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Optimizing th Access to Services, March 5 2013 Elections Inspiring Success

What’s at Stake and Why it Matters for your Jobs

Who is Local 99? Education Workers United Parents
• Classified Employees

• Over 55% of members have children in LAUSD schools • Majority live within 2.5 mi. of the schools they serve • Avg. income = $15,000/yr • Majority Women of color

Low-Income People of Color

A Values-Based Approach

Improving the Quality of Life for ALL

Local 99 has a responsibility to provide leadership beyond a traditional contract that helps create the conditions necessary that allow families, schools, and communities to thrive.

LAUSD: Student and family needs

Over 80% qualify for free or reduced lunch
43.3% Truancy rate

Thousands of families where a parent/guardian was deported or detained
Tens of thousands of students identified their family’s vehicle as their home 38% A-G pass rate (2011-2012)

Years of devastating cuts have hindered-site capacity to address student and family needs

OASIS Schools: Putting families first
City (Parks, Libraries, workforce development) Healthy Meals Non-Profit Service Providers Arts Labor

OASIS Schools
Schools serve as natural hubs for communities Schools are safe spaces where families are more inclined to access services Increased collaboration between schools, local government and community is imperative in order to better serve families

Safe Spaces Higher Education

Students & Families

Green space

Faith Community

Athletics Businesses


CommunityBased Orgs.

County Services (Health & human services, mental Health,

OASIS Schools: A Holistic Approach to Education
• Academic Support • Social Emotional support • Restorative Justice • Using data to inform support strategies beyond the classroom

• Economic stability • Workforce Development • Coordination between agencies • Supper programs

Integrated Systems of Support

Family and Community Stability

• Safe Spaces • Extended Day • Aligning community programs and services • Opportunity for colocation of existing County/City programs

Schools as community hubs

Empowerment & Development

• Strengthening family capacity • Meaningful parent engagement

OASIS Schools: An overarching model for LAUSD

Restorative Justice

CORE LCFF Common Core

• OASIS model directly supports the 3 domains that produce college and career ready graduates (Academic; Social-Emotional; Culture and Climate) • OASIS provides a model that ensures every school is prepared to address student and family needs

• OASIS strives to align intended instructional outcomes with school-based programs and services


Student Nutrition & Wellness

Student Recovery

A good Contract and Beyond