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Parents and Families Committee


VISION: To inspire passion. MISSION: To cultivate continuous engagement through meaningful relationships in support of the university's mission. FY14 STRATEGY: Retain; Acquire; Grow FOCUS AREAS for FY14: 1. 2. 3. 4. Constituents (Graduate Students; Graduate Alumni; Parents; and friends of the university): Improve marketing segmentation and messaging; identify presenters, subject matter experts and topics of interest. Virtual Programs: Continue the development of Mountain Talks and Career and Professional development programs. Young Alumni: Improve involvement in all aspect of our alumni Relations programs from volunteering to event attendance with particular attention to Reunion. Outreach: Bringing Lehigh to where our alumni live (regional clubs) or where they have professional/personal interest (affinity). Volunteer Opportunities Online: Dramatically increase our volunteer base. As ambassadors, they are a force multiplier promoting all things Lehigh.


Committee Chair(s): Staff Liaison(s): Committee Members: Mission: Vision: Scott Wojciechowski, Joann Giangiulio Shannon Jaeger, Mark Ostapenko, Monica Timar Gaurav Mirchandani, Steve Villas, Dick Carpenter, Craig Lemle, Sabrina Slater, Jennifer Gonzalez, Gary Chan, Brooks Goldman (emeritus) Broaden Lehigh's outreach with the inclusion of parents and families in Alumni Relations events and programming Include more family in the Lehigh Family

INSTRUCTIONS Goals should always be: S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T Time Bound

1. Goal/Objective. Briefly describe each goal/objective and when the goal/objective should be met or accomplished. 2. Tactics. Identify specific approaches/strategies/tactics that must be implemented to reach the goal.

3. Progress. Rank the progress of the goal.


Explore and inventory LU offices/services that offer parent/family relations (e.g., Admissions, Dean of Students, Financial Aid, Bursar, Residential Services, Athletics). Report good practices and gap in services.

Meet with Tori Penske Aitchison to discuss role of LU Parents Programs Assemble list of campus resources that have contact with parents and families Gather information on services provided (website, contact staff, visit office) Complete a brief summary of services provided and areas for improvement 25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete



Benchmark parent/family relations at peer institutions. Report pertinent information like organizational placement, staffing/reporting structure, services provided, connection with other campus constituencies. Highlight transferable practices.

Compile a list of peer institutions (watch and reach) to benchmark (PCUAD, CASE) Explore the parent/family relations resources offered Gather information on services provided (website, contact staff, visit office) Complete a brief summary of services provided and easily transferred practices 25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete


3RD GOAL/OBJECTIVE Description: Using the information gathered from the internal assessment and external benchmarking, draft a plan for simple changes to strengthen Alumni Relations outreach to all members of the Lehigh Family. Tactics:
- Compare internal needs assessment with good practices from peer institutions - Work with Alumni Relations staff to think about current programs/events that can modified to include parents/families - Complete report with recommendations for implementation


25% Complete

50% Complete

75% Complete

100% Complete