LOVE I Corinthians 13:4-7 “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.

Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” There are many things that Biblical loves pushes a person not to do. Biblical love sets boundaries. The boundaries are for our own good. Biblical love does not say “yes” to sex before marriage. Biblical love motivates young adults who are dating to say “No” to immoral conduct. Persons practicing Biblical love understand the physical differences between men and women and take safe guards to live a pure Christ honoring life. Guys are sexually motivated by sight and girls more by relationships. By the way you dress or the way you touch a person you can cause that person to commit the sin of lust. The Bible makes it clear that is a sin to cause sexual arousal that cannot be righteously satisfied. Sex outside of marriage in any form is not blessed of God. For immodest dress at our Christian School we keep Willow Vale T Shirts on hand to give to the ones who need a modest shirt. The Biblical boundaries of love are safeguards to marriage. Being faithful to your spouse in marriage builds life-long trust. Saying “no” to sex before marriage also builds trust in the marriage relationship. It’s helpful to look at love from the standpoint of how the world views love and compare worldly love to Biblical love. Worldly Love is Conditional Love Love promoted by this world’s standard is conditional love. Relationships of love lived outside the Christian Faith have many “ifs.” Love is conditioned by the attitude, “If you meet my needs then I’ll meet yours. In the view of many people today God has been humanized. God’s love has been perverted. Many view God as a giant Bayer aspirin. Take god three times a day and everything will work out alright. God’s love has been refashioned into man’s own image and likeness. Conditional love is selfish love. Selfish love is the attitude that God made man to indulge in lust. Selfish love will tell you to pull your own strings, manipulate others through intimidation, do anything to get your own way. In marriage, conditional love often plays the game of one-upmanship. I’m one good deed up on you so you owe me. “I carried out the trash, you must do the dishes. I worked ten hours today, you must tuck

Selfish love practices the opposite of what Jesus taught that we are to love our neighbors. I was the last one to say.” Selfish love quickly turns to anger and often ends in violence. When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior you begin to practice Biblical love. Worldly selfish love is hateful. One of the front page headlines in last Sunday’s Mercury News read: “Neighbors’ Feud Turns Tragic.” Conditional love is mechanical and cold and does not last. cruel and blessed by the Devil.” Biblical love is Christ-like. The oil geophysicist came out of his house with a gun and shot the attorney and then shot the attorney’s wife when she tried to help. Worldly love is conditional while Biblical love is unconditional love. Biblical Love is Unconditional Love. divisive. The Bible does give the assurance that it doesn’t matter what sin we have committed God loves us and will forgive us when we truly repent and turn from sin. One of the first verses many of use learned as new Christians is John 3:16. Biblical love is based upon the Word of God. He knows every detail of our lives and loves us anyway. Selfish love has one person in mine – self. On the fateful day. “It’s my way or you take the highway. the attorney was out with a sledge hammer starting to break up the huge rock. Biblical love calls for us to love our neighbors and pray for them and not kill them. God’s love cannot forgive an unrepentant sinner. Biblical love loves others as Jesus loves them. God loves you and wants to give you His love and help you. The geophysicist had planted a huge rock in the fork of the two driveways to the houses. that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The rock made it difficult for the attorney to drive his sunshine VW Bus to his carport.the kids into bed.” A geophysicist lived next door to a criminal defense attorney and his wife in upscale Carmel Valley. God knows all about your life. “I love you. “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. God is all knowledge and knows all about each one of us. He knows your situation and all your challenges. Both were killed.” Now it’s your turn.” It was God’s love that sent His only Son to die in our place. Conditional selfish love says. Biblical love is described as selfless commitment. There is one thing God’s love can’t do. It is the quality of love at work in the .

