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Samsung SecretZone FAQ

The following Q&A provides solutions to problems you may experience while using Samsung SecretZone.

Q: I cannot install Samsung SecretZone. A: See if your system meets the minimum system requirements stated in this guide. Q: What should I do to create and customize a security zone? A: To create and customize a security zone,perform the following steps:
1. On the Samsung SecretZone Manager, create a New security zone. 2. Set a location where the SecretZone's image is to be saved. 3. Set the size of the security zone. 4. Set the type of the security zone. 5. Set the password. 6. Select an encryption algorithm. When the creation is complete, the job (zone name, image and other details) appears on the manager.

Q: How can I hide a security zone from other users? A:On the Samsung SecretZone Manager, select the zone to hide (appearing alongside its drive name and other details), and click Dismount. Now, other users cannot see the zone until you click the Mount button on the manager. Q: How can I use an existing security zone after reinstalling the Operating System? A:Reinstall Samsung SecretZone, and find the image file (*.msr). On the Samsung SecretZone Manager execute the image file-> click Connect -> select the image to recover the link. Q: What is the maximum size for a security zone? A:You can create a virtual drive as large as 2 GB per zone on a FAT-formatted disk, and 2 TB on a NTFS-formatted disk. Q: What can I do for a lost password? A:Since Samsung SecretZone is a security solution, you cannot retrieve data from a security zone without the correct password. Therefore, when creating a security zone, use a password that cannot be forgotten easily.


I cannot disconnect my Samsung external HDD through the Safely Remove Hardware feature while Samsung SecretZone is running. A:To safely remove your Samsung external disc drive, disconnect all Virtual Drives from SecretZone that is currently running and close SecretZone.

Q: The secure drive is not automatically connected after rebooting, although "Auto connection" option is checked. A: It may take some time to connect to the Samsung external hard disk after a reboot, depending on the PC's specifications. Normal operation will resume in a few minutes after a reboot. Q: When you dismount the secure drive, an error message occurs. A: Attempting to "Disconnect" immediately after copying/saving a large file or multiple files to a Secure Drive can lead to an error. If an error does occur, wait 30 to 60 seconds and try again.

Q: After removing SecretZone program, all account information is disappeared. A: Removing Samsung SecretZone will delete all account information. Secure Drives that have been created, however, will remain and be accessible by reinstalling the program and creating the corresponding account. Q: After launching Samsung SecretZone, it's not possible to open previously generated image files (msr) or executable files (exe). A: Older volume image files (msr) must be converted into image files (msr) using the update tool. Executable files (exe), however, cannot be converted using the update tool. Use an older version of the program to convert the executable file (exe) into an image file (msr) and then convert the image file (msr) using the update tool.