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Consumer needs are dynamic. market focused and customers oriented coordinated marketing effort aimed at generating customer satisfaction. need based market.INTRODUCTION Marketing is a total system of interacting business activities assigned to plan. The study has been undertaken to determine CONSUMER SATISFACTION the research has been taken up in analysis of CONSUMER SATISFACTION with reference to “HYUNDAI CARS” in a customer driven. Consumer behavior is not predictable. therefore. The concept of consumer satisfaction occupies pivotal position in marketing thought and practice. wants satisfying products and services to existing and potential customers. which in turn is a key to achieve the organizational goals. he/she is always looking for something new to satisfy new needs. the past few decades. price. Maket Research And Analysis 5 . promote and distribute. repeat purchase and brand loyalty. The marketing concept is. This is the reason why the consumer satisfaction has emerged as a separate research area of study since. Satisfaction is the major outcome of the marketing activity and services to link process and culminating in purchase and consumption with the help of past purchase phenomenon such as changes in attitude.

In continuation of its commitment to provide the Indian customer with global technology. i10 and the Premium hatchback i20 in the B+ segment. The Santro in the B segment. quality and testing capabilities in the country. It Maket Research And Analysis 6 . while overseas sales grew by 11. HMIL currently has 252 strong dealer network across India. which will be further bolstered in 2009. which produces an additional 300. Hyundai Motor India.COMPANY PROFILE Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company.000 units per annum. HMIL has invested to expand capacity in line with its positioning as HMC's global export hub for compact cars. the Accent and the Verna in the C segment. HMIL has set up its second plant. In the domestic market it clocked a growth of 7. Apart from the expansion of production capacity.748units. South Korea and is the second largest and the fastest growing car manufacturer in India.412 units.6 percent as compared to 2006 with 200.8 percent. The year 2007 has been a significant year for Hyundai Motor India.160 vehicles in the calendar year (CY) 2007. raising HMIL's total production capacity to 600. the Sonata Embera in the E segment and the Tucson in the SUV segment. with exports of 126. the Getz Prime. continuing its tradition of being the fastest growing passenger car manufacturer. an increase of 9. registering total sales of 327. HMIL's fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chennai boasts of the most advanced production. HMIL presently markets 37 variants of passenger cars across segments.2 percent over CY 2006.000 units per annum.

2007 made a clean sweep of all the 'Car of the Year 2008' awards from the leading automotive magazines and TV channels like BS Motoring. the Hyundai Verna bagged some of the most prestigious awards starting with the title of "Car of the Year 2007" by India`s leading automotive publication – Overdrive. safety and ride quality. even as it plans to continue its thrust in existing export markets.000th car. Hyundai exports to over 95 countries globally. the “Best Value for Money Car” by the CNBC Autocar Auto awards and 'Performance Car of the Year 2007' from Business Standard Motoring.achieved a significant milestone by rolling out the fastest 400. Hyundai's new model i10 which made its global debut here in India in October. driver comfort.500. The i10 bagged these awards on the basis of excellence in build quality. Our models like Sonata Embera won the 'Executive Car of The Year 2006' award from Business Standard Motoring Magazine and NDTV Profit Car & Bike India declared the Tucson as the 'SUV of Maket Research And Analysis 7 . the “Best Mid-size Car of the Year” award by the NDTV Profit Car & Bike India Awards 2007.000th export car. Last year.2008' award for the Premium Compact Car (Santro) and the Entry Mid size Car (Accent). Hyundai cars have been a favorite at all awards ceremonies and have always been winning awards. The year just ended also saw Hyundai Motor India attaining other milestones with the launch of the i10 and yet another path-breaking record in its young journey by rolling out the fastest 1. The Santro and the Accent also received the 'TNS Voice of the Customer . it is gearing up to step up its foray into new markets. NDTV Profit Car & Bike India and Overdrive magazine.000th export car. CNBCTV18 AutoCar. handling. The i10 is also the choice of the discerning automotive media of the country as they conferred the prestigious 'Indian Car of the Year' (ICOTY) award to the i10 as well. In March 2008 it achieved yet another milestone by rolling out the fastest 500.

