Generic Name

Brand Name

Classificat ion Antiinfections

Cefuroxim 2nd generation e cephalosporin . Ceftin Zinacef

Dosage and Route of Administrati on 750 mg IV q 8 hrs./ 15 g 250 mg PO q 12 hrs.


Adverse ContraReaction indicatio n CV: phlebitis , thrombo litis GI: pseudo membra nous colitis, nausea, anorexia , vomitin g, diarrhea. HEMAT OLOGI C: transient ,neutrop henia, eosinop hilia,he molytic anemia,t hromboc ytopenia . SKIN: maculop apular and erythem atous rashes, urticaria, pain,ind uration,s terile abscesse s,temper Contain dicated in patient hyperse nsitive to drug or other cephalos porins. Use cautious ly in patient hyperse nsitive to penicilli n because of possibili ty of crosssensitivi ty with other betalactam antibioti cs. Use cautious ly in breast feeding women in patient with history of colitis

Nursing Consideration

Second generation cephalosp orin that inhibits cell wall synthesis, promoting osmotic instability, usually bactericid ad.

Obtain specimen for culture and sensitivity test before giving 1st dose. For IM administration inject deeply into a large muscle mass, such as the gluteus maximus or the lateral aspect of thigh. Absorption of cefuroxime axetil is enhanced by food. Cefuroxime axetil tablets may be crushed for the patient cant swallow tablet. Alert: Cefuroxime axetil film coate4d tablet and oral suspension aren’t bioequivalent. If large doses are given,therapy is prolonged patient is at high risk monitor for sign and symptoms and super infection. Alert: Don’t confused drug with other cephalosporin that sound alike.

Ranitidine Zantac

Histamine H2 receptor blocking drug.

50 mg IV q 6-8 hrs.

Competiti vely inhibit action of histamine on the H2 receptor sites of parietal cells,decre ase gastric acid secretion.

ature elevatio n,tissue sloughin g at I.M. injection site. OTHER hyperse nsitivity reaction s,serum sickness, anaphyl axis. CNS: vertigo, malaise, headach e. EENT: blurred vision,h epatic,ja undice. OTHER :burning and itching at injection site,anap hylaxis,a ngioede ma.

and renal insuffici ency.

Contrain dicated in patients hyperse nsitive to drug and those with acute porphyri a. Use cautious ly in patients with hepatic dysfunct ion.Adju st dosage in patients with impaired renal function.

Assess patients for abdominal pain. Note presence of blood in stool and emesis. Ranitidine may be added to total parenteral nutrition solutions. Alert: Don’t confuse ranitidine with mantadine. Don’t confuse zantac with xanax or zyrtec.



CNS stimulant

50 mg

Inhibit muscarini c actions of acetylchol ine on autonomic effectors innervated by post ganglionic cholinergi c neurons. May affect neural pathways originatin g in the inner ear to inhibit nausea and vomiting.

CNS: disorient ation,res tlessness ,irritabili ty,dizzin ess,drow siness,he adache,d elirium,i mpaired memory. CV: palpitati on,tachy cardia,p aradoxic al,brady cardia,fl ushing. EENT:di lated pupils,bl urred vision,p hotopho bia,incre ase intraocul ar pressure, different swallow ing. GI: constipa tion,dry mouth,n ausea,vo miting,e pigastric distress. GU: urinary hesitanc y,urine

Contain dicated in patient with angle closure glaucom a,obstru ctive neuropat hy,obstr uctive disease of the GI tract,ast hma,chr onic pulmona ry disease,a cute hemorrh age.

Raise side rails as precaution because some patient become temporarily excited or disoriented and some develop amnesia or become drowsy. Tolerance may develop when therapy is prolonged. Atropine like toxicity may cause dose related adverse reactions. Alert: overdose may cause respiratory paralysis.

retention . RESPIR ATORY: bronchal plugging ,depress ed respirati ons. SKIN: rash,dry ness,con tact dermatit is with trander mal patch.

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