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Exercise 1 1. Where's John? He (listen) to a new CD in his room. (rain) in England.

2. Don't forget to take your umbrella with you to London. You know it always 3. Jean (work) hard all day but she (run) after the bus. He (not work) at the moment. (want) to catch it. (come) from Germany.

4. Look! That boy 5. He

(speak) German so well because he (come). We

6. Shh! The boss 7. 8. She you usually

(meet) him in an hour and nothing is ready! you (stay) at home?

(go) away for Christmas or

(hold) some roses. They

(smell) lovely. (snow) in this country. (not run) very fast. (have) a great time!

9. Oh no! Look! It 10. Mary 11. you

(snow) again. It always

(swim) very well, but she (enjoy) this party? Yes, I

12. Sorry I can't help you. I 13. What 14. I 15. I you

(not know) where she keeps her files. (stay) at home.

(do) next Saturday? Nothing special. I (look) nice on you.

(think) your new hat

(live) with my parents but right now I (drive) home.

(stay) with some friends for a few days.

16. I can't talk on the phone now. I 17. Where are the children? They 18. You never 19. He 20. How much Exercise 2

(lie) on the beach over there. always (listen) to that mp3 player!

(listen) to a word I say! You (not understand) what you your suitcase (weigh)? It

(talk) about. He's foreign. (look) really heavy.

1. Don't give Jan any cheese. She ________ it! A. B. ? hates ? is hating

2. It ________ quite hard perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. Exercise 3 Next week, my friends and I (like) cooking. Dave Sam she of other equipment. My wife (bring) the tent he (take) a trip to Paris instead.

? snows ? is snowing ? go ? am going ? drives ? is driving ? have ? am having ? go ? am going ? think ? am thinking ? studies ? is studying ? jumps ? is jumping ? believe ? am believing

3. I ________ to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?

4. Salman is rich he ________ a Mercedes.

5. I ________ lunch in the cafeteria every day.

6. Once a week, I ________ to an art class at the college.

7. I ________ you're crazy!

8. You won't find Jerry at home right now. He ________ in the library.

9. Look! Junko ________ into the water.

10. Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I ________ she comes from France.

(go) camping in the woods. I (have) a big car with a trailer, so he (go) camping every year, so he (think) we're crazy. She

(organize) the food, because I (plan) the transportation. (have) a great tent and lots

(like) holidays in comfortable hotels, so

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