The Year 2006'. Not only this. Employing over 75. About HMC Established in 1967.9 billion in 2007 on a consolidated-basis and US$32.000 people worldwide. Maket Research And Analysis 8 .8 billion on a nonconsolidated basis (using the average currency exchange of 929 won per US dollar). Hyundai Motor posted sales of US$74. has grown into the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group which was ranked as the world’s fifth-largest automaker in 2007 and includes over two dozen auto-related subsidiaries and affiliates. Hyundai Motor Co.000 dealerships and showrooms. Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries through some 6. HMIL has also been awarded the benchmark ISO 14001 certification for its sustainable environment management practices.

contribute to an improved standard of living by bringing more goods with in reach of the poorer section of the population. It is the responsibility of the marketing system to discover and serve the market demands. Optimum production and optimum consumption will ensure a desired standard of living in an economy. “Market may be defined as the relationship between the consumer and the producer occurring at time and place and a value mutually agreeable and acceptable to the concerned parties”.CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIAN MARKET Philip Kotler has rightly said. The standard of living of people in India is low. An increase in the efficiency of the market operation can bring down the prices and thus. Maket Research And Analysis 9 . Improved marketing productivity in India will not only add to the profits of the company which makes as effort to achieve better marketing efficiency but will also give inputs to the development of the country. It provides the vital link in connecting production (supply) and consumption (demand).

from required to know the level of satisfaction with a particular brand of car.  To analysis the result of consumer satisfaction on the basis of future purchase and comparison of Hyundai with other brands. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM A passenger vehicle is a specialty good to the consumer and it also has shopping goods characteristics. Maket Research And Analysis 10 . I. II.RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is a specification of method and procedures or acquiring the information needed.  To analysis the number and percentage of respondents owning Hyundai Car on the basis of income. it is publicity and also reference influences. which sources.  To analysis the preference of Hyundai on the basis of price. importance. Mainly this product undergoes a lot of physical and psychological evaluation before the purchase decision is made. This product has a reference influence on the wire hence “publicity” advertisement is A brand’s for the sales growth to some extent depends on the In developing a brand strategy. by what procedure. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY  The main objective of the study is to identify the consumer satisfaction with Hyundai Cars. occupational level. It is the overall observational pattern or framework of the projects that stipulates what information is to be collected. Here the reference is with “HYUNDAI CARS” hence the problem identified is “CONSUMER SATISFACTION WITH HYUNDAI CARS”.  To analysis the percentage of respondents owning Hyundai on the basis of the causes and sources of awareness.

The survey is conducted at the company service center at Mumbai. Their preference is on basis of various factors and consumer satisfaction level is on basis of future purchase and comparison with other brands. Collection Method: personal. brochures. Primary data is collected directly by meeting the consumers who own Hyundai Cars and the secondary data is collected by the company profile. The questionnaire was administered to Hyundai holders. graphs and charts. D. SCOPE OF THE STUDY Scope covers only Hyundai owners. through charts and graphs. METHOD OF DATA ANALYSIS The data collected were grouped into research characteristics and further subjected to segmentation and then the scores were obtained by using tally bars. Tool: a structural questionnaire was prepared to collect information pertaining to the study. percentile inferences were drawn. IV. V.III. Primary data is collected from the Hyundai owners and secondary data from company profile. Sample Size: 100 consumers who own Hyundai cars. The sample survey is taken for a number of “100” HYUNDAI customers. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A. Type of research is descriptive research by survey method. B. By Every table for each test is represented Maket Research And Analysis 11 . The scores and percentage are presented in tables. C.

or at the parking lot where they may or will be busy with some other work. and at company free service camp during business hours. 4.VI. who represents the population. LIMITATIONS OF STUDY 1. The opinion now about Hyundai may not be the same after some says because of new entrants. The sample size is limited to 100 No of respondents. The study is limited to Mumbai city only. 2. the information extracted would not be sufficient from the respondents. 3. Maket Research And Analysis 12 . Because the information collected from the customers by meeting them at company service centers.

