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Tapas Mandal

1315 Lawson Street Apt#2 Houston TX 77023, Cell: 806-401-3038, E-mail: Summary:
Trilingual (Fluent in English, Russian and Bengali) and graduated from 3 different countries (MS from USA; BS from Russia). Electrical Engineer(Certified Engineer in Training) and Physics graduate with 2 years of research experience in clean room Environment in Semiconductor Fabrication and Optical Characterization. Solid understanding of CMOS, Analog IC, RF and microwave circuit analysis and design, DC-DC Buck converter operation, SMPS and Digital Signal Processing. Prior work experience as Graduate Teaching Assistantship (Intro to ECE) at Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock. 2 years work experience as a technical coordinator and engineer in a multi-national company. May13 CGPA:3.6/4 Dec08 Blue Diploma(~84%)

Master of Science (Thesis) in Electrical Engineering Texas Tech University (TTU), Lubbock, TX Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Technology, Technical Physics Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia (SPbSPU), Saint Petersburg, Russia;

Computer and software: Cadence Spectre, ADS, Cadence Virtuoso, AWR MWO, LabVIEW, C, Maple, MATLAB, Mathcad, Mathematica, MultiSim, PSpice, Origin, TINA, Cadence,Code Composer Studio, good statistical data analyzing ability. Test Equipments: Programmable Load, Multimeter, Frequency Synthesizers, Venable frequency response Analyzer, Oscilloscope,ATE(NI PXI) Languages known: Fluent in Bengali(native), Russian and English Hands on training and experience: THz Spectroscopy-Menlo K15 System, Photolithography-ABM Inc,ICP Dry Etching-Oxford Plasmalab80 Plus,Wet Etching,Hall Voltage Measurement-MMR Tech,Dicing Machine-DAD 2H/6T,Sputtering-INFICON Deposition Controller IC/5 and Thermionics,Spin Coating-Headway PWM32 Controller Spinner (Semiconductor processing and characterization)

Work Experience:
Research Associate, Nano Tech Center, Texas Tech University 7/1/2013-now working to develop an algorithm in MatLab to calculate experimental data obtained from THz Spectroscopy Teaching Assistant, Intro to ECE course, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University(TTU) Fall'12 Conducted demonstration class of 80 undergraduate students and helped them to solve problems of Matlab and Basic Electronic Circuits. Graded classroom tests and homeworks. Tutor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Physics, Texas Tech University(TTU) Spring'12 Helped to solve problems of Basic Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and physics courses of undergraduate students Technical coordinator and engineer, Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh March,2009-May,2011 Helped to coordination, communication, translation of technical documents from Russian to English.and installation and maintenance of floor mounted deposit machines for payment of electricity, water and gas bill, loading mobile sim cards, depositing bank cheques, notes

Research Experience:
Terahertz Spectroscopy of VO2 grown on a-plane sapphire: Masters Thesis,Texas Tech University,Fall'12-Spring13 Determined different properties of VO2/a-plane from THz measurements and compared with VO2 on other planes Designed experiment and calculated birefringence & THz amplitude variation due to substrate related birefringence Made a program in MathCAD to calculate optical conductivity and refractive index at different temperatures. Tools used:-Menlo K15 system, Mathcad, Matlab, Origin A major contributor to NSF supported project "Electrically Controlled Metal-Insulator Transition and Its Terahertz Applications " Investigation of surface waves in dielectric layer with screen in Integral Phased Array Antennas : Bachelor's Thesis, SpbSPU, Fall'07-Spring08 Did Mathematical derivation and a made a program in MatLab for counting attenuation coefficient for each propagating mode and structure of their field. Found basic patterns of relationship of surface waves and also found other parameters like slowing down factor, critical frequency, attenuation coefficient for each propagating mode.

