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Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

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Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

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Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ivory's Addiction Copyright © August 2009, Jacqueline Paige Cover art by Valerie Tibbs © August 2009 This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. ISBN: 978-1-935348-60-3 Amira Press, LLC Baltimore, MD 21216 www.amirapress.com


Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Dedication To my wonderful husband, Sean, my critique partners, and Mrs. April Serock who made me believe in myself. Without all of them, I would have given up on my dream. [Back to Table of Contents]


Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Chapter One "Get that gun out of my face." Ivory Black pushed a strand of her shoulder-length, ebony hair off her sweaty forehead. Her own concealed weapon remained holstered at her hip beneath the no-nonsense black blazer she wore over a plain white shirt. "Shit. We're going to have to call in back up," the rookie cop said. "Are all your assignments like this?" Ivory shot him a deadly glare, her sunglasses hiding her eyes from the freckled-face, red hair Collins. "No. Usually they're happy-go-lucky kind of occasions." Collins winced at her sarcastic tone. "Sorry, ma'am. Just wondering." Ivory looked at her simple black wristwatch. The two of them stood outside a falling down two-story duplex on the south side of Boston. It was a dangerous part of town, and Ivory didn't like the feel of it. She followed up on cases of child abuse almost daily. Sometimes, she came up against resistance, depending on the person, but never before had the perp threatened her. Not when she had police backup. This case went to hell in a handbasket fast. She looked at her watch again. Collins disappeared inside his squad car to radio for more experienced backup, and Ivory cooled her heels just on the outside of the gated property. Liza Green, four years old. Reported by a neighbor. Heard childlike wailing, crying. Ivory got called in when the police responded to the call.

She let out a heavy breath. She searched through the drawer of the pea-green desk for her Icy Hot and tension headache medicine. it did. but she did not want to cause the baby any further harm. The pain she saw written there gripped her heart. and her day had only just begun. Ivory planted her hands on her hips and muttered to herself. stole her breath. Thank God she didn't have a workload the size of Texas on her desk. had barricaded himself and the girl inside when Ivory knocked on the door and had threatened harm to Ivory and the toddler if she dared set foot across the threshold. It was only as big as Boston itself. the stepfather. and BPD backup arrived. "After the rookie brandished his weapon. **** "Everything go all right with the Green case?" Ivory turned at the sound of her superior's voice. She let her eyelids shutter closed for a brief second.m. Ivory got a glimpse of a smaller than average girl.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The perp. so damn nervous he nearly shot me. much like her own. Claire Simmons. She nodded. 7 ." Collins called out. while she listened for the sirens of arriving Boston Police Department. "Miss Black? Backup is a few minutes away. Liza Green is with the Smiths. with stringy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. The slobbery bastard with his beer belly and mottled face didn't scare her." She rubbed her neck and sank into the creaky chair behind her cluttered desk. Nine a.

You're the best I've got. Ivory glanced at the clock on her desk.m. Lived in Manchester. Haven't been able to track down the mother. She doesn't have a name?" Claire crossed her arms over the breast of her coral suit jacket. her short blonde hair styled to perfection. Ivory." Claire nodded. If you can get this half brother to take the child in. **** 8 . as we're calling her. She flipped open the manila folder and scanned the contents. Mother overdosed on heroine. Jax Morgan. "Liza Green's maternal grandparents are driving up from West Virginia to take temporary custody of her. It would be another long day for the social worker. will get a better life than her mother could have given her. Claire gave her a weak smile. Not married. She'd have to call her nana and let her know not to wait on dinner. "Child is six months old." Ivory sighed. then Baby A. Not much information on the half brother." Claire said. There is only one living relative. She saw too many cases where children were abused or abandoned due to a drug habit. "Good. Check it out. "High priority. "No. Ivory took it. Soldier. Adoptive parents killed ten years before in Boston. handing the folder over.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Claire positioned herself just outside the door to Ivory's rinky-dink office. Heroin overdose. Get started on Baby A." Ivory saluted her friend and boss. There is an address for a town house in Manchester. They were all high priority. After three p. She produced a folder. and Ivory went back to studying the sheet.

then stared at the covered furniture. When he finally did get to take leave. Never had he been forced to take leave because of familial issues. No sooner had he stepped inside his own door than the bell sounded through the house. Mary. Winter in Massachusetts could get brutal. What did he know about babies? He had barely known his half sister. Jax swore a string of curses. etcetera. Grady had been able to get the power and heater back on. He glared at the petite. making sure no one broke in. Unless it was the damn social worker. He spun around and yanked open the door. and have a beer with a few of his buddies. Jax ground his back teeth. He hoped to hell whoever it was didn't have the child in tow. Her head tilted back slightly to get a good look at him. he wanted to relax. He flipped on the lights. Grady and her husband. At least Mrs. "You're the social worker?" 9 . He hadn't been home in nearly a year. but Jax beat her to it. His other-than-normal life left him homeless nearly half the year. Her full lips were poised to say something. took care of the house while he was away on a mission. His neighbors. Who the hell would be visiting him now? No one knew he was in town. He rubbed his eyes. black-haired woman standing in front of him. do a little fishing. Mrs. standard issue duffle on the floor of his townhouse. his throat hurting from inhaling the dust and grime of the abandoned home.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax Morgan dropped his army-green. her blue eyes narrowing the moment they made eye contact.

high breasts rise as she took a deep breath. and here he was." He ignored her hand. He hadn't had a woman in a long time. her sharp cheekbones cut against the soft blue of her eyes. and he felt his groin twitch. and he watched her small. "I don't know how I can help you. I don't intend to quit being a soldier to take care of a child. Jax glowered at her. There was no time for this shit. She held her chin higher. I'm a soldier.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She held out her hand. allowed her to pass." Her smile faltered. a small smile transforming her lips. the façade of innocence. When she brushed by. Miss Black. "May I come in?" Her voice turned chilly." Jax straightened from the open door. Find out what your plans are. Gone was the sweet demeanor. Jax stepped back. His team was in Africa running a mission. a frisson of awareness skated up his arm and tackled his gut. She surveyed his living quarters and frowned at the sheets collecting dust. "I haven't had a chance to meet the child yet. "Ivory Black. She transformed before his very eyes. in Manchester-fuckingMassachusetts. crossed his arms over his chest. He could smell the enticing aroma of woman and soap. but I wanted to come out here and collect you first. No perfume. Miss Black. and clenched his fists. the chilly air from outside rushing into the dank room. "I don't have any plans. staring down an imp of a woman with aqua blue eyes." 10 .

The paleness of her skin made her seem fragile." She mirrored his pose. then rubbed the dust off her fingers. She raised a thin black brow at him. brown hair. "It would help if I knew who the father was. he felt a fissure of approval move through his mind. lower lip into her mouth.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory rounded on him. as did her height and small build. Miss Ivory Black carried. He would bet his entire career as a Special Forces Sniper she could take down men twice her size. which created a jolt of desire so keen that Jax backed up a step. He studied her. wondering if his black combat pants concealed the sudden hard-on he sported. "You're her only living relative. the scar running up between his knuckles. He ran a hand back through his closely cropped." "And I don't care. Mr. She sucked her full. legally. "Then we're at an impasse. but since I don't." "What about the father?" Ivory strolled around the foyer. So. A close call. Reluctantly. the child is to be turned over to you. over his wrist. she will either be put in a group home such as Heron House or in a foster home. and you're her only living relative. He'd turned his hand to protect the ligaments in his 11 . coiling around his forearm. Morgan. her eyes twin lasers of disapproval. a Smith and Wesson 1911 peeking out from her coat. touching on several small pieces of furniture. I've got to find a home for this little girl. in which case." Jax stared at his latest scar. Unless you decide to give her up for adoption.

"I'm not the right person to take care of anyone under the age of twenty. I can't help you. the electric jolt she felt stunned her for a brief moment before she gathered her wits. especially with the wars going on. Ivory wrapped her arms around her midsection. One kill. cold. He looked like a killer. It bled from every pore. This man was dangerous.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros trigger finger. and then. What am I thinking? she scolded herself. One shot. The man had no compassion for a baby. His arms were covered in wicked-looking tattoos with snakes and demons riding his forearms. out of self12 . Soldiering probably ensured he did take lives for a living. His hard jaw flexed when he clamped down on his teeth." **** Ivory stared at the brute before her. She wondered if they were any more. A shadow of a beard covered the lower half of his face and made his sensual lips all the more enticing. Something told her the man had riddled himself with ink. and a muscle jumped in his cheek. I'm only good with trained soldiers. she couldn't remember. He stood well above her five-two height. When she brushed past him. She shivered despite herself. He flexed. and her instincts screamed for her to run. She noticed none of them came past his midforearm. The space around him seemed heated to the point of overload. No remorse. If she'd ever met a more imposing man in her life. his green eyes flat. and she needed to separate herself from him by distance.

And then they were the dead sea-green they'd been before. She needed to make him understand it would be in the best interest of the child to be with family. his cheekbones so sharp she could cleave meat on them. Miss Black. staring down at her over his slightly crooked nose. She's only six months old. "I didn't even know my sister. I don't have compassion." Something flashed in his eyes. black case sat next to it. he looked at her as though she were his worst enemy. A long. and Ivory suspected the case housed a weapon." The predator before her seemed to grow. Ivory glanced around the spartan room." Ivory flinched at his candid statement. The child deserved a home. "Mr. "Because you're human and you should at least have some compassion for a helpless child. She noticed his duffel. That's my personal rifle. at least to put the baby up for adoption. and she needs a home." "Keyless lock. "As a rule. A keyless entry pin pad adorned the top. I need you to work with me on this.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros preservation." she said. "Do you always carry your weapons with you?" "No. For anyone. Ivory refused to give any ground. On top of it all. the green cylindrical tube overstuffed. A good home. something akin to pain. What kind of man couldn't love a child? Obviously not this one. frowned. "What kind?" 13 . Morgan. What makes you think I want to take care of her child?" Ivory bristled at his dead tone.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "With all due respect." "Are you serious? Or is that a sick play on words?" She couldn't help but wonder if good ole captain was his favorite drink. Miss Black. and my cell phone number." Slamming the door behind her. Call me if you change your mind. "I never joke. Flowerbeds must be mandatory. for God's sakes. the clean sidewalks with trees growing every few feet. She didn't understand how he could not care. ma'am. Every house seemed to have a bed of roses or petunias ringing the property. Morgan. I'll be in touch if I don't hear from you in the next few days for the paperwork to make her a ward of the state. "This is my office number. Mr. mossy eyes when she mentioned handing the child over to the state to be put in the system. "Thank you for your time. They were 14 ." Nothing. Miss Black. She glanced around the streets of Manchester by the Sea. "Excuse me?" "It's Captain Morgan. and Ivory noticed the reddened scar on the back of his hand." She stopped at the open doorway. that's none of your business." "Captain. He took her card from her. She pulled a card out of her pocket." Ivory glared at the hard wood floor as she regained control over her rapidly deteriorating politeness. Anger boiled in the pit of her stomach. It was a baby. Not even a flash of sympathy from those frigid. looked back over her shoulder. She flinched despite herself. he shut her out in the chilly air.

snickers. Ivory hunched against the biting wind. They blinked on as the sun sank over the horizon. and went into the residence. children of all ages raced about. grinned. and general mania of the place. Nice place to live. she thought idly. "Want to help?" "I'm here on business. "Hey. Outside. as October had arrived. She avoided the main streets and slipped into the parking entrance without much fanfare. in the kitchen making a batch of cookies for the young residents. or played video games. Glass lamplights were attached to each house. a sheepish eight-year-old. Damn Jax Morgan. Heron House sat on the north side of Boston just outside the city limits. She gathered her file. She guided her vehicle deftly through the five-o'clock traffic while keeping her wits about her. it looked like every other house on the block but inside. even Morgan's. The 15 . Jenny." Clay.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros dying. The little girl didn't even have a name. and then she aimed it toward Heron House where the baby currently resided. who could gave passed for Ivory's twin save for her brown eyes. She headed to her car. but she could imagine what they might look like in early spring. sat at the counter with Jenny placing batches of chocolate chip cookies on plates. Ivory located Jenny. the director and her best friend. and Ivory got off at the exit to take her into the heart of the city. Ivory slammed her fist down on the steering wheel of her Jeep Grand Cherokee. Killing must pay well. locked the Jeep. lazed on couches." Ivory called out over the laughter.

So. Heron House and her single status impeded her aspirations and noble convictions. "Ashley?" Jenny's dimples appeared in her heart-shaped face. "Well. bouncing from one place to another until he landed at Heron House with Jenny. Ivory knew her best friend wanted to adopt the boy.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros spacious kitchen boasted an eight-burner stove with a deep freezer and industrial-sized fridge." Ivory smiled at him. "Hey. careful to keep her arms from touching the 16 . but not until she could provide a stable residence for him. She stepped lightly over spilled flour to keep it from getting on her black slacks. The kid was a tragic story of the system. "All right. if they could." Ivory propped herself up on one of the wooden stools crowding the island in the middle of the room. Ivory suspected that between she and Jenny. "Come to see Baby Ashley?" Ivory drew her gaze away from the sallow child and refocused on the only other adult in the room. kiddo. just to see him blush again. I'm calling her Ashley. Heron House would be empty and their own homes full of youngsters. and his doe eyes locked onto her. Her shoes were already covered in the dry powder. How are you?" Clay glanced up at Ivory. Jenny housed up to twenty orphaned children under her protective wing. She laid the file across her lap. I wasn't going to keep calling her Baby A. At any given time. Clay blushed furtively when Ivory ruffled his sandy blond hair.

"Well. Sleeps like an angel. "I just came from the brother's home. where is Ashley? I'd like to meet the little girl. Children are to be protected and loved. Jenny had painted 17 . All the money goes into feeding the habit. the last door opened into the nursery." Jenny poured milk over her mixture." Ivory commiserated with her best friend but held in her disapproval. "Well. "That's what happens when the mom is addicted to drugs. not a child.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros counter. then pounded on the thick goo. We don't know her story. not abandoned and starved. She still had to go back to her office. Along the hall." "And?" "It's not looking good." Jenny continued to knead dough and add in generous handfuls of chocolate chips. she is lower than low. At the end. A little on the thin side. He very well could have good reasons for not wanting to care for his niece." Ivory jumped off the chair and pushed her hair out of her face. "It's a pretty name. I'll be right back." Ivory said." Ivory snorted. She needed to remain objective. "It's not our place to judge. "She's in the nursery. several rooms had been converted to bedrooms and she smiled at the various children listening to music or playing with dolls and GI Joes along the way. as far as I'm concerned." Ivory navigated the long hallway that led to the nursery." Jenny frowned. though. "I don't understand how someone can turn their back on a child. and she couldn't do that if she bashed Jax Morgan in conversation.

Ivory laughed. Ashley's low weight made her fragile. My name is Ivory. "I'm going to make sure your Uncle Jax sees your little face because you are too sweet to not want. Ashley grinned. although the baby managed to finagle a few strands. Blonde hair grew on the child's head. Her heart swelled instantly with love and compassion for the child. she had drawn in a sun and birds. laid her hand across the baby's stomach. you are. The doctors on staff with Heron House had looked her over and given her a clean bill of health except for the weight issue. Tiny for her age." Ivory whispered.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros the room in bright yellow. thick eyelashes stared up at Ivory. flowers. Ivory deftly removed the caught-up hair. Babies were adopted out quickly. Her brown eyes wide with long. She made a mental note to ask Jenny and put Ashley 18 ." Ashley pulled on the strands of Ivory's hair clenched between her tiny hands. little girl. Ivory bounced the baby on her hip for a minute and wondered when her last feeding had been. and Ivory knew only one crib would be occupied. She heard a cooing sound coming from the bed closest to the door. the sound causing the child to giggle in return. you know that? Yes. With her artistic hand. Ivory loved this room. little girl. "But Jenny and I are going to fatten you right up. and even a unicorn along one wall. her pink gums showed as she let loose a smile. Three cribs sat in the ten-by-ten room. and Ivory picked her up to feel the baby soft skin against her cheek." Ashley blew raspberries. "Hello." She reached into the crib. The little girl lay with her arms waving and legs kicking. "You're beautiful. and Ivory got her first look at Ashley.

well." "All right. "I'm going to head back to the office. I'll have to call you. When do you want to go do the whole girls'-night-out thing?" Jenny." Jenny waved a dough-laden hand as Ivory walked away." Ivory smiled. glanced up from her cookies. so I'm here alone. I've gotta go. "Um. Tanya is out sick right now. Ivory knew the job was starting to get to her when she wanted to take a baby home and pushed the thought to the back of her mind. If she could reach it. "About two hours ago. **** Five hours after Ivory Black left his house. Every time he pictured her slight curves beneath her take-no-prisoners blazer and remembered her round little 19 . she held the file beneath her arm and wished she could whap him upside the head. Taking one last look at the baby. "That's fine. A small part of her wanted to take the baby home with her. give her a place she deserved." she promised the child. Nana would spoil the child.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros back in her crib. Mama Bear. glanced at the kitchen clock on the stove. that is. flour smeared across her cheek. Thoroughly pissed at Captain Morgan. "I'm gonna find you a home if it kills me. When did Ashley eat last?" Jenny frowned. Don't worry. Jax still stewed in his juices. she made her way back down the hall. I'll get her another bottle in about forty-five minutes. She poked her head in the kitchen.

but the one time he had met her. His half sister might have led a hard life. his half sister on his mother's side. Who her child's father was? Maybe he 20 . his balls drew tighter. and he would never have done that. Mary. He needed a woman to ease the tension gripping his groin. His own mother had given Jax up for adoption when he was seven. having claimed that she couldn't support a child on her meager income. Right before he took off for the army at the tender age of twenty-one. he'd come home one night while out with his buddies and found his parents gunned down in their own home. he pictured a petite woman with a pixie face and clear blue eyes. they'd loved him. he could say that she had seem like a good kid. He stared at the ceiling and turned her card his hands. Her life glared a blaring example of how he might have turned out if his mother had kept him as well. He shifted on his couch. Manchester seemed like the farthest he could get from Boston without leaving Massachusetts. Jax winced at his harsh thoughts. He wondered what happened to her. their biological mother decided to keep apparently. and although he only lived with them until he was twentyone. had died of an overdose. The Irish in him loved Massachusetts. Mary. but when he thought about heading out to a bar for a onenight stand. how she got involved in drugs. It was the best damn thing the woman ever did for him. His adoptive parents took him in.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros ass. on the other hand. a glass of bourbon in his hand. He felt right at home.

never actually thinking he'd need his old friend's services. "Sure. He'd clipped the card he searched for to the inner jacket." "Thanks. What can I do for you?" "My half sister overdosed. which led to more thinking about Ivory Black. I don't have a photo of her. Picking up his cell phone. or who she hung out with. Jax flipped open his phone once again." Jax hung up the phone and took another swig of his bourbon. I owed your father. but I'm sure you can get one from the PD. where she lived. a private investigator and former Boston police officer coughed. this is Jax Morgan. dialed the cell phone number on her card. and tapped the card against his palm while the device rang. What do you know?" "Mary Kissinger. I don't know anything about her habits. I need the father found. man. sounding like he'd hacked up a lung. I only met her once. I need your services." 21 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros should try to track the man down. kid. She was an addict. "All right. He saved my butt once. He couldn't rejoin his team until the issue was resolved." Mickey hacked again. "Hi." Mickey. He let his thoughts drift toward the child and wondered about her. I'll get back to you soon. "Ivory Black. left a six-month0old child behind." "Sure. How much will this cost?" "No cost. Jax dug around in his bag for his address book. he dialed the number engraved on the ivory card. I'll see what I can dig up. Mick.

I'm just leaving my office. "Yes. Morgan?" "Jax. He hated being baited. Her silky. Ivory wrapped her jacket tighter around her and darted for the door." he repeated." He hung up. Mr. My mom died before I could ask her. "When would you like to meet?" "In an hour. Are you busy?" Another pause filled the line. stuffed. **** Magruder's Tavern notoriously hosted the underbelly of Boston. On the wharf." "I'm glad I'm carrying. soft voice filled his ear again. I want to talk to you." she muttered over the phone. Smelled like snow would be coming at any moment. trophy fish stared at her from various 22 ." "Okay. Do you know where Magruder's is?" "On the wharf?" Jax smiled at the disbelief in her tone. "Mr. Jax. Inside. Morgan?" "Jax. held it in. Would you like me to stop by?" He could tell by the tone in her voice she didn't want to drive to Manchester again and Jax wanted to get out of his silent house. and she didn't want to be alone outside. "No. mounted. Did you need something.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "How did you get your name?" Silence met his question. I don't know exactly. "No. Jax took a breath. "And yes.

The bartender sauntered over." she said in a thick Boston accent. Ivory gave the woman her best smile. "I'm waiting for someone. Besides the bleached-blonde-haired woman tending bar. Smoke filled her nose." The lady moved off to get her drink. "I'm just meeting someone.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros places on the dingy walls. Ivory patted her coat to double-check that her weapon still resided at her hip. and Ivory winced with every rip of a guitar. carefully concealed. Ivory trained her eyes on the door. careful not to make eye contact with anyone. "You look a little lost. and she choked on the stale scent. oldfashioned rhythm and blues any time of the day. Give her good." "Watch your back. No wonder. honey. Men wearing fisherman's hats and leather played pool." Ivory said. and ate fried wings. Can I getcha anything?" Ivory glanced at a menu pinned to the corkboard behind the scratched bar. She hoped Jax showed up soon. drank cheap beer." The woman's voice turned raspy. [Back to Table of Contents] 23 . because she wouldn't wait ten minutes longer than she had to. She picked what looked like the cleanest bar stool she could find next to the jukebox. "You a cop?" "No. she remained to be the only female in the place. The harsh music coming out of the speakers made her ears ring. "An Irish Coffee will be fine. honey.

I need to get back to my men." Trixie. planted a glass of bourbon right in front of him. Jax walked in. Ivory stared at the man sitting next to her. I haven't seen you in ages. gooey barmaid. The defined cuts of his biceps and forearms suggested something other than a gym for his workouts. His tight." he said." 24 . "Why. Although he never actually looked directly at her. the muscles in his throat working as they pushed the liquid down. Just what did he do in the Army? "We both need something. "Been off doing your secret squirrel thing again?" To Ivory's surprise. visibly marking each person with his gaze. "I've called a PI to find the father. Give me a bourbon. and Ivory's mouth went dry. Captain?" Jax sipped his drink and grimaced as he swallowed. straight up. Trixie. Even in the dim light. "Why did you call me. She noticed another scar just behind his ear. she could see him scanning the room. he zeroed in and settled on the stool next to her. Jax Morgan. the cougar sitting next to her smiled." the woman rasped. black T-shirt and ripped jeans set off the deep tan he had. running down the length of his neck.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Two Two minutes before her mark to leave. The barmaid approached them. How had she missed that earlier? "I've been on a mission. the suddenly gushing. no squirrels involved. and you need to find a home for the child.

Ivory shifted farther away to avoid the backlash. her. Miss Black. The heat she sensed in him earlier dissipated and arctic cold surrounded the man now. not the man. You have yours. did." he interrupted. but the man she sat beside now deserved his own category. "Duly noted. crossed and uncrossed her slender thighs. her eyes glued to the abused bar. Despite the aura of lethalness that came off Jax. her hands clenching on her mildly liquored coffee. She stared at the mug." "Where is Ashley now?" "Heron House. "Yes. "Is she safe?" Ivory sipped her coffee. "Yes. She dealt with child-molesting perpetrators. and in turn." 25 . Heron House is very secure. The whipped cream had begun to disintegrate in the hot brew.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's hackles rose. gunwielding stepfathers. Like death." she mumbled. but seeing how the state hasn't found a father for Ashley. This was the soldier she was dealing with." "Never make the mistake of doubting me. "You named the girl Ashley?" Ivory's neck hurt from the whiplash in the abrupt change of his tone." He delivered the statement with such precise coolness. I doubt you will." Ivory fidgeted in her seat. I don't see how—" "I have my resources. "Still. "My friend. The crowd gave him a wide berth. she felt better with him present than before he'd come. and junkie mothers. Jenny. That fit his personality. I suggest we work together to get what we both want.

" "Me?" Ivory's droll tone earned her a disapproving bearing of his teeth." She closed her eyes and tried to shut out the sound of the loud jukebox and raucous patrons. and Ivory felt a curious tingling ascend her spine. She wasn't quite sure if she needed to be safe from the patrons at the bar or from Jax and his pheromones. and instead of the icy gaze she'd seen earlier. He studied her. emerald heat pummeled her chilled skin. his thick fringe of eyelashes lowered slightly. 26 . but at the slightest movement. Jax wore an impenetrable force field around him she had no way to break through. He turned his eyes on her. "Not about Ashley. The man threw her off balance. "Is there anything else?" Her hands turned to butter. "Are you always rude?" she asked. she might bolt for the safety of her Jeep." Ivory couldn't find a way to pick up the stilted conversation. "I think that's what I just said. and she gripped the cup in her hands tighter. Ivory knew the man would coil into action. Her breath came faster. She focused on staying calm because if she didn't." Appearing to be cool.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Good. "I want to know more about you. he leaned against the high back of the barstool. She didn't dare raise it to her lips otherwise Jax would know just how nervous she felt. calm and collected.

The last time she'd given herself to a man. like cool water. his deep voice loud enough for the woman heard him from the other end of the bar. More than the little bit of knowledge he'd given her. She drew in the scent of his cologne.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax's lips pulled into a smirk. Ivory felt too hot as he stood. except through the end of a scope. The light pressure of his fingertips against her elbow burned all the way to her core." He rose to his full height. flames lick the center of her core in time with the rips of a guitar. A scope. something airy. as in sniper's rifle? She clenched her drink harder. and steered her toward the door. babe. She sensed his need and her body responded. he could make her want to do 27 . I don't bite" He took a sip of his drink then pushed the glass away. Not since college. She felt heat coat her stomach. "I don't see many people." A chill crashed over Ivory. He leaned in. She never had a one night stand in her life but Jax could make her want it." he called out. the heat of his skin so close her flesh grew warm. "Don't worry. "Unless you ask me to. tossing down a few bills. She clenched her thigh muscles against the growing need. His smirk continued to taunt her. Oh. he'd broken her heart. "Trixie. gripped her elbow. and you. God. How could a man be so hot and cold at the same time? She bit down on her lip. the alpha male sitting next to her made her body react in a way she hadn't let herself feel in a long time. Miss Black. for both our drinks. He tapped his finger against the bar in time with the hard rock.

confidence in the cold piece of steel strapped to her body making it easier to breathe.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros things she had never wanted to do before and that was the problem. Captain. He took a step forward. Her lungs seemed to work again. He stopped half-way down the dock. Had a man ever wanted her the way she sensed he did? The way he looked made her toes curl. her womb throb. She had no respect for anyone who could turn a back on a child. stared up into those blazing eyes and nearly melted. How could he make her feel this way with just a look? On principle. clamped her lips shut. the docks." "Jax. but the man taking her away from the safety of light and her car did. Outside the bar. Ivory tilted her head back. The smell of dead fish didn't bother her. he pushed her deeper into the shadows. and they danced that way. Ivory dug her feet in. "Going to run?" Ivory felt for her 1911 again. He propelled her toward the wharf. "I don't run. On top of that. Ivory took a step back. she didn't even like the man." Ivory yanked on her elbow and pulled her arms out of reach. he killed people. "Where are you taking me?" "I need some air. turned to face her. She felt around for her weapon again. She 28 . He killed people. the sudden quiet made her ears ring. Instead of leading her toward her Jeep." Ivory notched her chin up at him. but he tossed a look over his shoulder.

taking down the six-four giant with a body of iron would be hard for her. Despite her growing apprehension. Her knees turned to jellyfish. He leaned in close. But oh. No one around. She felt the rough wood of a fishing shack at her back and glanced up. his cool breath smelling slightly like liquor. "What do you want from me?" Jax nipped at her lobe. Don't give it all away on the first date." Ivory shot back. She needed release. Even though she'd trained in all forms of martial arts over the years. she really did not want to. Jax lowered a hand to her waist and pulled her against the hard wall of his body. Cha-cha. and Jax seemed to want to give it to her. His wide palm 29 . Ivory's breath came rapidly. and his breath fanned her ear. thanks to her absentee father's monthly stipend. No lights. which sent signals of pleasure racing to her brain. would she even be able to get to her gun? Would she even want to? Her thoughts chased themselves around and around until he placed two massive palms on either side of her body. She hadn't been with a lover since Nathan. The bar music vibrated on the wind. Her nana's voice echoed through her mind. her body continued to groan in need. He advanced. If she screamed. If he pinned her. no one would hear her. A very specific bulge burrowed against her stomach. the heat invading her clothes despite the cool night.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros retreated." "Doesn't mean I'm going to give it to you. "I think you know want what I want. man. She jerked at the torture of him so close.

" he rumbled seconds before he licked a scorching path up her neck. and now she found herself ready to give herself over to a stranger. "At least. "I'm not going to take you. The heat seared her flesh. played. on the docks no less. then slid under her jacket to the skin beneath. That's a promise." And then he lowered his mouth to hers." she panted." he groaned. It had been way too long without sex. tired of the game he taunted her with. His free hand followed the curve of her hip. The aphrodisiac of alcohol and man went straight to her head. the ridges and valleys of his pectoral muscles." he murmured. unbuttoned her slacks while the other crept up her shirt to 30 . and to her horror. He branded herby sweeping his tongue into her mouth and stealing the breath from her body. then picked her up and crushed her against him. She responded. The world tilted. pressed her harder against him. "I don't even know you. "I've wanted to do that since I saw you on my doorstep. the nip of his teeth. and she lost herself in the hot cavern of his mouth. not tonight. swayed. real well. and Ivory sank her nails into his shirt. His tongue pushed her. He licked the bundle of nerves just behind her earlobe. Ivory wrapped her arms around his back. astonished to feel the fire and granite of his chest. she whimpered. you're going to know me.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros splayed against her back. sighing as he sucked her bottom lip between his teeth. and righted itself. "Babe. challenged her to a duel.

To wipe out the faces in his mind. She sold her soul to the devil for a touch. she closed her eyes in horror. He toyed with her clit. and his name was Jax Morgan. When his hand slid down past her waistband and delved inside her pants. Too many lives he'd taken. her nana and morals hammered at her actions—letting a man grope her in public—but the ache in her vagina and his tongue wouldn't let her change her mind. like a cat with a mouse. She felt the roughness of his fingers as they stroked over re-awakened nerves. she bit down on the nearest thing to her mouth—his bicep. He sank his finger into her tight. and he wanted to touch it. In the back of her mind. **** Jax never intended to finger Ivory Black on the dock behind Magruder's. then flicked her clit with his thumb. Beneath that thin veneer of control lurked living flame. When his fingers slid through the cream of her pussy and caught the little bundle of nerves at her core. She sucked in a cool breath through her clenched teeth. the cold around his heart. Cool air hit her stomach. When a small cry passed her lips. never knowing. Ivory ground against his hand. but the coolness she exuded pissed him off. wet 31 . She shivered. He jerked against her. or if he was. always wondering if the men he'd killed truly were the enemy. Seeking deeper penetration.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros cup one tit. he felt warmth for the first time since his parents' murders. She felt cream soak her thong. His fingers dipped below the waistband of her panties and slid into the moist curls through the drenched slit.

her curves giving and soft yet firm and supple. He turned. He sucked on the sound with his mouth. She was so short he had to stoop to kiss her. "No. He'd lost his ever-lovin' mind." Ivory hugged her jacket tighter around her. adjusting himself to ease the fire in his balls." Jax stared out at the ocean pounding against the pillars of the dock. Her skin felt like silk and the muscles milking his index finger made his cock twitch in time with her body. and thieved the sweet taste of Irish coffee off her tongue. his need was so great. but Jax couldn't imagine a more perfect position. Her heart beat through her white shirt. her blue eyes glassy. "Don't be. His own sense of self-preservation kicked in. and desires. You couldn't have." 32 . and she whimpered. No one penetrated the control he held over himself or his emotions. but something about Ivory Black held him back. And he'd only known her for seven hours. "I'm sorry. body or taste. but her pale cheeks were flushed red.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros channel. claimed her lips. Jax was half tempted to take her where they stood. The light was dim out here. She felt like heaven. He looked back at her. pulled his fingers from her body. and buttoned her slacks. wants. He never should have let it get this far. He had intended to shake her up. Jax cursed himself. warning him this woman could change everything if he weren't careful. The fact he would do such a thing while the smell of dead fish surrounded them attested to the lack of control he felt around this woman. I could have stopped you. He broke away.

just a damn minute." Jax smiled at her. She made him remember why he killed for a living. She winced. about Ashley. and he put the truck in gear. Jax sneered at her feeble attempt. a grimace followed. Hope shone in her eyes earlier when she told him about the child. Anger made her blue eyes glow. He shut his eyes. fed off his soul. Why he soldiered. it would break her fingers. he hopped inside. Captain. running missions and taking out the bad guys. but she'd placed her other hand so if he slammed the door. He heard her small feet struggle to maintain pace with his ground-eating strides." A red flush climbed her cheeks. "Wait. Damn woman. SlipKnot blared through the stereo speakers. his 33 . "You tell me what the hell that was?" Jax turned the ignition." she said. When Jax reached his truck. without a warm body in my bed at night. The faces of kills taunted him. searched for the steel resolve and usually dormant conscience. "That was being stuck in the jungle for the last year. "What?" Anger lived in his veins. Why he gave up his soul. "You're a piece of work. Jax knew it wasn't from lust or pleasure.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He started walking back to his truck. kept on sniping. working in black ops. the pleas of children as their father fell to his death. and sweat coated his brow. and she stopped him from shutting the door with a palm against the door frame. She made him remember the real reason he stayed in the services. "What?" She asked. He clamped down on the intrusion. He killed because he had to—if the children of America were to have a future. And if he kept on killing.

nearly given herself up to him. asshole. "And I'll certainly be seeing you. abnd the tires squealed as he drove away. Jax. It was a rare day. Ivory." Before Jax closed his door. 34 . He chomped metal. Shame and heat crawled up her body. Instead. her folds still smoldering from his sensual seduction. slipped her shoes off. Miss Black. Jax backed out of the parking lot." she sneered. the number of hits yet to make and the woman who made his blood boil. ran from the faces in his head. She'd practically begged him to continue. She craved release now more than ever and that made the embarrassment all the worse. and avoided the creaky stairs as she made her way into her bedroom." She stepped back from the truck. which meant the woman standing before him had to go. when someone other than his team could make him feel anything other than cold fury. which was abruptly cut off. Ivory Black possessed that something. "Looking forward to it. her black hair caught up in the breeze like a dark halo over her head. he took one last look at the minx standing before him. indeed. planting her hands on her hips. "I'll be in town for a month. **** Ivory was tempted to slam the front door of the house she shared with her nananana but knew her grandmother probably was asleep already.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros conscience had to go. "I think it's safe for you to call me Ivory." She slammed the door closed. she tiptoed inside.

She showered. Flushed cheeks. and her hair mussed. changed into her pajamas. Ivory knew the signs of addiction. the way he felt against her. Only. and with a little taste of Jax Morgan. she didn't recognize the woman who stared back at her. and she kept her nose clean with the law. have him pound into her. She groaned. for goodness sakes! How could she be so demented? She was twenty-five years old. a solid social worker. She could imagine how it would feel to move beneath him. Ivory sank her own fingers into her core and worked her body as she sought the relief she needed. and climbed into bed. And in public.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Without any sort of protection. then filled her. God. and her body demanded relief. his lips questing. With the pulse of blood against her clit. seeking. a responsible woman. she feared she'd become an addict. She remembered the way 35 . When she looked at her reflection in the upright cheval mirror in her bedroom. remembered the way he possessed her. without knowing the man's middle name. She couldn't even blame it on alcohol considering she never even finished her drink. A thrill shot up through her core when she thought about the way his fingers massaged her clit. it never came. but she didn't sleep. how she wanted his hands on her again. She undressed and turned the shower on. She never got involved with anyone from work. She needed Jax to do it for her. she raged at herself. She looked like a wanton whore. swollen lips. tattooed bad boy walks into her life. and she melts like a snow cone on hot day. One gun-toting. and now she felt like she'd been hit over the head by lust.

black—the way she liked it—and settled at the small kitchen table. he'd never escape the shadows. Ever since. When her alarm went off at six. kept his pain locked deep inside where the light of day never touched. A plate of toast already buttered sat before her. She feared for him as much as she did for Ashley. Nana called her Cha-Cha. her pajamas twisted around her waist. make him pull away so quickly? Like one of her lost children. the horror she glimpsed there. well. even from the second floor. she stumbled out of the bed. Ivory poured a cup of coffee. Cha-Cha. Ivory knew there was no coming back from that place. had been her favorite. Ivory knew the man hid from the world. reading the paper. 36 . The poison infiltrating his spirit would soon blacken his heart. Her stomach growled as she picked up a piece. The same blue eyes as Ivory's peered at her over the edge of the Boston Herald. When she finally gave into sleep. Late night. Cha-Cha?" Ivory grinned at her nananana's nickname for her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros his eyes became darker. the memory of the night before searing a path across her mind. the character from Grease. She shoved her arms into her robe. What did he fear? What had he seen to make shadows so ominous cross his glassy eyes. and followed her nose to the kitchen where her nananana sat. she slept like the dead. She smelled fresh coffee. Something so out of character for her warranted further investigation. When she'd been a little girl. in the darkest corner of his soul. "Well. Once he slipped.

"Nana!" Her grandmother chuckled. "I don't think so." Ivory chewed on the toast and washed it down with scalding coffee." Nana stared at her." Nana smiled. Nana's gray eyebrows shot up. She rushed around. the baby's uncle. "This Jax is a good kisser then. The Irish in her came from her mother and her nananana. hid behind her coffee mug. her false teeth not in yet. huh?" Ivory blushed." Ivory scampered out of the kitchen. Baby girl. You've got bitten by the lust bug. and Ivory held in a giggle at the sight of her grandmother's pink curlers smattered across her head. You were with a man last night. She studied her bag of makeup. Only living relative is a bullheaded soldier who is only here for a month. 37 . at Heron House." "Nana. and the woman caught it. "I wasn't with a man. Nana. her nana's chuckle following her all the way up the stairs.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "New case. and Ivory couldn't help but compare her nananana to Ashley. The Greek in her came from her absentee father. buttoned her jeans for casual Friday. and pulled her hair up into a clip. child. you were with a man. "I just said I was. Do I know him?" Ivory tossed piece of toast at her nana. "No. tried to drink her coffee and put on her work shirt at the same time. Nana sipped her "white" coffee. her arthritic hands still useful. "I know that look. I was with Jax Morgan." Nana narrowed her blue eyes at Ivory. She put so much cream in the stuff that it didn't even taste like coffee. I mean.

" she said dryly. In the house. She stepped lightly into the house and careful to shut the door behind her slowly." Jenny whispered. but instead. contemplated just turning around. "So. She unwound the scarf around her neck and took off her gloves.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros thought about putting on the whole deal. She jetted out the door before her nananana could ask her any more questions about her encounter with Jax. she informed Claire of Jax's resistance but left out the part about their spicy encounter on the docks. Jenny was digging out the decorations for Halloween and smiled when she saw Ivory. It was the one thing she could not go without. the majority of the doors closed. "You should get a load of the hunk in the nursery. "I've already got a load of him. she hesitated. plastic pumpkins. so she discarded it. a very familiar black Dodge sat in one of the three parking spots. Ivory took a deep breath for extra fortification. She didn't 38 . Ivory parked her car. but decided to face Jax Morgan with head held high. Jenny stood knee deep in ghosts. but when she reached the nursery. She headed over to Heron House to see Jenny and Ashley and when she arrived. and skeletons. bopping along to the "Monster Mash" as she worked. she just swiped two coats of mascara on. he's still back there?' Jenny nodded. Ivory's smile felt cheap and plastic. the hour of the day meant the majority of the children were either in school or taking naps. On the other side stood the enigma named Jax. When Ivory arrived at her office to report in for the day. Ivory followed the familiar hallway.

His scent wrapped her in a sensual cocoon of wanton desire and comfort. her heels not allowing for any misstep. The man didn't seem to care how he looked. She waved at Jenny on her way past. announcing her presence. Ivory's mouth watered at the sight of his muscled chest snuggled by a cotton sweater and the oh-so-sexy jeans he wore. "She's beautiful. Ivory jogged over to him." she called out. Ivory scrambled to keep up with him. Ivory backed out. Outside. "So. Ivory swallowed past the hesitation in her throat. Jax swung around. She pushed on the door. 39 . "We need to talk. careful to avoid any icy patches on the ground. but Jax was already climbing into his monster truck. right down to his shit-kicker boots. like kiss him. following him. Jax didn't say good-bye to Jenny. and about more than one thing. but didn't hesitate. and that made him all the more enticing. just as he shut the door. It creaked. she realized she'd forgotten her scarf and gloves indoors and regretted it. She needed to talk to Jax whether he liked it or not." Ivory stepped into the room and up to the crib within a hair's breadth of him." He looked back down at the baby. Looks just like my sister. you've met Ashley. She watched as he leaned down and placed a hand over the sleeping baby's stomach before he turned to go. his green eyes pinning her to the spot where she stood.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros have any alcohol to blame this time if she did something stupid. Safety.

" He turned those hard green eyes on her. "Then get out. "Get in. you can talk on the way back to my place. but when she didn't make a move to get out. With her cheeks on fire. took her by her bicep. Jax put the truck in drive before she even had the passenger door closed. He hit the brakes. "I'm going to see if I can find her father in a month. A muscle in his jaw twitched. glaring at him. and Ivory wondered if anything set the man off. she jumped right into the reason she needed to talk to the man in the first place. If I can't." Ivory wanted to thumb her nose at his tone. No expression gilded his face. but then again. and the truck slid a bit on the wet street." 40 . Ivory gripped her coat lapels so she wouldn't haul off and hit him. her foot slipping on the door runner. She climbed into the high truck. the man probably grew used to ordering people around being a team leader and all that. I'll leave her in your capable hands. he pulled into traffic. and pulled her in. "We need to talk. Suddenly not sure how to start the conversation about what happened between them." she protested." "I can't leave my car here. or my biological mother's parents. "And I need to eat. He continued to glower. The sun caught the natural blond highlights in his hair. She found herself facedown in his lap. "What are you going to do about Ashley?" Jax flipped on the radio. turned the dial to a metal station. So.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax rolled down his window and leaned his head out. she straightened. Jax reached a hand out." she repeated.

He killed people." She could tell the reminder of their embrace the night before mattered to him." Jax glared out the windshield. Get over it. She needed to remember the man didn't deal with regular people on a daily basis and he probably had been so far removed from love for so long.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory glared at the statue sitting next to her." 41 . It didn't matter to me. taking Route 128 toward Manchester. the white showing on his tanned knuckles. "That's not something I take lightly. it was best. "And it's something that happens everywhere. so she tamped it down and pushed it to the back of her mind. "Last night never happened. He was military. "You had your hands down my pants last night. Jax." Okay. if a child could be placed within the family. every day. "Ivory. The scar stood out against the taut skin. and it won't matter to you once I'm gone." Ivory wouldn't allow the hurt that bubbled up in her throat to be expelled. "How can you have looked at that baby and still not want her?" Jax switched lanes." she said. he didn't even know how to respond humanly to a baby. The chances of finding Ashley's father were slim to none and she doubted any grandparent's were still living and able to take care of an infant. His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. Captain. She wanted to know how he got it. "Because I'm not a suitable guardian for a child. Miss Black. She knew he was a sniper. Yet still. And he called her Miss Black. Ivory. he had a point.

you're willing to sign the child over to the state?" Jax relaxed his hands on the steering wheel.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She turned in her seat. she only knew by the white of his hands and the dancing tendon in his neck and jaw. "Don't even think about it." Ivory let her disappointment show on her face by giving him a disapproving stare as he made his way through small town after small town until they reached his house." She dropped her hand and forced her fingers open. "All right. She broke the silence. The road gave way to thinning businesses and they entered the rural part of Massachusetts. ready to give him a blow to the side." Jax threw an I-don't-believe-you look her way. because this ride could get dangerous. so if you don't find the father. For both of them. dormant in the winter. and it's a shame it's not put to more use. "Not to me. and then refocused on the road. clenching as she her arm tensed. in the ribs." Ivory saw red at his casual remark. "Yes. He parked the car and got out before she had a chance to open her 42 . She made sure her seatbelt worked. one by one. "Then you need to get out more because you've got a hell of a body. slamming back against the passenger window when he took a turn too sharply. She stared out at the passing trees. and in more ways than one. her fists tightening. If she affected him at all. She nearly had her hand drawn back when he said. Twenty minutes passed before either of them spoke again.

no matter how much she cleaned. the spartan living room dust free. The memory flashed hot through her body. the night before even crowds couldn't keep her body from betraying her. After he opened the fridge and pulled out eggs. the wood floors gleamed. his body braced against the granite counter. Her own kitchen seemed to have crumbs on the counter all the time. She shut the door and let her eyes adjust to the semidarkness from the sunny outdoors. and now.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros door. she knew it was a major mistake coming out here. the blood rushing to her clit. Then again. Obviously. with him. The kitchen looked like every other kitchen she'd ever seen and wasn't at all impressive save for the cleanliness. she thought. constantly. She thanked Victoria's Secret for padded bras. the furniture was uncovered. He moved toward the rear of the house." he said. where she assumed the kitchen was located. She wanted the safety of crowds. Just yesterday. Damn. Suddenly. he finally faced her again. throwing his keys on the front hall table. the man didn't like crumbs. Her breasts grew heavy. Did the man ever wait? "Haven't you heard of manners?" He unlocked his front door. alone. the place had looked like a ghost house. "I remember my mother saying something about them. cracked them and tossed them into a skillet on the stove top. On the move. came alive as she pressed her thighs against the blooming ache at her center. **** 43 . and nipples peaked. He always did that.

felt around his fingers. Irritation at his demanding dick and her tenacity throbbed through his head until he couldn't see straight. He registered her sharp intake of breath. He moved toward her. He watched her. and the crackling and spitting grease ceased. his footsteps silent on the tiled floor. the desire in her eyes causing his body to ripen with need.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax fought the need racing through him. he had felt too exhausted to think of anything but sleep. ready for release. pert breasts outlined by the white sweater she wore. A haze of lust overtook him. She sank her teeth in and never backed off. except she turned into a barracuda when it came to her work. He couldn't afford to have a fucked up mind in his line of work. the way she tensed. and right then. Amusement and morals went out the window as he stalked his prey. So. and he knew nothing about her. his head a mess. he lifted her chin up so could 44 . her small. He'd been up all night cleaning just to keep his mind off the way her silken pussy. By the time the sun dawned. she wanted it as badly as he did. once again. He removed his eggs from the stove. as if she would need the weapon she kept tucked at her side. and he would leave in the end. The woman was poison. He never took his eyes off her and watched her eyes widen at his approach. yet she had invaded his dreams. the muscles bunching beneath her tight jeans. slow. When he reached her. every movement she made. His keen observation skills caught every twitch. she clenched her thighs together. Ivory would complicate his life. She stood in front of him now. clenching.

The only place he found softness in a cruel world where men killed men like animals. "Yes. as if they didn't know what hit them. his cock jerked. His balls drew up. the tip of her tongue jetted out to lick her lower one. A part of himself he no longer acknowledged rose on its haunches and howled at the sight of this woman. like before a kill. Mine. and then the surprise. "I'm leaving here in a month and I won't look back. and when she spoke. The whole ride to his house. pressed her back against his kitchen wall. Satisfaction curled in his gut as he watched the hint of fear enter her eyes. Do you still want this?" Ivory's bowed upper lip enticed him." she whispered. he zeroed in on her. pulling over. when the target somehow just knew the bullet was on its way. he thought about dragging her into his lap. he felt during a kill. and pumped by her small hands. [Back to Table of Contents] 45 . aching to be released from the confines of his jeans. With the same precision and emotional disconnect. and burying himself to the hilt in her softness.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros look directly into her eyes and got lost in the pools of blue that seemed endless.

