Office: JH 4254 Office Phone: (818) 677-4571 Email: OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 11:00-12:30, Wednesday 1:45-2:15 and by appointment. PREREQUISITES: ECON 309, 310 and passing score on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. COURSE GOAL: To gain a better understanding of macroeconomic theory. SUMMARY OF TOPICS COVERED: The determination of aggregate output, employment and prices as well as the impact of monetary and fiscal policy on the economy. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Macroeconomics, Abel/Bernanke/Croushore 8th EXAMS: There will be two midterm exams each worth 25 percent of the course grade points and a comprehensive final worth 40 percent of the course grade. There will be a series of short quizzes due throughout the semester worth a total of 5% of the course grade and a term paper worth an additional 5% of the grade. Students should ask to be excused from an exam only for illness or other emergencies of similar magnitude. To be excused from an exam the student must notify the professor as soon as possible, but no later than the day of the exam. No make-up midterms will be given under any circumstances. The grades of students who are excused from tests will be based on the tests taken and final exam. You cannot pass this class without taking the final exam. It will be given only at the time scheduled by the University. I cannot reschedule the final to accommodate your work schedule, travel plans or for any reason other than a medical emergency. The final exam is scheduled for 12/16, 8-10AM MOODLE: Course information, copies of the course syllabus, powerpoints and other resources will be available on moodle. GRADES: Grades in the class will be based on exams, a term paper and quizzes. CLASS POLICY: Incompletes: Incompletes will be given only under the most extreme circumstances (e.g. serious illness verified by a physician) and only if the student is passing the course. In such cases the student must notify the instructor no later than the day of the final exam and complete the administrative procedures necessary before final grades are submitted. An incomplete may not be assigned when a student would have to retake a course. According to University policy, an incomplete may not be assigned when a student would have to retake a course.

Ch5. and plagiarism. Ch15 . you will fail the class. Instructors cannot officially add or drop students. Ch 13 Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Ch14. Students seeking schedule adjustments during the fourth week of instruction should do so early in the week to ensure that they obtain all required signatures and submit the form to Admission and Records before the deadline. Tentative Outline: (specific scheduling of topics covered will be updated on Moodle) Introduction: Ch1. In order to drop classes during the fourth week of instruction. Enrollments recorded by the end of the third week of instruction are considered official and unalterable. Ch12. facilitating the academic dishonesty of another student. Partial and complete withdrawals should be completed by the end of the third week so that students on waiting lists can be accommodated in Week 4. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: All University rules and regulations concerning academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Changes in academic schedules after the fourth week are rarely approved and only in cases where the student can provide written proof of extraordinary circumstances that have arisen from events beyond his or her control.pdf Students are solely responsible for enrolling or withdrawing from classes through SOLAR during Weeks 1-3 or through filing a Change of Schedule Petition during Week 4. A letter will be sent to the appropriate campus officials requesting disciplinary action which may include suspension and expulsion from the University. If you engage in any of these activities in this class. Ch2 Long-Run Macro: Ch3. Students who miss class for any reason must make arrangements to get notes from another student. Information on complete and partial medical withdrawals (includes taking care of a sick relative) is posted here: http://www. http://www. students must seek approval from the instructor and department chair of the course. Ch11. Ch9. Ch7 Business Cycles: Ch8. fabrication. Ch6. University rules prohibit cheating.htm ABSENCES: Students are responsible for all material present in class.DROPS: The university drop policy allows students to drop online during the first three weeks of the semester.

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