Graduate Academic Experience:

Self-biased operational amplifier,Fall'12,Texas Tech University Designed, simulated and made layout using Cadence AMI06 CMOS process. Checked DRC and LVS matching. Did performance evaluation in worst corners by variation of design parameters. Tools Used- Cadence Spectre, Cadence Virtuoso DC-DC Buck Converter(Step Down),Fall'12,Texas Tech University Did trade-off study, Simulated and selected components, designed compensation circuit, Programmed TI MSP430 microcontroller to generate PWM signal according to feedback and assembled PCB Wrote detailed test plan, performed load regulation, line regulation, load transient, line transient, efficiency, ripple voltage, phase and gain measurement Tools used:-PSpice, Matlab, Maple, Orcad, oscilloscopes, Venable gain and phase analyzer, programmable load, multimeters and power supplies Low-Dropout Regulator(LDO),Fall'12,Texas Tech University Designed, simulated, assembled the breadboard and tested its performance at given design specifications. Performed Transient Analysis, Line & Load Regulation, Ripple Voltage tests and calculated efficiency. Tools used:-Multisim, RIGOL DS2102 Oscilloscope, Keithley 2400 sourcemeter, , DC programmable load, Multimeter. Simulation and Testing of TI TPS62200 EVM-211 and TI TPS40055 EVM-001 converters,Fall'12,Texas Tech University Simulated circuit, wrote detailed test plan, performed bench test for line and load regulation, ripple voltage, efficiency, soft start, line and load transients, did phase margin and gain margin tests Tools used:- TI SwitcherPro, TINA-TI, Multisim, Venable 3120 frequency response analyzer, oscilloscope, power supplies Low-Noise Microwave Amplifier(LNA),Spring'12,Texas Tech University Designed, simulated, milled, soldered, assembled a Low Noise Amplifier @ 2.45 GHz. Tested the values of S- Parameters, measured gain and OIP3 and compared with simulation results. Tools used:- AWR Microwave Office, PXI 5630 Vector Network Analyzer(VNA).

Plasmonics and Metamaterials project,Spring'12,Texas Tech University Made a Mathematica program for calculating the dependence on the angle of incidence of the reflectivity in an experiment using the Kretschmann configuration and a sample with the following structure: glass, gold, dielectric, air. Used available software resources for processing a BFP image taken by SPP tomography and then extracted: SPP wavelength and effective refractive index from the image. Presentation on SEM and Plasmonic solar cell,Spring'12,Texas Tech University Did a thorough literature review and gave presentation on Plasmonic Solar Cell and SEM and their work principles. Speech Signal Recovery,Fall'11,Texas Tech University Built Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters for three different noisy signals, using fdatool in MATLAB. Analyzed frequency spectrum of signals to determine the cut off frequency for each. 3 Band Equalizer,Fall'11,Texas Tech University Designed Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass, FIR and IIR Filters in MATLAB. Implemented the filters in parallel to obtain All Pass filter. Tools used-MATLAB's fdatool Jigsaw Puzzle solver using Matlab,Fall'11,Texas Tech University This project involved solving a scattered jigsaw puzzle using matlab. Inputs was an image of a scattered puzzle of different pieces. Applied segmentation, connected Component analysis, shape analysis and then matched the pieces based on shape information and intensity information. Output was a gathered image of a solved jigsaw puzzle. Tools used-MatLab Medical Imaging project,Fall'11,Texas Tech University Used 2D Power Cepstrum technique to find the shift among the images Reported a surface plot of disparity map. Calculated the error between the disparity map and ground truth. Tools Used:-MatLab

Publication: Master's thesis-THz Spectroscopy of VO2 grown on a-plane sapphire, Texas Tech University,2013 Leadership: Event Secretary: Association of Bangladesh students and Scholars,lubbock, TTU ;International Student's Association, Spb, Russia Awards and Honours:
Russian Government Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students Scholarship from Russia-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Moscow. Electrical Engineering Department Scholarship of Texas Tech University Fundamental of Engineering Certification by NCEES (Dec/2003-Dec/2008) (August/2004-June/2005) (Fall 2011-Spring 2013)

Related Courseworks:
Analog ICs, Microwave Solid State Circuits, , DC- DC Design and testing, Engineering Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Nanophotonics,Plasmonics and Metamaterials (Graduate) Optical and quantum devices, Solid State Physics-domain principles, Production control, Industrial Engineering and Production scheduling, Materials Science, Microwave devices and antennas, Experimental Physics, Mathematics-Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Electronics-circuit theory, devices, radio engineering circuits and signals, Theory of computer systems, Numerical Methods, Telecommunicational Technologies, Radiophysics-Domain principles, Modern Problems, Introduction to statistical radio engineering, Quantum Mechanics, Radio electronics-domain principles (Undergraduate)