PERSONAL DETAILS First Name Last Name Gender Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality : Makhyan Jibril : Al-Farabi : Male : 20th March 1991 : Malang : Indonesian

MAILING ADDRESS No. & Street Zip/Post Code Town Country Telephone Mobile Phone Fax E-mail : Biru Street no 41st RT 01 RW 01 Singosari : 65153 : Malang : Indonesia : +623417312063 : +6285646364913 ::

SOCIAL MEDIA, INSTANT MESSENGER, OR MICROBLOGGING ACCOUNTS Facebook Skype Other (Please specify) : Makhyan Jibril Al Farabi : exgabriel711 : twitter (makhyan_jibril)

UB-SAIP 2014

Professional Fluency: Able to converse actively at high level of fluency and prepare reports and papers B. International) UB-SAIP 2014 . and understand documents-grammar may be uncertain. S. use the telephone.EDUCATION Years 2008-2012 Degree Main Field(S) Institution (Name. enter appropriate letter from coding below to indicate the level of your knowledge. Language Japanese English Chinese Other(s). C. Brawijaya Internship University 2012-2014 GPA : 3.Working Knowledge: Able to follow work-related discussions.Limited Knowledge: Able to understand simple conversations and written texts. A. Place) Obtained of Study Faculty of Medicine.45 LANGUAGE SKILLS Mother tongue : For languages other than mother tongue. please specify: Understand C A - Speak A A - Read C A -- Write EXPERIENCES & AWARDS (National.Ked Medical Study Brawijaya University (Bachelor of Program Medicine) Syaiful Anwar General dr (Medical Medical Doctor Hospital and Faculty of doctor) Profession and Medicine.

2nd winner in Scientific Atmosphere Literature Review Competition in University of Udayana 2012 2nd Winner in Medical Fiesta National Scientific Paper Competition 2010. 3. 10. 9. Best oral presenter at 2nd International Conference of Molecular and Clinical Aspect of HIV. 5. Chief of Health Applied Science and Technology in Indonesia Medica Sociopreneour Organization 2013-Now 2. 6. 2nd Winner in Medical Fiesta National Scientific Poster Competition 2010. President at Executive Board of Medical Student at 2011 6. Young Leader for Indonesia Alumni Community 2013 8. Marketing Team at Heysuccess 2012-Now 5. Student Representative for Indonesian Scholar Journal 2013-Now 4. Tuberculosis and Malaria 2011. Young Leader for Indonesia Foundation 2012 7. Working Experiences: 1. Ambassador of International Journal of Medical Student 2012-Now 3. Gold Medal in Indonesian National Student Scientific Paper Competition (PIMNAS) 2011 Gold Medal in Indonesian National Student Scientific Paper Competition (PIMNAS) 2012 1st winner in Narration National Research Competition in University of Indonesia 2012 1st winner in Scientific Atmosphere Research Competition in University of Udayana 2013 1st winner in Indonesian Nutrition Student Scientific Paper Competition (PIMGI) 2011 1st rank of The Most Outstanding Student Award in Faculty of Medicine. Head of Human Resource and Development 4th Regional IMSEBA (Indonesian Medical Student Executive Board Association) UB-SAIP 2014 . 4. 2. 8.Business Plan or Research Competition: 1. 7. Brawijaya University 2011.

Jaggelionian University of Krakow. Poland .9.International Islamic University of Malaysia – May 2012 – International Conference UB-SAIP 2014 . and for what): 1. when.September 2012 – Research Exchange held by IFMSA (International Federeation of Medical Student) 2. Head of Information and Communication Department at Executive Board of Medical Student at 2011 Going Abroad (Where. Intenational Heath Conference of IIUM .

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