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The Opal’s Sacrifice

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A long, long time ago there was war and destruction. There were feared dictators and warlords, but nothing was as feared as the one called the Darkness. The Darkness roamed through the earth and skies, leaving a path of nothing but destruction behind him. The darkness was ruthless, he never spared a life. But one day a hero appeared, bearing the unique powers of nature. She was a priestess of the temple on top of the hill overlooking the town of Lurethway. She could use the powers of nature, only those with a pure heart could bear powers like hers. She battled the Darkness and came very close, but she was alone, and was overpowered but her before she was finished off, she sealed her powers and the in an Opal, which she then separated into 4 different stones. One stone held powers of the air, clouds and vapor, the other contained powers of fire and lava, another contained powers of earth, metal and sand, and the last one contained powers of water, ice, frost and healing. Each of these were hidden in the chamber of the temple, never to see the light of day for 500 years.
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Today, 500 years ago, the darkness was sealed away. It was time to find the keepers of the stones. The ones who would rise up and sacrifice themselves to finally defeat the darkness. The first was a little girl called Lanna, her brown hair was long and straight with bangs that fell over her eyes and her unique aquamarine eyes were staring innocently at a lake, mesmerized by its beauty. She was a calm,

shy and quiet girl; she was frail and sickly and both her parents have died before she was born. The second was a boy called Eleazar, he was an energetic boy who loved to jump and play and run as fast as he could. He was a smart boy who talked like he was much older than 4 years old. He never knew his parents either and he now lives with his sick grandmother. He has straight pale blonde hair that fall over his pale blue eyes. The third was a little girl named Rosabelle, about 3 years old with curly strawberry blonde hair with bangs parted to 1 side and chocolate brown eyes, planting her first seed. Her sweet little face adorned with pure happiness, She lives with her mother, a gardener and her father has been missing for 2 and a half years. She’s a happy little girl, very headstrong and persistent but very kind and friendly. Finally, the fourth, he was a 4 year old boy named Balthazar with very unique features. He had messy jet black hair that fell over his eyes, which had a very unique color, generally they were a sort of hazel, but if you look closer they look red. He lives with his grandparents since his real parents are travelers. He’s a grumpy little boy with a fiery attitude. He sits down sleepily on the carpet sitting too near the fire, as if it weren’t too hot. All of them were very young only 3 or 4 years old, but you could never imagine how powerful these children are, neither could anyone else…for what came later that day, was something very, very unexpected…

In the little, peaceful town of Lurethway, destruction was everywhere… there was fire…everywhere…spreading fast, and although it was raining hail, it was unharmed… the ground was shaking, eating up the buildings in the little, unsuspecting town and the strong winds weren’t helping either, it was tearing the whole town apart, everywhere, everyone, was screaming, fleeing, running, DYING… and what happened to our 4 youngsters? Well…they were…causing this… The only person who could stop this was Master Liam, keeper of the sacred treasures of the temple, he was trained for this. He was a young man of about 25, he had light brown hair and violet eyes. He approached the fire, silently chanting an old Latin spell. He held up a stone to the fire and slowly… the fire calmed down to nothing, the child in

the ash emerged unharmed with a calm face, he reached out and touched the stone and a red ray of light hit his forehead and he collapsed…

Next he held a crystal to the tornados and they disintegrated to nothingness, and slowly a child emerged, again unharmed and he flew down to Master Liam and slowly reached out to the crystal, as if mesmerized by it. The moment his fingertips reached it, it shot a beam of light at him and the little boy collapsed.

Master Liam stood next to a giant growth and the earth was shaking, he held up a gem and the growth stated shrinking and the ground calmed down. When the growth reached his height it opened, showing him a little girl, she reached out, hypnotized by the gem and touched it, the very second she did the stone gleamed and she fell unconscious and all her destruction disappeared.

Last was the one up in the clouds, with the hail. He showed the clouds a tear-shaped crystal and the hail disappeared and was replaced by rain and the rain repaired all the destruction. A little girl, smaller than the rest appeared she slowly reached out to the little gem and stroked it, the crystal shot a beam of light at her and she collapsed, her storm clouds disappeared and the village of Lurethway was calm and peaceful again.

The people of Lurethway all came to in their homes, not remembering the foursome or their horrid experience with their incredible power The four children came to in a bed in the temple, they forgot all about their lives up ‘till that second, they only remembered their first names. The gem of AIR awakened… The gem of EARTH came to… The gem of FIRE opened his eyes… The gem of WATER gained consciousness…

…The DARKNESS awoke…
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Thank you very much for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it. Now I know I’m not as good as a professional writer, but I want to know what you think of it, please, if you don’t like it, don’t bother. I need your support so please comment and tell me if you like it. I have the other chapters ready. I’ll be uploading this by chapter so please wait for chapter 1, It’ll be uploaded in about 2 weeks, so thank you again for reading. Please leave a comment!!

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