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5 Taqseem El-Mahlag St.

, Phone: (+) 2013-3237391

El-Manshia, Banha, Mobile: (+) 2016-1200985
Egypt. E-mail:

Amr Mahmoud Abdel-Wahhab

Seeking a junior position in a well established company or subcontractor specialized in the
field of Networking and IT, which will provide me with an excellent opportunity to
establish a recognizable career in both personal and professional levels.

Computer and System Engineering, Akhbar El-yom Academy (Undergraduate).

July 2005 – training time
• Badr El-deen field in western desert.
August 2005 – training time

• IT Support in GASCO for natural GAS Company.

May 2006 – summer project
• Power Supply Project in Akhbar El-yom Academy.
July 2006 – training time
• Supervisor engineering in Toshiba El-Araby.
August 2006 – training time
• IT Support in GASCO for natural GAS Company.
June 2007 – summer project
• Radio antenna project for a 100m distance.

Computer Skills
• Very good knowledge of PC setup and installation, as well as various
peripherals, data entry, and file updating.
• Familiar with MS-DOS.
• Excellent in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft office.
• Internet Searching and surfing.
• Good knowledge of AutoCAD.
• Good knowledge of C/C++ Programming Language.
• Very good knowledge of LAN and WAN Fundamentals, TCP/IP.
• Very good knowledge of Cisco routers configuration and routing protocols.
• Very good knowledge of Cisco Switches configuration.
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Language Skills
• Arabic: Native.
• English: Fluent in writing and very good in speaking.

Technical Skills
• Network Troubleshooting.
• Cisco switches and routers configuration.
• IT help desk.

Soft Skills

• Willingness to learn.
• Communication, Presentation Skills.
• Leadership abilities.
• Excellent harmony with Teamwork.
• Can cope with pressure/stress.

• Self-management.

• Self-motivation.

Training Courses

July 2006
• ICDL Course. In the AUC Banha Branch.

March 2007
• Self Management Course. In Akhbar El-yom Academy.

January 2008
• Introduction to C++. In New Horizons.

August 2008
• CCNA Exploration. In IT Gate Academy (CISCO Academy).

Activities and Hobbies


October 2007
• Microsoft Infrastructure IT Professional Sessions. In Smart Village.
March 2008
• Microsoft Student Festival. In Smart Village.

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April 2008
• Organizing two Human development Lectures. In Akhbar El-Yom Academy.

April 2009
• Word camp 2009, the first one in Egypt. Conferences Hall, Nady Al-Hawwar
Club El-mansoura.


• Reading.
• Football.
• Travelling.
• Chess.

Personal Data
• Date Of Birth: 30/11/1988
• Nationality: Egyptian.
• Military Status: still under graduate.
• Graduate year: July 2010.
• Marital Status: Single.

• References furnished upon request.

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