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Dowsing will help you rely as much on what you know (gnow) as on what society expects you to think. Why? Because it can’t demonstrate through experimental means that they truly exist. you commune with animals on their own ‘turf’. healing with energy techniques. such as those veterinarians are trained to use. you will also expand your horizons. among other things. By using dowsing to help animals. animals are far more complex than 1 . In my opinion and from my experience. has much to offer in terms of our relationships with animals. One drawback of the scientific viewpoint is that it tends to look at living things as glorified machines. The empowerment of dowsing is of inestimable value. I can also see that dowsing. accurate decisions rather than blindly following fads. You can use dowsing to improve your animal’s nutrition. become more intuitive and more attuned to the natural world. a worthy set of objectives! Society generally tends to rely upon science as a means of assessing truth or value. the process of bonding with a particular animal and whether animals have emotions are all subjects that science either dismisses or ignores. Therefore. Dowsing and the use of intuition also have the value of being self-empowering. as opposed to using only scientific methods. Dowsing To Help Animals| © Sixth Sense Consulting. science diminishes the full spectrum of the humananimal relationship. In fact. It can help you to make calm. When you use your intuitive senses. In ignoring or minimizing these subjects. By learning to listen to your inner voice. 2012 As a dowser with two biology degrees and experience working as a scientist for NASA. emotional health and to communicate with him. the preferred way of helping animals is through scientific methods. So such things as communicating with animals in nonverbal ways. behavior. Inc. Unfortunately.DOWSING TO HELP ANIMALS Maggie & Nigel Percy Dowsing is not only an excellent way to interact with animals. it is a wonderful tool for helping them. Those who use dowsing and employ their intuitive senses in general find that they bond more closely to their animal friends because they are able to see things from the animal’s point of view. science has a very restrictive viewpoint concerning animals. wants and feelings. I (Maggie) am aware of the strengths of the scientific viewpoint. as they are highly intuitive beings. although scientifically unverifiable. It only accepts as true that which has been ‘proven’ scientifically. You see things from their point of view and open yourself to a better understanding of their needs. But dowsing is more than a way of getting information. you can know what is right for you without always having to consult ‘experts’. the use of the intuitive senses in general can greatly enhance results when working with animals.

Dowsing will also help you craft the best feeding program for your animal friend. Dowsing To Help animals| © Sixth Sense Consulting. 2012 2 . but what follows is a sampling of some of the ones we have used ourselves or for our clients. It also requires a level of detachment. Please note that we are not suggesting that you should substitute dowsing for competent professional help of any type for your animals. training and health care. 2. it is a useful adjunct as part of a program of proper nutrition. So start using dowsing to get in touch with your animals. Dowsing is an excellent way to check your pet’s food and water. If you have an apparently finicky animal. 3. Environmental energies affect your pet. Animals can tell this better than humans and often refuse to eat or drink questionable food or water. Anyone can use dowsing for these purposes. Remember that things change on a daily basis. Nutritional supplementation is becoming a popular way of improving the health of humans and animals alike. It requires a certain level of skill. There are probably countless uses of dowsing to help animals. so dowse daily for your animal’s supplements. They are far more attuned to instinct and intuition than to analysis. though it helps to have experience with this particular type of dowsing if you want to have optimal success. it does not automatically follow that the animal will assimilate it or adjust to it without any side effects. Inc. dowse for appropriate dosage and dowse if the animal can tolerate the supplement or if there will be side effects. Most grocery store pet food is very poor quality. You will find that if you dowse to locate and then clear those energies. which also can come through practice. Diet is one of the most important aspects of your animal’s health. dowsing will help you determine why your animal is refusing to eat what you offer.machines. 1. which can be developed through practice. and modify it over time as her needs change. You should clear your space and the space your animals inhabit as regularly as you vacuum your house or wash your clothes. Dowsers can check the level in effects (efficacy) of supplements. dowsing (an intuitive technique) is a great way to commune and communicate with animals. We spend a lot of time doing space clearings. However. and they don’t operate from a rational point of view. and we have had many cases where noxious environmental energies affected the health of our human and animal clients. Just because a supplement dowses as being highly beneficial. your pet’s health and behavior may improve dramatically. Therefore. as is tap water. Dowsers can do this rather readily.

