Bradley
A lot of media attention is given to dog bite incidents, but
how much of the resulting hype is really justified? While
there’s no denying that dog bites can be dangerous,
statistics show that more children die from choking on
marbles or balloons than in dog attacks, while more adults
are killed in bedroom slipper related accidents.

In Dogs Bite – but Balloons and Slippers are More Dangerous, dog training instructor
Janis Bradley takes a detailed look at the cultural phobia surrounding dog bites and
suggests that much of the public’s fear is exaggerated, blown out of proportion by the
media and by dubious research. She then discusses the many benefits of dogs and
show how they actually save lives by reducing stress and illness in their guardians.
The book also looks at dog bite legislation and liability, and closes with some simple
strategies for reducing dog bites. A must read for everyone, whether dog lover or no.

Publisher: James & Kenneth Publishers

Title: Soothing Stories and Music for the Solo Dog

Author: Debi Weldon
It’s a fact that dogs can benefit both from the
calming qualities of music and the sound of the
human voice. Debi Weldon combines the two in her
new CD Soothing Stories and Music for the Solo
Dog. This unique CD includes twelve delightful dog
stories set to selections of classical music by Bach,
Mozart, Beethoven and other famous names. From “A
Walk in the Park” to “A Day at the Beach,” each story
looks at the world from a canine point of view with wit,
humor and doggy enthusiasm.

Soothing Stories and Music for the Solo Dog makes a great “pet sitter” for when your
pooch has to be alone. The music and voices will calm and entertain your dog and help
lessen boredom and separation anxiety. But that’s not the only way you can use the CD.
Listening to it in the company of your canine companion is a great stress-buster –
classical music is as relaxing to humans as it is to dogs, and the stories will bring a
smile to your face.

Publisher: Debi Weldon Productions

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animal wellness 103

Index to Animal Wellness Display & Ad Spot advertisers – Volume 8 Issue 1
4Pets Inc. .................................................................24 Eye Care for Animals .............................................72 Pet Naturals of Vermont ................................7, 9, 11
Advanced Vapor Technologies .............................23 Flea Free .................................................................99 Pet Planet Resort & Day Spa ..............................102
Alternatives For Healing ........................................98 Flexi USA ................................................................64 Pet Science Labs ................................33, 41, 47, 53
American Anti-Vivisection Society .......................23 Four Paws Sleeping ...............................................98 Petlane ....................................................................99
American BioSciences Inc. ...................................35 Fresh Pet Club, Inc. ..............................................101 PolyMVA ..................................................................30
American College of Applied Science ................100 Furry Angel ...........................................................100 Precious ..................................................101
Amixx Pets ..............................................................96 Gail M Jewell, DVM ................................................99 Primal Pet Foods, Inc. ............................................27
Amore Pet Foods ....................................................59 Get Serious! Products .............................................13 Prozyme Products Inc. .............................................2
Anaflora ...................................................................99 Great Life Performance Pet Products ..................20 RoverWrap ..............................................................98
Animal Amulets ......................................................71 Gulf Island Dog Biscuit Co. ...................................57 ............................................................30
Animal Energy ........................................................96 Happy Pet Products, LLC ......................................98 Sittin’ Pretty Cat Productions ..............................102
Animal Land ..........................................................102 Happy Tails Animal Rescue ..................................97 Smiling Blue Skies .................................................98
Animal Lights .........................................................99 Healthy Paws Pet Nutrition Centre .......................96 Soggy Dog Manufacturing ..................................101
Art By Mel .............................................................101 Healthy Pet Systems .......................................15, 53 Sojourner Farms Pet Products .............................82
Assisi International Animal Institute ....................28 Heart of my Heart Pet Boutique ...........................75 Solid Gold ................................................................87
Barf ..............................................51, 102 Herbie’s Herbs ........................................................57 Solo Pet Doors ........................................................15
Biologic Vetnx ...................................................16, 56 HydroDog ................................................................27 Spirit Talk Magazine ............................................102
Blissful Biscuits ......................................................96 In Defense Of Animals ...........................................92 Steve’s Real Food, Inc. ............................................5
Blue Ridge Bones ...................................................94 Infrared Heat & Massage for Dogs ......................61 Stratford Career Institute .....................................100
Bones Galore ..........................................................85 Ingalls Art ................................................................75 Symbiotics ..............................................................54
Bonnie Blumenfeld, RVT .......................................98 Interdependant Pictures ........................................54 Tail Blazers ..............................................................97
Botanical Dog .........................................................97 K9 Companions ......................................................85 Talking Pets Radio ..................................................42
Bowowow & Dogma ............................................100 Kelly-Ann Ridge ......................................................96 Tellington TTouch ...................................................99
BRAVO! ....................................................................41 Larz Equipment Inc. ...............................................45 Terri Steuben ..........................................................96
Breeder’s Choice ....................................................43 Lebalab Inc. .............................................................19 The Good Dog Company .....................................101
California Veterinary Supply .................................97 Lynda Austin ...........................................................94 The Holistic Horse ..................................................78
Canine College ........................................................73 Mandala Riding & Awareness Centre ................101 The Integrated Animal .........................................100
Carter Craft Ltd. ...................................................101 Mass Mutual/Michel Financial Group ................108 The Invisible Gardener ...........................................99
City Cats Biz ............................................................24 Moe Toys .................................................................97 The Musical Rainbow ............................................98
Conscious Talk Radio .............................................74 MVP Laboratories, Inc. ..........................................58 The Plant Mill Gifts & Garden Art ........................97
Creative Pet Supply ...............................................95 My Crystal Companion ........................................100 The Urban Carnivore .............................................82
Cycles of Life ..........................................................36 National Animal Supplement Council ..................34 The Wholistic Pet ...................................................33
D3 Pet Productions ................................................91 Natural Canine ........................................................97 Timberwolf Organics .............................................21
Dewey’s Wheelchairs For Dogs ...........................99 Nature of the Pet .....................................................97 Tobz Corp ..............................................................101
Diane’s Little Lambs ..............................................58 Nature’s Variety ........................................................3 Treetops Rocklyn Limited ....................................100
Dinovite Inc. ............................................................80 Nickers International, Ltd. .....................................46 Tripett .......................................................................17
Diva Doggie .............................................................10 Northwest Naturals ................................................29 Triple Pet .................................................................98
Dixie Dig LLC ........................................................101 Northwest School of Animal Massage ................40 Trips with Pets ........................................................95
Dog Bed Works ......................................................64 Nu Hemp/KicX Nutrition Inc. ................................75 Uptown Poochie ....................................................101
Elec Western Medical Devices Ltd. ......................98 Nutro Products, Inc. ...............................................39 V. Pavel Ltd. ............................................................45
Elemental Acupressure .......................................100 Only Natural Pet Store ...........................................81 V-dogfood, LLC .......................................................64
EnLighthouse, Inc. .................................................91 Optimum Choices, LLC. ........................................86 Vitality Science, Inc./Pet Flora .............................62
Equatorial Group, Ltd. ..........................................102 Paul’s Pet Food .......................................................38 Water Rover/G4 Ventures, Inc. .............................14
Equissage ...............................................................77 Pawmax ..................................................................99 Well Beings - Senior Cat & Dog Products ............97
Essex Cottage Farms ............................................63 Pawprints Jewelry ..................................................28 Whiskers Holistic Pet Products ............................96
Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. ............................83 PawSteps ................................................................86 Whole Children Whole Planet Expo .....................79
Evolution Diet Pet Food Corp ................................96 Pet Care Insurance ...............................................107 Yeshe Dorje Foundation .........................................25