Jax pulled off his sweater and smiled when her eyes rounded. but Jax stopped her. 46 . and he knew he'd have to be careful it didn't leave marks on her face. Yes. her little tongue darting against his. her lips like a pillow. His abs were strong from hours of lying perfectly still on his stomach. She moaned when he gripped her ass and ground her against his shaft. he set her on her feet. He groaned at the sweet taste of Ivory. The tattoos on his stomach served two purposes. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the soft cotton over his hips. he knew he had a nice body. a skeletal being with hollow eyes clawing their way out of his body. She locked her legs around his waist. Going commando was his favorite way to be. Two: they hid the numerous scars he'd collected over the ten years he'd been in the military. Once he got her into his bedroom. each face spilling from the black hole. One: they represented the number of lives he'd taken in combat. He felt his beard rasp against her skin. He wore no boxers. He took them two at time. never taking his hands from her body or his lips from her mouth. and his manhood sprang up to greet her. The stairs off the kitchen led right to the master bedroom. She backed up and crossed her arms over body to discard her sweater. "I'm going to undress you. and he plundered her mouth with his.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Three Jax picked her up. He moved through his kitchen by memory as he sipped from her mouth and sucked on her lips.

Her black hair remained pinned up. and small hips might prove to be a challenge. "I won't be told what to do. He could go slower later." Ivory's blue eyes darkened. "Lie down. and he needed to get inside of her. Can you take a personal day?" She nodded. I'm going to lay you back on that bed and feast on you. but Jax held her hands down at her side. He'd bought a box of condoms just in case he decided to bed a woman while on leave and had stashed them in his dresser drawer. and Jax wanted to break the thing capturing the mass of black 47 . the cool of the barrel causing a pattern of goose flesh to ripple across her flat abdomen. supporting herself with her elbows. lean legs. He retrieved three and threw them on the navy blue comforter of his specially made bed. Her dusky nipples peaked over the half-cup lace bra and his erection danced in anticipation. He'd have to take care with her because of the way his size measured up to hers." Jax smirked at her. and then lay back." he growled. She reached out to touch him. "Babe. She sucked in a breath when he removed her weapon.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Then. Her fragile body. you're going to beg by the time I'm done with you." She sat down. "What am I supposed to wear home?" Jax ignored her and focused on her breasts with the same intensity he did on the objective. his body raged at him. "No. but at the moment. Most of the beds you could buy in stores didn't fit his height. He ripped her sweater from neck to bottom and discarded the material.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros heaven. and across her neck. and he reveled in the moment. "What do you use?" **** Ivory barely registered the question. drawing in her flowery shampoo. Not an inch of fat graced his body. the stems of his legs were honed to perfection. that it looked like the man had been handmade with steel cords. up her rib cage." Ivory bit her lip and shook her head slightly. It had been a long time since he felt the strands of a woman's hair. The man made Michelangelo's David seem like a puny kid. The hiss near her ear made her smile. cut and defined. His skin felt like an inferno. He reached behind her head. "Huh?" "Your shampoo." She heard him breathe in. He 48 . He leaned over and planted kisses along her naval. His ass felt like a rock beneath her hands. He'd ordered her not to touch him. When he lifted her up to unclasp her bra. Each of his muscles were so hard. her body aching and in need of the male member giving her a salute just inches away from her still clothed bottom half. "I don't know. and she quivered in need. she flinched as the lace scraped over her sensitive nipples. but out of sheer defiance. and felt the heavy weight of her silky hair fall into his waiting palms. Herbal Essence. she ran her palms over his bare ass while digging her nails in. and she arched to graze her breasts over his chest. removed the offending clips. smoking and blazing where her nails bit in.

his blistering flesh infuriating her aroused state as she moved beneath. she reached out to him. He lifted her to pull them over her ass and down past her thighs. Ivory lay on the sea of the bed. scraping his beard across it. Ivory watched him through hooded lids. down her ribs to her belly button. Jax stopped at her jeans and bit down on the material. She moaned when he took the same path that he'd taken earlier. spreading her thighs to better fit his taller body. How could she have thought his green eyes were glassy and cold when they bore into her with such intensity that she felt her body heating from a perusal? A slow smile spread across his face. 49 . the zipper's teeth clicking as he slid the short barrier down. Opening her arms. her heartbeat hammering against her chest. placed his fiery palms. He looked up at her as if seeking permission to remove her jeans. Ivory nodded. She sucked in a breath when he lowered his mouth to one engorged peak of her breasts and sucked the tip between his teeth. starting at her nipples and shooting straight to her groin like flaming arrows. Jax lay down against her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros threw her bra away. He kissed the top of each foot before letting her jeans crumple out of sight onto the floor. biting down gently. Liquid heat pulsed in her veins. on her and kneaded her breasts gently yet demanding. He provoked a sigh from her when the button on her jeans snapped open. and Ivory couldn't take the waiting anymore. her thoughts flying out the window when he slid the jeans over her hips. her naked body exposed to his tormenting green eyes.

she raised her hips. then 50 . but his palms engulfed her two and his weight pinned her hips to the mattress. Ivory licked her lips as she saw the clear latex sliding over his member." she panted. I don't know if I can stop now. She longed to taste him. shutting her out from the turmoil there—"it's been a long time for me. opening further to him." he growled. His shaft prodded at her center. He levered himself up on his elbows. sucked on her earlobe. He ripped the foil open with his teeth and managed to sheath himself. spearing her with one solid thrust. and pressed his hips down. and she pressed up. "Now. "I'm not going to stop if we go much further. for lack of a better word. He grabbed a condom while he held her palms down with one hand. He pinned her arms above her head. His slow grind caused her core to weep with hunger. his manhood jerking. her panties the only barrier between satisfaction and agony. the glitter of his gaze mesmerizing her. hugging the velvety flesh. which created a rhythm designed to throw her into a desperate plea. Jax looked down at her and. Ivory"—he closed his eyes. arching against him." Ivory felt her something inside of her shift. Jax looked up at her. She was bound. she encountered iron planes and corded muscles. touch him. She didn't need foreplay.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Everywhere she touched. "Fuck. need. twitching. When she felt the flared head of his member pressing against her nether lips after he moved the scrap of lace aside. She bore down. filled her entirely. Ivory could feel him pulsing inside of her.

The way he stretched her. his shaft locking her body to his. His angular face was pulled back in a mask of pleasure or pain. his throat worked to hold in whatever he wanted to expel. a streak of lightning in the green depths. freeing her hands. She needed to release. She flexed her hands. and took him deeper. anything. He gripped her hands tighter. Jax's eyes flashed bright. willed him to do something. bit down lightly on the cords of his neck that were standing out in relief against the tightened skin.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros bucked. slow. She writhed beneath his heavy weight. pressed against the bundle of nerves. She dug her nails into his back. interlocking his fingers with hers. He let go of her palms. let go the orgasm that had been building inside of her since his assault on her the night before. but Ivory was lost to her own mind-bending pleasure. His lips were white from pressing them together so tightly. She was dimly aware of his growl of approval. long thrusts that stroked the heightened nerve endings along her channel and sparked tiny electrical currents zigzagging through her womb. He let go a string of words Ivory couldn't understand. "Harder. yet he stayed perfectly still. She reached up. Please. And he started to move. and the constant friction of his hips against hers pressed just enough to tease her into a frenzy." she begged. which she couldn't tell. "Jax. pressed her heels against his thighs. She drowned in the sensation of his body filling hers. and Ivory knew she'd just asked for something larger 51 ." she urged him. Her clit screamed for relief.

She came back down from the high just as she felt him shudder. He held himself above her. her limp muscles useless. She went limp beneath his pounding hips. slow strokes and he asked if she wanted it harder? "Yes. She was on fire from his long. the last vestige of sanity she held onto. Ivory gathered him close. challenging. It took minutes for either of 52 . with his shoulders tensing and a hoarse groan ripped from his throat. She'd never felt such hunger. her inner muscles milking the hardened shaft invading her body. centering on her core. pulsing against her clit. Tears slipped from the corners of her eyes as another orgasm shredded her. sieving the strength from her body. She saw the change in him. the staggering sensations pulsing through her. the dark. his cock pushing her higher until the pleasure bordered on pain. Stars formed behind her eyelids as her body ignited. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm building. She shivered in anticipation. such fervent wanting. held him to her as his cock continued to jerk inside of her. damn you. unleashed fury." Jax snapped. his control gone. tingling along her pelvic bone. his arms trembling from the effort. Ivory's breath caught on a cry of ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her. and she felt fear for all of three seconds before he rammed into her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros than she could understand. Ivory?" His voice went soft. Sweat dripped off his forehead and splattered on her chest. release. her core still spamming in aftershocks of the piercing union. "Are you sure you want it harder. A smile spread across her face.

Ivory blushed when he lowered a wash cloth to her sensitive skin. "Make that call. The woman wrung every drop from him. Proof he had a soul in there. When she pulled back.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros them to find a normal rhythm of breathing. Without words. The slash of his eyebrows relaxed. he'd put on a pair of boxer briefs that outlined the member of his body she'd just possessed so intimately. "Just give me a minute. She wanted to see the passion again. their hearts beating at each other." he mumbled. he watched as she rolled to a sitting position. Ivory studied his face. Jax still felt tremors racking his body. the sharp angles dimmed. and she placed a small kiss there. her body greedily sucking his cock dry. her swollen nipples jutting 53 . He untangled himself from her and stood to go into the master bathroom. She assumed he cleaned himself up because when he returned. the fringe of his eyelashes shadowed his thoughts from her. and he stopped briefly midstride to say over his shoulder. The flat jade green came back and Ivory's stomach sank. he cleaned her up. the cool cloth massaging the tender flesh of her swollen outer lips." **** Jax stared down at Ivory laid on his nontraditional sleigh bed. She couldn't resist his lips. He turned away to take the cloth back to the bathroom. Fully sated. his eyes closed to her stare. The navy color of the spread emphasized the white of her skin and cerulean of her eyes. He flipped over on his side and took her with him.

Her jeans concealed her legs." she said. searching for her panties." Jax settled on the bed. When he took time off. see if the old man had found anything out about his sister's life. and Jax felt his mouth go dry. he kept in touch with old "friends" and spent the night with them.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros upward as she stretched her hands high above her head. He'd call later. Guilt pummeled at him. and which police officers would be the most helpful." Her blue eyes sizzled when she put on her holster. He bared his teeth at her back. Mickey knew where to look. his hands hanging between his knees. The women he spent his nights with didn't expect promises and pretty things from 54 . she was fully dressed and stood in front of his dresser mirror pinning her hair up. "My boss called while you were in the bathroom. Watching her dress was as much a turn-on as undressing her had been. Jax had lived most of his life in deserts or jungles with his eye pressed to a scope. A happy ending. inch by inch. She slid her bra straps up her lithe arms. She rose from the bed. over the sinewy small muscles bunching as she clasped the back. thank God. Ashley needed a good home. "I don't take orders from you. "I thought I told you to take the day off. He needed to hear from Mickey. When he looked over at Ivory again. A yawn formed her lush lips into an 'O'. I've got a case that's closing today. depending on the place he chose to vacation. and chances were the father of his niece would be either a drug dealer or another junkie. what street corners to hang around on. and Jax felt trouble brew when he found even that sexy.

Jocko usually cheered up the men. Ax was the ladies man. he was the last person they went to for advice or cheering up. Jax's best friend and captain. You won't be here long enough to get your answers anyway. when she finally deigned to look at him. then hesitated. She pulled his borrowed shirt down and flicked imaginary lint off it." She went to his bedroom door. She turned back to him and Jax felt the earth shift slightly.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros him. I suppose I am." She shrugged one slender shoulder. just a good lay and a quick good-bye. and. Charlie was the good-time fella. It would be a one-sided relationship. "It doesn't matter. She turned around. I don't date men who have no compassion." Jax felt his stomach cramp. Jax Morgan hadn't gotten his reputation has a cold hard-ass by being nice. and I've had enough of those. he'd at least have to be nice. Part of him wanted to be nice. "Would you like to get some dinner tonight?" Ivory met his eyes in the mirror as she finished twisting her hair into the clip." Her eyes travelled back to her reflection. "Are you asking me on a date?" Jax sighed heavily. checked the back of her reflection. not to mention if he wanted inside of her again. and Luke. Jax knew Ivory Black differed from the status quo and he would have to at least salve the woman's pride. "I can't figure you out. "Yes. Of all the men on his team. Black. He rubbed a finger over his temple where a slight headache began to spread. tilting on its 55 . was the rock-steady moral compass of all them. raised one pencil-thin black eyebrow. "No.

She lived in a hellhole. his green eyes flat. "I won't be back. but a fuzzy image filled his mind. and Jax had a sinking feeling that somehow he'd put it there. Time didn't sit well with him." she said. playing with their kids. probably smoking a cigar. he pulled on a T-shirt and jeans. "I don't expect you to be. That from the PD. yanking him further into the devil's gate. Jax. Some of them going about their daily routine. Faces flashed across his mind. Jax stared at his reflection cast across the mirror. "I'll let you know more when I get more. Jax tried to recall what the older man looked like. Men going about their daily lives. Leaving their mistress's house. Too much of it left him thinking about the mission. the crosshairs of his scope embedded on their expressions. "I don't have much. his face impassive. He retrieved his cell phone from beside his bed and dialed Mickey's number. never knowing the cold finger of death waited." He heard Mickey inhale. The retired cop picked up on the first ring. The breath shallow and steady. Shit. He'd lost touch with too many people over the years.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros axis. "So far all I've got is her address. I'm surprised the roaches didn't kick her out. his shoulder muscles contracting beneath his control." he said." When she closed the door. The wind had to be right. The demons clawing at his soul." Jax closed the phone when Mickey said good-bye and stared at the cream walls of his bedroom." "Tell me what you've got. A sadness crept into her blue eyes. Nerves had 56 .

but Jax never forgot the faces. Black hair. His face was the first skeleton added to his body in ink. Different from the rest of the human race. stealing the light from their eyes. Walking along the side of the road. As a rule. Desert storm. a sort of relief he often looked to when duty caught up with him. To look into the eyes of a sniper was to look into the eyes of the Grim Reaper. Supposedly. A young man. The look of horror filling the chocolate eyes of the dead man was stained on his memory forever in time. Snipers were messengers. Or some shit like that. Deadening their soul. Jax 57 . even from a thousand-yard distance. killing machines. Intel had said that the man was involved in heinous acts. forever demanding his remembrance. Jax never met another sniper who didn't feel the weight of what he did. His first kill still haunted him. even if he didn't show it. and Jax learned quickly how wrong it went when the nerves got too high. and be thankful you weren't on his list.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros no place in his line of work. Snipers were one of a kind. It was called the Soldier's Final Inspection. Maybe early twenties. To the pull trigger and then go eat dinner required a sort of deference. Respect the life you take. Grizzly beard. The reality of taking life. The last line of the poem always tripped him up. There was a poem about soldiers he kept in his uniform pocket. Luke always told him never forget a sniper's job was not to play God. and Jax hadn't questioned his orders as a young sergeant. stayed with the sniper. To work. mid at the most.

He hadn't come down from the bedroom since she'd left the room. the quiet wouldn't intrude.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros didn't cry. he realized nearly an hour passed since Ivory left. When he glanced at his watch again. He at least had things to do. He took the poem out then. while he'd been attending Infantry Officers' Basic Course. like go grocery shopping. but on the darkest nights. Jax put his wallet in his back pocket and grabbed his truck keys. but from Manchester to Boston would be hell on her wallet. you've done your time in hell. unless she called a cab. he turned to the poem and found retribution in the words. soldier. reading the words that got him through so much. The words that promised eternal peace from the faces. she took a seat on his monstrous suede couch. He'd first heard it in one of the base chapels. "Step forward now. So. Come walk peacefully on Heaven's streets. If he kept himself busy. You've borne your burden's well. 58 . **** Ivory had been so hell-bent on saving face after Jax went to the bathroom that she forgot he'd driven her over to his house. on the loneliest days. Tempted to call Luke and tell him to get the mandatory leave nixed." The author was unknown. The proof someday he would be forgiven for the sins he'd committed in the name of country. the affliction he carried inside of him. He hated being on leave. She had no car and no way to get back.

sitting with her legs crossed. Jax continued the last few steps to the living room and he seemed to fill up the entire space between her and the front door. "Come on. but Ivory clamped down on the urges and focused on not screaming out her frustrations. She hoped. Ivory held her breath. accompanied by his muscular." he said. she watched as his torso appeared." she said. babe. painted arms. She called and told her boss she was having car trouble. Her body still ached and burned. His neck. Lust was one thing. When she heard the stairs creaking beneath his weight. "I forgot I don't have my car. He jangled his keys between his deft fingers. where she'd left her common sense apparently. It would get her nowhere. Ivory's cheeks heated at the memory of what those hands could make her body do. As if in slow motion. It was parked at Heron House. Jax's flat stare locked on her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She had to get back. She technically did have car trouble. When he finally came into full view. A smile piqued his full lips and Ivory's pulse skyrocketed. and she focused her gaze on his appearance. followed by his long. jean-clad thighs. her stomach did a triple axel. Ivory knew the answer. 59 . Like have wild monkey sex on the floor of a stranger's living room. What happened to the brave soul who'd put Jax in his place upstairs? she asked herself. her mouth went dry. His jaw. and Jax would come out of his room at some point. When she saw first his booted feet. demanding more from Jax. I'll take you back to your car. A little white lie that held some credence. her purse clutched to her stomach. but Jax made her want to do things she'd never thought of doing.

the distance between them an ocean wide. It drove her insane. the quiet surreal. Ivory. She shook off her thoughts and wished she'd never met Jax Morgan. the nearness yet. She needed to get out more. Her cheeks caught fire. The heat fused with her shirt and created a molten pit of want that shot straight to her core. How could she possibly want him again so soon? Jax lead her down the brick stairs. When he placed a palm at the small of her back. in front of my entire neighborhood. She rubbed her temple and struggled with the seatbelt. if only to save her sanity and her body from making her decisions for her. He backed out of the driveway. "Look at me like that again. as if they hadn't just fucked. Ivory shivered. Any woman would whimper at his feet. She looked back over her shoulder. The man's moods changed so quickly that they became hard to process. He stood behind her. Right here.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She'd had time to sit down and think about what she'd just done. she would. She tried to focus on little Brian Dancer. but 60 . meeting his intense eyes. the child being placed with an adoptive family today. The man who climbed in beside her sucked the oxygen out of the truck and sent off waves of danger and raw sex appeal. she'd never have left his room. past the pansies that lined his sidewalk and opened the door of his truck for her. If she let her libido have its way." he growled. and you'll be on your back so fast you won't know what hit you. She realized she was way out of her league. The green glinted frosty in the brightening sunshine. begging for mercy. If there were a way to dump the case on someone else. his body so close yet not touching.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

every time she forced her mind in another direction, it seemed to find an overgrown path right back to Jax's body. The tattoos covering his chest, the way he climbed inside of her and pushed her to her own limits. The fury he seemed to hold close to the vest, the demons that chased him. When they finally returned to the Boston city limits, Ivory breathed a little easier. Only a few more minutes, and she could escape the dark, sexual currents invading the space. When they arrived at her car, Ivory hesitated before getting out of the truck. Jax looked at her with no remorse, no hint of a smile. Nothing. Just emptiness. "Thanks for the ride." She must have said something that amused him then, because his mouth transformed from a grim line to a slash of humor, his teeth flashing white. "Anytime." When she got out, she barely closed the door before he sped away, the rumbling truck sounding like something out of a horror movie. She watched the black monster round the corner, disappearing from sight. She rushed back into Heron House for her scarf and gloves. Jenny still sat in the den, her decorations scattered about. She'd placed buckets full of candy on the mantel of the fireplace dominating the room. "I just got a hold of Tanya. I can go out tonight if you want," she said as Ivory inched her way through the mass of Halloween memorabilia. Ivory picked up her scarf, wrapped it around her neck. She donned her gloves, working the leather over her small hands. "Sure. What time?"

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Jenny frowned at a broken skeleton and grabbed a roll of scotch tape to repair the injured arm. "How about nine? The kids will be in bed by that time." Ivory fished around in her bag for her car keys. "Sounds good. Just call me." Before Jenny could get a good look at Ivory's face, she ducked out the front door. She needed to get back to the office and forget the split personality she'd temporarily experienced that morning. **** Brian Dancer sat in the office, his blond hair combed over, his freckled face rosy from the cool wind of October. Ivory went straight to her desk and dropped her keys and purse in the bottom drawer of her desk. "So, are you ready to go home with Nick and Cassie?" Brian smiled, his front tooth missing. "Yes, Miss Ivory." She smiled, the morning forgotten as she spent a few minutes with the boy. Claire appeared, followed by the boy's new parents. "All right," she said to Nick and Cassie St. John. "We'll have a hearing in November to finish the adoption and make it legal, but I think everything looks good." Nick and Cassie kneeled in front of Brian and Ivory stood back, making her way toward Claire. "He looks so happy." Claire smiled. "It's a good day today." Ivory nodded. "Well, I'm happy he's found a good home." Claire studied her, and Ivory felt her neck tingle as one of her closest friends and confidants appraised her appearance. "So, any headway with Mr. Morgan?"

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ivory glanced away, out the window overlooking Fifth Avenue. "Uh, no. He's still not sure what he wants to do." Claire chuckled. "You'll convince him," she murmured. "One way or the other." Ivory smiled. The St. Johns took each of Brian's hands and ushered him toward the elevator bank just outside the doors of their office. He looked over his shoulder one last time at Ivory and Claire, tears of joy shimmering in his eyes. Ivory felt his happiness, letting it settle in her heart. In social work, the small triumphs made the best 'thank you's and his tears were worth the long days and broken hearts. "Okay, so, I'll follow up on Liza. Have the police located any information on Ashley's biological father?" Claire sighed and ran a hand back through her short blond hair, mussing the perfectly coifed do. "No. They can't even find a birth certificate for the child in Mary's things." Ivory felt her moment of happiness fade. One child's happy ending dulled the pain of lost children for only a moment. "Maybe she didn't have her in a hospital." Claire folded her arms and leaned against Ivory's desk. "She might have had a midwife, but something tells me that didn't happen either, so we're working blind here." Ivory pulled out her appointment book and scanned her list of contacts for the city. "I could talk to Nathan. Find out if he can do anything," she said. Claire furrowed her brow. "Are you sure you want to do that? How long has it been since you saw Nathan last?" Ivory fiddled with her book, then closed it. "It's been a while. At least a year," Ivory said. In fact, it had been a year.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

The last time she saw Nathan had been at the Governor's Ball. He'd been with his girlfriend, Emma, and Ivory left early, unable to see the two of them together. "You don't have to talk to Nathan," Claire said. Ashley deserved everything Ivory could do for her. "Yes, I do." [Back to Table of Contents]


Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Chapter Four "Chief of Police Nathan Jordan, please." Ivory took a seat in the waiting room after the secretary motioned for her to sit down. City Hall bustled with people, the old building with its Gregorian walls and tiled floor housed some of the city's most powerful people. The waiting room consisted of a vending machine, several vinyl chairs, and even a water cooler. "Ivory?" When she heard Nathan calling her name, she felt the crack in her heart open a little and bleed. She pushed back the sensations, taking a fortifying breath. She turned to face him. Nathan. The love of her life. The man who had broken her heart into pieces with his love. He hadn't changed one bit. His dark blue eyes still held a hint of mystery, his black hair a little longer than the last time she'd seen him. His tan had faded a bit, but the slate gray suit he wore showcased his long legs. "Hello, Nathan." "It's good to see you." His deep voice resonated inside her mind, pulled memories out of the locked box there of whispered words of love, long nights spent in each other's arms. Moonlit dances and heated kisses. She swayed a little. "It's good to see you, too." They stared at each other for a moment, all that was there passing between them, memories flitting across his eyes. Ivory sucked in a breath through her teeth at the

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

remembered passion, and the loss. He stepped toward her, his six foot height making her look up. "Can I help you with something?" Ivory noticed new wrinkles at his eyes, some laugh lines around his mouth. He was happy, obviously. Interwoven in his black locks were a few strands of gray dotting his temples. His square jaw was clean shaven. Ivory itched to reach up and feel the smooth skin beneath her hand. "I've got a case I'm working on. It's a bit troublesome," she said, proud her voice did not waver. His lips flattened, and when he took her arm, a familiar sense of loss rocketed through her. She inhaled his earthy scent. She knew the way to his office well. The former chief of police had been very helpful with Claire's workload when Ivory had been an intern two years before. She often spent time with Claire at City Hall studying her boss's work ethic and learning from her. When they reached the midsized room on the second floor, Nathan closed the door behind her. Ivory felt a wave of dizziness overcome her. She sat down on one of the visitor's chairs before her knees gave out. Nathan didn't bother to sit down behind his desk but leaned against the mahogany piece, right in front of her. She wondered if she looked as pale as she felt. "Tell me about the case." Ivory cleared her rapidly closing throat and looked around the office for something to focus on besides the man in front of her. She settled on his prized possession, a football signed

" he said. "Jax is the half brother?" Ivory's heart stopped. "You know him?" "Sure. "Fine. She glanced up at him. Should be here any minute now." "Two peas in a pod." Nathan smiled. Mother didn't work in the conventional sense." 67 . Still working harder than ever. Morgan is reluctant to accept the child. "Her name is Ashley. Ivory settled back in her seat and crossed her thighs. the fringe of his eyelashes beautiful. "How is Jenny?" Ivory glanced up at her ex-fiancé. "What else do you know about Ashley?" "Nothing. A lot of girls turned to prostitution when dough ran out. That's the problem. "Of course you know Jax." Ivory said." Dots swam in front of Ivory's eyes. "He's coming in. "Does she have a last name?" he asked. she's six months old. and no father to speak of. Mother died. you two. No birth certificate. "She didn't even have a first name until Jenny named her. long. actually. something lingering in his eyes akin to wistfulness. "And Jax Morgan is no help." Nathan fished around on his desk for a pad and pencil.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Played football. You know everyone. and a buzzing sound filled her ears. I've got a half brother. but Mr." Nathan said. too." "Wait." Nathan frowned a bit. and thick. but the football still remained in good condition. The signature had faded a bit. He didn't even know his half sister. We went to high school together.

the humiliation would at least render her comatose. Nathan sat behind his desk then. Nathan studied them both. making her breasts grow heavy. "Hey. His eyes flicked back and forth between Nathan and Ivory. The memory of him moving over her flashed hot through her head. Each time she felt the impact. and Ivory's face burned. Ivory's world was growing smaller and smaller by the second." Nathan opened the door to his office. "I bet you were." Jax rasped in his baritone voice." 68 . a wave of electricity sizzled between them. and if she didn't. "I take it you two have met already. and Ivory's world washed white. his overly long legs causing her knees to bump with his." Nathan gathered Jax into a brotherly hug.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Her stomach somersaulted when a brief knock on the door sounded. and Jax took the seat next to her. Jax stood there. She pressed a palm to her heated cheek and took a deep breath that felt coated with bile. She felt like she would throw up in Nathan's trash can any second now. "That's probably him. buddy. we were just talking about you. in fact. His green eyes settled on her. Ivory couldn't look at either man. She wanted to die in that moment. Jax. With the two men who'd turned her world upside down standing side by side. crippling the space in the small area. she felt like the rabbit who had wondered into the wrong foxhole. a large cup of coffee from Starbucks in his hand.

and stood to go. "I told you. sat back in his chair. assessing her with his blue eyes. She shifted in her seat and tried to keep her knees safe from the assault of his larger body." Jax said. Remember? For Emma. his larger body pushing her out the door." "I get the feeling you two are more acquainted than either of you is letting on." Ivory nodded." Ivory agreed." Jax stated. now he had became her anchor in the swirling emotions that filled her. Ivory chanced a look at Jax. Nathan. "We met yesterday. She made it to the door when Nathan stopped her." Ivory couldn't believe how hollow her voice sounded. Ashley is his niece." Her sharp breath echoed off the empty hallway. gathered her purse. He's the only living relative. "And I the same. "What do you care? You dumped me. the vehemence in her ex-fiancé's voice staggering. but he kept his gaze focused on Nathan as well. because I wanted to know if there is anything you could find out about my sister. "How did you really meet Jax?" Ivory stepped back." 69 . his blue eyes blazed. Where she avoided looking directly at Nathan before." "Emma and I broke up six months ago. the acoustics great for amplifying her shock. He opened it for her. When he looked down at her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Yes. "But I can't promise anything. rock solid. Nate. Nathan." he said. "I'll find out as much as I can. "I came to see you.

He watched out the window as Ivory made a mad dash. I've got work to do. she sucked in a lung full of freezing air. I need to swear off men altogether. She glanced up. She planned on getting shit-faced drunk and forgetting how Jax made her body scream with release and how Nathan pummeled her heart every time he reminded her of his betrayal. she told herself. her lithe little body bolting for her car parked across the street. her heart shredding with each step she took. She ducked inside her Jeep and pulled away from the curb with a screech of tires. and in her line of work. Jax didn't even turn around. Women were trouble. personal lives often got waylaid by the job anyhow. the words outside between Nathan and Ivory echoing in his head. didn't you?" 70 . then let it out on a burst. Nathan slammed back into his office. and Nathan didn't like the fact Ivory could be interested in him. the moisture cloud misting in front of her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. Her night out with Jenny would do her good. as if she sensed him watching her. "I have to go. They were nothing but complications. Outside. and for a second. Shit. **** Jax waited in Nathan's office. "You fucked her. Obviously they'd been involved at some point." She ran away before Nathan could say anything else. she stared at him watching her.

Nathan unbuttoned his suit jacket and tossed it over the back of his chair.. but I came to you because I'm on a time limit. "Mickey is looking for some answers. Jax." Nathan tossed a pencil across the room. Nathan. only stared at the other man. Now. "My sister." The chief of police wasn't so keen to let the subject of Ivory drop." Didn't he know it." Jax pulled out his keys. or hers. leave Ivory the hell alone. and do yourself a favor. I've got to go back to the job the first of November. He didn't have to apologize for his actions ." Jax shrugged. and he couldn't refute his interest in her. Jax didn't flinch." "Stay away from her. Jax shrugged." 71 . Nate. all right? Ivory isn't the type of woman you can just hit and run. the other man's blue eyes raging hellfire and brimstone at him. but I'm sure you've already got Mickey digging around in Boston's underbelly. "She's a grown woman. about my sister.. "I won't stop her if she comes back for more. you know." Nathan snorted. "I'll find out what I can.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax slowly faced Nathan. "I was in love with her. "I care about her. She knows the score. I came to talk about my sister. Nathan would just have to deal with it." "Sounds to me like you still are." "I'll see what I can find out. Ivory was a hell of a woman. aiming it at the filing cabinet a few feet from Jax. He understood. He'll be more help than me.

good for nothing. He unloaded the food. The perfect dance partner countering his steps. the way she put him in his place. filling his fridge with steak. Something different. He swung by the grocery store. What the hell did he care? He was leaving as soon as he found a home for Ashley. Not anymore. his moves. He laid down. He went up to the bedroom. for one. Jax left City Hall. and Jax enjoyed a good game of hide-and-seek. the scent of Ivory filling his nose. his hand on the knob. tacked them to the cork board next to his kitchen sink. She retaliated. Nate. 72 . He pulled out his take-out menus. made his cock tighten with need. Ivory Black's soft heart would never hold up under his soldier code of ethics. "I don't intend to hurt her." "You never intend to hurt anyone. Sure. and then headed back home. ham and fish. Good old Jax." With those parting words hanging in the air. whose only skill was taking lives. The way she'd handled him afterward that morning. There was no good in him. Jax. stopped at his favorite seafood restaurant to grab lunch. Nathan had been right. but he knew that was a load of crap. Ivory Black would be just another face in the layers of one-night stands he'd had over the years. He looked back at his high school friend and teammate. Something stood out about the woman. but you always do. his sheets still messed from that morning. Nathan was right.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax moved to the door. She didn't put up with his bullshit. A good challenge. She wouldn't register a blip on the radar. he always hurt someone. lowdown and dirty soldier.

Hey. 73 . who said social workers had to be prim and proper all the time? She settled herself at the bar. Candles flickered and danced with the movement. and the synthetic smell it created. dance. the strobe lights flashing dramatically all around her. Ivory ordered another drink. With Ivory's day.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros **** Ivory followed Jenny through the crowded. and winced as the tart liquid rolled down her throat and coated her empty stomach in a delicious burn. Lasers filtered through the white flashes. The hot spot hosted some of the most famous names in the music world. She wore her favorite little black dress. "Men. Jenny dressed similarly with a red number and thigh-high boots. "So. a fog machine creating the low lying smoke that ate up the ground. She ordered herself a double shot of tequila. her run-in with Jax at Nathan's office and the morning." she shouted back. as well as a diverse clientele. want to tell me why you're taking a double shot?" Jenny shouted over the reverberating soul music pouring through the various speakers embedded in the black leather walls of the place. the short hem flirting with her bottom. the atmosphere smoky. exclusive Rayon Underground night club. gulped it back. and in general let loose. she needed to get out. Jenny led her to one of the low slung couches and tables draped in red satin pillows and black velour. Ivory dared not inhale too hard due to the fog. Jenny's uncle worked as a bouncer and got the girls in on occasion.

"Isn't it always men?" They toasted. "I saw Nathan today. "It was the best damn sex I've ever had.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jenny nodded. Even in the sitting area. Ivory swallowed past the lump in her throat and ordered her body to behave as she recalled the morning. The humid air caused sweat to bead on her upper lip. her foot dancing in tune with the music." "How was it?" Jenny's eyes lit up. and chased it with a diet soda. several patrons danced erotically to the sultry beats. The first round of shots had already circulated through her blood. the brown twinkling even in the dim light of the club." Jenny's mouth formed into a wide O. "I slept with Jax. "When?" "This morning. and waited for the alcohol to loosen her tensed muscles. Jenny's foot still tapped. "How did it go?" "It would have gone fine if Jax hadn't shown up. A look of concern passed over Jenny's brow. and her words were spilling from her mouth without censure. She pulled on the short skirt of her dress." Jenny looked thoroughly lost at Ivory's statement." Ivory shouted. then fanned herself with her hand. and Ivory backed up. and she knew her dancing-fool friend would dominate the dance floor once they got out there." "Are you going to do it again?" 74 . Before I went to see Nathan. She tucked the change from her drinks into her push-up bra. She laid a hand on Ivory's bare shoulder. downed the second shot of tequila. Jenny took dance all through her high school and loved to cut loose when she could get away from Heron House.

make her limbs move of their own accord. her hair had matted to her cheeks. she didn't think twice until a familiar smell of cool water enveloped her. They made their way down the metal staircase to the floor of the club. she liked to be in the center where the only thing you could really do was shake your hips a little. grinding and bumping against Ivory as she headed for the middle of the crowd. She closed her eyes and let the music take her someplace else. A shiver of delight coursed through her. Let's go dance. Rivulets of perspiration disappeared beneath the low cut of her dress and slid between her shoulder blades.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "I don't know. and when someone gripped her hips from behind. He pulled her back against him. seduce her into believing her latent sexual talents were sought after. their discarded drinks left for a waitress to find. and the ridge of his erection pressed against her buttocks. The tequila reduced her inhibitions. She licked her lips. the invisible thread of the lyrics jerking her in time with the song. dipped low when the song instructed to do so. She threw her head back. and when she did. 75 . She wasn't a great dancer. She opened her eyes." Jenny bounced out of her seat. The mass of bodies swayed in time with the music. I don't want to think about men right now. let the sound caress her as a lover might. She rolled her hips. Ivory felt the notes of the music infuse her bones. Let the singer tell her how beautiful she is. and stared straight up into Jax's ruggedly handsome face. lifted the hem of her dress a little higher. By the time the second song came on. threw her gaze over her shoulder.

His hands wandered up her rib cage. A warrior of old. "I'm here with a friend. "Think your dress is short enough?" Ivory bit back a retort. "A woman can be sexy without showing the world what she has. Ivory. "Are you following me? Is this part of your job?" Ivory pressed back against him. A stranger. His jeans abraded the back of her thighs. His eyes seemed to glow in the light. the green lasers hitting him directly. "I didn't think you owned anything that gave away the fact you have assets. She felt shame infuse her at how much she wanted his hands on her body. A killer. The strobe lights created vicious shadows along his hard jaw. The sexual tension caused by his raw power and the inducing music tumbled through her mind and created a frisson of excitement. She liked fighting with him. to break that veneer of deadly calm he wore like a shield. She was addicted to him." she said in reference to her black ensemble. it's not. "No.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He leaned down and whispered. liked to push him. her back meeting the soft cotton of his black T-shirt. He looked otherworldly. She pressed 76 ." A spark of anger ignited in her stomach." "Right." he growled in her ear. "How dare you assume I would follow you. What makes you think I would want to?" Jax pressed her harder against him. just below her breasts." She turned in his arms and looked up at him. and his fingers dug into her hips bones and bunched the material in his fists.

on special occasions. "You're an asshole.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros against him. the slight hint of bourbon. Ivory balked at his slightly jealous behavior. the familiar feel of his tongue gliding over her lips." "Ah. I see. the room gets a good look at the little black thong you're sporting. She made her way back 77 . connected her hand with his cheek. she thought." he spat." he muttered. So. "No. and the sting traveled from her palm to her wrist and up her forearm. front to front. She turned away." Satisfaction infiltrated the haze in her mind to see his heavy breathing. her resolve not to get involved with this man gone. She pressed her palms against his chest and pushed. "You're sure as hell showing the world what you have right now. "Do they pay you as well?" She reared back. "Tonight is a special occasion. shading his thoughts from her. She hated it. I could get lost in his mouth. "Don't I know it?" he muttered just seconds before claiming her lips. He ravished her. He lifted her up until her toes barely touched the floor. made her feel like a weakling. felt the need to rub her body up his like a cat would its owner. He stole her common sense. her selfpreservation. his hands gripping her hips. His eyelids dropped. curling slightly. his voice stone cold." Her chest heaved with anger and exertion. proof he wasn't as unaffected by their volatile chemistry as she thought. sucking the will straight from her body. She moaned at his taste. squeezing past the crowd of dancers. the unrelenting plunder of his mouth on hers. but his lips pulled into a snarl.

she saw Jax standing there at the top of the stairs. A charming smile. The man was flirting with the girl! Ivory reminded herself she didn't care and that he could do what he wanted. "I don't get it. "Where did you go?" Ivory laughed. How sick was that? The waitress returned with her shot. Ivory narrowed her eyes. She disappeared. his gaze touching on her throat. "A double shot of Patrón. up her bare legs was unnerving." "See Jax?" 78 . When he smoothed a palm down the blonde's bare back and his fingers dipped into the low-cut of the dress near her bottom.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros up the stairs to the cushioned seat of the sofa and signaled a waitress. Ivory saw red. Ivory's heart beat in time with the music." she told the young girl. and Ivory gulped it back. and just as the woman left. stared." Jenny raised an eyebrow at her. Ivory was disturbed to find she was disappointed at his retreat. a wry sound that escaped her lips despite her efforts to keep her bad mood from ruining her night. he went to the bar. a smile forming on his lips. She watched him. if she could name it nothing else. leaned suggestively against a blond bimbo with double Ds. not caring the harsh liquid's sting. She kept her eye on Jax as he made his way up to the bartender. How had he known the color of her underwear anyway? Where did he come from? Instead of following her to the couch. her chest. "I got jerked around. Jenny reappeared. The way he watched her.

" Jenny frowned. susceptible to pain and anguish of 79 . her eyes wide when she faced Ivory again." she muttered." "I already did." Ivory noticed Jax looking directly at her as he leaned over and ran his tongue up the bimbo's neck. Ivory blushed." Jenny giggled. strap you to his bed." "I don't know what you're talking about. "It doesn't work on him. "Where did he come from?" "Fuck if I know. she was and Jenny worked with children. and ride you all night long." "Improper-shmopper. "I think you've got a crush on the man. besides his crude manor and dirty words. "Asshole.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jenny turned around. just maybe. He likes being an asshole." Ivory suspected as much and maybe." she muttered to herself." Jenny accused. "In my opinion. men who like being assholes usually aren't." "And you want him to take you home tonight." Ivory huffed. She watched as the girl melted like putty in his very capable hands. They couldn't be talking like this. "Do you see the way he's all over that woman?" "You've got it bad for the hard-ass uncle from Manchester. They've just been hurt one too many times." "Don't be silly. They were social workers. "Asshole. He's a jerk of the worst kind. I just want to find Ashley a good home and be done with him." Ivory sighed. "We're being very improper. beneath all the steel lurked a heart as soft as her own. Well. "Go tell him.

how was seeing Nathan today?" "Like being stuck in a cage covered in blood with a starved tiger." "I think you're right. "Let's catch a cab. "He got jealous when Jax showed up. I think this night calls more for ice cream than tequila." "He ended things with Emma. Ivory cussed a blue streak. When the cab pulled up to her two-story brownstone. Her nana kept the fridge stocked with Rocky Road. The man is just an asshole. "I was wrong. If she wasn't careful. Go home." Jenny looked at her watch. Ivory felt a pinch of jealousy cramp her stomach. Jax's eyes hid something beautiful inside of him and she had a feeling it was a soul." Jenny turned to look at him. "Jax is someone I could spend the rest of my life trying to figure out and never accomplish a damn thing." she said." Ivory agreed. "How the hell did he get my address?" [Back to Table of Contents] 80 . and they both watched as he led the blonde girl down the stairs." "Ouch. They caught a cab and headed back to Ivory's house.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros the worst kind." Ivory confided to her best friend. "So. the man could take more than just her body if she let him. Jenny turned back to her.

just in case. a cup of tea before her. And how did my visitor get my address?" "I have my ways. her tiny voice singsong in the room. the man looked as out of place as a gun in church." he said. "Nana. racing up the short side-walk to Ivory's front door. She sent a silent plea to Jenny. "I see. their attire as strange in the kitchen as Jax playing tea party with her nana." Ivory paid the cabbie and both women scrambled out of the car. no. She opened the door and held her breath. Jax. She led the way to the kitchen and nearly burst out laughing at the scene before her. About an hour. barely one hundred pounds. In her nana's very pink kitchen." "And he's in there with your nana? Oh. sat at the small kitchen table. Ivory and Jenny stood perfectly still. there you are. Her nana." Ivory said. Ivory felt around for her 1911 in her clutch. had squished his long legs beneath the table and was hunched over with his own cup of tea in the delicate china cups." 81 . on the other hand. but her friend merely shrugged." she said.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Five Jenny peered over Ivory's shoulder. Her Nana looked up and blinked. They were five-two. "Whose truck is that?" "Jax. They were no match for Jax. You have a visitor. his fingers too large for the small handle. "Oh. She could hear her nananana talking and the low rumbling responses from Jax. "I've been talking to your grandmother for a while now. in curlers and a bathrobe.

taking her hand and pulling her along. Ivory felt bared before him alone." "You expect me to believe that?" Jax shrugged into his leather bomber jacket. "I'm home. her head bobbing. she found herself being hoisted into his truck. Jax stood. Jenny." Jenny appeared at the top of the long staircase." She locked her knees in effort to keep him from pulling her out of her own house. "Alice and I are old friends. To the park. Jax climbed in." she muttered. and I put her in a cab before leaving. for the third time that day. Jax continued to pull her along until." "Hey." Jenny nodded. "Believe what you want. "We're going to talk. 82 . "What happened to Bimbette?" Nana raised her gray eyebrows. dear. "We're not going far. took Nana's hand. "I wanted a place to talk to you. and Jenny needs a ride. She had a fight with her boyfriend. and extracted herself from Ivory. I want to know more about you and Nathan. We'll be back. "Okay. will you help me up the stairs? My knees aren't as good as they used to be. Come on." she said. careful not to tip over the table or spill the tea. but Ivory clutched the other woman's hand." he said. Jenny. I'm not going anywhere with you tonight. her fingernails digging in warning. "Have fun." he said.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She could feel Jenny's need to skedaddle. with the harsh kitchen light shining down on her. I'm borrowing Ivory. "This is becoming way too familiar. winking at Jax. Just a few blocks over." Ivory cursed her best friend under her breath. "I think I'll go to bed now. babe.

took off her shoes. how it raked in women." "What?" "Don't go fooling me into thinking you're a nice guy. and Ivory stumbled on her heels. She felt her body flush. her folds tingle. an honest-to-God smile.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros I've got a lot of important decisions to make. "I see. and she understood the power of the male smile. In Manchester. She wondered if he swam in his birthday suit. It transformed his face. I think you'd be happy at what I've decided. "I just like the park at night because there are no people here. and Ivory wished she could have at least put on tennis shoes. and I get some good exercise in. "Put this on." 83 . They walked along the track. Don't rush me. The air nipped at her bare shoulders." They drove to one of the state parks that stayed open to night runners." "You're going to take in Ashley?" "No. "What are we doing out here?" Jax grinned then. and got out. parked." She imagined him as he swam alone at night and her core flushed wet with need. I go to Pebble beach. "Oh. Yes. no you don't." she warned him. "I'm not a nice guy. It's deserted. and let her feet sink into the cool grass. Jax took off his jacket and handed it to her. seduced them. She thankfully sat down." he said flatly." He guided her toward a bench.

make love to me. his brow furrowed." "Is that what you really want from a man?" he asked. the golds and reds scattered across the lawn. We dated on and off for five years." "Do you still love him?" She looked at him. "Someone to hold me. and then he left me for one of my friends. made her wish she knew and understood him better. "I loved him. Everything 84 . "Thanks. Jax Morgan only passed through her life." "What do you care?" "Ivory. if that's what you're asking. "Nathan and I met in college. baffled by his behavior. They were losing their leaves. her voice wistful." Her hair obscured his view." she mumbled. afforded her a semblance of privacy.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She shrugged into the oversized coat. he would leave and forget her. Get silly with every now and again. By his own admission." "That's a long time to be in a relationship with someone. his eyes captivating her once again. "Sometimes." he confessed. Take me on romantic dates. End of story. got engaged. "Sounds like you're not over him. She stared out at the trees. I heard you talking today. The green depths pulled her in. "Tell me about Nathan." she said. Surprise me with flowers. the warmth and smell of Jax surrounding her. Then again." "What does that mean?" "It means sometimes I wish we still had what we did." She wished she'd just stayed home.

guiding her hand to his rock-hard erection. to the inferno. "I want a man who wants me enough to come back." "How did he find out?" "Guess I'm not as good at hiding some things as I thought.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros died." Her eyes going wide at the lost look on his face and the sudden tenderness she saw there. She scooted closer to him. and nibbled at her ear. anyway." he said. His lips came down on hers. Lifting a hand. Everything renewed itself in the end. kissed her jaw. At least Jax's profession. to the insanity of Jax. "I don't understand how he ever left you for someone else. He ended the kiss. "Because he got pissed when he found out about us. Tentatively." she whispered. not from cold but from the sudden heat that flooded her. not sure how to deal with a tender Jax." He leaned in. he pushed the tendrils of her black hair behind her ear. 85 . "He's still in love with you. and his tongue slipped inside her mouth. she openly stared at him. "You've never met Emma. she cupped his face. "How do you know?" His lips quirked up in a half smile. Ivory shivered. Death never stopped. a dark current running between them. and his lips lingered a hair's breadth from hers. she asked. Now she understood. He turned her face to him." Pulling back to stare up into his eyes. Life never stopped. and his rough stubble sensitized her palm.

