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A supply chain comprises of vendors that supply raw material, producers who convert the material into products,

warehouses that store, distribution centers that deliver to the retailers, and retailers who bring the product to the ultimate user. The illustration shown above provides the framework of turning material inputs into final product or outputs. Fruitita Juice and Shake belongs to a small type of business, for making the cost of the business less and justifiable, the researchers decided not to build any buildings for departments for sales, purchases and others. The location of the business is just as good as a small type of business then, it is considerable to be just a single establishment divided into different areas. The businesss supply chain begins in the management which responsible for planning, organizing, actuating and controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objective by the use of human beings and other resources. It creates, operates and directs purposive organization through systematic, coordinated and co-operated human efforts and which necessary for identifying a products needs. The management is the one which describes the raw materials needed for a product, its details and components. It is the management which gives plan and budgets for the acquisition and shipment to the business from the suppliers. The researchers identified that the most of the raw materials needed for the production are accessible and just sold nearby in the business location as describes in the Supply Section Analysis. Fruitita Juice and Shake aims to caters services to the costumer by serving them fresh and tasty made shakes, juices and pastries which decides the researchers to buy the necessary ingredients for making the certain product weekly to prevents surplus and lapses or deterioration of raw materials specially the fresh fruits. This will give total costumers satisfaction. There will be also a daily acquisition of certain raw materials such as packaging, spoons, cups, bottles, cellophanes and the likes to prevent any critical stocks especially the materials that mostly needed and use for production. The blue colored box indicates for the weekly materials needed and the red box pertains for the daily materials needed. After acquisition of raw materials, it is then delivered to the storage area or warehouse located in the business store. Shipping cost will be shoulder by the business for it is attributable for the procurement of the product. Inventory management are implemented to control and update the raw materials inventory. It is then transferred to the manufacturing area of the department for processing or converting the input materials to produce final output or the product

such as shakes, juices and pastries. The final outputs are then sells to the costumers who place the order through costumer service. The broken line that connects the management to the business warehouse and manufacturing area are linkages for communication. The information is passed to the management and vice versa. The management can communicate to the linkages in the warehouse area or the storage facility to obtain information like to the inventory of materials if there are still enough to produce an output or is there a need to purchase for more raw material inventory due to critical stocks or out of stocks and etc,. On the other hand ensuring quality controls of the products will be gain in linkage in the manufacturing are of the business. And it keeps the cycle as the business existed.