104 animal wellness

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animal wellness 105
by Luise Bolleber
a girl’s best friend
W hat do you do when your boy-
friend decides he doesn’t want
to move into your new house with
you after all? You cry for awhile, then
arrange your furniture and paint walls
by yourself. You eat a pint or two of
name and “Let’s go for a car ride”.

Your dog needs lots of exercise so you

incorporate him into your workout
routine by taking daily walks. Sometimes
you have to hose him down after he
family now ask where your dog is if he
isn’t with you. You wonder how you ever
lived without him.

After several years, you meet a wonderful

man and get married. Your husband loves
Haagen Daz coffee ice cream and watch has deliberately run through every mud your dog as much as you do, which is
When Harry met Sally about three times. puddle, ditch, and stream in the park, fortunate for him, otherwise you wouldn’t
And then you go out and get a dog! or spend 30 minutes picking out all the have married him. You hear through the
burrs stuck in his fur, but you enjoy the grapevine that your old boyfriend is still
You know a dog will be a loyal companion, walks as much as he does. dating around and living in the same
and you are ready for such a commitment. crummy apartment. You have no hard
You go crazy at the pet supply store Eventually, your eight-pound puppy feelings. After all, if he hadn’t backed out
and buy him fancy bowls, a variety of turns into a 50-pound dog. Your life of your life, you wouldn’t have found your
toys, a brush and comb, fleece doggy revolves around him. You go home on sensational dog and terrific husband.
bed, a collar and leash and custom dog your lunch break and right after work so
tag, pet stain remover, and a car seat you can let him out and play with him. So what do you say to a girlfriend when
cover. You also buy a copy of The Art He goes with you when you run errands she and her boyfriend break up? Tell her
of Raising a Puppy and a Bissell Little on weekends. He sleeps on the floor by to thank her lucky stars because fabulous
Green Clean Machine. your bed. And just as they used to ask things are just around the corner. She
about your boyfriend, your friends and will want your advice, and you can say,
You want a dog that’s better behaved “I’m so happy you asked. Let me tell you
than your boyfriend so you take him to about my dog...”
puppy kindergarten. He becomes
versed in commands like Sit,
Stay, Down, and Come, the If you have an amusing story you'd
most important words in like to submit, send it to: Tail End, at
a dog’s life besides his

106 animal wellness

animal wellness 107
She puts up with your snoring and never whines. She loves you when the world
has maligned you. She accepts you in your unpleasantness. She kisses you, listens to you

and keeps you company. She warms your heart and brings joy to your life.

A lifetime of love deserves a lifetime of care. SM

She’s more than a dog, she’s family and she loves you unconditionally. But what would conditions look like
if you were not here to take care of her? At MassMutual, we understand how much you care. That’s why we
provide you with financial tools such as life insurance to help make sure she enjoys a safe and secure future*.
Call Frank Sena, Vice President, at 413-744-4410 to schedule a
no-obligation financial analysis with a MassMutual financial services
representative. We care for animal companions as much as you do.

* This is not pet insurance. MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing designation (or fleet name) for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliates.

108 animal wellness

To advertise in the Ontario Region section
of Animal Wellness Magazine, contact

Anne Gibson at: 416-504-4310

Helping the underdog is

all in a day’s work for Lin Gardinor
by Ann Brightman

Y ou might think that caring for one special needs dog

would be challenge enough. Not for Lin Gardinor.
She and her husband, who reside in the Oshawa area, have
our own, and the other three are fosters,” says Lin.

Her devotion to helping dogs with hearing loss started around

opened their home to no fewer than five deaf dogs, including 12 years ago. “I was working full-time at a hospital in Toronto
a trio of great Danes, as well as one hearing dog. “Three are and part of my job was to teach people who were deaf how

animal wellness – ontario region i

Lin’s canine family of deaf dogs keeps her on her toes.

to drive,” Lin explains. “I had to have sign language for Lin adopted the dog, who turned out to be a very special
that. At the time, I had rescued a dog named Brytni, and animal. “Her name was Maggie-Mae and she ended up being
although she could hear perfectly well I taught her sign quite famous,” says Lin. “She learned to respond to more
language just for the fun of it.” As it turned out, Brytni than 130 ASL signs. We did a lot of presentations for Brownie
seemed to appreciate Lin’s non-verbal cues, and responded groups, seniors and others, and she even got profiled on TV
extremely well to them. “She’d had a horrible life and was programs, including one for Animal Planet.”
really nervous,” says Lin. “I guess she’d been yelled at
a lot.” Lin and Brytni subsequently did sign language Maggie-Mae has been gone four years now, but Lin says
demonstrations at fairs and other events. “At one fair, we she left behind a powerful legacy. “A lot of people say
met a woman from the Port Perry pound. She called me it’s because of her achievements that they adopted a deaf
several days later to tell me they had an Australian shepherd dog. She inspired me as well, because I learned not to be
that needed someone who knew sign language, because she intimidated by her deafness.” Lin went on to adopt three
was deaf and they were going to put her to sleep.” deaf great Danes, Miss Olyvia, Miss Molly Dukes, and

ii animal wellness – ontario region

Miss Annie. Two other deaf dogs, including a Jack
I have this overwhelming
Russell terrier named Miss Macy, and one hearing
urge to help and protect the
dog, round out the current canine household. All
the dogs are given the best of care, including a raw
diet and access to complementary therapies when
needed, such as acupuncture and chiropractic. And it
doesn’t stop there. Lin and her husband also have a
14-year-old adopted special needs son, Justin, who is
both blind and quadriplegic. “Teddy, the puppy, just
underdog. My mother was a foster
mom for children, so there was

loves him,” says Lin. “He waits for Justin to come always somebody to nurture.
home and climbs onto his wheelchair
to say hello.”

