INTERNATIONAL REWARD FRAMEWORK - SUMMARY Salary structure Salaries are expressed in a reference currency and are inclusive of any

13th month or allowances relevant to local pay delivery. Salaries are linked to a grade and each role is graded prior to recruitment with the role then advertised at the appropriate salary level. Recruitment takes place at Step 1 and employees work through the steps on an annual incremental basis on their anniversary. Employees can have their salary paid in two currencies with AI paying the charges for the first. Salaries will be converted from the reference salary to local currency each month for payroll calculation, reporting and where paid in local currency, pay delivery. Employees will be paying tax and social security in the country in which they are employed; if anyone wishes to pay into their home social security system it is their personal responsibility to arrange this. Starting Salary Scales – Reference Currency
Johannesburg Dakar Nairobi Hong Kong USD $ EUR € USD $ HKD $ 24,125 16,562 15,899 210,759 36,822 29,473 26,268 327,847 48,249 38,197 45,621 439,081 66,025 50,926 64,951 585,442 85,071 66,444 84,108 819,619 102,363 79,298 100,175 1,114,464

Grade 2 3 4 5 6 7

Global minimum standards for benefits Benefits can vary from location to location so AI is committed to ensuring that employees enjoy a broadly similar, if not identical, provision of benefits to each other. Below is a brief summary of the main benefits, full details are in the IRF: Hours of work Annual leave Carry forward Special leave Parental leave Time off in Lieu (TOIL) Sabbatical Pension Life assurance Maternity/Adoption Paternity/co-parent Flexible working Healthcare 40 inclusive of one-hour for lunch 37 inclusive of public holidays and grace days Maximum of 10 days Maximum of 10 days in any one year 13 weeks (18 if child is disabled) Taken within three months After five years Up to 10.5% to international retirement plan/alternative 4 x gross annual salary Six weeks’ full pay, 20 weeks’ half pay Two weeks’ full pay, two weeks’ half pay Yes, subject to operational needs Private medical insurance

Relocation framework The relocation framework provides details of relocation terms whether moving short-term, or alternatively as a permanent relocation. The terms apply for relocations of a minimum 100 miles in country or an international move Dependents are defined as spouse / partner and children up to the age of 18 for whom an employee has legal responsibility. Summary entitlement Visas Medical Travel Excess baggage Shipping (full relocation only) Pets Installation Temporary housing School fees Language lessons Taxation Clawback Redundancy rights For you and any dependents Full pre-departure medical with AI selected provider including any vaccinations required Return flight economy class for you and any dependents Unaccompanied air freight, 20kg per adult, 10k per child max 70kg per family – full relocation 40kg per adult, 20kg per child max 100kg per family - STA Single / couple – up to 20’ container (or £3k cash) Family – up to 40’ container (or £5k cash) At employee cost Up to 30 days per diem Up to 30 days For two years – 80% of costs Per child £7k Dakar, £5k other locations Max per family per year is £21k Dakar, £15 other locations £500 per family Tax briefing prior to departure Tax filing for first two years AI will cover double taxation liability as a direct result of relocating If leaving within 2 years’ clawback terms may apply Retained for one year

For employees on full relocation the following applies.

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