Edexcel International Advanced Level Registration Information January 2014 Session

Edexcel IAL Important Information:
Newly developed Edexcel's International Advanced Level is an international alternative to Edexcel's Ofqual-regulated A level qualifications which is regulated by Pearson. The qualifications have been written to the same rigorous standard as all Edexcel qualifications and Edexcel International Advanced level qualifications are already recognised by many leading universities in the UK and internationally. All students who sit examinations in January will automatically be awarded an IAL in each subject.  Cash-in: You will not receive a certificate for IAL if Cash-in code box is not selected. Cash-in is free during the time of registration, but late cash-in costs KD 10.000 per qualification per subject. 

UCI: If you have taken Edexcel Exam before, please submit your Unique Candidate Identifier to avoid future problems of late cash-in requests.

For further details on this, please read the attached information leaflet for parents and candidates or do not hesitate to ask the British Council Customer Services Advisers or visit Edexcel website (www.edexcel.com) or the British Council website (www.britishcouncil.org/kuwait.htm).

Entry Requirements and Procedures:
You need to submit the following: 1. EDEXCEL International Advanced Level Entry Form. 2. Registration fees: Fees can be paid in cash , by K-Net or by credit card. 3. Photocopy of your valid passport and your valid Civil ID. 4. Two recent coloured passport size photographs.  You can only register at one centre for any given session. The British Council is not responsible for any clash in timetable that may occur as a result of registering at more than one centre.

Statement of Entry:
Statement of Entry, Edexcel Notice to Candidates and Examinations Venue letter should be collected from the Customer Services Desk two weeks before the commencement of your exams. Candidates will receive reminders through email and SMS.

Examination Result and Collection of Certificates:
The date for the release of results to candidates is Thursday 06 March 2013. Statements of results will be available within a week from the 06 March 2013. Certificates will be available for collection on 03 June 2014. * Please submit the filled in registration form to the Customer Services at our address below: Address: House 2, Block 2, Eisa Abdullah Bahman, Mansouriya, Kuwait. Customer Services Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 09:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m. Tel. +965 22515512 Tuesdays: 09:00 a.m. - 01:00 p.m. and 03:30 p.m. - 08:00 p.m. Email: info@kw.britishcouncil.org

Regular Entries (Sciences & Math) Regular Entries for Humanities: (Business Studies, Economics, Eco. and Bus., Geography, History and Psychology) Regular Entries for Accounting Late Entries for Sciences & Math Late Entries for Humanities Late Entries for Accounting

Fee per GCE Unit
KD 30.000 KD 34.000 KD100.000 KD 52.000 KD 56.000 KD 125.000

Registration Dates



The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.

Edexcel Notice to the Candidates at least two weeks before the start of the exams from the British Council. Attached Centre or website. STATEMENTS OF RESULT Candidate collects SoR from the British Council on or from 06 March 2014. Edexcel. REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION At the time of registration. REGISTRATION Candidate fills in the registration form and submits it to the British Council before the entry closing date. special considerations or notification of special circumstances. Exam Venue details. ENQUIRIES ABOUT RESULTS Candidates submit their requests for recheck/remark enquiries. . Candidate must bring a valid ID and the original Statement of Entry to the Venue. Candidates who have already done cash in requests collect the original certificates. We are registered in England as a charity. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. STATEMENT OF ENTRY Candidate collects the original Statement of Entry. SMS will be sent to remind candidates. EXAMINATIONS Exams take place as per the timetable. CERTIFICATES Edexcel sends certificates to the British Council on 03/06/2014.Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form EDEXCEL GCE JAN 2014 Exams Processes A step by step Guide EXAM REGISTRATION INFORMATION Candidate receives information via the British council. candidate receives a payment receipt. AFTER EXAMINATIONS Exams Services return all exam papers to Edexcel for marking including amendments to candidate's names.

UCI No: Yes  No   If this is your first time registering with Edexcel. UCI is available on your previous Statement of Entry or Statement of Result. Please write your full name in capital letters as you want it to appear on EDEXCEL certificate. We are registered in England as a charity. Please attach a photocopy of your previous Statement of Entry or Statement of Result. You must attach supporting evidence with the form. Have taken an Edexcel exam before: If Yes. *Telephone *E-mail *Mobile(s) Area_________________________________ Block_________________ Correspondence Street______________________________________________________ Address House/Building Number______________ Flat Number________________ Landmark near to the correspondence address _____________________ *These are mandatory fields and should be filled in by the candidate only. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Do you have any special needs due to ill health/medical conditions? Yes  No  If yes please specify your requirements below. All candidates are required to attach a copy of their valid Passport or a copy of their Kuwaiti Civil ID. please leave it blank.Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form Candidate Details: Please ensure that your contact details and information provided are accurate and all necessary documents are attached to this form in order to prevent any delay in processing your application * Candidate Name: Please attach two recent coloured passport–sized photographs and write your name at the back. Any inaccuracies on the Exam documents must be reported in writing to the British Council immediately) *Date of Birth: Day Month Year *Gender Male Female   Please tick appropriate *ID Type Passport Civil ID   Please tick appropriate *Civil ID No or Passport No This ID document must have your photograph and to be brought to the exams venue. Please note that the Statement of Entry and the Statement of Result will be handed over by Customer Services Advisers to the candidate or his relatives after checking identification document (Civil ID or Passport) for verification purposes. .