She didn't dare move for the hand around her throat. "Why not? There is no one here. "And that makes it hotter. lightly circled her throat with his fingers. reminding me of what I want." "Then how did you know?" "I went to Rayon to pick up a woman. "What do you want?" "You. "I didn't follow you. at least she thought so. just inches from her aching center.." She inched closer until her legs touched his. Ivory. He began drawing little figure eights on her upper thigh.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros his leather pants butter soft and pliable beneath her fingers. "Don't do this here." he said back. Involuntarily. I found you." he said. "And what's wrong with that?" "I don't want any ties to this place when I leave." "It's a public place." Ivory's breath hitched." She understood. the look in his eye. "You turn up everywhere I go." she whispered. seeking a closer. more 86 . all over this town. and squeezed. and instead. and teased the soft skin there. did you follow me?" He pushed more of her hair off her face. "I get like this every time I see you. My job . "Tonight. which made her restless. pulling on the band of her panties. his fingers travelling upward. A rush of fear pulled her out of her aroused state until he began massaging the cords there.." His other hand slid up her thigh. We're alone. disappeared beneath her short skirt. inhaling against his neck. she spread her thighs. it would be detrimental to my psyche." she pleaded.

"Little Ivory. anywhere. He pulled her top down. "I thought we were going to talk. I feel alive when I'm inside of you." They headed for his truck. wet. Later. so wet that you're going to ask for it. spilling her breasts free. begging. and he drove out of the city toward the boonies. so hot. writhing. He pulled into a wooded area and shut off the truck. as long as we're in your truck. "We won't make it. she moaned softly. She straddled him. He released her seatbelt and pulled her toward him across his lap. pressing her hips upward to meet his questing touch. Ivory. and tight. "I want you in my bed. "Jax." he said. "I can't do this in public." "Then take me somewhere. Had a man ever said that to her? Wanted her to make him alive? "Take me to your place." 87 ." "Before I leave here. She could hear waves crashing nearby. what do you want from me?" "This. I saw that little black thong. so uptight. I've wanted this since I saw your pretty little ass swaying on the dance floor and when you dipped." Grazing his thumb across her weeping core. She sighed. sliding his fingers beneath the fabric." he grumbled. and making me alive." She jerked when he grazed her core with his finger and pressed the fine film of her thong against her middle.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros intimate touch." Jax shook his head no. the sound of a winter owl. "Fuck." she said." she breathed out when he lifted his jacket from her shoulders. "Not now. anytime. you're going to be so wild.

He withdrew his hand just as she was about to come. "I promised myself I wouldn't do this again with you. "You're mine. "Oh." He teased her entrance. "I'm my own person." He pushed up the slip of the dress." His demand created a web of lust. not quite enough for her to find release. dragged his hand down her stomach. "Jax. sensual." She lay back against the steering wheel. longing so intense she cried out as her pussy clenched. Ivory watched his face relax." he mumbled around her breast." He snapped her panties in effort to maneuver closer to her. not yours. "You're beautiful. then molded his hands to her hips. let him have his way with her." she pleaded. "Say it now. He took one ripened nipple between his teeth and suckled. She panted for air. He pushed two fingers inside her channel. He gave the same attention to the other peak. rasped over tight nerve endings. Jax. She cried out when he worked the spot just behind her clit. molding them to his palms. cupped them. His palm fitted to her mound.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Inner muscles clenched in need. When she 88 . and her mind fractured. or I won't let you come. and lifted her slightly." he said." "Say you're mine. and his calluses nudged the swollen flesh. I was so wrong. God. circled the aching center with his fingers." She dug her nails into his forearms. "No one else's. oxygen starved. his voice dark. She tightened her thighs and squeezed. "Jax.

I want your warmth. she could see his member. She glared at him." "All you want is my body." He poised at her entrance. No one else." he ground out between gritted teeth. "Long enough to know you're different." she accused him. "Don't play games with me. "Say the words. his fingers slid back through her slick juices. the lack of a condom not lost on her. She was protected with birth control. "I don't need promises. "I want more than your body. "I don't want to be jerked around." "I already told you I'm not staying here. "Just do it already. unbuckled his leather pants. You're mine. he took his hand away altogether. and in the glow of the dashboard. He was in control." she said. "No. I just don't want to be jerked around. Do it. bucked to no avail. 89 . Ivory. "I don't need you to stay. "Say it and I'll give you what you want." "You've only known me for a full forty-eight hours. Jax flipped her over and pressed her down against the seat.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros tried to bare down on him. his green gaze sizzling. the flared head engorged. clear fluid leaking from the slit. pressing into her." "Fine. arching up into him." He freed himself." she said." "Yes." she said. frying her thoughts until she went mindless." he growled. Now. Jax. She reached. Ivory. and then lay between her thighs. and somehow. her loins on fire. It wasn't enough." she groaned." He still withheld his touch from her. She bit down on her lip. He discarded her underwear.

" He rammed into her. then pulled him down to her lips. Her inner muscles milked him. When her head finally cleared." she whispered. He knew exactly what he was doing. marking him right back with her teeth on his shoulder. the second orgasm rising swiftly as he pushed into her. She dragged his T-shirt over his head. gripped his neck. "Ivory. the taste of blood exploding against her tongue. They lay there in the aftermath of the explosion. and she took every inch of it. welcomed the harder. She lost herself in the sensations. pulling him deeper inside of her. Her body took on new heights of acceptance. panting. She arched against him. raked her nails down his back. "Until you leave. Just fuck me already. He was too rigid for carelessness. "I'm yours. higher and higher. triggered another onslaught of furious seventh heaven to pour through her. but the breath her words would have been whispered with was swallowed by the intense pleasure sweeping her body.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros she didn't think he had any health problems. his hardness filled her. the way he pounded against her flesh. He ground against her. and she cried out as the wave of ecstasy crashed over her and dragged her down in the undertow. Jax awakened the sexual creature writhing inside of her. he 90 . Making her his. Too in control. She wanted to cry out. and he levered off her. "I don't care. darker pulse of arousal building inside of her. He impaled her one last time. She stared up into his eyes. Branding her." "We don't have a condom. meeting him thrust for thrust." She groaned." he groaned as she felt him go rigid.

"It's fine. He said some things today that made me wonder more about you. lazy smile." Jax settled back into the driver's seat and turned the ignition while she straightened herself. your grandmother would know far more. "I already know everything I need to. "No. "Now will you go out on a date with me?" Ivory bit down on her lip." So." he said. now they were back to Nathan.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros rubbed his short hair. if you tell me what you were doing at my house tonight. tried to hide the silly smile that ravaged her face. so." she pointed out. "Yes. I'll go on a date with you. zipping them up. He shook his head. all right. a slow. "Oh?" Jax pulled onto the main road and angled the vehicle toward her home. "I wanted to meet your nana. a half smile on his face." Ivory contemplated his statement." "That would have been me." "Why?" "Nathan. seeing what you can't and all that. Jax definitely had a way with women. He backed out of the wooded area." She lazily stretched her limbs and untangled her legs from his. "Sure. "I'm sorry about not having a condom. and the rest you'll tell me. She sat up while he tucked himself inside of his pants. she burned and she switched on the air conditioner. I decided to go straight to the source. find out anything interesting?" He smiled." 91 . Despite the cool temperature outside. "So.

I figured you could help me out. so. but I'll be giving guardianship over to someone else. She was just a fuck buddy." "I'm going to keep custody of her. "And Ashley?" "I already know the answer to that question. as did Nathan." Ivory felt unsettled by the bit of news. When can I bring her to your house?" Jax pulled into her driveway. then I would like to know so we can begin the process of adopting her out. When had they arrived at her house? "That's the other part." 92 . It's who I am. and. his voice suddenly grim. "I'll tell you at the end of the month." It was logical and exactly what she would expect of someone like him. decide what to do from there. then when I do find the father. Mickey told me finding the father in a month is impossible. I'm going to need help taking care of a child." he said. appoint a guardian while I'm on missions." An air of mystery about his plans disappointed Ivory. I'll start the paperwork tomorrow.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jenny had been right. right? To be placed within the family? Well." "It's what you wanted. He would take custody of the child. I'm going to take custody of her temporarily. "Fine. "If you're not going to take her. but appoint guardianship to someone else? Because of his job? "That sounds like you're giving up on her. Opposites attract. "I can't quit my job like other people can. She still needed him to make a decision about Ashley. He didn't want the responsibility of a child no more than he actually wanted Ivory in his life. She'd developed a crush on the man." he said.

You don't' have anything for a baby. For Ashley. no diapers. Just great. a diaper bag. and it was growing. **** The next morning. 93 . Cha-Cha. no crib. the excitement bubbling inside of her until she couldn't wait to spill the details to her grandmother. and you can help me pick the stuff out. "Who are you?" He grinned. Nana stood at the stove frying eggs in a cast-iron skillet. a stroller. no playpen. Nana. now. I'll help you out." Ivory settled into the seat Jax occupied the night before.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros So he was using her as a nanny. "A chameleon. too. "Good morning. the charming Jax back. but having the chance to take care of Ashley planted a seed in her heart. The muscles seemed to have been torn from her acrobatics in Jax's truck the night before. We can go tomorrow." "What are you going to do on your day off?" Ivory carefully crossed her legs Indian style. The little girl had stolen her resolve the first time she saw her." "Then you can bring her by tomorrow. She would have to admit her crush on Jax was in full swing. And then you can bring her by. bottles." Ivory stared at Jax." She jumped out of the truck without saying good-bye and raced for the safety of her home. She needs food. away from his penetrating stare and disarming smile." Ivory rejected the idea. "Too soon. able to convince a woman to do his bidding." "Done. "Morning. not so much. "Fine. no clothes. Her uncle.

"He's decided to take in Ashley for a time. handing it to Ivory. Cha-Cha. She swiped at it with her finger. "But that man. "That's what I said when I met your grandfather. She rose. "I'm not going to fall in love with him. "I guess he's got a feeling you're falling in love with someone else." she said. "I don't intend to get that involved with him. Nana." Shifting her weight off her butt cheeks onto her thighs. First time in a year. Even worse than Nathan. carefully." "Nathan called this morning." she said." Nana pointed to the coffee pot. Nana flipped an egg onto a waiting china plate. "He's in the Army. a loud growl emanating from the depths. "That man will break your heart. her false teeth pristine. she scooted back farther on the counter to rest her head against the glass cabinets." Ivory kissed her nana's powdery cheek. chopping it into pieces as the yellow goo oozed out. while you were asleep. You can see it in his eyes.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "I'm going into lower Boston to do some shopping with Jax. "We never plan to fall in love." Ivory sat on the counter with her egg and fresh cup of coffee. but she still committed her heart to him. is lost. the custom telling the world the man she loved died. Maybe lust. to avoid injuring her tender muscles. stared at the gold band on her right ring finger. Jax." Nana smiled. All of those guys have funny-looking eyes. but not love. the freshly made black brew signaling her empty stomach's hunger." Her grandmother took a seat at the table." 94 ." she said. Nana.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ivory rolled her eyes. "I'm not falling in love. The man is just really good in bed," she said, winked at Nana. True to her nature, Nana did not blush, only grinned. "So, he's good, huh? I knew he would be. Could tell by the way he cradled that china cup in his hands last night, cherished it." Ivory put her empty plate in the sink and turned the water on to wash away the goo. She sipped her coffee while swinging her feet against the lower cabinets. "I went to see Nathan yesterday about Ashley," she said. "He broke up with Emma." Nana nodded, set her cup down, and folded her gnarled hands across the wood top. "Nathan is the kind of man who will spend his life loving you, giving you what you need, including babies," she said. "But Jax, that man will never let you close your eyes." "What do you mean?" "I mean, Cha-Cha, Nathan will be a good man for you, but you may never live with him. And Jackson, he will make you live so much you wish you could just lie down to close your eyes and find yourself in death." Ivory contemplated her nana's words. "And you got all that from an hourlong conversation?" Nana stood, gathered her robes close to her body. She kissed Ivory's forehead. "Yes. You'll know what to do, honey. I've got to get dressed. Me and May Beth are going to see if we can catch ourselves a date for tonight." Ivory's laughter spilled over, and coffee spurted from her nose. "Any man would be lucky to have you Nana, including Jackson."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

She heard Nana's laughter all the way up the stairs. Ivory studied the grounds of coffee at the bottom of her cup. They needed a new coffeemaker. She hopped down from her perch, picked up the cordless phone to dial Jax, but she found herself calling Nathan instead. "Ivory?" She couldn't put her finger on what the sound in his voice was, but she thought it might be panic, or worry. "Yes, Nathan. It's Ivory." "Oh, good. I got worried about you when you didn't call me back last night," he said. "Did you need something?" She waited to hear his answer, her heart dancing a tattoo as she tapped her foot in impatience. Finally, he said, "I'd like to take you out." "Out where?" A chuckle filled the line, his soft laughter music to her ears. His laughter usually triggered any number of memories or responses in her body, but at that moment, her mind remained silent, the memories forgotten. "I thought maybe we could go to the Boston Commons," he said. Ivory remember many days when they'd spent time at the Boston Commons, walking, kissing. "I don't know. I'm going with Jax to pick up a few items today, and then I've got to make sure he and Ashley get along without any help." "You're seeing Jax." His words cut through her like steel through ice-cream. "Yes. Ashley is going home with him today."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

"Ivory, the man only wants to use you," he said. "I know Jax. I've known him a long time." Her mood disintegrated. "Nathan, you can't tell me what to do. You gave me up, remember?" "Just be safe, Ivory. The man will toss you aside once he's tired of your body." "Like you did?" Ivory hung up before Nathan could answer. What right did he have to say things like that to her? She knew Jax only used her, but her choice was hers alone. If she wanted to let Jax do it, then so be it. [Back to Table of Contents]


Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Chapter Six At eleven, Jax promptly showed up on her doorstep, two coffees in hand. He held one out to her. Ivory drank in the sight of him, the clean-shaven jaw threatening to dissolve her right there on the spot. He looked like the soldier he was with the jaw exposed, hardened. "Ready?" he asked. She nodded and grabbed her purse. Nathan's words still echoed in her mind, and she realized how right he'd been. It didn't matter, though. Ashley would get a home, and it mattered to her that the child get the home she deserved. "Let's go." Jax didn't bother helping her get into his truck. He simply waited for her to struggle in, belt herself, and then he pulled out. They headed toward the shopping district. She stared at him, his sunglasses shading his cool green from her. "Something's wrong," he said, a muscle jerking on his clean-shaven cheek. Ivory stared out the window, cupping the coffee to her lips. She sipped the fortifying drink. "I talked to Nathan this morning." Jax cut a hard look at her, his lips bled of any color. "And?" "He asked me out on a date." She held her breath and wondered what he would say, or do. Jax merely flipped the radio station and merged with traffic. "I've got a list of things I need to pick up for the house, but I'll need your help with the less obvious stuff."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Avoidance. Great. Now they were avoiding talking about Nathan altogether. "I said I couldn't go." Jax remained silent until he parked in the mall parking lot. "Do you expect me to reward you, Ivory?" She had half a mind to toss the steaming hot coffee in his face and be done with him. "I expect you to acknowledge my promise to you." "I shouldn't have to," he said, then got out, leaving her sitting in the truck. He came around to her side, opened the door, calmly removed the cup from her hands, and set it on the floor. He turned her to him, spread her legs, and stepped between them. She felt slick juice coat her jeans. She hadn't worn underwear, and the act of his hands opening her made her pussy ache. He lifted her by the waist, slowly sliding her down his body until her feet touched the ground. "You should know I believe you unless you prove otherwise." Her senses prickled when he leaned in, wrapped his arms around her waist, and pressed her back against the bench seat of the open truck. He lowered his lips to hers and graced her with a hard, seeking kiss that left her dizzy and perturbed. She sighed. "Let's go find something for baby Ashley to sleep in," she said. Unlike Nathan when they'd been dating, Jax didn't grab her hand, but merely kept pace with her shorter strides as they headed into the mall. He headed into the first major department store he found, and arrowed for the baby stuff. She tried to keep up with him, but he moved too quickly.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ivory found herself standing in the midst of cribs, befuddled by the sheer number of choices. She didn't know which one looked best, so she went logically with the cheapest, then worked her way upward. She discovered the mid-range prices looked no different from the high-priced items and decided a simple white crib would suffice. She tagged the item in her mind and moved on to car seats and clothes. They spent an hour looking through merchandise before Jax made his purchases. The lady at the counter eyed them, her eyes glued to the sheer amount of baby items they'd purchased. "Congratulations," she said to Ivory. Ivory looked down to hide the flush on her face. "Uh, these are not for us." Jax moved up beside her to pay, and even the cashier couldn't help but ogle the prime, male specimen. Once they loaded their haul into his truck, Ivory settled herself into her seat. "That should do for now." Jax looked at her, his brow arched. "For now?" "Babies grow, Jax. She'll need new clothes in a few months," she said. He pulled out of the parking lot, one long, tapered finger cruising over the skin of his lower lip, and Ivory couldn't help but feel achy at the sight. They reached his house, and the moment she got inside his door, he backed her up against it, his mouth on hers stoking the flames, her body already hot. She pushed at his jacket and it fell to the floor with a thud. ****

The woman had his head spinning.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax rid her of her jacket. "And then I promise. He felt her shudder as he pressed his tongue into her. laid a kiss against her belly button. and he 101 . the piece of clothing falling on the growing pile. He felt his body responding. his erection straining against his zipper. teased the little nub with his teeth. She drove him nuts with her little cries of desperation. like honeydew. then trailed downward with his mouth until he hovered just above her glistening mound." She mewled in response. the first taste of Ivory bursting on his tongue. we'll make it to the bed. of her hair moving over his cheeks. She'd thawed the ice around him and set his body blazing. Jax lowered his lips to her slit." he grumbled. "I have to taste you. Ivory. No underwear? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" He knelt. She kept the small triangle where soft curls should be hair bare. his body bowing to her whims. wet flesh. He circled his tongue over her plump clit. He unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her knees "Fuck. and Jax nearly lost it. of her lips soft against his. He'd been hard since he woke up with memories of her. and scraped his jaw along the soft. Sweet. He used his forearm to keep her against the door as her hips thrust against his mouth. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth. her need. He licked his lips while gazing up at her. spearing her. he lapped at her nether lips and coated his mouth in her juices. pressing painfully into the little metal teeth.

licked. He worked her over until she cried out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros growled when he coaxed juices from her. waiting mouth. He felt her heated breath on the mushroom head. He'd never get enough of her. He knew it then and there with her soft moans filling his ears. and led him to her sweet. He lapped. and the only reprieve he got was inside Ivory's tight pussy. and nuzzled her. his mouth against her shivering flesh. his fingers embedded deep inside of her. nearly raced down the long hallway to his bedroom. he made short work of the tangled mess of her jeans where they shackled her ankles. Her pink tongue darted out and licked away the clear fluid. constant. He pulled out a condom. Ivory's fist wrapped around his dick. He gasped. He picked her up. his tongue working her clit. the chill that ascended his spine. the flow steady. His nightmares invaded the wet dream he'd had of feasting on her. She went limp as he wrung every last ounce of sweet nectar from her body. took the stairs two at a time. He needed to forget for a while. possessing him. faces of the kills taunting him. but before he could get the thing on. He relentlessly pushed her until she dug her fingernails into the back of his neck. never want another. He wanted to chase away the cold of the grave. the tip already oozing precome. her muscles tightening. pulled on the velvet flesh. asking him for mercy. He shrugged out of his own clothing. 102 . his balls tightening up. in a hurry to bury himself inside her. the silken vise locked around his index finger. sucked. forgiveness for sins they did not know they committed. Once inside.

You're going to make me blow." Jax growled. the muscles there convulsing around his cock. her hot mouth creating memories. naked. Jax palmed each as she worked her lips over the head of his erection. the feel of her body sucking 103 . She relaxed her throat." She licked her lips and smiled. She licked." he rasped. and she encased the rockhard member once again. pushed her down on the bed. She sighed. He slid down the back of her throat. He gripped the base of his shaft and guided it into her waiting entrance. then placed a pillow beneath her hips. "Tit for tat. He raised her ass high. "Okay. he pushed on her shoulders in effort to make her stop. his hips surged forward to fuck her mouth deeper. "Stop. and he pulled her away. "I said stop. scraped her teeth over the sensitive tip. He eased in. her moan of pleasure vibrating straight through his sac. ready to be released and spurt down her throat. her tongue flicking over the crest. her breasts in full view. but at the same time. worked the head once again with her red lips. He'd never forget the way it felt to be cradled in her silken body.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She rested on her knees on his bed. She sucked hard. and flipped her over. He felt a tingle along his spine. and Jax's knees nearly buckled where he stood at the edge of the bed. The feel of her tongue on the sensitive underside caused a shudder to rip through his body. He gripped her hair. Her eyelashes fluttered down. Once again. enough. How he wanted to lose himself in her. He felt the semen boiling in his scrotum. the feel of her against his hot flesh. and Jax felt lightning sizzle up his spine." She lifted her eyes.

pressing forward. He lowered his hand to her clit and rubbed the little button with his callused fingers in tempo with his thrusts. the tips nearly connecting. holding her smaller body to his. he lay with her. She pressed back.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros him. bursting forth from his head lodged inside of her. He wanted to go slow. He gripped her hips and thrust forward. her sheath hot and moist. his soul clean and devoid of the atrocities he'd done. he felt white-hot fire strike his sac. like he had a chance at salvation. his strokes long and hard. he longed to show her he could be gentle. With each passing moment. Every second he was inside of her. he felt alive. slow and easy. The contractions were nearly painful to his state of arousal. He never let her know what came next. His ears burned with her pleas and he could do no less than give her what she asked for. he felt her growing wetter until an orgasm so powerful hit her that he bit his cheek to keep from crying out at the feel of her gripping him. but the little vixen had none of it. Afterward. her body eager. and Jax circled her hips with his fingers. and he staved off the red-hot come in his sac until the last minute. He silently cried out her name. The way she pushed back against him was so inviting. gripping his loins. her cries desperate. the jets of semen jerking in time with his hips as the pleasure seared his spine. a whispered plea that bounced off the walls of his mind like a prayer. Who knew beneath her conservative façade lay a minx in wait? He anchored himself to her. and as they subsided. careful. feeling the beat of her heart against his palm where he 104 .

her nose chilly despite the heat in the house and their slick bodies. he frowned. taken care of. "We can go now. Besides." "I didn't say you were. When Ivory appeared beside him. He breathed in the scent of her hair. but Ivory shouldn't have to be toting around large boxes like a man. "I think I can handle it." "I don't think I can walk right now. "What are you doing?" "Helping. "So. Jax's enthusiasm grew as she rushed to put her clothes on. "It's too heavy. He savored the way she nuzzled his neck. along with the rise and fall of her lungs." He hefted the box onto his broad shoulder and shut the tailgate." She jumped up. just shorter than I am. She should be doted on." 105 . "I'm not short. he stepped back. we have to put the crib together. "Just go hold open the door for me." "Ivory. shaking her short hair out of her face. and I'll trip over your small steps." She planted her hands on her hips." Her face flamed. Jax went out to his truck to grab the large box from the bed.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros cupped her breast. when do you want to go pick up Ashley?" Ivory rose up on her elbow. "You're too short. When they were dressed. her nostrils flaring." Jax gripped the edge of the white box. When she went to grab for one end." Jax had no doubt she could handle it. her sky blue eyes glimmering with hope and excitement." "Jax.

macho man. pointing at him. "Are you okay?" "I'm fine. the corners of cutting into his skin and the weight of it. Jax just held up his hands as if he were at gunpoint. Jax could easily pick up over two hundred pounds. He'd have to get some curtains for it. "I didn't say anything. but the awkward position of the box." she said. It took two store employees to get it into your truck." He grimaced as a twinge pulled on the fastly becoming sore muscle. He'd have to ice it later. He'd injured it in jump school early in his career. "That thing is heavy. "Comes in handy. This thing is heavy." She cocked her head. dead lifting. dragging the box behind him up the steps to the first bedroom on the right. just an old injury. by way of explanation. It seemed like a good place for a nursery." "Great. with large windows and the soft butter color of the room. "I'll bet you've got a lot of old injuries." she said. and occasionally the pain flared up. her cheeks still rosy." 106 . started hurting the sensitive cords of his neck where she'd sucked a bruise on his skin earlier with her teeth." She held it open.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros They had a stare-down. "I've got a few. staring up at him. "I'm fine. her lips slightly parted." Kneeling down on the floor. she set to work on the plastic straps with a knife she must have had hidden in her jacket pocket. "Open the door." Jax smirked. he rubbed his aching shoulder. After he stepped through the door and slid the box to the ground. It's in pieces." "You should have let me help you.

Ivory stared at him as he opened the yard of paper with several languages on it. She frowned at her cell phone. "A man who reads directions. Ivory went to get the mattress and sheets she'd picked out. watching her try to figure out what went with what." She narrowed her eyes. he made his way back to Ivory. After retrieving the screwdriver and a hammer. Boy. "I'll be right back. He'd get heavy 107 . and pushed the crib below the farthest window. Jax made his way down to his kitchen pantry. the little slender black object cradled in her palm. where he kept his box of tools. A smile broke his blank expression. and Jax just stood there. I don't want Ashley falling out of the crib because the bars weren't attached right. he squatted down beside her." she teased.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Looking for the instructions. She had already laid out the separate pieces according to the diagram. did I hit the jackpot." She whistled low in her throat. "Remind me not to sleep in your bed." Jax clamped his mouth shut." She stuck her tongue out at him. He'd need a Phillipshead screwdriver. and Jax finished with the crib railings by the time she returned. "Better leave that to me. "I put my own bed together. put the final screw in." Jax's lips slanted. all of which he could read. He separated the bolts. I haven't fallen out of it on account of faulty handiwork. "What?" "Missed call from Nathan. screws. washers. and they set to work on assembling the various pieces of white wood boards until the semifinished product looking marginally like a crib. thank you.

Ashley sat up in her crib. She always smiles. a smile on her face. he thought. apparently. "More than I thought. "Oh." Ivory giggled. When they finished. "Let's go get Ashley. Jenny's riotous stare pricked him. and then Jax." Jax didn't often find himself in the position of embarrassment. he'd give his left foot to be anywhere but there. an ice pack to her forehead. She held her hand up. and set the stuffed animals she'd nabbed on their way out the store. the room still looked bland. How much did you drink?" Jenny popped one eye open to glare at her friend. watching her as she lovingly caressed the sheets with her palms. Ivory laid the mattress inside and spread the sheets over the bed. When they arrived at Heron House. Jax wandered down the hall. "Don't say a word. signaling them to stop. tucked in corners. but Jax thought Ashley wouldn't mind if he didn't spend time painting fancy faeries on the walls. Jax stood back. but at that moment. and formula. Jax and Ivory found Jenny sitting in the kitchen. wipes. and he stepped back to let the two women discuss the hangover from hell and Ivory's disappearing act. You know you can't hold your alcohol. They moved in the small dresser and changing table she insisted he needed and stocked it with diapers.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros drapes to keep the cool air from reaching the baby on winter days. Ashley 108 . toward the nursery." he said. When he opened the door. And just where did you two run off to last night? I eventually caught a cab home. Jenny.

" "So we heard." He ran a hand down his face to scrub away the tired feeling. "She's teething. Mary's child personified beauty. blew raspberries. "Babies don't take orders from you. Jax. "Hey. "You'll have to help me. "We'll." Jenny grumbled. have to work out a sleeping schedule I suppose. She giggled when he came up to the crib rails. with her big.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros represented innocence. Yuck." Ashley hiccupped." Jax shook off the nervousness that suddenly enveloped his usually calm demeanor. little one. the little bubbles spilling from her mouth. Jenny with her bag to her head. "I'll be taking you home with me today. Ivory leaned her head on Jenny's shoulder. her mouth and fist slobbery. "Is it normal for her to be doing that?" he asked. pointing to her slobber. kid. I'm your Uncle Jax." Ashley cooed. arm in arm. her thumb in her mouth. The door to the nursery opened. wincing when the action seemed to hurt. "We were just getting acquainted. Jax shoved his hands in his jean's pockets. baby blue eyes and whitish-blond hair. Jenny nodded. I don't do well with disobedience. Did you get teething rings?" 109 . 'cause I don't know how to change diapers or make a bottle. and he turned his gaze back to Ashley. uh. her eyes wide and staring up at him." he said gruffly. Ivory and Jenny stood there. and you have to follow orders. You take orders from them.

" Ivory supplied. I've got everything she will need. but he thought she said. "Quiet. "And what are you going to do when you leave? Will she get shuffled back into the system?" Obviously dealing with women about children took the same sort of strength when dealing with the enemy. Jenny mumbled something incoherent. Jax wasn't fond of it either. He gave her a droll stare. and Jenny swatted her across the head. and smelled her bottom." Still holding the baby a full arm's length away. "Poo. "What do I do?" "Change her. predict their next move. the baby's legs kicking in his hold." he said. Jax stared at Ashley. her strength surprised him." Jenny pierced Jax with a stare. too." Ivory burst out laughing. He needed to out think them. 'pompous ass'. her nose wrinkled as if she. She squeezed his thumbs with her slobbery fingers. "I've got it under control. "You change her. "She smells bad. who propped herself up against the door. She took the kicking baby from Jax." Ivory let go of Jenny. For a six-month-old. He nearly gagged. held her close. Mama Bear." 110 . Jax quirked a smile. turning to the baby.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Don't worry. Grab a diaper from her diaper bag we brought with us. Well. He picked her up and held her out at arm's length. smelled the mess she made and didn't like it.

Hell. immobile. but I've been doing social work long enough to take care of a diaper or two." Jax took notes as Ivory methodically removed the dirty diaper. used the wipes to clean Ashley up. dropping the soiled diaper into the trash can. She was dressed and happy again in less than five minutes. I love it. He wasn't sure he would ever be ready to do that. He would have to take care of Ashley. the offensive pink thing a hell of a lot different and about fifty pounds lighter than the pack he carried on missions.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax unloaded the pack he carried on his shoulder. held her close. women have to learn just as men do. 111 . Someone completely dependent on him. "And no. She laid Ashley back on the changing table set up in the room and unclipped the clothing she wore. Baby shampoo." he said. he didn't think he'd ever be ready to have Ashley living in his home. "Are women born instinctively knowing how to do that?" Jax asked. Panic rose in his gut. and then refastened the clean diaper to Ashley's wriggling body. Jax took shallow breaths through his nose as the smell invaded the room." He rubbed the back of his neck. What do you feed her?" "Baby food. a foreign sensation that rendered him speechless. "Mmm. For even a month. passing the white tissue-paper-like thing over to her." she said. and inhaled against her head. the muscles there tense. A baby. "Here you go. Ivory picked up Ashley. a bottle. "That's awful.

He entered a No Trespassing zone. His head seemed too light and he reached a hand out to steady himself. Oh. Cha-Cha. Ashley giggled. on unsteady legs. the baby smiling under her gentle hands. he thought. as did Ivory. toting the baby on her hip. her little eyelashes lying against her cherry cheeks. his defenses. their voices echoing. Jenny followed her out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros His heart raced. followed Ivory to the foyer where she dressed Ashley in the warm coat they'd bought her and the little socks and shoes. Ivory snuck a glance at Jax's 112 . His heart. She couldn't take her eyes off Ashley. and his throat constricted. **** Ivory buckled Ashley into the car seat they'd bought her. Oh. I went and got myself in a doozey. He watched her. Jenny gave her instructions to feed Ashley every four hours. Jenny said. God. Let's get Ashley home so Jenny can go rest. a place he'd forbade himself to go. "Did you get a car seat?" Jenny asked. with a dangling mini-mouse for the baby to play with while they rode back to Jax's house. Fuck. every six once she started gaining. "I think he just got hit with a severe case of the butterflies. She fell asleep the moment the car started moving. Mama Bear. I'm going to die then." "Come on. Jax." Ivory said." Jax. "Yes." "All right. due to her weight. A place where a woman and a child could worm their way past his area of operation. shit. Then.

and he sped up to forty. then let it out slowly. "Jax. and settled Ashley into her crib. The cries obviously made Jax even more nervous because his speed dropped even lower. "Sure." He took a deep breath. considering he wouldn't look at her. Ashley drifted back to sleep." she assured Jax." "On Monday." Jax swung his head around. He'd started acting strange ever since they'd left Heron House. You can go a little faster. "Yes." Ivory thought he'd gone pale beneath his tan but couldn't really tell. and he was doing thirtyfive. I'll bring by the paperwork for you to sign. "And I thought pulling the trigger was hard. The speed limit was fifty." "No. "She's fine. unloaded the car seat. but when they got to his house. her little mouth working like she sucked on a bottle. Ashley frightened the big soldier man. She'll take your last name?" Jax shrugged. "Binky. saying you accept custody of Ashley. Ivory smacked herself in the fore head. I just forgot to put it in the diaper bag." "I bought one of those. They didn't have a binky. "What the hell is that?" "It's a pacifier." Ivory let the comment slide. 113 . Ashley started crying.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros odometer. and Ivory knelt on the seat and hoped she could get Ashley to settle down. didn't I?" She laid a hand on his forearm. The steel bands beneath his skin flexed as he tightened his hands on the steering wheel.

let alone took care of one." Ivory followed Jax up the stairs. "Yes. but I've observed you with her and I think you'll do fine. and under my expert tutelage. You'll do fine. you'll be a great dad." "Dad." Jax sank onto his couch. I've never had a baby in my house." "Uncle." she said." Jax rolled his shoulders." "You've got to do it sometime." "Single mothers figure it out every day. "Here's your chance to show me what you're made of. if you have any trouble. "You're not leaving me here alone with her. "Ashley will call me uncle." he growled. The man knew about her work. "Yes." "Uncle. and soft cries filtered over the speaker." "Okay. you have my card. "I'll leave you a note with detailed instructions. "You're terrified. admiring the way his muscles bunched and contracted beneath the worn cotton of 114 . I'm terrified. all over the world." she said. The baby monitor crackled." "Isn't it supposed to be some part of your work to observe me with Ashley before you declare me a safe prospect?" Ivory's eyes widened." "About what?" he asked. Uncle Jax. about a lot of things. "Talk. but I'm not staying the night here. Jax. Besides.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory placed a baby monitor next to the crib and ushered Jax downstairs.

" "Okay. Ashley screamed in his ear. all business. Ashley continued to cry. It might be time for her to eat. She didn't belong there. She was just the social worker. "Nothing. "What do I do?" he asked. "I guess it might be. Ashley's thin legs dangling over his forearm." Ivory handed him a can of formula. see if she needs changed." Jax looked at his watch. How does the diaper feel? Heavy?" Awkwardly. his tone militaristic. the veins standing out. him standing there. She followed him down the back staircase into the kitchen." "We just did that. and he switched arms. Ivory couldn't have pictured a more perfect moment if she tried. "Babies go pee. She took a deep breath and stepped back to separate herself from the duo. concern on his face. Jax felt the baby's bottom to see if the diaper needed changed. too. Ashley crying. Ivory would have giggled at his serious expression if the situation didn't call for her maturity and experience. "Pick her up. look at the clock. She took Ashley while he mixed the contents of the baby milk in a bottle and popped it into the microwave. The closer they got to the top of the stairs. her forehead turning beet red." He gave her flat stare. now. the louder Ashley's cries became. reading the can for the instructions. her little tears sliding down her face. 115 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros his jeans.

" "Its fine. we're going to get you a bottle in a minute." He squirted it. Ashley." [Back to Table of Contents] 116 ." Jax looked up. and he leaned back against the counter as he cradled her in his arms. Ivory blinked back tears. On your wrist. "She should be holding the bottle on her own by now. "It feels cold. "Wait. his green eyes questioning as she bounced Ashley on her knee. She stared up at Jax. his brows slashes of concern across his face." "What?" She turned back to face him. as if stunned to see her standing there. "Yes." As if on cue. uh. "You can. right?" Ivory smiled at him. "I have to check the warmth. "It's okay." she said quietly. bouncing Ashley on her knee. "Let me know when you find a sitter." The microwave dinged. Ivory backed up." she said. not disturb the baby. gripping the plastic as she ate." Ivory said. "Yeah. she's getting mad. hire a part-time nanny to help you out until you get the hang of it." Jax stopped her. which pacified the child for the moment. Ashley took hold of the pink bottle with her little fingers. "What about our date?" Ivory grinned. "I'm going to go now.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Hurry." Feeling like her presence was no longer needed. "Call me if you need anything. I could. handing Ashley back over to him.

"Hey. the muted lavender of the room distinguished against the white furniture. hard. but when Ivory pulled into the driveway. The couches were comfy and overly plump. not so much as e-mail or text her in nearly a year.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Seven Twilight descended on Boston by the time she reached home. but Ivory still thought he looked incredibly handsome. not yet in her nightclothes or rollers yet. Nana had turned on the porch light for her. Nathan had come to visit. "I'm home. honey? Nathan brought over a delicious bottle of old scotch." she said. the whicker rocker 117 ." Ivory sat down on the rocker next to Nana. She looked to Nana for an explanation. She had a suspicious looking tumbler set on a coaster on the glass end table next to her. and now he called and showed up unexpectedly." He wore a simple pair of jeans and wool sweater. a very familiar Mustang sat in her way. The blue of his shirt brought out the darker blue of his eyes. and Ivory raised her eyebrow at her nana. Nathan swiveled around in the chaise lounge he reclined on. Her stomach did a little flip. "Would you like a drink. She opened the door and found her grandmother wrapped up in an afghan. The man hadn't called her. Usually the living room was her favorite place. She pulled back out onto the street and parked her Jeep along the curb.

No doubt he wanted to talk about Jax." She went to kitchen. Her seventy-year-old grandmother was drinking! Nathan would pay for that. Maybe he had a glass of old scotch. with Jax were written all over her face. "Sure. "I don't like change. She got up. again. Rocky and Bullwinkle played on the television. "Can we go up to your bedroom? To talk?" Ivory glanced at Nana who kept her eyes glued to the flickering screen of the television. as if her morning. I think I need one. "Sure. She could still smell Jax on her clothes. "Nothing's changed.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros and glass tables. she shut the door. smoothing his hand over her burgundy comforter. fourposter bed to the dresser and the red curtains. what are you doing here?" Nathan stood. and Ivory nearly laughed out loud at the audacity of the situation." she conceded. He stared at the room. When he followed her into her bedroom. She felt like she was heading to her doom. She glanced at Nathan's easy smile. his scent clinging to the lapels of her shirt. wandering from the canopy. too. "Were you with Jax all this time?" "How long have you been here?" 118 . "Nathan." Nathan sat down on the bed. She pushed a hand back through her hair. her feet like lead as she took the stairs one at a time. the tumblers already set out and the scotch open on the counter. Ivory poured herself a generous helping and then returned to her seat in the living room." Ivory shrugged and sat on her vanity chair before her shaking legs gave out.

his tone full of disbelief. Perfectly shaven. "I suppose I deserve that. paced the length of the room. his tense shoulders going slack. "About an hour. his hair just messy enough to be stylish. "You don't get to tell me who I can date. suddenly sick at the reminder of Jax's imminent return to war. "I don't want you to get involved with him. then pivoted on his foot to turn back toward her. the thunderous look on his face akin to jealousy. I survived you. We went shopping for her. Ivory? He's leaving. His blue eyes darkened to nearly black and his jaw ticked. Ivory. her bottom lip quivering in bitter anger." Ivory circled her stomach with her arms." Ivory bolted to all of her five-foot-two height and stood on her tiptoes to push her finger into Nathan's rock hard chest. Nathan studied her. now you're dating him?" je asked." Why did she explain herself? They were no longer involved." "So. She shifted uncomfortably under the weight of his gaze.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Nathan stood." "He's going to hurt you. "Are you crazy. "Jax decided to take in Ashley. as if looking for the signs that she'd been with Jax. I think I can handle it." Ivory's stomach clenched at the sight of him standing her in bedroom. and then we brought her to his home. didn't I?" Nathan sighed." Ivory relented on her attack and tore her gaze away from Nathan to wander over to her window overlooking their small 119 ." Ivory glared at him. "Oh. but Nana told me you'd left this morning. She wondered if he could see the mark on her left breast Jax left there that morning. "I know.

you know that." Nathan turned her around and tilted her chin up. glowed golden in the soft light from the kitchen window. Their only tree. I suspect he also pimped her out to his cronies." Nathan came up behind her and settled his palms on her shoulders. tears sliding down her cheeks. just like the pansies along Jax's walk. "I don't know. "I'm sorry. "You deserve a lot more than I'm giving you." 120 . "I got a little information on Mary. "What better way could you help children than by finding them a good home?" Ivory shrugged. Maybe teach or something along those lines. was." Ivory swiped the moisture away from her eyes. I'm just mixed up right now. the leaves yellowing. She closed her eyes briefly at the contact. "She ran with a bad crowd. Jake Darwin is. "Sometimes this job gets so hard I think I'll give up and leave it all behind. I'm happy for them. comforting the invisible wound he'd opened. "They'll be happy. Ashley's getting a home. his eyes seeming tired and sad. the warmth settling in her chest. another of my kids went home with a good family." She nodded. "Really?" Nathan resumed his seat on her bed." she told Nathan's reflection in the window." Nathan dropped his hands from her shoulders and tucked them into the back pockets of his jeans. Find a better way to help children.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros backyard. Nana's flowers were beginning to die. her supplier. and friends. and yet I'm sad they're gone." she said. "I just don't know.

"It's your niche. knowing deep down her exfiancé spoke a kernel of truth. Nathan. her hair swinging slightly with the motion. Ashley's father could literally be anyone. Lost souls. Ivory. the way he loved her body. Ivory. What did he know about life she didn't? Sure. I'd do anything for him. She could still feel the imprint of his lips against hers." she whispered when he closed her door." "You're the last person who has any right to say that to me. She wondered how Jax was doing so far.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory sank down onto her seat again." "Sure. because that's just who he is but he's troubled. and I don't want to see you hurt again." Nathan stood and bent over to kiss her cheek on the way out the door. Jax has a home. his lips leaving a tingling that lingered. "Jax is a good man. but she'd dealt with the scum of the earth herself on a daily basis. She listened to 121 . don't get me wrong." Ivory let the news wash away the last bit of happiness she felt at Ashley's placement. you do. "So. I care about you. the way he'd asked her to share her warmth with him. She saw firsthand the shadows in Jax's eyes. "Take care of yourself. he seemed far more experienced in a lot of ways. "I don't need to save him. You can't save him like you do your kids. giving them a place to find a home. a half smile touching his lips." Ivory looked over at Nathan. Great." Ivory shook her head. cradling her head in her hand. Nathan watched her closely." he said. With his team. "Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep.

" Ivory bit her lip. "I went to see him last week." "Oh." Her grandmother chuckled. Ivory went into Nana's bathroom. My heart's been acting up. part it. when did you get these refilled?" "What. honey?" "Your heart medication. Can't dangle something in front of me I can't have. She saw a little orange bottle of pills. juicy men and sure an old woman's heart will race from time to time. "Well it's a wonder my heart has been acting up. lately. a creaking let her know Nana was heading up the stairs. Let's sit for a spell. She used the fine-toothed comb to separate her grandmother's hair. the brief pause when he must have said good-bye to her nana and then the front door slam. You bringing in these fine. Doc Grady gave it to me. but I ain't old. posh. Help me put my rollers in." Ivory swatted Nana's shoulder lightly. and section it off. but remained strong. "Come on." 122 . the room decorated much like Ivory's save for the green comforter and drapes. "Oh. "Nana. Minutes later. Heart pills. reaching under the sink for her basket of rollers." Ivory helped her grandmother into her own bedroom. "Nana. Cha-Cha. The long strands had grown thin. My hands are acting up.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros his footsteps descending the stairs. "Jax and Nathan are not juicy. I'm old. Ivory met her at the top to give her grandmother a hand." she said." Ivory said as she settled behind Nana on the bed and propped up on her knees. you should have said something.

Either way. He'd not even slept in the nude the way he'd grown used to since Ashley needed to wake up every four hours. so Jax is juicy. Really handsome. but Ashley was turning out to be a whole different ball game. and rocked her to sleep three times since Ivory had left his place earlier that evening. letting him know all was quiet in Ashley's room. fed her twice. the covers thrown off him. Jax stared at the face of the digital alarm clock on his bedside table. they're both lucky you even give them the time of day." Ivory kissed Nana's cheek.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory smiled. the baby slept. the baby monitor blinked green. "All right. images of Ivory flashing through his mind. then stared at the scar on the back of his 123 . and he was wide awake. "Well. the low lighting casting shadows across the room. "Thanks. He'd changed her twice. His cock stood at full attention no matter how many ways he tried to direct his thoughts elsewhere. then clipped it. ending up putting it on backward before he figured out Winnie-the-Pooh went on the front and Piglet went on the back. He'd changed his first diaper. Jax rubbed his eyes." **** Jax lay awake. Tempted to call and wake her up. I'll tell you something." Nana leaned back slightly to let Ivory fold over the hair toward her forehead. Next to the glowing red numbers. awakening his body. Jax had trained himself early in his career to work on as little as sleep as possible. rolling one of the foam things into Nana's hair. Two struck the clock.

He studied himself in the bureau mirror and felt along his abdomen with his fingertips for the rigid scar running down his left side.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros hand. the tissue had flattened out. Another scar on his neck. Over the years. While Luke and the rest dealt with figuring out who the mole was. and he'd given his position away. the edges growing weak where he'd folded and refolded the small saving grace. and Jax knew their position had been given away. He glanced at the already tired paper. Instead of the ripping flesh as the knife slid through his hand. along with his life. sheltering the precious muscles and ligaments in his trigger finger. Someone set them up to take that fall. The little girl who slept two doors down would wake for her next bottle in three hours. Her curvy handwriting belied her take-charge attitude. revealing yet a little more of the sensual woman within. Ivory's list said that in a week or so. Shrapnel injury. he could start feeding her every six hours. he cooled his heels. A rookie's mistake. One wrong move. He could still feel the cold. Jax got up and paced the length of his room. Close-hand combat with a target. not quite as swollen as it had been. The glint of the knife bouncing off his night-vision goggles made him wince as the memory passed over. harsh bite of steel as he dragged his hand away from the enemy. and his five years as Alpha Team's second in command nearly went down the drain. a ghost sensation of her silky hair wrapped around his palm sheared away the darkness. 124 .

He didn't know if they would scare Ashley or not. Femoral artery. Jax's eyes opened. and made his way down to the nursery. the first morning light slipping through the blinds and creating a misty cast to the room. His ears rang with the ferocity of her anger. but Jax realized her diaper felt heavy. At five on the dot. the louder her cries became. cradling her little body in the crook of his arms. her little fists punching the air as she squeezed her eyes shut. to the right of his belly button. He picked her up. Ashley's tiny cry wailed over the speaker of the little white rectangle sitting on the stand. and baby powder. just above his hip bone.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The one just beneath the sea of skeletons on his stomach. Who the hell was he kidding? No kid would be safe with him. He sat her down on the changing table. we'll fix this. She quieted a little. the wipes. Nearly fatal. Bullet wound. and went into a light sleep. set his alarm for the next feeding. too much blood on his hands." He took out a diaper. Thank God Ax was a damn good field medic. Jax palmed his head. letting go a piercing squeal. what were you thinking leaving a kid with me?" He turned out the light. squeezing on his temples to keep the faces from crowding in. "Okay. well trained to wake at the slightest shift in his environment. The closer he drew to the door. He had too many scars to count. covering the tattoos. He put a T-shirt on. "Ivory. He needed a nanny. a child's screams tantamount to torture. or Jax would have bled out in the Afghan mountains. 125 .

