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I was now going so fast that not even vampire eyes would be able to see me. She kept getting farther and farther away. Soon we were somewhere in South America. Her hair became a small flicker and the next second she was completely gone. Her scent covered. I couldn’t sense her at all. She was gone. I was in a large forest and all the anger bubbled inside of me. I slammed my fist into a extremely large maple tree and it fell down with a huge CRACK! Crap! I should’ve run. To leave so that when people came they wouldn’t see me standing next to a fallen down maple. But I didn’t. I just sat down. Right there on the soggy ground. I sat and sobbed, tearlessly. I sat there for two hours or so. Surprisingly no one came to see me lying with my face in the dirt. I heard rustling a few yards away. I picked my hands up from my hands and looked toward the noise. Rosalie emerged from a clump of trees a few minutes later. “Edward, there you are. There’s something you need to know.” “What is it Rosalie.” “Bella died.” I jumped up and ran closer to her. “WHAT!” I screamed in her face. “She committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.” Rosalie seemed ultimately uninterested at the news. I wanted to rip her head off. This could not be happening. I then ran. Ran away from the women who just announced my love’s death. I ran to the coast and jumped on a boat. I navigated all the way to Europe. I needed to die. I couldn’t live while she was dead. Live with this pain. I had caused her to go kill herself and it was all my fault she was dead. I jumped off the boat and ran to Italy.Once I was running something hit me. This was Rosalie we’re talking about, she’s never liked Bella. Why would she be the one to tell me she…..died? Maybe I should double-check from a more reliable source. I ran to the nearest pay phone and dialed her home number. Ring, Ring. “Hello?” I didn’t recognize the voice but I kept going. “Hello, this is Carlisle Cullen. I’d like to speak to Charlie please.” I said, trying to keep my voice calm and even. “He’s at the funeral.” I held back a sob and tried to continue…. “Oh, well...” I hung up. So she was dead. And who was that person on the phone. Why would there be a stranger in Charlie’s house while he was at his own daughter’s funeral?

Maybe I should go back. Maybe this was just all some nightmare that I would never wake up. Maybe I should just go die and not think about any of it. ( a/n: I thought I’d add in that I need 6 reviews to continue and 2 for my friends story, just saying.) No matter how many different ways I could go one thing was certain….this was entirely fault. If I had never left Bella would have never gone and killed herself. The guilt I had in me was ripping me apart and I fell to the ground. I didn’t care where I was or who was staring, all I could process was the fact that the love of my…existence was dead and not only would I never see her again she would never see me or anyone else. Poor Charlie must be dieing and blaming me no doubt, though I was the one to blame of course. I stood again and ran toward Volterra, a rather large city in Italy. There lived the Volturi, they would kill me if I asked, and for sure they would. I ran into the city gates and through the crowded streets of Volterra, carefully avoiding the sunlight. I had heard Carlisle’s story so many times that I knew exactly how to navigate the secret underground Volturi Castle. It was right where Carlisle had said, in a dark alley south of the humongous clock tower that resided in the middle of the city. I fell down the small hole in the ground and ran down the narrow halls until I saw someone. A cloaked male vampire was directly in front of me and I stopped sharp. He turned to look at me and came to my side immediately along with several other vampires. They grabbed my arms and held on so tightly I had no dream of escaping.

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