Genes and Health  WBI02 Development. Transport. We are registered in England as a charity. Plants and the Environment  WBI03 Practical Biology and Research Skills (Written  IAS XAC01 (WAC01)  IAL YAC01 (WAC01+WAC02)  IAS XBI01 (WBI01+WBI02+WBI03)  IAL YBI01 (WBI01+ WBI02+ WBI03+WBI04+WBI05+WBI06) 2 Biology KD30 / 52 per unit Alternative)  WBI04 The Natural Environment and Species Survival  WBI05 Energy. Equilibria & Further Organic Chemistry  WCH05 Transition Metals & Organic Nitrogen Chemistry  WCH06 Chemistry Laboratory Skills2 (Written Alternative)  IAS XCH01 WCH01 + WCH02 + WCH03  IAL YCH01 WCH01 + WCH02 + WCH03 + WCH04 + WCH05 + WCH06 4 Physics KD30 / 52 per unit □ WPH01 □ WPH02 □ WPH07 □ WPH04 □ WPH05 □ WPH08 Physics on the go Physics at work Exploring Physics (Written Alternative) Physics on the Move Physics from Creation to Collapse Experimental Physics (Written alternative)  WBS01 Unit 1: Business Enterprise  IAS XPH01 WPH01 + WPH02 + WPH03  IAL YPH01 WPH01 + WPH02 + WPH03+ WPH04 + WPH05 + WPH06  6BSA1 Developing New Business Ideas  6BSA2 Business  6BSA3 Business  6BSA4 Making International Cash in code for candidates who must cash in January 2014 5 Business Studies KD34 / 56 per unit Managing the  WBS02 Unit 2: Business Structures and Processes  IAS 8BSA1 (6BSA1 + 6BSA2)  IAL 9BSA1 (6BSA1 + 6BSA2 + 6BSA3 + 6BSA4)  WBS03 Unit 3: Strategic Business Decisions Cash in code for IAL:  WBS04 Unit 4: Business in a Global Context Business Decisions  IAS XBS01 (WBS01 + WBS02)  IAL YBSA1 (NOT AVAILABLE IN JAN 2014) 6 Economics KD34 / 56 per unit  6ECA1 Competitive Markets  6ECA2 Managing the economy  6ECA3 Business Economics and Economic Efficiency  WEC01 Unit 1: Markets in Action Cash in code for candidates who  WEC02 Unit 2: must cash in January 2014 Macroeconomic Performance and Policy  IAS 8ECA1 (6ECA1+6ECA2)  WEC03 Unit 3: Business Behaviour  IAL 9ECA1 (6ECA1 + 6ECA2 +  WEC04 Unit 4: 6ECA3 + 6ECA4) The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Excercise and Co-ordination  WBI06 Practical Biology and Investigative Skills (Written Alternative)  WCH01Core Principles of Chemistry  WCH02 Application of Core Principles of Chemistry 3 Chemistry KD30 / 52 per unit  WCH03 Chemistry Laboratory Skills1 (Written Alternative)  WCH04 Rates. Unit Codes for IAL No Subject Title Candidates Cashing in their course in Jan 2014 Candidates starting their IAL course in Jan 2014 Options – Must tick on AS/ AL Cash-in boxes if you require a Certificate (IAS-International Advanced Subsidiary Level IAL-International Advanced Level) 1 Accounting KD100 / 125 per unit  WAC01 Accounting System and Costing  WAC02 Corporate and Management Accounting  WBI01 Lifestyle. .Exams Entry Details: Please fill in this form carefully as you are liable to pay fees for any entry/amendment: Candidates must tick () the subject code/s and option code for which they want to register.Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form GCE Specifications .

