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Community Committee


VISION: To inspire passion. MISSION: To cultivate continuous engagement through meaningful relationships in support of the university's mission. FY14 STRATEGY: Retain; Acquire; Grow FOCUS AREAS for FY14:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Constituents : (Graduate Students; Graduate Alumni; Parents; and Friends of the university): Improve marketing segmentation and messaging; identify presenters, subject matter experts and topics of interest. Virtual Programs: Continue the development of Mountain Talks and career and professional development programs. Young Alumni: Improve involvement in all aspect of our Alumni Relations programs from volunteering to event attendance with particular attention to Reunion. Outreach: Bringing Lehigh to where our alumni live (regional clubs) or where they have professional/personal interest (affinity). Volunteer Opportunities Online: Dramatically increase our volunteer base. As ambassadors, they are a force multiplier promoting all things Lehigh.

Committee Chair(s): Staff Liaison(s): Committee Members: Vision: Steve Rittler '99, chair Amanda Lasker '07, asst. chair Lori Kennedy '93G, Tom Dowd, Jessi McMullan '05, Lehigh Fund Staff Member (tbd) Eddie Ramos '89, Brad McGowan '87, Wayne Bethea '91, Braden Ryan '00, Bill Trotter '67, Safiya Simmons '03, Jack Meehan '10, Andrew Hartmann'99 Connect alumni to one another and to Lehigh based on their interests then and now

INSTRUCTIONS Goals should always be: S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T Time Bound

1. Goal/Objective. Briefly describe each goal/objective and when the goal/objective should be met or accomplished. 2. Tactics. Identify specific approaches/strategies/tactics that must be implemented to reach the goal.

3. Progress. Rank the progress of the goal.

1ST GOAL/OBJECTIVE Description: Microvolunteering Part II Simply put, finish what we started in FY13. Complete a pilot, issue a concrete recommendation, and secure a

commitment to execute. Tactics: TBD by committee pending feedback from Bob. This looks like its done according to what weve seen from Lehigh. Progress:
25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete


Storytelling Part II We didnt accomplish much here aside from limited dreaming by the committee. Advancement Communications, however, ran ahead and did an amazing job collecting alumni stories at reunion. How do we enhance this effort? How can we include more alumni in the process of telling their story? How can we broaden distribution in interesting ways to connect people with each other across classes and time?

Tactics: Discuss status with advancement communications Document opportunities for committee members to participate in moving this forward Participate in a meaningful way under the direction of advancement communications See our committee notes for details as this evolves. Progress:
25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete

3RD GOAL/OBJECTIVE Description: Class Notes Long admitted to be the first place alumni go when they receive the bulletin, its a huge disappointment when theres nothing there for your class. How can we get more people to send in class notes and personal updates? Simple question, unknown answer. Perfect goal for the committee that seeks to strengthen classmate ties. Note: we will not be discussing presentation, organization, or editing of class notes thats out of bounds. We are simply seeking to broaden the base. Tactics: Secure job descriptions and list of current class volunteers Prepare interview questions and assign vols to committee members with quick turnaround time for phone interviews Aggregate and discuss feedback at October 11 board meeting Prepare document including vol and cmte recommendations, turn over to Lehigh by December for inclusion in prep for January bulletin deadline Progress on this is <25% at present.
25% Complete 50% Complete


75% Complete

100% Complete

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