Take your damn shower when you get here." Ivory chuckled. he took her down to the kitchen and fed her a bottle while he called Ivory. 126 . the sight of Ivory. and I'll be right over. He cursed women in ten different languages for making the little peeing machines." she said. speaking in Arabic to the child until Ivory rang his front door bell thirty minutes later. her blue eyes ringed red from her fit. and Jax knew enough to keep the baby's head supported. and she could help make it stop crying. her hair mussed. "You can join me once you show me how to shut her up. "Sssh. her cheeks bare of makeup. but when he gentled his voice." he said. you look like hell. I'm hungry." "No shower. how did the first night go?" Jax looked down at the suddenly content child. "So. "So." he grumbled. "Let me take a shower. "Get your ass over here. but it seemed to jar her head. she got pissed off again. "We did okay until this morning. her eyes drowsy. I haven't slept. The woman gave him this bundle of joy. "Huh." Ivory hung up. She picked up on the first ring. and Jax tried bouncing the baby the way he'd seen other women do it. If he'd never seen a woman first thing in the morning. and she's pissed off. and Ashley quieted down. and a steaming cup of coffee in her hands made his mouth go dry.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Once Jax got her changed and into a clean outfit." He continued talking. Better yet." he tried.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

He stepped back, let Ivory in, and shut the gusts of chilly wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean out. He handed Ashley over, and Ivory snuggled the child close. "I've had better nights," he said. Ivory made herself right at home, walking into his kitchen talking gibberish to Ashley. He narrowed his eyes on her, the slight glow on her face akin to happiness. Women and children, especially female children, baffled him. He slipped out undetected and headed for the baby's room to grab her little jumper thing that bounced while she sat in it. Ivory had set out eggs and bacon on the counter when he returned. "You take care of her. I'll do the breakfast," he grunted. Ivory settled Ashley into the bouncer and rocked it slightly while the baby sucked on a pacifier. Knowing Ivory probably hadn't had anything to eat yet, Jax dropped double his usual number of eggs into the frying pan. He glanced over his shoulder at her. She watched him, her brows drawn together in concentration. "What?" "You cook. You keep a clean house. Why aren't you married? Anyone special?" Jax turned back to his frying bacon, the smell permeating the kitchen. His stomach rumbled. "I don't have time for women, kids, or marriage." Jax waited for her response, flipping the bacon onto a paper towel before putting it on a plate, the hot food burning

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

his palm. He turned off the eggs, scrambled to perfection. "No comment?" He turned back to her. She'd shed her outer layer, the tight sweater she'd thrown on giving rise to the fiend in his sweatpants. Her aqua eyes went sapphire as she caught sight of his tented drawstring pants, licked her lower lip. She tore her gaze away. "No comment. I guess it makes sense." Jax divvied up the scrambled eggs, then slid a plate in front of her. "Eat." "Fork." Jax winced at his lack of manners, pulled out the silverware drawer, and handed her the pronged utensil before taking the seat across from her. The baby sat in the middle of the table, like a centerpiece, her mouth slack as she dozed. "Ever been in love before?" Jax froze at her inquiry. Had he ever been in love? "With someone other than my first high school crush? No." Ivory's face went blank. "Never?" "No." Ivory sighed, pushing away her half-eaten eggs. "So, you just tally up women like kills?" The dig hurt. He grimaced, the eggs turning to a ball of lead in his stomach. "I don't have time for women," he said. "I have ... a few friends I see when I'm on leave." Ivory grinned. "A few friends? Does that mean I'm just another woman in port?" Jax smiled and took another bite of food. "I'm not a marine or a sailor."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ashley fussed, then fell right back to sleep. They both watched her carefully until they were sure she'd truly gone back to napping. He stood, collecting her plate and his, and dumped the food into the trashcan beneath the sink. "You didn't answer my question." Jax carefully picked up the sleeping baby and carried her upstairs. Ivory followed in his footsteps. When he set the bouncer down just outside the master bathroom door, Ivory hesitated. Jax turned to her. "You coming?" He took his T-shirt off, the sweat pants following. He turned on the dual shower heads, adjusted the water temperature so the falling spray didn't scorch his skin, or hers. He stepped in, and the twin jets splashed water over his shoulders, down his chest. The water swirling behind him massaged the sore muscles in his back. After a long night awake, his neck muscles felt like they'd snap if he turned his head too quickly. The shower did slide open and Jax braced one hand against the slick tile. He hung his head, Ivory's dainty crimson toes coming into his line of vision. He felt her hands slide around his back, then lock on his stomach. At her easy touch, Jax sucked in a breath as her fingers circled his naval, trailing the line of hair that blended in with the black of his tattoos. "You should have stayed last night. I might have got some sleep." He felt her lips press against his back, her tongue dart out along his spine. He arched his back in reaction, his hips thrusting forward, his cock straining upward to greet her

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

questing fingers. She teased him, not quite touching the aching member. When he had enough of her long, slow touches, he took her palm, wrapped it firmly around the thick base. He turned around, her hand slowly squeezing the heated flesh, causing a ripple of veins to stand out at her persistent handling. Jax lowered his mouth to hers in a sultry clash, the steam rising around them, the salty taste of sweat and skin mixing as they locked into each other. She bit his lip, and Jax tasted his own blood. He gripped the wet strands of her hair in his fist, jerked her head back until the long, slender column of her neck became exposed to his mouth, using his teeth to drag down the pulse points. She quivered against him, and he lifted her and braced her against the tile. Her taut nipples, the hard little points begging for his attention, grazed his chest. He looked down at her, the liquid pools of her eyes swirling with desire, blue flames behind the black fringe of her lashes. If he'd ever saw a more beautiful sight, he couldn't remember. The black of her hair against the paleness of her skin, her cherry-red lips and tight little curves, the bulge of her small biceps and flat lines of her abdomen. He gripped her slender thighs, lowering her to the floor. "Not in here," he growled. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Her flushed cheeks were blushed and dewy, the spiky tips of her hair flirting with the top of her dusky nipples. Jax grabbed the bar of soap from the holder. He lathered his hands with soap. "First we wash."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

A smile dimpled her cheeks. "You sure do like giving orders, Captain." Jax cocked his head as he soaped her breasts. His palms slid effortlessly over the smooth, wet flesh. Bubbles trailed down her stomach, dipped into her belly button. He turned her around and moved her hair out of the way. "Do you always wash your conquests?" Jax smacked her pretty little ass for the smart retort, and her little yelp of surprise rang in his ears. "If you don't behave, Ivory, I won't give you what you want." She pressed back against his chest, raising her eyes to his. "Maybe you don't know what I want." Jax slid a palm over her stomach, down across her pelvis, slid his fingers back, rasping over her clit. Despite her show of determination against his assault, she let out a whimper. "You want me inside of you. Don't you?" **** Ivory took reign of her suddenly out of control libido. He smacked her ass! And God help her, she liked it. His fingers traveled south, slid inside her, and crooked against the sensitive dime-sized nerve bundle, which ripped a betrayal from her mouth. When he released her, she didn't know if she was thankful for the reprieve or angry for his shut down. Her butt cheek still stung, and she imagined a palm print resided on her rear, but when she felt his hands sliding over the heated flesh, she sighed. She let him wash her, his much larger hands massaging and working on erotic areas of her body she didn't know existed. How could she have figured out

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

the area just above her buttocks became so stimulated during arousal. In turn, she took the bar of soap from his hands, ran her fingers through the mass of hair at the juncture of his thighs, her touch too gentle to really give him any satisfaction. He shut the water off, grabbing a towel from the wrack after rinsing the soap of his body. "Baby's awake." Ivory blinked, the lusty haze filling her vision clearing with the dissipating steam. "What?" Jax tossed her a towel. "The baby is awake," he said, wrapping a fluffy white terry cloth towel around his waist and securing it. He looked like a Gaelic warrior god, with his dark hair and green eyes, outrageous tattoos, and wicked scars. She felt more moisture rush from her core. She toweled off, then secured the towel around her breasts. When she went to get her bag, she realized she'd forgotten it in the downstair's foyer. Jax already rushed down the stairs to retrieve it, and her phone. "You've got a missed call from Nathan." His voice held condemnation in his tone. Ivory frowned at the missed call flashing on the screen. "I don't know why he'd be calling at seven in the morning." "I thought we discussed this, Ivory," he said, dropping her bag loud enough to disturb Ashley a few feet away. Ivory rushed over and scooped the baby up in her arms before she started crying. "He called, Jax. It's not like I'm sleeping with him." With jerky movements, Jax took out a clean pair of jeans and sweat shirt, the faded logo of the Celtics sprawled across the massive chest. "No guys, Ivory. Exclusive rights. Mine."

"You're insufferable. her wet hair hanging in her face just enough for Ashley to get a good grasp on the strands. Ivory let her head fall against Ashley's. She dabbed a bit of makeup on. trying to get on her belly. "Stop telling me what to do. Jax opened the bathroom door and held his hands out. When she emerged. Jax lay on his bed. "Give her here and get dressed. She yanked. "She's trying to crawl. She worked her lips. Ivory brushed through her hair with the comb she'd hastily stuck in her bag that morning." Ivory glared at him. tinted the lids a bronze color. a giggle escaping her small lips. Ivory made a face as she tried to wrench her hair from the tiny fists. She'd forgotten a bra. as though she were trying to say something. Jax looked up. but the sweater she chose to bring would hide the fact and her jeans weren't her favorite. "You find that funny." Ashley cooed in her arms.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's throat filled with disgust and anger at his harsh. brushed her eyelashes with mascara. cave-man tone." Jax's jaw worked as he turned away. still combing out the wet strands. a dent between his eyebrows. "You like it when I yell at your Uncle Jax?" Ashley's eyes crinkled as she giggled again. Ivory's anger evaporated at the child's amusement. "How do you know?" "She's rocking. huh?" She bounced her." Ivory said. Ashley rolling from side to side next to him. still mad over Nathan's call. this time slobber escaping her mouth. but somebody told her holey jeans were in style again." 133 .

his eyes wide as the baby rocked and rolled. Full disclosure.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax stared at his niece. Ivory thought. Jax flipped her back over. When she finally made it onto her stomach. kicking her legs. Honesty-built relationships. she grunted because her arm became trapped beneath her." [Back to Table of Contents] 134 . "Nathan stopped by last night. Even bed buddies had a relationship. She took a deep breath. and Ashley went back to entertaining herself.

elbowing him in the gut. Ashley blinked." Ivory bit her lip. what are your plans today?" Ivory blew the hair off her face. her cries dying out. Jax continued to watch Ashley play. "That worked. his strong arms banding around her waist. tickling her nose. She didn't know the last name. "He said he talked to a few neighbors. and Jax looked down at her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Eight Ivory didn't know why she'd decided to tell him. "Does he have anything new?" Jax sat up and rubbed his eyes. hog-tied as she was in his arms. "Yeah." Ivory perked up at his disclosure. Got a name out of the lady who lived across the hall." Ivory hid her amusement. The strands just fell back across her eyes. a half-smile on his face. but had heard Mary yelling it on occasion. ducking her head as she went to the baby. "Mickey called me while you were in there. Nana and I were going to go shopping for new window drapes. Jax pulled her down on top of him. He let out 'oomph'. Have the police run the name?" Ashley started crying at that moment. but managed to secure her arms beneath his. "She's never happy." 135 . her coos filling the room. She's bored with hers. "I don't know. crushing the air from her chest. She struggled. "Mace. Mace. As soon as she neared the bed. but the fact he'd gotten so jealous over a phone call prompted her to be up front with him." Ivory muttered. So.

"I'm going to ask my neighbors to keep an eye on Ashley while I go talk to Mickey. scaring Ashley." Ivory winked at him. Jax returned his eyes to the ceiling. out through her mouth. wide eyed. his muscles still. who was Jax really? The man she'd started to get to know. the one she'd saw the first time she met him. the baby tensing. She breathed slowly. he lived a life she'd never understand. the cold seeping into the room when she realized she lost him. She felt him withdraw. he made her forget that outside of Boston. the compulsion building in her chest. He released her arms. his teeth flashing white against his dark skin. that he'd gone inside himself. find out what he knows. "I like your Nana. as if no one resided in there. He flexed his fingers.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax's grin lit up. "Do you want to talk about it?" Jax's eerily flat eyes met her own stare. and Ivory flinched. his breathing shallow. black curtain of her hair. careful of the baby. Ivory jumped. repeatedly. in through her nose." Ivory stared down at him through the thin. Ivory noticed the scar again. Ivory felt the ridiculous urge to scream at him for his retreat rise in her. laugh lines around his eyes standing out in relief. and she slid to the side of him. If he could so easily slip in and out of the personas." 136 . Was he remembering how he got the scar? Ivory shivered as she imagined all the ways he could have been hurt. too. How did he do that? Just shut it all down. "It's classified. Somehow." "She likes you. or the killer lying on the bed before her? When he spoke.

Damn.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros And the tension snapped. lying on the desert floor. He still lay there. Intel monitored the particular nest of Taliban soldiers. Not an inch. the scorching sand causing sweat to trickle down his face into his eye. His target would be heading for their noon meal soon. He positioned himself too close to the perimeter. Luke lying perfectly still. At his harsh tone. He ignored it. If she'd met Jax any other way. controlled. but she imprisoned it. slow. limiting the emotion to a passing moment. His breath moved in and out of his lungs. Instead of turning tail. something tangible and the cross-hairs filled his mind. and slipped out of the room. ready to take out the target. she might have run scared the first time she saw that look. Ivory hoisted Ashley onto her hip and walked to the bedroom door. he couldn't afford to move. noted the activities down to their regular bathroom trips. He felt himself swallowed backward in time. It was the first time she'd seen him so lifeless. 137 . the sun grew hot on his neck. keeping the moisture out. the sweat and sand beginning to itch. At least the eye he needed to use was pressed against the scope. their camouflaged bodies covered by sparse trees and shrubs dotting the barren landscape. Fear trickled into her conscious. They didn't speak. she gave him the moment he obviously needed. **** Jax couldn't stop the grip on his mind. He dare not move to grab his canteen of water. and as close as Jax sat with Luke. He dared hope for something real. drawn inward.

No. A soft tapping interrupted the memory. His teeth ached from clenching his jaw. concern etched on her face. Jax watched. No remorse. The man didn't seem like a threat. He blacked out the part of himself that." Jax readied his mind. as if he could still feel the hot sand on his body. Squeezed the trigger. In the heart. Eyes. No remorse. Jax compensated for the wind.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The signal came. his trusty rifle never making a sound. He wiped sweat off his forehead. a smile on his darkly tanned face. One kill. He'd never be all right. waiting for the perfect moment. Scrawny. 138 . the white of the eyes. his beard neatly groomed. the void filled his thoughts. "Yeah?" Ivory popped her head in the door. Jax felt the click beneath his index finger. his muscles tensed. effortlessly. slowly. He couldn't be more than five-eight. One shot. balked at killing. a flash of white in the scope. "Right on time. locked. Held his breath. Jax found his target. growing like a blooming rose in the summer. and a nano-second later. The moment when the man faced forward just enough. her brows drawn down. Jax followed him. Luke spoke softly into his communication link. and Jax sat straight up. still even after years. a bright red dot spread on the target's chest. "Are you all right?" Jax shook his head. It popped when he opened his mouth.

"Ashley?" Ivory stepped into the room. her pretty little mouth puckered in anxiousness." she said. bit her lip. "Have you sought treatment for this?" Jax pulled away from her. stood. He wanted to feel her hot little tongue licking his balls. "She's fine." "You're burning up. The memories were becoming more and more real. Her blue eyes shone bright with worry.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "I'm fine. I'll lose it. demanding his attention. His cock grew in his pants." Ivory glanced at her black watch. and cracked his back." Jax glanced at his clock. reminding him of the serious case of blue balls he still had from earlier. and she crossed the distance between them to sit on the bed." Ivory sucked her bottom lip into mouth and Jax felt liquid fire pool in his groin. as if he relived them. Jax looked at Ivory. went to his bathroom and returned with a washcloth. "Ashley is asleep?" 139 . Just needed a minute. She got to her feet. If I seek treatment. "I can't get treatment. He needed to lose himself in her. He knew PTSD had become the common diagnosis for soldiers who experience flashbacks and nightmares in real time. let her take away the panic that clutched him so tightly. screaming for relief. She put her hand against his cheek. but Jax refused to believe his mind finally fractured. I've got a top secret security clearance. tucking a wayward strand of hair behind her ears. "It's been an hour. He'd lost an hour? Shit. pressing it to his forehead.

"Roll over. Somehow. Ivory got on her knees. Her pert little breasts were bare. it didn't feel like just sex anymore." She backed up. the moment turned more intimate than he prepared himself for. She eagerly met him for his kiss. He gripped her body. "What?" "I don't want you to wear a condom. With his eyes on her hot lithe body. licked her lips. Jax dropped his jeans. unzipped her jeans. gripped his shaft. the material coming off with one yank. and Jax groaned." Jax's dick jumped at the prospect. Suddenly. the triangle of her scarlet thong a beacon. and I'm sure you're healthy. "Don't play around with me. 140 . he retrieved a condom from his nightstand. why not?" Jax dropped the condom back in the drawer of his nightstand. "On the bed." "I'm not. she stood and removed her sweat shirt." Jax halted. "You want me to fuck you without protection?" Ivory's little cat smile made Jax nearly cum on the spot. filling the space between them. Ivory.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Sensing his need. so. the sweet honeydew of Ivory burst on his tongue. She patted the bed and Jax lay down beside her. Now they shared something. He stilled as her taste filled him. Jax pulled on the cuffs. "I can't stop thinking about the way it felt that night in the truck. his sac growing tighter. stroked it to ease some of the tension riding his loins. tossed his sweatshirt." she said." Ivory said. "I'm protected." she instructed him. pulling her against him. her mouth opening to him. "No. now.

working past her tightness with slow. She jerked beneath his ministrations. flicked her own nipples. She cupped her own breasts. rolling them both until she lay beneath him. seizing his digit with her silky muscles. gliding along his member without penetration. He sank a finger inside of her. His thumb found her clit and pressed down. positioned himself at her entrance. gripped one distended nipple between his teeth. while his palm kneaded her thigh. teasing him." Jax rapidly lost control of the situation as she continued her sensual assault. Jax spread her legs wide. her neck arched as she strained against him. A knowing smile curved her sultry lips. She slid along the length. the juices gathering there lathering his member in her cream. and Jax growled out his frustration. the feel of the buttery soft folds coated him. ready to impale her when she shook her head no. sucked on the tender skin. He moved down her body. his arms stretched behind his head. Jax gripped her hips. 141 . Cream flowed over his hand as he massaged her inner core. her mouth slightly parted. "Not yet. and Jax took the opportunity while her head was flung back to regain his dominant stance. He kissed her neck. He savored the feel of her pussy as he slid inside. her pulse jumped against the skin of her neck. She dug her nails into his shoulder.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax lay on his back. her sheath welcoming the invasion. dragging it higher up his body. his muscles strung tight from the constant torture. inch by inch. and when he saw the flush climb her breasts. lowering her wet folds against his dick. Ivory climbed over him.

met him as he slammed into her. "Sweet mercy. her cries echoing inside her head. She stared into his eyes. **** He pushed her higher. Jax." He set a pace. Ivory. She felt waves of painful pleasure roll over her. as he slid deeper than he'd ever been before. the agony of his continued assault on her inner muscles addicting. Jax held himself rigid as he entered her. watching her pupils dilate. "Give me something to remember when you leave. She wanted him. Her core sang with satisfaction as his cock dragged over the tensed muscles and exposed nerves. his balls slapping against her ass as she met him thrust for thrust. Her clit pulsed with need.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros deliberate thrusts. The place he came from and where he would go next. pushing her foot up onto his shoulder. She raised her hips in time with his. "You're perfect. the warm trickle of need fused with her spine. He'd exposed something to her. saw twin tornadoes of passion. the honesty lay behind the sooty black eyelashes. All of him. He gripped her thigh. his hips meeting hers over and over. a sense of peace washed over her when the storm building inside her finally broke. She could see the vulnerability on his face. Her rapid breath and sighs transformed the act from one of animal instinct to something he dare not label. 142 ." he exhaled." she whispered against his ear. her lips tremble as she held in her pleasure.

the tremors and aftershocks racked him. Aware something monumental just occurred. Now would not be the time to awaken the sleeping cougar inside of him. in his jeans. The man would drive her insane if he kept doing it. She wandered into Ashley's room. she thought. She pulled on her sweatshirt. She leaned on the crib railing. and Ivory felt his seed slide into her. naked. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts. but Ivory knew the sun came up and she could hear birds chirp in the trees outside. A few shallow strokes. then bit down on the hollow of her shoulder and neck. the warm fluid a bind. at least. "I'll go check on Ashley. Peace could be found in the silence of a nursery. When he sat up. She held on tighter as his arms locked. covered her exposed breasts. she turned to see Jax there. Ivory saw the shut down." Ivory left Jax sitting on the bed. Her eyes drifted closed as she held his body. Ivory wisely kept her mouth shut. her cheeks still hot from their exertions. before looking at him again. When she heard a soft knock on the door. closed himself off again. His flat stomach showcased the power in his hips.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax placed a kiss on her neck. He'd thrown her out. She quickly jumped into her jeans. They'd kept the curtains closed for Ashley's comfort. the top button undone. Jax needed to find that peace. The stunned look was gone. Will you watch her for an hour or so?" "Are you going to find out about Mace?" 143 . the lines of muscles cut against the denim. his hips ceasing to piston. watching the child sleep. Her mouth watered. "I've got to go into town.

. she held herself regally poised." Jax disappeared before she could say anything else to him. She didn't cling where she was not wanted. Ivory rested her head against the back of the chair. She rocked slowly.m. but Jax himself changed the entirety of this equation. and Ivory wasn't one to question her role in something. She'd marked her territory. and he didn't volunteer information. he barely spared much more than a few words about himself when she asked. To the 144 . That did not change. and Ivory noticed the love bites she'd left there. he was too sexy for her health. How did she get so involved with this case? She took every one of the files that crossed her desk just as seriously as the one before it. the new cushion stiff beneath her weight. Jax's haunted expressions. Ashley's non-existent father. No one knew she cried herself to sleep that night. "Of course. See what I can find out. His stubborn attitude and long silences put her firmly in her place more often than not. He sank his hands into his pockets. I'm going to ask around. She prided herself on being sensible. She went to sit in the glider they'd bought for the room. Oh. going over the conversation with Nathan. causing the jeans to tug downward slightly. wished them both well and went on with her life." he said. I'll watch her. How did she become too addicted to him? He wasn't nice.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He rubbed a hand against his neck. Mary's downfall. and took life's curveballs with a smile on her face and a middle finger in the air. one foot curled beneath her. She'd been up since four a. the slightly darkened room making her eyes heavy. When Nathan dumped her for Emma. "Yeah.

passing bottles of beer and cigarettes back and forth. but Jax drowned in his own misery. located only a mile from the fishing docks. Mickey was supposed to meet him in ten minutes. made sure his windows were up. Jax looked at his watch. innocent child. Jax pocketed his keys. she was headstrong and did not relent on something she believed in. practically screaming for help. The girls piled on thick makeup. **** Jax pulled up to the apartment building Mickey directed him to. and Jax realized the children could be no more than twelve or thirteen. their eyes lined in black kohl. Mickey had been right. But when someone like Jax crossed her path. If only she could convince him to stay. their tough guy faces gone. so Jax cooled his heels. When he approached the front walk. It smelled like a dump. The place looked like a dump. a sweet. They scrambled into corners like cockroaches when a light gets turned on." he barked as he passed. the doors locked and in perfect view should he hear the alarm go off. the kids parted. Ashley. And she didn't. Ivory couldn't resist the silent call. and the boys wore pants too large and hats slicked backward. 145 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros world. taking in the neighborhood. Groups of children he assumed should have been in school hung out on the front steps of the lot. He didn't know. was exactly what he needed to remember why letting people into your life was the remedy for lost hope. "You should be in school.

Dirt and smudges ran along the panes.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Three streets over was the house he'd grown up in. He went outside. though the bald spot in the middle had grown." Jax met him at the door. As if South Boston didn't have enough already. Made for good business. His paunch spread through the years. just an open lot. as his lawyer informed him. It looked like acid had eaten away at some of it. The property wasn't gated. Jax recognized Mickey's old beat up truck. Jax stood just inside the glass entryway. Mickey wheezed slightly as he waddled up the metal staircase. Jax supposed. noted the number of street corners. it was good to see the old man. she could have easily picked up a john on the corner. The metal stairway needed a paint job. "Well. The current tenants were a young couple. Jax. or even fenced. "Place is a piece of shit. Jax grinned. and the caterpillars on his forehead moved every time he made an expression. satisfied to see Mickey hadn't changed one bit. He scanned the perimeter. You fuck-nut." Jax observed the corroded walls. obviously not cleaned since the building had been constructed. hoping to open their own bar. A cigar hung out of his jowls. just married. cigarette butts and broken bottles on the staircase. God. His gray hair still stood up. but the retired cop still managed to wear a belt. You went and growed up. The piece of shit still ran. If Mary sold herself for money. well. and the linoleum floor peeled in several spots. He thought he even saw a 146 . shook the shorter man's hand. the bed about to fall off and the rebel flag posted in the back window. taken him back to her apartment.

I'll give you a discount if you're looking for lovin'. The rest of the world didn't operate the way he did. so. Hollow door. counted to three. are you? Sure look like it. Mickey pointed to a door on the right. Mary. but he couldn't be sure. Jax stepped back when a woman opened the door. "Yes. her scraggly. "You're not the fuzz. "That's the neighbor I was telling you about. "My name is Jax. dishwater blond hair hung in her face. "Yeah?" she croaked. Can you tell me anything about her?" The woman's bloodshot brown eyes settled on Mickey. Made a ruckus. She died a couple of weeks ago?" The woman coughed into a stained hand. badgering me about the woman across the hall." Jax reigned in his retort. He flexed his hand. The police chased off my client." 147 . They took the first landing. "My. her hair falling out of her face as she tilted her head back. "Yes. you're a big boy. "I remember you. Mary. there would have to be allowances in some cases. with her." "Can you tell me anything about Mary's visitors?" She narrowed her eyes. covering one of her eyes. thank you. her yellowed fingertips pressed against her lips. Is that what this is about?" Jax tried to keep patience with himself." The woman looked him up and down. Probably hollow walls. too. Mary." Jax knocked once. Mean old bitch.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros condom. I remember. My sister. sugar. My sister lived next door. Looked promising. his knuckles banged against the hollow door. "No.

I only heard her yelling' at one person. let's see what you got kid." "Well. "Let's go into Mary's apartment. and Jax stepped over the threshold. she could have been on the phone. but he nearly wrapped his fingers around her skinny neck. "I'm not a cop.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Never in Jax's life had he wanted to throttle a woman. and you're not a cop. but Mickey had taken to studying the line of roaches marching toward the stairs. The sooner this got resolved. It was child's play. The smell of stale beer. Ax gave them to him for their Christmas exchange one year. I never actually saw the guy. continued puffing away on his cigar. Jax shook off the thoughts about his team. "That's illegal. "Thank you for your time. marijuana smoke and throw up assailed his nostrils. He flipped on the light. and surveyed 148 . For all I know. He hated roaches. and they'd proved to come in handy in tight situations." Mickey's caterpillars crashed into each other. "I'm not a cop. He shot Mickey a 'help me' look. He didn't flinch. Besides." Jax pulled his little set of tools from his back pocket. and Jax straightened away from the wall. Jax shivered. who the hell is going to call them in this building?" Mickey shrugged. See what we can find. too. leaned against the doorway. Just Mary's brother." The door shut in his face. He physically threaded his fingers together. the sooner it would be a memory. "All right. His name was Mace." Jax filed away the information. The door swung inward." Jax set to work on the lock.

"I'll get right on it. Jax continued looking through the rooms. I'm willing to bet on it. An ashtray. "I wonder where she actually lived. No furniture. He'd left her alone for longer than he'd planned. When he noticed three missed calls from a DSN. Jax started the engine before checking his cellular phone for missed calls and messages." Something about the information didn't jive.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros the small space. Seeing as how I still uphold the law. Well. and once they were safely on the street again. then told him to lay off the cigars unless he wanted to die an early death. He had to get back to Ivory.m. beneath an army of bugs scattered. "Where is her stuff?" "Don't know. Something 149 . That was a place of business. "She didn't live here. No clothes." "Doesn't look like she had much. Old magazines. He moved past a pile of empty card-board boxes. cleaner. and turned over a box. The sun had risen higher in the sky. Probably around ten a." Jax thanked his old friend. "Never actually came in here." Jax motioned for Mickey to go back out. The kitchen was empty of food or utensils." Mickey smoothed his fingers over a fresh cigar. No sheets. Jax's heart rate skyrocketed." Mickey said. Jax stopped. "Is this where she OD'd?" "No. They found her body in a hotel over on the east side. no girlie things. an empty bedroom with only a mattress. A bathroom he wouldn't dare go in. and see what I can dig up on Mace." Jax glared at the older man. taking in the clean oxygen.

and it wasn't good.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros had happened. They wouldn't be calling him on leave if it wasn't serious. His team was in trouble. Shit. Jax felt it in his gut. [Back to Table of Contents] 150 .

blue eyes. no tub put in. 151 . she saw herself. but never thought of having one of her own. and fit perfectly over Ashley's blond hair. but the addition of Ashley to her hip. pushed the curtain of hair out of her face. The hood of the towel had a Piglet's face. headed to the lower level. "I think we'll have to find another bathroom for you. Sure. "Are you hungry? Do you need a diaper change?" She leaned in. slobber spilling from the corner of her mouth." Ivory searched the entire top floor for an additional bathroom. took her aback. She laughed out loud. Ashley sat up. picked up the baby. her little fist in her mouth. Startled. She stood. Something had woken her. "I think you do." After she changed the baby's diaper. Ivory searched for the little pink bath towel set she'd picked out. and glanced around the nursery. soap and wash rags. drool running down her arm. and Ivory's chest tightened with affection. the short black hair.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Nine Ivory blinked rapidly. and when she found none. She sat up in the rocker. The dry wall still exposed. She picked up the basket of shampoo. stretched her arms and wandered over to the crib. The only other bathroom in Jax's house was unfinished. Until now. Ivory smiled for the little angel. she loved children. only a pedestal sink and cabinets. "Did you wake me?" Ashley grinned. Ivory stared at her reflection in the square mirror he'd hung.

if only to decorate. Jax needed a woman. she sensed his presence in the weight room. The mat was scuffed from use. Jax enjoyed getting sweaty. Her Nana would be up for the challenge. a punching bag and several weapons hung on the wall. Unlike the other rooms in his home. only pounded 152 . Ashley made a noise. A metal desk. his green eyes black with anger. ready at Jax's capable hands for use. A jump rope slung over the bench press. like dirty gym socks. and Ivory backed out of the room. He looked murderous. His office was small. She could smell old sweat. with mirror walls. He'd turned the floor into a large wrestling mat. No fuss. she realized just how Spartan his entire home was. Ivory set the basket down on the kitchen table. but efficient with a black computer and several bookcases lining the walls. This must be his sanctuary. The only other room in the lower floor was a gym." As she moved through the hallway of Jax's downstairs floor.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Let's go to the kitchen. Ivory knew the instant she saw his face something was wrong. He didn't say a word to her. With Jax gone. no muss. I think the sink is big enough for your little butt. He held his shoulders square. Just as she got Ashley in the bath. Ivory raised an eyebrow at the room. and filled the sink with lukewarm water. A treadmill sat in one corner. she peaked in the other rooms. ordinary office chair. she thought. No place for anyone to sit but Jax. and the punching bag looked as though it were on its last leg. Jax walked through the kitchen door. weights.

he put his rolled T-shirts. Ivory flinched with each footfall. What happened?" Jax didn't miss a beat. socks and uniform in. dressed her in a warm jumper and cleaned up the small mess Ashley's bath made. Ivory's eyes widened when 153 . I've given Mickey instructions to contact you from here on out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros up the back stairs. the furious stomping ceased. she knocked on Jax's door. Hesitantly. "Jax. "A Ghillie suit. She finished with the baby. He pulled a long black box from beneath his bed. and Ivory grew worried." Ashley splashed water up into Ivory's face. And the list went on. The strangest had to be a suit made of twigs and weeds. Methodically. a small tent. long-johns. In went a medical kit. and when Ivory entered. "What happened? Did you find anything out about Mary?" In went a shaving kit. the furthest corner from Jax and his strange mood. "Ashley. "Are you all right?" Jax swung open the door. followed by wicked looking combat boots." Ivory felt panic rise in her throat. a long blade. By the time she got back upstairs. "What is that?" Jax didn't even spare her a glance. his boots slamming against the wood. "Mary's address was her place of business. I think we've got trouble. He keyed in the lock code. I don't know where she actually lived. the one she'd seen the first time she met him. things she'd never thought to put in a suitcase before going in right after another strange object." Ivory sat Ashley down on the bed. he had a huge green duffel bag on his bed.

Killing. pushing down the unease.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros she saw the rifle gleam in the bedroom light. Jax sat down on the bed. toes. I'm needed. "The mission's gone south. Jax broke the thing down in record time. he hauled the two heavy pieces of luggage down the stairs. had even shot one before. filling the case with the grisly weapon again. When Ashley started to cry. They were used for one thing and one thing only. Instead. He worked quickly. half-stunned and half-terrified. Ivory bolted into action. leave. It's a recovery operation now. They'd been having sex with that thing under there? She swallowed hard. He was leaving. "Gone south?" He didn't bother answering her. stopped. buying one was out of the question. He took out the weapon. cleaned the barrel and had it together again in less than ten minutes. standard issue Army sniper rifle. nor did she have a need for it." Ivory's heart skidded. and what I do is classified. He pinned her with a stare so cold. He secured it with a lock. "Where are you going?" Jax stopped long enough to run a hand back through his hair. I have to leave tonight. looked through the scope. It was a M24. and shut it. "Jax!" She caught up with him in his office. she felt frostbite spread over her hands. "This is my office. his weight causing Ashley to lose her balance and topple over. and Ivory sat with Ashley on the bed. She knew the weapon. Ivory righted her before she focused on Jax again." 154 . Please. However.

he did look at her. "I don't know how it will work." Ivory cringed at his sterile tone." 155 . she rocked. but he'd put on black fatigues." Eventually. It seemed like hours later Jax appeared once more.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Tears filled Ivory's eyes. Ivory hadn't noticed it before. Out of her own need. and she backed away." Ivory jerked out of her coma. and headed for the living room. I don't want her in the system. and yet not. I don't know when I'll be back. the lines of exhaustion evident on his deeply tanned face. and Ivory had no choice but to answer. Jax. Frozen lakes of green stared back at her. and I know you can give her a good home. too. the tattoos grotesquely beautiful. Under armor. this is a big decision." Jax shot out of his seat and paced across the living room." She looked down at the contented baby. "What?" Jax still evaded her pleading eyes. I don't know when I'll be back. and Ivory could no longer distinguish the two of his personalities. stared at the dormant fireplace. but. His biceps bulged out of the Lycra shirt he wore. I trust you with her. "I just can't take a baby. She clasped Ashley to her chest. "I think you're the best candidate. She knew the brand of clothes. Ivory. and the crying baby. "Just take care of her. He was both. the sniper resided there now. "I'm giving temporary guardianship of Ashley to you. My job is important to me. Ivory sighed inwardly. I suppose I could pay Jenny to take her while I'm working. Ashley's blue eyes implored Ivory to love her. Jax. "I don't know anyone else. He sat down on the chair next to her. The soldier.

"Let me tell you about unfair. I didn't 156 . I got three calls today. Ivory. three! All the while. "Look. Not of him. My men are down there. do you?" He crossed the room so fast. I'm in the projects of Boston looking for answers to a sister's life I never knew. You're free. took a deep breath." he stopped. we die together. the mission in shreds. uh. Let me tell you how Alpha Team works. and I'm here. Fear. "We live together. She just had a major moment. as if it didn't matter anymore to him. but for him. Unfair is being sent to the states when a critical mission is taking place. A sudden rise of emotion gripped Ivory. That's how it goes. "Screw you. I don't know if I'll be back." "And now you want me to take care of Ashley. He was leaving to go into a war. dark and dangerous. gaining steam." He sucked air in through his nose. Jax." "I told you when this started when I left it was over. "Honor our arrangement now that I'm going. Jax made the world safe. I don't expect you to. Ivory. a place he could potentially be hurt or killed. so his fuck buddy was no longer needed. The thought of world without Jax seemed terrifying. Unfair is finding out one of your best friends and brother's has been shot. "I don't think that's fair." Anger suffused her cheeks and her blood." Ivory pointed out. Ivory blinked and his face was in hers. Unfair is finding out your commanding officer has been captured. He was leaving. and he told her she could date other people.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros And the unspoken sentence hanging between them.

but until that moment. That he survived despite the odds." Ivory sat back. At the expense of everything else. We'll file the documents. That's unfair. Let it out. broke her heart." She would be able to speak with him. She'd known it all along." Jax was a lost cause. Ivory felt the shutdown. happens with Mickey and Ashley. get a message to him. We can communicate via DSN. The men I bleed for are my family. If anything. they survive because of the team. and helped put the baby into her car. "I'm not sure how we'll work the paperwork out." A sliver of hope budded in Ivory's sickeningly tight chest. deflated right in front of her." And that was that. He handed her a key to his house so she could pick up Ivory's things from the nursery. I'll take care of Ashley. "Then you're right. She meant nothing to me. I'll contact you myself. she never understood how deep the ties go between the men who fight together. The weariness in his eyes. but I'll tell my superior on Monday. and I mean anything. Colonel Reagan is in charge there. Do you want to support her?" Jax relaxed. but Ashley wasn't. "This is the number to the group on Fort Bragg. You have to go. He'll know how to get a hold of me. "That's fine. clear on Jax's priorities for the first time." "Otherwise. She took a deep. calm breath. "I'll support her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros love her. Jax didn't 157 . She watched as Jax pulled a pad and pen out of a drawer. know that he was all right. on the lines of his face.

watching his fading silhouette against a dying sun in the rear-view mirror. She backed out of his driveway. [Back to Table of Contents] 158 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros say anything to her as she got in the car. tears in her eyes.

the two of them hit it off. He kept her in a nice little home just outside of Boston. pulling her high-chair close enough to reach the baby. and Nana. got up to turn the stove off. we know that. She wrinkled her nose at the goop before she sat down with Ashley. Ashley adjusted well to 159 . "November. "I haven't talked to Jax since. and as far as the 'little one'. and the retired cop spent more hours than not with her grandmother. let the child swallow before she shoveled in another bite. Ivory mixed baby cereal into a thick. who'd been sitting quietly at the table. Mickey tapped his pen relentlessly on the table. no. Ivory felt torn." she looked over her shoulder at the rabbit calendar pinned to the wall. then." "They must be pretty deep. uh. "You gonna tell him about the little one?" Ivory spooned the thick white substance into Ashley's mouth. To Ivory's surprise.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Ten "How long has it been since you heard from him?" Mickey sat at Ivory's table with Nana. sticky mass.m. I don't think telling him at this point is a good idea." A timer dinged on the oven. the sound bounced around the silent kitchen. meal." Between feeding the baby and the notes she and Mickey were going over." Mickey sighed. She checked the bread Ivory put in early that morning when Ashley woke up for her four a. "I guess so. "Mary had a rich boyfriend.

Mickey tickled the baby under her chin. Ivory wrote several letters to the city of Boston about the state of existence families there lived in. Ivory was exhausted. "I haven't got a clue. his burly shoulders making his neck disappear behind his beard. If Mickey hadn't come into their life at the right moment. Ivory might have had a nervous breakdown by now. Check. She and Nathan were taking things slow to find a medium between their differences as individuals. and Ashley spit her last round of cereal out. At least. Her hand cramped from the freehand. Ivory picked her up and they went home. Focusing back on Mickey. and offered his assistance how he could. Check. Ivory's stomach grumbled. his grizzly beard a source of amusement for Ashley. From there. "I guess you're done. Mary had a rich boyfriend. She was 160 . She was a prostitute. Of course. and strengths as a couple. she stayed with Jenny while Ivory went to work. "So why did she operate out that hell hole?" Appalled by the apartment Ashley's mother had done business in. nothing happened. Yet. play time and then bed time. Ivory studied the words she'd written." Ivory mulled over what they knew so far. In the mornings.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's hectic life. Ivory stared at the two of them. Mickey shrugged. In the afternoons. Until Ivory found out about the 'little one' as Mickey referred to it. demanding action by the landlords. it would be meal time. the saliva mixed goop plopped on her bib. they were. That's where I dead end. flung her hands up as she started to jabber. young lady. huh?" Ashley smiled. bath time.

" Ivory said. Someone in power who didn't want their name smeared over the newspapers. Like those Visa cards you can get at Wal-Mart. The thing saw better days. Think it was still going on?" Nana piped up." Possible." Ivory muttered.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros addicted to heroin. his cheeks puffing out like chipmunks hoarding nuts. There was just something wrong with Nana's crude language. her mind still stuck on the facts of 161 . she thought." Ivory's ears burned. Before the addiction. "Or her lover cut ties with her when she got involved with drugs. Check. the peanut gallery has a point. Ivory picked Ashley up out of the chair. "Did anyone ever check her credit cards? See where they went back to?" Mickey pulled a sheet of paper from the binder he carried with him. "Well. She paced the small kitchen with Ashley on her hip." "I'll say. and Ivory planned on giving him a new one for Christmas. Someone with money. "I wouldn't be on my back for money if I had a nice gentleman who paid my way." Mickey suggested. throwing her two cents in. removed her bib and washed her mouth off with the ready washcloth she brought downstairs with her. "Who would go so far as to cover their tracks with pre-paids and private realtors?" Mickey's grin took up his whole face. and the image of her still in a fluffy pink bathrobe and slippers. Sounds to me like she cut ties with her lover. her gray hair styled in a conservative bun. "Mary was a beautiful girl. "Someone in power. Someone covered their tracks very well. "Pre-paid.

"Do we have a picture of Mary before her death?" Mickey pulled another document out. The green of her eyes made Ivory think of Jax. blond hair and a wide mouth. Did you pay him?" Again with the flat eyes. Nana and she had made a good go of it so far." Mickey gave her a droll stare. and Clair helped her with the case. "I think we need to start talking to the pimp. the pimp's got nothing. This woman's lover doesn't want his identity revealed. handing it over. When her thoughts turned to him. Mary had been beautiful with classic features. and Ivory handed 162 . Ivory shut the leak off before the pipes burst." Ivory chewed on her lip. She petitioned to adopt Ashley through the courts. Nana went to pick it up. Find out who her customers were. staring at the photograph when the phone jangled. Ivory shook her head. but they needed Jax's signature and where he was. he didn't want to be found. but Ivory left the remainder in the bank. Ivory studied the five-by-five photograph. "All right. She couldn't afford to wonder about him and keep it together. Jax's support checks helped out. "Maybe we can flash this around at some of the hotels?" Mickey's raucous laughter echoed through the room. "Kid. which includes swanky hotels and dirtbag motels. in case of a rainy day. He actually sent far more than was needed. I've got a lot more years on investigations than you.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Mickey's case. Ashley. I've covered all the bases. and of course. conveying the message he'd already thought of that.

and Ivory feared she wouldn't want him after Jax. Maybe for the pain. seems developmentally stable." "I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tomorrow night. and she wouldn't unless it became necessary. The bastard ruined her. her head filled with the few days they had together on good days. prayed he'd made it through another day. and hung up the phone. "She looks healthy. She'd never want any man after Jax." Ivory stared down at Ashley as she tried to swipe strings on Ivory's sweatshirt. strangely awkward with the whole conversation." Ivory excused herself. On bad days. she scanned the news for anything out of the ordinary. but before she got a chance to tell Mickey. 163 . "Ivory. its Nathan for you. Nana poked her head around the corner. As long as he was in the world. and took the call in the living room. "Sure. She hadn't put a call through to Colonel Reagan. "And Ivory?" "Yeah?" "I'm glad we decided to be friends. Her body wanted him." he said. "Hey. and yet.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros back the glossy print." "Good." A light dawned in Ivory's head. She and Nathan hadn't made a move toward a physical relationship. all would be well. she still craved him." Ivory said her goodbye. "Do you think Ashley was born before or after the addiction?" Mickey's eyebrows crawled together as he studied the child. I think that will be all right. Chances are Mary didn't get into drugs until after the birth.

" Ivory thrust her chin out. "Now listen here. Jenny and maybe Nathan. in the 'I'll only take you out when I can't not remember you' box. and he only gave him a teaspoon full. "You were going to tell me about the last time you talked to Jax. Ever since Jax left." Mickey sighed loud and audibly. where were we?" Mickey didn't even look up." Ivory's cheeks burned. made sure he stayed where she put him. Girl. Nana." Nana motioned with her hands. She took a moment to paste a smile on her face for Nana's sake. That child is going to need a father. "I want to see my baby girl. Jax is gonna flip when he gets wind.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Ivory?" "I'll be right there. "He or she will have Nana. the more time he spent with her grandma. "You ain't got sense God gave a baby goose. one hand on her hip." Ivory handed over Ashley. Her stomach was still fairly flat. thanks to the first two months of 164 . "Let me have her. girl. she jumped on the chance to get fresh coffee and a bagel. I wasn't. "No. and Ivory felt her chest loosen a bit. Ashley giggled. so the old man's lungs cleared up a bit." Ivory spit the piece of stale bread she'd bit into out into her hand. Like a bastard child. me." She pushed the invasion of Jax out of her head. she repeatedly experienced heartburn and nausea. "So. He'd made a list of their objectives. and sat back down with Mickey. and Nana took the baby into the living area. Nana didn't allow him to smoke in the house. That child. and locked it." Mickey's eyes bulged out of his head. For the brief reprieve.

Luke and two others went on a recon when he'd been captured." she said with a wink. the blow too close to home. He doesn't know it. "He'll be back. Outnumbered. "I didn't love him. now that I'm on desk duty. provided ammunition to several factions of non-governmental military operatives. Luke went willingly while Shooter and Ace returned to base for back up. Right now. At all costs. I was addicted to him. Extraction. 165 . "At least that's one good thing about being pregnant. Don't go jumping into something when you know Jax will be back. Mickey motioned for Ivory to take a seat. "I've got to get ready for work. Well. Ivory stumbled back from the force of the question." Mickey's raspy chuckle made Ivory smile.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros morning sickness. his mind clear." Ivory patted Mickey's cheek. To his personality. but lately she'd noticed a bit of a bump. As long as she believed in her own lies. Luke was just an American to kill. Jax's team gathered Intel on the weapon's dealers as they made trades and transactions. Ivory. and Jax knew they wouldn't. if she could fool no one but herself that was just fine. They were headed into the nest of combatants they'd been doing recon since August." **** Jax buckled himself into the Blackhawk helicopter. then she would be fine. and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. but he will. "Jax isn't going to find out. His body. Nothing more. my days are easier. The orders were simple." "Do you love him?" Mickey asked point blank. No demands on the American Government had been made.

