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PART-2 TEST PAPER: 1 Time: 02 Hr 10 min (written test duration)

Paper Code: icap2p1 Passed on obtaining: 70% credit

Note: All questions are mandatory, penalty of 1 point Debit for each question or any part of question skipped. 1. (a) Write Brief note on - ICAO, ITU, WPC, DGCA (With complete Structure and bodies, HQ`s, No. of member state, Establishment and Functions & annexure, whatsoever applicable above) (10 credit) (b) Write about Radio Regulations in brief. (2 credit) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Write ICAO Annexes to the convention (SARPS): Annexure 1, 2, 3, 4 & Annexure 10 with its complete titles of volume. (6 credit) What is full form of SARPS, SCAFA & PANS? (3 credit) What are supplements? (1 Credit) What is ATS? (2 Credit) Write down the difference between Control Are and Control Zone? (1 credit) What the difference is between: UTC and GMT, mention their full forms. (2 credit) What is Advisory Airspace and how do we call them on RT? (1 credit) Difference between Aerodrome and Airport? (1 credit) From where do we measure Aerodrome elevation? (1 credit) What are Rapid exits in Taxi-ways? (1 credit) Can we make a touchdown on Runway Threshold? (1 credit) What is aerodrome traffic? (1 credit) Write about Height, Flight Level, Transition Layer, Transition Level. (4 Credit) What is the procedure to climb/descend on airways you are flying if there is another traffic coming from opposite direction and requesting to either climb or descent by passing at your cruise level, write down the complete procedure in brief? (2 credit) Name the FIR`s in India with their designator Letter for each and one example from each FIR. (2 credit) Write down the bands of frequency with range scale? (2 credit) What is interference and how it affects the RT communication? (2 credit) What is diffraction? (1 Credit) Write down the Three Letter IATA designator codes and Airline Designator Codes for: Spice-jet, Kingfisher, AirIndia, Indian Airlines, Blue Dart, Go-Air, Jet-Airways (7 Credit) Write down the relation between frequency and wavelength. (1 credit) Define Hertz? (1 credit) What is the range of Radio Frequency? (1 credit) DefineAntenna resistance, Gain, Antenna loss, Decibel, Directive Gain. (5 Credit) What is phase and phase difference? (2 credit) Write down the working, principle and difference between C-VOR and D-VOR. (4 credit) Explain the working of Step-up and Step-down Transformers. (5 credit) Explain the Broadcast of Television from Transmission to reception, why we use UHF and VHF band for Transmission Low Freq TV channels. (3 credit) What is modulation and Demodulation? (2 credit) Human Audible and speech range is? (1 credit) Write down Working of SUPERHETRODYNE RECIEVER with diagram? (8 credit) What is capacitor? (1 credit) Write down the components and working of each component of fluorescent tube. (3 credit) If we will place a piece of magnet near to a conductor, will it induce a current in circuit/conductor? How? (2 credit) Why do we use beat frequency oscillator in S.H.R., Justify? (5 credit)

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Prepared by : Capt. Gaurav Sawai