Repeat job analysis. 6. 100% final inspection and analysis. “Do it yourself” class for the customers once in a month. 2. Picking up and home delivery of service vehicles. Mobile and breakdown service round the clock. 100% post service follow-up and analysis. MUMBAI “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION COMES FIRST” 1. Customer complaint handling cell. 8. Conducting free service – camps for outstation customer’s every month. 2 Years warranty at unlimited mileage.AT A1 HYUNDAI MOTOR. 5. 10. 9. Maket Research And Analysis 13 . Drop back facility for service customers. 4. 7. 3.

In house training facility. Car on – Call door step pickup service. Hyundai A1 service advisors and technicians. User friendly tools trolleys. 9. 7. a) The most important factor is that the quality of the service is good in A1 HYUNDAI MOTORS. Open on Sunday also. Round the clock breakdown service. 2. Pneumatic – Tools on every alternative day. Drop – back facility for service customers. d) Politeness toward the customers when attending their problem and analyzing the problem of the vehicle. 5. Quick repair facility. 4. 6. 3. c) Facilities like delivery.CHANGES AT WORKSHOP TO UPGRADE – SERVICES 1. Separate oil change days. b) The labour charges are reasonable. service and repairs will be provided very quickly and promptly. Maket Research And Analysis 14 . 10. 8.

then the vehicle kept for demo and sale person will describe the vehicle and distribute the pamphlets and catalogs. more spaciousness than their competitor vehicle. HONDA. relatives or neighbours.  HYUNDAI has more comfort. 3. Test Drive Customer need to have test drive for newly introduced vehicle because he wants to know the vehicle. The sign boards and hoarding are kept all over the city. FORD. 1. so A1 Hyundai provides test drive to customer. they discuss about the vehicle so they may buy the vehicle or they will advice their friends.  HYUNDAI is perceived as a vehicle for own use. Display the product in the showroom. Customer Meet Taking old customer into consideration. compared other vehicles. Maket Research And Analysis 15 .  Looks of the HYUNDAI is very good. The main competitors are MARUTI. 2. Demonstration If any mela’s. If a new vehicle is launched they display the vehicle at showroom. Hyundai has the following promotional measures. in that. OPEL. HINDUSTAN MOTORES. and GM. fair’s is conducted in the city.COMPARISON OF HYUNDAI WITH COMPETITORS There is keen competition to HYUNDAI. A1 Hyundai call for the customer meet.

Maket Research And Analysis 16 . The finance is provided by Hyundai Finance as well as banks. DEPARTMENT OF THE COMPANY 1. Sales 2. Workshop or service 3. FUNCTIONAL AREA ANALYSIS The dealership include department which are controlled by respective heads having well experienced and dynamic persons. Spare parts.Finance Scheme Here the bank manager and non-banking financial institution will meet and they will finance for vehicle at certain rate of interest. The company has established systems for its smooth operation in all departments.

The entire electrical are checked. vehicle is attended for greasing. FREE SERVICE: The first four services including the PDI are attended with free on labour. The customer is also advised to bring his vehicle regularly to the workshop for services as specified in the operator’s services book. The main function of this department is to provide service to all HYUNDAI vehicles. 2. 2. Change of all in the engine and other The aggregates are also done as specified for various HYUNDAI models. The vehicle is delivered to the customer after detailed pre delivery inspection [PDI]. On an average basis the dealer attends 10-15 vehicles. It is important on the part of the customer to attend these services failing which the warranty will be null and void. Important nuts and bolts are tightened again as per the recommended torque. Maket Research And Analysis 17 . FREE DELIVERY Every new vehicle before delivery is subjected to a detailed Check Up. Workshop or Service Workshop or Service department is place where service and repairs have been done for the HYUNDAI vehicles. FUNCTIONS OF WORKSHOP 1. Sales After the loan process gets over the customer makes the payment to the dealer and collects the vehicle of his choice along with all the relevant documents.The Functions of these departments are as follows 1.

