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End of Religion Preface Target audience- those who are through with religion but not ready to jettison

idea of God Role of Religion in society - seen as Destructive influence - common to all religions Christian tradition - crusades- inquisition- church splits- catholics v protestants Some of those who claim to be religious are the most unkind on the planet Something in the human heart - therefore common to us all that When we believe we are on side of God- something unkind comes outarrogance, judgementalism, separatist tendencies How does Jesus help us navigate through these tendencies? Humans have a longing , an appetite for God- they don't want to jettison this connection with divine However religion causes people problems by the unattractive negative aspects But with Jesus there is something different- he isnt a figurehead of a monolithic religion, of an institutional form, he is very grass roots, personable, a personable friend of down and out sand surrounded by people labeled sinners (sinners were seen as anyone outside religious system of day) Ie Not practicing their Judaism properly Jesus take on establishment and lays down his life this is attractive to peopleSpirituality without religion Most people have soft spot for Jesus even though problems with everything else Why? People can separate institutions who claim his name and history of Christian church from who Jesus actually is Something unique about him Historians see Jesus as biggest influence on planet Even Jews reclaiming as rabbi reforming religion! Call to intimate spirituality with the divine without religion Calling people to family without hierarchy Vision of Community is radical parties, women, men, race, slaves, i.e. inclusive This idea of community was Millennia ahead of its time!!! Expressed enemy love - be proactive in loving enemies- willing to die..... Ask of us is to model what God models through Jesus!!!! We have lost message by becoming too familiar with it. Example of subversive approach prodigal son Luke chapter 15 We are the older brother - we are also the younger brother Older brother- plot twist- case study- the story is cutting edge insult towards people who want to cling to their religious system

Prophetic voices of OT said there is a problem with the human heart Issue with human heart its as hard as stone and God needs to change from inside out Need to get a new heart e.g. Ezekiel and Jeremiah Self centred, self-indulgent approach to life that ultimately leads to destruction exemplified by the younger brother Takes all the good things his father gives him and uses them for himself parties ,wild women - this leads into pain and bankruptcy - ends up in a pig sty Same for us Father figure - God - clears up mess and has a party!! This part of human heart -self indulgence easier to deal with cf self righteousness. We want control but our desires drive us- we hate the fact that we can't stop whatever we want to stop doingSelf indulgence easier to recognize and deal with as leads us into pain The pain makes us wake up- we end up in a pig sty Abuse your body and even on death bed might say this is a terrible way to live Some sins carry more hope for repentance and reconciliation Younger brother comes home in complete mess - dad will clean him up and dad does the rest The harder part of the human heart characterised by the Older brother-self righteousness Older brother and younger brother 2 aspects of each persons human heart Both issues we need to deal with Older brother is proud of lack rebellion, he is in command ,proud, feels good despises younger brother, despises father for being extrememely graceful to younger brother He is Self righteousness and self saving Epitomizes religious sin He is just as far away from father as younger brother He is not part of the party- feels good about himself Story stops with father going out pleading with older brother to join party Resonates with Jesus pleading to the religious leaders of day - older brother invited to come to party Stop judging everybody Living a religiously self righteous life does not produce pain except broken relationships Human heart appears to be comfortable with broken relationships Harder nut to crack Gods desire to see all restored Back into community