Although Lin has her work cut out

for her, she wouldn’t have it any other
way. “I have this overwhelming urge
to help and protect the underdog,”
she says. “My mother was a foster
mom for children, so there was always
somebody to nurture when I was
growing up at home in England. We
also had dogs, a Dalmatian and later
a German shepherd. I learned that
just because a person or an animal
has problems, you don’t give them
up. Deaf dogs are just as worthy of
adoption as any other dog.”

Lin spreads the word whenever she

can by helping people with their
own deaf dogs, answering questions,
doing some training or instruction,
or simply lending an understanding
ear to those who want to talk. She
also takes her dogs around to seniors’
homes. “We visit seniors because a
lot of them can’t hear either,” says
Lin. “Miss Molly Dukes is especially
good with them.”

Thanks to Lin and her canine

companions, it seems a growing
number of people are coming around
to her own way of thinking. “I don’t
get as many calls from shelters as
I used to, but I don’t think that’s
because there are fewer deaf dogs
around,” she says. “I think it’s because
more people are willing to open their
hearts to a dog with special needs.”

animal wellness – ontario region iii

iv animal wellness – ontario region
How massage and Tellington TTouch
got Jordi back on his feet
by Deborah Brady Degnon

atching Jordi trot down the sidewalk of his partially lame in the rear end; his hind legs could only support
Annex neighborhood in Toronto, you would his weight for a few steps, then he would fall over. To complicate
never imagine that just months ago he couldn’t matters, he had diabetes and Cushings disease. Yet Jordi was
even walk across the living room floor. I first thrilled to have a visitor and struggled over to greet me with
met the twelve-year-old bichon frise when his happy yapping and a wagging tail.
guardian, Kathy, contacted me for pet massage.
Getting started
After meeting Jordi, I was impressed with his outgoing and
friendly demeanor, but alarmed by his poor health. He was With consistent weekly massage, I was able to increase the

animal wellness – ontario region v

Healing touches

Massage and Tellington TTouch are gaining recognition as effective

health care options that complement regular veterinary care. Practitioners
are more easily accessed than ever before and guardians can learn
many of these techniques for themselves in fun group workshops.
These therapies not only improve your companion’s well-being, but they
provide an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your animal.

Massage involves gently touching and moving muscles, connective

tissue, and skin to promote increased circulation to all the organs and
tissues of the animal’s body. Tellington TTouch, meanwhile, is a gentle
method for enhancing the mental, emotional and physical well-being of
an animal. It consists of three parts: TTouches, Leading Exercises and
Confidence Course.

Benefits of massage and TTouch

Enhance and maintain health
Relieve stiffness and arthritic pain
Increase confidence and learning ability
Improve athletic performance
Reduce stress
Increase muscle tone
Improve flexibility
Identify concerns to address with vet
Gentle behavior modification With Deborah’s help, Jordi now enjoys increased
mobility and health.

muscle strength and joint flexibility in Jordi’s hindquarters.

The massage also removed toxins by increasing lymph flow
as well as the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells
through improved blood circulation. I used light pressure
massage techniques such as tapping, skin rolling, joint
compression and mobility.

Over time, I added some acupressure and Tellington

TTouches. The TTouches, which are circular movements
of the skin using different hand positions, are named after
different animals. Jordi really enjoyed “tarantulas pulling the
plow” (two thumbs held together are pulled along the skin by
walking the fingers along the animal).

Jordi makes progress

By the second week, Jordi was able to pull himself up with
less effort. He could walk a few steps but his balance was still
poor and he would fall frequently. The solution came in the
form of a simple custom harness which gave extra support
to his rear legs. This “rear gear” system allowed the little
dog to practice his balance just as a child practices balancing
on a bicycle with training wheels. Jordi and Kathy practiced
walking with the rear gear, making frequent turns.

By the third week, Jordi was much more mobile and was

vi animal wellness – ontario region

Within two months,
Retail Opportunity for Pet Lovers
Jordi’s walking improved
significantly. He is now
able to run outside
without his rear gear
and can even hop up
and down curbs.

able to walk a couple of blocks on his More than 60 unique stores specializing in natural and wholesome pet
rear gear. Kathy also noticed that he foods with a full range of pet care accessories. If you currently own a pet
was happier and more energetic. His leg food store or you’re looking into opening one and would like to explore
muscles were stronger and toned up, so how a buying group of this size can dramatically improve your margins and
I started adding some range-of-motion grow your overall sales please call...
exercises for his rear legs. Jim Walker
Within two months, Jordi’s walking
improved significantly. He is now able
to run outside without his rear gear and
can even hop up and down curbs. To
With almost 70% of Canadian households having pets,
prevent a possible setback, Kathy carries this unique opportunity
him up and down stairs. His legs have has been steadily growing for 30 years.
noticeably improved muscle tone and
flexibility and his back appears to be
For those who just love their family pets please accept the following coupon which
straighter. Another positive side effect
we’d like to invite you to use at any of our stores!!
was that Jordi’s insulin dosage was
reduced by 25%. We have also been able
! Coupon
to reduce the frequency of Jordi’s touch
sessions to once a month. He has much
NEW Nature’s Harvest All Natural Pet Foods
more energy and an improved appetite,
and Kathy says he is happy. $5.00 OFF – 30 Ib dog and 13.2 Ib cat (all formulas)

Working to help Jordi regain his mobility

has been a rewarding experience. It
$2.00 OFF – 8.8 Ib dog and cat (all formulas)

was a joy to watch this little dog make

so much remarkable improvement.
Kathy and Jordi are both enjoying his
new independence.
For your closest store call us at
Coupon valid for first visit only. Cannot be used in
conjunction with any other discounts. No Cash Value.
(both offers expire March 31, 2006)

animal wellness – ontario region vii

gives Siberian huskies
a second chance
at a happy life

by Lorraine Houston

Nearly everyone has a favorite
breed of dog. For husband
and wife team Paul and Nedi
Sweeney, that breed is the
Siberian husky. For many years,

animal wellness – ontario region

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Guildwood Village
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Nedi Sweeney and MacKenzie enjoy the crisp autumn air during a woodland walk.
(416) 724-1637
the Roslin-based couple had been taking in homeless and displaced
Siberians from shelters and individuals who could no longer keep
them. “As one Siberian turned into two, then four, six and eight, we
realized the magnitude of unwanted dogs out there,” says Paul.

