com/albums/v281/joey368/lucantug.gif The old logo, it's too amatuer: I have made this game abbreviated LTMW. I have added to & kept this info years ago & attempteds to send to several developers, but they ignored it. So since Crossbeam is so open to the public. I decided to email this to them. They replied saying they'll put it in consideration. I'd like to share with you. 2 expansion packs are called Lucan: The Underground Kingdom, & Lucan: The Land In The Sky

+++GAME SPECS+++ System: Nintendo Wii Genre: Action RPG (online enabled) Player: 16; 4 per team Recommended Rating: T Play Style: Wii Remote (2 handed) Controls: Directional Pad - move Cursor - spell/projectile cursor A - Weapon/Spell 1 Attack B - Weapon/Spell 2 Attack A + B - Combined attack 1 - Pick Up Item/Throw Item 2 - Team Action Hold 2 & press center on the directional pad - huddle team up Hold 2 & press up on the directional pad - command team to attack Hold 2 & press down on the directional pad - command team to retreat Hold 2 & press left on the directional pad - get partners to carry flag Hold 2 & press right on the directional pad - get partners to holler so you can locate them Start - menu screens Select - jump to favorite menu screen Home - quit game & go to hardware menu What the speaker could emit - contact of weapon striking your indicated character The game's grahics will consist of a 3D Anime artstyle rendered by the Irrlicht Engine. Here is a sample of it's capabilities. +++OVERVIEW+++ Welcome to the Land of Lucan (LOO-kin), founded by Erasmus Lucan 22 years ago! There is no actual date of this game for there are historical things & high-tech things. There is a lot of land with a lot of opportunities. The innovative part about it is that you choose your town & your partners' towns! The partner & enemy AI gradually improves throughout the game. The town you & your partners live in determines the storylines, plots, & their personalities. There is something happening in every area in every time. Unlike a Nintendo game, this one is long. You battle enemies, breach forts & castles, & overthrow bosses to retrieve the 14 lost blocks of Alden (okay blocks are the closest I got for original & essential items). You must battle in an action RPG style & this is unique too: you must carry a giant flag representing your party at all times. If you don't have it by the next cutscene or approaching a town, you might be executed. You can also switch your character & have 2 weapon slots to equip with. There will be a lot to fill your arsenal, so there might be problems equiping what's best.

There is also desision making. If you can't decide, you & your party vote using ballots. One decision is never a stupid one. And how you answer determines the other person's response. Say you let your party vote on a decision, the other person might respond: "Voting? What kind of instinct is that?!" +++CHARACTERS+++ There are many teams in this giant land. Eight that I'd speak of. You are a team called the "Radicals". Your team changes into different colors after getting your 6th block. Your main character is named "Cackter" (no laughing here, or at other silly names!). He is a sword weilder. You could equip him with something else, but not as skilled. You could also unarm your character with 2 spells. You also have attributes in attack, defense, speed, & charisma. The type of weapon weilder you are, it also determined how fast the attibures gain. You start at one point each & when you get you new partners, they equal the amount of attibutes to yours. Your partners could ger conditions such as poison, sickness, drowsiness, drunkeness, paralyze, burn, etc. If you encounter these conditions, allow your partner to do what it takes to heal it, heal with an item, or go to the nearest town. Default Weapon 1: Default Weapon 2: Town: Sex: Age: Hair Color: Eye Iris: Height: Weight: Blood Type: Here are the "Radicals": Cackter (KAK-ter) Default Weapon 1: Sword > Banana Sword Default Weapon 2: Spell > Flamuna Default Town: Alden Sex: M Age: 19 Hair Color: Red Eye Iris: Green Height: 180cm Weight: 75kg Blood Type: A

Alondra (uh-LON-druh) Default Weapon 1: Arrow > Axe Heads Default Weapon 2: Bow > Bow with Shield Default Town: Grodd Sex: F Age: 17 Hair Color: Blonde Eye Iris: Light Blue Height: 175cm Weight: 46kg Blood Type: AB Gerfek (GER-fick) Default Weapon 1: Glove > Left Iron Fist Default Weapon 2: Glove > Right Iron Fist Default Town: Lat Sex: M Age: 27 Hair Color: Brown Eye Iris: Mahogany Height: 203cm Weight: 116kg Blood Type: O Carlie (CAR-lee) Default Weapon 1: Rod > Sun Stick Default Weapon 2: Add-on > Hammer Default Town: Foga Island Sex: M Age: 16 Hair Color: Brown Eye Iris: Blue Height: 165cm Weight: 56kg Blood Type: A

Other Teams:

The Avengers
Acero (a-SARE-oh) Default Town: Lat Sex: M Mestifa (mes-TEE-fuh) Default Town: Port Bynia Sex: F Mewrue (MEW-rew) Default Town: Port Bynia Sex: F Hatavaro (ha-tuh-VAUR-oh) Default Town: Nekice Sex: M

Orlando's Naturals
Orlando (or-LAN-doh) Default Town: Sedgewick Sex: M Pyropia (pu-ROH-pee-uh) Default Town: Acacia Sex: F Nalorie (NA-lore-ee) Default Town: Foga Island Sex: F Joleta (jo-LEE-tuh) Default Town: Nawrocki Sex: F

The Dark Dearests
Pearl (PERL) Default Town: Grodd Sex: F Repal (REE-pel) Default Town: Kyre Sex: F Larpe (LARP-ee) Default Town: Alden Sex: F

Aprel (APE-rill) Default Town: Sedgewick Sex: F

The Rebounders
Jabielle (Jay-bee-ELL) Default Town: Lucan Sex: M Jilassa (Jil-LOSS-uh) Default Town: Ovenden Heights Sex: F Chuntackodrak (Choon-TACK-oh-drack) Default Town: Mystal Sex: M Dean (DEEN) Default Town: Lat Sex: M

The Destroyers
Ositz (OH-zits) Default Town: Nork Sex: M Clen (KLEN) Default Town: Ovenden Heights Sex: F Natasha (NAH-tah-shah) Default Town: Mystal Sex: F Sinter (SIN-ter) Default Town: Gratley Sex: M

The Roots
Pak (POCK) Default Town: Alden Sex: M Akabashi (Ah-ka-BAH-shi) Default Town: Nekice Sex: M

Aena (EE-na) Default Town: Acacia Sex: F Haranabe Default Town: Foga Island Sex: F

The Enigma
Fakaul (FACK-ull) Default Town: Nork Sex: M Endenetes (en-de-NE-tess) Default Town: Ovenden Heights Sex: F Caer (CAY-er) Default Town: Gratley Sex: M Effie (EFF-ee) Default Town: Kyre Sex: F

Opening Scenes: Cackter is asleep at a giant tree inside an unnamed forest. Your rival & team Enigma leader, Fakaul will attempt to kill you with his large sword. He draws it back & will attempt to pierce it in your stomach. Fakaul: This is the end, "Cactus". May your misery be worthwhile in the afterlife. He thrusts his sword. Cackter's eyes open in a flash & he grabs hold of the blade & redirects it forcing the unbearable weight to tug Fakaul to the ground. A cheap antic for the opener. Cackter: Thinking about slaying me like a cheap bastard, I see? Fakaul: Now I'm not! Try to get me, swine! Then Fakaul tries to escape as we head to a chase scene during opening credits. Taking place in a large grassland, you, Cackter, are about to go 1 on 1 combat with him. Fakaul: So, you actually want to challenge me? I think I'm gonna gag. Cackter: That's right, you'll gag when I'm done with you. Fakaul: Touche, "Cactus". I just wanna kill you quickly, & you're thinking up a cold war? Only amateurs talk in battles. Hahaha! Cackter: I'll give you something to laugh about, ratboy! Your first gameplay battle & you literally PWN him. Then he's out of breath. Cackter: You get your carcass when you actually make an effort. His voice deepens when he says:

Fakaul: Effort is just a way of grace. His eyes roll back & a dark figure seeps out of his skin. The dark figure appears to be flapping around in the air & then it gets green skin & a face pops out. It's a green demon in a cloak. ???: HRAHAHAHAHA! I am Goar! Overlord of the savage world! Cackter looks at a spazed out Fakual in the ground & then back at Goar. Cackter: What's going on? What do you know? Goar: Why, I seemed to found a shortcut to reality. Thanks to your evil playmate over there, the link to the outside was paper-thin! Cackter: Why? What do you want? Goar: It's obvious, really. I want this entire world! It's so big, a future ruler like me can use to own such land. Cackter: Unless I stop you! Goar: Don't push it. It's no use. All your base are belong to us! And I'll start by doing...this! He put his hands together & magically had 14 colored blocks. Cackter: How'd you do that?! You better return those immediately! Goar: What are you gonna do about it, boy scout? Poke me with that giant banana of yours? Cackter: *charging at him* You're gonna get a big scorching, man! RRRRAAAHHH! Goar vanished & it was silent. He ran towards Fakaul & shook him. Cackter: What was that all about?! Who the hell is he?! Fakaul: How should I know? And he clubbed Cackter with the hilt of his giant sword. He was knocked out as Fakaul left, assuming he was dead. Fakaul: I killed him! I did it! YAAAAAAAAAYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEY! Later that day... ???: Excuse me sir. Can you wake up? Cackter: *yawns & eyes still shut* Hello? ???: I saw what happened out there. Now everyone knows that that mysterious figure made off with the 14 Blocks of Lucan. So, the Ambassador called for teams of 4 to help retrieve them. The team(s) that do(es), will get a big fat reward! Ain't that cool? By the way, what's your name? Cackter: *eyes STILL shut* My name's Cackter. ???: Cackter, huh? So where are you from? Cackter: *pick your hometown* ???: Hmm. I thought so. *says something else depending on your town* Cackter: More importantly, who are you, & what do you even look like? ???: Oh, you can't even open your eyes, can you? Must've been tough out there. Here, I'll assist you. She pulled his eyelids open. ???: Wow. *says something depending on your town* By the way, I'm Alondra, wanna guess where I'm from? *pick her hometown* Alondra: Wow, your good! You know, you could make a great leader. Cackter: Me? A leader? I don't know about that. What does this kind of leader have to do?

