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Motivations of Fuzzy Logic: a) Development of Fuzzy Logic was motivated by the need for developing and analyzing very

complex systems, thus soothing out the difficulties encountered in the application of conventional mathematical tools. b) Also, human mind is well equipped with the power of giving logical thoughts to some hazy concepts and can utilize this to overcome difficulties present in complex systems. Fuzzy logic finds application in almost every area of research and development and we can see its effect on our daily life. We can see that image stabilization in motion pictures was done using this fundamental. In automobile field, we have trainable fuzzy system for idle speed control of our vehicle and a shift scheduling method for automatic transmission which is very popular in the contemporary automobiles. There are decision making intellectuals in every well established, reputed business organizations, who decide the best way to lead the organization. We use Fuzzy Systems to control PH value, drying, in chemical distillation processes, etc in chemical plants. It is used in stock-market predictions, control of various industrial processes, in optimization of cheese production, as autopilot for ships, and medical diagnostic support systems, neurology, etc. It is also applied in the fields of Mining and metal processing for decision making metal forming, robot arm control and decision systems for securities trading. Thus we conclude that fuzzy Logic is a versatile tool and has prominent applications an almost every field where mathematics has failed to come up with a solution.

Significant Fuzzy Logic Application:

1. Control System Fuzzy traffic light controller: It automatically changes the cycle time of the traffic light system depending upon the densities of the cars behind green and red light signals and the current cycle time. In a conventional traffic light controller, the lights change at constant cycle time, which is clearly not the optimal solution. It would be more feasible to pass more cars at the green interval if there are fewer cars waiting behind the red lights. Obviously, a mathematical model for this decision is enormously difficult to find. FL is extensively used in aircraft control systems and equipments.

2. Diagnostic Systems Fuzzy logic based neural networks: Diagnosing electronic systems for symptoms supplied by customers is often difficult as human descriptions of symptoms are the most part uncertain and ambiguous. So using a fuzzy logicbased neural network, we develop a case based system for diagnosing symptoms in electronic systems. Such a system can use AND/OR logic rules of fuzzy logic and can learn from samples. Such a system is simple to develop and can achieve the performance similar to that of the human expert.

3. Automobile Applications FL is used in automatic transmission in cars, cruise control, self parking model car, scheduling and optimization of elevators, etc. A novel systematic fuzzy logic control design methodology can be applied to control the idle speed of an automobile engine. They are even used in power systems and nuclear reactors.

Recent advances of fuzzy memory devices and fuzzy chips make fuzzy system especially suitable for industrial applications. Fuzzy system has excellent performance in wide variety of applications. It can utilize linguistic information from human experts and is capable of simulating human thinking procedures. They are capable of approximating any real and continuous function on a compact set to arbitrary accuracy.