If Jax had been on the mission when shit went down. kept his body low as he searched their immediate area. In his head. Shooter. Luke's rescue fell on Jax's shoulders. Charlie's arm and leg interlocked with his. dropped quietly on his knees." Single file. When they reached the landing zone. "All right. Jax jumped up. Blade. Gabe. The further they got away from base camp. it was clear. Charlie and BJ were on the extraction team. but only flashes passed by." Jax followed his men out. kissed it. Sweat rolled down his cheeks. They would be dropped a mile out as not to alert the captors of their plans. and on down the line as their combined body weight aided on the severe vortex of air as the helicopter blades passed over them.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He palmed the St. Daniels and Ace were on the ground perimeter. his head smashed against the ground. Jocko. boys. his neck gritty with the dust and dirt the rotor blades on the military helicopter took off. They'd have to jog the mile in. Luke wouldn't be in hell now. the sparser the area became. "All clear. His night vision goggles aided him in the ability to scan the grounds. Jump. his body pressed against the ground. October felt no different in the jungle than it did in the summertime. he held a picture of Ivory. Less than ten minutes for the pack to move up to the perimeter fence. her black hair and blue eyes his prayer. Jax looked around 166 . and Jax took point. Ax. they moved as a unit. Christopher medallion he wore on missions.

his blade in easy reach should he encroach on an unknown. Too damn quiet. they blended in with the landscape so well. Sir. peering through the branches. Move up. A slight disturbance in the surroundings. He scanned the immediate area.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros for the tell-tale signs of his men. but now the plan was in action. To the naked eye." Jax crouched behind a bush. Jax studied the layout over and over in the tents. "Blade. Watch my six. Report. "I'm moving' boys. If the captors had NVG's then so be it. but if they didn't. He gave the signal for Charlie and Blade to 167 . It took him thirty minutes to crawl five yards." came the reply. He moved inch by inch across the rocky ground. but Jax knew what to look for. The guards were asleep at their post. "All clear. you good on perimeter?" "Yes. and Jax knew they would have to be taken out. his mind clear. Jax brought up the rear. The building was one story. you couldn't tell man from stone. his heart steady. and there could be no fuck ups. just enough." Jax's sentiments exactly. It smelled like a trap." "All clear. Ax and Blade moved up. his elbows digging in. Sir. cut the electricity. Get in position. He slung his weapon his back. at least Jax and his men had that advantage. All quiet." Jax belly-crawled up to the power unit. Easily accessed from the ground. Nothing major." Jax never saw the man move. "Jocko. "Charlie. Sir.

man." Luke struggled against his binds. He suspected the wires. "Wake up. he peered over the window sill. looking for traps or alarms. not close enough to get struck should Luke react to his wake-up call. "Luke. man. Less than a minute and he was safely inside the room. Chopper's here." Fuck. and swollen eyes. he touched his foot down. pressure trigger. Jax saw Luke Gerard a lot of ways." Jax set to work on the binds. Fuck. Jax moved toward the only window in the squat cement building. He climbed over the sill. but never slumped. let his friend go long enough to retrace his steps to the window. Blood shown darkly on the floor. but he couldn't see them. Time to go. Fuck." Jax nodded. Softly. Wherever the trigger was. Jax took out his knife. "This place is wired. The whole fucking camp would be on them like bees on honey if he tripped up something. Carefully. Luke reached out." His best friend twitched. his arms pinned. it didn't blow. I don't know how much explosives. Luke lay on the floor.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros move in. stopped him. Agony ripped through his chest at the sight of Luke's mauled face. "All right. "Where?" "The floor boards. Can you walk?" 168 . Let's go. "It's Jax. but when he finally cut through the thick rope at Luke's feet. With the guards out of the way. swung one leg out from the wall. and Jax bent down." "Jax?" "Time to go. beaten and passed out. broken nose.

his heart rate slowing. Run Luke. He felt shock take over his body. "The LZ is hot. Jax helped Luke over before swinging one of his legs over when he heard something click. The volley of bullets sprayed back and forth roared in his ears. but Luke had to be taken care of first. Now. "Is Luke all right?" 169 . but sprinted as they crossed behind the invisible lines of freedom. his tongue felt like lead. and relief washed over him as he heard the faint whop-whop of the Blackhawk. provided protection as the explosion triggered a swarm of combatants to flee their camp right toward Alpha Team." he heard Blade communicate with the pilot. the three un-injured men helped Jax and Luke into the belly of it." The crackle of radio signals invaded his ear. When he spoke. They beat feet as they made it out of the fireball. "Fuck.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Luke got to his feet. Jax lost blood. Once the helo landed. Team members rallied. His team got away. He jerked. and Jax bared the brunt of his friend's weight as they stepped lightly over the same path he'd taken. "Get the chopper here. and a chill racked his body. Cold sweat poured down his face. Run!" Jax took off. Mission completed. He felt a wave of dragon's fire behind him. dove for cover. Ax and Blade cursed in unison and Jax realized the thing he'd felt hit him must have been a bullet. Jax only relaxed when he heard "All clear" filter over the waves. When they reached the window. He only had milliseconds to get away. Jax nearly made it to cover when something hit him in the lower left side.

His side hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. give the tissue they'd stitched together time to heal. Although. Luke had put on most of the weight he'd lost in captivity. Doing better than you." Blade assured him. missed his spine by fractions of an inch. and a scar ran down his left cheek bone. "The Lt. **** "So. but they'd ordered him to take medical leave. he passed out. He'd already been in the hospital for a month. but they were gone now as well.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Blade looked down at him. it did nick a few organs on its exit. 170 . Just dehydrated and mal-nourished. while Ax put a pressure bandage on his entry and exit wounds. what's the word?" Luke asked. December first was just around the corner. He sucked in a hiss of air when they tied the knot on the temporary fix." Jax turned to look at his commander and friend. Luke's black hair had been sheared off to put a few stitches in his forehead. "They're making me take leave. A few scratches. The bullet tore through the muscles and soft tissue. Sir. He was lucky. Colonel is fine. Again. but his once perfectly straight nose was crooked now. Jax sat up straighter in the chair he'd occupied since dawn. namely his kidney. When Jax could no longer fight the pull of slumber. The docs fixed him up good.

Jax." "I'm fine." A week later. and during the days. that's all. He had orders to check himself into a hospital should anything happen with his injury. but internal pains still bothered him." Luke held his hands up in surrender. Dreams of her tight lithe body ravaged his nights. and they depressed him. "Now you get it. except for the pea-green walls. he often found himself thinking about what she might be doing. We're all getting a little time off. you still have to take care of that family business. Army hospitals looked like every other hospital. if you don't. so he avoided it. Figure out what to do with Ashley. "She's got my niece. in general. If she dated. and who. You're going to burn out. Jax found himself on a flight back to the States.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Luke's amber eyes crinkled at the corners when he grinned. They sucked. It's an order. and what's this the men told me about then? Ivory?" Jax would throttle each and every one of their necks." Jax returned his stare to the window. "Not like I have a choice. That line tended to make him see red. headed for Boston." "Oh. momentarily jarring his side. and Ivory. and come back ready to kick ass and take names. "I think you need take to leave. "Technically. The tissue had grown shut on the surface. right?" Luke clapped him on the back. now that the mission has been aborted. and Jax hissed in a breath. He longed for Ivory's fresh scent and soft hair. and to see an internist at least once while on his six-week medical 171 .

the skies bright blue. snow on the ground. Early December was beautiful in Manchester.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros stay. Jax couldn't wait to see the look on Ivory's face when he rang her doorbell. [Back to Table of Contents] 172 .

Ivory questioned the safety in Nana's decision. Mickey sat on the floor with her. "How is it?" Nathan asked from his seat on the couch. Alcohol. She didn't want to lead him on. and at the same time. Ivory hung an ornament with Mickey's name on it beside Nana's. Her little body wiggled as she reached one chubby pink hand out to grab at the lights as they blinked red and blue. so Ivory decided to just put them out with hers and Nana's. then cringed. The older man had lost weight since Nana cooked for him now. She couldn't have alcohol. Presents in gold and white wrappers were scattered beneath the tree. Ashley started to crawl. and Ivory wasn't keen on getting hurt again. The fire roared behind the live Aspen. passed the hot brew to her as she sat on the floor with Ashley. her heavenly light the brightest in the room. He'd hurt her once before. Nana's rules. She hadn't told Nathan about the baby yet.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Eleven The Christmas tree sparkled in the dim light of the living area. Nathan poured eggnog into little china cups. Ivory sipped the eggnog. she didn't want to get too serious with him. So much fast food cut out of his diet. Ivory held her cup up in salute. which read Irene. Ashley wasn't old enough for Santa Claus yet. and Nana's constant errands left him looking 173 . An angel held vigil over the small get together. but it was Nana's house. a pile of presents in his lap.

" Nathan raised his eggnog. When she pulled it open. Not to mention. the doorbell chimed throughout the house. Ivory rolled her eyes. this little one should have a nice Christmas. "So." Ivory felt heat creep up her cheeks when Mickey called her Ashley's mother. Jenny burst through in a flurry of fur and presents. the simple endearment held close to her heart. as well." 174 . tickling Ashley's stomach." Ivory got to her feet." she said from somewhere behind the colorful boxes. Tanya's got an early flight out tomorrow. It felt like bubbles. "I like Scrabble. The baby started to flutter around in Ivory's stomach." Ivory relieved her of a few boxes and finally saw the other woman's doe eyes. the more she loved him. "Well.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros healthier and healthier by the day. Her little arms and legs carried her as fast and as far as she could get before being caught. "That must be Jenny. "Can't wait till your Mama sees what I got you. her hand subconsciously going to her stomach." "Let's watch a John Wayne movie. her first real sense of pregnancy other than the morning sickness. The more she got to know him. "There you are. "I think we should play some Scrabble or watch It's a Wonderful Life. she would burst out laughing as the sensation tickled." Mickey cooed. and made her way to the door. what are we going to do?" her nana asked. "Got caught up in traffic. "Sorry I'm late. and at times. Ashley was on the move." Mickey chipped in. Just as Nana set up the Scrabble game. Ivory leaned back. I can't stay long tonight.

No smile for her. and pulled on the door. begging for attention. Now who could it be? Everyone she knew. finally gathering her wits. She got the first whiff of Jax. and she couldn't get enough air into her lungs. "It happens. Bile climbed the back of her throat. Her head grew light. Parts of her anatomy that went silent at his departure suddenly dripped with excitement. When it swung open. "What are you doing here?" she asked. shrugging. and crossed her arms. Ivory. well. but another chime at the door stopped her in her tracks. He carried a large bag in one hand and a Poinsettia in the other. I just went crazy when I went to get Ashley something. and her libido roared to life." "I'm aware of that.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Sorry. She stared at him dumbly. The porch light cast an otherworldly glow on him. She 175 . besides Claire. letting him in the door. The small foyer of Nana's house was too small to contain his virile presence. Just Jax and his bevy of gifts. and her vision swam." She stepped back. her mouth open. no explanation. "You could have called first. touching on his brown locks. lighting the shadows beneath his eyes. was sitting on her floor." she said. "Where's Ashley?" Ivory straightened herself. Ivory dropped the packages. She reached out blindly for something to hold onto and stumbled into the wall." She started to follow Jenny back into the living area with the rest of the guests. We have company. She tucked the two large presents beneath her arm. the boxes clattering to the floor.

careful to keep their bodies separate. The other woman. "Fuck-nut!" Nana squabbled. though you couldn't see it. a dark promise in his eyes. and a taste would doom her to dependence. His eyes held more shadows. He seemed leaner. Black. His eyes never left hers. and helped him remove his coat. Mickey spoke up first. 176 . She knew the moment they'd noticed the newcomer because all went silent. She acknowledged her relief to see him alive and well and in Massachusetts again. don't you say that around this baby. took his burden. Jenny. thinner. ever the perfect hostess." Nana. "Mickey." she said. Her addiction had returned with ferocity. deep purr as if. he was beautiful. come on in. he felt happy." Ivory placed the presents with the majority and shot Jenny a look. commanding her wayward hormones to calm down." His voice came out a slow. He stared down at her. handed it off to Mickey. God. In the light of the living room. Ivory pressed fingers to her lips at the expression on Jax's face. stared at Jax. "Hello Mrs. too. Ivory studied Jax. "I've brought Ashley a few things. "Well. she might go up in flames. Ivory stepped around him.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros felt the sensuality of her changing body. dim as it was. Nathan. fussed around Jax. Ivory snapped out of it. though. She let her innerwoman rejoice. but after a minute of Jax's silent appraisal of the crowd. she had to be a mom first and foremost. She gathered her neglected presents and followed Jax into the living area. as well as Ivory. fuller breasts as they grew heavy. Mickey. If she touched him.

but Nana picked up on it before Ivory did when she'd missed her period. "Jax? Can I talk to you?" Ivory asked. Ivory huddled in the corner by the Christmas tree." Even though she'd whispered. Ivory knew Jax to 177 . Her face hadn't changed. if he would notice the difference to her body. His blue eyes sparkled with mirth. Panicked. and Jenny. Ivory looked up to find Jax's gaze scorching her. Still in shock from his sudden arrival. Ivory forgot all about the child in her belly. She swore at any moment now he would growl a warning at Nathan to back off his property. nor her size. I haven't heard from him in nearly two months. Scrabble went out the window. When Jax went to sit down on the floor with the baby. and Ashley held court with Mickey. and Ivory grew thankful for the spiked eggnog. Jax. much. Obviously he couldn't see her distress." Nathan said to her. she wondered if he could tell. Everyone welcomed Jax as they passed out presents and eggnog. Could men tell those kinds of things? Well.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Suddenly. "I'm just shocked. Her mind raced with confusion. swinging her gaze to his. Ivory jerked. the simple red sweater and black slacks seemed like she'd underdressed. her thoughts chasing each other as the conversation level topped off in the room. "Don't think I've ever seen you so quiet. Irritation flickered in his eyes. the heat intense. but he managed to climb to his feet again with a slight awkwardness. Ivory caught the slight wince that passed over his expression. his expression almost primal. Nathan obviously couldn't.

"The injury you're obviously suffering from. her body betrayed her. slow and silent. intent on cornering her." Stalemate. the one Mickey occasionally used. "Do you know how many times I've thought about you over the last two months?" Ivory's breath hitched. "I said I wouldn't be able to. "What?" he growled. and her babies. catching somewhere between her lungs and throat. she narrowed her eyes. and the baby to get to the door. down her neck. He moved closer. He wouldn't share. "Let's see it." Jax brought a hand up to her face. the folds of her sex moisten. Again. his body so close she white-knuckled the edge of wood to keep from reaching out for him. and Ivory felt the flush of her body grow warmer. motioning for him to raise his shirt. "It's nothing. her hair swinging back.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros be a fluid. "You also said it was over. She picked her way over paper. She thrust her chin out." Jax moved closer. graceful predator. and she dare not touch him for the sake of her sanity. Despite adamant decision to remain remote." She braced her hands against the small dresser he'd pushed her into. She led him toward the downstairs spare bedroom. "You didn't call. boxes. Once the door was shut behind him. A delicious shiver followed in the wake of his gentle touch. his finger stroking along her jaw." Jax's body heat drew closer. He flexed his 178 ." she said. his gait as liquid as ever.

She rubbed her hands down her face. Its life had priority in hers. flash a few gifts and get back into my good graces." She heard Jax utter something. it's Christmas Eve. dip. "And now I'm saying it's not. his palm making her skin sizzle. her babies belonged to him. jerking her back against him. 179 . and her body collided with his. She reinforced her self-confidence with a straightened backbone and squared shoulders. grateful for the reprieve. Have a family fun night. Unerringly. We'll go see Ashley and enjoy a round of eggnog. What a perverted way of foreplay. She had to remember her child. She remembered each contour. the folds of her core growing slicker with each exchange.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros hand around the curve of her shoulder. she leaned into his touch." he breathed out just before his mouth crashed down on hers." Ivory jerked away from him. She quickly learned her addiction to Jax could be triggered simply by the heat in his gaze. his body so close and primed sent heat waves coursing through her loins. the way the muscles bunched and flexed beneath her touch. one finger on the pressure point behind her ear. but she didn't. his tongue sweeping in before she could protest. you've just got back. What did he hold over her? Her body belonged to him. "All right. his hard body the polar opposite to her feminine curves. "I missed this. He tilted her chin up. but didn't bother to look at him." Jax grabbed her arm. The knowledge he'd come off mission. and plane. "And you can't just show up at my doorstep.

plump lips were wrapped around the edge of a glass. He nipped at her lip. The stitch in his side pulled." she whispered and fled the room before he could say another word. Her figure seemed fuller. but it didn't bother him. slide down her ass. molding her to his pelvis. and he 180 . leaving her reeling. She stood on tiptoe. pressing her body closer. suckled her mouth. She whimpered at his insistence. and now. "Don't do that again. The soft. and Jax couldn't wait to fill his mouth with their fullness. and he grimaced. His blue jeans suddenly felt too tight. Her wide. suppleness of her breasts yielded to his chest. When he came up for air. his relentless plunder. Ivory looked like an angel descended from heaven to pry his soul from the mouth of hell. Not a peep from the thing in months. He winced as the painful swell rubbed against zipper teeth.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The protest died in her throat as the drugging taste of him filled her. When the poker in his pants went to sleep. **** Jax pressed down on his raging dick. Jax rejoined the festivities. Unless I ask you to. a little longer than the last time he'd seen her. Shit. Ivory broke from him. The fresh taste of peppermint invaded her senses. Her blue-black hair swung around her shoulders. He ran a hand back over his head. it screamed bloody murder. the fucking thing still hurt. She felt his hands snake around her back. Her sky blue eyes glittered as she watched Ashley try to steal part of Mickey's coffee cake. her chest desperately trying to fill her lungs with oxygen.

Jax. Sweat pooled on his upper lip and beneath his arms." Nathan said. "Hey. Jax shook the thoughts away. When he realized he no longer saw real time before him with the pleasant family scene.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros couldn't stop the image of her sucking his cock into her mouth out of his head. Jax felt the heat of the fire. and the once sallow cheeks were replaced with rosy apples when she grinned. he'd give the whole room a show. his hands braced on his knees. If he didn't stop imagining what he would do to her once he got her alone. the sweep of her brow. Jax studied Mickey. Still a soldier?" 181 . Ashley had grown. He wondered if it had anything to do with Nana. Jax felt like an intruder. careful to keep the bulk of his weight in his thighs so as not to break Nana's furniture. not by much. and flow of her short hair as it kissed her cheeks. He blinked away the hallucination. Being in the house with a normal family. dancing eyes. "Yep. Jax sat down on the ottoman. Her little blonde curls fanned around her ears now. and focused on Ivory's soft laughter. The old man looked a helluva lot better than last time he saw him. and every time his wound acted up. and saw Luke's broken face. but enough Jax noticed. The fact he sat and talked with Nathan and Ivory like old friends revealed their recent closeness. and rather felt the chopper's wind on his neck. on a normal holiday. the darkness stayed away. As long as he kept his eyes on her." "Still the pig?" Jax asked. "You look a little lost. the rip of the bullet. Remnants from the mission randomly played through his head.

And then it hit him." he said through a tight throat." "It's good they let you come home for Christmas.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Always." Mickey piped up. Nathan couldn't take the hint and just kept on asking. "I'm home for six weeks. "How long you here for?" Jax drug his gaze away from Ivory at Nana's question. "We've still got a mountain under there. Jax expelled the bad breath of air he'd taken. and Jax knew all about wanting that bone. "We don't talk about work on Christmas Eve. "Yeah. He hadn't spent Christmas with a family since his parents died." 182 . the pain. the rip of the bullet through flesh. boy. the reminder running amok in his head. and drug fresh oxygen in. The bastard sniffed around Ivory like a dog hungry for a bone. The pure reality of it nearly broke him. he taught me better. it's the most polite way to say fuck off. Finish things with Mickey and Mary's business." Nathan said. Jax bared his teeth. Mickey nodded toward the tree. Didn't your daddy teach you better?" The reminder of Cliff Morgan made Jax's chest ache. Usually when a man gives one word answers." Jax could tell Ivory was listening by the way she'd slightly cocked her head. "They didn't let me come home. The hasty retreat. and I believe Ashley got something for her Uncle Jax.

She blinked away a few as she made her way over to him. Go back inside. "You're the one standing out here without a jacket." She followed Jax. shoving her arms through the sleeves. He kept his eyes on the sky as she stepped closer. shrugged. and she didn't have the right kind of boots on. Jax ducked out of the room when tears clouded his vision. watch Ashley. A foot of snow blanketed the ground. Ivory. "Mickey. hearing the screen door slam. Ivory." "I didn't have an address anyway." she said.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax caught the pretty blush riding Ivory's cheeks. "Don't tell me that. the wind frigid without her gloves and scarf. It's too cold out here. white snowflakes gathering on his shirt. floating around him. but I didn't know where you were. He'd gone down into the yard. "I'm fine. "Jax?" His arms were crossed over his chest. "We would have sent it to you." "I'll only be a minute." The ache in Jax's chest grew wider." she said. How long had it been since he'd received a gift? Ten years to be exact." 183 . the writing swooped and looped. and Ivory hesitated to touch him. He clutched the small gift-wrapped box in his palm. "Are you okay?" A chill swept through her. **** Ivory jumped to her feet." Ivory planted her hands on her hips. "It's just something small. She clipped her jacket on the way out the door.

"As a thank you." Ivory bit her lip. She quickly added. In the light from the porch. and Ivory stepped back. I imagine there's another under there somewhere from me." She couldn't ignore the tone in his voice. she would wrap him in her arms. her eyes on his stubborn chin." she said. "Don't get angry. nearly cracking her ribs. The firm set of his jaw. When she shifted." He shook his head and broke away from her. "I won't stay late. The small gift had moved him. "Come back inside." Jax nodded. it's just a small gift." she said. 184 . Ivory. trying to put space between them. She backed off. Her heart bled for him. I can't leave Ashley." she whispered. Jax wrapped his arms around her. He wasn't. "Stay with me tonight. He got hurt! "Jax. wetness gathered at the corner of his eyes.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Jax." He whirled around. She had no idea whether or not Nathan would try to. the cry she heard there. and his audible gasp for air confirmed what she'd suspected earlier. at the least. If he didn't tower over her. she accidentally elbowed him. open your gift. It was only a keychain with his name engraved on it. "I'm not angry. The unbreakable shield. not sure if she believed her eyes. The vulnerability she'd witnessed was gone. the hard eyes." No. She knew Mickey would be staying. Ivory stepped toward him. and the man she became accustomed to dealing with was back. "Why don't you stay here tonight? I think just about everyone in there is going to crash somewhere.

Ivory melted on the spot. With Jax back in town. and when he held up the key ring. Jenny. I thought they needed to be spiced up. "Oh. Still. but she knew she needed to make a decision either way. The leather case cost Ivory fifty dollars. and Ivory gently tore into the paper. and chuckled when he read the scrawled note across the piece of paper attached to his new binder. Inside.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She'd staved off his advances the last month.. what were you thinking?" Jenny giggled. Ivory cried at the drop of a hat. and the lacy extra large size would fit her in the months to come. Mickey shredded the pretty paper. When she took off the lid. my God. Someone handed her a package. Nana spoke up. "I saw you admiring it at Victoria's Secret. but Mickey's effort into Mary's life and her nana's happiness made 185 . forgetting her pact with herself and her unborn child not to fall under his spell again. help her. but her hormones and the beautiful piece made her bawl. Tears sprang to her eyes. Ivory pulled out a long silk robe with flowing bell sleeves. she wanted to go. when he'd asked her to stay." she said. red satin was va-va-voom red. revealing a plain white box of medium size. Ivory smiled. "Maybe we can give Mickey his. She pushed the paper away. "I noticed when you were here last your keys were all alone. God. careful not to rip the teddy bears playing in the snow." The soft. Ivory had a feeling it wouldn't be that hard. Jax opened his present." When he smiled.

Ivory. ripped the paper open." Jax stood up and grabbed another present out. Not able to keep such an intense connection with her nana looking on. Ivory focused on her gift. "Thank you. located the rare book of poetry she'd picked up in Boston." She meant to look at Nathan. Ivory opened the velvet black box." By the time she finished opening the package. An understanding of sorts. I kept saying to myself I needed a new one. and Nathan raised his hand. "It's meant to be ripped open. kid.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros him worth every penny. Not by far. Ivory set the earrings on her growing pile of presents. Ripping open the paper. She handed it to him. Nathan seemed on edge. The earrings winked at her. and poetry seemed to be his theme." Ivory smiled. but Jax's heavy stare stopped her. Jax sat back down. Jenny took the box from her when Ivory took her time. the small box obvious." 186 . "From me. Something passed between them. She swallowed. "That's the fun in getting presents." he ordered. she realized he read quite a bit. These are too expensive. "Thanks. his face stricken as though he just passed gas in a room full of women. Nathan. Ivory. She pressed her lips together." he said. and accepted Jax's offer. and their eyes caught. "Oh. She caught it mid-air. "I want you to open this one. On one of her visits to Jax's house. "Open it. and another gift flew in her direction." she said with a wink. She reached beneath the tree. It was not over. the diamonds catching the light of the fire. She glanced up.

"How did you know my size?" Jax's smirk was half-hidden as he opened her gift. "It's for our date. but Jenny pulled her back." Before Ivory could get to her feet to do something. The room erupted in a flurry of movement. "Jax!" A smirk lifted his lips. and took the now bare box back. Holy shit! It was made by Versace. Inside." There was only one thing left to do. I'll uh. if she wanted to fit into it. and Ivory glanced at the tag. It shimmered slightly. Ivory tried to step between the two dueling men. and she wondered if Nathan would kill Jax with a glare. "I know your body. Ivory's cheeks heated. she found a blue empirewaist dress. now that I've got a built in babysitter. the two men going for the throat. whispering fiercely. "The baby. [Back to Table of Contents] 187 . Nathan rushed Jax. definitely wear it sometime. small studs and rhinestones along the bodice." He slid a glance to Mickey. Ivory. Jax.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory laughed at Jenny's enthusiasm for ripping paper. "Thank you. "Dear God." It would have to be soon. amusement lacing her voice." Nana said. they're going to kill each other.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Chapter Twelve Pulling the mop bucket out from beneath the sink, Ivory cringed at the sounds of grunts and curse words being thrown back and forth between the two men. When it was full of water, she hefted the bucket out. When dogs got into a fight, the quickest way to break them up included dousing them with water. Well, that is just what she planned to do. The scene before her made Ivory's eyes go wide. To Jax's credit, he seemed to be defending himself rather than punching back. He blocked Nathan's advances, his face a mask of serenity as his attacker's face twisted in anger. Nathan's lips curled back in a snarl. She gave her voice one last go. "Hey!" Her attempt at verbal intervention bounced off the racket already made between the men, Ashley's cries, and the crashing furniture. She lifted the bucket as high as it would go in her arms, and tossed the ice cold water on Nathan's back. Water splashed down Jax's face. Nathan whirled around. "What the hell did you do that for?" Jax pulled a hand down his face, wiping away water droplets. The bucket wasn't that big, and Nathan's broad back and thick sweater soaked up the majority. Ivory dropped her weapon, and shoved her index finger in Nathan's face. "You, cool off. Don't make me separate you two." Nathan rolled his shoulders, turning to Jax. "Sorry, man. But that's my woman you were talking about."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Ivory threw her hands up. "This is supposed to be Christmas, and you two are ruining it." Mickey and Nana chuckled, and Ivory glared at them. "This is the most exciting Christmas we've had in a long time, dear," Nana pointed out. "These young, strapping men are both vying for your attentions, and I believe they were just having a pissing contest." At her nana's assumption, the entire group went silent for seconds before a round of laughter moved through them. Ivory shook her head, staring at the overturned ottoman and coffee table. Nathan dripped water, and Jax wiped his forehead with the lower, dry portion of his shirt. She caught sight of the fresh scar tissue still twisted and plump along his flat stomach. The muscles rippled beneath the paper-thin skin. Ivory ducked out of the room, dashing into the bathroom. She'd get Nathan a towel, but the sight of Jax's wound required she give herself a minute. Butterflies picked up in her stomach, and she pressed a hand to her tummy to calm the nerves in her stomach. "Ivory?" Her name filtered down the hallway, and Ivory poked her head out. "I'm grabbing towels," she shouted back. Jenny appeared and held her hand out. "Are you okay?" Ivory shook her head, her hair swinging from side to side. "I don't know." Jenny gathered her close for a hug, and Ivory took brief comfort in her friend's unerring support. She had a good family. Ivory smiled, pushing her hair behind her ears. "That

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

was fun. I've never thrown a bucket of water on a brawl before." Jenny looped her arm with Ivory's. "Well, there is a first time for everything." Nathan took the towel from her the moment she saw him, and darted past her. Nana and Mickey righted the furniture, and Jax was nowhere in sight. Ivory's heart sank. "Did Jax leave?" Nana looked around, her eyebrows pasted to her hairline. "I didn't even see him go. For such a big guy, he sure can move silently." Or her nana's eyesight wasn't as good as it used to be. Ivory opened the front door, scanned the darkness. She saw his truck and then the headlights turned on. Her shoulders slumped, and Ivory closed off the winter night. He'd left, and she didn't have the chance to ask him about the scar, of how he'd gotten it. Not that he'd tell her anyway. Nathan tapped her on her shoulder, and Ivory jumped. "I'm sorry, Ivory. Jealousy got the best of me." He rubbed the towel over his head, a smile on his sensual lips. "I guess I deserved ice cold water." She folded her arms beneath her chest and motioned for him to follow her. She bypassed the living room, absently checking on Ashley, making sure her child was taken care of. Jenny bounced the little girl on her lap. In the kitchen, Ivory pointed at a chair, and Nathan dutifully sat down. "Look, now that Jax is back," she started. She wrung her hands. "It makes things between us even less clear."

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

Nathan's carefully composed face gave nothing away. Ivory frowned when he continued to stare at her. "Nathan?" He seemed to shake off his stupor. "Well, I guess that makes sense." His voice went chilly, and Ivory ran her hands up and down her arms. "I don't understand what it is with you and Jax. He's going to leave. Again. How many times do I have to tell you this?" Ivory's temper flared. Her vision tinged with red. She counted to ten, aware anger would not help the situation. Nathan couldn't understand her addiction to Jax anymore than she did. "It's not like that, Nathan. You know I needed time anyway. Now, Jax is back, and he and I have unfinished business." "I'll say." She ignored the snipe and instead, smoothed her hands back through her hair, interlocking her fingers behind her head. The unfinished business would arrive in seven months, and even if she were able to hide it from Nathan dodging his attempts to take their relationship further, in another two, she couldn't. She needed to settle things with Jax. "Just let me deal with Jax, Nathan, and then we can go back to whatever it is we are, right now." Nathan stood, his blue eyes searching her face, his face pulled into a frown. "All right, Ivory. I'll give you the time you need, but don't think I'll keep picking up the pieces when he leaves again. And he will. Count on it." He left without a backward glance.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

The reality Jax would undoubtedly go back to his mission, eventually, left her bereft. She felt frozen, her limbs cold, fingers icy. The only man who could warm her had walked out the door, and she didn't know when he would be back. If he would be back. **** Christmas morning dawned with a rare bout of morning sickness she experienced every once in a while. Ivory hung her head over the toilet, cursing Jax and his swimmers. Jax. Her thoughts caught on him. He returned home. In Manchester. She could go over, take Ashley with her. Or, she could go herself and risk begging for mercy, though she couldn't imagine her libido in overdrive at the moment, but oh, how he could make her want. She flushed the toilet and the entire contents of her breakfast, brushed her teeth with vigor, and jumped into the shower. How did you tell a man who spent the majority of his life doing God knew what, he was going to be a father? Ivory stared at her reflection, noting the black circles beneath her eyes and the slight redness to her nose. That would fade. It came with the throw up. She carefully chose her outfit, one designed to enhance her growing cleavage. Okay, if she admitted to herself she wanted to get fucked, then she would choose a sexy black set of panties, but since she wouldn't acknowledge her need, she went with her sensible black Haines. Besides, her bra was still pretty, even though she'd only enhanced to a B.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros

She swiped the wand of makeup over her eyelashes, applied blush to her cheeks. When she finished, Ivory assessed her appearance. Not overdone, yet still sexy with the low cut long sleeved silk shirt and cream bell bottoms. Since she found out about her baby, something feminine crept up inside her and demanded she wear lighter colors. Something other than black, and she'd been forced by hormones into her gauzy summer clothes, though the wind in Boston cut straight through the loose clothes. Thank God for heavy jackets and scarves. Ivory danced into the kitchen, her good mood on her face. "Merry Christmas, Nana." Her nana leaned in to her, placing her cheek inches from her lips. "I see a smile on my girl's face for the first time in two months. Dare I ask what brought it about?" Ivory accepted the cup of hot tea from Nana. "Can you watch Ashley for a few hours this morning?" Nana bopped, her small frame wiggling to the music floating through the air. "I can do that, Cha-Cha. She is asleep right now. Wore herself out this morning with all those presents." Ivory grabbed her keys and wrapped her long red scarf around her neck. "Then I should be back in two hours, three tops. I want to go see Jax." "Ha, you want what dangles between Jax's legs." Ivory's cheeks burned. "Nana! You and Mickey have got to stop reading my mind." Nana gave her a wink. "I don't mind, and just 'cause I'm old, don't mean I don't know the look in a woman's eyes

She pulled into Jax's driveway and shut the car off. He didn't disappoint. Should she tell him about the baby before or after she jumped his bones? Ivory went with spontaneity to make her decision. dirty. sirens on. "Do they?" Mickey's laughter broke the silence as he made his presence known." Ivory pushed her hair out of her face. and she held her breath when he opened the door. "I'm going to be a mother. And that's sex. and made the short walk to his door. sex. The streets were quiet. dirty.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros when she sees the man she loves. sex. She rang the doorbell. and Ivory had the road to herself for the most part. She jammed the key into the ignition of her Jeep. "Your nana is a wild cat. rubbing her hands together for warmth. His eye had blackened purple and blue where Nathan got in the sucker punch. And for that matter. She imagined coming home to find an ambulance in the driveway. careful of the iced-over sidewalk. hoping he answered soon. She tapped her fingers against the steering wheel. but he didn't look worse for wear. She 194 . The usual thirty minute drive to Manchester only took twenty. Moms don't have raunchy. A shudder racked her body. and only one thing comes to mind from a long absence. neither do nanas." She shoved her hands to her coat pockets. raunchy. Headlines would read seventy-year-old woman and man break hips having sex. Nana." Ivory made a break for the door before Mickey and Nana started getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor.

All from the brush of his knuckles on her breasts. then dipped into her core. When she felt the ridge of healed skin. She didn't feel him come up behind her. Her hand shot out. chills went up her arms where he trailed his fingers. his head down." He moved closer. Jax tossed her jacket over the table. she wanted his tongue to sweep away the moisture that currently gathered at her center. The flat. and he motioned her inside. desolate. the crisp hairs." He released her. licked the salty taste when he inhaled the scent of her hair. Oh. but the moment his hands settled on her shoulders. taking in the sight of his naked chest. preventing her further exploration. She wanted to feel his cock. as she unraveled her scarf. She placed a kiss on his chest. Lightly. his beard against her soft skin as he dragged his chin down her stomach. He'd shaved the hair on his head 195 . she bit her lip to keep the cry inside of her. "I. Ivory couldn't wait to feel his hands on her body. Ivory faced him. barren landscape of his eyes. pulsing inside of her. Ivory. and Ivory stumbled back. He moved away. the fresh scar over his stomach. his lips on her skin.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros gave him a hesitant smile. peeled her jacket away. "You came here to fuck. Ivory looked up into his eyes. pinning her arm behind her back. uh." she said. she traced the contours of his abs and heard him inhale. wanted to come make sure you were all right. brushing the side of her breasts. "You didn't come here to see if I was all right. touching the velvet of his skin. His hand wrapped around her wrist. silent as usual.

and Ivory thought he'd never looked sexier. Ivory tensed when he turned around. he probably just did. "We'll get there. Jax sat down at the table. his eyes blazing green fire. then craned his head. and she practically begged for the taste of him. as if he'd just stepped off the mats. of holiday cheer in general. "Later. pushing it back from the table. and she wanted it then." Jax turned to give her the grace of his attention before he continued to the kitchen. "And a taste of that sweet pussy I've been dreaming about since I left. but I also came for another reason. she thought. He sipped his coffee." The fact he never once looked up at her made the juices in her vagina gush. At a loss for words. He seated himself in the chair. I did come here for that. She wanted it. In front of me. your hormones went nuts. "We need to talk about something. Ivory noticed the lack of Christmas decorations." 196 . Jax held up his hand. He carefully placed his cup in the sink. She'd heard rumors once you get past the first month. A loud pop sounded through the silence. the feel of him. Ivory sat down across from him. Jax. but not before I have coffee.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros sometime between the night before and that morning. "Come over here." she said. her sensible black panties be-damned. his black workout pants and bare feet giving him a rugged look. "You're right." Ivory sucked in a breath. washing it out. waited for the commando to finish his coffee." he growled. add to that the sensitized nipples. In fact.

nuzzling her stomach through her clothes. Ivory's feet moved on their own as he beckoned her with his hand. The shoulders slipped down." He slid his palms up her thighs. He slowly undid the buttons. his eyes boring into her. He sucked the red nipple into his mouth. Ivory melted at his touch. a draft in the kitchen moved across her bare thighs as her pants slipped in a gauzy mass on the floor. popping them one by one. The cotton teased the nerve endings along her legs. He locked onto her and didn't let go. dipping beneath the satin of her bra and pulled her breasts free. and gently pushed her bottom down. "I can't believe you're really here. Her shirt lay open. the tails around her waist. and Jax pulled on her plain underwear. and Ivory sucked in her breath. Jax stood up. Sensual pleasure rocked her when he lowered his mouth to one aching peak. Her bare skin hit the cool wood of the table. What if it hurt the baby? She didn't think to ask her OB at her last appointment. "What are you waiting for?" His question spurred her into action. Ivory trembled as his fingers skimmed along her collar bone. and pulled. When she stood in front of him.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory hesitated. He backed her up to the table. Jax leaned in. She didn't think she'd be having a sexual relationship while pregnant. When he hooked his fingers on either side of her waistband. the back of her knees. his eyes still assessing her as 197 . She felt her nipples peak and spike through the silk shirt." She lifted her rear. When they joined the pile at her feet. her knees unstable. "Lift up. cupped her ass. She hadn't been intimate since she found out about her pregnancy.

She shut her eyes as his tongue delved between her saturated folds for the first time in months. He would figure it out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros she arched into his kiss. then looked up at her. He opened her further. overtook her. hoping the teasing note in his voice didn't turn to one of anger. She missed this. She jerked. **** 198 . squeezed. just do it. but his simple kisses trailing over her rib cage made her soon forget she'd been terrified of telling him. waiting until his gaze fell on her breasts. He palmed the weight of her chest." he mumbled." Ivory's air backed up. She shuddered as his slow exploration. Ivory shut her eyes. "Spread your legs. "Something's different here. her toes curl. clogging in her throat. She waited for the light in his head to go off. His constant. "Your breasts seem larger. He stopped at her hipbone. titled her up to his gaze. It looked as though she'd had implants done. She dug into the wood of the table with her fingernails. She wouldn't be able to stand slow torture. Could he tell? Did he know? She waited beneath his silent perusal of her body." Ivory obliged. his face level with her core. I can't stand the waiting." He slid his palms beneath her butt cheeks. opening her knees. and he sat down at the kitchen chair. with him. the rasp of his beard against her soft skin. Just a little more. "Jax. steady lick and nip made her shake. The soft plop she heard when he released her made her inner muscles clench in warning. Jax slid the shirt open wider. Just one more time.

Every time Jax held this woman in his arms. the moist heat a testament to her state of arousal. He needed to feel the muscles of her vagina as they milked his cock. and wiped his lips off.. rubbed against the spot just behind her clit until she palmed her own breasts. and he gave the little vixen what she asked for. burned through his veins. but he wanted to be inside of her for it. To be with him. his balls on fire. her body open for his pleasure ." she sighed. He thumbed her clit. kissed her lips. felt her legs tense against his cheeks. and he sucked the sweet cream from her pussy as it fell on his waiting mouth." Her quiet urge broke through the lust-induced haze his mind suffered. 199 . wrapped his hand around his dick. His mind spun. He eased his fingers out. fill her to the hilt. She'd come to him. feel her smooth ass against his testicles. plucked the nubbin with his fingers until he felt the rush of sweet nectar. "Jax. There was nothing like Ivory for breakfast. her orgasm ready to crest. He couldn't wait to sink the tortured flesh into her depths.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's soft skin and sweet taste sated a hunger in Jax he'd been dealing with since he left in October. He stabbed his tongue into her entrance. he'd carry it with him into the corner of hell. The sight of her in abandon. he felt clean. He slid two fingers into her tight channel. Someone in heaven must have given him a reprieve from the darkness. Her juices coated his lips.. Jax dropped his pants. "Don't stop. his seed from his body. and let it be his light of retribution. Jax's dick felt like a hot poker in his pants.

dug her heels into his thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist. and he let her warmth pulse around him. slowly sinking into the clutch of her body. his balls drew up. he planted his feet. and Jax's hips twitched. 200 . but at the moment. brought her down on him. He knew something had changed. He cupped her bottom. her hands gripping his forearms as he nudged the flared head into her opening. His side pulled. Only her. She sucked him in. Her little teeth nipped at his ear. Ivory's muscles clamped on him as she began to ride him. but he didn't care at the moment if every muscle fiber tore in two again. bucking. He felt a sizzle along his spine.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She reached out to him. sucking. her lips devoured the last inch of his shaft. When Jax felt the first jolt of orgasm rock through her. "That's it. gathering her body close." he whispered as he swelled. She raked her nails down his back. he didn't care." Ivory took his advice to heart. kneading the flesh as she worked magic on his cock. His hips pistoned with each spurt of semen. stretched her tight channel. and the fact she'd willingly come into his arms. The only thing that mattered was his hope. He growled out his approval when she bit down on his neck. and slammed his body into hers. grinding her body on his. She existed and nothing else. her tongue slid against his ear. Show me how you want it. and poured his seed into her body. Jax leaned forward. Jax held her close. Fully seated inside of her. filled his lungs with her scent. burying his hands in her hair. "Ivory. almost fade away. baby. a red alert he wouldn't last long if he didn't go slow. The room began to spin.

the reality he brought her pleasure. she sat down. The aftershock of such an explosive occurrence felt too damn good on his dick anyhow. He'd intended to be gentle. folding her fingers. Shit. Who else's would it be?" Jax only heard her say yes. Jax placed a gentle kiss against her mouth. tilted her chin up. and her eyes glistened in the kitchen light. "Yes. and she took control. Damn. He was going to be a father. "How?" 201 . He wanted to feel the contractions of her body. and Jax's heart nearly died from sheer exhaustion as it rushed to pump blood to his organs. How had he not seen it before? Because you couldn't stop staring at her tits or thinking about getting inside her pants again." "Is it mine?" She took her time answering. Fuck. no extra energy expended.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Pulling out of her before her orgasm subsided would be torture. He sat her back on the table. "Yes. rather calmly buttoned up her shirt and slid to the floor. Shit. forced her tongue past. "You're pregnant. Finally. but her heated kiss made him ready to perform all over again. Realization dawned on him. She dressed with a matter-of-fact attitude. Jax noticed two things: Ivory gained weight." Ivory didn't even blink. As the last of the extreme pleasure subsided. A lazy smile spread on her lips. and Jax couldn't put her through it.

"Where are you going?" Ivory turned back to him. I think we thoroughly demonstrated just now how I got pregnant. "Well. and got up to go. Yes it can be a her. "I've got to get back to Ashley. he just loved being inside of her. Give you the chance to be a part of his or her life. "I was. He still wanted to bend her over his kitchen sink.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's smile lit up the room." he said. At any rate. "You said you were." he accused. She represented home. Not money." "I understand. Her lips were swollen from their kiss. Home. her mouth tilted slightly. Her black hair slipped over her shoulder and hung in her face. and because. 202 . I guess it didn't work." she said. Jax tamped down the hormones that raged in his body. Jax. I'm not expecting anything from you. To say he was shocked wouldn't adequately describe his state of mind. used it to support his weak legs. "I don't want you to see Nathan while you carry my child." "You were on birth control. and fuck the hell out of her. Ashley is a her. He needed time. her bottom lip plump and sexy as hell. and Jax could still taste her. She laid a protective hand across her stomach." Jax folded his arms over his chest. Not a commitment." It could be a her? Dummy. For keeping something so big from him." She shrugged. I just thought I should tell you. "I need time to think. smell her on him. Jax let the weight of his body fall against a wall. hell. Oh. What would he do now? She didn't want commitment.

and Jax felt another round of shock filter through his system. he'd have been brained as he retreated up the stairs. and instead. our arrangement. stood her ground. Ivory. Unless in the gym. The twin lasers of disapproval stung. [Back to Table of Contents] 203 ." Jax gripped her wrist inches before her hand made impact against his jaw. New Year's Eve.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros and for him to get things in place. is back on." He turned away. but if they were going to have a relationship and raise a child together. Nathan would have to take a hike. "Good. The woman put him in his place more often than not. Ivory wrenched on her arm. his jaw set. "I'm going to stop by to see Mickey and Ashley. but admiration trickled into his quickly snowballing emotions where she became concerned. She didn't give an inch. and he'd be damned if it didn't turn him on and make him want to go back for more. rubbed the spot absently when he released her. Wear the dress. No violence in the house." If looks were balls. And don't fuck him either. "Don't tell me what to do. I don't want you to see him period. He wouldn't show it." he informed her. He wanted her approval. "And. "I'm not sleeping with him. her brow furrowed. It wouldn't have hurt." He stalked toward her. He stopped at the bottom step. Jax. then they needed some ground rules. Our first date. her eyes daring him to give her another order. heading toward the upstairs for a shower. Ivory still glowered.

Ivory's ears rang with the two-syllable word.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Thirteen Pots clattered. Born on the ocean. "You know they're too heavy for you to be toting around." she called out." came Nana's swift reply. The bathroom tile worked as acoustics while her laughter rolled through her. Ashley erupted in a fit of laughter as Ivory gently washed the bubbles from her hair. smoothing a dollop of baby shampoo over Ashley's stringy blonde curls. baby. "That's my girl. "Oh." The little ducky bath towel Ivory bought for Ashley suffered minor damage from Ashley's water fest. "I guess we're all happy. Mama. At that moment. Ivory grinned at the baby." Ivory dropped the cup. Tears sprang to her eyes. the water amusing the child." She sighed. but stayed dry enough to allow her to pick the baby up and hold her close. you said Mama. a true New Englander." "You mind yourself. pulled on her toes. Cha-Cha. covering Ashley's head with the duck bill. and Nana's curses in Irish rang through the house." "Mama. Ashley started to wiggle. Ashley splashed bath water up into Ivory's eyes. "Did you just say Mama?" Ashley grabbed her feet. She called her Mama. When she stood up and turned 204 . be careful with those pots. Chaos on Christmas Day. I won't be told what to do. "Nana.

as if unsure how to handle the hectic life. the center of all things happening in the Black household. then gave her a few toys to play with. Ivory tried to sneak past Jax. his arms crossed over his chest. "Mickey. Jax wouldn't give up the adrenaline rush of military life for crying babies 205 . She couldn't help but smile when Jax kissed the top of his niece's head." His cheeks suffused with red. what have you got for me?" The sound of Jax's deep voice in her home made Ivory wish for things she doubted he'd ever give her. He passed her back. Jax held her up. and Ivory put Ashley in her walker. He leaned his tall frame against it. kid?" Ashley giggled her answer." After diapering Ashley. She gathered up the bath toys. Nana winked at her when they entered the kitchen. "What are you wearing." He held his hands out. Ashley's rubber ducky. and tiny bottles of shampoo. aware her body ignited at one sweep of his beautiful eyes over her body. she followed him as he backed out the door. his arms crossed over his chest. and Ivory passed Ashley over.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros around. and Jax stood stiff as a board beside the fridge. She was trapped in the tiny bathroom until Jax decided to let her pass. and Ivory gathered the child close. Nana slaved over chocolate chip cookies. but his body wouldn't allow for a meager inch between the doorway and freedom. "I'll wait until you put a diaper on her. Mickey spread his files over the small table. examining the towel. you know. "You can hold her a little longer. Jax filled the doorway. "Hi.

and introduced my sister to drugs. Dirty D. Could he really be Ashley's father? "I don't know." Ivory sucked her bottom lip into her mouth. squinting his eyes. "Holy shit. No matter how good the sex was. Why not?" 206 . "Mary's client list. Ivory knew some of the people through her office and charities she was affiliated with. She scanned the names. Dirty cops. He and Nathan played golf together." Mickey handed over a single white sheet of paper." "Yup.A." Jax ripped the paper from her hands. "The man doesn't get neutered when he gets married. She knew Christian Jacobs well. and Ivory glared at him. He's happily married." Mickey said. "And I bet my last dollar he met her through the state. I've met his wife. Saw her several times in the last months before her death. if you know what I mean." Jax folded the piece of paper and stuck it in his back pocket.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros and dirty diapers. "Top of the list. the high profile list that could throw the city of Boston into a fit. "This is the prosecuting attorney for the State of Massachusetts. and curiosity about the names caused Ivory to intercept it before Jax could reach for it. He very well could have fathered Ashley." Jax swore beneath his breath. She snuck a glance at him when Mickey started talking. "Who is the primary suspect?" Mickey stuck a toothpick between his teeth and moved it around with his tongue.

keeping his gaze on Ivory. an odd expression on his face." She picked the bundle of joy up." Ivory whispered. "You said it again. She looked up to find Jax staring at the two of them. "Mama. Maybe she worked on her own. "Two or three were regulars. "There's a high-profile Madame in Boston. "How would you know?" He shot her a look of granite. but Jax kept his thoughts under lock and key." Ivory jerked her gaze toward Jax and his set jaw. I don't know what she did before she met her pimp and dealer. She tried to discern what he might be thinking. This was bigger than she could have imagined. said. Someone she believed in fathered a child by an escort. "No.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory let the smell of baking cookies soothe her strained nerves. but I haven't been there in years." "Obviously not if you never saw your sister. "Did she keep regular clients?" Mickey noted his binder. Maybe she worked with a Madame." 207 . She finally broke eye contact when Ashley cooed. She works out of an old Victorian house outside the city limits. my boy. let's get on the road. She felt sick to her stomach. That's my girl. It's been at least five." Mickey chuckled." Jax started to pace. "Well. "I think it might be obvious. Mickey broke the lag in conversation. We've got some people to question." he said. but Ivory didn't crumble under his scrutiny.