Slow and Non-moving (FSN) parts analysis is in the system. The ABC analysis. SERVICES AND WARRANTY ON HYUNDAI The company agrees to replace or repair any item / aggregate failed before is expected life due to material defect. bad workmanship. Labour Force Every employee of the organization has to follow the rules and regulations very strictly. 5. They also do arrive in the market. However it is obligatory on the part of the customer to bring his vehicle for the regular services. The spare parts department also sells the parts across the counter. The parts are stopped adequately based on consumption.3. ACCIDENT REPAIRS All the spare parts have a number. The warranty period for HYUNDAI is for two year [unlimited Kms]. There are skilled workers and efficient staff. Fast. In case of any failure of the vehicle in transit the team a deputes experts to set right the defect and the vehicle will be brought to the workshop for a detailed diagnosis in case of sudden break down the company gives the demo vehicle to the customer. VEHICLE BREAK DOWN ATTENDANCE The workshop also has a breakdown attending team headed by a supervisor. Maket Research And Analysis 18 . Regularly the parts are procured from HYUNDAI. 4. The parts are issued to the workshop on the indents. There is an optional 3rd year warranty. These are important assets of the organization. The recorder level is fixed for every item. It is codified based on codes they are grouped and located systematically.

 Well equipped workshop with all infrastructural facilities. worker.Recruitment Recruitment is made by advertisement as well as scrutinizing and interviewing the candidate. Maket Research And Analysis 19 .  Workshop is well supported by an organized spare parts division.  We positional quality product.  Trained man power  Excellent marketing network for fixed coverage. STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY Recruitment is also based on experience of the  Separate showroom for cars.  Established strong and transparent systems in all the departments.  Their goodwill in the possess trained. sincere and efficient manpower to encounter present market condition. Training In this company on the job training method is adopted to train the workers. Wages and Salary Administration Basic wages given to workers are fixed on the basis of minimum wages at 1948 and various types of allowances are provided to the workers as well as to the office staff.

Age Group Upto 25 Years 26-35 Years 36-45 years 46-60 60 and above Total Respondents 10 25 30 20 15 100 Car purchaser age group 30 25 20 15 10 Upto 25 Years 26-35 Years 36-45 years 46-60 60 and above 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Respondents Maket Research And Analysis 20 .FINDINGS AND ANALYZED DATA REPORT I. ANALYSIS OF HYUNDAI CAR OWNERS ON THE BASIS OF THEIR AGE GROUP.

The people from age group below 25 and above 60 are less buyers of the vehicle INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: From the above we can infer that the respondents in the age group below 25 and above 60 years are less in number because youngsters depend on their parents who in turn prefer two wheelers and old aged people usually prefer luxury cars.ANALYSIS: The maximum buyers of Hyundai cars as per the survey shows that the customers from the age group of 25-35 and 36-45. from 26-35 will have started earning and the people at the age group from 36-45.e. So they are the majority buyers of the car. ANALYSIS OF THE CAR BUYERS ON THE BASIS OF INCOME Maket Research And Analysis 21 . who are independent and are settled in the life and are able to afford the expenses. II. The age group i.

Annual Income Upto 3.00.000 Respondents ANALYSIS: Maket Research And Analysis 22 .000 to 5.00.000 to 7.00.000 Above 10.000 7.000 to 3.000 Respondents 10 25 20 25 20 25 20 15 10 5 0 10 25 20 25 20 Upto 3.00.000 to 7.00.000 5.00.000 Above 10.00.000 7.000 to 5.00.000 5.00.000 to 10.00.00.

