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Q1- Describe the efficient and effective role of human resource manager?

Effective and Efficient Role of Human Resource Manager:

For any organization it is necessary that every person who is working in that organization should work effectively and efficiently, give their maximum potential to their organization but for this the control is necessary which is regulated by a person who has expertise to manage people working with in organization. The human resource manager is the person in organization who keeps all the responsibilities regarding to organize or facilitate the human capitals rendering work with in organization. Human resource manager motivate employees to give their best in order to accomplish organizational goals. There are some of the roles of effective and efficient human resource manager. Create or establish environment where the gap between top and middle/lower is minimum. Having ability to work in complex and complicated situations. Committed to the task assigned by management. Evaluate the performance of the employees time to time; establish different criteria for different work portfolios. Keep and maintain historical data of employees. Take interest in personal affairs which influence on the working of ones working capabilities. Arrange training programs for the skilled workers and introduce them to new working techniques and technologies. Continuously monitor and review the policies within the organization if they contradict in any aspect where it is difficult to meet organization goal inform to top management and take any remedial measure on it. It is important to give preference the task which is on priority or essential for organization. Takes quick and effective decisions by scaling all the ins and outs of his taken decision. Works as mediator or negotiator between conflicts of employees to resolve conflict. Well self assessment of employees and reward them for their performance.

The above are some of the vital role by following them any human resource manager can attain his objective to take his organization to the finest place. The efficiency of human resource manager is the outcome or result in a least uses of resources in producing desire goals.

Q2- Explain the impact of human resource management on enhancing the human productivity?

Impact on Human Resource Management on Enhancing Human Productivity:

Human resource management enhances productivity and effectiveness of organizations past experience and research shows that when organizations employ such human resource practices as internal career ladders, formal and informal training sessions, management by objectives, employment security, and performance based compensations, broadly define jobs etc, these types of organizations are more able to achieve their goals and objectives due to enhanced human productivity by human resource management. Now the question arises how human resource management impact on human productivity in any organization, we understand this as if any organization or multinational company hire employee with out considering job description (as we know that different organizations have different operations for which they hire staff) and does not discuss the working or job description with him; the organization definitely suffers due to defective productivity of that employee and ultimately this may cause to the damages of organization mission and goal. Similarly, if the company hires its staff by proper recruitment and selection process, and take feed back time to time and not even in hiring but after hire him within organization motivate him by appreciating his works and giving small rewards time to time on his performance and provide training sessions and encourages him to improves his qualification or other skills these all measures develop him in a productive resource of organization and ultimately he return back to his organization by his productivity which leads organization to achieve its goal effectively. One of the important constituent or content which lie in human resource management is flexibility in term of time and work place. As we know that human resource management emphasizes on quality of result or it facilitated his personals by management by objective so if a person produces well in off time the management allows him, or the staff need extra time to work after off time the management also allows them to do their work this also enhance the human productivity. There are so many factors which enhances the human productivity because in human resource management perspective they consider their every member of organization as a capital which is more precious than other factor of production and they understand the worthiness of human resource.

Q 3- Explain the evolution and emergence of human resource management?

The Evolution and Emergence of Human Resource Management

After 1980s the locus of the point of convergence of Personnel administration is moved. A large portion of the faculty administration masters substituted the expression "Personnel Management" by "Human Resource Management" It is felt that Personnel Management is, no doubt coordinated predominantly at organization representatives and is not being totally investigated with managerial necessities. Work force director have from the beginning been intervening amidst the administration and the representatives imparting the necessities of each to the next. Human Resources Management, by complexity, is guided mostly towards managerial needs for individuals assets in associations, with more terrific stress being set on arranging, screening and control as opposed to on issue unraveling and intercession. While accepted Personnel largamente is dedicated to the thought that representatives' requirements ought to be cared for, since workers are successful just when their necessities are fulfilled, Human Resources Management reflects an alternate set of convictions. These are that conveying of human assets in right numbers with the right abilities at the right cost is more vital than a disparaging inclusion with individuals' particular issues. HRM (Human Resources Management) is altogether not the same as Personnel Management. HRM is proactive as opposed to reactive, is framework wide as opposed to piecemeal, treats work as social capital instead of as a variable expense, is objective situated instead of relationship-arranged and is eventually dependent upon duty as opposed to consistence. Torrington has contended that Personnel Management has developed through various extra attentions to process an ever-wealthier synthesis of adroitness. While Personnel Management is supply-driven, HRM is interest driven. Staff Management is coordinated chiefly at the workers of the association finding and preparing them, masterminding their pay and contracts of job, clarifying what is normal of them, advocating, what the administration is doing and attempting to adjust any administration activity that could transform an unwelcome reaction from the representatives. Interestingly, the human asset supervisor begins not from the association's representatives, however from the association's need for human assets; from the start, unrest appears to be occurring in Personnel Management everywhere throughout the planet. Not just are there major changes in practice which go far past the decision of either procedure, there is additionally said to be a standard change happening in the reasoning on Personnel Management which indicates another hypothetical advancement. The new ideal model appears equipped for both portraying and clarifying the progressions in practice and of furnishing the reason for lifting Personnel Management or to utilize the more up to date term, HRM to vital criticality in the running of associations. Fundamentally, it sees administration, confronted with steadily expanding rivalry in the connection of the globalization of the economy, constrained to re-examine the wellsprings of focused point of interest and to settle on key decisions about future.

Q 4- Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management? (In your own words)

Differentiate between Personnel management and human resource management:

Personnel Management Ad-hoc and reactive in nature; a short-term perspective rather than strategic A speed of decision is slow due to holding authority in an individual hand A selection or recruitment is separate task which is in the hold of some managers only The remuneration criteria is by job evaluation or by position The organizational structure is Hierarchical Human Resource Management A deliberately long-term, strategic view of human resources A speed of decision is relatively fast because of delegation of authority A selection or recruitment is key task, thats why this process is designed by specialized persons The remuneration criteria is performance related or performance oriented The organizational structure is flexible with core of key employees surrounded by peripheral shells

Human resource management not even control of Personnel management focus on minimizing cost HR costs, but also maximize utilization of human of human resources resources over the long term Training and development is considered as Training and development is Limited and usually continuous process for every one the restricted to training non-managerial employees organizational culture is learning oriented The job design is individual and for every task The job design is collective in nature and team there is division of labor work is appreciated The level of reporting is very high almost in all The level of reporting is low level the directions Mostly personnel management operates is Human resource management is exercised and government or public sector organizations and practices in multinational companies local companies The working hours in personnel management is The working hours in human resource full time management is flexible time In these organizations the record is manually In these organizations the human resource updated or recorded database is maintained through HRIS