The smell of his soap. She itched to run her palm up his forearm. tickled her nose. tossing her hair back." Jax glanced from Mickey to her." "No. She longed for his taste. and Jenny took Ashley inside. Ivory turned to look at Jax. and Ashley was seated in the back of Jax's extended cab. and then back to Mickey. The older man shrugged." Only the sound of hard rock filled the truck as they made the turn that would lead them straight for Nathan's house. Ivory sat beside Jax. "Someone will talk. feel the steel cords flex as he effectively shifted gears. When they readied themselves to go. then things might get ugly. "I think we should go see Nathan as well. she stood up. When the baby disappeared behind the safe doors of Jenny's nest. her thigh constantly bumping against his. "It's Christmas Day. I know how to defend myself.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory never took her eyes off Jax. Even with Mickey and Ashley tucked in back. to the exclusion of being able to think. being in close quarters with Jax played havoc on her psyche." "Let me help. Ivory knew she'd won the argument and moved around the small area collecting Ashley's things efficiently. the heat infusing her." Jax shoved his arms through the coat. her car seat strapped in. sending jolts of lightning up her legs straight to her core. "I can handle it. If Christian Jacobs doesn't take to being accused this way. 208 . his lips on hers. fresh and male. She reveled in the feel of his body pressed to her side. No more than five minutes. He and Christian are friends." Ivory planted her free hand on her hip. They rode in silence all the way to Heron House.

I suppose it's possible Nathan does know. but she's right. it would be his friends. kid.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's stomach flipped when Jax's telltale muscle started jumping." Ivory watched as Jax tightened his hands on the steering wheel. what she craved. If anyone will know anything. Jax swung a hard right. executed a U-turn and drove back toward the suburbs. his fingers plunging over and over into her core as she held on. Could Nathan have known? And the answer came clear as day." she whispered. If Mickey wasn't in the truck with them. was fucking my sister for money. Ivory would have demanded he pull over. "Nathan knew all along his dear old buddy. "Ivory?" Jax's voice jerked her out of her thoughts. She felt her need grow with each tic of the cord. we'll stop by the police station. what she needed. Feel his tongue on her. the pulse of his anger alluring her. First. Christian. as if he could tell what she thought." Ivory swallowed past the bile in her throat. the sound of rubber screeching beneath his hands. She wanted his mouth against her throat. "Son-a-fucking-bitch. "Yes. "I think we should wait to go see Nathan. "What?" A knowing smile played on his full lips." "I don't know how much we'll find out today." **** 209 .

He had a vicious looking split lip. Jax shoved the clutch down as they pulled up in front of the condominium in Rockport." Nathan bit out." 210 . and the low life hadn't even thought to tell him about it. The most precious thing in the world. blocking her path. Jax kept her behind him. but he kept her behind him. "Let's go. still in a robe. "We've got some questions for you. Nathan. and Nathan. He narrowed his sights on the road. And things started to clink into place." Ivory jumped out behind him and. Innocence.. Nathan squinted against the sunlight invading his tomb. Mickey brought up the rear. Ivory tried to move around Jax. Ivory's sweet little body plastered to his as they rounded a turn. Nathan knew about his sister's life. The small scenic town boasted quiet streets and specialty shops. and Jax's only mission was to protect it. He rapped his knuckles against the hard front door of Nathan's home. careful of the growing child in her stomach. What were the chances the one man who should have been helping in the first place held key information? Unless that man had something to hide. and Jax felt satisfaction at his handiwork.. when he got his hands on Nathan. today. "I didn't expect to see you three. Oh.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax put his foot to the pedal as they sped down Rt. but from Ivory. Not from Jax. and he felt her muscles tense at his reckless behavior. 128. Jax would do the talking. mindless as he took turn after turn to get to Nathan's house situated on the water. The condos were beachfront property and cost a pretty penny in the area. answered.

"Easy. Jax glanced down at Ivory. "We need to talk. "What do you want to talk about.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The Chief of Police stepped back. Nathan returned. The Chief kept his place toasty warm. it's me who needs to talk to you. letting the trio inside. Jax cut a look toward Ivory. and Jax almost felt a twinge of grief over his lost sister. "Actually. He pointed toward the living room. He produced the color print of Mary." "So not what I'm pissed about right now. This is no time for whose dick is bigger. "Nathan? Who is it?" Ivory's eyes had gone wide. Jax. The heat blast made Jax drowsy for a minute before he got his bearings. tiger. a decidedly feminine voice. but his little bird was stoic as usual." Obliging her request. A voice called down the hallway. his child. Nathan stared at the five-by-five. and Jax led the way." he said." 211 . stepping forward. her pupils ringed with a bit of blue. Nate. Jax let her go. His woman. "Pretty. lost chances to know her." Nathan grumbled about intrusion and headed off to the belly of his home. graceful in her appearance. Chief. Nathan glowered at them. and Jax wrapped his arm around her waist. Jax?" Mickey cleared his throat. when the woman said. his palm settling over her abdomen. though the flare of her nostrils betrayed her anger. and get your hand off me like I'm your property. his jeans and Tshirt wrinkled as though he picked them up off the floor. Still. Her nostrils flared. he kept his body positioned in front of her. Go tell your company you're going to be a minute. We'll get some answers.

except Christian." Jax thought he saw Nathan's eyes widen a little at the implication. And one other man. "Better yet. I'll dig as deep as I have to go to find out who my sister's keeper was. Look. you asshole. Jax moved forward." Mickey produced another paper. but no one knows the name of that guy. this one her list of contacts and clients. and you know I can do it. She worked for Madame Christine for a couple of months. between the two men. but Jax's training as a killer provided ample leverage. "Provided by a fellow. and suspicion stirred in his gut. "Mary and Christian had no such relationship." Jax caught Ivory's expression. I'll expose you. "Did Christian give Mary her first taste of heroin?" Nathan paced back and forth in front of his gas fireplace. "They weren't involved. He was a big guy. and I'll start turning over rocks. Nathan. service provider? Looks like the girls shared clients. 212 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "It's my sister. but she slipped under the radar." Jax didn't care about Madame Christine or her other charges. Mary had some dealings in bad shit. and the anger inside." Jax couldn't keep the shakes out of his voice." he whispered to Nathan. so was Nathan. I'll find out what scumbags crawl out from the department's protection. and you knew all along Christian Jacobs was fucking her. Nathan pinned Jax with a loathing stare. He cared about his sister and her fatherless child. "I think you'd better start talking. I can take you down. We busted the Madame's operation. shall we say.

I'm sorry she got what she did. "I think there's something you're not saying." he barked when he climbed in. paid her way. "Let's go home." Mickey took Ivory by the elbow. Nathan was sleeping with someone? Had he been sleeping with the floozy while they were supposed to be working out their relationship? Mickey kept her in place with a staying hand on her arm as they waited for Jax. "She worked in a bar downtown. 213 ." **** Ivory felt her anger infiltrate her veins. "I don't know. understanding what Jax held over him." he said." "How did they meet?" This from Mickey. and I'll tell the whole world you frequent a brothel. In a steady voice. Jax wrapped his finger around the doorknob. "Stay away. How did she get involved with the drugs?" Nathan stood at his window. before the drugs. When his old friend had her safely outside. flexing his fingers. Jax walked over to Nathan and got in his face. "Fine. "Christian and Mary were involved for a year or so." Jax backed off. he said. his back to them. Ashley. Nate." "Your child?" Nathan asked. He ended it when he found out about the pregnancy. Mary was a good kid. Nathan ran a hand back through his longish hair. or my child. He kept her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Nathan nodded in ascent. "Come near Ivory. poisoning her good mood. before she started working for Madame Christine. ready to exit. I won't tell you again. her expression growing more hostile by the minute.

"Lady. "I think you and Ashley should come live with me." Ivory scrambled for the passenger door and jumped down. you could have hurt yourself. and whatever it was.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "You've got the keys. fuck-nut." Ivory felt her mouth drop open. When did the man not keep secrets? Mickey jumped out when they reached Ivory's place." She stormed past him. her leg pulling beneath her." He rubbed his temple." Jax's longer legs allowed him to catch up to her before she entered the house. "Where the hell did that come from?" "You're pregnant. "That doesn't constitute a major change in my living arrangements." She shifted to face him." She flung strands of hair out of her face. you don't need to live together to have a child together. but Jax sat. and steered her 214 . "And for your information. Jax. "Damn truck. in today's day and age. Ivory. "Goddamnit. He gripped her shoulder. The impact of her off-center balance on the concrete drive made her knees ache. "Then get a freaking sensible vehicle. you drive me nuts." Jax rounded the hood just as she straightened. pulling them out of her mouth. Something changed in Jax's demeanor." Ivory could see the lines of fatigue around Jax's eyes and wondered if their morning exertions and the trip to Nathan's had tired him out. tapping his fingers on the wheel. The drive back to Nana's felt eerily strange. he was keeping a secret.

Loving Jax Morgan would be painful." "Bastard. "How can we be together when you're constantly ordering me around? When you won't tell me a damn thing about your life. her butt against her Grandpa's old workbench. "You know all you need to know. "You like my hands on you. that's convincing." Ivory cried out. "Get your hands off me. Ivory waited for his inspection to conclude. noted the windows and door into the house." she muttered. "I think we should be together. and she didn't want to acknowledge their existence. he'd still demand more from her. "Not enough. What I know about you. Truth be told. private." "Oh. It would suck every drop of energy she had." Jax's hard stare made her balk. please. and never would she get a thing back. and relentless.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros toward the garage attached to the house. Just leave it. and yet. We can work out a custody schedule." The whisper of his voice against her ear sent shards of pleasure straight to her folds. Jax. He'd take and take." She sneered. he ran his hands down his face and cracked his neck. but that's all you get from me. It hadn't been used in years." he growled. Jax checked the garage out. Satisfied. Jax. Jax. in her gut. Ivory. "Hey." "Liar." Ivory felt his accusation deep down. wouldn't fill the first page of a notebook. use my body at your will." 215 . Ivory. what she'd started to suspect about her feelings for Jax were hidden. hard. and sure. "Don't do this.

but the streaks of fire flowing through her. used his thumb to massage her clit and two digits to pierce her core. She was wet and ready. "Would I get tired of having your sweet body. pulled them. rumbling chuckle reverberated through his chest. "I can't stop thinking about you. "Jax. He palmed her ass. I dream about you. pressing her center against his erection. He untied the drawstring. "You consume me. stole her breath. and Ivory felt his fingers tickle the tender skin at her hip bone. and Ivory closed her eyes at the need that raged inside of her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He crossed the small distance between them. He could make her agree to anything as long as he touched her." Ivory knew all about consumption. hot little pussy at my mercy twenty-four hours a day? Fuck no. "This is my child. His fingers trailed lower." He slid his hands up her breasts. and scooped her up in his arms. and when he slid a finger through her juices. "This is my playground. slide inside her panties. between her thighs. She reached up. Ivory. She opened to him." he growled." Over her stomach." Ivory couldn't control the desire as it sped through her veins. "You belong to me. Ivory muffled her cry on his shoulder. cupped her through her pants. her thoughts." 216 . what if you get tired of having me around?" A low. the nerves and sensations as he rubbed her. "And this is my heaven. pressed against the swollen bud." he whispered against her neck. even on missions. her arteries pumping blood faster to her clit. loved her. centered on that nubbin of pleasure. laid her lips against his.

I don't know why. because. When you leave. I don't want a broken heart. What's the one sure way to get a man to leave? she asked herself. Say the 'L' word. [Back to Table of Contents] 217 . but that's where I draw the line. "I won't move in with you.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Sadness crept into her pleasure. started up his truck. Jax." That stilled him. Ivory searched around in her purse for her Jeep keys. She needed to go pick up Ashley from Jenny and figure out how to keep her heart safe from Jax. "I've got to go. God help me. He pulled his hand from her depths. We can be friends and parents. He tied the drawstring of her pants and kissed her cheek. doused the rage with a healthy bit of reality. and backed out." She watched as he exited the garage. and Ivory grieved the loss of his touch. but you can make me fall in love with you.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Fourteen Jax felt the need to purge it all. And then the memories invaded time and again. and took a seat in the back corner of the bar. coated his stomach in warmth. Jax motioned for Trixie to bring him another." he told the bartender. Where it all started. He went to Magruder's. the fact he had a child on the way and still keep his sanity would be to get shit-faced drunk. No one fucked with him. and his cock groaned in agony. The bullet bouncing around in his body. The rescue. 218 . Jax downed the first round of bourbon and sipped the second. The fact his life could be over. His parents' death. give me a double. He tightened his hold on the glass. She offered salvation. yet in order to get it. If he let her in. then he'd have to remember all the things that made him who he was. Ivory threatened to make him feel the pain of that all over again with her soulful eyes and big heart. and keep 'em coming. He'd have to show her the black hole where his heart should be. He could still smell Ivory on his fingers when he tilted the glass to his lips. And the only way he'd be able to forget Ivory's confession. Examine the reasons. "Trixie. he'd have to confront the past head on. Forgive himself. He liked Magruder's. chugged it. The sweet burn of the alcohol slid down his throat. fuzzed out the awful memories before they had a chance to take root. He wanted to get rid of it.

Trix.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Honey. asked for a chance. he was happy about it. "Who wouldn't want to bed you. Ivory's haunted eyes etched in his mind. her open heart. if he didn't admit to himself at least." Trixie's brown eyes popped. and Jax scooped it up. I'd be throwing' myself at you. but just any woman won't do these days. If he went to Ivory. Forever. who you going to call when you end up flat on your face?" Trixie put his drink down in front of him. Jax? If I was ten years younger." "You ain't got a woman keeping your bed warm?" Trixie's heavy voice and painted lips made Jax grin. She didn't want to. First with Ashley. he would be intertwined with Ivory Black. "Thanks. the wrongs he'd committed. How did he get mucked up in this thing that could be frighteningly labeled a relationship? She stormed into his life." She sauntered off at his brutish tone. First. then with her delectable body. and he'd be damned. "Not tonight. The woman had to be in her fifties. Even the lovely ladies at the strip club downtown wouldn't take his mind off his blue balls and the spitfire who gave him the mother of all hard-ons. then he'd open 219 . he had to tame the beast inside of him." Jax rubbed his jaw. and now with the baby. Ivory was the only one who could give him what he needed now. and just kept the punches coming. darling'. "A cab. and Jax thanked her silently for the peace. The past that hung over him like a black cloud.

220 . I know 'bout Magruder's and I suspected you might be needing a drink tonight. what are you doing here?" Nana waved her hand. "You look lost in thought. The lone part of his profession is what kept him alive. a soldier. "Mickey told you. "I used to raise hell when I was your age. "Nana. too." Jax sat back down hard in his chair. The loner. she'd break a hip. Trixie ambled over. "May I sit?" Jax jumped out of his chair and pulled the only other one available out for the old lady.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros himself up to criticism. Could he give up his life in the Special Forces for a woman? For his child? Being a sniper. He'd lose the part of his character he prided himself on having. was the only thing he knew how to do. snipped their dicks and strung up their balls. Ivory would blame him. If she slipped on ice." "That. and Jax blinked." she allowed. Would she ask him to change? Leave the military? He'd heard stories from former teammates that their wives neutered them. "What are you doing here? Does Ivory know? Should you be driving after dark?" Jax couldn't get the questions out fast enough as Nana stood in front of him." came a tiny voice. her eyes the same sky blue as Ivory's. her silver curls perfectly coifed around her face. a little pink jacket wrapped around her slender shoulders and her white purse cleaved to her breast.

He's looking better these days. Jax smiled and finished off his drink. "Ivory's a fickle one." Jax let the information soak through his mushy brain. Nana. Hell. Ashley." Nana waited for Trixie to bring her drink before continuing. "I'm happy for him." "And she took off running?" Jax quirked a smile at the woman. but since Nathan broke her heart. She took a sip and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. "Not exactly. "Commitment can be tough. her kids. pinning that girl down has become tough." Nana patted his hand. "I don't kiss and tell. "I asked her to move in with me. I asked her to move in. huh?" Jax sat back. actually I ran the other direction. I was surprised when I saw you back at my house after that first night." Hearing his surname made Jax feel like a ten-year-old caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner. Jackson. "So.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Can I get ya. something. his bourbon cradled between his palms. I guess getting Ivory to bend to your will isn't going over so well?" Jax shifted uncomfortably in his chair. honey?" Nana ordered a beer. and Trixie went off with a raised brow. and she mentioned the 'love' word. "What's the deal with you and Mickey?" Nana's cheeks actually turned red. She'd do just about anything for anyone. her small white fingers a stark comparison to his. She turned back to Jax. She loves her job." 221 . "No.

I'll take you home. You're the father of my great grandbaby. and I suspect Ivory's prospect for marriage. and my Ivory. young man. Ivory sat curled up on the couch. she's the best there is. and Jax felt the insane notion to go over and let the smell take root in his brain. "Nope. Won't have you driving. "Come on.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Ah. Nana stood. her red silk bathrobe wrapped around her." Jax groaned." she said." "I'll be fine. buster. I don't want you wrapping yourself around a tree. House the man lusting for her granddaughter's body. I can smell ya from here. To his surprise. Her hair was wet." Jax agreed. He realized it must be Nana's own form of personal torture. When he entered the residence. Nana Black was capable and had all of her faculties. Mickey is waiting in the car to drive your truck home. He thanked her for the ride. She glanced at the doorway and did a double-take. jangling keys in his face. but wouldn't admit it aloud. the love of a good woman can change a man for the better. but when he went to grab his keys from Mickey. the guy pocketed them. well. "What are you doing here?" 222 . She drove well for someone getting on in age. Nana. boy. What a stupid thing to do. He idly wondered if driving drunk would be more safe than with a seventy-something woman." Jax followed the older lady outside and tossed his keys to Mickey. "You'd do best to remember that. The old man clapped him on the back while he settled himself in Nana's old Buick." "I don't think so.

" His voice went husky. and Jax caught a glimpse of her pale. Ivory led him to a bedroom at the end of the hallway. She gave him a tight smile." she said. and his cock responded with a sharp jerk. He could read the hesitancy in her. the flowery essence when she moved to give him some room." he grumbled. He traced circles on her inner wrist. turning her palm over." 223 . "Well. come on." Jax threw a look over his shoulder. He noticed the baby monitor sitting next to Ivory as she watched television. He sat next to her. but he could see Nana written everywhere. "She caught you drinking.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He took his boots off. the muted colors. We'll get you settled in. in case Nana or Mickey saw. creamy flesh. waiting for him to pass her. entering her space. He wanted to run his hands up her thighs and spread them wide open. warning her not to play. "Yes. Jax had never entered the upstairs domain. just to drive himself nuts. and turned on the light. didn't she?" Jax took her hand in his. He didn't like it. the way she slightly held herself back from him. "Nana is making me stay. "It's got fresh towels and linen. He arranged his hands in front of his dick." She led him up the stairs. He could smell the shampoo. She sat up straighter on the couch. Her soft touches. "Come here. "I guess you'll have to sleep in the nude. He heard her slight intake of air.

as much as I scare myself. A smile breached his somber mood. and she turned into his palm. Ivory pulled back from him. "Nana's depraved. and Jax savored the moment. and when she shut the door. kissed her forehead. This is your Nana's house. Jax collapsed on the bed. "I don't think so. but not that much." Ivory waggled her eyebrows. he leaned in." "I didn't mean to scare you. "You don't scare me. the tip of her nose before sipping from her lips. her little tongue darting out to sear the toughened skin. kissing it. I'm depraved. her cheeks." She slid her hands beneath his shirt. Ivory. after she goes to bed. displaying her nerves when she tucked her hair behind her ears. be slow and sweet. **** 224 . Instead. if we're quiet. "I think we can get away with a little fun. Jax didn't even notice the pain in his side when she touched him. The woman would drive him insane before the military would." She left then. her small feet not making a sound." Jax smoothed a hand down her cheek. Come join me in my room. her eyes. "I'm sorry about earlier. her sharp nails grazing his skin. Give to her more than he took. her eyes on his. a need to be with her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She stepped further into the bedroom." Her blue eyes implored he accept her apology." Jax held his breath for a beat before expelling it. "Don't apologize for being honest. A gentle pull of desire tugged on him. She let him in.

"I wanted to make sure you're all right. If pregnancy didn't make her hot. throwing her pillow on the floor when her neck began to sweat. Her bed covers were pushed to the end of the bed. Ivory dropped her feet to the floor. her eyes wide. probably buck-ass naked.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The light from the full moon kept Ivory awake." She searched for the words. pulling on the hem of her nightgown. the slinky nightgown she wore bunched at her thighs." 225 . "I was. with Mickey. and only Ashley would be on the upper level with her and Jax. Ivory twisted around. Before she could climb in the bed with him though. With deliberate slowness. "You're awake?" "I never went to sleep. made her burn. Jax turned on the light. Nana had started sleeping on the first floor. uh." Ivory bit her lip. the fact Jax lay just a few feet down the hall. and she couldn't see where she stepped. The silver beams streamed through the parted curtains. The moonlight didn't reflect in his southern facing window. Ivory's body erupted in a full-blown meltdown. When the red numbers on her alarm clock mocked her as the minutes passed. and tiptoed over the floorboards until she was safely in the hall. shadows of bare tree branches inching across the white plaster. She stopped mid-step. she turned the handle of his bedroom door and pushed it open. When she felt the texture change from soft carpet to rough jean material. She stared at the ceiling.

sliding one large thigh between hers. Jax whispered against her hair. teasing her nipples to attention. or for him to fill her with his erection. circled the forbidden opening there with his 226 . His tongue snaked out. and Jax placed a kiss at the base of her spine. He spread her wetness from her pussy to her rear. and Ivory felt a thrill race through her when she caught sight of his erect cock. "Get in. the shadows hugging the rigid muscles. and tears swam in her eyes. She reached to turn out the light. He pulled her back against his front. Just feel. traced the path of her spine." She threaded her fingers through his hair as he slid his palm over her belly. She burrowed her face in his chest. his hand splayed across her tummy. She waited in vain. When he wrapped an arm around her waist. Ivory's breath hitched.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax pulled back the sheets that covered his gloriously naked form. but he was hell bent on slow torture. He palmed her breasts. then down between her thighs. His soft strokes and shallow plunges into her core made her sigh in anticipation. "Don't do anything. weak with need." he said softly. Her smaller body fitted against his much larger one. and she sank down onto the mattress. She couldn't wait to feel the pulse of his hands against her achy opening. She set down on the edge of the bed. and Jax planted small kisses along her forehead and down her face. Ivory. Ivory gathered the material around her legs and pulled the nightgown over her head. Ivory closed her eyes in satisfaction.

"Ask for anything. I need you inside of me. the ridges and veins of his manhood evident to her raw nerves. He rasped a prayer in her ear as she took him all the way. the almost painful attention at her slit. He continued to lather the area of her ass she never dreamed could be used as pleasure center. the taboo act he performed on her rear. and I'll give it to you. sucked on the tip. afraid to either wake her nana or Ashley. Ivory felt tears form behind her eyelids as another burst of unsatisfied demand roared through her clit. Ivory closed her eyes against the dark pleasure he elicited in her. but as she became accustomed to the sensation. massaged the sweet entrance with practiced ease. but Ivory couldn't think for what he was putting her through. 227 . Jax used his other hand to assault her clit." She bit down on his thumb when he inserted the digit into her mouth. Jax's member prodded her lower back.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros finger. He wouldn't let her budge from the crest. Snaps. but when he pulled her thigh higher over his." She felt him withdraw first from her rear. his quiet whispers against her ear. She held her voice. At first. the tight muscles resisted his entry. Ivory. and then her core. Sizzles. she shivered as the head of his shaft prodded her drenched slit. Quick fires of pleasure zinged and zoomed across her nerve endings. She felt helpless against his ministrations. tasting the salty flavor of him. He worked himself inside of her. until she felt his finger slowly work its way inside. "Jax.

searched out his lips with her own. she gave him space. Ivory felt him go still behind her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He set the tempo. the aftershock from her mind-bending ride categorized somewhere between pleasure and pain. When he woke up in a cold sweat. then 228 . Her body hugged his. She wanted more. Oh. and boy. She wanted him. He ran a finger down her hairline. She rolled over. followed by blues. as he gathered her hips close and slammed up into her. the fire quenched in her gut. If she felt Jax twitch in the middle of the night. did her body sing for him as red flashed through her mind. and gave him a soft kiss to seal their unspoken truths. his smooth brow relaxed in repose. All of him. her belly nestled against his hard stomach. She muffled her cry as an orgasm a thousand times her usual sensitivity ripped through her body. his breathing heavy. He slid from her. squeezed. She waited for his heart to stop hammering her back. She stroked a finger over his chin. his fingers playing her clit like a fine tuned violin. "I think it's time we got some sleep. Ivory offered him a glass of water. green and finally white. his hard jaw softer." Ivory pulled the covers higher over her body. Jax finally rested. a slow thrust followed by a harder jab. until his lungs sounded normal. When his growl of approval ran through her head. Ivory fell asleep. she loved it. his plea. Each pound of his cock made her body lash out in resistance. a wash of yellow on the horizon. the sweaty strands pasted there. When the sky turned red and pink. She heard his curse. White-hot. With Jax's arms wrapped around her back.

swoopy handwriting.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros down his neck. cold sweats." A smile curled his upper lip. In her neat. The fact Ivory had been the first made him somehow feel guilty. and Jax scooped up his jeans. Did that mean she would think he'd gone and made a commitment? Well. Nana said to get your butt up and have some of her pancakes. I'll see you sometime after work I'm sure. She couldn't save Jax. and Ivory knew too many nights in his arms would be her undoing. That would signify an agreement of some sort. A curious helplessness settled over her as birds began to sing. Jax decided his appearance left a little to be desired. And Jax couldn't save himself. The sun beat down on his brow through the window. He sat up and noticed the note on his nightstand. He had no room in his heart for her. **** Jax woke up alone. He didn't have a toothbrush or his toiletries. He'd never spent the entire night with any woman. The man suffered from nightmares. The safety of her heart hung in the balance. coffee is made. or an unborn child. He opened the standard white notebook paper. flashbacks. When he looked in the mirror and saw his bloodshot eyes. Ashley. she'd written: 'Jax. he did ask her to move in with him. but a shower would help clear the cobwebs from his mind. and the smell of Ivory's shampoo lingered on his pillow. the day coming to life. The 229 . Ivory.

When he heard pans clatter. "Eat up.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros alcohol hadn't affected him so much as the flashbacks. "Don't look so surprised. She tamed the beast. coughing several times. "Start carrying your dishes with you. the nightmares. "Uh. and he had seated himself in the chair at Nana's kitchen table with Mickey when she plopped a plate of slapjacks on the table. afraid if he ate another bite he would suffer death by pancake. His eyes watered. Not an honorable way to go. It only took five minutes to wash away the night grit and sex from his body. I uh. "We're getting married." Mickey winked at him and sipped from his chipped mug. It looked suspiciously like the one he kept at his own place." Jax choked on the pancake. He remembered waking to hear Ivory's soft voice chase the images away. that's what she said." he started to say. Mickey's ruddy cheeks grew crimson. Mick?" He cut into one fluffy pancake. my boy. well. the sweet bread heaven to his starved taste buds." Jax pushed his plate away." Mickey retorted. but soothed the demon that crowded his soul. "When?" 230 . "Did you say 'married'?" "Yes. The woman made not only his balls ignite. She could keep them away with her words. but Nana cut him off. At least for one night. with her innate goodness. He poured syrup on the pile before he swiped another bite. and he sucked in gulps of air when he managed to dislodge the food. Jax maxed his record time. She handed him a fork.

and Mickey. Ivory's grandmother was so tiny and manicured. well. hell. but he was damn sure he'd stepped into an alternate universe. thanked Nana for the 231 . "Have you told Ivory?" Jax sucked down the coffee in front of him. "I want her to celebrate this one with a bang. taking her seat next to Mickey. Mickey shook his head." "I think hearing about your impending nuptials would suffice as a bang. Mickey and Nana's knees bumped against his too often. Nana. She's very protective of me. The two of them side by side threw Jax for a sidewinder." Nana said. He spread his legs out. If he went outside. and asked for his keys." Nana supplied." Jax shifted his knees from beneath the small area. He told Mickey he'd see him later. "Ivory won't be pleased. Mickey. Nana shook her birdlike head.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Don't know just yet. "Well. He didn't know how yet. half terrified he would find out his day at the Black house had been a dream." Jax said. I've got stuff to do today." "We'll wait until after the first of the year. Mickey still chewed and spit on his front porch. got any plans?" "I'm taking a day off to be with my future bride." Jax blocked out the annoyance of Mickey's silly smile and Nana's pleased grin. "She's got too much going on just yet. would he see the masses pick up their paper at the same time and wave in unison? Jax stood.

He covered the distance between the house and his godchild in seconds." "From New Hampshire?" Cecilia pushed out her bottom lip. "So. I wanted to come make sure you were okay. Talk to Madame Christine and wring Nathan's neck. He needed to get answers. "Besides. "Cecilia Janice Stone. When he'd been getting toasted. "Jax. boy. a familiar sports car was parked there." Cecilia plopped down onto a vacant chair. Would the surprises never stop? "Give me a break.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros pancakes he'd choked on. Daddy said you got hurt." he shouted at no one in particular. I need your help. and Cecilia crossed her arms at his mood. brat?" Jax judged by her rumpled appearance and lack of makeup she'd probably skipped out of her mother's place the night before. he would shoot someone before the day was over. just as she would deal with his call to her parents. too. she poked her head out the door. He brushed past her on his way to the kitchen. during his rescue. I drove here. When Jax pulled into his drive." Oh. help him. When he jumped out of his truck. her pointy chin cradled in her hands." 232 . God. She would deal with it. Skeins of tight red curls of auburn clouded her face. "Daddy and Mom got into another fight. what the hell are you doing here?" Cecilia's pert little nose wrinkled. already. the-fuck-well. Jax narrowed his eyes. "What did you do this time. Jax let his forehead fall against his hands. and hauled ass. Luke and Sara deserved to know where their daughter had got off to. Oh.

kid. "Mom left last night. flipped it around and sat on it backward. Her usually bright smile and cheerful gaze were suspiciously absent. And then we're calling your parents. giving her his best drill sergeant stare. "You won't get sympathy from me. waving his fingers in his direction. and Jax negated the desire to wrap her up in a big hug. and every time. "That bad. Her bottom lip trembled. and tell her Luke and Sara fought all the time. Either Sara or Luke left. I didn't know they'd had divorce papers drawn up. neither of them were coming home this time. "Eat. You're a runaway. won't let me have a moment's peace. from the day they met. Jax leaned his shoulder against the fridge.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax planted a box of cereal and milk in front of the sixteenyear-old. he would sign the divorce papers. huh?" He pulled a chair out. Jax cursed. at a loss for words to say to the child. let's have it. I should take you down to BPD and tell them to book your ass." When Cecilia's amber eyes filled with tears. However. She poured a hefty amount of cereal into the white porcelain bowl and spooned a heap into her mouth. but they always worked it out. She chewed thoughtfully before meeting his gaze. All right. the look in Cecilia's eyes bothered him. "Damn women." Jax heard the story over and over." He used his hand to motion for her to spill the beans. I'm going to change clothes." The fake tears dried up. "Daddy told her if she walked out the door." Jax brushed a hand over his head. She sniffled. He didn't deal well with parents. His Mom 233 .

Nor did Mickey. She tell you about the fight?" Jax didn't like to pry into Luke's marriage." He heard Luke's sigh through the receiver." Jax felt the jab in his own gut." "Cecilia?" "Yep." He went into his office.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros and Pop were murdered before he really got a chance to know them. as rocky as it was. "And I take it she left?" Cecilia shook her head. "All right. one of his closest friends. The red curls swayed from side to side. she'd divorce me. He'd never been a sixteen-year-old with a broken heart over his parents' dissolution of marriage. I'll call Luke. she'd rather have a husband than a corpse. "Said something about divorce papers. "Daddy left instead. Said she can't do this life anymore. Sara wanted 234 . After all that time. Luke and Sara were just volatile people. and Ivory's Nana didn't count." he said. and to talk about Sara." Jax scratched his temple. "Sara said if I came home from one more mission busted up." "All right. "It's me. Luke's cell phone number ingrained on his memory. Eat up. and married they became like an ignited cable on a C4 block big enough to take off a corner of the earth. let him know you're all right. "She's pretty upset. didn't always sit right with him. He dialed. Luke and Sara had been married for seventeen years. and Jax felt the guy's pain. and Luke picked up on the first ring. Give her a day or two before you come charging in.

the Grim Reaper came closer to him. but would she survive a life with him? Or would she just give up and quit after twenty years because he took one too many assignments? Too many people killed? With every life he took. Someday he would atone for his sins with his blood. and he didn't want Ivory around that day. Both he and Luke knew it. finally broke under her husband's choices. and he never relented his hold once you took a step inside his door. what are you going to do?" "I'm a soldier. photographs of missions past. Each one too young to die. Not would Ivory have him. Even wrapped up in a nice tidy bow. The question evolved. Sara knew it.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros to call it quits. Jax slammed his fist down on the desk. of buddies he'd lost. stared at the screen saver on his computer. It's who we are. a woman he both admired and respected for her inner strength. Jax drew an unsteady breath." Jax hung up the phone. [Back to Table of Contents] 235 . And Sara. Jax. Jax couldn't stop being who he was. Death was a vicious bastard. Would Ivory do the same? "So.

It's my rule. for protection." Her boss braced her hands on the cluttered. and Ivory scanned the list." Claire handed over a folder. Here. desk." she said. Ivory glared at Claire." Ivory bolted out of her chair so fast. she tossed her pen in the waste basket.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Fifteen The damn thing wouldn't work. Rules are rules. I can handle that. you're on desk duty. Interviews. but couldn't find the damn package of ten she'd bought a month ago. When she heard a chuckle. but if you get yourself knocked up. so. She dug around in her drawer for a new one." She bent over to clip her 1911 to her waist. at her desk. So much for buying cheap pens. Ivory missed the action of working a case from the outside. "Although. "This is your fault. "Mostly foster care homes. All right. and paused briefly as the thought ran amuck in 236 . Ivory blew her hair out of her eyes." "And where in the social worker's handbook does it say I have to be on desk duty?" Claire's painted red lips quirked up in a half smile. "I'm sorry. Desiree called in sick. the three wheeled disgrace to office equipment nearly toppled. You could cover her stops if you want. honey. "Not in there. all she could do to help the city's children was make phone calls and schedule appointments for her coworkers to take a trip out there. "I'll do it. yet organized. Claire relegated her to the desk since her announcement about the baby and would hear none of it.

she'd teamed her black blazer with a baggy silk shirt she'd left un-tucked. Ivory pulled out into traffic. Not sure what crawled up his butt. better to be safe than sorry." "That's fine. The telltale ringing of her black bag alerted her someone needed to talk to her. though the legs seemed to fit fine." He rang off without even a good-bye. having a chance to talk with the children would be a nice change of pace. Oh well. She'd have to get the kind with a stretchy waist. waited for the clock on her dash to light up. Though she didn't get to do the butt kicking kind of work she'd grown used to. Think you could swing by later?" She stuck the key into the ignition. Since she swore her stomach was already bulging. She'd be done with work by four. I've got a few things to do. Her jeans started to feel tight around her waist." "Hey. but this afternoon is free after I pick up Ashley. aiming for the coast. See you then.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros her mind somehow carrying while carrying felt wrong." A smile touched her lips as she juggled her bag and the keys while trying to get into her car. The first house on her list lived in Gloucester. and Ivory dug around until she found the slim black phone. "Ivory Black. and when she picked them up. 237 . She dropped the keys in the inch of snow. "You sound grumpy." "I've got an unexpected situation. it's Jax. along with several forms and a notepad. her fingers stung from the severe cold. Ivory tucked the file into her bag. "Sure.

the older houses almost gothic in appearance. Ivory wanted to be with him." A slender woman with gray hair and reading glasses perched on the end of her nose stuck her bony hand out. This part of Massachusetts always amazed her. She waited patiently while whoever was inside unlocked the door and answered her knock. The city itself was rich with history and fishermen. "Hi. "Elspeth Ashe. both natives and tourists alike. The little shops bordered restaurants. people walked about on the sidewalks. or visit the bar where movie stars hung out in the movies. She quickly became a slave to her passion for Jax. The docks bustled. and gained the stairs. A few even had the little plaques from the Historical Society that authenticated their existence since the 1700s. I'm Ivory Black with Child Services. She turned off onto a side road." She took in the tidy rooms as she made her way deeper into the home with Elspeth.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Gloucester happened to be one of her places to be. She noted the bedrooms and 238 . careful of ice patches. and the part of her that knew it would be painful when he left didn't care. Ivory nearly missed her turn as she gawked at a man headed into the bar at ten in the morning. They came to see the statue on the fairway. she gathered her bag and made her way across the gravel driveway. Parked. and the high school was the center of town. Clapboard houses sat beside brand new homes. She shook her head at the reality some people were so wrapped up in their habit or addiction they became slaves to it.

"How are you doing here?" "Good. appearances could be deceiving. Ivory perched on the end of a high-backed sofa with rose colored cloth. She was clean. being in the system made children less joyful and 239 . Is that okay?" Annie nodded. She opened her book. Manners. her short blonde bob bouncing. She didn't make a sound. but then again. Ivory knew first hand." Elspeth motioned for Ivory to follow. ready to take notes when Elspeth brought in the first child. why aren't you in school today?" When the child did speak. The little tyke hopped up on the couch.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros their spic and span appearance. though. her voice came out so soft Ivory needed to lean in close to hear her. her dress pressed neatly. "Teacher's day. "Hi. Ivory drew in a breath. Annie. I'm Ivory. Annie. Annie did not look like a happy five-year-old." Suspicion about the girl's one word answers settled in Ivory's gut. As if she'd stepped into a museum exhibit. Would you like to sit with me for a little while?" Her stats stated she was five." Ivory marked the notation down. Kindergarten. She led her into the formal living room where antique furniture and doilies yellowed from age were on display. her small hands folded in her lap. "Can I speak with the children? Individually?" "Of course. "I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ivory consulted her file. "First. She looked healthy.

"Well. then." "Well. "I don't mind. you can tell me. "Would you like me to bring in the next child?" A clamber of footsteps greeted the silence between Ivory and Elspeth. but in the interview process she'd make sure to ask. as he joined her on the sofa. "It's all right. watching his feet. Elspeth Ashe ran a tight ship. "Ivory. Well fed. right?" Annie fidgeted. Ivory scooted closer. Marcus. and Ivory caught Elspeth's narrowed gaze as she hovered in the doorway. probably for the safety of her room. "You know." he said. He kept his head down. and an older gentlemen with a bald head peered around the corner. clean.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros more morose. Another child of ten or so lumbered into the room. Obviously. I'm Jacob." Annie gave her a small smile. A scrape above his eyebrow concerned Ivory. if there is anything wrong at all." he said. I can't sit still myself." she said. I've got young Marcus here for you." "Hi. and Annie bolted for the door. her brown eyes less shadowed. Her nasal voice cut through Ivory's thoughts. "Hello. His white teeth and bow tie gave Ivory the creeps. "Hello." he greeted her. "Are you enjoying your day off?" 240 . "Do you get along well with Elspeth and"—she looked for the husband's name—"Jacob?" Annie remained mute and only nodded her answer." Ivory said and patted the child's hand. Again. I think it's all right if you run along.

"You didn't overdo it. the Ashes stood side-by-side." Ivory heeded the warning. "When you go to the Miller house. and Ivory sank onto one of the wood chairs. I've got to go meet Jax. "If you have any questions. When she reached for the door.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros And so it went. but I'll get a hold of them tomorrow. "I think I'm finished here. Only Jacob offered a smile. By the time she'd finished with her visits. Ivory met and talked with each child. filing it away for later. she dropped her files off at her desk and checked in with Claire. just call this number. Desiree has trouble out there. Ivory's back hurt and feet felt ballooned. The stiff welcome and even less comfortable good-bye gave her the willies." Ivory passed over her card. Said something is up. On weary legs. **** 241 . Her mind was already halfway to Manchester and Jax. things seem on the up and up. did you?" Ivory shrugged her boss' concerns away and ran a hand back through her hair. rubbing the small of her back." Claire signed off on Ivory's reports and handed them back over. "Hey. Claire frowned at her." she said. be careful. Though Elspeth and Jacob seemed overly strict on their children." Claire waved her inside the small office. "I've still got two houses to do. and Ivory high-tailed it back to her car. Ivory couldn't fault them for keeping them in line.

His parents." he said. So. He'd settled on the bag and jump rope for his routine and finished the cardio portion. but only when he did too many abdominal workouts. exhausted the pain he kept inside. Only the faces. shorter than his goddaughter by two inches or so. and caught the bag as it swung toward him. "Hey. he stopped feeling the rigors on his body. The nameless murderers the BPD never caught. He didn't hear the door open or see the reflection in the mirrors as he pounded the heavy. When the harsh sounds of electric guitars and screams stopped.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The sound of Jax's fists as they connected with the punching bag were drowned out by the hardcore music belted over the sound system he'd had installed when he built the room. stepped onto the padded floor. and instead. he took out his frustrations with life on the bag. Ivory." "I know her name. "Who is she?" 242 . but Jax wasn't in the mood to spar with her. "My goddaughter." Cecilia said. Cecilia. Jax blinked. the sounds of death filled his mind. He wiped his dripping forehead with a gym towel. er. Would you like to explain this?" Her tone conveyed her slight anger. "We've met. Ivory. Now. black vinyl tube. Cecilia. His side ached. The thing would quit and give up soon. this is. you've met. When he got in the zone. The ones who'd taken the one thing he lived for. Ivory and Cecilia stood in the doorway to his private workout area.

like a starved lion. "Don't piss her off. Jax thought she'd be tweezing the edge of her hairline for the next month." he muttered seconds before shoving her back against the door and going straight for her lips. her taste. "Retract the claws." he muttered." Ivory kept her voice level. He gulped in her essence." 243 . She closed the door behind her." Cecilia's eyebrows shot so far up her forehead. "She's not my elder. She and I are practically the same age. please show your elders respect. in my office. ladies. Jax hid a smile behind his gym towel. "We shouldn't do this. Her mouth gaped open." "Jax and I haven't decided yet what we are to each other. You're my elder." Jax felt the testosterone in his blood rise when he finally had Ivory all to himself. "Cecilia." He felt her breasts through her thin shirt.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory crossed her arms over her chest and rounded on the teenager. "Thought I wasn't allowed in here." "Hardly. and his cock came to life. ushered the two women out." came Ivory's tart reply. Now. "Ivory is the mother of my child. Her giggle clouded his head. "I missed you. "Ivory. her eyebrow arched at him. but Jax could see the curiosity flame beneath her aloof posture. "You got her pregnant? Where's the kid?" Jax shut the lights off." "The walls are soundproof." The teenager wrinkled her nose. and herded them toward the living room. the stench of sweat and blood making him grimace.

but I can do something for you. She used her hands to stroke him while her teeth continued to nibble. and Jax nearly lost his balance." Her giggle vibrated against the hardened flesh. I want to know who she is. pressing against his lips. I still have to go get Ashley before six. And. then under it. and she relaxed her throat for a deeper connection. "Easy. creating a haze of lust so dark and powerful. He felt them quiver in anticipation as her small hands pulled his sweats down." she whispered against his ear. slid his lips over her jaw. and second. down her neck." He panted. "Just a little taste?" Ivory shook her head. "Later. She swirled her tongue over the weeping slit. cupping his balls. Jax saw stars. Her hand pulsed in time with her heated sighs and nips. Jax strained for 244 ." Jax threaded his fingers through her hair. first. Her tongue licked. She inserted her finger between their mouths. watching as she drug her nails down the length of his shaft while she worked her tongue over. He leaned a palm against the door. He felt points of pleasure-pain when she nipped the soft flesh. as much as I want you inside me"—her voice grew husky—"I can't lose track of time. "Because. babe. and Ivory gave him a wicked smile before her painted lips wrapped around the head. "There is such a thing as too much. The tingle that rocketed through his body shot straight to his balls. His dick was eye level with her face. and Jax squeezed his eyes shut.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "Why not?" He went in for another kiss.