edexcel.com/quals/Pages/default. . F3.B.Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form  6ECA4 The Global Economy Developments in the Global Economy Cash in code for IAL:  IAS XEC01 (WEC01 and WEC02)  IAL YEC01 (NOT AVAILABLE IN JAN 2014)  6663 A Core Mathematics 1  6664 A Core Mathematics 2  6665 A Core Mathematics 3  6666 A Core Mathematics 4  6667 A Further Pure Mathematics 7 KD30 / 52 per unit Mathematics 1  WFM01  WMA02 (KD60/ 104 core units)  WMA01 (KD60/ 104 for core units) Mathematics AS Levels  IAS XMA01 (Mathematics): WMA01 + ___ (M1. S1 or D1)  IAS XFM01 (Further Mathematics): WFM01 +2 OF F2. EXAMINATIONS TIMINGS: Morning Session REPORTING TIME: 11:20 AM Afternoon Session REPORTING TIME: 03:50 PM Exam starts: 12:00 Noon Exam starts: 04:30 PM The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. S2. S1. ____ + ______+ ______ +______ (Excluding: WMA01. S3. M1. D1  IAS XPM01 (Pure Mathematics): WMA01 + F1 Mathematics A Levels  IAL YMA01 (Mathematics): WMA01+ WMA02+ _____+ _____ M1 M2/ S1 S2/ M1 S1/ M1 D1/ S1 D1 Mechanics M1  WME01 Mechanics M2  WME02 Mechanics M3  WME03 Statistics S1 Statistics S2  WST01  WST02  IAL YFM01 (Further Mathematics): WFM01+ (F2 or F3) +. WMA02)  YPM01 (Pure Mathematics): WMA01+ WMA02+ WFM01 + (F2 or F3) Decision Mathematics  WDM01 * For more details about the all syllabuses specifications. M3. We are registered in England as a charity. Candidates need to take them in June session. please visit this page on Edexcel website: http://www. Some units are not offered in January session.aspx N. M2.

Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form Fees Calculation: Please enter the cash-in codes and the units for Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session: S. Customer Services Adviser’s Initials: ________ The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.. ……………………………. …………………………….XXX Cash-in Code:____________________________ ……………………………. Cash-in Code:____________________________ 3 Unit Codes: ……………………………. Cash-in Code:____________________________ 4 Unit Codes: ……………………………. No Component Title Cash In and Component Codes Cash-in Code: Amount XBI01 WBI02 WBI03 Example: IAS Biology Unit Codes: WBI01 1 Unit Codes: ……………………………. ……………………………. Cash-in Code:____________________________ 2 Unit Codes: ……………………………. ……………………………. . Cash-in Code:____________________________ 5 Unit Codes: ……………………………. Total Modules____________________________ Total Amount KD______ For office use only Total for GCE AS & A Levels: KD_______________ WBS: G/160/01/002/003/003 Date: ………………………………………. ……………………………. ……………………………. KD XX. ……………………………. ……………………………. We are registered in England as a charity. …………………………….

Candidate Signature ……. please tick this box.Edexcel International Advanced Level January 2014 Session Registration Form Declaration Please read the following declaration and tick the boxes Declaration by candidates:       I certify that the information on this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I have referred to the syllabus specifications the new Edexcel IAL Qualifications to ensure that I am registering for the correct subject(s). the British Council is required by law to manage any personal information you give to us about yourself or your child securely and only for the purpose we have specified. If you do want to see a copy of your information. please contact the Data Protection Team by e-mail at dataprotection@britishcouncil.  To register our customers. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We have developed our integrated Equality Scheme to help us promote equality and eliminate discrimination in the areas of gender. You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you.org/diversity Disclaimer: The British Council and the examining boards take all reasonable steps to provide continuity of service. which may involve the transfer of your data to another British Council Office. cancelled or delayed. Date………………. however. I recognize that I am liable to pay fees for any entry/amendment fee after the deadline of registration. I agree to comply with the regulations of Edexcel and with the arrangements made by the British Council Kuwait. race.  To provide academic records for our candidate’ sponsors where applicable. 10 Spring Gardens. If examinations or their results are disrupted.……………….org.. I understand that British Council is not responsible for any clash of timetable that may arise due to above. London SW1A 2BN or your local British Council office By signing this. 1988. services and events (including social events) which you might find of interest. services and events. As the UK’s International organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations the British Council develops relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds. The British Council’s liability will be limited to the refund of the registration fee or retesting at a later date. We feel sure you will understand. you agree to the British Council’s collecting and processing this information for the purpose specified above. Engaging positively with the richness of diversity is central to what we do in line with out core values. not carried forward to next examination session. .. We are registered in England as a charity. however. the Data Protection Team. Find out how we are applying this scheme worldwide: www.  To be able to cater for any special needs our customer may have. or send in your request to. I have not and will not make an entry for any subject at any other Centre/School this session. I would like to receive details of the British Council activities. If you want us to contact you in this way. The British Council.. disability etc. that we cannot be held responsible for any interruptions caused by circumstances beyond our control. and the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in that information.  We may want to use your information to send you details of the British Council activities.britishcouncil.………………………….……. these are as follows:  To maintain academic and educational records of our customers.  To maintain accurate financial records. for which we may charge a fee.  To distribute information to customers. Refunds are as per our refund policy. Data Protection Fair Collection Notice: Under the terms of the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act.………………. every effort will be made to resume normal service as soon as possible. For the information you provide.

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