36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book

36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book
Vocabulary development Wordle http://www.wordle.net/ create Get students thinking about the vocabulary from the texts they are studying.

Wordnik http://www.wordnik.com/

Get students finding out more about words and creating their own word lists.

FlickRiver http://flickriver.com

Brainstorm topics using visual to stimulate vocabulary and existing knowledge.

Going beyond word level Phras.in http://phras.in/ Get students to hypothesize and check collocations.

PhraseUp http://www.phraseup.com/

Students can find out words that are commonly used together.

Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Trainer http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com

Page 1 http://twitter.com/NikPeachey

com Page 2 http://twitter.com/ Get students to explore word stress and find related words.com/ Get students to do pronunciation research and find out about other accents. http:// www.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Pronunciation Forvo http://www. Trainer http://nikpeachey. Phrasr http:// www.forvo.pimpampum. Making example sentences and texts more interesting Flickr Poet http:// www.pimpampum. HowJsay http://howjsay.com/NikPeachey .net/ phrasr/?id=27157 Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant.storiesinflight.blogspot.com/ flickrpoet/index.php Students can make visual records of sentences or illustrate short poems or paragraphs. Writer.net/ phrasr/ Create visual slide shows of sentences or short texts.

they can also practice adding detail to their own sentences. Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant.com Page 3 http://twitter. They can build up text speak dialogues.com/NikPeachey .com/ You can create receptive skills work which draws on varied sources and different types of media.org/ You can show students how to add detail to sentences and they can examine sentence structure.com/ Students can translate example sentences to text speak and keep them as a record.blogspot. PhoTransEdit http:// www.telescopictext.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Transl8it http://transl8it.photransedit. Developing receptive skills WallWisher http://www.aspx Students can translate text to phonetic script and keep their example sentences or short texts in phonetics Going beyond sentence level Telescopic text http:// www.com/ Online/Text2Phonetics.wallwisher. Trainer http://nikpeachey. Writer.

blogspot. You can get students thinking about discussion topics.com/ Students can explore multiple sources and media types based on a theme.com You can create yes no receptive skills tasks and students can compare their answers with others.com/NikPeachey . Tag Bulb http://tagbulb. Twurdy http://twurdy.com/ You can find texts based around key topics for lower levels far more easily. Writer. You can create discussion questionnaires for them.com Page 4 http://twitter. Intervue Me http://intervue. You can get students creating polls.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Simply Box http://simplybox. Trainer http://nikpeachey.me Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant. You can get students to answers comprehension questions verbally using video. Checking comprehension Urtak http://urtak.com/main You can create reading tasks that exploit multiple texts and get students to collect their own selections of texts.

online.com/ You can find songs that link to key grammatical structures or lexis.memorizenow.blogspot.com/ You can develop students gist reading skills. Get students to ask you questions.com/NikPeachey .36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Getting deeper into a text Cue Prompter http:// www.georges. Developing grammar through receptive skills Bat Lyrics http://batlyrics. Cloze Test Creator http://l. Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant.cueprompter.com Set up your own grammar q&A video booth. Trainer http://nikpeachey. Writer.fr/ tools/cloze. VYou http://vyou. Momorizenow http:// www.com/ You can create instant dialogue builds and gap fill activities that test students abilities to recognise word relationships.com Page 5 http://twitter.html You can create instant interactive cloze test tasks.

Xtranormal http://www.makebeliefscomix.blogspot. AudioBoo http://audioboo.co m/Comix/ Students can create dialogues and link them to context.html Students can create dialogues. Makebelief Comics http:// www. Trainer http://nikpeachey. Writer.fm You can record and publish audio directly from your classroom. You can create short scenes that illustrate time relationships.com Page 6 http://twitter. Developing students speaking skills MailVu http://mailvu.com/NikPeachey .com/ Students can send in reports and homework tasks verbally using video. Controlled practice Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant.com/live/ mm.dfilm.com/ Students can create dialogues or news reports or more complex animated scenes.xtranormal.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Getting students practicing functional language Dvolver http://www.

Trainer http://nikpeachey.com/ You can create discussion tasks. You can set drills and get students to listen and record their responses. VYou http://vyou. ESL Video http://www. Listening comprehension Listen and Write http://www. Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant.blogspot.voxopop.com/ Get students to listen and interact with real people.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Voxopop http://www.com/ Create your own listening activities for dictation or listening close tests.eslvideo.com Page 7 http://twitter.listen-andwrite. Writer.com/NikPeachey .com Create your own viewing and listening tasks based around video from YouTube.

com/ Get students writing and publishing while integrating different media into their blogs. Write or Die http://writeordie.com/ Get students to write and to focus on fluency and drafting ideas rather than accuracy. Find 80+ more tools for digitizing content Lots more http://simplybox.php Get students to write illustrated reports.in/ Get students to work on text collaboratively in real time. Posterous https://posterous.pimpampum.blogspot.com/ public/?id=145809 Find lots more tools to digitalise your course book content. Bookr http:// www.com Page 8 http://twitter. Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant. Writer.net/ bookr/index.36 Tools for Digitising your ELT Course Book Developing writing skills Sync In http://sync.com/NikPeachey . Trainer http://nikpeachey.