Alondra: Well for starters, they must pick warriors for their party & carry a flag with a team emblem for recognition. Cackter: Anybody can do that. Why don't you consider that to yourself? Alondra: There's more to being a leader then just that. I’ll explain later. You were impressive against that shrimp with the giant sword. Can I join. Cackter: Well, you are *says something depending on your town*. Of course. Alondra: Alright! Let's first get you to a clinic. That dent you got there looks fixating. +++TOWNS+++ You choose your hometown which is also your starting point. Each town represents a stereotype & in shops, prices are determined by where you are from! Alden (ALL-din) - The center town of the land of Lucan, has normal people living there. Has a colosseum. Tournaments & battle royals are held in there. People who live there can enter for free. The White Block is missing from this town. Acacia (a-CAY-sha) - A town with the nicest villagers, they're preps. Has a training room, challenges & challengers are in there. People who live there train for free. The Orchid Block is missing from this town. Port Bynia (BIN-ee-uh) - The culture capital of the Land of Alden. Residents are willing to meet other foreigners. They're are parties too, just residents get a free invite. The Titian Block is missing from this town. Foga Island (FOW-gah) - A town that spends most time outside. The residents are beach people. There is a beachcombing area, but only residents can search for free. The Jade Block is missing from this town. Gratley (GRAT-lee) - A town that has the smartest, yet nerdiest villiagers. This town has a test hall to win prizes. Residents can take tests for free. The Saffron Block is missing from this town. Grodd (GROD) - A gloomy & dark town. Of course the place for goths. There is also a tarot reader, but residents get free fortunes. The Sable Block is missing from this town. Kyre (KIE-er) - A town with almost no flaws. The villagers are etiquets & are higlymannered. The town has a trading post & only people living there trade for free. The Ecru Block is missing from this town. Lat (LAT) - A town with the most athletic residents. To bad you won't be as skilled as them at first when you move in. There is a minigame field, but residents only can play for free. The Cerise Block is missing from this town.

Mystal (MISS-tel) - A rebel town with hippies. They Hold contests such as plant growing & food making. Only residents here can enter for free. The Azure Block is missing from this town. Nawrocki (No-RAH-kee) - A ghetto town where bling is king. There are clubs just as graffiti arts & weapon designs. Residents can join only one for free. The Chartreuse Block is missing from this town. Nekice (NECK-is-say) - The meditation town that depends on the mind & will, not the weapons or brawn. To get free lessons on how to use your mind the right way, live here. The Crimson Block is missing from this town. Nork (NORK) - A lawless town where nasty rednecks live & roam. Although there is a "Justice Gang" to join & they put things in order. If you live in that bitch-hole, you can join for no cost. The Sepia Block is missing from this joint. Ovenden Heights (UH-vin-den) - A mostly business district with opportunity of getting a lot of moolah. There are a lot of jobs open but you must pick one. If you live here, you can join one for free. The Beige Block is missing from this town. Sedgewick (SEDGE-wick) - A swinger town where there is no one alone. There is a Bachelor Game Show & residents are free to play. The Fuchsia Block is missing from this town. Town's Subdivisions: Along with the towns themselves there are other areas near it. 3 per town at least. There's a boss inhabited area, an area with just enemies, & a secret area. As well as the Land Of Lucan N,S,E, & W. Alden Prarie Of Thoughts The Silver City Acacia Nork Alcazar Tower Of Why Phantom Island Bynia Gardens of Bynia Drifted Age Ravine Cutthroat Island