massage. Reiki. and to whom she should be bred and when. Your veterinarian often bases recommendations on what is THOUGHT to be good for MOST animals. Inc. Will the procedure solve the problem but create new ones? Is your animal healthy enough to tolerate the trauma of surgery? What do you need to do after surgery to help her regain her health more quickly? Is there an alternative to surgery that will accomplish the goal more easily. Acupuncture. dowse to find out how to repair the damage and side effects. Dowsing To Help Animals| © Sixth Sense Consulting. 2012 Surgical procedures of all kinds are also becoming more available for animals. 5. The first thing you want to dowse is whether your animal wants to do this type of activity.4. You can also dowse to see which therapy you should use next. cheaply. or not. Therapies of all kinds are now available for animals. If you must do something that tests poorly. with fewer side effects? Dowsing will help you answer these questions. 6. Your animal may fall into the central part of that bell-shaped curve. quickly. Breeding your animal for fun or profit is a serious decision to be undertaken after much reflection and research. Dowsing will help you determine if your animal wants to be bred (and this is more important than you may think). 8. safely. Instead of letting money determine whether your pet will have surgery. You can dowse to see how many treatments your animal friend will need before you see progress or resolution of the problem. but an increasing amount of evidence points to side effects that can be damaging. how well your animal can tolerate it and what dosage is safest. if you are interested. Not all animals can tolerate drugs and vaccines. You can obviously use dowsing to determine the sex of unborn babies and the number as well. whether she is healthy enough to be bred. The price. 3 . chiropractic. however. Use dowsing to determine the level in effects on a +10 to -10 scale and to note any side effects. the list is endless. Dowsing will allow you to determine if the medicine/vaccination will be effective. especially if they are older or ill. as his or her knowledge of your pet may be limited. Medicines (prescription and nonprescription) and vaccines are routinely accepted as being helpful for animals. if it will have side effects. is often prohibitive. Showing or competing with your companion animal is likewise a serious undertaking. Use dowsing to find out how appropriate the recommended treatment is for your animal companion. use dowsing to determine the level in effects of that procedure for the condition. 7.

Dowsing will help you determine if nutrition. This use for dowsing is usually challenging. They are succumbing to or reflecting the poor nutrition. Then evaluate the available programs and /or trainers by dowsing. Check with your animal about whether he wants to participate in a particular type of training program. These root causes can then be cleared. Behavioral issues are very common with companion animals. Dowsing To Help animals| © Sixth Sense Consulting. Physical challenges are becoming more common in our animal friends. You can check the health and the training program of your animal athlete using dowsing as well. 2012 4 . Make sure you aren’t attached to what the answers might be. You can also use dowsing to craft a program to resolve the issues and sometimes to clear them up. Animal communication can be done through dowsing. your results will improve with practice. Inc. and can be done in person or long distance through map dowsing and communication. health problems. as an animal needs a certain level of physical fitness before participating in competition. As with using dowsing to find lost animals. this application can be a bit challenging. stress or environmental energies are contributing to the problem. Training is a vital aspect of having a good relationship with your pet. 10. you will discover that sometimes they lie. Dowsing will help you determine what is energetically behind the symptoms. as it involves the animal in a more dynamic and emotionally charged way than the above examples. If you communicate with animals using dowsing. this will relieve or even remove the physical symptom. since you are directly working with another living thing. Dowsing is also a way of checking which competitions you should participate in for best results. emotional issues. as some animals run away on purpose. at the very least. or you may get faulty responses. As with all types of dowsing. dowsing to communicate directly with your animal companion is preferable to not communicating directly at all. Just ask simple questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses. you are likely to traumatize it or. sometimes they don’t want to talk with you and it can be a challenge to interpret your results. 12. 9. Finding lost animals is a common use of dowsing. and whether the cause is internal or external. Often. 11. lack of exercise and high level of stress common in our culture.If your animal is emotionally unfit for competition. You will get better results if you ask in advance if the animal wants to be found. In spite of these potential drawbacks. waste your time.

.com. You will save money (lots of it). . Maggie Percy and her husband Nigel live in northern AZ with their pets. So use your intuition and dowse to help your animal friends.When you use dowsing as part of a therapy to help your animal.Have a dowsing friend check your answers if you are unsure of their validity. Be curious. not fearful. If you begin to use dowsing regularly with your animal friend. You will have a more harmonious relationship. You will enhance the quality of life for your pet. remember to ask the animal for permission before doing anything. or find out more about what they do at www. Visit their free online dowsing community at www. .com. Learning to ask the right question is vital in dowsing of any kind. 2012 5 . Maggie and Nigel may be reached via email at info@sixthsenseconsulting. remember to protect yourself from taking on any of your animal’s ‘stuff’ by using intention or another appropriate method. Their websites offer all aspects of dowsing help and training. And you will be empowering yourself tremendously.sixthsenseconsulting. .For best results.Adopt a detached interest so that you are open to whatever the answer is. . . you will certainly improve your understanding of him or her.dowsersworld. Inc.Practice is an important part of success with dowsing.Be very careful how you word your questions.There are some important points to remember when you dowse to help animals: . so use your dowsing on yourself and your animals daily if possible.Always dowse the level in effects of what you p ropose to do on a +10 to -10 scale and only implement solutions that rank above Dowsing To Help Animals| © Sixth Sense Consulting.

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