Draft Syllabus for a Seminar on the Common Good 1st Proposal: Date Topic Common Good in Aristotle De Konick

Maritan Application: Criteria Wojtlya Application: Jesus and the Common Good Application: St. Thomas and JPII Application: Marriage and Family Application: Unity of the Church – Clement of Rome Application: Unity of the Church – Ignatius of Antioch Application: Politics and Government Application: Business and Economics Application: Education Topic Introduction The Primacy of the Common Good “” The Common Good, the Cosmos, the Polis and the Soul Christ and the Common Good The Common Good and of the unity of the Church The Heavenly City Humanism Classical Liberalism Leftism Authoritarianism and Fascism The Liturgical Movement and the Common Good Personalism The Eschmann-De Koninck Controversy “” Reading

2nd Proposal: Date

Reading Marcus Berquist, “Common Good and Private Good” De Koninck, On the Primacy of the Common Good, Part I Ibid. Part II Selections from Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Ethics and Politics Luke 17:33 and Phil 2:3-11 with selections from Patristic commentaries. Clement of Rome, 1st Epistle to the Corinthians Selections from Augustine’s City of God Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man Selections from Hobbes’ Leviathan, and Locke’s Two Treateses of Government Selections from Rousseau, Robespierre, and Marx Selections from Charles Maurras, Giovanni Gentile, Alfred Baeumler, Gottfried Feder, and Carl Schmidt Ildefons Herwegen on individualism, Pius Parsch, “Objective and Subjective Piety,” Romano Guardini, The Spirit of the Liturgy, ch. 2. Selections from Emmanuel Mounier, Jacques Maritain, Max Scheler, and Dietrich von Hildebrand I. Th. Eschmann, “In Defense of Jacques Maritain” Charles De Koninck, “In Defense of Saint Thomas”

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