And it'll be a trial run. "Oh? Well. She sucked him dry. the woman had a mouth on her. Tears converged behind his eyelids. "Come here." he breathed out. dazed. left him hanging. max." A dimple appeared in her cheek. tasting blood. "I have to think about it. Jax's balls exploded in a volcanic firestorm so intense he bit the inside of his cheek." he said in a dead-serious tone." "I wouldn't ask you to leave her behind. When she released him." Ivory jangled her keys against her thigh." "Wait. Jax stumbled back into a chair. he remembered his promise to himself. "Ivory. swirl of her tongue. See how it goes. in my house. "Two days." She shut the door behind her.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros the release. "Cecilia!" 245 . I'd have to bring Ashley with me. I need you to stay with me until Luke comes to get Cecilia. "I have to go pick up Ashley." he growled. Damn. for two days. see how we operate together." "You do that. took every last drop of semen from his body while she continued to stroke and soothe him with cool breath on the flared head. and Jax sank farther into the chair." She bent over to kiss him on the cheek. "Just stay with me. He wouldn't put her in a place to be continually hurt. tossing her hair over her shoulder. but when the high from her gift receded. a stupid grin on his face. With one hard pull of her heavenly muscles. The threat of her delay hung over his head as she slowed her pace.

pulling up his welcome screen. Oh. Mickey spoke with Christian about the approximate time of conception for Ashley. Cil." Her saddened expression told him he'd hit a nerve. "Sit down. and while you are here. "Just cut her some slack." he corrected himself. anything about Ivory's and mine. "Kid. and the guy wasn't even in the country. staring at her nails while Jax typed his password in." He clicked on the link and scanned the contents of the articles and documents Mickey forwarded to him." She sat across from him.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax threw a T-shirt on over his naked stomach and sat down behind his desk. She opened the door." "Jax. a frown on her lips. She's going to be staying here." Her amber eyes softened. "Ivory is going to be a guest in my house. An email from Mickey caught his attention. Christ. you don't know the first thing about relationships between men and women. "Well." He jerked his eyes away from his email and studied the girl across from him. "Ivory is someone important to me. I expect you to treat her with respect. They'd spent two weeks in Rome and another two weeks in 246 . "She's going to hurt you. The series of information came so fast at Jax." A bark of laughter escaped his throat. and Jax backed up. he had a hard time comprehending the implications. Mickey sent scanned copies of his boarding pass and itinerary for his trip to Rome with his wife and parents. that woman is not for you. "You actually think I want to come in here now?" Jax felt thunder darken his mood.

listed known contacts and customers during the window of time the egg danced with the sperm. Who knew the man actually had a chin? "Big day. silence filled the usually bustling house. tell her you're all right. Jax's vision bled red at the possibility that niggled at his mind." She grumbled about it. Ivory knew she'd missed something. Mary never conceived Ashley with the man. "You think so?" Ivory sat Ashley on the floor and inspected her nana." **** When Ivory arrived home with Ashley in tow. then who did? He retrieved a calendar for the time frame. "I assume you called my dad?" Jax passed the phone over to her. The report was far from finished. studying the information. but Jax already jumped right back into the information. but Mickey's thoroughness about Christian Jacob's whereabouts left no question in Jax's mind. egg shell piece. "Anyone home?" Nana appeared at her call. "Call your mother. Cecilia cleared her throat. Jax sat back in his chair." 247 . Jax's blood froze in his veins." Nana patted her hair. "Wow. Nana. If Christian didn't deposit his little swimmers for use. what's the occasion?" When Nana's cheeks heated up. "So. her hair done up and her best Sunday dress on. and checked the delicate lace. "I'll be damned. "What's going on?" Mickey followed suit.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Amsterdam. all gussied up. Look at you. his face clean shaven. Ivory's mouth went dry. Holy fuck. As he looked over the list of names and associates.

you're gonna need to find a home of your own. Ivory turned to face her elderly grandmother. "Not so quick for us older folks. don't you think?" She felt lightheaded and stopped to sit down on the bench. She grew more suspicious of the quiet each stair they climbed and practically pounced on her elderly grandmother when they reached the top. "Now. because now that I'm married to Mickey. Cha-Cha. picked Ashley up off the floor before she managed to wiggle away." Ivory shot to her feet and paced the length of the hall. Ivory instinctively covered her stomach with her hands. "Nana. Why don't you just tell him?" Whoa. what did you do?" When they seated themselves on a bench along the upstairs hallway. Nana took her by the wrist. honey. "What's that supposed to mean?" Mickey winked at her before he took Ashley out of her arms. and led her up the stairs to her bedroom. Nana. I see how much you love Jax." 248 . "You got married?" "Calm down. as if to protect herself and her child. I've got something to tell you. come on. doom seemed to hang on her shoulders." "Sure it is. it's time you started considering what you're going to do. Nausea coated her stomach and throat in threat." Out of nowhere. Blood rushed in her ears. "That's a little quick." Nana said. and dots danced in front of her eyes.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory shed her jacket. "You know. Ivory. I'm telling you now. "It's not that simple.

"So. thinking about what Nana had said. and Ivory embraced her grandmother's birdlike body. The only people she could rely 249 . "Oh." "I don't know how." Ivory admitted. It only comes once in life. with Nana married and Ivory with children of her own. She rocked her slightly as the realization dawned on her things had changed. Cha-Cha. trying to swallow the news of her marriage. He will take care of you." "I don't owe Jax a darn thing." Her grandmother left her alone.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory's eyes swam with tears. "What you and Jax have. Now. he owes me for the weeks of morning sickness." Nana's chuckle became garbled in Ivory's hair. "You owe Jax." Nana's blue eyes misted. Nana. Jax is a good man. "If anything." Nana whispered. Don't let it go out of stubbornness. a man never entered the picture. and Nathan disappointed her. "I think it's time you got yourself a healthy dose of reality. "I owe him. what do we do now?" Nana shrugged. "I feel like if I surrender to him. Jax's goddaughter didn't like her. I'm happy. wow. I lose myself somehow. but the small laugh appeased some of the ache in her heart." Nana planted a kiss on her cheek and folded her hands over Ivory's. too. but. The entire time Ivory lived with her nana. Stop fighting him. pushing strands of hair away from Ivory's face. If you're happy. she couldn't stop the change or the resistance she felt to it." Ivory muttered. baby girl. and Ivory sat on the bench. even an old woman can see.

and Ivory set about packing Ashley's things. "Well. "Where are you headed?" Mickey asked." "I noticed. She's got some issues. When she finally got her bearings back. Besides. She realized Nana's marriage would be a good thing. and Jax has an unruly teenager at his house. her brow pulled down in concern. I don't know her well enough. a twenty-something woman shouldn't be living at 250 . Ivory stood and made her way down the stairs. congratulations. "Huh." Before she left. Ivory hugged Nana and kissed Mickey's cheek again." Mickey bent over to kiss Ashley's head while he tucked her into her winter suit. Know her?" "She's a brat. and she's protective of Jax." Mickey's laughter lifted her spirits. Oh." "Cecilia." "What?" Mickey asked." Mickey said. I figure I'll get out of your hair and kill two birds with one stone.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros on to stay the same were Ashley and Jax. "Don't let her get to you. and gave him a hug. Her phone flashed to let her know she'd missed a call." Ivory chewed on her lip while she shoved diapers and night clothes into Ashley's diaper bag. since you and Nana obviously deserve a night alone. but she sure as hell doesn't like me. and when she checked the number." she said. Even Jenny started acting weird after Christmas Eve. Even if she did have to move out to give them space. "Yes. "Maybe. "Nothing. "Grandpa.

but before that. What could Nathan want so late that could be so important? [Back to Table of Contents] 251 .Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros home anymore anyhow. She strapped Ashley in. would you like to go see Nathan? Huh? Would you?" Ashley's giggle made her smile. but the constant buzz of her phone distracted her. "We're going to spend a couple of days with Uncle Jax. She checked her phone when it started buzzing against her hip.

They've got a situation. "I've dropped Ashley off downstairs. "Is that Ashley?" She rolled a tootsie pop between her teeth. "Jax is in the shower." "We've got a situation. Satisfied with Ashley for the moment. Steam hit her in the face.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Sixteen Barely backed out her parking spot. She rushed up the stairs. and Ivory felt the sense of urgency hidden in the quiet tones. and Cecelia jerked it open. She told him she'd be there as soon as she could." "Ivory?" His bellow roared over the sound of the dual showerheads. She marched right into the bathroom in the master bedroom." Nathan's rambling voice came over the line. She ripped it from her belt loop and flipped it open while trying to drive in reverse. Ivory barged her way in the door out of the cold and made a beeline for the living area. and it gave her the chance to talk to Jax. taking them two at a time. Cecelia didn't bother Ivory. Ivory felt the damn phone start to ring again." Cecelia said. She banged on the door." 252 . "Jax. She drove straight to Jax's house. and Ivory didn't lie. "Ivory Black. She undid Ashley's bundles of clothing and laid her on the floor with a few toys. but I have to go into the station.

Ivory loved the smell of his soap. "Hey. It was one of the other houses she had on her list to check today. and she couldn't wait. Soap bubbles clung to his nose. "I was going to come out tomorrow. She didn't get a chance to go out there because Jax had issues he needed her help with. what's going on?" she asked. but the adrenaline rushed through her body. Why?" Claire paused. Big help she turned out to be. she was directed to Gloucester. She instructed Cecelia to watch Ashley until Jax came downstairs. "Can't they call someone else?" he asked. the slight bounce of her tummy warning her to take it slow. blocking off traffic in both directions. "Give me a minute. When she finally reached the station. and she had put it off. She jogged over. several police cruisers lined the narrow road." Ivory knew better than to ignore Jax's orders. The policeman on duty at the desk gave her the information. her hair matted to her head. Don't leave yet. Ivory pulled out her badge and saw Claire in sweats and running shoes. When she pulled into the driveway.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax slid open the door so he could look at her. stretched her leg." Jax nodded. and she tore out of his driveway like bat out of hell. Claire pulled her aside. "Did you get out here today?" Ivory shook her head no. "Murder-suicide." 253 . but Ivory already knew where she headed. It's not every day the Chief of Police calls on a situation. "Nathan called.

Sweat poured down her face. She hid in a crawl space beneath the floorboards. and when they did notice something unusual. Mind driving her over to Heron House? I've already checked with Jenny. "They're going to check her out and then release her to you. She doubled over." Ivory sent a silent prayer of thanks to heaven she didn't find the bodies of those children. their eyes red and puffy or simply drawn and empty. Ivory backed away from the curling smoke. I mean. "A little girl. A while." Ivory wiped her mouth and stared at the red lights as they flashed across the two-story. "How long ago?" "Don't know yet. "Think I would have noticed if I'd come out here today?" "Chances are they were already dead." Claire nodded toward an ambulance. How could humanity be so cruel? "Where is she? The girl. "How many?" "Five altogether. gasped for air. white house. She'd ditched work early to go to Jax's place." Tears streamed down her face as vomit spewed from her mouth." Claire drew a cigarette from her pants and lit up. "Neighbors weren't home." When the adrenaline subsided and the shock of the news wore off. She watched as streams of cops and forensics flowed out the door. Ivory's hands shook. and her teeth chattered.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The repercussions of that statement sucker punched her in the gut." 254 . it was because the little girl had wandered over to their place. "Any alive?" Claire sighed.

" She stopped. and I. She'd only taken martial arts as a form of self-defense. "Damn. I didn't mean to startle you. but never fired on a person. when she felt her fist connect with Nathan's jaw. If you had been doing your job. though. She felt heat and shards of glass radiate up her forearm. "I'm sorry. you might have stopped this. I didn't know those kids. Nathan?" He paced closer to her. "You were supposed to come out here today." she mumbled. She dropped her hand and shook it. his eyes blue fire in the white wash of headlights." Nathan hung his head. am thankful for it." 255 . This is not my case. "What'd you do that for?" Nathan growled. just as she carried a weapon." "Claire give you the details?" "No. "Thanks. So." she said and held out a hand for him to pick her up. "You deserve it. personally.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory headed in the direction of the child when Nathan caught up with her. "Ivory." Ivory didn't relish hitting someone. it stunned her. Nathan rushed to her side. Are you hurt?" "Only my ass. stumbled in a crater and went down hard on a slab of ice beneath fresh snow. "I know you left early to go see Jax. She knew how to shoot it. right?" She stopped dead in her tracks at Nathan's accusatory tone. and I don't want to know. "What are you insinuating. but the pain only increased. I'm going to take the girl to Heron House and turn in.

He pulled her against him." Ivory narrowed her eyes on him." "Then do it. You were screwing someone before we even decided to temporarily end things until I figured out how Jax fits into my life. "Call me when you grow up. "Oh. "I could have you drawn up on charges. his stubborn jaw still red from her fist. and Ivory's breath rushed out at the impact of his unforgiving chest against her tender abdomen.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He rubbed his jaw. To her dismay. and his aristocratic nose." Ivory flipped her hair over her shoulder in annoyance and turned on her heel. Nathan. and Ivory felt her boots skate again." Nathan grabbed her arm. he once again pursued her. "That's the second time this week I've been punched. get over it." **** Jax paced in front of the window. I will gladly spend a night in jail for the chance I just took. His side hurt from jumping out of the shower so fast when he heard Ivory's Jeep pull out of the driveway. When he saw twin headlights shine across his truck. "Didn't you just learn anything? I'm royally pissed at you. but you took a leave of absence today that could have derailed the outcome of this incident if you'd just gone. Nathan. "I know you're pissed at me. 256 . he unlocked the door and yanked it open." "You never told me you were pregnant." he groused." she hurled over her shoulder as she continued on her way.

Jax. I've still got one good hand. settled his nerves on purpose. He rocked back in his chair. and Jax let his chair slap the floor when he saw tears leak from the corners. then go ahead. mess with me." "I've never hit anyone. He stood up. He sat down at the table and gently picked up the bag. "What's going on? What happened to your hand?" Cecelia's rapid fire question interrupted Ivory's crying jag long enough 257 . too. and then strutted into the kitchen. She cradled her hand and walked with a limp." Jax hung his head. "That's a nasty cut. "Where did you go?" Ivory stared up at him. presented with a situation he did not handle well. and you know. Jax felt a surge of triumph and pride for his woman. When he caught up to her. Women and tears." she snapped and ducked past him as she made a move for the door. her eyes glittering like crystal. kicked her shoes off. his hands braced on his hips as he tried to figure out what the hell she was talking about. "Who did you hit?" "Nathan.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros His anger recoiled when he got a good look at the fury she displayed. but the fact she'd had to hit a man at all galled him. she had frozen broccoli on her hand. called on the reserved cool he used when he disciplined insubordinate soldiers. I kind of liked it. pointing her glare at him. where she jerked out of her coat. Jax rushed out in his bare feet. He followed her inside. "Want to tell me what was so important you beat feet out of here?" Ivory covered her eyes with her undamaged hand. "If you want to get decked. cold and sharp." she said.

Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros for Jax to get a handle on the need to protect her from the hurt." Cecelia plopped down in Jax's vacated seat. She let her head fall to the table with a thud." "You hit someone?" "So Mickey did it. Parents gone. Jax let his head fall against the wall. "Don't worry about it. 258 . and Jax smoothed a hand over her hair. and he could literally feel Ivory's cold stare as she assessed him. I decked the Chief of Police. Made him think about his own dead parents." Cecelia quipped. "He doesn't talk about the missions. Flashes of his mother's open eyes and father's slack jaw crept in. her face white in the yellow kitchen light. Ivory blinked up at both of them." Jax stood back as the two women silently exchanged their agreement. Kids murdered. and a set of kids I should have interviewed today were killed by the parents before they killed themselves. and he crossed his arms over his chest. "It's classified. Ivory put her head down on the table. finding the bloodbath inside his house in South Boston. Jax? Do you not worry about it when someone you could have helped dies? Do you just forget? I know you don't." "Don't worry about it. kissed the top of her head. Ivory." Jax and Cecelia said at the same time. I haven't seen Ashley." "Daddy tells Mom about some of the stuff. "Nana married Mickey. He breathed out the air in his lungs.

" Jax stormed out the back door.. and suddenly. He couldn't run from it forever. seeing her. The faces intruded. "Back to hell. and yet not.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The familiar ball of dread made his stomach churn with acidic contents. needed the cold air and fresh snow to clear his mind. and Jax stared down at her. her mouth quivering. "I'm all right. "Where did you go?" Cecelia asked. and he let the guilt go.. [Back to Table of Contents] 259 . the bullet rip through his side. knit back together the hole his demons escaped from." He took a deep breath to cleanse his mouth of the metallic taste he associated with the flashbacks and wiped the perspiration off his lip. Her blue eyes filtered through the mass of blood he kept seeing. and Jax waited for the barrage. though. clips of what he fondly called 'Jax's worst days'. he felt the heat on his back. They wouldn't let him live in peace. He craved the moment he found his sanity again. "Jax!" Ivory shook his arm. for the time being.

Ashley centered Ivory's world. pushing her hair out of her face. in some ways." 260 . Kelsey. The girl. and the new baby.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Seventeen Ivory assured Cecilia Jax only suffered from a momentary episode and wandered into the living room. the gems in rough. It broke her heart to hear stories of abuse and neglect. Children were the hope for the future. Her thoughts turned to Cecilia. What some adults did to their children sickened her. Ashley fell asleep in the middle of the floor. and Ivory left her in the safe care of Jenny. and her death because of it. Ivory would guess broken home. She lay on her back. "Sometimes. that she couldn't comprehend. staring at the clock as it ticked off the minutes when Cecilia came in. didn't utter a word the entire way to Heron House. Her own mother sickened her. Ivory couldn't imagine what it must have looked like. She closed her eyes. but what about her? Did she blame her mother? Yes. What did the girl run from? She'd never gotten the whole story from Jax. when it came would be her focus. How could she abandon a baby? Nana never blamed her daughter for the lifestyle she led. "Does he do that a lot?" Ivory sat up. but to murder a child. and if any of the teenager's petulant displays indicated the reason. her little hands thrown above her head.

"No. went tight. "My nana raised me. but at times. by the way..." Jax interjected. Jax ever talk about him?" The more Cecelia talked. Sorry." "Was your mom and dad?" The girl studied her nails. "They told you. "Gee. I can't imagine why in passing you couldn't have said. rubbing his neck. yes. His jaw went tight." "Who is your father?" Cecelia rolled her eyes. but Ivory shrugged off the behavior. her long red hair flaming in the soft glow from the lamp like burning embers.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Cecilia curled up on the couch. and need to be so strong. Nana is marrying Mickey. the more Ivory figured out just how little she knew about Jax. "Luke is my father. She studied the brooder while he stared into dead ashes. oh. relaxed." he said. She got married today without telling anyone." "I knew. "And you didn't tell me?" Ivory cocked her head at him." He swung his lazy stare toward her. and he wouldn't spill the beans. The man could be tortured. "I got waylaid. "Sometimes parents are buttheads. Jax took the wing chair placed close to the hearth. Is that why you're here?" Cecilia nodded. and Ivory got onto the sofa with the girl. trying to give off an air of aloofness. Snowflakes dusted his shoulders. It was the first time Ivory realized he didn't own a television. To be so young." "They didn't want to tell anyone. "Daddy wakes up screaming sometimes." 261 . she can still be a butthead.

"Get the baby. pulled her body toward him. her weapon. spread over her womb. and something akin to wanton flowered inside of her. and Jax could pound it away. through her belly. She wanted to feel alive. stood up slowly. against her better judgment. silent as a cat as he stretched out beside her. erase the reality she arrived too late to help those children. Jax pulled her toward the bedroom. lust. intent." he said. Ivory shivered at his rasped words and hungry eyes. Ivory accepted it. and unfolded his arms. I have a bassinet upstairs. She couldn't breathe by the time he took the few steps it took to reach her. When he held out his hand. Which left no room for fun. She felt heat begin to flow from her cheeks to her nipples as they spiked. since they didn't have a crib. "I like it.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Cecelia broke the tension in the room with a loud yawn and swift exit. Ivory let him love her body. Without words to break the spell and magic of the night. her jeans. Jax arched an eyebrow at her. the gentle nips lulling 262 . Ivory's mouth went dry at his expression. Ashley's soft snore filled the quiet room. Ivory gently tucked Ashley into the bassinet he'd put in the spare bedroom and waited until she fell back to sleep before she stepped away." Ivory thrust her chin out at him. pushing her blazer off her shoulders the second he had her behind closed doors. She felt bared to him. Ivory giggled at the girl's attempt to leave them alone. He climbed in beside her. the tender kisses on her breasts." Soon followed her shirt. "I hate that thing. but Ivory knew the baby would need to sleep with her.

"What are you doing?" Jax slapped her ass in retort. the coolness of his breath passing her ear as he whispered. The sting of his hand on her outer lips made Ivory cry out into her pillow. the silky material soothing her achy lids. silently begged for it. little lady. the flick of his tongue in the hollow of her back.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros her. she thought he'd enter her then and waited. but instead. followed by the metal snap. She arched when he 263 . her teeth digging into the feathers. She felt his lips against her skin above her ass. He continued the soft smacks until he reached her entrance. When she felt a cuff around her wrist. down her hips. When he moved to her buttocks. the little slap zinging straight to her clit. she let out "Ohhh. and I've got a whole lot to give for your little game earlier today. She pushed up when he lifted her enough to slide a chain beneath her belly. When he finished with the slaps to her pussy. "Payback's a bitch. She groaned when he tapped her butt. his short nails grazing her skin." She closed her eyes when he tied a blindfold over them. and Ivory held her breath as Jax smoothed a hand over her back. and Ivory bit down on her lip. Goosebumps followed in his wake. he leaned against her back. anxious to find out what he would do next. Ivory jerked as he swiped his fingers through her slit. He prodded her over on her stomach and began to massage her shoulders with his deft fingers." The same metallic grind clipped her other wrist to the headboard.

and she felt his breath on her back as she rode out the spasms. Jax pulled out of her. Ivory swallowed the small cries that built inside of her as he worked her into a frenetic state of mind. Ivory. and she felt the weight of the bed shift as he got to his knees. and Jax stilled. babe. When the relief seemed imminent. "Good girl.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros nipped her cheek. squeezed. He positioned her thighs with his hands. When she had enough strength to give back. she pressed 264 ." he said seconds before she felt his tongue swipe through her juices. His arm snaked around her waist as she pushed back against his face. He delved deep with his tongue as her thighs began to shake from the shock. She held in the moan that nearly burst through her lips. The slide of his shaft triggered her release. "No noise. She whimpered softly in the pillow. just let it happen. She lifted her face. She cried out when he entered her with his fingers before he lapped at her core again. or I'll stop. She heard his rough words clearly when he warned he would stop altogether if she did that again. pushed them wide as she rested her weight on her elbows. Her legs quivered. but Ivory's exhaustion from the wire-tight muscles and nerves left her mindless as he took his fill of her. Ivory relied on her hearing to tell her what might happen next. and she felt the tendons and muscles of her lower stomach tighten. the lack of sight making the sensations seem so much stronger." he crooned. She felt his palm against her stomach gently as he lifted her higher." he murmured. He started to pump into her. "That's it. not being able to see what came next. His fingers found her button.

"I did not put you through that. her sweaty body sated and languid." she admitted." He rolled over on his back. She could barely make out the curve of his lips. "Babe. Her heart finally slowed to normal. her body demanding more from his as her core captured him for one last surge of pleasure. the lingering wetness coating her thighs." She settled into the nook of his arms." she breathed out. She lifted her head to glare at him. they both spiraled toward something bigger and higher. and Jax chuckled." "So do I. She drifted off to sleep with the sound of Jax's steady breathing against her ear." She still felt small aftershocks move through her as she rolled to her side. you did that and more to me today when you wouldn't let me have what I wanted. his hand propping his head up. Soon.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros back. "That should be illegal. She sighed into the heavy air. the bed shaking from the force of his silent laughter. and Ivory wiped the tears that leaked from beneath her eyelashes when the pleasure grew too intense. She fell to the mattress in a spread eagle reverse position. He released a cuff to knit his fingers with hers as they rocked together. "I like this. "Hold me. and Jax stretched out beside her. meeting him as he pushed into her. He pulled the blindfold from her eyes. though the dark prevented her from actually seeing his expression. and Ivory let her weak arms and legs go. He carefully undid the other cuff. **** 265 .

To find a good spot to provide cover for the others as they completed their task. Recon." Dead silence. Just as he shifted his weight. Blaze watched through binoculars. "Winger. but his heart hammered as they made their way into the village. Light filtered through closed windows. Report. and Jax inhaled sand. star-filled sky. His neck prickled beneath his balaclava. His knees hurt from the rocky ground where he kneeled. but the air hung rife with deception. and Jax used his weight to throw the unknown. signaled for his team members to follow suit. His comm. came to life when several of the men reported fire. Give the others a chance to move in.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He moved into position. The air in the Afghan mountains hit below zero. a silent shadow beneath the clear. His attacker kneeled on his back. Jax only met the kid weeks before. but something felt off about the night. His mission. his upper lip. Close hand 266 . Shit. their eyes in the sky so to speak. Jax heard the soft whiz through the air. Luke came over the radio. Winger. pushed his face into the pebbled soil. A grunt left his mouth. but he had to hold position. Jax hunkered down as he inched closer to the door. and Jax knew he'd only have seconds to get into a good fighting stance. On the roof. didn't report in. Sweat beaded on his forehead. Jax felt panic rise in his gut. A soft thud echoed in his ears. Luke moved past him. They were only supposed to scope out the targets. Jax breathed through his nose to limit the fog his breath created as hot air hit cold. Jax felt something hit him from behind. The newbie on the team.

" Jax rushed into the bathroom." Jax felt rage fill his gut. I could have killed you. He started to shake. "It's okay. what did I do?" Ivory sipped the water. "Oh. slamming the door. She rubbed at her throat.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros combat always made his blood rush. "Oh." he said.. his senses sharper. "Jax. Cecilia came to my rescue. wake up. and her coughs made Jax jump from the bed.. Fuck." He dropped his head into his hands.. green and grainy in his NVGs. baby." she mumbled. sweat soaked. caught the bastard between his arms. drug him to the ground. fuck. his heart pounding. tears in his eyes. He could have killed her. Jax blocked a hit to the face and went low for the legs." Cecelia shouted. the reality of his problem and lack of knowledge on how to make it stop flooring him. He rose to his full six-four and lunged. "You dream in digital. His opponent jumped back. "Jesus. "I'm fine. and he headed for the bathroom. ready to rip his wind pipe out when he heard communication on his comm. I'm sorry. He needed a shower. God. He took a minute to fight back the growing fear and moisture that flooded his eyes. Jax used the one thing he had to his advantage. The feel of his arms wrapped around someone's neck stunned him. Height. Jax levered his arm around the target. clearing her throat. Jax. He released Ivory. Ivory. Jax came awake with a jolt. poured a glass of water for Ivory and grabbed a hand towel. The man came at him again. the little sucker was smart. How could he be so 267 .

"I'm fine." He opened the door. Ivory. A loud pound on the door made him jerk. Blood ran down the wall. He shut the bathroom door on her. coating his fingers. Her soft fingertips on his arm made Jax flinch.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros fucking stupid? Let her sleep in his bed with him? Jax rammed his fist into the tile wall. Ashley's cries poured over the monitor." "I said. and Ivory rushed in. The only thing he was good at was killing." He caught her deer-in-the-headlights look before she left him alone. He'd likely broken the bones. He stared into the mirror at his own eyes as he washed the blood and tile bits from his hand. and Ivory instructed Cecilia to bring her. The 268 . How did he explain what happened? How did he make her understand how dangerous he was? He couldn't be a father. I. "I need a minute. his fingerprints on her neck beginning to stand out. "What kind of monster are you?" **** The tea kettle began to shimmy and shake as the highpitched whistle blasted through the silence in the kitchen. Minute." "Jax. A. but Jax couldn't face her. the mortar and porcelain crumbling beneath his knuckles. on Ashley. "Are you okay?" Ivory's soft voice lessened some of the hurt. Jax turned away from her and ran his hand beneath the cool water in the sink. Need. on himself.

"Do you think he'll come down and talk to us?" The bravado Cecelia displayed when she first met Ivory disappeared. his eyes closed. but for him. freshly showered. She wanted to take away the haunted look. and Cecelia. Ivory rocked Ashley back to sleep. She thanked her lucky stars Cecilia heard the commotion from her room down the hall.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros shower turned off sometime before. He cradled her head. Ashley stirred. What surprised her most about herself was that she didn't feel fear from Jax. Cecelia sniffled. and Ivory took her into the living room where her blanket had been laid out earlier that evening. rubbing the little girl's cheek with the back of her knuckles. "I don't know. her warm breath causing a trickle of perspiration to gather on her neck. and she wasn't the one having them." She turned off the tea pot and set it on the counter to cool. He held Cecilia to his chest as the young woman cried out her uncertainty. couldn't get back to sleep. Jax stood in the middle of it. the defeat in his posture. She kneeled down. Her eyes burned from the late hour and intense wake-up call. "I need to talk to 269 . To see the pained look on his face made Ivory's heart hurt. The nightmares scared the shit out of her. or Ivory may have lost consciousness in the process. too upset about what she'd witnessed. She could still feel the steel of his fingers around her throat—and the terror when she realized he wasn't awake. and Jax let her go. When she returned to the kitchen. and Ivory felt sorry the girl had to witness such a horrible thing.

and another when he didn't look up. Ivory broke down. the stubble of his beard rough. His mind could only process so much. He furrowed his eyebrows. for his inability to control the fractures. pulling her close to him. Ivory held her breath to keep the need to scream at the unfairness inside. She laid her head on his lap while she grieved for him. 270 . Cecilia kissed his cheek and headed back up the stairs. Ivory laid her hands on his shoulders. his hands still locked behind her back. When she stood before him. sat back. what just happened. "You need to see someone. the bruises beginning to form tender. She held her hands on either side of his face. folding himself into a chair." He touched her throat." she whispered. not able to get a word past the blockage in her throat. She held her hand up. Never. "I'd never hurt you. His broad shoulders shook. That. His arms caught her up." he said.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory. "Jax. When he laid his head against her stomach. the very real pain she felt for him wracking her body. his green eyes reddened. But I can't protect you from what's inside of me. and a tear slipped from Ivory's eyes when she felt the wetness of his tears through her thin nightgown. his thick black lashes clumped. Jax. "I know. is not normal. He watched until she disappeared in the shadows and then turned back to Ivory. her knees protesting. but she wanted to see eye level with him." He cleared his throat." She knelt on the hardwood floor. don't cry. "Please. She took a tentative step toward him. it's okay. He looked up at her." When he had himself together.

To help him. then tilted her head up to look at him. What I dreamt tonight? First kid I lost on a mission.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Her nose grew stuffy. and her mouth felt thick. his jaw working. Jax? Your parents?" He pressed his lips together. Embrace it. "Part of it. To make it better. "What have they done to you?" she asked more herself than him. She felt truly helpless. And she got it. "Don't start thinking that way. And there was nothing she could do for him. That's what they've done to me." Her head started to hurt as she sorted through the information. the emotions. He was only twenty-three." "No. She would have to let him go. only made the problem worse. Normal life. that's when your soul starts to die. Don't hate the pain. Real life. Use it." "So much loss. Not really 271 . "I can't make this better for you. And it never would be." "Is that what happened. His reality was not hers. So much pain. Don't bury it until you can't see who you are anymore. She'd fallen hard and completely. The kids. You. He needed to be with his men to be all right. Jax walked a fine line between worlds. Charged with keeping the world safe. like hers and her nana's. But he answered anyway. Don't be like me. She loved him." She saw the death through his eyes and how that might change someone. I hate it." Jax slid his hands down her shoulders. and not even experienced enough to get married and have children yet. "I'm nothing but a soldier. When you do. babe.

too." Ivory jerked her head up. "Tell me you just did not say that. She closed her eyes against the bright kitchen light." She crossed her arms over her breasts. Understand duty and country always came first. "Please. and I can say it if I want. You just had me in a choke hold. it is how I feel. Accept the need to complete a mission. she still came back for more. "Well. Understand their need to be with their men. tense.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros a part of either. And loving someone who traveled that dark road? Was it worth it? Yes." Ivory heard the words before her mind caught up to her lips. When she looked up. "I love you. She waited. Because that's what you do. "Once you say that. "Well. And that was the definition of addiction. babe. he stared at something above her head. They didn't have rehab for this." he growled. she thought to herself. damn you. you can't take it back. Accept they might die. And then say good-bye when the time came." "Already have. don't say that. fuck you. She wondered if he even heard her. when you love a soldier. Every day she could get." He groused under his breath and headed for the stairs. Even when she knew his death might be her own. to see how he would react." **** 272 . seeing nothing. She'd take every second.

he'd ask her to marry him and bind her to him. It shattered into pieces. Fuck. Jax paused before he opened the door. He knew he tended to be rough. Ivory had said she loved him. She needed to see his faults. Fuck. The knuckles were swollen and purpled. Ivory and Ashley were curled together on the couch. Soon. If he stayed much longer. His alarm clock went off. her small body sheltered by Ivory's. He didn't sleep. even though he knew he'd be a controlling dick. He cringed when he remembered the hurt look on her face at his sarcastic remark before bed. He was no prize. and he couldn't blame her. and Jax threw it across the room. he 273 . He'd nearly killed her and then told her to go to hell when she confessed her feelings. He'd royally screwed the situation. He dressed in less time than it took him to get going and had coffee perked by the time the birds started their morning conversations. Not her love. Jax peeled his body off the mattress and dug around in his drawer for some aspirin. She didn't deserve that. Not good for love. His head pounded. His hand hurt like a son-of-a-bastard. He wanted her to understand he couldn't give her a good life. He'd leave. his manners all but forgotten. casting prisms of light across his body. the sight of her angelic face ripping his heart right out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Jax covered his head with a pillow when sunlight streamed though his window. When he pulled out. When he passed by the living room. Jax shielded his eyes from the morning sun with his aviator shades and started his truck. Ivory elected not to join him after their argument.

It would take him half the day to get done there. before he headed over to Madame Christine's place. her thin body ensconced in an intricate flimsy nightgown and robe. but the signed piece of paper gave him the go-ahead. He turned on Tool as loud as it would go. Chris. He stood inside the elaborate home. the soft leather comforting his suddenly cold body. Jax. Jax threw on his leather jacket. only to be told he had a clean bill of health and could return to work when ready. From there." he said.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros saw the curtain in his window flutter back into place. he had to make sure another asshole of the worst variety didn't swoop in to pick up the pieces. "Not today. He wondered if her heating bills were sky high in the winter. When he got out of his truck at Madame Christine's place. Madame Christine herself opened it. Come to play?" Her thick French accent wrapped around his senses. First. her perfume clouding his head. old Victorian with 274 . The Madame didn't look any different than the last time he'd seen her some five years before. "Can I talk to you?" The lady of the house stepped back. and Jax wanted to be there to see the fall. Jax knew he didn't need any more medical attention. not caring about his neighbors or their preference for quiet. Nathan would get his. he intended to book a flight to anywhere but here as soon as he got Cecilia back to Luke. "Why. He let the music drown his thoughts in lyrics and guitars as he headed for the VA Hospital. His juices stewed all morning while he waited to be seen by a doc. When he rapped on the door.

He's not here to play. and Jax took a seat in what he called the lap dance chairs. She studied it. we'll talk." Madame Christine ordered.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros wainscoting." Jax knew 'lavender' meant the girl in question didn't do the more severe sex acts the Madame offered to her clients." Jax pulled the small picture of Mary out of his jacket and passed it to her." She led him into another ornately done room. well worth the money she asked for. Cher. Lavender. His eyes traveled over the familiar pieces of furniture in scarlet and leather. her small voice carrying well in the house. "Follow me. "Did she have any regular customers?" "Well. Her pouty lips looked done." 275 . "Sort of. but I don't want money. lit up a long cigarette. Madame Christine's white-blonde hair was piled high on her head. I think my sister might have been one of yours for a bit. "It will cost you." "I didn't know you had a sister. The cat is finally out of the bag. and let the smoke flow from her nose as she studied him. The Madame sat down. "Got yourself in a pickle?" Jax smiled at her tone. Jax cleared his throat when several of her girls passed by wearing nothing but strings. dear. Her place was the best kept secret in town." Madame Christine murmured. oui. tendrils gracing her ageless face. "Cover up. no arms on the massive piece of furniture. "Ah. well. well. he'd come to see the Madame herself. girls. dear. When he'd been young. but Jax couldn't tell behind the thick red lipstick.

tell me." That's the ticket. "I know the look of a man in love. She looked up at him. she turned her cheek. "What do you want?" "Why. then come back and see me." She stood up. "But if she gives you hell. When he went to plant a kiss on her mouth. Jax stood and walked over to the Madame. "Our Lavender. I'll fix you right up. Now." she said and winked at him. I run a business here. Cher. of course. she mostly saw the Chief of Police. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. Did he want to know if Nathan frequented the Madame's enough to risk Ivory's wrath? Hell. When he began to get jealous over her other customers. I've missed you these last few years.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros He raised his eyebrow at her tone." Jax thanked the Madame for her time. One kiss. I wouldn't do that to you. I had to let her go. [Back to Table of Contents] 276 . yes. Who did she see most of the time?" Madame Christine tapped her cigarette in a black ashtray. leaned forward. He suspected Nathan since he'd made the connection to Christian Jacobs. but to hear it from the Madame's mouth sealed his suspicions in granite. Jax felt an unease pour through him. her tits right beneath his nose. her ample cleavage nearly falling out of her top. "Fine. Nathan was Ashley's father. Jax. just a kiss. Jax's lips connected with her powered cheek.

When her duties as hostess intruded and the voices went silent. and she debated whether or not to join the duo. washed out her mouth. mumbled her excuses and rushed for the bathroom. "I'm Ivory Black.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Eighteen Ivory answered the door with a toothbrush stuck in her mouth and her hair in hot rollers." he clipped. He had to be as tall as or taller than Jax. Cecelia announced. She didn't mind that so much as she did her swollen eyes. and Ivory wanted to hug the girl. she didn't think Cecelia would let her. Before she got a chance to say a word. She'd put on a turtleneck to cover Jax's handprint around her throat. She spit the remaining paste out." "Excuse me?" His sensuous lips curved into a smile. Ivory joined them. His crooked nose and flinty amber eyes traveled over her." She opened the door." she said. "Luke Stone. "He's had a burr up his ass these last few months. her mouth dropped open. "You must be Jax's thorn. her hand outstretched to Luke Stone. "Do I have the right house?" Ivory felt toothpaste start to pool with her saliva and swallowed. When a gold Adonis stood on the other side. and took the hot rollers out of her hair. although." 277 . She glanced from the angry bull over to Cecelia. "That's my dad. Luke's strong voice and Cecelia's high-pitched wail floated down the hall.

and Cecelia. As quietly as possible. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop ordering me around?" Jax's hard stare made her rethink her decision to challenge him. "When doesn't the man have a burr up his ass?" "I've got one right now. Ivory took her from Cecilia and bounced her to relieve the baby's fear. her hands over her chest. you've already topped that one. Ivory gathered the baby's stuff and snuck outside. give me and your dad a minute." "I think on a scale of what I don't like to hear you say.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory rolled her eyes. then she would leave." Luke cleared his throat. It's okay." Jax and Luke moved into his office and closed the door. that solves that problem. "Ssh. I told you to wait another day." Ivory muttered. Then sit. and she took the message. "Kids. "Luke." Jax said from the doorway. "Well." The soldier in the door beat out orders like the prick he was. Ivory get your ass upstairs. Jax slammed the door. Her nipples spiked despite his authoritative one. all because she said those three little words. and Ivory glared at him. Jax jerked his head at his goddaughter. Ivory let out a breath. but I don't think you're going to like what I have to say. 278 . If he wanted to treat her this way. asshole. She took it back." Cecelia and Ashley sat on the sofa. Tears pricked the back of her eyelids as she packed her bag. Uncle Jax is just being a butthead. "Fine. Her grandmother wasn't the only depraved one. and Ashley started to cry. At least he wasn't being a dick to her.

please tell me this is a joke. Ivory took her time unloading Ashley and their things because she didn't want Nana to see her cry. "What are you doing here so soon?" Nana squawked. Ivory laid a hand over her belly. and Ivory felt the urge to toss her cookies. Ashley cried in the backseat. and Ivory covered Ashley's head with her blanket. and you're not leaving here until I say them. sure the lenses were seared. and when he saw Ivory. Tears flooded Ivory's cheeks. Jax. The sound of her engine must have alerted someone inside because Jax burst out the door. She couldn't look in the rearview mirror for fear she'd give into herself and go back. "Are you crazy?" "Maybe." She planted her finger square in the middle of his chest. his nostrils flaring. Her Nana stood in the kitchen in a very baggy red teddy." Before the first teardrop could fall. Mickey came out of the bedroom in a robe. damnation written in the set of his jaw. He jogged down the steps behind her vehicle. but I didn't expect you until tomorrow. She put the Jeep in gear and left off the brake. "I don't want to hear anything you have to say." "Sorry." 279 . dear. and let it drift backward until he jumped out of the way. She jammed her foot against the brake. I think I've heard just about all I can take. "Nana. the traces of her tears disappeared. The bitter air helped clear her head and as she entered the house. "I have things to say to you. his look thunderous. jumped out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The bite of the wind took her breath away. putting it in park. Ivory covered her eyes." he said. ducked back in the bedroom. When she got home. Ivory climbed back in her Jeep. took it out of park.

She 280 . dear. and Cecelia sat in her living room." Ivory muttered." Nana scolded her. "Nana. and so close to New Years Eve. That jackass can shove it right up his you know what. Ivory rolled her eyes at her new grandpa and toted Ashley up the stairs for her bath. she knew he did. So. When she reappeared.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "The door is unlocked for Christ sakes. and being in a bad mood did not suit her. Jax. "Lovers spat. don't get me started. relieved to see her nana had gone behind cover. To her horror. She knew he didn't reciprocate her love. "Don't take the Lord's name in vain in my house. I'm sorry." she huffed. Where did he get off on ordering her about? After he'd rejected her? The sting of his obvious lack of concern for her feelings struck a chord with her. Luke." Mickey agreed. Going on a date with Jax at this point ranked right up there with getting her toenails pulled out with pliers. her thick pink robe covered the atrocity. picking the baby up as she got her out of her outer wear. but she'd come to think he at least liked her. Ivory peeked." Ivory forgot all about the now dreaded holiday. Are you going to go out with him? I'll watch Ashley." "Oh. what are you doing here? You and Jax have a spat?" Ivory settled Ashley on the kitchen table. She wanted to gouge Jax's beautiful eyes out for his snide comments and remarks. why did he push her away? She finished the bath and dressed Ashley in a warm sweater and pants set before she headed back downstairs. her voice farther away. In fact. "You could say that. "Now. The day just started.

Ivory settled in for the whole 'you just have to know Jax' speech." His biceps bulged as he flexed his muscles. only not as fun." Luke appeared behind Jax. what did you need to talk to me about?" Luke shrugged." Suspicion narrowed her eyes." He gave ascent to her proposal with a shake of his head. "Fine. "Jax had something to discuss with your Nana and Mickey. "What are we going to do now? Chase each other down all day? Do you expect me to drive to your house after you leave? It's like playing ring around the rosy. leaving a pissed off Jax behind. Once they were in Luke's similarly built truck as Jax's." he corrected. did the same. but I wondered if you wanted to take a drive with me? Cece can watch Ashley for a bit. this is my fault." "No. you can drive with me as I stop at my office and check on Jenny. and Ivory cocked her head. Her ears thanked her for the softer sounds. "I came to see Mickey. He was a head shorter. his obvious cohort. I'm sorry. "So. and they were off. "What's going on here?" Jax remained silent and Luke. She stole a glance at Luke. Except it never came. and had to bring a posse while at it? Jax cornered her where she stood in the kitchen. threw her hands up in the air. I'm not telling you what I know about it. "What's the deal with you and Jax anyway?" 281 . Now he followed her. "Ivory. Huh." "And you're telling me you know nothing about it. his country music a far cry from Jax's metal.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros careened off to the kitchen to catch her breath. She sighed.

" Ivory turned to Jax's friend and team member. And then she remembered what they were talking about. She just couldn't see it. as if she'd struck a nerve. We have fantastic sex. that's passion. but what you and Jax have. That's what life is all about. but put us in the same room without the option of fucking. but the point is. "Jax and I don't get along. They don't mean a damn. and Ivory wondered if Luke even did the speed limit. and we're lost." 282 . she did. "Sara is your wife." Ivory giggled." "Is that really any way to live? I've been in a relationship where we got along great. we couldn't be around each other for long before something explosive happened. tried to picture a woman hurling something at the commando next to her. This thing with Jax. you like the talk. "Nathan." Luke's chuckles sounded over the radio. "Jax doesn't love me. Sure. At least you don't hurl objects at Jax's face. even the dates.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Cars sped around them. and we have a baby on the way." "I bet he did. the chemistry worked fine. what Sara and I have. Jax has informed me." "Here's the thing about relationships like yours and Nathan's. if you catch my drift. which of course. when Sara and I met. and I actually like him. "That remains to be seen. That's no way to start a family." Luke turned onto the highway. right?" Luke's smile faded. I'm so confused. "Sounds like me and Sara. that's the deal.

but I'm glad to hear it. We need to tighten our procedures and 283 . but he's been dealt some tough hands in life. He lashes out at anything that has the potential to hurt him. and unless he tells you." "He won't.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Luke shut off the radio." "I know. and Luke elected to stay in the truck. "I know. I am headed over to Jenny's to see how she is. "Wish he would tell me that. Claire frowned when Ivory walked through the doors. her tone flat." "Then tell him that. He's not all he seems to be. too." Ivory doubted the great guru's words of wisdom. I've known the man the better part of ten years. You have to know it. we're going to be buckling down. He's a mean bastard when he wants to be. "Jax is a very complicated man. Ivory grinned. and I've never seen him explode. I know. Wow. but when you pissed him off today. but when they turned into her office parking lot. collected. after last night's events." "The little girl is all right." Ivory felt some of the tension drain from her shoulders and relaxed in the truck's seat. Don't let him push you around." "Listen. "No. if that's why you're here. He's eerily calm. but I needed to pick up something. fuck." she whispered. I'm not supposed to be here. Maybe Jax just needed to see the light. and the damn wise words wiggled into her brain. He knows it. you'll never know what is in his head. Ivory was left to her own thoughts." Claire said. "But I need to know these things. Reserved. that.

been to Boston before?" Luke shook his head. Anything I can do to help out?" Claire shook her head. I don't want another thing like last night to happen on my watch. it's me. "Okay. "Some. and I'll of course. [Back to Table of Contents] 284 . but I have my cell phone if you need me for anything." Ivory said. "Am I going to be punished?" Claire comforted Ivory with a pat on the back. Claire waved her off. seeing as how she even got lost in Boston. and she lived there. It was not your case. "I'm going to take over Desiree's cases myself until she returns. wiping a tear off her cheek. I've got to get going. and Ivory dashed for the warmth of the truck. go over her last few documentations on the Miller family." Ivory's stomach dropped. but where are we headed?" Ivory settled in for the many wrong turns they were about to make." "Well. "You did what you had to do. and I signed off on your reports. If anyone is in trouble here. Let you go home early. I forget to look closely between the lines. Sometimes we get so busy here." "I understand.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros investigative reports. She's most familiar with the families.

" Namely his own personal issues. mocking him with her zippered action. her little teeth poking through her pink gums. His body took the beating. her little rosy cheeks plump. From the tough street kid. Ashley played and cooed from her playpen set up in the center of the room. "I've got a lead on Ashley's father." he said to Mickey. the military. and the reality that with each mission. to carpentry with his dad." He shot Cecelia a glare." Jax set his cup down. There are some things better left unsaid between people when it could hurt the other. his problems manifested in more aggressive behaviors. "We are not defined. "Jax and Ivory aren't a couple. There is a difference. "Well. we just told you that. He stared at the scars. along with Cecilia. the nicks and scrapes he acquired over his years. She studied the plastic keys like they were the most important thing in the world. and then later. and the brat shut up. her brown eyes wide with observation. but his mind suffered the war. We didn't think you'd actually keep it a secret from Ivory. "Congratulations on your nuptials. cracking is knuckles. He looked over at Ashley.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Nineteen Jax accepted the cup of hot coffee from Mickey and sat down on the couch beside the old man. 285 ." Nana joined them. I thought you were going to wait. Secrets between couples are not good.

felt a pop in his shoulder. Shit. "I've been doing my job." Jax drew the air in through his nose very slowly. just taking a day off. and he loved Mickey like a father. and Ivory didn't give him a second glance as she passed through the hallway to hang up her jacket." Cecelia piped up. He needed to shave already. 286 . kid?" Jax looked out the big picture window. felt the day's growth of hair and winced. Did his hands linger at her waist a second more than needed? He schooled his emotions the moment the two walked through the door. They were back early. I've got something to say to Ivory. He liked Nana. what do you have." "Sure she does. He let out the air slowly. his vein sticking out across his forehead." "Thanks." Jax rubbed a finger along his jaw." Mickey blustered. and a twinge in his side. but I think this is a conversation for adults." He stopped himself when his eye caught Luke helping Ivory out of the truck. she's not going to like that one bit. "Well. but their constant examination of his actions in relation to Ivory was starting to piss him off. Jax stretched his arms over his head." Nana's eyes widened. "Ivory has nothing to do with that. He wouldn't be able to soldier for the rest of his life. "We'll talk about it later. noting that Ivory and Luke returned. Old age was catching up with him. Mick. "She's the one taking care of Ashley. "I know.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The old man's face mottled red and white. and that's why I took it upon myself to go see Madame Christine. "You went to Madame Christine's? Without Ivory? Oh.

