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ARCHANGEL RAZIEL I will present you now certain essential aspects about Raziel archangel.

The Hebrew expression Razi El can be translated as the terrible mystery of God; consequently, Raziel is the archangel who reveals the Gods mysteries to the ones prepared to receive them. He gives the human beings able to receive the mysterious knowledge, divine wisdom, and makes so that the ineffable, ecstatic state of enlightening godly mystery be revealed in the inner universe of the human beings. In the secret tradition of Kabbalah it is mentioned that the archangel Raziel received from God the mission to reveal to the people certain essential divine mysteries as well as certain mysteries of the universe; he is the one who in the very beginning was sent to reveal to the primordial man - Adam - , certain initiatic mysteries. He also allows to the people who are elevated and pure enough from the spiritual point of view to have access beyond the veil of the divine illusion, or, in other words, beyond Mayas veil. Archangel Raziel acts whenever necessary (for the pure, full of aspiration and prepared human beings) both for revealing the primordial spiritual tradition and certain Gods mysteries and also for protecting the authentic spiritual traditions and centers/schools against the aggression of the evil ones (especially during this present age age of spiritual decay called Kali Yuga. Archangel Raziel is also an exceptional spiritual guide who infuses, in the people that are prepared, the divine Grace that is able to help them mysteriously to understand, by aid of intuition, both the various esoteric elements and also the metaphysical ones. He has been an infallible divine protector for all the human beings who aspire sincerely and fervently to a profound, direct knowledge of Gods mysteries. Moreover, in his situation, the ineffable, overwhelming state of godly mystery which archangel Raziel makes it manifest when necessary is a direct, efficient way for us to enter and maintain in a sublime state of identifying communion with this archangel of the occult knowledge. That is why archangel Raziel is called in certain esoteric writings the Keeper of

Gods terrible mysteries and, at the same time, he is the Keeper of a state of perfect, unaltered purity, characterizing the godly aspect of originality. Archangel Raziel makes possible, especially during the night, the accession of the human beings that are pure, full of aspiration and prepared to certain special states of consciousness, in the mysterious realm of the archetypal, pure ideas, where there is the source of all Gods truths.