Seeing a niche that needed to be filled, Paul and Nedi officially formed
the SHEBA Foundation (
in 1995. The non-profit Siberian husky rescue organization was
named after the Sweeneys’ then 11-year-old Siberian, Sheba; the
initials also stand for Siberian Husky Emergency Boarding and
Adoption. SHEBA’s goal is to give the dogs a second chance at
the life they deserve by finding them new homes, and to help the
public understand that this breed, although magnificently beautiful,
is not for everyone. Siberian huskies are high-energy dogs that
need a lot of exercise.

SHEBA is more than adoption and education. The Sweeneys have

implemented programs and events that assist humans as well as dogs.
One is the Quinte Vocational Support Services program (QVSS),
which involves two groups of six to 12 developmentally challenged
adults who come to the rescue site twice a week to help care for the
dogs. Their duties include brushing, walking and playing with the
huskies, or simply sitting and petting them.

During the winter, recreational dog sled rides at the “Sweeney Resort”
are a big hit with visitors. Paul recalls an Australian family who were
visiting relatives in Ontario. “They wanted to know if they could get 1.705.428.3486 or visit us at:

animal wellness – ontario region ix

x animal wellness – ontario region
SHEBA’s goal is to give the dogs a second

a picture of their children sitting in the basket of the chance at the life they deserve by finding them
dog sled, because no one back home would believe it,”
says Paul. After the photograph had been taken, Paul new homes, and to help the public understand
took the children for a ride, then sent them into the
house where Nedi gave them a cup of hot chocolate.
“Seeing their father’s delighted expression, I asked him
that this breed, although magnificently
if he would like to take the dogs for a run, adding that
all the trails loop back to the house so he couldn’t get beautiful, is not for everyone.
lost,” continues Paul. “After thinking
about it for about an eighth of a
second, he asked how to get the sled
around corners.” Paul showed him
the basics, and off the man went. “I
went into the house and after almost
40 minutes came back out to see him
coming over the hill after what must
have been his third or fourth trip
around the trails. His eyelashes were
almost frozen together, he had icicles
hanging from his moustache and a
smile that went beyond ear to ear.”

It’s experiences like these that add

extra joy to the Sweeneys’ work. And,
of course, helping beautiful dogs find
new homes with loving guardians is
the icing on the cake. “SHEBA is
our way of giving back to these dogs
some of the love and loyalty they have
shown us over the years,” explains
Paul. “There is no way to describe
the feeling you get when you watch a
scared, confused soul slowly come out
of his shell and begin to live his life
and develop his own personality.”



animal wellness – ontario region xi

Keeping kitty
teeth clean

by Marnie Astley

From hygiene and diet to medication, genetics and vaccines, fluoride, as well as medications like tetracycline and
many factors are involved in the degree of dental health we doxycycline, can stain the teeth. Giving your cat only pure,
enjoy. The same philosophy applies to our feline friends. Their filtered water can help protect his teeth from the effects of
dental health is also dependent on a range of influences. these toxins.
Some we can’t do a lot about. For example, according to
veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, genetics in some cat breeds It’s a myth that dry food cleans the teeth. A grain-free diet
have a bearing on their dental health. Other factors, however, including raw meat chunks and bones will all but eliminate
we can do something to control: any tartar. Raw meat has tough, stringy connective tissues
that act much like dental floss, while chicken neck bones are
I’m convinced there is an association between over-vaccination nature’s toothbrush.
and poor dental health. We didn’t see the tooth decay we do
now since booster shots became an annual event. Minimizing Home dental care
vaccination is therefore an important step towards helping
preserve the health of your cat’s teeth and gums. Try to get your cat accustomed to having his teeth brushed
from a young age, as this can really help prevent plaque and
Chemicals in our water systems, especially an excess of tartar. Plaque starts out soft, but turns hard and brown as

xii animal wellness – ontario region

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DIY tooth polish
Coenzyme Q10 is a very powerful antioxidant.
Applied to pockets of infected gum tissue, 1/3 c (30%) baking soda
CoQ10 appears to reduce infection. 2/3 c (70%) arrowroot or rice flour

Fragaria is a homeopathic remedy obtained For heavy tartar, add 15 ml or one tablespoon of food
from the wild strawberry. It softens, slows grade organic diatomaceous earth (used in sensitive
down and helps prevent tartar build-up. It’s tooth formulas for humans). To make the toothpaste
effective for gingivitis where mouth ulcers are more palatable, you can flavour it by finely grinding
present. Give 1 pillule of Fragaria 3C once a to a powder some desiccated liver, dried salmon flakes,
day to start, then 1 per week. or dried tuna, chicken, lamb or pork snacks found in
pet shops. Store the powder in an airtight container;
Look for natural products such as Wysong’s then, making only enough toothpaste to last a few days at
Dentatreat, a blend of dental-active natural a time, add enough glycerine to make a paste. Refrigerate.
cheeses and other ingredients that
discourages the growth of Also on the market are some safe paste plaque retardants
plaque-producing bacteria. that you can feed to your cat, as well as enzyme products
that help clean the teeth. There are also products that
can be added to an animal’s water to reduce plaque
build-up; however, these contain anthium dioxide, also
known as chlorine dioxide, a bleaching agent that should
be avoided. Do not accept at face value catch phrases
such as “veterinarian approved” or “made with human
time goes by. When hardened, it is called tartar. If plaque is food grade ingredients” -- find out exactly what you are
removed when still soft the job of cleaning your cat’s teeth using on your cat.
becomes much simpler!
With a little daily TLC, you can help prevent painful dental
Brushing can be easy if you take a clean facecloth, wrap conditions and maintain your kitty’s “pearly whites.”
it around your finger, and gently rub around the gum line,
paying close attention to the upper teeth which attract the MARNIE ASTLEY HAS BEEN PRACTICING RAW FEEDING AND THE USE
most plaque. Specially formulated pet toothpastes and OF MEDICINAL HERBS FOR OVER30 YEARS. SHE LIVES WITH HER
toothbrushes are available (be sure to choose a naturally- FELINE FRIENDS IN SOUTHEASTERNONTARIO. RAISE YOUR PAW FOR
formulated product), or you can try making your own. RAW – WWW.RAWPAWS.LINK.INFO – HOLISTIC MAILING LIST ON YAHOO.