But the people of income group from 5-7 and above would like to buy the big segment car like accent. we can naturally expect that they prefer to buy luxury cars. and with the higher income group. The people with the income group of up to 3 lakh and 3-5 lakhs would like to buy the small car like xing.From the table we see that the people from all income groups will preferably go for Hyundai Cars segment. III. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here the customers from the entire income group would like to buy Hyundai car. REASON FOR PURCHASING THE HYUNDAI CARS Maket Research And Analysis 23 . We can’t perfectly say because of their taste and preferences.

Reason Manufacturers reputation Availability of service Cost of the vehicle Looks of the vehicle Respondents 30 40 20 10 10 30 20 Manufacturers reputation Availability of service Cost of the vehicle Looks of the vehicle 40 ANALYASIS: Maket Research And Analysis 24 .

AWARENESS ABOUT THE CAR Maket Research And Analysis 25 . So people would like to buy the Hyundai cars because of the available facilities and also due to the reputation which is gained by the manufacturer.From the above chart we can make out that most of the buyers say that they have purchased the car because of the availability of service and manufacturing reputation of the company and importance towards the cost of the vehicle as well. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: From this we can make out that the company has created a Good Brand loyalty among the customers and because of the luxury provided by the company towards the vehicle and the good service facility available from the dealer side. IV.

Sources Television Advertisement Newspaper Advertisement Friends and Relatives Other Sources Total Respondents 35 15 45 5 100 5 35 Television Advertisement Newspaper Advertisement Friends and Relatives Other Sources 45 15 ANALYSIS: Maket Research And Analysis 26 .

The satisfied Hyundai customers will recommend their friends and relatives to buy the Hyundai car and the television advertisement will let the people to know about the vehicle more. V.e. word of mouth publicity has made the Customers to purchase the Hyundai Cars and also the Television Advertisement has play a major role in the purchase of Hyundai Cars.From the above findings we can make out that FRIENDS AND RELATIVES i. HOW THE CAR IS BEING PURCHASED Maket Research And Analysis 27 . INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here we can see that the impact of friends and relatives and the role of media publicity had played a major role in the purchase of Hyundai vehicles.

Maket Research And Analysis 28 . So the company should provide some good finance option by giving attractive finance schemes and good interest rates.Mode of Purchase Through Loan Direct Payment Respondents 60 40 40 Through Loan Direct Payment 60 ANALYSIS: As per the findings from a group of 100 customers it has been found out that 60% of the people had purchased the vehicle by taking loans. So that it will help future customers for buying the cars. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here most of customers have purchased the car through loans. Remaining 40% of people through direct payment.

VI.OTHER PARAMETERS CONSIDERED WHILE PURCHASING THE HYUNDAI CARS Reason Looks Price Colour Engine Capacity Pickup Accessories Respondents 10 15 10 20 30 15 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Respondents 10 15 10 20 30 15 Looks Price Colour Engine Capacity Pickup Accessories ANALYSIS: Maket Research And Analysis 29 .

price.From the above table we can draw the information that the most of the people give much preference to the pick up and engine capacity and also some importance towards looks mileage etc. mileage. This car provides and fulfills most of the needs like reasonably priced. pick-up etc. VII. pickup because people of our country are much aware about the value of the money. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Since consumers consider more than one factor for buying a car. Most of them have chosen because engine capacity. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE OF THE CAR Parameters Opinions Maket Research And Analysis 30 . good mileage.

even after the sales of the product which helps for the long run of the organization. FURTHER PLANS OF THE CUSTOMERS TOWARDS NEW CAR Car Respondents Maket Research And Analysis 31 . The dealer must not only be customer caring at the time of purchase of the product but he must follow the same always i. So it is better to maintain the same or to improve on it. VIII.e.Politeness of the dealer Availability of Information when asked Commitment of Delivery Cleanliness of the vehicle Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied ANALYSIS: From the above table we come to know that the experience of the customers with the dealer was good in all aspects mentioned in the table at the time of purchase of the car INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here all the customers are satisfied with all the parameters.

the Maket Research And Analysis 32 .Hyundai Opel Hindustan Motors Maruthi Ford Honda 40 05 10 10 15 20 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 40 Hyundai Opel 20 15 10 5 Respondents 10 Ford Honda Hindustan Motors Maruthi ANALYSIS: From the above table we can draw the inference that the people are well satisfied with the Hyundai car and when the survey is conducted.

