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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

Issue 18 - Oct 2013

1. A missionary, trumpeter, father, metal worker, etc. Would you be comfortable if you are referred to as a Jack of all trades? Yes but only if you added a master of none because yes it is true I can do many things but Im still learning all of them. 2. We think you are a good American Luganda speaker, why all the effort to learn a culture different from yours. Because it is what Jesus did! Though He did it perfectly, I dont do it perfectly. Jesus did not expect people to recognise Him and come to Him but rather God became a person; He learnt our language and our culture.

6. As a man, have your eyes given you any hard time? Yes they have and ironically marriage does not solve the problem. I once thought that marriage would sort out the sexuality issue; it doesnt though obviously it helps. Purity is something we struggle with forever. I think every man has a hard time with his eyes. If they do not have struggles with looking at women then they have other problems. God made us that way unlike women who are more emotional. When I was still a young boy - when the Internet was still very slow - my parents had a computer and I found pornography on the Internet and I got very scared of it. And from that time I left it and I praise God for that. I have struggled in other ways but at least not with that one. Pornography can eat you alive! 7. Has anything helped you keep your eyes focussed on the right thing? The most helpful thing has been to remind myself of truth. You cant just take out something without putting something in its place. For example for someone struggling with pornography you cannot just say I have stopped watching pornography. You have to fill that gap with something good. Even when it comes to marriage, you are the sinful person you are before you get married and when you do get in marriage you realise that you are even worse.

I do not think it is fair if I want to minister to someone that I expect them to learn my ways. I have to learn their ways first. Though unlike Jesus I dont do it perfectly; my Luganda is too short oluganda lwange lumpi. 8. Is the convent that Job made with his eyes in the Old Testament still one that a man 3. In the American culture, is there any specific living in this day and age can make? way men are expected to use their eyes towards It is so much more difficult than it was during the times of Job. In Jobs time, women had their bodies covered up and of course there was no media. If you were to look at a woman the opposite sex? Our culture is saturated with visual sexual lustfully you maybe saw her face or like David could catch her bathing, I dont know. Jonathan the Trumpeter innuendo in magazines, TVs, movies, it is every- Otherwise you had to find a prostitute. Now it is everywhere; of course the media and all where. They try to put women who wear short clothing in front to motivate men in most of of that. There are all these beautiful women walking around putting on less and less of clothing. Paying the same amount for their clothing but having less material it is a bad the marketing. It is accepted that lust is normal. The only people that are saying we need to be careful are coming from church. At church we deal. were encouraged to stay away from pornography so we could protect what we put in our When I was in the US last year I was shocked; young girls in primary (P6) wearing very mind. short shorts to school it was really annoying. In schools yes there is sex education but it is designed so you keep from getting pregnant and So is it possible? Yes of course it is. Only it is going to be very challenging. STDs. It has nothing to do with keeping the mind pure. 9. Any final remarks on this subject? 4. In Matthew 6:22-23, the Bible seems to suggest that there are good and bad eyes. What I think as men we are very scared of being open and honest with each other. Most men we is the difference? are so prideful yet we all struggle. We all struggle with lust, most with masturbation, I think that passage is referring to the focus of ones life because the eyes are the door pornography, but we are afraid maybe because we know we shouldnt be doing the things through which we experience everything. Yes we have other senses but that of sight comes we do. So we keep to ourselves quiet and end up struggling alone whereas God intended first in gathering information about our surroundings. for us to have more closer and open fellowship. When you take something that is sin and The problem however is that young people, inexperienced in life, do not realise that when you put it in the light, it loses its power. So I think as men we need to be more open with they are young they need to be careful or no one is telling them they need to be careful: each other. Forget this idea that I should be this amazing guy who shouldnt be struggling careful about the movies they watch or what with say thoughts of adultery. places they go to, the Internet sites they go to, I think for men generally in Uganda, the older men etc. But later on they get into marriage and they do not want to be open with younger men I see are going to have problems because they were that. not careful. So how does a young man keep his way pure as Everything you put in your mind stays with you. Psalm puts it? That is a question every young man Images that I have seen in the past are in there needs to be asking. And the older men need to be despite the fact that sometimes they were wrong telling the younger men how to keep their way pure. and I shouldnt have looked. Of course Psalm answers the question with by living according to Gods word 5. But some young people say that what they watch does not affect them. One other thing I would like to say to the older men I just do not think they realise it or they do not is that we have a responsibility to walk with the think about it. They do not think that it is younger men: find them, choose them and walk with affecting them because they havent lived long them. As a younger person it is very challenging to enough to find out the consequences. But it does say to the older men Oh can you mentor me? I affect them. We have a saying in the US, if you always feared to do that. So I am now being put a frog in boiling water it will jump out. But if proactive by saying to the young men I walk with you put it in cool water and slowly warm it, it will that I am going to mentor you, I am going to walk not realise it is cooked until it is too late. with you.

think every man has a hard time with his eyes

Jonathan the Family man

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