xiv animal wellness – ontario region

Vet techs
enjoy multi-faceted careers
Photo: Ontario Vet Tech Association

Among a vet tech’s many responsibilities are

assisting with diagnostics, surgery, and other
medical procedures.

by Julie Jones ’ve always wanted to work with animals,” says 18-year-old

Lori, who is busy researching careers that will allow her to
realize her dream. “I can’t remember ever being without a

animal wellness – ontario region xv

The Muskoka retreat,
Recently, the OAVT endorsed an
for the furry elite! in-class educational program called
“Be A Tree”. This is a fun and non-
• huge natural dog parks
threatening presentation that
• dog adventure trips
• woodland trails teaches children how to behave >>>
• paw-print painting
around dogs they may encounter.
• powder snow sports
• fireplace lounge
• cable tv (animal planet) cat or dog when I was growing up, and I love pet-sitting
and volunteering at the local shelter. I can’t imagine doing
anything else with my life.” Lori isn’t alone. Many people
decide from a young age that they want to spend their lives
HAPPY TAILS working with animals, whether large or small, slippery or
Pet Resort & Camp
fuzzy. They’re driven to seek a profession that can make a
R.R. #2 Huntsville, ON
positive difference to the critters who give us so much joy
705-789-9181 and unconditional love.

w w w. h a p p y t a i l s . o n . c a Veterinary technology is just such a profession. Imagine

a career where knowledge, skill, care and compassion
combine to form an individual who, under the direction
of a licensed veterinarian, is directly involved in total
patient care.

What is veterinary technology?

Registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) are important

members of your animal’s health care team. Through the
years, the profession has evolved to become recognized
and respected both by animal guardians and members of
the animal health community. RVTs assist veterinarians by
performing a variety of tasks, including collecting patient
samples, performing diagnostic lab work, administering
prescribed medications, delivering and monitoring
anesthesia, monitoring patients during surgery, critical
care monitoring, client relations, nutritional counseling,
and some administrative work.

What are the qualifications?

In addition to college training, successful graduates in

the veterinary technology field must write a registration
examination and complete mandatory continuing

xvi animal wellness – ontario region

education credits in order to maintain RVT status.

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians

( provides its members with many
opportunities to stay abreast of new techniques and
advances. One of these is an annual conference, which
includes well attended sessions on traditional science
and medicine as well as animal behavior, animal
rehabilitation, therapeutic touch, nutrition, and many
forms of integrated medicine.

Currently, an RVT has a few additional ways to further

advance his or her career. Extra post graduate courses
are available in areas of specialization such as dentistry,
hospital management, critical care, and anesthesia. Many
other post grad courses continue to crop up.

What else can a vet tech do?

Not all technicians adhere strictly to traditional veterinary

practice. Many choose to work in wildlife rehabilitation,
zoos, industry sales, or teaching. Some begin their own
businesses, such as pet sitting. Many technicians also
find a spot in specialty hospitals offering services to
exotics, or therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture,
and therapeutic touch. In all these areas of specialization,
RVTs work under the direction of an appropriately
designated veterinarian.

RVTs are also concerned with public health. Recently,

the OAVT endorsed an in-class educational program
called “Be A Tree”. This is a fun and non-threatening
presentation that teaches children how to behave around
dogs they may encounter. The OAVT can send a local
member to your child’s classroom or interest group to
deliver this important message.

On a personal note, I can say that being a RVT has brought

me challenges and rewards that I would never give up.
Having worked in hospitals devoted to the humane care
of animals, some with feathers, some with scales, I can
honestly say that no two days are ever alike!



animal wellness – ontario region xvii

Avoid years of stress, inconvenience,
and embarrassment!

Schedule an affordable in-home

consultation with applied animal behaviourist
Nathan J. Penny (MSc.) and begin solving your
pet’s behaviour problem today!

(416) 425-4869 or
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xviii animal wellness – ontario region

Pet friendly resort
The Red Umbrella Inn welcomes
both feline and canine guests.

goes the extra mile for four-legged guests

You’ll notice two things when you first arrive at the Red
Umbrella Inn just north of Minden. First is the incredible
beauty of the location. The resort is set among mature pines and
birches on the shores of Twelve Mile Lake, and is surrounded
by spacious lawns and well-landscaped gardens and walkways.
legged companions having fun along with them. During the
summer, activities range from fishing and canoeing to paddling
at the “Doggie Beach” or swimming and sunbathing in the
deeper waters off the main dock. “It doesn’t matter what the
guests are doing, one or two dogs are right there enjoying it
with them,” says the inn’s general manager Susan Tustin.
The second thing you’ll notice is the dogs. Wherever you see
people relaxing and enjoying themselves, you’ll see their four- Winter offers guests and their canine companions just as


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Supplement for Skin & Coat
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PET FRIENDLY! Please call now and
ask about our special doggie welcome
packages with organic doggie tea menu.
Many people stop cleaning their yards
when the leaves or snow fall.
You can avoid the poop mine field
by calling Poop-Patrol.
We clean yards all year round,
as long as you keep feeding your dogs.
In the fall we blow the leaves out of the
way so we can find the goods!

37 King St. E. Toronto, ON M5C 1E9
(416) 863-9700

xx animal wellness – ontario region

much to do. “There’s cross-country skiing, sledding, ice meticulous cleaning job after every guest has left.
fishing, or walking across miles of unspoiled snow,” says
Susan. “Whatever the activity or the season, we offer Combining an idyllic location with a love for all
the opportunity for people and their dogs to do things creatures great and small, the Red Umbrella Inn makes
together.” the concept of a truly pet-friendly resort a welcome
reality in the Haliburton Highlands. As Susan says,
The original inn was built in 1928, but it wasn’t until “Why leave your best friend at home when you can
1993 when the Tustin family purchased the inn and enjoy Ontario’s beautiful northland together?
cottages and decided to allow animals to share in the
entire vacationing experience. “We’re avid dog lovers TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RED UMBRELLA INN, VISIT
ourselves, and felt it was unfair to ask anyone to leave WWW.REDUMBRELLAINN.COM OR CALL 705-489-2462.
their best friend at home while
they vacationed elsewhere,” says
Susan. “Cats are also more than
welcome, and we even had a couple
of parrots last year.”

