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Senior Alumni Council Report to the LUAA Board of Directors Meeting October 11, 2013 Senior Alumni are

members of classes who have graduated 40 years or more. The Senior Alumni Council plans and executes programs for this group of Alumnus interested in continuing their affiliation with Lehigh. This year the first class of women becomes eligible as Sr. Alumni. Current programs include: Welcoming Desk in the Alumni Memorial Building: A volunteer is the first person prospective students and their families meet when they arrive at Lehigh. Volunteers staff morning and afternoon shifts during the academic year. Currently there are open spots that need volunteers. Hopefully we can enlist some of the new Sr. Alumni women as volunteers. We were able to sign-up two new volunteers as a result of last years Back to the Classroom IV program. You dont need to be a Senior Alumni to participate in this program, only have time for a morning or afternoon shift. Widowed wives are also encouraged to participate. Back to the Classroom: This program brings Senior Alumni back to Lehigh to spend a day in a classroom setting for learning with Lehigh professors. Back to the Classroom IV was held on April 19, 2013. There were 27 alumni and wives in attendance. The four speakers were: Tissue Engineering &Biomaterials in the 21st Century Dr. Sabrina Jeblicka Lehigh Sports Today William Griffin 79 Associate Director of Athletics and the Coaches From Gutenberg to Twitter Assistant Professor Jeremy Littau International Studies: US Burma (Mayamar Relationship Dr. Nikki Tannenbaum This was the fourth year this program was presented. Planning is underway for Back to the Classroom V which will be on, April 25, 2014. The program will be finalized in late January 2014. Winter Sports Event: The winter sports event is planned as the Navy wrestling match on January 17, 2014. A buffet dinner prior to the match is planned.

Birthday Card Program: Birthday cards are sent to alumni who have reached 75th, 80th, 85th, and 90th and beyond. One volunteer is needed for each age group each month. More volunteers are needed for this program and this can be done from home.

Holiday Luncheon and Award Program: The December Holiday luncheon will be held on December 11, 2013. An award will be presented to the outstanding volunteer for 2013. This event is open to all alumni and members of the Board are invited to attend. The place and cost will be announced in late November. Future Goals: The Senior Alumni Council is authorized 15 members and currently has only seven due to members retiring. Recruiting new members for the council and volunteers to help with the various activities has been our major problem. We will concentrate on the women now becoming Sr. Alumnae. Planning is underway to contact the officers of the classes 40 years or higher that will have reunions in 2014 and give them information about volunteering to include with their correspondence about Reunion 2014. LUAA Help: The LUAA Board can help by promoting Senior Alumni events and encouraging volunteering with their contacts with senior alumni friends. We also encourage widowed wives of Lehigh graduates to volunteer. Volunteering at the University is rewarding and fun.