Nana and Mickey watched with bugged eyes as he spoke with her." Mickey's eyes widened. and to find out someone she trusted so implicitly could be one of the scumbag fathers she often investigated. He wanted to feel their weight against his chest as he moved inside of her. let's go. and when you are talking to me. I would like it if you saw them." "I don't want to talk over the phone.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Luke stepped up beside him. Call me tonight. I'll be able to take the rest of it from here." "Cece. 287 ." he said. and the two of them left after their good-byes to Mickey and Ivory's Nana. Ivory would be devastated—both to lose Ashley. keeping his voice low." he said. but Jax got the message. "I still want to talk to you. "You will tell me what you found. they would make Nathan stand up and be a man. and Jax's stare caught on the swell of her breasts through the turtle neck she wore. "Sure. He caught her on her way into the family room. "My eyes are higher. but Jax assured her she would be staying at least another day. "Thanks for all the help with Mary's life. Luke wanted to help Jax with his sister's lover." Luke collected his daughter. won't you?" Jax clapped the old man on the back. We can talk then. Cecelia pouted. One way or another. nodded imperceptibly to anyone. take responsibility for the life he created. She used her finger to tip his chin up. "When will you be available?" Ivory pushed the hair back from her face. He stood to shake Mickey's hand.

and the skirt flared out around her knees. Her feet felt swollen in the seafoam matching strappy things he'd sent along with the dress and shawl. Jax couldn't wait to hear her answer. Ivory didn't feel beautiful. I'll pick you up at nine. the bun sitting low. "Well.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She shrugged. The soft eye-shadow and mascara highlighted her blue eyes. not quite comfortable. Jenny sat back." **** "You look beautiful. He's already downstairs. Mickey is keeping him entertained. and she felt like at any second she would pass out. Nana held out the matching shawl. "Luke and I had a good conversation on our way to Boston." "You're still open to a date with me?" His voice rang with suspicion and disbelief. If you have anyone to thank for my cooperation at this point. it's him. Cha-Cha. and Nana weaved dark green ribbon through the crown of her do." The sound of the horn interrupted Jax's reply. "Then I suppose you'll have to wait until New Year's Eve. "It's time. The reflection in the mirror lied." Nana said." 288 . She felt like crap." She twirled. and he took one last look at her before he opened the door. The material of the dress stretched too tightly. Nana had pulled her hair up. but accented the green dress. ringlets gracing her face. you look like a million bucks. her own black dress a customary tradition among the women on New Year's Eve. "New Year's Eve then. Her lower back ached.

"All right. 289 . the festivities in New York displayed on the television."." Jenny interjected. Ivory saw no reason to delay. She'd never spent a night away from her since she'd come to live with them. and Ivory bent over to kiss the baby on her head. "Or my stomach turns into a pumpkin. hard jaw and eyes. well." Nana said. clapping her hands. "Jax knows how to entertain himself. and they finally made it down the stairs. and didn't understand her frequent absences these days. The black on black of his shirt and suit lent an air of danger with his dark skin. but Ivory wouldn't have cared. Mickey sat with Jax. Mickey took Ashley. but Ivory suspected it involved a man. She'd missed Jenny. His tattoos were sufficiently covered. and Ashley on Jax's lap. Her hormones kicked to life at the sound of his deep voice. She wrinkled her nose at his tone and pretended to gobble Ashley's fingers. That statement elicited another round of laughter from the women. Her palms started to sweat when she saw him in a tux." Mickey said as he gave her a playful wink. fresh-shaven. let's get you belles off to the ball before you turn into pumpkins. "Are you ladies ready to go?" "You get two for the price of one.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory rolled her eyes." The round of laughter the three shared at the innuendo filled Ivory's heart with love. "Midnight and no later. yet she couldn't tear her eyes away from Ashley's blinking brown ones. Satisfied with the round of giggles and her ease.

Soon. The last time they'd been alone together. 290 . causing chaos in her stomach. Anything. Ivory's butterflies started running into each other. "I'm going to be leaving again. When she stepped outside. the warm leather against her bare legs serving to chase the chill from her. and Ivory thanked the kid for his manners." Not what she wanted to hear." The limo driver got out of the car to open the door for them." The chill snaked through her once more. and the amount of heat that hand generated. things hadn't gone so well. and a long black limo parked at the curb waited for their departure. She knew it came with the job. He laid a hand high on her thigh. absently tracing circles over the soft skin.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros A hand on the small of her back. His silence lingered until halfway to the city. Jenny will follow us to the party. Once they moved away from the house. His breath against her ear drew her attention away from the baby. and it's time for you and I to have that talk. She pressed a hand to her tummy. Her thoughts turned to Jax and their night out. but it never hurt to show her gratitude. "She'll be all right." Her toes curled in the too tight strappy shoes when his grin breached her reserved attitude. "This is too much. She slid across the large backseat. she turned to him. "Not really. Jax settled in beside her. "I see. bumping the ceiling with his hand to signal the driver." Ashley focused her attention on Mickey once Ivory let go of her little hand. sent a wave of ecstasy up her spine. and waited for Jax to say something.

right now. "What about him or her?" "I'll be a part of the baby's life." "Great way to start off the night. Ivory. Ivory felt the tear turn into a rip. I've been given a clean bill of health." "I mean." "But not mine?" Jax flexed his fingers against her thigh. "But." he said. Ivory. I'm sure I'll remember our first date for the rest of my life. that's all right. Jax." Funny. I can't be around you." She would not let the tears show. "I choked you. She'd find a way to get over him." she muttered. I reacted badly. When you said you loved me. 291 . I've got a few things to wrap up here before I go." "I'll say." "I have to go. She would not cry for him again. "Then get help. "I don't want to mislead you." Her heart tore open. "And the baby?" "Ashley will be fine with you." She risked a look at his face. "I don't think you do. Don't leave me if you don't have to. then he could leave.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She would not allow him to seduce her into thinking his actions were all right. The small lights that lined the car's interior and the occasional street lamp revealed his grim face. our baby. He was the only safe person she knew. I'm not a safe person to be around. just a little. The one unborn. babe." He scooted closer. He wanted to leave. "It's my job. Jax. she thought.

her body would always betray her to this man. with his lips. licking the soft hollow. Ivory figured out his own defense mechanism. she was ready to leave. Ivory. and as they sped through the night. but Jax knew how to get a reaction from her. The limo seats were perfect for reclining. Belittle something meaningful until it meant nothing. lashed out at his declaration of impossibility. to the vee of her thighs. **** He hadn't told her when he'd be leaving exactly.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She refused to look at him. By the time they reached the party. No one could love me. Her bare lips were only hidden by a silk scrap. sucked the juice off. Safer that way. and somehow. "I just meant. won't we?" The bitter tone didn't faze her. but his fingers skimmed past the lace to her drenched folds. "We will always have this. "Sure I can." He raised his fingers to his mouth. He slid his hand higher." she challenged him. his tongue. "You can't always sway me with this. He'd rather slip away quietly into the 292 . "Then finish what you started. She knew her heart better than he did. and Ivory gave as much as she took. Oh. Ivory felt a quake slice through her defenses. Jax. Feel how wet you are. Shame at her wanton behavior in his presence had long been forgotten. You don't know me. The little thong she wore didn't protect much from his seeking hand. what you feel for me is lust. He didn't plan on a big send-off." She might have argued her point." He nibbled her earlobe. the dark windows of the long car hid from the world all the ways he finished her.

I've got 293 . even Ivory's. His jowls sagged. The way her hips swayed. her happiness in the moment. The former Chief of Police had been on his parents' case. he was content to simply take in every facet of her. and be on a plane back to Bragg in less than seventy-two hours." he said. How have you been. Her pale skin beneath the chandeliers displayed her inner light. the line between her brows when she grew confused. When did you get in town?" He flinched at the familiar brusqueness. son?" "Busy. Doing this and that. "Harry Porter. his toupee slipped down the side of his dome-shaped skull." Harry's thin lips curled in on his thick mustache. her small toes flexing occasionally. Jax occasionally participated in the festivities. but old age is catching up with me. as his dad was a BPD policeman when the act occurred. her frown. I'll be damned. each who seemed inclined to touch her stomach. He would confront Nathan the following day. She mingled with Jenny and a few friends.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros night. He aged poorly. and his stomach tested the limits of the shirt he wore. but for now. The smile on Ivory's face lit up the Hilton ballroom. Her smile. "Jax Morgan. Her blue eyes rivaled navy runners on the white table cloths. with Luke. Jax held out his hand. "I try. "There were some new developments in your dad's case. "Still raising hell?" Harry's boisterous laugh drew looks.

ready for action. breathed in the smell of her hair. "Hey. despite their earlier tumble. he jumped. "No one. the worry. 294 . in her shining eyes made Jax's self-hatred grow. "I doubt they'll ever catch the bastards. What's wrong? Who was that guy?" The love he saw. felt the velvet of her cheeks against his neck. The last thing he wanted to do was fuck up a child. ask for his love. Her body. Her heels made her just a little taller. it's just me.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros word they've reopened some of the cold cases. Do you want to dance with me?" They made their way onto the dance floor." His old friend anger bubbled to the surface. the ball is getting ready to drop. without the sex interfering. He imagined the life inside of her reach out to him." "Well. and this new detective is hot on a trail. When he left. He pulled her into his arms. When Ivory touched his arm." "Have faith in the BPD. and Jax let the sins of his past go for the moment. His cock took a backseat. he could take tonight with him. Her small stomach against his abdomen. Your pop did. pressed to his. How could she love him? He didn't even think he was a good guy. He wanted to just feel what it might be like with her. kid. Harry. and Jax took full advantage." The former Chief moved off to greet fellow retirees and rub shoulders with the rich and powerful of New England's heart. The news of the case being reopened sucked all the fun out Jax's night. Anger at his inability to do anything.

What did you do to her. As if he belonged there. and as they counted down the seconds of the final hour. I. "I'm sorry. Her easy laugh and glowing cheeks drew him in. You tell me why she's so upset. tell her to get a hotel room on me. Her drugging heat curled on his tongue. She's already on her fifth cranberry vodka. **** Jenny stood just a few feet away." Before Ivory had a chance to ask her what the matter was. and he couldn't think of anywhere else he'd rather be at the moment. "She will need a ride." Ivory stepped out of his arms. Otherwise. everything in Jax's life felt right. obviously surprised to see her. Ivory. Ivory rushed over. Until reality settled in. "What's wrong?" Her best friend looked up. suckled the cider from her tongue. uh. Nathan appeared with two drinks in his hand. have to go. "We can't just leave Jenny. Jax took possession of her lips." Ivory tossed a smile over her shoulder as she searched out her friend." "Well. "Where did Jenny go?" She fisted her hands on her hips.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros They moved to the music. "Let's get out of here." he whispered against her cheek. her eyes going wide. For the moment. "I don't know. her face crumpled. and her little nip as the hour struck made his honorable intentions nil. see if she is ready to go. Nathan?" 295 .

"Nathan and I had a fight. She gathered the woman against her shoulder. "His irresponsibility and lies have nothing to do with you. Nathan. "Jax." Jenny blurted.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "That's what I would like to know. and when they hit the pavement. that's all." "Huh?" Ivory's mind tried to piece together what the hell might be going on. coming up behind Ivory." Jax swung around. and Ivory felt the familiar trickle of unease scoot through her body. Jax acquiesced. she could only guess Nathan hurt Jenny. "If you two are going to fight." Ivory hissed. and Ivory couldn't figure out what had them so riled. "Stop this. All of them." "I'm sorry. "I agree." The foursome moved into the lobby of the Hilton." 296 . this is my fault." Ivory let go of her friend. Jenny. She tensed. Jenny still bawled. then take it outside. and Jax planted himself firmly between them and Nathan." Jax said. wondering if they would break out in another round posturing. placing herself between the two. The three of them passed several looks. with Jenny in tow. "Will someone please tell me why we're all so hostile here?" The hiccupped sobs coming from Jenny drew Ivory to her friend's side. but for the life of her. I want to know what this is about. and Ivory felt like she'd missed some inside joke. and Jax had issues of his own. "We're adults here. The men stared each other down. Let's take this someplace else. the two men in penguin suits began to circle each other.

grateful for the barrier between her and the cold wind." Her ears rang. Nathan handed her his suit jacket. "Get away from her. Her feeble attempts to herd them fell on deaf ears. Her head hurt. She brushed away the offending pieces of plastic and paper." Nathan raged. Jenny took off back inside. for the sake of his body heat.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Nathan finally spoke. Confetti rained down on them. right now. Ivory attempted to maneuver the group back into the lobby. Her breath came in short pants. Without you. don't you?" Cars." "She's cold. Tiny dots exploded behind her eyes. "I'll deal with you in a minute. her shoulders shaking and her teeth chattering. and Ivory slipped the material over her shoulders. tooted horns and blew whistles." He handed her his tux jacket." he growled at her. otherwise." For all the good it did her. asshole. "But she's almost a year old." 297 . Maybe going outside wasn't such a good idea after all. but there was nothing to be done about that. It went to hell when Jenny slapped Nathan for no foreseeable reason. taxis. Nathan rubbed his jaw. but Jax cut him off. Jax gathered her close to his body and she leaned in. and partygoers passed. I'm going back home. caught on Ivory's dress and hair. Should she go after her friend or keep these two ego-junkies from murdering each other? "Explain. Jax. "Nathan is Ashley's father. "You know. and Ivory felt torn. Her breath still plumed out in a cloud of mist. "And you've got us all out here for nothing.

you were enough? Little ice princess is what you were. She needed to sit down. Nate. "But Nathan is Ashley's father. next to a parked car. She flinched when he crowded Jax. cigarette butts and gutter trash littering the ground." he said gently." She twisted around so fast. "Actually.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Wildly." His chuckle sounded cold. "Excuse me?" The aura of danger Jax exuded sheltered Ivory from the blows." Jax issued softly. evil to her. the muscles in her neck strained. babe. Jax knelt down beside her. she could smell the liquor on his breath. She could smell the sewer. Nate. He wouldn't look at her. Ivory. Her head hurt. "I didn't want you to find out this way. On the curb." Nathan's usually tan face had gone green. Tell her how you kept my sister in exchange for her services. Jenny and I have been fucking for nearly a year now. "Please tell me. Nathan's bloodshot eyes bored into hers. "Say something!" "You heard the lady. Ivory felt her orderly little world come tumbling down. she pleaded with Nathan. she hung her head. "Did you really think. To her surprise. but focused all his anger and energy on Jax. but kept his gaze focused on her. her soldier didn't move a muscle. and you spread your legs for him like a bitch in heat. rubbing her lower back. "And then Jax comes along. As he drew closer. it's not true. I just told her it was over." "Did Jenny know? Is that why she was crying?" Nathan cleared his throat. since we're spilling dirty little secrets." 298 .

not Ivory. you won't know what hit you. but twisted. but the sound of a loud thwack told her Jax. "I'm the Chief of Police." Ivory shot to her feet. "Who are you going to run to when Jax bails on you." "How? What can you do. "Always getting what you want. "Don't say another word to her. She saw no remorse there.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros How had she never seen this side of Nathan? His eyes weren't beautiful. punched Nathan. but Ivory could find no remorse for him." Blood trickled out of Nathan's nose. huh?" "Wrong." Nathan growled." She didn't see Jax move. indeed. or I'll have your badge so fast. Her stomach rumbled in warning. You won't have her. She wanted his reassurance. and I fucked you. Ivory? He'll leave you. "I'll only tell you once. Well. At one time. shittiest. You're not good enough for the little ice queen. she thought their children would be the most beautiful in the world. Bile climbed the passageway from esophagus to throat. Ivory stepped up to Nathan. She 299 ." Jax went to step forward. Jax? You're nobody. pregnant and alone. "I've got this. Guess I'm moving up in the world. dead. and Ivory felt around for Jax's hand." With a bravado she didn't feel." Nathan raged. The only chance you've got at saving your reputation is me. "You son-of-a-bitch. his eyes focused on her. Why did she ever think she loved this man? He rose to his full height." Jax's words came out controlled. Only the best for Ivory. but Ivory said. scumbag I've met yet. Her lungs felt cut off. "You are the lowest. and it would serve you well to remember that. buddy. Nathan.

"Nice to see you again. and she loved him for it. "I have something to say to this bastard. Someone must have called the cops. and the second. When he doubled over with a grunt. He carried the weight of Boston on his shoulders. he'd drop any charges he might press. Now. and Ivory jumped back to avoid the mess. I'd rather have no reputation than be associated with you. I mean it." she said. Don't you come near me or mine again. The first was for Ashley. she knew different. because patrol officers were on her in seconds." She didn't care about the cuffs. with cuffs on her wrists.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros thought the man in front of her could do no wrong. Though. Boy. Miss Black." The rookie she'd worked with on the Green case tipped his head at her. Damn. and Ivory threatened to go to the papers with the sordid story. "Wait a minute. it felt good to finally tell a scumbag just how much she hated him. was for Jenny. did her New Year's go out with a bang. It was the first time she'd even been in the back of a squad car. straight into his balls. Nathan. and Ivory grinned. Ivory brought her knee up. Once Nathan sobered up. sorry you're on the wrong end of the cuffs. [Back to Table of Contents] 300 . connected with his nose. Two-timing son-of-a-bitch. she brought her knee up again. her arms uncomfortably positioned behind her. A spew of blood gushed forth. sending him flying backward.

and the night crew rambled out with looks of relief written on their face. He needed to make a clean break. He'd posted her bail." His admiration for his spitfire grew. and Ashley is with your ride. people getting booked hurled cuss words. and listened to her deep inhale. He'd said his 301 . Phones rang. Boston's night crowd hit the streets with enthusiasm. "That's an experience I wouldn't like to repeat. I figure I'll leave Ashley's situation in your very capable hands now." she mumbled. she still looked pissed as all get out. "Are you coming over?" Suddenly the ground took on an interest for him. and he stared at his feet. "Nana and Mickey are waiting for you outside. Jax smiled at her exuberance and beauty despite her ragged appearance." He held open the door." "So that's it? You're just going to leave?" He didn't like lying to her. She stopped when she reached her nana. To pack. Her black hair hung around her face. "I'm going home. a speck of blood on the bodice. Claire left a message she wants to speak with you. He couldn't look at her now. and she'd spent the night in the block. "Thanks. "Yes. and he wouldn't. and the dress she'd worn looked tattered. When she appeared.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Twenty The police station bustled with activity as Jax waited for Ivory." The fact his flight didn't leave until tomorrow evening didn't matter.

and spent extra time lathering her body with lotion and creams. When she couldn't put it off any longer. Nana was awfully quiet. He didn't want to delay her ride. **** The shower felt like heaven to Ivory. He would be back. he didn't want the good-bye to linger any longer than necessary. "I need sleep. right?" 302 . She had to call Claire and straighten her boss out. I know. She washed her hair of the grime and hairspray. but she wanted to put it off. She scrubbed her skin until it hurt." He leaned in for a kiss and ghosted his lips across hers. and asked him if he planned on coming back any time soon. I'm suspended. If anyone understood what he needed to do. his old friend patted him on the back. Nathan had been right about one thing. then it would be Mickey. Not one bit. Ivory called her office. She shuddered. but he didn't know when.. "Come over later?" "I'll call you if I can. "I know. Something about Jax's demeanor at the station bothered her. Her nose would forever carry the smell of urine and sweat. evading her questions. He didn't deserve Ivory. When Jax said he wasn't sure. Mickey took him by the side. but to spend the night in one . and Mickey busied himself with Ashley. She knew jails smelled awful.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros good-byes to Nana and Ashley. and he couldn't tell her." She shifted her weight from foot to foot. Truth be told..

That was her baby. Ashley.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Claire's sigh echoed in her ear. but what judge is going to say his rights aren't validated?" "He slept with prostitutes!" "And you can't prove that. I'm sorry. If this was the kind of system she worked for. I'll be in on Monday to put in my resignation." "He's unfit. a good job. and unless he decides to give up custody. will be placed in Nathan's custody. and Ivory refused to believe she would have to give up Ashley. then. "It's the law. dear. he's a male whore. She raised 303 . Sure." "Not by the standards of our laws. "Claire. He's got a steady income. then she didn't want to work for it anymore. Ashley belongs with him." Ivory fumed. by law. The full repercussion of her decision still evaded her." Oh. Ivory steeled herself for the statement she prepared to let loose." "He had it coming. He's in good standing with the community. but I don't think this position is working for me anymore. Literally. Ivory. Empowered by her display with Nathan. Claire spoke before she could. He's the father." "He used Mary and then left her high and dry. she had it. "I'm sure he did." She slammed down the phone. He'll have to go through the standard interview and checks. Ivory. but that's not against the law. "You can't just beat the Chief of Police up in public." The pause that filled the line spoke volumes to Ivory. There's something else.

then he had another thing coming. and you'll have plenty of time later to see her. Nana's papery lips fluttered across her brow. Nana placed her hands on Ivory's shaking shoulders. "Come on." She turned into Nana's arms. She'd slept for eight hours. she didn't resist. and when sleep came. but when she didn't immediately announce her presence. All this stress isn't good for you or the baby. Jeesh. so far away. You always do. and she still didn't know where they were relationshipwise.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros her. she heard Mickey say. His distant reservation proved he wanted to cut her off. and Ivory closed her eyes. but he seemed so different. Got your Nana's blood in you. Her tired body and exhausted mind. hot tears flooding her eyes. We'll figure this out. and Nana tucked her beneath the covers of her old quilt. dusk settled over Boston. "His flight leaves tomorrow at five. "You'll do something. Ashley called her Mama. She pushed herself up on her elbows and stared at the clock. broken heart. Get some rest. When she woke. baby girl. Ashley is asleep." "I quit my job. She wanted to run to Jax." Ivory held her breath. and weary soul welcomed the rest. What am I going to do now?" They traversed the stairs together." Ivory smiled. but if he did it for her sake. "Doesn't he see this is the wrong thing to do?" 304 . She tiptoed down the stairs in case Ashley napped. "It's all right. dear.

"Eight hours. He'll do the right thing in his own time. "He's got a lot to deal with. She spent the time with Ashley. "Well.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Mickey sighed. "I imagine if you leave in an hour." She stared at the clock over the mantel." "Never." Their expressions fell in unison." Jax? Were they talking about Jax? She walked into the living area. Mickey?" "You know." The smell of roast beef beckoned her. "Did you sleep well?" "Yeah. no wonder you did. "Where would he be tonight. Her nerves 305 . The taste of the heavenly broth and rich meat made her empty stomach jump for joy. Tomorrow. you've got to tell me your recipe for this. and Ivory made herself a bowl of Nana's homemade stew. and Ivory waited to hear what they had to say. after the workout you had last night. "Spill it. and Nana's face brightened. In an hour it would be seven. you'll catch him drunk enough to rip him a new one and convince him he's got it all wrong. "Nana. dear. Mickey's troubled expression brought her right back to the conversation she overheard. nonchalant as she could be." she said." She gathered that much. "Jax is leaving." Mickey's belly bounced as he chuckled." Mickey said. I guess I did. smiling at the newlyweds." The running joke between her and her grandmother made Ivory's heart lighter. She closed her eyes in sorrow as the last drop went into her mouth.

and Ivory forced her feet to move. a frown on his face. When she adjusted to the atmosphere. If she had to let Ashley go. rippled when he moved. watching the child sleep for a minute. tossed on a pair of boots and ran a brush through her hair. The closer she drew. Go get him. Ivory carefully backed out of the nursery. temporarily making her blind and deaf. His black sweater pulled over his muscles. and her heart wavered between letting him go and making a last stand. When she entered the din of the room. and Trixie moved off. Ivory remembered the last time she'd stepped foot inside the place. She stood there. shutting the light out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros skittered back and forth. Before she left. she kissed Nana's cheek. Each step she took. what did that leave? The baby. When Ashley fell asleep. and she quit her job. As Mickey predicted. Jax's black Ford sat in the parking lot at Magruder's. She felt her mouth begin to water. He crossed his arms. "Just going to leave without saying good-bye?" 306 . "That's my girl. Jax sat up straighter. and she had to let Jax go. He chatted with the waitress." The Jeep wouldn't drive fast enough to carry her toward him. his jean-clad legs propped up on a chair and a beer bottle in his hand. the more her heart quickened. Jax sat in the back. the shabby lighting and loud music assaulted her senses. his black brows a slash across his forehead. Right. He glanced up and caught her staring. She changed into a pair of jeans and a thick cable-knit sweater. she thought. Her heart did a little flip.

cupping her tits. "I have to. His kiss tasted like black cherry and bourbon. burst from her. don't." The emotions she tried to keep inside. She let him in." His soft tone made her throat clutch. and Jax shut the door on the bar. In public. sexy. "Don't make this harder than it already is." He sat forward. as they moved together. She wanted to feel his body one last time. He pushed her back against the wall. and Ivory welcomed his rough palms beneath her shirt as he slid her bra up. babe. "Better that way. the gate to her heart wide open. The cold didn't bother her so much. because I'm not letting you leave without a proper good-bye. his nose nearly touching hers. Trixie yelled her good-bye. threw down some bills." "Come outside with me. She turned to face him. "Then you've got a lot to learn about me." His hand circled her neck. and led her through the small crowd." she whispered against his mouth. "Then don't leave. Jax stood. His green eyes didn't give a thing away. Her heart hitched when she reached the exact spot Jax gave her the first taste of addiction. You owe me that. She'd been born here and had tough skin. the hurt. Something 307 . his passion." she said. her expression of love for him. leaned against him. but you just shot that to hell. Ivory took his hand. Please.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros She hated that her voice cracked. and she broke down. planting her foot up his hypothetical ass." She stepped over to him. "This is where we'll end it. Jax Morgan. heady. "This is where it all began.

She trusted him enough to take her in a public place. She arched up on her toes. worked her way down the row. She unsnapped his button. Jax heard cars pull in and out. and Jax intended to brand himself in her mind. He felt the freezing air against his groin. the velvety skin sliding up and down in her palm. as he always did. and didn't know if they were hers or his. She'd come for this last thing. He undid the jeans. and then the little vixen walked in. He'd come to the bar. Anywhere. Any time. She bucked against him. He recognized this for what it was. when he needed to forget. Her hot little mouth greedily met him as he drew her deeper into his embrace. drove him mad. their increasing weight and tight little nipples." he prayed. and then the soft touch of her hand wrapped around his dick. **** The feel of her breasts against his palms. He felt tears against his cheeks. her body. her back bowed. Her fingers burrowed beneath his sweater. She trusted him.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros she never thought she'd have the courage to do. He could feel the humidity of her arousal when he dipped into her jeans. He groaned in encouragement as she worked him. "Ivory. and Jax showed her what real passion felt like. sought out her warmth. through her outer lips and coaxed the cream from her body. 308 . heard the rasp of the zipper. He slid his index finger down. the cold digits a shock to his hot skin.

tense and achy. don't stop. closed off from view. babe. and Jax's much larger body sheltered Ivory's. "Please. He took her over as he fell into the abyss of her warmth." she begged. "Turn around. Her soft moans of pleasure echoed in his mind. He lowered his mouth to her tits. and worked her jeans down until they were around her ankles. placing kisses on the back of her neck." he ordered her. He tangled his fingers with hers. please. Just give me this. Jax wrapped his arms around her back. She turned into him. her tight channel pulsing against his cock. a lazy smile touching his lips. but they were on the other side of a fishing shack. Jax buried his face in her hair. He buttoned up his fly and knelt down to pull her jeans back up. his mind black. all he saw. and Jax pounded into her. If a boater passed by. sucking a pebbled peak into his mouth as he sank two fingers deep inside her. Jax. and Jax freed his dick from the toasty warmth of his jeans. then pulled out. hard shove. He gripped her waist as he pushed into her. was Ivory. because he thrust into her with one. The soft mists of their mingled breath floated around them. and Jax helped Ivory straighten up. Her mewl broke his restraint.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros voices floating toward them. The nip in the air didn't have time to make him lose his hard-on. "I told you 309 . His balls curled up. and when her inner muscles locked on him. All he heard. He pulled away long enough for her to face the wall of the shack. he might get an eyeful. His legs tightened. the blood in his cock sizzled. in his heart. no pun intended. her face against his pecs. She had to be freezing her ass off.

" Never would he forget a moment with this woman. When is that by the way?" She smiled. and where that took him." The walk down the boardwalk while she remained behind was the second hardest thing he'd ever have to do. and he owed it to her. "When you go.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros by the time we were through. Ivory. Enjoy your Nana and Ashley. Jax kissed the corner of her eyes. "I want you to remember this night." "Then don't." His heart thawed. her lips reddened and swollen from his mouth. The wind picked up." A gurgle of laughter reached his ears. Jax kissed the satiny skin. I'll be back. "You've changed me. shoving his hands in his pockets. "Go home. her mouth. Jax couldn't make any promises. he couldn't know. "End of June. Ivory. Her hair whipped around her face. her eyes blue flames. you'd beg for it. and Jax hated what he had to do. out here. her nose. I wanted you to take this with you. Jax." "It's a date." Silence stretched between them for a minute before she palmed his cheek. "I won't say good-bye. He also owed it to her to do something about it." He stepped back. He needed to do a little soul searching. "I couldn't forget if I tried. "I'll be back for the birth of the baby." "Someday." she said. right?" The sentence hung between them. even in public. but he 310 .

She excused herself to get dressed." She'd already bawled her eyes out over the thing she couldn't control. but took longer than necessary just to piss him off. She took her seat across from the two officials. I assume you are here to sign the formal paperwork. **** Time for grieving Jax's departure didn't last long. Claire stopped just before the door. it wasn't for her loss. Ivory felt a piece of her heart go. and though she loved her nana dearly. Nathan took the child into his arms." The documents in question were lined up on the table. "He's going to be under watch for the 311 . because both of his eyes were blackened. Ivory. rather. He looked like hell. Mickey sat beside Ivory. Nana offered them coffee and cookies. "So. civility toward that sewer rat grated on her nerves. He got into his truck and drove away. She must have broken his nose. and if she cried now. he at least looked reticent. To Nathan's credit. and Ivory glared at Claire when she started to read the procedural information. the cartilage swollen beneath the bridge. but Ashley's. When Nathan stepped out the door with her bundle of joy in his arms. and since Ashley liked him. Nathan might need the protection from her. Ivory woke up two days after he'd officially left with Claire and Nathan on her doorstep. Or. "All you have to do is sign the paperwork. her unofficial bodyguard in Jax's place. She let the bastard in. but didn't like it. with Ashley on her lap. she went willingly.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros couldn't afford to lose the courage now.

" "I imagine so." They said their good-byes. "Have you seen Jenny? She called me and told me how it went. 312 . he basically ran a tight ship and could be a good guy. Mickey. She wanted to help.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros first few weeks. You know how it goes. I can do more in that area. the misery." The mention of her best friend caused Ivory to draw up short." Her reasoning couldn't be argued with. She wasn't alone. she'd forgotten Jenny's involvement. I miss you. even if he hadn't taken care of her the way Ivory did. "I might go to Heron House today. She wrapped her arms around her middle. and you knew he would. She had Nana. She wanted to do something worth doing. Ivory couldn't fathom going back to the red tape. she'd suffer kidney shots and bladder flattening. He loved Ashley as much as she. and she couldn't blame him. and Ivory definitely did not like giving her to him. "Come back to the office. and Ivory shut the door. In another two months. I think I'm going back to school." She paused. leaning her head against it." As much as she loved working for the city. and love every minute of it. and the baby. Hard to get close to people when most of them leave you or die. "No. He's dropped any charges. In all the mess. We have some things to talk about. Ashley found her father. Jax never invested emotionally with Ashley the way Ivory did. She wanted to scream. Get my masters degree in counseling and work with a firm. but beneath Nathan's slut complex. and Ivory knew she and Claire would remain friends despite her absence from the work place.

Ivory took her seat at the breakfast table and tapped her fingers against the wood. Ivory's thoughts about Jax comforted her. she'd even get to be a part of Ashley's life. She wanted that cake. Ivory toyed with the cake bits as she thought about his eyes. and never thought to ask. "What's this for?" The smell of the double layer. brandishing a knife and slicing into the decadent confection. like a book unfinished and the author didn't feel like writing the ending. It's a dirty job. the haunted expressions." Nana said. Nana beckoned her into the kitchen and flourished a chocolate cake. but someone has to do it. His leaving left something undone inside her. hot chocolate and fudge made Ivory pant. She found herself often going over the memories. and where Ashley hurt too much to think about. The small scar above his lip." They ate in silence. "Addiction. or the mole just below his ear. 313 ." "For breakfast?" "You can eat chocolate any time of day. "Do you think Jenny knew what she was doing?" "No. "I thought you might need a good dose of chocolate today. I don't. She wanted to know how he got that one.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Maybe when she could forgive Nathan. The ghosts he lived with. desperate to think of some small detail she hadn't thought of before. The calluses on his fingers. Did you know what you were doing the first time you went to Jax's house?" Nana had a point there.

"What are you thinking about?" "How much I love him. and the next he's not. Your grandfather. Wanted to be a hippie and follow the movement. She could see Nana saying that. if that's what you want. If a woman 314 . Ivory smiled. they got to find their own way home. her lower lip caught between her teeth. Nana bent over her. we got married and lived happily until his death. If it hurt for a while." They rocked together. My point is. "Oh. Took him a year to come back. he'll be coming back. She'd just let it hurt. that was okay with her." Despite her sorrow. At least she had Jax Jr. when he did. Jax showed her that. "It was in the sixties." she whispered. baby girl. Men. "And he did?" "He certainly did. they're different from us. go. but then. Ivory listened as Nana poured her some decaf coffee and a cup of her own. Don't cry. Did I ever tell you that?" "No. The only way to live. She couldn't fault him for needing to go. One day he's here. "Now you listen to me. is as though you didn't have tomorrow. He gave that to her. cradling her head." The cake gone and their plates empty.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The man was a ghost himself. he left me. too. she found. sometimes there and others. It was hard to commit one thing when you've lived like a nomad. and Nana wiped away her tears with her grandfather's handkerchief. I said." "It just hurts so much. not. then.

Nana." "I love you. he'll buck like a bull with his nuts tied up. forgive Jenny. and bring her on by. [Back to Table of Contents] 315 ." Ivory wiped her tears away and knew she'd be okay. Though. and Ivory burst out laughing. Nana wouldn't have it any other way. I love you so much. too. Now go on." Candid statements from Nana's mouth. "Oh. I guess you'll have to make do with orange juice.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros tells him where he needs to be. you can't have none. We got some more cake and brandy.

I forgive you. and then chagrin. He fooled us both. Jenny opened her mouth to say something. "It's okay. the younger children in a circle." Ivory nodded. When she saw her friend. She patted the seat beside her." Jenny sniffled. but closed it with a click of her teeth. and hair askew. and blue circles adorned her eyes. I don't deserve to live. Tanya sat in the middle of the great room. "She's in the office. and Jenny's voice called her inside. it looked like she'd lost ten pounds. the racket of kids at play assaulted her ears. There's no point in throwing away twenty years of friendship over Nathan.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Chapter Twenty-One It took a week for Ivory to build enough emotional strength up to visit Jenny. and Ivory took a seat on the only other piece of furniture in the room besides the desk and chair. "Come here. and was blinded to anything other than his needs." "I'm so sorry. and made her way up the curving staircase that lead to the upstairs quarters and Jenny's office. "I came to see how you are. Ivory first felt pity." The creak of Jenny's desk chair as she rolled from beneath the desk filled the void." 316 . She knocked softly on the door." That she understood in spades. The sofa. When she opened the door to Heron House. Her nose red. "I guess I fell for his charming self. and Ivory grinned.

A brief note accompanied the deed to a house. and Ivory left with a lighter sensation in her heart." Jenny said. "Virgin kind." "Well. and the little guy kicked." The baby made his presence known when Jenny laid a hand across Ivory's stomach. "I guess we'll find out on the birth day. Even thousands of miles away. Jax. and yanked out the documents inside. Classes at the university would start in April for the summer session. By the time April arrived in Boston. and Ivory enrolled. your name now holds the title of owner. She held the envelope in her hand like she'd found the Holy Grail. I say he." They caught up on the small things. No alcohol for the mama-to-be." "You haven't found out?" "No. haven't wanted to know. Ashley's with he we will not name. and 317 . and I'm a mess. This is the deed to my house in Manchester. "He's strong for only seventeen weeks. "I've missed you. but it could be a she. and Ivory was thankful to simply have her friend back. As you can see. I want you and my child to live there. Ivory." Ivory confessed. At seven months." "Sounds like we're in need of a girl's night. but they laughed anyway. Jax still gave her orders. her stomach protruded beyond her toes. Jax left.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros The rocky feeling she'd felt upon entering the house vanished. She ripped open the paper. Ivory scanned the short letter. Just a small bump. Ivory received a letter from Jax.

the soft yellow easier to deal with than white. Knickknacks cluttered up his end tables. her handwriting in cursive. The throw pillows on the couch. and added colored curtains." His statement stopped her dead in her tracks. she'd made his house a home. and pictures hung on his walls. She wouldn't have the chance to ask him about it because she had a class at the university.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Ivory nearly fell on her way back up the stairs in her rush because she couldn't see where she went. "Nana!" Her grandmother called back. the television in the corner. He touched the notepad on the counter. He still had the note she'd written him the first time Ashley came to his house. Was Jax back? "Do you know something. even if she had to hold him down and tickle it out of him. "He's gone and asked her to move in. He made his way past the great room and into the kitchen. but eventually she'd get it out of him. Ivory's small touches stood out to his naked eye." "Who?" "Jax. "He wants me to live in Manchester. He knew something all right." Mickey called out. She'd painted. greeted by the smells and sights of a house lived in. old woman. Mickey?" "Nope. Everywhere he looked. 318 ." The single word lodged in Ivory's brain. **** Jax opened his front door.

He flinched. Her birdlike arms waved about as she ushered him toward the set of double doors. Nana noticed him first.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Her calendar was filled with class schedules and appointments. Obviously. and Jax blasted his horn more than once at an idiot driver." Nana said. fuck-nut. When he walked into the delivery room and saw her. Nathan let Ivory see the child. He'd let Mickey know he would arrive today. and a message came across when he pushed play. Ivory's screams cut through his defenses. His heart grew heavy when he called out her name and she didn't answer. Her hair plastered to her forehead with sweat and the towel Jenny kept there. He reached the maternity floor in time to hear a scream blast through the quiet area. hovering around a door. her smile wide and her arms open. Good Lord." The hospital drive took forever. His spitfire thrashed on the bed. what had he done to her? **** 319 . but spotted Nana and Mickey right away. and then called him the devil to boot. She wailed out his name." "How is she?" "Cursing the day your mama bore you. Ashley's name was scrawled across several dates. "I knew you'd come. her cheeks red. her knuckles turned white. "She's in labor. Get your ass to the hospital ASAP. His answering machine blinked. Nana stood up. Jax would have gone to his knees if he thought he could help her. She gripped the bedrails so tight. tears on her face. and what time to pick her up.

"I need to push. Another wave of pain crashed over her body." Jenny soothed." she panted." She sucked in a breath. She jerked her head and saw Jax enter the room. you wanted a natural birth. and Ivory felt a blush creep up her cheeks. and Ivory bowed off the bed. I want drugs." the nurse blustered. She'd never felt anything like it.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Oh. His brooding expression and firmed lips displayed his unease." "I have something to say about that. "No time. sugar. let it go. "Please. His green eyes traveled over her body." Another contraction bore down on her." Ivory let her head fall back against the bed. Now. They pushed her sheet up." she wailed. Jax's hand on her arm calmed Ivory down. "He's the devil." That voice. "I want drugs. the pain. "I can't do this." Doctors and nurses bustled about. For all her curses." a nurse reported. and 320 . Your little one is almost here. and some of the tears on her face weren't from the pain. "You fucking asshole. her heart swelled at the sight of him. and urged her to breathe. and Ivory felt the stirrups beneath her knees. "You're dilated to ten. Jenny counted down the seconds between contractions. held it. "I am never having sex again." Ivory gritted out between her teeth." "Too late." "This must be the father. but all Ivory could think about was the ripping in her abdomen. hun. "Get me some ice. "I was wrong.

for coming. "So?" His sheepish look touched her heart. "Yes. the blue blanket wrapped around the squalling child. he does." 321 . Ivory let go." Once the room quieted down and Ivory had a chance to rest. Ivory took a look at her son. she heard the first wail of her baby." "He looks like Jax. The nurse carried a tiny bundle. and Ivory held hers back as she took in the picture of him as he bent to kiss his son's forehead. The feeling of Jax's hand in hers gave her strength. doesn't he? He's gonna break hearts. Her uterine muscles clenched once more. and after the ten seconds were up. and Ivory gave it all she had. and Ivory's arms felt empty." Jenny offered. said. "Thank you. and just when she couldn't do anymore. but stood stoic with his shoulders squared." came the mystery person. who'd gone pale. the baby cradled in her arms. She laid back. I want you to push for me. you're perfect. she looked at Jax. Jenny counted the time.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros someone she couldn't see. "Okay." She shut her eyes. Ivory. and he held his hands out. When they put him in her arms. She wanted to hold her child. and bore down with all she had. "Again. She glanced up at Jax." she huffed." She thought she saw tears in his eyes. They repeated the process three more times. "That's our child making all that noise. laughter in her chest. The baby's cries filled the room. "Have you thought of a name?" "Jackson. "Oh. but too tired to do anything about it.

He continued. I would have to make a choice. and I'll make demands from you I understand you may not like. then I'd need to make the right one." "Let me finish. "But." His eyes widened. She couldn't keep it in anymore." He ran a hand over his buzzed head. More tears leaked from her eyes." Her heart overflowed." "Jax. "It's okay. and occasionally freak out. I've practiced this. Jax settled down beside her. I won't be easy to live with. "The hell I won't." "I occasionally freak out?" 322 ." "Jax. and Ivory held her arms out. "I sought treatment for my PTSD. Ivory. and if I wanted a life with you. "Say that to me again. I realized I couldn't keep doing this. "I can't promise I'm better. The nurses came back to check on her and take Jackson to the nursery. When I choked you. I'd have been killed in combat or taken my own life. I love you. and Ivory wanted to smooth it away." Did she hear right? "You did?" His words came out on a breath." "Will you stay at the house while you're here?" She hated the school-girlish hope in her voice. "I'm out.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "I said I would. and if I'd stayed on that road. you don't have to stay if you can't. I don't want to die for the things I've done." she warned. A look of pain crossed his face. but I am getting better." She shut her mouth. And I want my life to be with you. I still have nightmares. I resigned my commission.

"I'm not going anywhere. I can't take that. narrowing her eyes. Marry me.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros "No." He laid a heavy kiss on her then." he whispered." "Neither can I. I've got enough money to start my own business." [Back to Table of Contents] 323 . woman. and Ivory's exhausted body came to life." She sat back. We're going to have our hands full anyway. "What will you do for work?" He held his hands up in surrender. not that part." He tugged on a strand of her hair." "I'm addicted to you. "It's going to be a while until we can get dirty. I'll marry you." "Doesn't mean I can't give you a blow job every now and then. Ivory." His deep baritone voice uttering those words to her made Ivory insane with happiness. "God. To life. I love you. "Don't leave me again. Jax Morgan. more time at home." "I love you. She almost lost him. She planted her lips on his. To himself." His laugh sounded in her ear. I think I want to do security. "Work is something I'm thinking about." "Then yes. I think that's all right. To the military. The 'I love you' part. Less stress. "Oh. It'll be based out of here.

Everything seemed right. none took the bait. They'd decided to do the reception in Nana's backyard. their fixed postures and roving eyes a dead give away to their profession. Blade. Ace pulled at his neck tie. Luke. and Morgan Security lifted off the ground. He tried to lure a few of his former soldiers over to the dark side. Recommendations and resumes would only go so far. He'd hired a few men. and several guests milled around. but so far. The police chief wouldn't hold the office or title much longer if he could help it. Jax couldn't take his eyes off his wife. Jackson snuggled against Sara's neck as she fought to untangle his tiny fingers from hair. and Jax vowed he would make it right.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros Epilogue Music filtered over speakers. but he'd feel better if he knew the guys better. Their first assignment: Find his parents' killers. Jax looked on his old team members. and Ivory delighted in helping her along. waiting for a chance to dance 324 . Ivory still cried at night over Ashley's absence. Still. her eyes alight with mischief. the sensual sounds inviting the guests to overrun the dance floor. Ax. She stood between Nana and Jenny as she held Ashley's hand. The tot began to walk on her own a few weeks back. Blade fidgeted with the hem of his trousers. until his gaze fell on Nathan. his gut told him his small group would work out fine. "What's got you so lost in thought?" Jax stared down at his wife. and Ace made it to the function.

She tossed a sassy glance over her shoulder as she led him through the back door and up the stairs. "He'll be fine with Sara and Cece for a bit." She pressed her body to his. "So. Goosebumps developed along her bare spine where his hand rested." The dash of her tongue across his ear sent his dick on alert. "Think we can sneak away?" "Can you leave Jackson that long?" Ivory tugged on his hand. Jax held his breath until they reached her old room. her wedding band glinting in the Japanese lamps they'd strung up. He backed her up to the bed. and Ivory turned the lock. approving of her swollen breasts and flat stomach. He pulled her to him and ground his pelvis against her. The door clicked shut. does this mean you want to consummate our vows right now?" Jax's cock bobbed in his trousers. "I got the go ahead from the doc today for sexual intercourse. "I thought maybe you would like to indulge in a little play. She sighed. She spread her legs open. She drew the drapes closed and turned to him." "What's got into you?" His voice turned husky.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros on the small wood platform. Nana's house sat empty while the party went on outside. the slit in 325 . "I'm thinking about taking you inside." he said against her hair. floor-length sheath. lifting the satin of her simple bone-colored. She sucked on his neck. and Jax didn't have to see to know she'd left a mark. The straps of her gown fell off her creamy shoulders. and Jax dipped to nip at the tender skin.

He could feel the warmth of her pussy as he drew closer. her hands in his hair. He groaned. tasted her honey. and the occasional hand job." He lowered his mouth to her knee. touch her. Six weeks without being able to do a damn thing but kiss. tortured him. Bury himself inside of her. The words she spoke next made his slit leak. When he laid a kiss against the satin dress. she came off the bed. ached to taste her. "I'd rather fuck. and kissed his way up her lean thigh. at the apex of her thighs.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros her gown offering a buffet of alabaster flesh. He reveled in her sharp nails as they dug into his skull." He spread her legs open. He wanted to tease her. "Then fuck me. and his balls scream. The End [Back to Table of Contents] 326 . "With pleasure." he growled. slid her garter off. ran his tongue through the drenched flesh.

though only recently serious. three cats. She enjoys weaving stories that fill her with excitement. What's next? Who knows. She started writing when she was twelve and has never stopped. Georgia with her very own soldier-husband. and her dog Ranger.Ivory's Addiction by Teirney Medeiros About the Author Currently. Sean. Teirney Medeiros lives in Savannah. 327 . but her passion is romance writing and taking care of animals. but she thinks it may be many more stories to come. She is a former military journalist.

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