To ensure the best possible getaway

experience for animal-loving guests,
the Tustins have gone a step further
than many other pet-friendly
accommodations by putting in place
some unique policies and options.

All breeds of dog are welcome in the

lakeview rooms and lakeside cottages,
and even in the full Jacuzzi suite.

To safeguard both children and animals,

and to avoid any accidents between an
over-excited dog and youngster, kids
under 16 are not allowed.

No pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers

are used on lawns or gardens.

“Because of the controversy over the

harm or benefits of vaccinations, shots
are left up to each guest’s discretion,”
says Susan.

Since animals are not allowed by law

in the dining room or lounge, meals
can brought to your accommodation
if separation anxiety is a problem for
your companion.

Extra doggie sheets and towels are

provided for each four-legged guest.
The housekeeping staff does a

animal wellness – ontario region xxi


CALIFORNIA To advertise in this section of Animal Wellness Magazine, contact:

San Francisco – Suzanne Pieper: 707-331-0356 or
Los Angeles – Tasha Hardy: 213-804-7025 or REGION
Photo: Judith Fuhrman


pays tribute
to canines in
new film

Elaine Zicree’s beloved St. Bernard, Lily, assists with some screenplay editing.

W riter/producer Elaine Zicree has been on a roll

since she broke into show business 20 years ago.
Her work as an off-Broadway producer/director
led to stints with numerous television networks and studios,
most recently on a pilot for Showtime, and another in
independent film starring an English mastiff?

Elaine has loved dogs since she was a child, and has shared her
home and rescued many a canine. She was inspired to write the
screenplay, Caesar, by her sister and a novelist friend, both of
association with Tom Fontana (Homicide, Oz). She even whom came from troubled backgrounds.
received a nomination for the 2003 Humanitas prize for
her efforts on the Emmy-nominated Liberty’s Kids, a highly “The thing that created the bridge between these girls and the
regarded animated television series on PBS, which starred rest of humanity was the love of dogs,” explains Elaine. She
Michael Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger. says that at one point, her sister was so distanced from people
she was amazed that something alive wanted to touch her. Her
So, why would Elaine suddenly switch gears to create an dog helped create a sense of self and self esteem that she never

animal wellness – california region i

experienced before. Elaine wanted to
capture the power of the relationship
on screen.

Set in modern-day Arkansas, Caesar

is about an “average Joe” who dreams
of heroic endeavors. He wakes up at
age 41 to find himself in a life in which
nothing he does, or is, matters. This
motivates him to do one small, good
thing. When the consequences escalate,
he discovers that he can’t back down...
and slowly he comes to recognize the
very real and enduring courage hidden
in the hearts of “average Joes”.

Originally, Elaine envisioned Caesar

as a Saint Bernard, but because of the
breed’s frequent use in comedy films,
she decided to put a new large breed
in the spotlight; a mastiff. She tells a
story about taking her dog Ellie to a
favorite dog park and meeting a giant
Neapolitan mastiff named Caesar.

“There was this 250-pound lumbering

dog, with a slight personality defect of
timidity, just like in my screenplay, trying
to hide behind saplings,” laughs Elaine.

After this, Elaine wrote the dog

Caesar as a Neapolitan mastiff, but a
dog trainer told her that Neapolitan
mastiffs are often that timid, and it
would be difficult for such a fearful
dog to be on set. She decided to
substitute an English mastiff, because
he would probably be comfortable
during shooting, and English mastiffs
are more social dogs in general.

For Elaine, writing the screenplay

reminded her of all that our canines
bring to our lives. “Dogs don’t care if
you’ve got a lot of money, if you look
good that day or if your name is in
the newspaper,” says Elaine. “All they
care about is if you’re kind.”



ii animal wellness – california region

Photo: Kim Beagle

doggy Deciding on

play in as well as couches, chairs, a jungle gym, toys, and fire
hydrants for their use. People can also watch their “kids” play
via the doggy cam that is set up in the sunroom. (They tune
Daycare is a great way for canines to play, interact and socialize. into my website to access the camera.)

I It’s seven thirty in the morning and you’re driving Fido to

his favorite doggy day care. As you struggle to balance your
coffee and a leash, all you can think about is getting on the
plane to Hawaii in a couple of hours. But as you’re driving
away, do you ever wonder what Fido does all day? What kinds
AWM: How do you look after the dogs’ health and well-being?

KB: The overall health of the dogs is very important to me

(what are they eating, how often, what kind of snacks, and
so forth). I have a very good working relationship with a few
veterinary offices, so that any one of my clients can be seen at
of activities he participates in? Whether he’s safe? Animal
a moment’s notice. We also do a monthly animal first aid class
Wellness Magazine decided to interview Kim Beagle of Planet
by the Red Cross.
Doggy day care to find out.
AWM: Tell us about a typical day at your facility.
AWM: What kinds of advantages are there for guardians and
their dogs by having a doggy day care in their lives?
KB: In the morning, parents pull up at about the same time
to drop off their four-legged friends. The dogs all bark to let me
KB: Dogs are no different than children when it comes to
know when the next arrival has entered the gate, and then the
wanting attention. They are very social creatures and don’t like
greetings start all over, until everyone scheduled has arrived.
to be left home alone all day. By destroying a couch or your
For the rest of the day they have various playing options: pool,
new leather pumps, your dog is trying to tell you that he is
toys, jungle gym, tunnel, out back area, front area, sun room to
bored. Day care provides the perfect release by letting them be
watch the street and passers by, chilling on any of the couches
dogs and play so that when they go home, they’re relaxed.
and chairs, playing fetch with me, or playing with whomever
they take a liking to. Similar to a children’s day care, they have
AWM: Is there an application process for getting a dog into
dog friends. On occasion I turn on a video for them.
day care?
AWM: What happens at the end of the day?
KB: My day care is somewhat exclusive. Dogs have to be
fixed, friendly, and the parents are interviewed as well. To
KB: The dogs know when pick up time is near, between
me, this is more than just a business; it’s looking after a loved
four and seven in the evening. On occasion, a dog will just sit
one. The environment needs to be safe in order to insure
there and refuse to go, like he’s saying: “How about you come
everyone’s well-being.
in here and play?” There are times when I think: “I wouldn’t
mind trading places for the day.”
AWM: What is the environment like at Planet Doggy?
KB: I was thrilled to find a large house for my day care. The IT HAS BEEN VOTED BEST PET SITTER IN PASADENA FOR THE LAST
dogs have 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor area to FOUR YEARS.