Foga Bright Shore Blue Thirst Volcanoe Ash Cloud Aviary Gratley TBA Grodd Brood Cemetary The Blind Cave Damlon's Mind Kyre The Keep of Sirens The Grand Forest Fever Outskirts Lat TBA Mystal The Rara Avis Tree Black Chain Fortress Serena Neckice Anti-Monk Fortress Pyro Tunnel Lucan Escape Path Nork Baltic Mines Trail to Innocence The Clandestine Arena Nawrocki -

Silver Wing Palace The Big Mural Of Lucan The Diamond Void Ovenden Ovenden Spire Caravan Road Path of No Control Sedgewick Savage Square Couple Hill The Secret Alley +++MONEY+++ There are 3 types of currency, Kernels, Crayons, & Truffles. In some places one currency is excepted & the other isn't. Some places accept 2 or all types! Kernels (CUR-nulls) - Tiny seeds from cobs of corn. Common. Crayons (CREIGH-ons) - Yes, it's the same sticks of colored wax. Not so common. Truffles (TRUFF-els) - Not only they are currency, you can eat them to restore health, they are chocolate! The rarest currency. +++ENEMIES (work in progress) +++ + number of teammates recommended to fight enemy * difficulty of enemy Nerk - A goblin like walking shark that usually packs in 2, 3, or 4.+* Wander Nerk - A lone red Nerk. More faster and stronger than a normal Nerk. Use all partners to battle.++++*** Weaponerk - A lone Nerk that wields a weapon. Drops the weapon when slain. +++*** Spell Nerk - A Nerk with a spell property. Drops the spell when slain. +++*** Runner Nerk - A lone Nerk that is so fast, it's unknown where it comes from. No habitat particular. ++**** Raptor - A raptor. ++*

Garden Raptor - A Raptor from the Gardens of Bynia.++** Collar Raptor - A Raptor raised by the Sexy Beast. Drops a weapon when slain.++*** Ocean Raptor - A Raptor that comes from the ocean. ++** Rager Disease - A cloud of green mist that wields a particular weapon. Can poison on contact.++* Spirit Disease - A cloud of blue-green mist that can cause drowsyness. ++* Ribbon Disease - A long shaped Disease. Faster than a Rager Disease.++* Ring Disease - A ring shaped disease. Can change size unlike a Rager Disease.++++** Ripper Diseases - A swarm of small, narrow Diseases. ++++** Breath Clover - A smokelike fairy that appears only for a second, but damages severly when touched. +*** Razor Gazelle - A Gazelle with iron antlers. ++* Collar Gazelle - A Gazelle raised by the Sexy Beast. Drops crayons when slain. +*** Goarling - A minion of Goar. Like a Nerk & a warrior fused together. +** Demon Waker - A dark figure on a fast hover vehicle. Spells or projectile weapons are recommemded since they fly high. +** Demon Sleeper - A dark figure on a fast motor vehicle. +** Feaf Leather - A giant bird with feathers resembling leaves. +++*** Faper Peather - A giant bird with feathers resembling paper. +++*** Fatex Leather - A giant bird made out of latex. +++*** Iguantas - A colossal iguana. ++++**** Cannon Ball - A fast, floating, cannon ball. The more you hit it, the faster it flies. +++** Sword Ball - A Cannon Ball with a sword affixed to itself. Drops it's weapon when slain. +++*** Spell Ball - A Cannon Ball with a spell effect. You are effected if you are hit by it. Drops the spell when slain. +++***

Kraken's Bait - A large raging shrimp. Feed this to the giant sea monster, Kraken. ++** +++BOSSES+++ Nerk King - The King of Nerks. (Acacia) Supershark - A giant talking cocky shark that attempts to take the blocks for power. (Foga) Kraken - Just kidding. This is only a tease. You help this creature, not fight it. (Foga) Veloss's Raptor - A savage raptor owned by an evil mage named "Veloss". (Bynia) Polterbeast - A phantom that once was a giant warrior beast. (Grodd) Kicker - A lone warrior with lots of skill who debates on the reliance of the blocks. (Lat) Gorath - A monster biker who is the cause of what Nork is today. (Nork) The Brimstone Knight - A very skilled knight on top of a keep who possesses a block for unknown reasons. (Kyre) The Sexy Beast - An evil magical swinger that takes up 2 forms. (Sedgewick) The Grat Dragon - A giant dragon that inhales victims, and then headbutts them. (Gratley) Nashalith - A monster ape who is upset about his brother getting slain. (Ovenden) Thear - A cloaked magician that fights with summoning. (Nekice) Baby Goar - A young version of Goar. (Nawrocki) Alphalox & Alphalax or Omegalox & Omegalax - 2 large robots that can destroy victims better, together. (Mystal) Goar - A mysterious demon plotting to take over Lucan for power. (Alden)