_______ never gives up. Here there is no conflict with the law. ________ is not irritable. He objected to the idea that God was an unconditional loving Heavenly Father. and _________ keeps no record of when he/she has been wronged. A new life has begun!” There is transforming power in the love of Jesus. Outside of Jesus Christ that dimension of Biblical love is virtually impossible. _________ is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. II Corinthians 5:17 “What this means is that those who become Christians become new persons. let us follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. tattered jeans. humility. Biblical love is the work of God in transforming the human heart to become more and more like Jesus. Tommy was a hippy looking person. Where the word “love” appears put your own name there. never loses faith. gentleness and patience. John Powell years ago was a professor of religion at Loyola University in Chicago.” Let’s read I Corinthians 13:4-7 with a slight revision.hearts of people who have invited Jesus to be Savior and Lord of their lives. and sandals. _________ is patient and kind. for the old life is gone. Galatians 5:22-25 “But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives. is always hopeful. . Illinois. fruitfulness. Biblical love when lived out in the home is mutually shared unselfish love. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. gentleness and self control. They allow the love of Christ to control them. As we read it I’ll put my name where love goes and you put your name in the blank place. kindness. If we are living now by the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul taught the Christians in Corinth that when people become Christ followers they stop living for themselves and live to the glory of God. goodness. and endures through every circumstance. They are not the same anymore. long hair. The Apostle Paul describes Biblical love as living a life of compassion.” (NLT) Think about what kind of impact that level of love would have in our homes and our work places. He tell how one of his students found God’s love. _______ is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. __________ does not demand his/her own way. we have patience. They no longer live to please themselves they now live to please Jesus who died for them. kindness. Professor Powell was teaching a class on the Theology of Faith and in his first class session he met Tommy. Tommy claimed to be an atheist.

to feel his hug. Tommy responded. for the first time. But his eyes were bright and his voice firm. I just wanted you to know that.” “I mean…. like being fifty and thinking that alcohol. His long hair had fallen out as a result of chemotherapy. I would like to talk with you. in the shadow of death and I was just beginning to open up to all the people I had actually been close to.” “When the doctors removed a lump from my groin and told me that it was’s really important. seducing women. “But He will find you.” “But what I really came to see you about is something you said to me on the last day of class. But God did not come out.” “It was easier with my mother and little brother. But it would be almost equally said to go through life and leave this world without ever telling those you loved that you had loved them.At the end of the semester Tommy sarcastically commented to Professor Powell. to hear him say that he loved me. I love you. “No!” “Oh”. We shared the things we had been keeping secret for so many years. Tom?” “Sure. It felt so good to be close to my father. yes. I’m very sick.” “Dad…” “Yes. talk. to see his tears. And we talked all night. I almost gave up on finding God.” “Well.” “So I began with the hardest one: my Dad. “I thought that was the product you were pushing. but I am absolutely certain He will find you!” Tommy graduated from the University and the report came back later that Tommy had terminal cancer. I hear you have cancer!” “Oh.” “The newspaper fluttered to the floor then my father did two things I could never remember him ever doing before.” “I asked you if you thought I would ever find God and you said.… what?” “Dad. And when the malignancy spread into my vital organs. then I got serious about locating God.” “I decided to spend what time I had left doing something profitable.” . You once said in class: “The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. I was only sorry about one thing. even though he had to go to work the next morning.” Tommy started to walk away and Professor Powell called out: “Tommy! I don’t think you’ll ever find God.” “Can you talk about it. Professor John Powell writes of their conversation: “Tommy.” His newspaper came down three slow inches. that I had waited so long. and making money were the real ‘biggies’ in life. I’ve thought about you so often. He cried and he hugged me. He was reading the newspaper when I approached him. Tommy’s body was wasting away. “What is it?” “Dad. what would you like to know?” “What’s it like to be only twenty-four and dying?” “Well it could be worse?” “Like what?” “Well. Here I was. Then you said. “Do you think I’ll ever find God?” John Powell decided to use a little shock therapy and replied. like being fifty and having no values or ideals. I have cancer in both lungs. I really began banging bloody fists against the bronze doors of heaven. “No!” which surprised me. It’s a matter of weeks. One day Tommy came back to visit Professor Powell.

God found me. All we have to do is reach out and accept it by faith.“Professor Powell you were right. . He had another appointment. Tommy made a great step of faith into the very presence of God. He said. Worldly love is conditional. “Tom. But you can make it all up to me now. Tommy never made it. Would you come into my present Theology of Faith course and tell them what you just told me? Tom said he would think about it and give the professor a call.” Professor Powell asked Tommy to do him a favor. Have you said “yes” to God’s love? If not you can do so today. only changed. far more important than the one with the class. when I had you in my class you were a real pain. His life was not ended. God’s love is unconditional. God’s love reaches out to all of us here this morning. A few days later Tommy called and said he was ready and they set a date for Tommy to come and talk to the class.

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