animal wellness – california region iii

“Where Pets and People Smile”
The LARGEST SELECTION of If you’ve got
ORGANIC & HOLISTIC foods in Orange County! feathers... get
Raw Diets: Natural & Organic Diets:
• Bravo
• Nature’s Variety/Prairie
• Wellness
• Innova/Evo
Feather Spritz®
• Raw Advantage • California Natural
• FarMore • Newman’s Own
The natural way to:
• Northwest Natural • Solid Gold • manage animal allergens
• Natural Balance • Ultra
• Country Pet • Eagle Pack • promote healing
We also carry a large selection of natural supplements, raw bones, • balance Ph levels
organic and natural biscuits, supplies for birds, fish and small animals,
doggles, gift items and much...much more.
• neutralize ammonia
We specialize in helping you solve your pets problems the natural way. • eliminate organic odors
Our services include: anesthesia free teeth cleaning, Puppy Talk,
dog training, pet portraits, pet I.D. tags, nail and wing clipping. Can be used safely internally, or sprayed externally on
your pets’ bodies. Spray where they eat, sleep and eliminate
2 locations to serve you better! to provide a chemical free, balanced, healthy environment.
714-964-5585 714-969-2800
18545 Brookhurst St. 7051 Yorktown Ave. #103 To order this product or to find out more about what
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708 Huntington Beach, CA. 92626 CleanLife Technologies has to offer, visit or call:
1-800-600-PETS 800-750-3714 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME!

iv animal wellness – california region

Photo: Becky Starr
How to help provide for

by Larry E. Nevonen, JD, CA
Insurance License # 0519206

was deliberately vague when I used the word lifetime in independently. The presence of Tawny and Tuxedo, their
this article’s title. Whose lifetime did I mean? Yours? two cats, has had a positive impact on my parents’ outlook
Your pet’s? Clearly, the best answer is both, and your on the world. We think of them as part of our family, and
estate plan can include a financial strategy that provides have a plan in place should my parents no longer be able
for the lifetime care of your pet. to care for them.

Having a pet is both a joy and a responsibility. I am fortunate Do you have a lifetime care plan for your animals?
that both my parents, at ages 89 and 90 years, are still living Many people do not. When people don’t have a plan,

Open 7 days a week, 10am-7pm

animal wellness – california region v

If you prepare in advance,
you have the power to
require that your animal
companion is cared for

under terms set by you.
many of those “Who is going to take care of Fluffy or
Fido?” emergencies find their way to the Humane Society.
By then, it may be too late to implement the solutions you
prefer. To be effective, plan your preparations before the
unforeseen event occurs.

Five pieces that will help solve the puzzle

By now you are probably wondering what puzzle pieces make

up a good plan. Consider addressing these five pieces:
Who takes physical care of the animal?
Who is going to pay for that care?
Under what circumstances should the successor caregiver step in?
What level of care of the animal are they expected to provide?
Is there a legal and financial structure in place to facilitate
these choices, and is the successor caregiver in agreement?

While these five questions represent a logical structure for

approaching this problem, people often have difficultly
identifying a person who is ready, willing and able to take
on the responsibility of guardianship. This is when having
your estate planning documents in proper order become
critically important. It is those documents that will authorize
professionals to follow your instructions about what you
want in terms of care of yourself and care of your pet. If
you prepare in advance, you have the power to require that
your animal companion is cared for under terms set by you.
Without those instructions your pet care provider will be
forced to guess about what you would want.

As Steven Covey, author of the book Seven Habits of Highly

Effective People, asks: “In the event of an emergency, why
do airline cabin attendants instruct people to put the oxygen
mask on themselves before their children?” The answer, of
course, is that by looking after yourself first, you’re making
sure you can then take care of your children. Caring for
yourself is caring for your dependants. It’s the same when it
comes to taking care of your animal companions: organized
estate planning is good for you during your lifetime, and
good for your pet when you are no longer able to provide
that care yourself. Remember that effective estate planning

vi animal wellness – california region

can only be accomplished by working with your team of tax CONTACT LARRY BY EMAIL AT LNEVONEN@FINSVCS.COM.

and legal advisors, and other financial professionals.




CALIFORNIA marketplace

The Original Shock Absorbing Leash System.

Designed in Australia over 10 years ago, Now in the USA!
• Neoprene Collars • Harnesses • Fold-a-bowls
• Frisbees • Doo Bags
Australian OAKWOOD Pet Products
• Anti-Tangle Spray • Deodorant
• Shampoo • Conditioner

I C PawsAbilities
The Tellington TTouch Method
Compassionate Care
A gentle approach • Distance Energy Healing & Flower
to influencing your animal Essences for Stress, Trauma & Traditions
companion’s behavior, health
and performance.
• Cultivate Well Being, Positive Social
Cynde Van Vleet Behaviour & Quality of Life
Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner
PHONE: (949) 492-1924
Donna Strong 714-235-7346

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To advertise in the Atlanta section
of Animal Wellness Magazine, contact
Nannette Ferrell at: 770-374-3966 R E G I O N

Look what’s
new in Atlanta!

by Caroline Stoeppler

IPPW is the “pet” project of Laura Saunders, an

Inman Park resident who lives with her family of
rescued dogs and cats. Laura worked for many years
Inman Park Pet Works owner Laura Saunders is also a talented artist, finding inspiration as Director of Companion Animal Services with the
for work such as “Bright Eyes” (above) from her own family of cats and dogs. SPCA in Los Angeles. She coordinated and implemented
all community outreach and mobile adoption events,
including the development of spca-LA store-front Pet

E very now and then a business opens that just gets it

right. Inman Park Pet Works in Atlanta, Georgia is
one of those rare enterprises. Glance above the counter
and you’ll see the famous Gandhi quote, “The greatness of a
nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” The
Adoption Centers and retail centers.

