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HE CSTR In Series (Model: BP 107) has been designed to introduce students of Chemical Engineering on the dynamic behaviour of reactors in series. The unit is based on the simplest classic case of a wellmixed, multi-staged process operation that basically consists of three reactors connected in series by piping. The solution in each reactor is well stirred and the concentration can be measured. Sump tanks, feed pumps and instrumentations are also provided with the unit.


Students shall be able to compare the measured responses of the vessel concentrations to a deliberate change at the inlet with a theoretical prediction. The piping arrangement has been designed to include a “dead time” coil in the system. Feed liquid to the first vessel is drawn from either of the two sump tanks by a pump, via a flowmeter and control valve. The tracer material concentration in each sump tank is made to be

different. At a selected instant, a sudden change from one feed to the other is made: either for a continuous period (“step function”), or for a short interval (“impulse function”), and the concentration changes with time in each vessel is measured. The results are compared with the predicted exponential responses for 1st order system in series.

Flow between each vessel is by gravity. Each vessel comes with temperature sensor. Conductivity sensors are also provided for each vessel.SOLTEQ® ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Equipment for Engineering Education & Research OPTIONAL ITEMS EXPERIMENTAL CAPABILITIES Mass balance Dynamic behaviour of CSTR in Series Effect of “step change” Effect of “pulse input” Investigation on “dead time” coil Computerised operation and data analysis (optional) i) 1 unit of digital indicator ii) 4 units of conductivity sensors with monitors -DAS SOLDAS DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM i) ii) iii) iv) SPECIFICATIONS a) Bench: A bench constructed from stainless steel frame and chemically resistant worktop.91 m : 1 LPM : 240VAC/1-phase/ 50-60Hz. SOLTEQ . impeller 2" dia. experimental procedures and typical experiment results. h) Conductivity: Range i) Dead Time Sector: Volume: 200 ml : 0 to 200 mS/cm The unit is supplied with Operating and Experiment Manuals in English giving full descriptions of the unit.EI DIGITAL INSTRUMENTATIONS .CAL SOLCAL COMPUTER AIDED LEARNING SOFTWARE i) Interactive multimedia features ii) Graphical simulation iii) Experiment results samples iv) Full experiment manuals REQUIREMENTS Potassium or sodium Chloride Distilled or deionised water Drain points Electricity supply: 240VAC/1-phase/50Hz. material: stainless steel f) Feed Pumps Centrifugal type. b) Reactors: 3 units of vessels made of borosilicate glass with capacity of 2-L. comes with lockable castor wheels.91 m 1. c) Stirrer System: Variable speed up to 500 rpm. Electrical: 240VAC/1-phase/50-60Hz/50W. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Height Width Depth MANUAL : : : 0. stirrer system and overflow tube. sumary of theory. control valves. g) Liquid Flowmeters: Range: 0 to 500 ml/min.52 m 0. capacity Electrical A PC with latest Pentium Processor An electronic signal conditioning system Stand alone data acquisition modules Windows based software ♦ Data Logging ♦ Signal Analysis ♦ Process Control ♦ Real-Time Display ♦ Tabulated Results ♦ Graph of Experimental Results . d) Feed Tanks: 15-L cylindrical tanks. with speed controller and indicator. material: stainless steel e) Waste Tank: 40-L rectangular tank.

0 200.0 120. t (min) Reactor 1 Reactor 2 Reactor 3 Experiment 2: The Effect of Pulse Input 4.0 200.0 180.0 60.0 40.0 140.0 Time.0 Conductivity.0 Time.0 80.00 8.50 2.50 1.0 20.0 100.50 3.00 2.0 250. t (min) Reactor 1 Reactor 2 Reactor 3 SOLTEQ 160.0 150.00 6.00 4.00 0.SOLTEQ® Equipment for Engineering Education & Research TYPICAL EXPERIMENT RESULTS: Experiment 1: The Effect of Step Change 12. Q (mS/cm) .00 1.0 50.50 4.00 10.0 100.Q (mS/cm) 3.00 0.00 Conductivity.00 0.00 2.00 0.50 0.

com.Graph of Experimental Results SOLCAL® .Real-Time Display .LEARNING Our range of teaching equipment can be complemented with our SOLDAS and SOLCAL Malaysia. BHD.3.Experiment Result Samples . Malaysia. Tel.Full Experiment Manuals Contact us for a catalog CD SOLUTION ENGINEERING SDN.Graphic Simulation . Bukit Jalil. Web site : http//www. : +(603) 8996 0023 Email : solution@solution. Technology Park Malaysia. 174876-M) Sales Office : No.Computer Aided Learning .Tabulated Results . MSC. Taman Perindustrian Kinrara.Signal Analysis .Status BUATAN MALAYSIA AGENT: Company .Interactive .Data Logging . Incubator 3. (Co.Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition . No. : +(603) 80758000 Fax.Multimedia Features . No. 47100 Puchong. Jalan TPK 2/4. : +(603) 80755784 R&D Office : G-2A. SOLDAS ® .Process Control . Selangor Darul Ehsan. 57000 Kuala Lumpur.SOLTEQ® Equipment for Engineering Education & Research SOFTWARE & E .solution. Tel.

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