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ATPL Radio Aids VIVA Question asked on 17/09/2013 at Delhi 1) which aircraft are you flying?

What radio aids you 2) explain difference between DVOR and VOR 3) How site error is removed in DVOR? 4) explain Doppler principle 5) how NDB works explain with diagram 6) how ADF works? Lots of question on loop aerial 7) explain loop aerial theory with diagram for ADF what's EGPWS? 9) how EGPWS works and can give u terrain information 10) explain all modes of EGPWS 11) mode 1 of EGPWS effective upto what height 12) what is GPS and what information you will receive 13) why you need more than one satellite to know your ram 14) what is ILS and what are the errors of ILS? 15) what is false glide slope? have in your airplane

which is ahead of u in GPS signal position explain with diag

These were the question asked to me.....some questions which were asked to other pilots 1) what is TCAS ? 2) if 4-5 aircraft in collision course how many aircraft will get RA? 3) how many aircraft TCAS can display 4) you are getting wind shear, RA, and GPWS at same time how and which will you prioritise and why? 5) NDB errors 6) GPS errors

Basic principles of radio waves, propagation. Diff b/w gpws and egpws, vor dvor , principles of adf, vor, ils their limiations and errors.

The following questions were asked to me this time:1) What is latitude, longitude, rhumb line? 2) What is earth's compression? 3) What is orthomorphism? 4) What is convergency?formula? 5) Tell me everything you know about mercator and lambert projection? (explain e verything construction, properties, shapes of rhumb line, G.C., scale variation etc) 6) What is transverse and oblique mercator? 7) What is GPS? 8) There was a VOR approach plate, was asked to brief him the approach. What is the MSA, FAF? MSA was 2600', he asked if coming inbound ATC clears you to descend to 2600' at 26nm would you descend?(I said yes i would descend as i am coming inbound i will enter the msa shortly. I dont know if its correct because technically msa clear s obstacles uptill 25nm only ) Tell me the missed approach procedure of this approach. 9) He took an enroute chart and asked me to locate a particular location (jodhpu r) in the chart? (ans. locate it by opening the page where the page nos are writ ten across the location name, eg. jodhpur pg7c etc they want to see you do this) And what are the standard parallels of this chart?

If a communication failure is experienced on an IFR flight in IMC, the pilot sh General Navigation Ques1 What is INS and IRS differences ? how do they help a pilot in terms of nav igation. Ques2 How does the GPS work ? Is a GPS route a rumb line or a great circle. Whic h out of the rumb line and the great circle changes heading? Ques3 In RVSM airspace if one of your required instruements for RVSm fail can yo u still fly in RVSM airspace? (NO) also what is the way to get out of the RVSM airspace if your radio is not functioning and you don t have contact with the atc. Ques4 Performace questions on various speeds cg is better in terms for navigation was also asked if rear cg or forward

Ques5 I was given two different enroute charts and was asked to tell the project ion of the charts . (they were two different projections) I was also asked the differences in the projection and as to why they would use two different projections. Ques6 I was show atleast 8 jeppesen charts in which I was asked different questi on regarding the charts ( so you should know things from the glossary) Radio Navigation DO THE PRINCIPLE AND WORKING OF ALL THE RADIO AIDS Ques1 Was asked about the Airborne weather Radar,GPWS,EGPWS,TCAS,RADIO ALTIMETER , COMPASS AND ITS ERRORS Ques2 Was asked the differences between a pressure altimeter and a radio altimet er. Ques3 Was also asked the working of the pressure altimeter. Ques4 While talking about the AWR they also asked if the beam was reflected by d rizzle,snow,hail etc . also asked how u would know the intensity of precipitatio n and how you would calculate cloud base . Ques5 What is continuous wave theory Cant remember the rest but each in Delhi we had two different interviews and eac h was atleast for 20 mins. GENERAL NAVIGATION 1. Jeppesen enroute charts: Why is localizer symbol not given at Mumbai airfield ? How to find out elevation and runway length? How to locate a particular chart? 2. RVSM: What is it? Instrumentation required for it. Why is RVSM not used above FL410? What will you do in case of RVSM equipment failure? Can ATC ask you to maintain RVSM even when you have a failure? 3. What is FMC? 4. What is a balanced field? Clearway, stopway? 5. Wet runway, how does V1 change?

6. What is MZFW? Does it include unusable fuel? What is payload? How to calculat e payload from AUW? 7. What is RTOW? RADIO AIDS & INSTRUMENTS 1. Practical questions on VOR radial and interception. What is QDM and QDR? What does NDB give you? 2. Principle of ADF, NDB and errors. What is scalloping? How would you know if a n NDB is suffering from scalloping in flight? 3. AWR principle. 4. What is secondary radar? Examples of secondary radar? Modes of transponders a nd their differences? 5. What is difference between GPWS and EGPWS? 6. What is predictive windshear? Can EGPWS give predicative windshear? What equi pment can u use to predict windshear? 7. What is TCAS? TCAS I vs TCAS II? What are TA and RA? How does TCAS work? 8. INS/IRS what is a chart projection? what projection used in the en route chart ? what about its scale and where does the scale hold gud for the chart ? Questions on Jeppesen MORA.....Why Mora in magenta colour? Standard Parallel .. uses of lambert Variation near mumbai Zigdex feature RNP /RNAV Full detail of RVSM Absolute ceiling INS/IRS. Atpl viva Radio and Nav ( chennai ) 1.type of enroute chart, why mercator is not used as enroute chart? 2.what is RVSM? if autopilot fails while in RVSM, what are the procedures? If AT C asks you to maintain the current RVSM alt what should you do and why? same question for airspeed indicator failure. 3.What is ETOPS? What is dispatch minima for alternate? when airborne will you f ollow dispatch minima? 4. Working of ILS? coverage details ? when in the airfield is G/P n LOC antenna placed? 5. Difference between DVOR n VOR? Why is DVOR better? how will find the range fo r VOR? 6. GPS and its errors 7.1 in 60 rule.. they just gave me simple problem. u r 10deg off track n have 12 0 nm to go.. nm offtrack? 8.Difference between NDB and a locator. would you use a locator for homing? 9. Difference between AM n SSB? why is AM used in HF comms? 10. FInding range for an NDB. 11. GPWS and EGPWS. Difference. 12. What is Machmeter? why do we need one? Does a C-172 need one.? 13. what happens to MN while climbing at a constant IAS? ppl were also asked questions on gyros, pressure instruments, n their errors. .....diff bet radio altimeter n radar altimete