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September 30, 2013 (Corrected Memo 10/2/13) To: Fr: Council Colleagues Richard Conti President Pro Tempore 2014 Common Council Budget Review Process


On Tuesday, October 1 at 11 AM, the Mayor will release his proposed budget for 2014. This will begin the process by which the Council considers the proposal; under the Charter final action must take place by November 30. This memorandum is intended to provide an overview and timetable for the Council’s budget consideration process. On Monday, October 7 the Council will convene an early caucus at 5:30 PM to receive an overview of the proposed budget from Deputy Mayor Phil Calderone and former Budget Director Chris Hearly. At the Council meeting that evening our initial public hearing will be held and an ordinance adopting the proposed budget will be introduced and be referred to the Finance Committee. This will set the stage for individual departmental presentations. Departmental presentations will be under the aegis of the Finance Committee, however all Council members are urged to fully participate in the process. Budget presentations should be completed prior to our Monday, November 4 caucus (which will begin at 5:30 PM) so that a portion of that meeting can be devoted to a preliminary identification and discussion of Council priorities. In order to accomplish this, members should plan that budget presentations will take place each of the following days beginning at 5:30 PM: Wednesday, October 9; Thursday, October 10; Thursday, October 17; Monday, October 21; Tuesday, October 22; Wednesday, October 23; Thursday, October 24; Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29. This will provide nine separate days to complete budget presentations (it is possible that not all of these dates will be needed). Presentations will be by department or other administrative unit as follows: ---------Department of Development and Planning (includes Albany Community Development Agency) Police Department Department of Fire and Emergency Services Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance Department of Administrative Services Department of Law City Clerk Department of Youth and Workforce Department of Recreation


Department of General Services Department of Assessment and Taxation Department of Water Treasurer Auditor

The order of presentations will depend on scheduling; in some cases more than one presentation will take place on a given day. An initial public hearing on the budget will be scheduled for Monday, October 7 at 7:00 PM as part of the regular Council meeting to solicit public input early in the process. A second public hearing will be scheduled for Monday, November 4 at 7:00 PM as part of the Council’s regular meeting. The Council should also expect to begin its caucus that evening at 5:30 PM to begin budget discussions. The Finance Committee will be charged with taking the Council’s identified priorities and formulate budget recommendations which can be referred to the full Council beginning at the caucus of Wednesday, November 13. I anticipate there will be additional Finance Committee meetings scheduled between our meetings of November 4 and November 13 to further discuss issues and recommendations; all members are encouraged to participate in those meetings. The Council should also be prepared to convene an early caucus on Monday, November 18 for further discussions. In the event that a budget is not adopted at the regularly scheduled Council meeting on November 18, Council members should expect a special meeting on one of the following days: November 19, 20, 21, 25 or 26 (November 28 is Thanksgiving Day). This is an intensive schedule, but it will also allow a consistent and focused review of the budget and allow the Council to complete its work in a timely manner.


Mayor Jennings Kathy Sheehan Leif Engstrom Phil Calderone Chris Hearly John Reilly Patrick Jordan Nala Woodard Cashawna Parker Barbara Samel

Common Council Timeline for Consideration of 2014 City of Albany Budget 10/1 (Tuesday), 11 AM: Mayor releases proposed 2014 City of Albany Budget. 10/2 (Wednesday), 5:30 PM: 10/7 (Monday), 5:30 PM: Common Council Caucus. Early Council caucus will include an overall briefing on the budget by Phil Calderone and Chris Hearly. First public hearing on proposed budget1; Ordinance adopting the budget introduced at Council meeting and referred to Finance Committee. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Common Council Caucus. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Departmental budget presentation. Common Council Caucus. Budget Caucus. Second public hearing on proposed budget. Additional meetings of Finance Committee to be scheduled as needed. Budget caucus following regular caucus. Budget caucus. Council meeting, target budget adoption date. Potential dates for special meeting of the Council to adopt budget in event not acted upon at 11/18 meeting.

10/7 (Monday), 7 PM:

10/9 (Wednesday): 5:30 PM: 10/10 (Thursday), 5:30 PM: 10/16 (Wednesday), 5:30 PM: 10/17 (Thursday), 5:30 PM: 10/21 (Monday), 5:30 PM: 10/22 (Tuesday), 5:30 PM: 10/23 (Wednesday), 5:30 PM: 10/24 (Thursday), 5:30 PM: 10/28 (Monday), 5:30 PM: 10/29 (Tuesday), 5:30 PM: 10/30 (Wednesday), 5:30 PM: 11/4 (Monday), 5:30 PM: 11/4 (Monday), 7 PM: 11/6 – 11/12: 11/13 (Wednesday), 5:30 PM: 11/18 (Monday), 5:30 PM: 11/18 (Monday), 7 PM: 11/19, 20, 21, 25 or 26:


There will also be a public hearing on the Park South Urban Renewal Plan amendments on October 7; the order of hearings will be determined that evening dependent on the number of speakers.

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