Maximum of them are preferring Hyundai vehicles. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here when the customers were asked about their future car most of them opted toward Hyundai. with such a good percentage we can easily make out that Hyundai Cars is liked by most of the people. should identify the needs of the customer and it should try to fulfill them for its long run and to retain the market share. This shows there brand loyal toward the company and their faith toward the company. The organization must keep on conducting the surveys.people were asked about their future plan of purchasing new vehicle. we find that the Hyundai car is ranked as top most position. IX. PURPOSE OF THE CAR Purpose of Use Own use Respondents 75 Maket Research And Analysis 33 . When the surveys is conducted the information drawn is if the Hyundai Customers planning go for a new car he is once again back to Hyundai with more luxury and good features. which have satisfied him.

Company use Taxi Service 20 05 5 20 Own use Company use Taxi Service 75 ANALYSIS: Of the 100 respondents 75% of them say that the vehicle is used for OWN USE and only 20% use for company purpose and 5% for Taxi purpose. X. OPINION ABOUT THE PRICE OF THE CAR BY THE CUSTOMER Price Rated Respondents Maket Research And Analysis 34 . This shows that the Hyundai cars are purchased to make use for own purpose not for the commercial purpose. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: From this we can say that the car is purchased more than 70% for OWN USE 25% for company use and 5% for taxi services. So the Hyundai vehicles are termed as complete family vehicle with required family comforts and luxuries.

Highly priced Reasonably priced Approximately priced Below level Priced 12 74 14 0 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 12 74 Highly priced Reasonably priced Approximately priced Below level Priced 14 0 Respondents ANALYSIS: From the above table we can draw the inference that the pricing of the car is well accepted by the customers. Maket Research And Analysis 35 . 74% of them say that Hyundai Car is reasonably priced.

XI.INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: From the above we can say that the price of Hyundai cars is reasonably priced the customers have accepted the price and the customers are satisfied from the price of the Hyundai cars. OCCUPATION OF THE HYUNDAI CAR OWNERS: Occupation Respondents Maket Research And Analysis 36 . So the company should maintain the price any try to reduce the price to slight extent if possible.

Government Professionals Business Housewife Retired 10 40 30 10 10 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 10 40 30 Government Professionals Business Housewife Retired 10 10 Respondents ANALYSIS: From the above table we can make out that the Hyundai car buyers are more in number from the Business Group as well as professionals. Maket Research And Analysis 37 .

So all the customers are satisfied about the vehicle From this we can make out that business people and professionals have more buying power groups. Hyundai cars has satisfied all there needs and demands. so they opt for the luxury and good performed vehicles.INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here most of the Hyundai car customers are from professional back ground and business background. PERFORMANCE RANKED BY THE CUSTOMER Performance Pick-up Highly satisfied 30 Satisfied 58 Dissatisfied 12 Maket Research And Analysis 38 . compared to other occupational XII.

interior. Road handling. comfort. service. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Maket Research And Analysis 39 .Interior Mileage Road Handling Comfort Visibility Service Backup 6 20 42 34 22 56 60 60 40 40 54 30 34 20 18 26 24 14 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Pick-up Interior Mileage Road Handling Comfort Visibility Service Backup ANALYSIS: From the table we can make out that most of the Hyundai car customers are satisfied about the performance of pickup. mileage. visibility.

mileage. road handling etc. pick up. the organization Hence the organization must try to make the dissatisfied customers to get satisfied or else their opinion may directly or indirectly affects XIII. but still we can find that there are customers showing their dissatisfaction whom the organization can’t neglect. visibility.From the above we can say that some Hyundai customers are highly satisfied with all the features. HYNDAI CAR RESPONDENTS ACCORDING TO THEIR MARITAL STATUS: Marital Status Married Respondents 70 Maket Research And Analysis 40 .