Inman Park Pet Works also coordinates pet adoption days by

hosting various agency outreach programs. Providing quality
goods, promoting community art, and the potential for finding
owner is a long-standing animal lover, and it shows. wonderful homes for needy pets is the driving force behind
this venture. For a schedule of special upcoming events, go to
This remarkable new pet boutique/pet art gallery is located in
the heart of one of Atlanta’s trendiest intown communities.
IPPW caters to discriminating dogs and cats and their families
by featuring high-end natural food and treats, the very latest in IF YOU ARE, OR KNOW OF, AN INTERESTED ARTIST WHO WOULD
pet couture and accessories, and other fine (and hard to find) LIKE TO HAVE THEIR ART WORKS DISPLAYED AT INMAN PARK PET
products. But, what makes this shop stand out from the rest WORKS, C O N TAC T L AU R A S AU N D E R S AT (404)522-454 4 O R
is the pet art gallery featuring original works of dog and cat L AU R A L S AU N D E R S @ M S N . C O M . INMAN PARK PET WORKS IS LOCATED
art by local artists. AT 914A AUSTIN AVENUE, ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30307.

animal wellness – atlanta region i

Where the red

A Jabula Dog
is a Happy Dog!
Obedience classes available:
Stage 1 Beginner
Stage 2 Intermediate
Stage 3 Advanced
Flyball Racing:
Stage 1 & Stage 2

Also available:
Private Lessons,
Puppy Play School,
Meet Fern, your socially
Training Camp, conscious guide to “Petropolitan”
Trick Training, Atlanta. Living in the South’s most happening city for pets can leave even the
Freestyle Dancing most brilliant redbone coonhound at a loss for what to do next and where to go
and Agility! to do it. Fern will track down and sniff out the best places, people and things for
the pets in this city.

Paws Playhouse,
228 Weeks St. Toco Hills Shopping Center, Atlanta
Decatur, GA 30030 Any doubt about dogs having fun at daycare can be wiped away with one
For class information: simple look at the Puppy Cam. This is one of Fern’s favorite places to spend her
days and, when required, her nights. The owner and his marvelous staff offer a
404.373.6258 safe and friendly environment for dogs of all sizes. In order to become a playmate
WWW.JABULADOGS.COM in this exclusive social club, dogs must meet a strict set of requirements
and pass a temperament test. But, once you become a playmate, the possibilities are

ii animal wellness – atlanta region

Fern goes . . . Your animal’s guide to life in Atlanta

endless... day care, sleepovers, bathing, grooming and best of •Visit the new pet art gallery at Inman Park Pet Works
all super cool humans at your beck and call. Rumor has it, this
is where all the coonhounds go to play and you should too!
Tell the gang Fern sent you, a little name dropping never hurts. •Make your pet a star at Short and Sweet Studios
(404)633-5555 or

Paw Chic, Medlock Bridge Rd, Duluth •Volunteer at a local animal shelter – Find a list of local
While humans shop at Neiman Marcus, style conscious shelters and rescue groups –
cats and dogs head to Paw Chic. For some, it’s quite the trip, but
it’s worth every tug on the leash. Everything there is fetching! •Join friends for cocktails and help homeless animals at a
What dog wouldn’t give their right paw for a chance to lounge Hair of the Dog event –
in a feather down bed while sipping spring water from a
hand painted bowl? Fern would! From the tempting aroma
of the bakery to the divine collection of accessories, Paw
Chic has something to make you roll over and purr! WELL, LET HER KNOW WHAT ATLANTA IS MISSING BY EMAILING HER AT
A Soapy Puppy,
Village at Crooked Creek, Alpharetta
Did someone say massage? It’s a regular service at A Soapy
Puppy, the newest place for pets in Alpharetta. Scheduled to
open in late January, this business has turned a bath and clip
Hey Georgia Residents!
into a day at the spa. Fern’s favorite is a bath in lavender/ Subscribe to Animal Wellness today
chamomile shampoo, followed by a hot oil treatment and a
full body massage. If she’s up for it, she’ll hang out for an for a chance to win an AW gift basket!*
evening agility or a Rally-O class. Yep, this spa offers training!
In a hurry? No frills baths and self wash are also available.
Stop in and say hello to Chaleigh, a happening Westie setting
the stage for style in North Fulton.

Lint Roller Party,

Wag-a-Lot Midtown West – February 25, 2006
Did someone say party? Who better to party with than
Atlanta’s pet lovers? This annual event benefits Best Friend’s
Society and No More Homeless Pets Atlanta. Vern Yip,
formerly of Trading Spaces, and Thomas Roberts, of CNN, at
are this year’s Honorary Event Chairs. Mark your calendars... valued
because this is a not-to-miss event. After all, Fern will be there,
so why wouldn’t you?
Other fun things to do while waiting for spring to arrive: *contents may differ from image shown
Contest expires July 31/06

Take a K9 Freestyle Dance class with Jabula Dog Academy

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xii animal wellness – california & region
animal wellness – los angeles & region xiii
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Bartow County Humane Society Fayette County
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Carroll County Floyd County
770-834-8150 706-236-4545 or 706-236-4537 Oconee County 706-769-3956
Chamblee Animal Control Forsyth County
770-986-5019 (lost pets only) 770-888-2500 Paulding County 770-445-1511
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Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society North Georgia Chapter of the House Rabbit Society Paws Atlanta
Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends Pigs as Pets Association Stray Atlanta”
Animal Action Rescue No More Homeless Pets Atlanta
For a list of rescue groups in the Atlanta Metro area,
Field of Dreams Gun Dog Rescue Cindy’s K-9 Angels, Inc please visit and click on the Rescue List.


F ield of Dreams Gun Dog

Rescue is a non-profit
organization dedicated to
under the trailer to get Maggie and brought her to the
“dog ranch” that is Field of Dreams Gun Dog Rescue.
Maggie is now on natural food, supplements and medica-
finding families for pointers, tion to help her become the dog she should be. Pretty soon
setters, retrievers and spaniels she’ll be ready for a new human to share her abundance of
that otherwise would be alone. love with – will that be you?
Everybody loves a good sport,
don’t you want one of your own?

Meet Maggie, a female buff cocker spaniel that was found VISIT MAGGIE AND HER OTHER FRIENDS AT THE RANCH IN CONYERS OR
abandoned under a trailer. A good Samaritan crawled CHECK EVERYONE OUT ON THE WEBSITE AT WWW.GUNDOGRESCUE.ORG.

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