it is termed as complete family vehicle and comfortable vehicle.Unmarried 30 30 MARRIED UNMARRIED ANALYSIS: According to the above table the maximum Hyundai car fall the 70 owners under segment of married the 70% of them are married and 30%of them fall under the segment of unmarried people. INTREPRETATION & INFERENCES: Here as much Hyundai car owners fall under the married segment. In the analysis of consumer satisfaction with Hyundai cars 100 consumers were interviewed who are Hyundai car owners. at the company service station. Maket Research And Analysis 41 . so the company should try to maintain or improve the quality and luxury of the vehicle which should fit for complete family luxury. 2. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS 1. Occupation. 3. Source of awareness. The 90% of the data that has been collected is of primary data. Respondents were segmented on the basis of Income. The car owners were interviewed at A1 Hyundai Authorized Dealers of Hyundai cars. Causes. Comparative analysis with other brands. Price.

V. Customer feels that the Hyundai car is reasonably priced.4. 10% are government employees. 7. 6. Maket Research And Analysis 42 . with respect to the market where the survey was conducted as per the information we have got we can say that 45% of them are satisfied with the performance they had expected from the Hyundai Car. As per Occupation group 40% are professional. Ford. When the cause was analyzed behind the purchase of Hyundai car it was found that the Hyundai car had purchased because of Manufacturer’s reputation and availability of services. As per Income group maximum percentage of Hyundai Car owners are in the Income group of 3-5 lakhs and above. Hindustan Motors. 8. Maruti etc. 9. 30% are business owners. On the basis of comparison Hyundai car with its competitors like Honda. 5. it was found that the awareness of the car more from Friends and Relatives and also from T. ads. When the source of awareness was analyzed.

 Don’t make any delay.  Mechanics not diagnosing the actual problem.  They are not getting constant Mileage.  Often starting problem and problem in hand brake.  The tyre was replaced at 30.  Insist on customer feedback.  The fuel guage not working properly sometimes.  Conduct a customer satisfaction survey periodically. What the marketer should do?  Attend the complaints quickly and responsively. Maket Research And Analysis 43 .000 kms.  Make everything easy and possible for the customers to complain by welcoming the customer complaints.  Problem in the central locking of accent.  Horn sound is not that much loud for High-way. servicing on trial and error basis.SOME OF THE PROBLEMS FACED BY THE CUSTOMERS  Body got junked in a span of just 2 years.

Change is the only think to retain and attract the customers so the company should identify the needs and dry to fulfill them.CONCLUSION From the findings and analysis it is clear that Hyundai Car is highly preferred when compared to the other brands of car in the same segment. Thus they help directly or indirectly for the product sale. Maket Research And Analysis 44 . the findings and analysis shows that 80% of the consumers are happy with the product performance and also sales service and rest 20% of them says that they are dissatisfied. MORE FUN car which is a complete family car and is accepted by most of them and it gives consumer satisfaction as per study undertaken. Finally we conclude the Hyundai is MORE POWER. We know that getting new customer is double the cost of retaining the old customer so the company should focus on retaining the old customers whom an in the future purchase the product or recommend others to purchase the product. Since each customer is like an asset for an organization the company should try to improve in the area of dissatisfaction. With the analysis through the survey conducted in Mumbai on the consumer satisfaction of Hyundai Car.

Improve high-way horn and reverse horn. 3. Maket Research And Analysis 45 . Improve service and train the service personnel. 5. 7. Spare parts should be made available at lower rate. Reduce some bit in the price of Xing. After sales service is a very important factor in case of automobile sector which may induce buying or stop people from buying the particular brand of vehicle. 6. 2. Introduce more colours in Accent. Establish more service centers and provide the best service.SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Improve crash safety in all the Hyundai vehicles. 4.

com/  Maket Research And Analysis 46 .hyundai-motor.CATALOGS   MARKETING MANAGEMENT BY PHILIP KOTLER  HYUNDAI COMPANY   www.

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